Originally published May 16, 2010 at 12:00a.m., updated May 17, 2010 at 04:15p.m.

Hawkins new basketball coach at Perry-Lecompton

Kansas University's Jeff Hawkins, left, and Michael Lee celebrate a KU basket in this 2003 file photo. Hawkins will be taking over the head coaching job for the Perry-Lecompton boys basketball team.

Kansas University's Jeff Hawkins, left, and Michael Lee celebrate a KU basket in this 2003 file photo. Hawkins will be taking over the head coaching job for the Perry-Lecompton boys basketball team.


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Bill Self Basketball Boogie video

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Bill Self Basketball Boogie video

Jeff Hawkins plans to borrow from a pair of his mentors as he embarks on his career as a high school head boys basketball coach.

“I’m in the process of trying to remember as much as I can from coach (Roy) Williams and his beliefs and coach (Bill) Self and his beliefs and piece it all into one,” said 27-year-old former Kansas University point guard Hawkins, who recently accepted the head-coaching post at Perry-Lecompton High.

Hawkins — he worked as an assistant last season at Ellis High School in western Kansas — red-shirted one season and played one season for Williams, then played three years for Self at KU.

“I’m in the process of mixing all the little philosophies I have into one big pot, so I can make my own dish,” said Hawkins, who worked alongside Ellis coach Dave Wildeman, during a 16-7 season that included a conference title and spot in the Class 2A sub-state finals.

“I love being around kids and basketball. I feel blessed that I have a chance to be a head coach. I now can honestly say I love my job.”

Plans are in the works for Hawkins’ KU teammate — Moulaye Niang — to work as his assistant coach at Perry-Lecompton.

“For a (Class) 4A high school to have a couple former KU players — not one, but two on the bench leading the way — would give the kids here a great experience,” said Perry-Lecompton principal J.B. Elliott, who contacted Hawkins about P-L’s head coaching vacancy. He first checked the KSHSAA website for teams that had outstanding seasons, identifying the names of winning head coaches and assistants.

“The assistant coach’s name at Ellis stood out. I was curious if he was the same Jeff Hawkins who played at KU,” said Elliott, who next received contact information from Ellis High officials. Hawkins toured P-L’s school and facilities, was offered the job, accepted and was approved unanimously by the school board.

“We had our first team meeting on Friday. The boys got to meet their head coach. He (Hawkins) did a great job,” Elliott said. “Some of the kids knew the name and put the name with the face. Ten kids continued to talk to him after the meeting. He has the boys excited about the upcoming season.”

Hawkins — he plans to live in Lawrence with fiancee Heather and 3-year-old son Mav — is equally enthused.

“I know it’s a long road ahead, and I’ll bump my head a lot, but it’s the kind of bumping my head I like,” Hawkins said.

His preliminary plan? “Running the floor, getting great spacing, stopping the ball by denying,” he said. “I will try to be a good coach and personable. Yesterday I talked to the kids and I think they got the feeling I’m a little laid back. That’s what I thought when coach Self came in. But at practice he was all business. That’s what I respect.”

Hawkins doesn’t know if he’ll try to advance from high school coach to college someday.

“I have to see how this goes. I could love it so much I might stay a high school coach the rest of my life,” said Hawkins, a former K.C. Sumner standout who graduated in the spring of 2005 in communications at KU. “I want to help improve lives of these kids. I’m coaching to try to brighten their future.

“I’m worried about Perry-Lecompton ball right now. Sometimes if you look too far ahead you can lose focus on the present. I’m focusing on doing what’s right now, so my future can be bright.”

Hawkins will hold a camp for boys basketball players June 1-5 at P-L’s gym. Age groups range from second to 12th grade. Information soon will be available at the high school and on Perry-Lecompton’s school website.

Boschee heads to Joplin

Former KU guard Jeff Boschee, who compiled a 64-14 record in three seasons as head boys basketball coach at Barstow School in Kansas City, Mo., has been hired as an assistant coach at Missouri Southern State University.

“Obviously, Jeff was an outstanding basketball player at Kansas and had an opportunity to play under a great coach in Roy Williams. He has taken that skill with him and has done a great job at Barstow,” said Missouri Southern coach Robert Corn.

After graduating from KU with a degree in sports management in 2002, Boschee played professionally in the USBL, ABA and Europe. He runs the Jeff Boschee Basketball Academy in K.C.

“My goal throughout my coaching career always has been to get to college and be a college head coach at some point of my life, and that’s not going to happen by being in high school. It’s about time for me to get into college,” Boschee told the Joplin Globe.

Mo. Southern is an NCAA Div. II school in the MIAA.

“Pitt State, Washburn, Fort Hays and Emporia, we played them when I was in school,” the 30-year-old Boschee said. “A buddy, John Crider at KU, played at Washburn. I know of the teams. I do know it’s probably the top Div. II conference in the entire country, and we’ll be up against some good teams and good talent.”

Boogie time

Self isn’t afraid to dance to promote his second Basketball Boogie. A promo tape of Self’s boogie-ing is available at In the video, he can be seen in a white leisure suit with gold chains. The boogie will be held June 11 at the College Basketball Experience in Kansas City. Information is available at

Collins set to graduate today

Kansas University senior basketball guard Sherron Collins today will graduate with a degree in African American studies. It’s a huge milestone for Chicago native Collins, who long ago promised his mom, Stacey, he’d earn a diploma.

“I’m the first male in my family to do it. It means a lot to my mother and my family and my neighborhood,” Collins said of the rough west side. “A lot of people back home tell me how proud they are of me all the time. I’m just thankful.”

Collins said “no,” asked if, during his days at Chicago Crane High, he thought he’d ever graduate from college.

“It was the neighborhood I was in, beating the odds, people telling you that you are not going to make it or are not good enough. It was tough,” Collins said. “I had people in my corner. My mother and brother kept me out of trouble, especially my uncle (Walt). He was my father figure.”

Coach Bill Self applauds the success story of Collins, who is expected to be selected in the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft. Some consider him a possible late first-rounder.

“If you go back to all his high school teachers and principal and counselors, I don’t know if they’d all have bet the percentage play he’d walk down the hill at any time, let alone in 4.0 years,” Self said. “Seeing him evolve ... there’s a lot of kids out there that don’t like school. Many don’t, but it’s something we do. For him to evolve into a guy who saw his degree as being so important, I think is a great story in itself.

“I guarantee you he didn’t come to school here believing he’d be here four years,” Self added. “I guarantee you he didn’t come saying, ‘I can’t wait until I graduate.’ He came here saying, ‘I am here to play ball and move on.’ A lot of kids do that. To see how this place has changed him and how he allowed this place to change him is a pretty neat story.”


dustfan 11 years, 2 months ago

Good luck J-Hawk!

Jeff, you need to get yourself out of Mizzery.

jaybate 11 years, 2 months ago

Talk about a story that gives my love of the game a shot in the arm in May!

Rock Chalk to all these guys!

} Sherronatron walkin' down The Hill to get his paper! Wouldn't it be great if they let him dribble drive down the hill and cross the stage with the ball under his arm? Mr. Collins, go kick some tail in the NBA, then roll out of the game and use that degree as a spring board into bigger and better things. By the way, Mr, Collins, you will make a dent in the NBA. And you are a credit to all things KU!!! Score another for Coach Self.

} Jeff Hawkins and Moulaye Niang coaching at the high school of the former slavery capital of Kansas? Score another one for progress!! Score two more for Coach Self.

} Bosh finally making it to a college job, after seeming undeservedly to slip through the cracks between Roy's and Self's eras at KU, is a big break for a good, hard working guy with the right stuff. Bosh, whom I was never very fond of as a player, not because of him, but because of the way Roy tried to use him his first three years, has earned my lasting respect and admiration for doing it the hard way and largely on his own at Barstow. Posting the W&L statement that he did at Barstow is going to give him a great amount of self-confidence that will serve him well for the rest of his career. He may worry that he is being left behind in the hunt for career success, but some times late bloomers bloom best. Bosh has made a great career move by going to MoSo. Robert Corn sounds like a very solid man reaching a stage where he is ready to pass on what he knows and perhaps even wants to groom Bosh as his replacement. And as a protege of Gene Bartow's, this is a great opportunity for Bosh to expand his basketball philosophy beyond Roy's approach and melt in Bartow's strain of the game. Bartow grew up in Missouri, and started out head coaching at Central Missouri State, before moving onto Valpo, Memphis (where he followed Moe Iba), Illinois, UCLA and settling at UAB. Bartow's strain of the game is important, even though he never took it all the way to a ring. I have always suspected that Self studied Bartow's game a good bit, but can't prove it. IMHO, Bartow, like Eddie Sutton, and Ralph Miller, was one of the pioneers of offenses designed less to generate open shots, than to generate situations where impact players could make plays. Bartow's game always reminded me quite a bit of Maury John's game at Drake. I can't recall Bartow's assistant coaching jobs, but I believe someone where along the line he learned some Iba Ball and perhaps had some connections with Drake's Maury John and also Cotton Fitzsimmons, though memory fails me on this now. Fusing Roy Ball and Bartow, as filtered through Robert Corn, could produce a very, very interesting development in coaching philosophy, if Bosh were to take it in, as I suspect that he will. Go Bosh! And in the background, I would bet, quietly, score one more for Coach Self!!!!

jaybate 11 years, 2 months ago

} Coach Self gets to coach KU basketball. He gets to make big money. He gets to win big and he gets to endure gut busting losses. But what most impresses me about Bill Self is how he keeps finding ways to get better, and how he keeps finding ways for his players to get better, and how he keeps finding ways for his former players to get better. And while they are getting better, they are helping others get better. In economics, it is called a multiplier effect. Rock Chalk, Coach Self!!!

Martin Rosenblum 11 years, 2 months ago

The Kansas coaching tree is "branching out".

More traditionally, the tree was loaded with former coaching assistants, assistant coaches,etc. Now it's becoming laden with former players who will represent KU in a positive light regardless at which level they're coaching.

KUDUDE 11 years, 2 months ago


100 11 years, 2 months ago

Huge congratulations Sherron. Glad we graduate most of our players...

Speaking of such things this story is from today's Lexington paper.

ldjayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Congrats Jeff and Sherron! I also read Coach Self's Twitter account saying Brady is walking down the hill too. Great but isn't he gonna play one more year for us? With him literally graduating this year, does he need to go to any class next season while he plays ball? Or maybe Brady is thinking about taking a Postgraduate degree? Help more knowledgeable jayhawks!!

plotku 11 years, 2 months ago

How is it that I didn't Hawkins was coaching at the HS where I played BBall? I might have actually went to a game last year.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 2 months ago

Brady will have to take the minimum hours required per semester. He could start a post-graduate if accepted. He could put the extra hours toward a second minor degree. He could take a sampling of the easiest courses available and focus on basketball.

To answer your question, yes he has to take classes for the 2010-2011. [Although, he could go the UK plan and not show up for anything in 2011.] :}

ldjayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Thank you oakvillejhawk let's hope without class "distraction" he can focus on winning a NC for us (not that he has the attributes it takes). No offense Brady!

jaybate 11 years, 2 months ago

"ESPN Coaching Coverage: Googling ESPN and Self, Krzyzewski, Williams and Calipari:"

~"ESPN Coach Bill Self"--80,600 results

~"ESPN Coach Mike Krzyzewski"--81,100 results

~"ESPN Coach Roy Williams"--168,000 results

~"ESPN Coach John Calipari"--119,000

Google search results are hardly an infallible index of coverage. They tell us nothing about over content--positive, or negative. And you can also vary these results by varying search terms. But the total results do suggest ESPN may significantly vary how much attention it gives these coaches.

Interestingly, Self and K yield about the same search results.

Roy roughly doubles their results, indicating that Roy gets significantly more coverage.

Cal falls below Roy, but sharply above Self and K.

Cal's results are most striking. Cal, a man who has never won a ring, and who has coached a Maybach program only one year, gets approximately 47% more results than K, who has won 4 rings and 868 games.

Perhaps Mssrs.Keegan, or Mayer, might like to use Nexus to generate more accurate results.

jaybate 11 years, 2 months ago

"Some Ways You Know Cal Is 'Staying' at Kentucky"

~Lebron has not phoned yet to tell Cal which pro team he will be coaching next season.

~The NBA draft has not been held, so it is not yet clear where Lebron and Wall will want him.

~Articles of Incorporation for Calimousse Hair Products For Men, Inc. have not yet completed processing in states of New York and New Jersey.

~UK alumni still increasing stock shares in imminent IPO for future Calibourbon Distilleries, Inc.

~All SAT test taking surrogates have not yet been lined up for incoming recruits.

~Josh Pastner still needs more time to negotiate benefits package to replace Cal at UK.

~Still trying to memorize NBA game rules.

~Still waiting for a return text message from Vance Walberg telling him how to make the Attack, Attack, Skip, Attack, Attack offense work in the L, but Vance is dragging his feet, because he's still ticked at Cal for renaming it the dribble-drive motion offense.

~Still trying to figure out how to shake World Wide Wes on way to the L without winding up in the East River.

~Still finding it difficult to break the news to Ashley, after she just went under the knife again for the good of the program.

~Still working on channelling Rupp to learn how he kept three titles despite proven point-shaving.

~Waking clearing always takes longer than you expect.

(Note: All fiction and satire. No malice. Just jokes.)

Kevin John 11 years, 2 months ago

Rest In Peace Tobi Oyedeji. Thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends, also Texas A&M Basketball Family.

nerdicus 11 years, 2 months ago

Good for you, JHawk! Take the same spirit you showed on the floor to where ever you go and you'll keep making us proud!

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