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Mark Mangino leaves Lawrence, moves to Florida

Kansas head coach Mark Mangino walks off the field following the Jayhawks' 41-39 loss to Missouri, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium.

Kansas head coach Mark Mangino walks off the field following the Jayhawks' 41-39 loss to Missouri, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium.


The last of the moving vans wheeled off the premises Tuesday night of the Lawrence home of Mark and Mary Jane Mangino, according to friends and neighbors of the couple.

Mark, Mary Jane and the couple’s feisty dog Yogi on Wednesday began their drive toward a home the couple purchased in Naples, Fla. Their Lawrence home remains on the market.

Mangino, 53, resigned under pressure on Dec. 3 after eight seasons as Kansas University football coach. Since that time, Mangino kept an extremely low profile, did not have any contact with the media, and quietly did volunteer work at Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Friends speculated that if Mangino, who was sent packing with a $3 million parachute, lands another coaching job the couple will keep the Naples property as a second home.

The highlight of Mangino’s tenure came in his sixth season, when he coached Kansas to a 12-1 record and an Orange Bowl victory against Virginia Tech. The low point came in his final weeks, when Kansas lost its final seven games and the athletic department launched an investigation into allegations of excessively harsh treatment of his players. The investigation led to former players coming out in favor of and against the coach.

Mangino, who came to Kansas from Oklahoma, where as Bob Stoops’ offensive coordinator he had gained a reputation as an accomplished recruiter and innovative offensive mind, compiled a 50-48 record. That made him the first Kansas football coach with a winning record since Jack Mitchell (44-42-5, 1958-1966) and left him two victories shy of the school record set by A.R. Kennedy (52-9-4, 1904-1910).

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated KU's Orange Bowl opponent.


Queen_Krenda 7 years ago

Texas Tech???????? We beat Virginia in the Orange Bowl.

Jeffery Barrett 7 years ago

Not one comment? Nothing? Anyone? You mean no one has ANYTHING to say? jaybate? 100? Oakville? HELLLLLOOOOOO?!!!! whoa............. Am I the only one here???

Brad Avery 7 years ago

Where is the house? Just curious.

KUbsee69 7 years ago

I believe that it's on the west side of the Alvamar course. He used to live on Lake Alvamar, but moved a year or two ago, if I understand correctly.

Jeffery Barrett 7 years ago

Both wrong. Everyone but Keegan and Queen_Krenda knows who it was.

Queen_Krenda 7 years ago

Ummmm, I'm the one who pointed out his mistake so he would change it in the article, which he has. So, I think I know who we beat.

Eric Williams 7 years ago

Defiant to the end. You were correct that it was wrong, but you were wrong in saying our opponent was Virginia.

We played Virginia Tech.

And no, it's not close enough to give benefit of the doubt. Do you want Kansas and Kansas State to be considered the same?

DutchMo 7 years ago

I'm pretty sure it was Virginia tech, because I remember people wandering what the Hokies were. I'm siding with jayhawk613 on this one.

Queen_Krenda 7 years ago

I figured the Tech was implied, but whoosh that went way over your heads. I guess I will type out exactly what I mean from now on.

Chicago_JHawk 7 years ago

Why would the Tech be implied? Is "State" implied when speaking about Kansas State?

Ron Prichard 7 years ago

Of course it's implied. Virginia and Virginia Tech are the same thing. So are Ohio and Ohis State, Texas and Texas Tech, Georgia and Georgia Tech, and of course, Kansas and Kansas State. Who didn't get that?

Queen_Krenda 7 years ago

Ive never heard of Ohis St., LOL.

You would think that som

skragglydoo 7 years ago

Come again? "you would think that som"?

LOL. worst. poster. ever.
nothing is funnier than somebody acting uppity with a correction when they get it wrong themselves. "tech is implied." Idiot. You got owned.

David Reed 7 years ago


Jonathan Allison 7 years ago

Virginia Polytechnical Institute?

"Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi. Tech Tech VPI!"

Jeffery Barrett 7 years ago

You see, Keegan is such a "giant" in the ljw that no one DARES proofread HIS articles!

DutchMo 7 years ago

Man, I've been wandering where this guy is! Moving to Florida I guess LOL!

ldjayhawk 7 years ago

Mr K calls the issue of the day lads.

Chris1955 7 years ago

Mark Mangino or manatee? Now somebody provide the question.

Kevin Studer 7 years ago

Were Mangino's kids in school or something? Because if I was fired like that, I wouldn't hang around in Lawrence for several more months!

Kyle Helmer 7 years ago

Thanks for the time and effort coach. No matter what happened, 2007 was the ride of a lifetime and we will always be thankful for it. Best wishes down the road.

jhokfan 7 years ago

Best coach we've ever had. If he so desires I believe he will be a D1 coach again. I wish him the best.

jayhawkjoe98 7 years ago

He will blend in with the oranges down there.

Rock_Chalk_NYC 7 years ago

Best wishes Coach Mangino! Thanks for your tireless work at KU and in the Lawrence community.

I look forward to seeing you in coaching again soon...

areyouserious 7 years ago

Explain what he did in the community? I have seen Bill Self in the community 20 times and not 1 time did I see this clown out in Lawrence......good riddance!

Steve Brown 7 years ago

Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

you crossed the line.

Ted Toulouse 7 years ago

Thank you for your contributions to Kansas Football Coach. You made KU relevant in many ways. The Orange Bowl will forever be a small highlight of my KU fervor and I will miss being able to say "Our Coach Can Eat Your Coach."

MitchumMan 7 years ago


“Our Coach beat anorexia” haha

Tim Bingaman 7 years ago

ttoulouse: Agreed on accomplishments on the field and at the buffet line!

Also had to love the joke (which I will tell now for those that haven't heard it in a while...) Did you hear Mark got lost in Kansas City after the Border War? Yeah, he pulled over at a gas station to ask for directions... Mangino rolls down the window and asks this guy, "How do I get to 435?" and the guy says, "drop 50 pounds."

Great Joke! and now not quite as funny.

Sorry for the weight jokes Mangenius! I love you and will always love you for winning the Orange Bowl. Everyone in the world knows that if you hadn't hit that losing streak you would still be part of the Jayhawk family. Lose some lbs. and get healthy dude!

Matt Kenton 7 years ago

The only thing in that last moving van that rolled out Tuesday night was Mangino himself!

Maybe Keegan thought a glaring error in the article would distract us from making comments like this.

Ron_Kellogg 7 years ago

Will miss him at Free State games

Chris Bruning 7 years ago

Queen're not just're dumb tech

Queen_Krenda 7 years ago

Can these personal attacks be removed? My nephews read this site and I would love to have to explain this to them (sarcastic)

rcjh22 7 years ago

Don't be an annoying b and nobody will be mean to you

skragglydoo 7 years ago

lol. "tech is implied". yeah, well maybe it was implied that they were talking about virginia tech when they made the original mistake. moron.

Chris Bruning 7 years ago

good job in your time here coach, but im glad to see you go....Turner Gill will be the best coach KU has ever had......

Dyrk Dugan 7 years ago

i feel bad as a KU fan on how everything ended...but i don't feel sorry for MM. he's had, or is still having, a nice career...where one day you're an assistant coach at a small college...and then the next you're an asst. coach at one of the all time great programs in college FB history....(OU BTW), and then you're the head coach of a major program.

and you lead to its greatest season in school history. we have a lot to thank Coach Mangino for...and i wish him well.

Chris Bruning 7 years ago

Queen_Krenda...yeah they can be removed and i apologize for the dumb comment...but whoosh, sports facts must be way over your head....

Robert Brock 7 years ago

I hope that the Mangino family enjoys Naples. Pretty little town and great beaches. Of course, Coach will need to trim down a little before he wears his Speedo thong...

Tim Bingaman 7 years ago

ttoulouse: Agreed on accomplishments on the field and at the buffet line!

Also had to love the joke (which I will tell now for those that haven't heard it in a while...) Did you hear Mark got lost in Kansas City after the Border War? Yeah, he pulled over at a gas station to ask for directions... Mangino rolls down the window and asks this guy, "How do I get to 435?" and the guy says, "drop 50 pounds."

Great Joke! and now not quite as funny.

Sorry for the weight jokes Mangenius! I love you and will always love you for winning the Orange Bowl. Everyone in the world knows that if you hadn't hit that losing streak you would still be part of the Jayhawk family. Lose some lbs. and get healthy dude!

Brad Richardson 7 years ago

Coach Mangino, I salute you! You brought us from the dung heap to the orange bowl. I hope you end up doing what you want to do on your terms. Thanks again!

Ryan Mullen 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

JBurtin 7 years ago

That's a pretty low blow to a man that probably never did a thing to you. Like him or not, I'd think you'd at least show a little bit of class.

I don't think Lew was wrong to move on and hire a new coach, but none of these negative comments reflect very well on the posters, or the University.

Ryan Mullen 7 years ago


Thank you I also felt that Jburton was out of line with his comments.

JBurtin 7 years ago

I have a little litmus test that I run on people.

Intelligent people tend to spell my name correctly despite the odd Burtin spelling.

Ryan Mullen 7 years ago

I will consider that a compliment then JBurton.

JBurtin 7 years ago

You're as childish as you are dumb.

A simple "sorry guys, that comment was a bit over the line" would have sufficed.

Ryan Mullen 7 years ago

I am done with this site, I did nothing to violate the usage agreement here. If the LJW is going to get finacky about posts they will have alot of other users leaving as well.

kualuminohio 7 years ago

:-(... Thanks for your time at KU, I will never forget the march to the Orange Bowl...

kualuminohio 7 years ago

Should have beat Missouri though...

tophawk87 7 years ago

If you purchase the house right now, before the renovations, you get the er, extra wide toilet for no extra charge...

Tony Bandle 7 years ago

Maybe the best way to remember a departed coach is to hold his legacy in reference over the long haul compared to his successors.

HCMM had his peaks and valleys, monumental successes and failures, but one thing no one can argue was that he avoided commiting the mortal sin of a public figure.......he was never boring!!

I will take the high road and wish him best of luck in trying to improve his health and, hopefully, he finds a postion that will make him happy.

{PS I originally wrote...and serve him well, but I figured that would open up a Pandora's Box of slings and arrows]

Tony Bandle 7 years ago


If Jaybate and 100 were baseball players, they would be clean-up man. I'm just the bat boy!!

yovoy 7 years ago

i don't exactly agree nor disagree that uncle lew did him wrong. all mangino (and our boys) had to do was go 3 and 4 over the last 7, and he'd've had the mark - and likely his job.

i wish him well. shame on all the posters making light of his weight. sheesh, we are bored.

jayhawkinATL 7 years ago

Thanks, Coach!!! Hope this isn't your "ride off into the sunset" just yet.

Brook Havens 7 years ago

Didn't realize King Buffet was up for sale????? That was the residence they were referring to right???

jhokfan 7 years ago

Some sorry excuses for KU fans today. And they say mizwho fans are bad.

Jeremy LeMaster 7 years ago

Just goes to show you that there are stupid people everywhere!

Ryan Mullen 7 years ago

No just a sorry excuse for a coach. A man who was verbally abusive to his players and could care less about his weight. What a great role model maybe I should get a poster of him for my kids, but alas I don't think it would fit on my kids wall saying how the dimensions are 13 feet wide by 9 feet tall.

KUbsee69 7 years ago

Hey mullen ... you ever considered that you're the sorry excuse?

Jack Wilson 7 years ago

jayhawkinmullen: Perfect. Should have expected this from you. The anti-competitive one. The YMCA mom. Everyone is a winner. And of course, you pull out the joke on his weight. You are really, really brilliant. You talk about role models and you make fun of the guy's weight? Do you do that for your kids? Hypocrite, dumb#*#.

Verbally abusive. I'm sure you think if someone raises their voice that's verbally abusive. The "verbally abusive" claims are the refuge for the wimps of the world. Jayhawkinmullen is one of them. Those that don't understand sports, that don't understand life.

Better keep your away from Marine Corps basic training. How dare they talk to 18 year olds that way? Don't you know it will hurt their self esteem?

okiedave 7 years ago

Jayhawkmullin -- we all have our faults. Some people eat too much to control stress and others smoke too much to control stress. Both are killers. I wouldn't want a picture of a guy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth on my kid's wall - not a good role model for kids.

Ryan Mullen 7 years ago


Perfect, I should have considered that response from you. The Ultra competitive one. The NABLA Dad. Everyone is a loser including your son or daughter. And or course, you pull the pull out the joke that I made about his weight (something that bothers you because all of your children or grossly obese). You talk about role models and you don't make fun of the guys weight? Although you make fun of your kids weight all the time. Hypocrite, dummmy.

Verbally abusive. I'm sure if you are yelling at your kids all day long calling them fat F%#$ it is not verbally abusive enough. The "verbally abusive" claims are for the parents who don't know how to control or be a good parent of the world. Hem is one of them. Those that only use sports and yelling and cursing at there kids to help them understand life.

Better keep you away from books on how to parent your kids. How dare they tell me not to beat and curse at my kids. Don't you know it will kill there self esteem?

razorhawk 7 years ago

Welcome to Naples, Coach. We are happy to have you here. In our house, Gators and Seminoles are 4-letter words and a Jayhawk is always welcome. PS-You'll love the winters.

Dan Harris 7 years ago

Thanks for the memories and good luck down the road coach!

Kman_blue 7 years ago

Actually, coach Mangino was 3 shy of A.R. 'Bert' Kennedy who was 53-9-4, not 52-9-4 as stated in the article.

A.R. Kennedy 1904: 8-1-1 1905: 10-1-0 1906: 7-2-2 1907: 5-3-0 1908: 9-0-0 1909: 8-1-0 1910: 6-1-1 Total: 53-9-4

The 2009 football media guide inexplicably leaves out a 16-0 KU win over Colorado on October 30, 1906 in Lawrence. That's probably the source of the error in Bert Kennedy's total wins listed in the article.

Seth Peattie 7 years ago

queen_krenda can SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Wilson 7 years ago

If queen_krenda was actually a king, does that change your suggestion?

gutter 7 years ago

Those of you who are still upset he is gone - WAKE UP!!!!! The guy was a piece of garbage. He's not gone because of a lack of success - which even I am thankful for. He is gone because at times (TOO often) he was a pathetic human being. Good riddance!

Jack Wilson 7 years ago

Gutter: Why you wake up. You clearly have no understanding of football, or what it takes to shape a team. I'm sure you were enjoying the Orange Bowl win like the rest of us. Typical piece of #%!* fan, you are.

Keith Kienzle 7 years ago

As a KU fan in Virginia, dismantling VT gave me great joy! Bragging rights forever...

Bye Coach. Take care of yourself, and good luck.

Lance Hobson 7 years ago

I'm afraid the best days of KU football are leaving with him. He'll be much more appreciated in the future.

jhokfan 7 years ago

jayhawkinmullen et all:

I’m not defending the allegations made against Mangino but I find it odd that you condemn him for being verbally abusive and turn around and make abusive comments yourself. Make substantiated criticism and I can respect your opinion because he is deserving of some. That being said, whether you like or dislike him he should be given credit for turning around what was a joke of a program. He spent 8 years here and as a Jayhawk fan I think you owe him that amount of loyalty. If you can not find it in yourself to find some praise in his efforts have the good sense to not say anything.

rawkhawk 7 years ago

Good luck, MM. I found a renewed interest in KU football under your leadership

thekansasboy1987 7 years ago


KUbsee69 7 years ago

Eight wins last season and he's still KU's coach. Railroaded ... just railroaded.

I wish him nothing but good luck and good health. If he decides to coach again, I hope he schedules KU, then you'll see why we should have kept him.

Scott Bonnet 7 years ago

He did a great job. I wish him well.

Luan Do 7 years ago

a bunch of sofy people sticking up for a bunch of softy players. no wonder we lost the last 7. they just gave up. maybe some of them players needed someone to tell them to shape up.

Jack Wilson 7 years ago

KUbsee69 .. right on. All of you fools that support Mangino getting railroaded will be looking back fondly on our football glory years during Mangino's tenure. It is amazing how his style was acceptable when we won, but the knives came out when we lost a few. Typical politically correct KU administration. It was a freaking witch-hunt, and that's all it was.

And boy, all of the overweight jokes are sure funny. Never heard those before. Very original.

Randy Bombardier 7 years ago

I think Mark Mangino did an excellent job in raising the expectations for Kansas Football. The 2007 season, as great as it was, may have been even better had we played Mizzu at home as scheduled before the Errorhead Deal. Yet, MM was not the best ambassador for KU and he created so much pressure it all imploded. I think the pressure was due to forgetting the bigger picture of life. I think it was time to move on. Could a Sabbatical have worked? Who knows, but he needed it and the program needed it. I do not think this is the end of MM or KU Football. Life goes on. So should we all. Coach Mangino, I hope that we can see you coaching again, but take time to get healthy, reflect and be as good a role model as coach and you will be back in coaching and even better. Thank you for the memories.

Mike Kendall 7 years ago

I wonder what ever happened to that KU letter jacket that Mangino always wore? Mangino could take over South Florida's football program--wait, that coach, a former K-State coach (it was Jim Levitt, right?) got into hot water by grabbing a player by his throat. Oh, well, just thinking!

boomrsoonr26 7 years ago

He left the program in much better condition than when he arrived. Kansas is a liberal school, with progressive "me, baby" athletes. You did the best you could under the circumstances. Mission accomplished Mark, and good luck.

Blake Post 7 years ago

Lot of comments here. Shows there is a lot of emotion about how (or when) KU terminated MM. I am still funky about that, not excited about what is to come. Gotta beat MU and ksu but I am doubtful, and that is depressing. And that dirty stinking nebrasska... hate those nebrastards. do we even have a chance against them? How motivated will Buffalo Gill be against them?

But back to what is really stupid... Of course we played the Virginia Tech Hokies in the glorious 2008 Orange Bowl. It was great being there. And no queen, tech is not implied when you say virginia. Florida is not Florida State. Texas is not Texas Tech. Georgia is not Georgia Tech. With that lack of attention to detail, while intending to go to KU, your nephews will go to KSU. OMG!

kgrad99 7 years ago

Wouldn't it have been easier to move Florida to Mangino?

gardenjay 6 years, 12 months ago

Bad timing to move to the Gulf of Mexico. Really bad timing.

Steve Brown 6 years, 11 months ago

After 7 straight Big 12 losses, I was one that felt Mad Mark had to go, he lost the team.

Now hindsight 20/20 and the KUADept. a cesspool of fraud and deception, I have yearning to read the 'sealed' report on his alleged abuse as well as the separation agreement.

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