Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emotional meeting: KU coach Turner Gill faces Tom Osborne, Nebraska for first time

Nebraska quarterback Turner Gill, right, talks with coach Tom Osborne in this file photo from 1981. KU’s Gill, who is still close with Osborne, will coach against his alma mater for the first time Saturday.

Nebraska quarterback Turner Gill, right, talks with coach Tom Osborne in this file photo from 1981. KU’s Gill, who is still close with Osborne, will coach against his alma mater for the first time Saturday.


Sometime Monday afternoon, Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne reached out to Kansas University football coach Turner Gill by telephone.


Omaha World-Herald Photo

Nebraska quarterback Turner Gill, left, talks with coach Tom Osborne in this file photo from 1981. KU’s Gill, who is still close with Osborne, will coach against his alma mater for the first time Saturday.

Osborne’s attempt to chat up his former quarterback was not uncommon. Throughout the years the two have built a bond that seems to be just one step below family and certainly is as strong as any that exists between a former player and his coach.

On top of coming down from the emotional high of last week’s comeback victory against Colorado and digging in to face No. 9 Nebraska at 6 p.m. Saturday, Gill had his plate full Monday and was unable to answer Osborne’s call.

Too bad, too. Because this week there’s no guarantee that another one is coming. Even as close as they are — Osborne, the former Nebraska coach, and Gill, the former NU star — the two will face off as adversaries for the first time this weekend, when Gill leads the Jayhawks onto the field he once called home.

“I’m always glad to see Turner,” said Osborne, now Nebraska’s athletic director, in anticipation of the meeting. “It will be a little different, but competition is competition. You can have competition without animosity. Sometimes you have the best boxing matches with your brother. You try to beat them, but when it’s over, it’s over.”

Asked whether he’d be rooting for Gill in any way Saturday, Osborne stayed true to the Cornhuskers.

“I wish him well,” he said. “I hope I get to say hello to him. We will always be good friends no matter what happens, but, naturally, we would like to see Nebraska play very well on Saturday because that’s the school I represent. So that will be an interesting circumstance, and I am certainly glad that we won’t be playing him after this, at least for a long time, because it is a little bit of an awkward situation.”

Awkward’s one word for it. Emotional is another. Though Gill was somewhat vague when discussing his first matchup with his alma mater as an opposing coach, a few folks close to him were happy to speculate what must be going through his mind.

“I’m sure he’s going to have some emotions going into this game,” KU offensive coordinator Chuck Long said. “We’ll never see ’em, but I’m sure there’ll be maybe an extra jump in his step going into the game. I’m sure it’s gonna hit him when he walks on the field in front of those fans. It’s been awhile since he’s done that, and I know it’s gonna probably send a wave of emotion to him.”

KU defensive coordinator Carl Torbush said the sentimental aspect of returning to a place where Gill led the Cornhuskers to three consecutive Big Eight titles and finished with a 28-2 record in three seasons as a starter, including a 20-0 mark in conference play, was warranted.

“He’s beloved because of the type of person Turner is,” Torbush said. “But you’ve gotta realize they won a few ballgames while he was playing quarterback there, too. Like all of them.”

Though Gill has had a rough start at Kansas — the Jayhawks are 3-6 overall and 1-4 in Big 12 play, where they have been outscored 232-92 — Osborne has been openly vocal with his support. Though he’s hoping that his Huskers will be the next team to hand KU a loss, Osborne’s support has not wavered this week.

“I think Turner is very sound philosophically and knows what he wants to do, and he knows who he is,” Osborne said. “And I have great admiration for him as a person. I think a lot of people don’t realize how difficult it is to come in with a group of players that don’t know you, and you don’t know them and a coaching staff that is diverse and is not well acquainted, and you (have) to get that all put together. I see them making progress. I think they are, right now, a team that can give almost anyone a decent ball game. Certainly their last quarter last week is going to give them confidence, everybody knows that. I think he’s doing fine.”

Mecham ready to roll

With the keys to the KU offense firmly in his possession, junior quarterback Quinn Mecham appears to be carrying himself in the exact same manner he has during the past couple of weeks.

Thrust into action against Texas A&M; because of injuries to first- and second-string QBs Jordan Webb and Kale Pick, Mecham has taken charge of the KU offense and led the team new heights.

After competing for the starting spot throughout each of the last two weeks, Mecham learned early this week he would be the guy.

Asked after Wednesday’s practice if he was intimidated by the thought of making his third career start at Nebraska’s fabled Memorial Stadium, Mecham offered a glimpse into what has made him so successful.

“Not really,” he said. “I’m just trying to prepare and go in with the gameplan and play our game. You can’t go in and psych yourself out because then you’re done from the start.”

The main thing that seems to have changed for Mecham has been the KU coaching staff’s willingness to open up more of the playbook to the junior-college transfer.

Gill said Tuesday that Mecham had picked up more and more in the past few weeks, and the junior QB said the expanded options have helped him feel more comfortable.

“I would say (so), more just because I’ve had more time in the system and more reps,” Mecham said.

Comfortable with his new role, Mecham now is hoping to transfer the 35 unanswered points KU scored in the fourth quarter to beat Colorado into this week’s showdown with No. 9 Nebraska.

“I think it’s energy that we can use to go out and start fast for once,” he said.

Harris prepping KU defense

Already 1-for-1 as a scout-team quarterback this season, KU senior Rod Harris has been asked to repeat the feat this week.

Back in September, Harris did such a masterful job of impersonating Georgia Tech quarterback Josh Nesbitt that the Jayhawks were able to stifle the Yellow Jackets’ run game enough to pick up the victory.

For his efforts, Harris was named the offensive “compete team” player of the week.

This week, Harris, 6-foot-0, 211 pounds, has been asked to simulate the skills of Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez, 6-1, 205. Though Harris doesn’t have quite the same speed that Martinez possesses, the Bryan, Texas, native has done an admirable job.

“I could be a read-option quarterback,” Harris said Wednesday. “I have an arm that’s not quite an arm. But I think I could definitely do some wildcat. I can’t throw, though. Don’t let ’em tell you I can throw.”

No problem. Although Martinez has had his moments through the air, most of the Nebraska QB’s damage has been done on the ground. Simulating the exact speed and specifics of an opposing offense never is easy, but Harris said he was impressed with what he saw from the KU defense this week.

“It’s going good,” he said. “Actually, today Jake Laptad put a hit on me that I could feel a little bit. I’m gonna have to get some ice on this shoulder. (Tuesday) was a little different just because it’s a new scheme we were running, and they had to learn how to react to it. But, (Wednesday), it’s like they just picked up on it. I don’t think I broke past the line of scrimmage too many times. So they did good. It’s a good gameplan by the coaches.”

Injury update

Gill said Wednesday night that safety Lubbock Smith would miss Saturday’s game at Nebraska.

On Tuesday, Gill called Smith “doubtful” for Saturday’s game.

Wednesday, Gill downgraded the sophomore from Dallas to “out” after practice.

Senior Olaitan Oguntodu, who started the first six games of the season at strong safety, will start in Smith’s place. Oguntodu will be backed up by red-shirt freshman Prinz Kande.

Spotted in Norman

Jake Trotter, of The Oklahoman, reported that former KU football coach Mark Mangino attended Oklahoma University’s practice Wednesday.

Mangino spent three years (1999-2001) on OU coach Bob Stoops’ staff in Norman, Okla., before coming to Kansas, and the two have remained good friends.


NebraskaJayhawk 9 years, 3 months ago


Roll up your sleeves and eat some corn on Saturday!

100 9 years, 3 months ago

"KU football players: We will not apologize for what we've been saying about your mommas all week at practice in Lincoln. Every single one of us "believe" & have laughed until we couldnt laugh no more all week that your mommas need to go back to a proper momma school (and hey, some of your mommas need to get the heck out of our dorm rooms, some of our key players surely not getting any sleep this week). And we wont apologize to you for all the mean, heartless, sleazy things we have indeed said about your mommas. All. Week. Long. The only way we'll apologize, is if by some miracle, you ladies beat us at our house in front of our screaming fans. Which is impossible. Well, improbable at best. And only then, even if a miracle occurs & the refs give you the game or are paid off to give you the game, we would certainly not apologize for what we said about your mommas face to face. Never. However, on the impossible chance this happens, we would be man enough to have one of our Coaches apologize on this here website, Sunday morning. But like we said, it's not happenin. Your momma Jayhawk football team!!!! What? You didnt hear us? We said your momma!!! Lookin forward to stomping you ladies & each & every one of your mommas this Saturday!"

----- the Nebraska Football Team

Carter Patterson 9 years, 3 months ago

---that's a momma joke!

  • Gerry Bertier, "Remember the Titans"

smiracle36 9 years, 3 months ago

Comments like this are completely out of line. This is a team that we have had a rivalry with for over 100 years. Show some respect for an opponent and a school that we have SO much history with. What's happened to "the best fans in college football?" I just don't see it this year. The comments and such that I've heard and read this year about opposing teams and schools don't show the class and respect that Nebraska fans have been and are supposed to be known for.

khummel60 9 years, 3 months ago

"100" is a KU Fan who was trying to be funny by masquerading as an NU fan, in an attempt to the Jayhawk Nation riled up about Saturday's game (confusing, I know).

Appreciate your posting however. Like I said in another comment below, we're going to have a very hard time disliking you Cornhusker fans if you keep displaying so much class.

khummel60 9 years, 3 months ago

...meant to say "in an attempt to get the Jayhawk Nation riled up..." (should spend more time proofreading)

NebraskaJayhawk 9 years, 3 months ago

Sorry, but you haven't been around too many Nebraska fans, have you?

100 9 years, 3 months ago

Smiracle, I totally agree with you. Comments like these are completely out of line. I'm not sure why the Nebraska football players are saying this kind of thing. Absolutely ridiculous.

ilikestuff 9 years, 3 months ago

My you're a little bitter if not confused. How did UNL and/or it's fan base handle conference realignment this past summer that left such an impression?

As I recall, the potential death blow to the Big 12 conference and crisis for schools like KU lay w/5/6 of the south division teams teasing all Spring w/the idea of leaving the conference.

My favorite part is on the one hand you've discerned that UNL fans lack class then moving to close w/the statement that not just UNL fans are douchebags but, in fact, all Nebraskans.

Classy, pure and simple.

Kevin Kelly 9 years, 3 months ago

Well I can't speak for the NU players but the NU fans have been talking unmittigated s#it on the radio up here all week. Aparently the argument up here worth having is trying to determine if KU is worse than Western Kentucky who they played in game one or South Dakota State who they played in game 3.

You know you can do this. I know you can do this. Lets do this.

Benjamin Piehler 9 years, 3 months ago

thats all NU (FB) fans are capable of; unmitigated, belligerent smack talk... they know nobody is listening outside of a one state radius.

bilty 9 years, 3 months ago

Wrong again, one of the best fan followings in the country belongs to NU football, especially outside of the state, you know it and I know it.

It's OK, you will take you medicine on Saturday.

Ben Kliewer 9 years, 3 months ago

Indeed, we shall all take us medicine...huh?

ilikestuff 9 years, 3 months ago

Seems hardly worse than the criticisms fired at KU coaches, players and administrators by it's own "so called" fans. Why it was only a couple weeks ago that one of your own posted on that hiring Turner Gill was an ABOMINATION.

A bad hire, perhaps, but an abomination? Some of you are confusing sports w/the end of days. Nevertheless, classy, classy, always classy.

Benjamin Piehler 9 years, 3 months ago

ugh this isnt a rivalry. we lose in football, and we wipe the court with them every year in hoops. except, Im sure they care more about football and we care more about basketball. everyones a winner, which is why its not really a rivalry.

that being said, the worst fans in the country are NU football and UK basketball, so a W would be nice...

Kevin Kelly 9 years, 3 months ago

While insufferable they are in no way the worst fans in the country. Simply overrated fan-wise. They get off on people and commentators stroking thier fan base and then try real hard not to back it up with the actions of a great fan.

They have a really good one loss team and how do they act when they loose to Texas? One of thier fans yells crap at a player as they are going to thier car after the game.

I won't say they are the worst fans. But there is more than enough evidence to drop the idea of the 'greatest fans'.

Benjamin Piehler 9 years, 3 months ago

the last few years I've made a habit of trying to go to Mass St. the night before the home games. We've hosted fans from pretty much every school in the Big 12. Texas, Oklahoma, A&M ect. Most of the big schools like OU and UT come into lawrence expecting a win, but they always seem to have some restraint. The only fans who were out of control, screaming from bar to bar have been the NU fans.

My opinion has formed through these experiences, so my distaste comes not from some sort of jealousy (plenty of programs in conference with higher prestige), but from experience.

That being said, this obviously isnt their entire fan base, but enough that I wouldnt be in a hurry to socialize on Mass St the night before (not that its ever happening again )

phi4life940 9 years, 3 months ago

I guess when all you have in life is football you talk mad smack. I hope Nebraska has fun traveling so far for each conference game next year. Your players will all fail because they'll miss so much class. Should be funny to see all their players academically ineligible.

Ben Kliewer 9 years, 3 months ago

Um, NCAA football players never go to class.

bilty 9 years, 3 months ago

Yeah, I'm sure all of the NU players will be ineligible. Look at a map, it isn't much different, especially via air travel. Anyway the fans dont' play the game, so why all the smack talking by fans, y'all just sit your overstuffed butts on the couch and WATCH.
NU has the most academic all americans of any team in the country btw.

Are there any KU fans that think their program wouldn't benefit from moving to a more tradition rich, and financially sound conference like the Big 10? Didn't think so, at NU we are about the benefit to the University of Nebraska as a whole, not just sports.

KU 9 years, 3 months ago

bilty says: "nu has the most academic all americans of any team in the country btw."

I am sooooo tired of that "boast"! It's like saying "My kid got straight A's at the local tech school." So what?

Is it easier to get good grades at a tech school (Nebraska) or at a genuine University like Kansas or most of the other Big 12 schools (except for ISU, KSU and to a lesser degree OSU) with real challenging courses?

The way you are deemed an Academic All-American is to get a really high GPA relative to other student-athletes. It's clearly easier to do that taking Basket Weaving or Cow Tipping at NU than it is taking advanced engineering or economics courses at a real school.

So get off your high horse about the Academic All-Americans already.

Rock Chalk!

2005grad 9 years, 3 months ago

Why would you say that KU has more challenging courses than KSU? KSU has a top 3 architecture program in the country and also a MUCH better Engineering school than KU... Usually I wouldn't care what you say about KSU, as I understand it's pretty biased, but flat out incorrect information forced me to.

ilikestuff 9 years, 3 months ago

When we were still the Big 8, ISU had the strictest entrance requirements in the conference.

gchawk 9 years, 3 months ago

bilty, you've been drinking the kool-aid a little too long. In the National University scholastic report, which came out in September, KU scored higher, again, than NU. You have a fine university up there, but I wish you people would quit regurgitating the same old rhetoric about the superior academic prowess your school has over ours, or some of the other schools in the Big XII. I realize that you're talking about academic all americans, and that may be, but far too many NU alums and fans carry that sentiment over to include the entire university, not just athletics.

bilty 9 years, 3 months ago

I have always admired KU basketball for being able to put together a team in a small town on the plains, a bit like NU football in Lincoln except we have to convince kids to play outside.

Good programs in both states, I will miss seeing my alma mater play KU.

UncleCharlie 9 years, 3 months ago

Wow, I mean WOW!

100-Shut Up! As a Husker fan I am amazed at your diatribe of stupidity. Fans like you give the rest bad names. If you are a KU fan trying to stir the pot, quit acting like a MU fan.

As far as the blow hards on the radio, they suck. Sorry, KU I'll appologize for out unemployed, ignorant, lifeless fans who have nothing better to do. If they'd get of their butts and get jobs they wouldn't have all of the energy and time to waste on Sports talkshow hosts(most of who have never played the game). I find it interesting to note that the majority of the smack talkers are in the age range of 18-25. The rest of us just shake our heads at them and secretly wish it would be legal to choke the life out of them for being poor fans.

KU fans we'll take our football and secretly root for you basketball. You have a great coach in Turner Gill, give him time and support. Thanks for the Memories.

Oh yeah, before I forget for the KU fans that fall into the same class as out Sports talk idiots. We also have Volleyball. LOL

khummel60 9 years, 3 months ago

I think 100 was trying to be funny by creating fictitious bulletin-board material to get our players riled up. We all know KU will have to play 4 quarters against NU like the 4th quarter they played against CU, and even then they may not have a prayer.

And I must say, you and bilty are representing the NU Nation with entirely too much class. How are we supposed to get motivated to play over our heads if you Cornhuskers refuse to insult us in some way? Enough with the platitudes and back-slapping about our basketball program already. We're trying to dislike you folks.

OK Jayhawk Nation - if the NU fans aren't going to talk serious smack, then here's all you have to do. Visualize all those years of the NU fans invading our stadium with the sea of red and their vans with the NU fight song driving through our campus and the annual 75-6, 85-3, 68-0 thumping they laid on us year after year after year. We have one more opportunity to pay them back.

Now lets go shuck those cornholes!

ahpersecoachingexperience 9 years, 3 months ago

K-hizz-el when I get home ( live in a van down by the river) I'm going to change my avatar to a picture of my undergrad degree I received at ku. You'll laugh!

Ben Kliewer 9 years, 3 months ago

Why does a KU grad hate KU so much? Weird.

100 9 years, 3 months ago

Uncle Charlie I couldn't agree more. Dont understand why Nebraska football players would be saying this kind of stuff. Good to hear from you.

gchawk 9 years, 3 months ago

UncleCharlie, you make some very good points. Personally, I've never had any bad experiences with NU fans, you guys are, and rightfully so, very passionate about your football. And before anyone accuses me of not being around during many of the games, I haven't missed many games, football or basketball, in the past 20 years. Colorado and Missouri, now that's a different story. That being said, I do hope we send the NU fans home sad and surprised. Rock Chalk

area51 9 years, 3 months ago

Maybe Mr. Osborne will take gill back? I'm sure that they could use someone to was the players jocks.

hawksince51 9 years, 3 months ago

This game will apparently be the last one in the 3rd longest uninterrupted series in college football. I bid NU a fond farewell and wish them all the best in the Big 10/12. My fondest memories are that we never lost to them during my 5 years at KU in spite of their overwhelming win/loss ratio overall. While it would be fantastic to do to NU what we did to CU in our last game, I will be happy if we just make a showing. I'm not yet sure if I will "pay to view." rock chalk

Huskernaz 9 years, 3 months ago

100, First of all your not from Nebraska and what your doing to try and psyche up your team is understandable but its sadly pathetic. Your the worst type of fake that ever took in air. Not only are you afraid to identify yourself, you pretend to be a hateful opponent, misrepresenting something you know nothing about. In short, your a piece of chit, plain and simple. May you die choking on your own bile. Now that said I'm a fan of Turner Gill, we love this man in Nebraska. I'm a little taken back by Osborn's akwardness. I'm sure as adults we can move beyond where our alignments are and just pull for our teams. Personally I hope we just have a good game, no injuries, bad calls or tempers lost. Good Luck Saturday Kansas!!

100 9 years, 3 months ago

I'm not liking what the Nebraska football players have been saying either. Not nice.

khummel60 9 years, 3 months ago

Again I find myself in the awkward position of defending "100" (100 - wake up and defend yourself). He has been a one-man cheer-leading squad all week, trying the get the Jayhawk faithful pumped up about this NU game - something I've personally appreciated. I'll grant you that his fictitious letter went a little overboard, and while I don't know for sure I don't think he intended for it to be offensive to NU fans. I think he is just trying to keep folks interested in KU football, and give us some hope. Perhaps you haven't heard, but we've had a rather sucky year at KU in football, and last week's win over CU was the first real glimmer of hope we've had since the Ga Tech game.

The fact that so many Cornhuskers have taken the time to register on this site this morning and, for the most part, conduct themselves with class, says allot about NU fans, and how you feel about Turner Gill. Here's hoping we have a good clean competitive game to cap off our 100 year rivalry (using the term "rivalry" very loosely).

Phoggin_Loud 9 years, 3 months ago

From the ESPN Big XII Blog:

The Huskers added five more fumbles on Saturday against Iowa State, losing two. They now have a staggering 31 fumbles on the year, though they've lost just 11 of those. No team in the Big 12 has more than 22. Texas A&M has lost the same number of fumbles, with 11. Those 31 fumbles are three more than the next-most in the country, 2-7 Vanderbilt's 28.

Strip the ball & recover it!! It worked for Iowa State last year in Lincoln!!

Go get 'em, 'Hawks!!

Jared Grillot 9 years, 3 months ago

You know... now that you say that, and after watching last week's game... maybe God really did talk to Coach Gill and tell him to switch Opurum from RB... maybe it was for just this reason... just this game...

I'm not saying it will take divine intervention to win this game, but when the line is a 32 point spread, that may be what is necessary! On the other hand, being in the stands for last weeks game... they definitely looked either inspired or possessed!

Either way, just make it look good, Hawks!

troutsee 9 years, 3 months ago

I detest Nebraska and always have. In past years they have paraded into our stadium, arms locked together, 8 or 9 abreast, yelling go big red and then thumping us over and over to the tune of 60 something to 7. That history, repeated over and over, brings out the hate in the most tolerant of us. Why wouldn't they have great fans. It's a lot easier to be a great fan when you have a history of blowing out your opponents. They seem to especially revel in slaughtering KU. Personally, I'm glad to see them go to the Big Ten. I hope our players come out fired up and play a physical game. Afterwards, I will say "good riddance to the Huskers and their fans. I hope they get thumped over and over in the Big 10.

Tony Bandle 9 years, 3 months ago

It would be great if the emotional meeting took place at the fifty yard line after KU pulled the upset of the season!!!!

westernkshawk 9 years, 3 months ago

That comment about the Nebraska fans being "the best in the world" just doesn't mesh with what I have experienced sitting in front of Nebraska fans in Lawrence. They are by far the worst to come to Memorial Stadium; totally egocentric and lacking in good sportmanship in every way. I will be much more excited about leaving the Nebraska fans in our history than than their team! They always have a good team and are respected for that. Their fans are NOT good fans and are despised for THAT!!

hawksince51 9 years, 3 months ago

Another opinion on the matter of their fans: I always attend the KU-CU B'ball game in Boulder, sadly only one more chance to do so. A couple of years ago I was chatting with a CU official while waiting for the doors to open for hundreds of us in blue. He commented that, "you KU fans travel for B-ball the way NU travels for football but you are not nearly as obnoxious." For what it's worth--I personally have nothing against NU fans many of whom are friends.

DevilHawk 9 years, 3 months ago

I could be wrong, but I could see KU continuing to schedule CU for basketball.

There are many KU fans in the Denver/Boulder area, and my guess is that it provides a good payday for CU. I'm fairly certain that KU-CU fills the arena far more than Arizona-CU, UCLA-CU, or any other Pac-12 team @ CU will.

hawksince51 9 years, 3 months ago

I hope you are right. I have been to the KU game there 5 or 6 times and it is always full with well over half wearing blue. Also, it is the only CU b-ball game that scalpers bother with.

ahpersecoachingexperience 9 years, 3 months ago

Was the color photograph not invented in the early 80's?

khummel60 9 years, 3 months ago

Since newspapers only printed in black and white in those days the photographers mostly used black and white film. I believe that's the reason.

Tony Bandle 9 years, 3 months ago

Albeit 42 years ago, I was at the last game Kansas beat Nebraska at Lincoln in 1968 and, although totally shocked and stunned, the Big Red fans, couldn't have been better sports, congratulated us and recognized we won fair and square.

Lots can change in 40 years, but I would guess there still is a measure of sportsmanship in Lincoln.......unlike Columbia!!

BIGREDTIME 9 years, 3 months ago

Only on a KU message board would Osbourne be called a scum bag and Ku fans calling a win. Nebraska is superior in every position lol

gchawk 9 years, 3 months ago

What a moron, you can't even spell Osborne correctly. We're not expecting a win, just hoping for one.

gchawk 9 years, 3 months ago

My post earlier about not running into obnoxious NU fans in the past now has to be updated. And, again, you should learn how to spell your saviour's name correctly.

stuck88 9 years, 3 months ago

Gill needs to show a highlight film of the 07 game against Nebraska. That will remind the players that beating NU can be done. The defense needs to play fast and loose, NU is vulnerable to turning the ball over. KU needs to capitalize on any short field opportunities that comes its way (and im not talking about field goals). Its a long shot that KU can win, but if it can put together long drives eating up clock, take advantage of turnovers, and get a few lucky breaks they have a chance to win. After last weeks 4th quarter comeback anything is possible!

Rock Chalk Jawhawk

ilikestuff 9 years, 3 months ago

What a refreshing post, someone actually discussing events that could lead to a Jayhawk win. Thus far, most posts have pertained to how unclassy UNL fans are and then move into other areas of interest such as feminine hygiene products, beastiality, and other oddly popular discussion items.

Jared Grillot 9 years, 3 months ago

WOW! KU football is sucking worse than usual this year, but suddenly our message boards are filled with Cornhusker posts? I am actually baffled. I can't even comprehend the sudden interest. I will never say NU fans are the worst, mostly because I've been to too many Mizzery games, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't understand why the Husker fans suddenly appeared on our message boards, some of which are totally undermining the comments from the others about how nice NU fans are.

100 - It was funny, and obviously some folks are very sensitive and lack a sense of humor. Because, of course, we all know that the Huskers are of course moving to the Big 10 because of academic$.

Kirk 9 years, 3 months ago

Dr. Tom's comments about Gill ("he's very sound philosophically and knows what he wants to do", etc.) aren't exactly an ringing endorsement of Gill's football intelligence.

Then again, maybe intelligence (creativity, inventiveness) isn't really all that important for a head coach. It doesn't seem to help the president of the united states all that much, hasn't helped any of them for a while now.

And finally, no amount of smarts is going to make ANY coach at KU win games on a regular basis.

UncleCharlie 9 years, 3 months ago

Conferences? Big 10 Academic$? You have to admit any school would be willing to make more money. College athletics are big business now but, the academic support system within the BIG 10/11/12 is a nice benefit. KU, I will always miss the ol' Big 8. Did we ever really need the Texass teams? Texas was the reason the SWC collapsed, well SMU's troubles with the NCAA probably didn't help. Yet, again another conference is floundering as Texas is raking in the majority of the money instead of an even split. Don't you think that with an even split of conference and bowl money, that all schools would've been better?

Mangino(hot dog neck) did some good things for you at KU. If he would have controlled his temper better.....who knows? Maybe he was fired to lower the faculty Health insurance premiums??

I still always root on the Big 8 schools except when they play my beloved Huskers. Well that is unless they are wearing black/gold. LOL

If T-Mart is healthy it will be a long cold game for you but, if he's not we've got a game on our hands. KU if you guys want another reciever we'll gladly let you have Niles Paul. LOL Don't quote me on this but, I think he has comitted 20 of our 31 fumbles and 10 of the take ways that came from those. I think he is even up for national recognition as the Butterfinger player of the year.

I wish KU the best of luck and hope they kick butt the rest of the year, (starting sunday that is)

classic3283 9 years, 3 months ago

Turner Gill will be one of only five former Nebraska players to coach against the Cornhuskers. Check the link below for a complete list of all the games in which the Cornhuskers faced a head coach that was a former player.

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