Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Xavier Henry still undecided about NBA Draft

Xavier Henry answers questions during a Selection Sunday news conference.

Xavier Henry answers questions during a Selection Sunday news conference.


Kansas University coach Bill Self said freshman guard Xavier Henry had not decided whether to put his name in the NBA Draft.

“I am not under the impression he is leaning one way or the other right now,” said Self, who has spoken with both Xavier and Xavier’s dad, Carl.

“When we recruited X, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion, but in my mind, we recruited him to play here one year. I’m fine with that. He obviously had a very good year. I do think he's projected to go pretty high.

“Of course, we'd love for him to come back, but I don’t believe it’s my place to try to convince him to come back. I am not going to do that at all. All I want to do is provide his family any resources they may need to try to get for them so they can make the best decision possible. I don't think his decision is imminent, but I do think (because of) the new rules, something needs to be done in the next 10 days to two weeks, but I think right now, it’s still up in the air,” Self added.

Players have until April 25 to declare for the draft and a May 8 early entry withdrawal date.

Self said a benefit of returning might be the big jump players make between their freshman and sophomore seasons.

“Coming back to a place where there’s a lot of exposure and the competition is tough, that sort of thing would do anybody good, not just Xavier,” Self said. “But if the time for him to go is now, then he needs to go, too, that’s how I’ve always looked at it.”

Selby wins slam dunk: Josh Selby, a 6-foot-2 senior guard from Lake Clifton High in Baltimore, won the McDonald’s All-America game slam dunk contest Monday. Selby, who will announce for either KU, Kentucky, UConn, Arizona or Tennessee at the Jordan Brand Classic on April 17, told Kentucky’s site that he may visit UK next weekend.

Doron Lamb, a 6-4 guard from Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Va., will announce for either KU, UK, Arizona, UConn, West Virginia or Oklahoma at the Jordan game. Selby said if he and Lamb go to the same school, “We might do the announcement together.”

Brandon Knight, a 6-3 guard from Pine Crest High in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., also is considering KU and Kentucky. Selby said he and Knight could play in the same backcourt at Kentucky.

Of KU, Selby said: “You guys ever been to Kansas? Their fans are crazy. I like the way the players interacted with me. It was like another home to me. It attracts me because no one is there to play the point-guard position. It’s also a lot of pressure because that’s a big shoe to fill. Sherron Collins did a good job there.”

CBS talk: Self said he enjoyed his stint as CBS studio analyst for last weekend’s NCAA regional finals games. He’s not going to work as a Final Four analyst for the network this weekend.

“The thing I thought we could get out of it was that there would be a lot of ninth-, 10th- and 11th-graders watching and hopefully their families, too,” Self said of recruiting. “CBS has been really good to me, and those guys (in studio) have been really good to me, but I’m selfish, too, and I thought it’d help us down the road.”

Jackson: Self said he had not yet spoken with former KU player Darnell Jackson, whose mother, Shawn, died Thursday. The two have texted, however, with a phone call on the immediate horizon. Services are set for 3 p.m. Saturday at Rolfe Funeral Home in Oklahoma City.

Lockout a factor: Walt Aldrich, father of Cole Aldrich, indicated that a possible NBA lockout after the 2010-11 season is another reason his son elected to enter the 2010 NBA Draft. The current collective-bargaining agreement expires after next season.


JayhawkRock 10 years, 7 months ago

Sorry to say this but I know for a fact that X is gone...But its ok because we have Travis Releford and Mario Little and both will be more than suitable to fill the shoes of X. Releford has been great this year in practice and honestly I heard that Self kind of wanted to get rid of the Henrys. Self says it will be official in the next week to ten days but you heard it here first, X is gone.

100 10 years, 7 months ago

I hope X stays just to prove there's a bag of air to the north...

Somehow I smell Kentucky bluegrass burning...

kubball99 10 years, 7 months ago

An absolutely terrible thing to hear about Ms. Shawn Jackson. It's unfortunate something so terrible had to happen to the nicest person as well as one of the most passionate and beloved players ever to step on the basketball court at KU. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Jackson family in their time of loss. Your KU family will always be here for you.

KEITHMILES05 10 years, 7 months ago

Xavier will do what Carl says. End of topic.

Nutflush21 10 years, 7 months ago

Selby said: “It attracts me because no one is there to play the point-guard position."

Elijah Johnson anyone?

Selby is a stud and I hope he chooses KU, but the starting PG position wont just be given to him.

cobweb 10 years, 7 months ago

Tough decision, probably needs another year but a potential lockout possible in the NBA. I'd like to see him much more aggressive and routinely take over games. As a soph, would he blossom like Marcus Morris or be another Brandon Rush, nice kid, NBA talent, but invisible most of the time? He could find out with another year at KU. Wright, Arthur and Chalmers all should have waited.

OCJHAWK 10 years, 7 months ago

X please stay!

Taylor and his xtra stuff please go!

yates33333 10 years, 7 months ago

Given the quality of X's contribution this year in really tight games I think several players already on the squad could help just as much. Thus, from the viewpoint of KU's success I don't think it matters what he decides. I hope he does well whichever way he goes.

Aldrich's decision makes sense. I doubt he will be in the NBA very long anyway. Someone in an earlier posting said he would be a role player on defense. I think that is correct. I doubt he will do as good a job as Ostertag did for Utah since the Big O had greater stamina. Thus, I doubt he will hang on as long as Ostertag. I hope Aldrich does a good job as a pro.

glückliches Ostern oder gluckliches Ostertag.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

Some encouraging comments by Selby regarding KU, although the potential visit to Kensucky is a downer. And while I agree that the starting point guard spot will not simply be given to him (as another poster pointed out), he would definitely hold the edge for winning that spot. Next year we have a lot of questions, but Self knows that it may be the last chance he has to win a title before having to reload again and remake the roster. Consider all the players leaving next year coupled with losing Cole, Sherron, & in all probability X this year, and Self may consider promising Selby significant playing time in order to bring him in and make one last push for a ring (again, before reloading).

Jack Wilson 10 years, 7 months ago

OCJhawk: On your Taylor comment, I take the 5th. I actually believe if I incriminate myself on that topic again, the heads of a few on this message board will explode. So I "abstain" to quote my friend, icthawkfan316.

I'm guessing two guys, Little and Releford, have their own opinions on whether X should stay or go.

VegasJhawk09 10 years, 7 months ago

Atleast one of those three potentials named should pick KU. Sherrons spot needs to be filled and we need someone that will help immediately. EJ needs more time to develop, Royce Woolridge will help but Im not sure if he can play the point, Ive always heard him being a 2 guard. Either way, they will still have a great team next year.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 7 months ago

VegasJhawk09: Some questions, for you or anyone: What makes you think Selby is more ready than EJ?

Wouldn't you think that EJ being in the system for a year is more ready than Selby?

Is Selby, talent-wise, that much better? EJ was the #4 point guard, about #24 overall; Selby #2 point guard, #4 overall. Maybe he is that much better?

Dyrk Dugan 10 years, 7 months ago

very sad news about DJ's mom. Darnell, we're thinking of you and praying for you and for your family. I known Darnell went through a lot when he played here with his family, so kudos to him for persevering.

X can stay, X can go. it's really irrelevant. the only relevance, is in regards to available scholarships.

if he stays, he could be a an 18, 19 or 20 point guy...and then he can name his draft spot basically. if the NBA thinks he has upside, what do you think the KU coaches think?

But, i think he'll go. Carl wants the cash. he got it from son one, and now it's time for son two.

Can this report be more over the place regarding recruiting? first KU is a great fit for Mr. Selby, but he has other visits now scheduled, and he and Lamb may announce together if it's the same school....(we will not get them both.) Calgon take me away!!

i agree with Coach Self. i'm excited too for next year. we'll be young, with a few role playing seniors, and very matter what we end up with in recruiting.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

HighEliteMajor - I don't know that Selby is more ready than EJ. What I'd like to see is both of them start.

What I would like to see from next year's rotation would look something like this:

Starters Selby EJ Little Marcus Markieff

Bench Tyshawn - back-up point guard also seeing some time at the two Tyrel/Brady Releford - spelling Little at the 3, available to see minutes at the 2 TRob - 1st big off the bench Withey - 4th big, seeing limited minutes unless match-ups dictate the need for true center

Woolridge - redshirt

It's a crowded field to be sure. The situation with the guards - EJ, Tyshawn, Tyrel, Brady, & to a lesser extent Releford - is a problem. EJ & Releford were good soldiers last year, sitting out (in EJ's case more or less sitting out), paying their dues, and deserve a shot at serious minutes. Brady & Tyrel are senors and Self is no doubt comfortable with them, but we've seen what they bring and I think it's time for a changing of the guard (no pun intended). Not sure if Tyshawn would accept a role off the bench, but in my opinion it is what is best for the team. My guess is we'll see Tyshawn start at the two. I'm not as down on Tyshawn as you are, but the more I think about it we may be better off with him leaving. Of course much of my speculation is predicated on landing Selby. April 17th can't get here soon enough.

In the post I'd like to see a return to more of what we saw during the '08 season, playing two atheletic 4s with the Twins & TRob (playing the roles of Darnell & Shady) as opposed to trying to play with a true center and running the offense at a slower pace. Despite some posters' infatuation with Jeff Withey I think the most likely scenario (or atleast the best scenario) is he becomes the 4th "big", assuming the role TRob played last year and Cole played on the '08 team, occasionally seeing more minutes as match-ups dictate.

Ron Prichard 10 years, 7 months ago

I'm a little surprised at all the negativity toward TT. Sure, he had the mid-season Facebook incident and the pre-season football thing, but all indications were that he was committed to the team down the stretch. As fans, we tend to take the negative and focus on it intensely. But the good we seem to overlook.

No one on the team is quicker with the basketball than TT, and that includes EJ. EJ is extremely athletic, but TT is an athletic freak! He played out of control at times, but we were at our best when he was contributing at both ends of the court. If Self can get TT to focus consistently and take on a leadership role, that would be the absolute best thing for us next year. If he can't, well, then I think some of the posters on here may be right.

I just can't figure out why everyone is so quick to dismiss TT. If he decides to leave, then I'll wish him well and won't shed any tears. But if he stays, he's a Jayhawk and I'll root for him just as hard as I root for everyone else. Maybe even a little more because of my belief of how important he is to next year's team.

justanotherfan 10 years, 7 months ago

First things first, terrible news about DBlock's mom. Really sad that she passed. R.I.P. Shawn Jackson. Be strong, Darnell.

Second, a couple of comments on the differences between the #4 ranked player and the #24 ranked player (i.e., the difference between Selby and EJ).

EJ is obviously a highly ranked talent, and for good reason. He has all of the tools to be a good to great college player, with a chance to be a solid pro in the future. That's about where any player ranked in the 20's will end up generally.

The #4 prospect is generally regarded as an elite level prospect. More or less, this player is ready for the pros either now, or within another year or two, with star potential in the NBA. That's a pretty big gap.

In 2007, the 4 was OJ Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies). The 24 was Solomon Alabi. In 2006, the 4 was Chase Budinger (Houston Rockets). The 24 was Brian Zoubek. In 2005, the 4 was Andray Blatche (Washington Wizards). The 24 was Courtney Fells.

All three of those 4's is an NBA player RIGHT NOW. All of the 24's were/are starters at high majors (all in the ACC oddly enough). Not necessarily a bust among them, but only Alabi projects to have a long NBA career. And that is the difference.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

raprichard - I'm not as down as everyone else, but here's my take on it: he blew it. He had his chance - the perfect opportunity. He falls into our lap due to the coaching change at Marquette, he comes in and because of the mass exodus folowing the '08 championship team he is able to start as a freshman, despite only being the 77th ranked player by He holds his starting job coming into this year, and the combination of immature off the court antics, foolish on the court mistakes, and basically no improvement between his freshman & sophomore years made him a disappointment. If we land Selby it will be with some expectation of starting. Like I said, EJ & Releford played the good soldiers last year, it's not really fair to tell them to take a back seat again when they've done & said all the right things for the good of the team and Tyshawn has proven to be a selfish head-case. Tyrel & Brady are Seniors and Bill Self will almost certainly play them as he is comfortable with them operating in his system.

Something that next year's team seems to be lacking is much of a 3 point threat (outside of Tyrel). If Tyshawn was even average he'd be more valuable, but he isn't. In fact, all three of his FG%, FT%, & 3P% declined his sophomore year. The one thing that keeps him relevant is that he is an average to above average defender. Above average on-ball defense, below average at off-ball & help defense. If EJ can elevate his game to where he is a servicable defender, then Tyshawn doesn't bring anything to the table that the other guys dont, except the baggage.

P.S. I would like to see Justanotherfan's illustration of the difference between the 24th ranked recruit (EJ) and the 77th ranked recruit (Tyshawn)

Jack Wilson 10 years, 7 months ago

raprichard: The negativity on TT, I guess, is more just an analysis of his performance. The only real progress I saw from him was in late February where he seemed to stop forcing drives to the hoop (that ended with turnovers or blocked shots), and he really stopped shooting much. But that seemed to wane late, and then he was really bad vs. UNI. I have never seen anything from him that makes the team better. He seems to be a net negative. Fast? Yes. Athletic? Yes. Poor jump shot? Yes. Poor decision maker? Yes. However, you never know when the light bulb will go on. Aaron Miles really improved his shooting when most didn't expect it, and Russell made a big leap. Who knows what TT will do.

ict: Perhaps we are more on the same wave length that we might have thought - my post of March 24 is below. My only difference was Taylor, but with him in the mix, I think you are dead on. And the two 4s deal changes the complexion of the team. Gives it the '08 look, less the 3 point shooting %.

March 24 Post: "Best case scenario given current status of recruiting, assuming X and Aldrich leave: 1) Taylor transfers; 2) Selby signs; That's it.

Lineup: 1) Selby 2) EJ 3) Releford/Little 4) Marcus 4a) Robinson

Off the bench 6) Markieff 7) Reed 8) Releford/Little 9) Withey 10) Morningstar

You think that starting five could get up and down the floor? Self could go Withey over TRob in the starting lineup for a true post, but I don't want a true post. I want Dblock and Arthur ... two 4s.

Obvious weakness we have, regardless, is three point shooting. That should be a focus point of coach Self in recruiting after Selby. It is our most glaring weakness heading into 2010-11.

Who's better next year in the Big 12? This is a top 15 team."

Brett Forreal 10 years, 7 months ago

I have a sick feeling that I hope is not true. Both Shelby and Lamb go to UK, maybe even Knight. They will have that many spots open.

KURob 10 years, 7 months ago

Maybe that's because you keep calling him "Shelby." ;-)

Joe Baker 10 years, 7 months ago

I like Selby and think he'll be a phenom. I do agree with many here. Why do we think he can come in and pick-up where Collins left off?

EJ is much more prepared and ahead of the game.

TT is flawed, but he does know the system.

Selby seems to like the challenge of earning a position and it will make him appreciate his position much more. If he wants to step right into a position and have a losing career, then uk and sleazy is his program!!

resultsinMarch 10 years, 7 months ago

Selby is a stud. I loved watching him win the slam dunk contest. He is very quick and seems to have what it would take to be our leader.

Make the right choice Selby and be the leader of the Jayhawks!

If he signs with us for next year we will be loaded in all areas, with or without X.

X should stay, read the to see what they think, he has some major areas that 1 more year would take of.

X should listen to Cole's press conference on how much he improved by coming back.

Go Hawks!!

jchief40 10 years, 7 months ago

lol all three Mz? Don't worry because you're paranoid.

JayDocMD 10 years, 7 months ago

"It attracts me because no one is there to play the point-guard position. "


wake up call to TT and Elijah (and CJ if he's still here.)

IMO if X goes, CJ's gone too. If X stays, and CJ doesn't get more PT than end-of-the game mop up duty he'll be gone before conference play begins.

Sally Presson 10 years, 7 months ago

Darnell, I'm so sorry about your Mom, I know what your family means to you and all you went through while you were at KU. Just know you're always in the hearts of the KU fans everywhere. I hope this love helps you in this terrible time.

Theutus 10 years, 7 months ago

I don't think anyone here is giving EJ the credit he deserves. EJ got shafted out of a lot of quality playing time this year.... All because Self refused to sit Collins at any cost (even when he had a 5 minute stretch of nothing but turnovers and terrible shot selection).

EJ would get in the game for less than a minute, knowing he was about to get yanked.... That's not allowing a player to truly settle and play their game folks. If he looked a little shaky in the 30 seconds you saw him (when you saw him) it's because of this right here.

EJ will be fine, and I have a feeling he's going to shock a lot of you. Unlike a ton of our PG's in the past, EJ attacks the rim, he goes for the dunk, and he's extremely aggressive. Collins was aggressive, but half the time he was just spinning out of control into a bunch of bigs. EJ possesses the "slice" that Taylor does, with what I can only hope is a lot better "basketball mind" behind it... And a set of brass balls as well.

I am really looking forward to seeing him take over. This kid can finish, and that's been something we've been lacking in the PG category since 2007.

coach43 10 years, 7 months ago

It will be too bad if X leaves early as I feel he is not ready for the NBA. I feel like he doesn't have that agressiveness that he needs to play with. I feel like with cole and sherron gone, he will be able to step up and be that agressor next year. I also think it would help him polish up his game up to ready him for 2011 draft.

I believe next years squad will be very good as well, as long as withey can produce, or block shots..hopefully he paid attention to cole. it will also depend on which freshmen we can land for next year not that it matters, but my projected starting 5 is possible lineups taylor, johnson, henry, morris, withey taylor, morningstar, relaford morris withey johnson, taylor, little, morris, morris taylor, morninstar, relaford, morris, robinson taylor, reed, little, morris, withey,... there are alot of possiblilites...and i didnt even include all of them, or include any freshman

niemoth 10 years, 7 months ago

I don't think Tyshawn is going anywhere. I liked how he finished the season and with a slow start still finished with a better assist to turnover ratio than Sherron. I think he will be our starting point guard next year, and that is the reason why he didn't transfer earlier in the season because Self suggested he would be the guy next year.

dylans 10 years, 7 months ago

Chalmers stock couldn't have been higher when he left and he started almost all of the games his rookie year. Sounds like a bad time to make the jump to me.

MDHawk 10 years, 7 months ago

Lots of options...I like the looks of our team, with or without X. However, I also like X, and think he would be a great asset next year if he stays. I don't think he'll stay, primarily because if he does, and we land someone like Selby or Lamb, X won't be the media focus and his draft status won't improve unless he clearly outshines his new highly recruited teammates. Unfortunately, if he leaves, CJ is likely to follow, which eliminates one of our few legitimate three-point threats (his shot from three was deadly at times on the rare occasion he got in, and that is a big part of what he's been working on in practice).

I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

CrodieBroyle 10 years, 7 months ago

I don't think Selby is a true PG, we could play him at SG, with Elijah starting at PG and Tyshawn coming off the bench with Tyrel and Brady

Robert Brock 10 years, 7 months ago

None of us have a complete sense of how ready EJ is to log significant minutes or even possibly run the whole show. We have seen highlight videos of him on Youtube, read reports on him from AAU tournaments and high school ball the last couple of years, and maybe caught an AAU game of his one summer. We mainly saw him in garbage time this last year and occasionally in some important stretches of games only to be pulled from the game immediately after committing a foul or turnover or looking a little lost. He just never played long enough stretches to get in the flow of the game.

The impression of EJ from scouts who saw him play in high school, was that his athletic ability was off the charts, but his basketball IQ was somewhat raw compared to some of the guards ranked higher, especially in pure point guard terms (though Selby is not really considered a pure point either). I am really anxious to see what he looks like next year, because he has all the tools to be a serious talent. Playing in practice every day for a year with the likes of Sherron and X can only help mold your game.

kcmostwanted 10 years, 7 months ago

Taylor will be fine...

Taylor, EJ, Releford, Little, Royce and who ever we get will all be studs next year.. We know what we have in Reed and Morningstar... (leadership, 3pt shooting and good work ethic)

All I can say is...get ready for the fireworks because it's going to be athleticism galore next year .... although the 3 pointer will be a big question mark..

Brett Forreal 10 years, 7 months ago

No not "paranoid"...But actually how many top high profile recruits(say top 5) have we landed? Especially together in one class. Not many. Could be wrong though I guess. X was only due to Cal leaving UM. Stop dreaming and come to reality jchief40. Would love to have all "Selby"(Got it KURob), Knight, and Lamb. Gotta feeling we land none though, sorry to say.

Theutus 10 years, 7 months ago

Quite frankly I don't care who we get for Freshman next year. We've got a loaded team as is, and they just need to get PT to develop and settle.

EJ and Taylor are our go-to 1 PG's, their athleticism and ballhandling skills are un-matched, CJ can fill some time as a 1/2 if needed (i think he'll develop more if he does in fact stay). Reed, Morningstar, Releford (2/3) can run the 2. Keep in mind EJ and Taylor can also still play the 2 depending on which one brings the ball up.

Just look at those two spots. 1 and 2. Depending on who we have in the game, we have crazy athletic ability and slicing, getting to the hoop (EJ, Taylor and Releford). Cycling Reed/Morningstar gives us a great outside shooter and all around spark/hustler in Reed, and defense consistency and leadership in Morningstar.

I see fresh legs, fast paces, and our best 1/2 guard combo's since 2007 in this lineup. No more kicking the ball around the perimeter for 30 seconds and then forcing something..... EJ/Taylor/Releford are cut guys. They attack the hoop. That's natural to them (as long as Taylor can get his mind right).

Now, i'm about to be blasphemous here and criticize Collins. As much as I loved the guy, he didn't create... Sure, he scored a lot... But he didn't create for teamates like the 2007 PG lineup did. Our team this past season lacked in passing/assists. I'm hoping that next season we fall back to our roots of quick passes, quick cuts that open someone up for a quick dump and easy basket, and more alley oop easy buckets.

What I don't want to see is more of us relying on the 3 so heavily, ignoring our bigs, and passing the ball around on the perimeter looking lost until someone has to force something. Just this fans opinion/analysis.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years, 7 months ago

At the risk of upsetting a fair portion of bloggers Xavier needs to go, but not because he is ready. Be honest, through the year he appeared to play as if not to get hurt, his three ball is like watching paint dry. KU really needs someone that can reliably shoot the three when closely contested, be able to come off screens quickly and pop the shot. Sadly that ain't Xavier. Nor is it Tyshawn.

Selby's choice or any others simply comes down to how big their ego's are and how misplaced the support from the parents may be. Self tells all of them upfront there are no promises on playing time or starting roles. Those players like Cole, Sherron, etc see the immense value in that honesty. Others gravitate to the Calipari's of the world.

Robert Brock 10 years, 7 months ago

There is some cause for concern about Selby and Lamb and Calipari or others swooping in and stealing one or both, but consider first that Self's track record is outstanding. He missed big on some high level recruits in 2007 and 2008, but he has worked serious magic before and has the skins on the wall to prove it (see Julian Wright and others).

newyorkjayhawk 10 years, 7 months ago

Correct me if my math is wrong, but here's what I'm thinking...

Self had a total of 10 or 11 guys who were all given time at the beginning of the season to fight their way into the regular rotation (Collins, Taylor, X Henry, Mc Morris, Mk Morris, Aldrich, Reed, TRob, EJ, CJ Henry, and maybe Teahan). Some were left off the regular rotation more obviously than others (ie, Teahan and CJ), but 2 more guys joined the hunt in January (Brady and Whithey). Self finally dwindled the rotation to 8 guys, leaving out EJ, TRob, Whithey, CJ, and Teahan. Ok, so the number of scholarships in that 13 man group was 11, right? since CJ and Teahan don't have scholarships? Someone, please correct me if that's wrong.

So of the 11, 9 remain with scholarships and our team is allowed 13, assuming X stays, right? But logically, Self likes to work with a group of 8, and I believe the following have or will absolutely earned their right to be part of that 8... Taylor, EJ, X Henry, Brady, Reed, TRob, Mc Morris, and Mk Morris. That's just my personal top 8 on the team. BUT we also have 2 guys coming off redshirts (Releford and Little). That's 10, with the likes of Woolridge, CJ Henry, Whithey, Teahan, also supposedly on the peripheral. Ok, so let's assume the Henry's both leave (can someone tell me why everyone assumes CJ is leaving?), that takes us down to 9 rotation players, 11 players total, but it'd be tough to keep Whithey out of that rotation with his length and defense. Everyone is assuming he doesn't play a lot, but neither did Aldrich his freshman year, and Whithey couldn't play the first half.

Self is still talking about recruiting 1 or 2 guys. Let's assume it's 2 of the group of Selby, Lamb, and Knight. grabbing two of those guys gives Kansas 11/12 ROTATION players, when Self prefers to work with 7 or 8. Let's further assume that Woolridge takes a redshirt. WHO ELSE WOULD REDSHIRT TO HELP DWINDLE OUR ROTATION TO 8 GUYS???

I'm not necessarily saying we should stop recruiting, but we have a pretty cool team coming in next year as it stands right now, and we already have battles waged over rotation spots. with this issue, we need 4 ADDITIONAL guys (on top of Woolridge and Teahan) to take redshirts, reduced minutes, or (gasp) transfer.

rcjh22 10 years, 7 months ago

I have to agree on Mz on this one. It just seems like we aren't going to get any of the top recruits.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

HighEliteMajor - I think our major difference has been how Self handled the team this year. Regarding next year we do seem to have a similar mindset. Only real difference I see is with starting TRob over Markieff, and like you said my inclusion of TT. I think some of the posters are right, it's unlikely TT transfers. He probably sees that with Sherron gone he his chances of getting and keeping a slot in the starting line-up are improved. I haven't given up on him, but if I was Bill Self I'd say TT no longer gets the benefit of the doubt. He has to earn his spot back, he doesn't keep it or inherit it simply based on being here the last two years. In that regard, I'd say the same goes for Brady & Tyrel, they can't be given minutes out of loyalty and the fact that they're seniors. My biggest fear heading into next year is those three see a lot of playing time, possibly even two of them starting. If we don't land Selby that is a real possibility, and while this year I didn't mind as much not being as athletic as we could have been, with Cole & Sherron gone it would be a shame to continue to let the athleticism of EJ, TRob, & Releford flounder behind others. A nightmare starting line-up might look something like this:

TT Brady Little Marcus Withey

Now Little & Marcus are bright spots, but in we would be forced to play slower, and in a half-court offense I think Tyshawn is a "net negative" as you put it, and without 3 point shooters that offense and that line-up is pretty mediocre, or worse.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

To all of you worrying about Kentucky landing all three of Knight, Selby, & Lamb...relax. That's not happening. Yes they have the scholarships, but if all 3 go there atleast one is guaranteed to be sitting the bench. For this reason it is unlikely that if Selby & Lamb are a package deal they go to Kentucky. Listening to Selby's interview he wants to play the point, and he won't do that if he goes where Knight goes. The obvious reason to want to play the point is that is the position he will play in the NBA. Why go somewhere (especially if you're an elite talent with the potential to be a OAD) where you cannot showcase your skills to NBA scouts? I could see Knight & Lamb going to UK, or Selby & Lamb going elsewhere, but there's really no combination of Knight & Selby, much less all three, that makes any sense.

Joel Hood 10 years, 7 months ago

I don't get you Xavier downers. X was a FRESHMAN. I don't care who his dad is or how ripped he is or what kind of aura the blogosphere has created for him. He is not even 20 years old and just completed the toughest 7 months of his life. He|| yes I want him back next year! A starting lineup with MkM, McM, Mario, & X (y'all can debate the starting PG) would be big, fast and incredible.

Has everyone forgetten that the freshman to sophomore jump is typcially the biggest improvement leap for most players?? If X, TRob, & Withey follow the M.Morris-Hudy diet plan this summer, we will see some real studs come October.

But, if X does decide to leave, I think we will still be loaded with studs next year. Sorry if my optimism doesn't set well with some of you nay sayers. But, without X, we should be top 10 next year and with X we should be top 5.

86finalfour 10 years, 7 months ago

X is gone. This is typical of the Henry family to drag it out. There will probably be 10 stories from now until they decide the last day, and Carl will love all the attention.

X was a good player but I'd never say he was clutch. And my last memory of him is badly missing on a desperately needed one-and-one. I just can't help but ask, what did he really offer this program, in the end?

SelfDynasty 10 years, 7 months ago

A 2011 Mock Draft has Josh Selby going #4 overall might be high but the high ceiling is there....who knows where he will go but either way whoever we may get KU will have the deepest team in the nation and his rotation will be tough to figure out. If Selby does come here I don't think he will be just giving a spot...I can't wait to see what Johnson does next year. Hang in there Darnell

justanotherfan 10 years, 7 months ago

I'd argue the difference between 4 and 24 is actually greater than the difference between 24 and 77. Here's why.

The #4 recruit is a potential program changer. Someone that can come in, take over for a year or two in a lot of cases, maybe help you win a national title, etc.

The #24 recruit is probably going to be a good to great college player.

The #77 recruit will probably be a solid to great college player.

4's from 04-07 (all NBA players) Al Jefferson, Andray Blatche, Chase Budinger, OJ Mayo.

24's - Ron Steele, Courtney Fells, Brian Zoubek, Solomon Alabi (all collegiate starters, probably only Alabi will be an NBA player)

77's - A.J Ratliff, Cyrus McGowan, Brian Carlwell, Jeff Allen.

Below the 50's is where it gets pretty dicey. Two of these 77's (Ratliff and Allen) were career starters/contributors at high major programs (Indiana and Virginia Tech). The other two are more or less busts. You could find a Chris Douglas Roberts (75) or a Scotty Reynolds (76) All-American type player, a Robbie Hummel (76) or Lazar Hayward (73) all conference type, an Edgar Sosa (74) or Tony Crocker (80) starter quality type, or a complete bust.

For every Jon Scheyer (71), there's an Adrian Oliver (81), washed out at Washington, found his game at San Jose State. You could get Scotty Reynolds and go to the Final Four, or you could get Edgar Sosa and never quite get over the hump.

Recruiting sites are very, very good at evaluating the top 15 or so prospects more often than not. They are pretty good finding the next 20 or 30 prospects after that. Once you get past 50, anybody could be a hit or a bust. The lower you go, the more likely the bust. Some guys mature and grow into their bodies. Others peak at 17, or 18, or 19. Some were just underappreciated playing at a small high school, or in a bad system, or out of position. Some benefit from their high school coaching, but don't have the skillset to excel in college.

Guys ranked lower than 100 in 2006: Luke Harangody (104), Derrick Roland (125), Bobby Maze (135), Desean Butler (147), Dexter Pittman (150).

Guys ranked lower than 100 in 2007: Rick Jackson (103), Tyrel Reed (109), Dallas Lauderdale (118), Darrington Hobson (127).

Chris Kraner 10 years, 7 months ago

Saw Selby, and Lamb in action last night at the SlamJam Fest. I dont remember seeing Knight actually involved but Selby is smooth and quicker than you think.

All 3 look great physically and Selby and Lamb move really well. I did yell down after Selby's interview with ESPN after he wont the dunk contest : ROCK CHALK JOSH! but I dont know if it was heard ;)

I see Selby as a tweener guard, leaning more toward the 2 spot, just in what limited exposure he had last night and watching him shoot around and mess around with the ball. Seems like he is a nice kid too, saw him taking time with some kids to sign autographs and take pictures with the little ones.

KURocksChalk 10 years, 7 months ago

Personally, maybe he can make millions by jumping to the NBA now, but I have to wonder how much money he will leave on the table. We have seen flashes of brilliance but he can be dominant and score 30 points a game. If he comes back, shows the world all he's got, KU wins it all exposing him even more amidst his best competition, he COULD be the No. 1 NBA pick. I think he would at least double his initial contract by staying. I am sure there are agents or scouts telling him different, but then they have a conflict of interest.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 7 months ago

One comment about Josh's visit to UK. When he came to KU and interacted with the team, virtually everybody will be back. When he goes to UK to interact with the team, virtually everybody will be gone.

Continuity to a college freshman at this level may be a big asset.

Regarding the point guard position - HCBS could have used five words to maintain credibilty about the position being open competition but still give Josh a positive feeling......."but it's yours to lose".

Interesting scenario starting JS and EJ next year. Ability wise it sounds great....however, do you really want your #1 and #2 to be a true freshman and a sophomore who hardly played?

jchief40 10 years, 7 months ago

Oakville Kentucky didn't seem to have much of an issue starting all those freshmen...

monarchs20 10 years, 7 months ago


How do you "know" X is gone? I'm truly curious, I think he is probably 60/40 to go right now but I have no inside info.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

newyorkjayhawk - I understand it's going to be a crowded field. A few points I'd like to make:

  • Regarding CJ, it's not a given that he leaves, although it is a possibility. However, even if he stays he proved this year that he is severely injury prone, and he hasn't played a significant amount of basketball since his his senior year of high school in '04-'05. Basically, he cannot be counted on to seriously contribute. It is also not worth mentioning Teahan.

  • You bring up the 8 man rotation. I think a lot of posters here are hopeful that CS expands that to 9 or 10, even if it's only through maybe the middle part of the conference schedule. The last 3 seasons we have had more or less an 8 man rotation because in '08 & '10 there was assumed to be a significant enough drop off after the 8th guy, and in '09 there wasn't more than 8 guys deserving to see minutes with the mass exodus following the '08 championship run. This upcoming season we are not seeing the kind of separation from the top 8 guys. There's Marcus...and everyone else. Marcus is the only one who is head and shoulders above the rest. You make a case for Markieff to a lesser extent. After that there is quite a bit of debate as to who should see minutes among the group of Little, Releford, Tyrel, Brady, Tyshawn, EJ, Withey, & TRob.

  • I don't think we should "assume it's 2 of the group of Selby, Lamb, and Knight." There's a slim, outside shot of Selby & Lamb. Recruiting rumors (take them for what their worth) seem to have Knight going to UK, KU leading the battle to land Selby, and no real read on Lamb's intentions other than the passing notion that he & Selby could be a package deal. I think a lot of people have forgotten about Terrance Ross, a 6'5" guard out of Oregon and the #43 ranked player by Recruiting rumors were that he had KU in the lead at one time, so it's possible he could be brought in should we not land both Selby & Lamb.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

  • Something to think about also is the 2011-2012 season. Let's assume X leaves, we have 2 open scholarships. Next season Little, Brady, & Tyrel will be seniors. So that will open up 3 scholarships. If we don't sign anyone else this year that will leave 5 spots to fill after next year, assuming Marcus or anyone else doesn't leave early. Landing Selby in all likelihood won't reduce that number either, as he is projected to be a OAD. So if Self can land another recruit this year that is not a OAD (like maybe Ross), that could help the recruiting burden for the '11-'12 season. Expecting to land 5 quality players from one class is asking a lot. We saw last year the struggles we had trying to fill so many scholarships. Now it may prove to difficult to find a recruit this year that is quality, not expected to be a OAD, and who would accept a reduced role or red-shirt this year, but EJ & TRob did this past season (accepted reduced roles), so it's worth exploring.

  • Regarding's not really an accurate comparison to Cole in that neither played much their freshman years. True, but every other big man left after Cole's freshman year. With Withey, he will still be fighting for minutes in the post with the Twins & TRob. Obviously the Twins are going to get their minutes, so it's really a question of can he overtake TRob for the 3rd big man spot, because after that the 4th big doesn't see all that much court time. He couldn't overtake him this year for the 4th big spot, and while it is true he couldn't play the first semester he did have the advantage of being in the system a full year once he did become eligible.

Anyway, just some things to think about. Like I said, it's a crowded field to be sure and I don't know what the answers are to so many players expecting to see minutes. I have preferences and theories, but with so many variables its just rampant speculation. We'll have more pieces to the puzzle once the recruiting plays out.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

Oakville - I would agree it's not ideal, a true freshman and a little used sophomore forming your starting backcourt. But do we really want to roll with Tyshawn & either Brady/Reed? They are all complimentary players. Role players. I think to try and have a special season you need atleast one star in your backcourt. I have no expectations on next year being a championship type season, but I think you atleast have to roll the dice on the players capable of becoming stars.

Alec White 10 years, 7 months ago

Hey everyone, I have an idea....let's support our own KU players instead of berating them on our own KU message board! I thought KU fans were loyal and intelligent, but if you look at a majority of these posts I'd be convinced otherwise. I would love to have X come back, but it's almost a foregone conclusion that he's bolting for the league. I'm ok with that because Self told us that's what was expected from Day 1, so I don't understand that negativity. As far as Tyshawn Taylor, anyone who doubts his basketball ability or desire to be great is an idiot. Period. I can understand people's frustrations with his so-called "attitude problem"---but what can you honestly expect from a player who is the 3rd option on a team one year, and the next year he drops to the 5th option?

I say we give him one summer with Self and the other coaches (remember, he was busy leading the USA U-19 team to gold last summer) and see how much he really develops. Why don't we take Coach Self's word that Tyshawn is a good player about to become a great player? If Self didn't like him or thought that he was a waste of a scholly, wouldn't he encourage his transfer (just like Quintrell and Tyrone Appleton)? You posters that claim he's a role player at best is laughable. And to the people who think Elijah is head and shoulders above him talentwise---well, I'd have to call you morons. Self said Elijah is a perfect teammate and person, so I have a tough time believing that Coach Self would play a less talented and chemistry-crushing kid like TT more than EJ.

My point being: support your players. That's it. RCJH

newyorkjayhawk 10 years, 7 months ago


excellent points, all well taken.

here's something response to how happy we'd be with brady/reed being considered for starting roles... below are pro's for each:

brady - especially with collins graduated, it's a clear cut fact that nobody feeds the post as well as brady. with the morris twins being as great as they are, without cole underneath to compliment, it will be much more difficult to get the ball down to the twins, and in order to ensure proper distribution, you need good passers. brady struggled from 3pt range this season and saw his PT drop due to his 1st semester suspension and lack of fluidity when he did return. However, I do remember what brady was for our '09 team, and I see so many similarities between this upcoming squad and that '09 team, where clear cut go-to guys are hard to come by. brady is a great glue guy that can and maybe should be used as a starter, to keep the chemistry well jelled to kick off every game.

reed - probably the best pure shooter to return if X/CJ Henry do leave (i am supremely confident in CJ's shooting ability). On top of that, his intensity on the floor is very underrated. his defense did struggle early on and in previous seasons, but since the first K-State game, where saved us in the closing seconds of what would've been the game had he not stripped the ball, i've paid close attention to his defensive abilities. he really didnt' make too many mistakes from there on out, and as much as i'm a fan of brady, i can't argue with him earning more minutes. he also has improved his penetration and ball movement. all in all, reed will never be the impact backcourt player as, say, mario chalmers, but this kid is fundamentally sound and full of heart.

i'd be happy with either one of them starting and if EJ starts instead, or if we recruit someone else who takes that spot, then I trust HCBS in that Brady and Reed didn't deserve the start as much as someone else.

In regards to our recruits, I didn't mean to forget about Ross. we don't hear about him as much because Knight, Selby, and Lamb are higher ranked. To be honest, I'm very hopeful that we land Knight, over any other recruit in that bunch. Knight is just as likely as John Wall to be a OAD, but he's a smart kid. He's very gifted, he can play multiple positions, he has an NBA body, he's very athletic, and he's used to a spot light. Nothing against Selby, Lamb, Ross, etc... I would just be most excited to have him in town as the Jayhawk's prime go-to guy on the perimeter.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

Rock_Chalk_25 - Uh, I honestly expect him to not start fights with the football team. Not sure how that solves the "I went from the 3rd option to the 5th option" dilemma you claim was the root of his problems. Or whining to the press about not knowing his role. Or musing on facebook that he wants to transfer. If he was interested in developing the smart thing would have been to not play for the U-19 team and try and be the best he could be when we were the favorites to compete for a championship. But he was more interested in showcasing his talents and listening to Bob Hurley tell him how ready he was for the NBA...that by the way is laughable!

As far as his on the court performance, his best performances were when he was a role player. Every time he tried to assert himself to be more than that he puked all over himself. He made horrible decisions, can't shoot from outside, shies away from contact in the he's fast and athletic!

Anyway, feel free to degrade everyone's opinions and call them morons & idiots. It's this kind of certainty about your own opinions & dismissing everyone elses that will lead others to not take your posts seriously (Soobawls posts are a good example of this). This is a message board for people to share and discuss those kinds of things, not to all hold hands and sing kumbaya. So while I disagree with your opinion of TT, I respect it...for now.

shawk13 10 years, 7 months ago

"Selby said he and Knight could play in the same backcourt at Kentucky."

Pretty sure this quote (paraphrased or not) is inaccurate. I remember hearing him mention this in a video and it was a response to a question about concern for PT if he ends up at the same school as Knight. His response was more along the lines of "If Wall and Bledsoe can play together so well like at Kentucky, Knight and I should have no problem." There was no specificity to them both going to Kentucky, the point was only that he felt he could share a backcourt with Knight.

Kevin Crook 10 years, 7 months ago

I think CJ could be a real sleeper for us next year. He's a great 3-point shooter, he's quick, he's a good passer, a good defender, and he jumps for days. I think all he needs is a chance. Taylor is what he is, and what he is not is a good outside shooter. He looked scared to shoot when it mattered against No. Iowa. When he shot it, he missed. He is a role player, nothing more. We need to be able to shoot teams out of the paint on defense, open it up for our Manning-coached bigs. Next year's team will be a lot like this year's, great quality depth everywhere, but no game changing 3-point shooter unless CJ or someone else steps up. Think how unbeatable we would have been this year with someone like a Pullen-type 3-point shooter. X could be that guy, but he looked passive because he knew he was the third option. I think he will leave, and I don't see why that means CJ will leave too. I think CJ wants to play. Without a couple of legitimate 30-minute a game guards who can fill it up from 3-point range to spread the defense, we will be no better. All of our guards are good in transition, TT especially, but when small teams slow us down we have to be able to shoot the 3.

clutchjayhawk10 10 years, 7 months ago

Why do you guys want Tyshawn to leave? I gotta a feeling he's gonna have a breakout year next year and he's learned from his mistakes. I hope X definitely stays because he can only make us better.

okiedave 10 years, 7 months ago

X needs to do what is best for him. If he is going to go high in the draft and could not improve his stock much more by staying, he would be foolish to not play NBA ball. If he wants or needs a degree that bad, he can always come back to the hill and finish his education or, come back to Lawrence in the off season and take summer classes.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 7 months ago

Jayhawk Poll True or False:

1] KU will win the Big 12 next season. 2] KU will go undefeated at home next season. 3] KU will qualify for the NCAA playoffs. 4] KU will advance past the second round. 5] Jeff Withey will be a factor. 6] CJ Henry will be a factor. 7] Jaybate will post a three word response. 8] Soobawls will say something nice about someone....any one. 9] Kansas State will beat KU. 10] Tyrel's sister will still be smokin' hot. 11] Reed will play more than Morningstar. 12] Tyshawn finally "gets it'. 13] HCBS's toup gets a touch of grey. 14] We will see the Twins, T-Rob and Jeff at some point on the court at the same time. 15] Mario will be the team leader. 16] Releford will surprise everyone. 17] Selby will be a Hawk. 18] Lamb will be a Hawk. 19] KU will stay ahead of UNC in the victory totals race. 20] OakvilleJHawk will post something even dumber than this poll:}

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

Oakville -

True: 1, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 15, 17, 19

False: 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14

Unsure: 2 (need to look at their schedule), 16 (lot of people fighting for minutes, also not sure what will constitute a "surprise"), 18, 20 (not sure if the poll is dumber or me responding to it!)

newyorkjayhawk 10 years, 7 months ago

1] KU will win the Big 12 next season. True (watch our for KState and Texas) 2] KU will go undefeated at home next season. True (the streak continues) 3] KU will qualify for the NCAA playoffs. True (without question) 4] KU will advance past the second round. True (no reason not to expect that) 5] Jeff Withey will be a factor. True (I believe he could be a defensive power house) 6] CJ Henry will be a factor. False (I have tons of faith in him, but two reasons why I'm leaning toward no... 1. he might leave, 2. he's an injury risk) 9] Kansas State will beat KU. True (They're only getting better next year) 11] Reed will play more than Morningstar. True (better shooter, equal defender, even though Brady is a better passer) 12] Tyshawn finally "gets it'. True (his first full offseason with teammates and KU personnel makes all the difference) 14] We will see the Twins, T-Rob and Jeff at some point on the court at the same time. False (Self puts 4 smalls on the floor, but never 4 bigs) 15] Mario will be the team leader. False (i believe that position will be held by Marcus Morris or Taylor) 16] Releford will surprise everyone. True (he's my starting 3 no later than midseason) 17] Selby will be a Hawk. True (assuming Henry leaves and Self can stomach another OAD) 18] Lamb will be a Hawk. False (wouldn't want to share a spotlight) 19] KU will stay ahead of UNC in the victory totals race. True (Barnes will regret his decision)

Chris Bruning 10 years, 7 months ago

just read on rivals that Doron Lambs final four list does NOT include Arizona......lookin like a selby-lamb duo headed to lawrence i predict.....rock chalk jayhawk

BeakofLight 10 years, 7 months ago

Rock_Chalk_25 -

My, what a novel idea you propose. I bet you have quite the trophy collection from your childhood.

Do enlighten the 'rest of us' as to what exactly you see in so far as tyshawn's progression in becoming a 'good' to 'great' player.

The tools are there, the head is far from. He's better suited for a helter-skelter pace wherein his gifts are more applicable. Perhaps the scarriest part of the UNI loss was watching TT lolly-gag the rock up the floor duing the last quarter of the second half as I found myself thinking, 'oh my god, this is a glimpse of the 10-11 campaign.'

And btw Rock_Chalk_25, that car you just bought may be having a few mechanical problems, but hey, its no big deal. Just enthusiastically cheer it on and rhythmically clap your hands like a drone; its bound to get better. As long as you give it support, that problem will procure itself.

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it merely prolongs the torments of man" - Nietzsche

Too funny.

As always, great posting by ic316, HighElite, and Rick the Rap Masta.

Also, as worthless as the McD's game is, I must say I'm excited to watch it tomorrow as Selby looks to be an athletic freak with silky-smooth handles and pogo-stick hops.

FWIW, for those of you who dont know the McD showcase will be on the four-letter network tipping at 7 CST tomorrow night.

canuckhawk 10 years, 7 months ago

Human and mechanical performance is exactly the same. Nice. Eat your heart out Chester Barnard!

Alec White 10 years, 7 months ago intelligent do you think you are?...I guess the name speaks for itself. I'm going to go with somewhere in between Aristotle and Einstein. You think by throwing in a quote from some philosopher who died before basketball was invented is going to impress me? Please, O Great One, tell me how that quote is relevant to basketball and the situation of Tyshawn Taylor. I'm going to trust the head coach on this one, who has said multiple times that TT is a good kid and a good basketball player...and yes, I will be clapping my hands along the way (just like a true fan should). Yes, Tyshawn had a few bumps along the road this year but Coach Self saw the bigger picture down the road. And next time you try and go all Socrates on me, remember you have an anonymous next to your name. What a tool...

Jack Wilson 10 years, 7 months ago

The Quiz: 1] KU will win the Big 12 next season. (No .. but possible. We're due for some bad luck in conference) 2] KU will go undefeated at home next season. (No) 3] KU will qualify for the NCAA playoffs. (Yes) 4] KU will advance past the second round. (Yes .. 4 seed) 5] Jeff Withey will be a factor. (Yes) 6] CJ Henry will be a factor. (No) 7] Jaybate will post a three word response. (No .. easist response on the quiz) 8] Soobawls will say something nice about someone....any one. (No. Ask him if he thinks drunk driving should be a crime .. a debate a long time ago. I'll just say it was interesting) 9] Kansas State will beat KU. (Yes) 10] Tyrel's sister will still be smokin' hot. (Yes) 11] Reed will play more than Morningstar. (Yes .. hope so.) 12] Tyshawn finally "gets it'. (No .. and, no) 13] HCBS's toup gets a touch of grey. (No) 14] We will see the Twins, T-Rob and Jeff at some point on the court at the same time. (Yes, in warm-ups. No otherwise) 15] Mario will be the team leader. (No .. I don't know their personalities. But I have to keep playing the EJ card) 16] Releford will surprise everyone. (Yes .. interesting what type of team the 09-10 Hawks would have been if X had not have come. Chance to be a Lanford-type slasher) 17] Selby will be a Hawk. (Yes) 18] Lamb will be a Hawk. (No) 19] KU will stay ahead of UNC in the victory totals race. (Yes .. forever) 20] OakvilleJHawk will post something even dumber than this poll (Yes, and I'll probably participate)

Jack Wilson 10 years, 7 months ago

Soobawls: Your freaking picture deal is just wrong .. unbelievably funny; but just wrong. How in the h*** did you come up with that??

dynamitehawk 10 years, 7 months ago

21] Nutspan becomes a key stat in future Hawk tea-baggin's

Tony Bandle 10 years, 7 months ago

Once again for everyone's reference, we have it on good authority that Soobawls is a girl...which makes her responses even more awesome. She makes Debbie Downer look like the Princess from Enchanted!!

aerohawk 10 years, 7 months ago

I think Soobawls recent post counts as something positive towards Sheron. He called him "the only truly tough minded player we had ." That means number 8 has to be true. As for the rest of the quiz, it looks like HEM has it right.

Joe Baker 10 years, 7 months ago

I think X wanted to announce his NBA decision with Aldrich, but there are two very different news conferences!!

Aldrich- 'I am announcing my intentions to enter the NBA draft."

X- "I am staying at KU for another year to develop my game and help lead the team to a NC!"

Selby has obviously announced or made his decision known to the program of his choice. Self has been playing coy these last few days after losing two of his All-Americans and possibly losing his freshman phenom!! He's actually been a little giddy after what he's endured. The guy has learned or been told something and we won't know until April 17th. I hate waiting for this crap.

jaybate 10 years, 7 months ago

1] KU will win the Big 12 next season. Yes. 2] KU will go undefeated at home next season.No. 3] KU will qualify for the NCAA playoffs.Yes. 4] KU will advance past the second round. Maybe 5] Jeff Withey will be a factor. Yes. 6] CJ Henry will be a factor. Yes, if here. 7] Jaybate will post a three word response. Never. 8] Soobawls will say something nice about someone....any one. If Soo had bawls, she'd be a...woman with bawls? 9] Kansas State will beat KU. No. 10] Tyrel's sister will still be smokin' hot. Not applicable. 11] Reed will play more than Morningstar. Yes. 12] Tyshawn finally "gets it'. No. 13] HCBS's toup gets a touch of grey. Yes. 14] We will see the Twins, T-Rob and Jeff at some point on the court at the same time. No. 15] Mario will be the team leader. No. 16] Releford will surprise everyone. Hope so. 17] Selby will be a Hawk. Yes. 18] Lamb will be a Hawk. Yes. 19] KU will stay ahead of UNC in the victory totals race. Of course. 20] OakvilleJHawk will post something even dumber than this poll:} Not applicable.

gardenjay 10 years, 7 months ago

Goodbye X.

Now stop recruiting one-and-dones. Just make it a policy. Obviously it would be better to win a national championship with student athletes grateful to get a chance to get a degree too, and what better point could be made by Butler, Bradley and NIU. It's almost like to be a KU fan is to make sure your kid wins by buying the pinewood derby accessory kits off the internet, or doing their homework for them. What's the point of winning?

Danny Manning can do more recruiting and set more examples for the four-year student athlete type we can all relate to.

jaybate 10 years, 7 months ago

jaybate news service (jns):

Dateline: Doubtsville, USA

Slug: The jaybate interview with X

jaybate: Thanks for calling into the show to do the interview. How are you?

Xavier: I can't make up my freaking mind.


Note: All fiction, no malice.)

waywardJay 10 years, 7 months ago


You are going to give up on Russell Robinson's second coming that quickly.... SHame on you, You know a Point guard when you see one. Sherron couldn't play the two for us, and tyshawn's couldn't either.....

My starting line up

TT Tyrel Mario marcus Kieff

Only real concern is Mario's jumper which looked strong with abum knee and shoulder, and wrist and etc.etc.etc.

Tyrel gets the start because he earned it, people. He EARNED It.

Selby, ej, releford, robinson, and withey as a second line is impress also.

Joel Hood 10 years, 7 months ago

Looks like the goon met Sheriff Newell...

10 years, 7 months ago

Nice first day on the boards, KansasGoon. I don't think anyone has asked to kiss soobawls' ring before, so you are at least trying to be original.

Kye Clark 10 years, 7 months ago

waywardjay - "Tyrel gets the start because he earned it, people. He earned It." Starting jobs at Kansas are selected based on who gives the team the best chance to win, they are not awarded to seniors out of loyalty, appreciation for hard work, or past performance. No one is bigger than the program.

I would agree that if you had to pencil someone in right now, he get's it over Brady, EJ, & Releford. However, we don't know who will be here and who will give us the best shot to win once the season tips off next November.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 7 months ago

Maybe his name should be KansasGoonie and his Avatar could be Chunk.

Sorry, KG....Soobawls will chew you up and spit you out. Jaybate will mastigate your ego...KUShaw will drown you in the Kaw...

You just forfeited one don't just say you're be bad!!

Hey all you regulars, chalk up another chucklehead to the site.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 7 months ago

Oakville: Help me here, what is mastigate? Sounds painful. Perhaps a word of your own creation .. please define. Mastigote is something from science class, I think.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 7 months ago

Oops...blame it on my lack of any typing skills....make that "masticate" as in grind, gnash, chew up.

I had a grizzled gypsy lady read my tea leaves and she said Morningstar will not be on the team next year. She also said that John Wall was going to get all "A"s in his classes, that Xavier was coming back and CJ was declaring early and that HCBS would pitch the toupe and go with the Mr.Clean look!!!

Don't look now but didn't UNC just pass us in victories thanks to that twit tournament!!

God, I'm starting to feel crappy again with the Final Four coming up. Thanks to my longtime friend, Wilber Nether, my wife and I had tickets. we had no place to stay, maybe would have had to sleep in our truck, couldn't leave till predawn on Saturday, would have had to leave and drive all night back to St.Louis right after the title game.....and I would have done it in a nano second, heartbeat!!!


jchief40 10 years, 7 months ago

1] KU will win the Big 12 next season. == Yes 2] KU will go undefeated at home next season. == Yes 3] KU will qualify for the NCAA playoffs. == Yes 4] KU will advance past the second round. == Yes 5] Jeff Withey will be a factor. == Yes 6] CJ Henry will be a factor. == Not as much as I'd hope he would with stars ahead of him 7] Jaybate will post a three word response. == No 8] Soobawls will say something nice about someone....any one. == No 9] Kansas State will beat KU. == No 10] Tyrel's sister will still be smokin' hot. == Yes (D Stuckey is hittin' that. lucky duck) 11] Reed will play more than Morningstar. == About equal 12] Tyshawn finally "gets it'. == Yes 13] HCBS's toup gets a touch of grey. == Never 14] We will see the Twins, T-Rob and Jeff at some point on the court at the same time. == lol no 15] Mario will be the team leader. == No 16] Releford will surprise everyone. == No. We know he's Michael Jordan 17] Selby will be a Hawk. == Yes 18] Lamb will be a Hawk. == Yes? ... 19] KU will stay ahead of UNC in the victory totals race.== Yes 20] OakvilleJHawk will post something even dumber than this poll:} n/a

KUhoopFaN 10 years, 7 months ago

I was impressed by both Selby and Knight's quickness with the ball. Their crossovers are very quick. Lamb will be a solid Jayhawk if he comes. Selby reminds me of Sherron. By his size and the way he plays. Hopefully they don't all go to Kentucky!!!! Rock Chalk!

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