Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fans savor victory over rival KSU

Kansas City, Kan. residents Raquel and Steven Bayless watch the excitement of the Jayhawks' pregame pep rally with their six-month-old daughter Alexis prior to tipoff against Kansas State on Saturday in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas City, Kan. residents Raquel and Steven Bayless watch the excitement of the Jayhawks' pregame pep rally with their six-month-old daughter Alexis prior to tipoff against Kansas State on Saturday in Kansas City, Mo.


Kansas takes Big 12 tournament title

The Kansas University men's basketball team will enter the NCAA tournament on a high note after defeating Kansas State to take the Big 12 tournament title.

Kansas University fan Craig Bastemeyer has been waiting for this for the last 25 years.

Every time KU made a basket Saturday in the Big 12 Tournament title game, fans cheered. Every time Kansas State University made a basket in the game, fans cheered. Both groups cheered so loudly it was sometimes difficult to tell who was putting up points.

“I think the rivalry is finally here,” Lawrence native Bastemeyer said. “It’s been a long time coming.”

Hundreds of fans supporting both teams packed Kansas City’s Power and Light District early in the afternoon and stayed well after the championship had been decided in KU’s favor, 72-64. During the game, fans from both teams stood shoulder-to-shoulder as they watched the teams battle on the big screen.

“This place wouldn’t be like this if these two teams weren’t playing,” Bastemeyer said.

Basketball fans stood and sat anywhere they could find space, which made moving anywhere more difficult.

No one was complaining.

Sara Lansing stood toward the back of the large viewing area, taking in the atmosphere as the game wound down, with the Jayhawks taking control.

“This is awesome,” Lansing said. “I’m just glad we finally have some good competition.”

Lansing, who lives in Tonganoxie, said her family had split loyalty between Kansas and K-State. Lansing said she aimed most of her trash-talking at her Wildcat-supporting family members during games but stayed civil toward strangers.

Lansing and her family members made a friendly wager on the outcome of Saturday’s championship.

“Tonight we said the winner gets the bragging rights,” Lansing said.

The Jayhawks secured those rights, taking home the Big 12 Tournament trophy.


hawkward1 10 years, 8 months ago

I would say it's an aspirational rivalry for KSU. KU has Mizzou for its in-conference rival; nuff said. I'm not sure you can call general angst and hostility mixed with now a decent KSU record, but 0-3 against the 'hawks "more of a rivalry." I think perhaps KSU should move on to someone like Baylor who is more closely matched to their talent level to be their in-conference rival going forward.

Kent Wells 10 years, 8 months ago

It isn't a rivalry until they do a little better than 2-43... I mean, really?

100 10 years, 8 months ago

Great game.

Just for the sake of clarification, KSU has never really been our rival.

A few fun contests in the 50's & 70's & a couple in the late 80's, but that's a total of about 12 big games in a hundred years of playing.

Respect KSU, a very good team this year, but it isn't, nor ever has been a rivalry,

Proud of ESU, Fort Hays, Wichita State & KSU to name a few -- good colleges, no rivalry though.

Rock Chalk

100 10 years, 8 months ago

Seems like ESPN is trying to stir this up (Octagon of Doom), etc...

Congrats again KSU on a great year..,

mikehawk 10 years, 8 months ago

Does anyone want to play KSU you again this year? I don't! Winning three times in one year against a team that good? We're pushing our luck!

Jaybird87 10 years, 8 months ago

mikehawk.... I agree. 4 times in a year would be crazy!!!

mcorti 10 years, 8 months ago

I would play them again. This game is a statement that should tell us just how good this KU team is - to beat THAT good of a team 3 out of 3 times. Not that KU is invincible, but none of those wins against Kstate was about luck.

Lonnie Ross Dillon 10 years, 8 months ago

Never a rivalry? Are you kidding me? How old are you guys? I grew up in Lawrence in the 70's/80's and you better believe it was a rivalry. That was when the only games that were on TV was the KU-KSU games on a Topeka channel. Everybody's schedule was altered so as to not miss the game. I didn't miss a game in AFH from the time I was about 12 until I graduated from KU in 84. Trust me. It WAS THE rivalry.

100 10 years, 8 months ago

Like I said, 70's & a few games in the 80's...

The 50's a few games...

That's about it.

This was never a rivalry.

But yes the games especially in the 70's were very exciting for both sets of fans, but that was more of a relief that the Vietnam war was over (or a relief during).

Yes, the late 70's & early 80's... Ed Nealy, Rolando Blackman against Darnell...

And late 80's Manning against Ritchmond, that was good stuff, but again it had nothing to do with who it was on their jersey...

There's nothing to feel rivalrous about...

Don't get me wrong, fun games..

Loud fans...

But KSU was never a rivalry..

That was 12 loud games...

Over a 100 year span...

It doesn't cut it...

We've had that many loud games against Iowa State.

Again congrats to KSU this year -- you made the Big 12 proud.

Don Everett 10 years, 8 months ago

Ross - I am 47 and moosouri has ALWAYS been a rivalry!! the litties are just an amuzement. the kitties are more worried about a state championship whereas KU has always looked to beat moosour in EVERY sport then look towards trying for National Championships!!

okiedave 10 years, 8 months ago

KSU is going to do very well in the NCAA's and could reach the final four. I would be nervous meeting KSU for the 4th time in the national championship game. I hope KSU does well in the tournament. It's good for Kansas.

Garry Wright 10 years, 8 months ago

I've been a Jayhawk fan for almost 58 years now and will soon be 70. I dare say that KU-KSU has been a real rivalry. Granted, the recent years have left much to be desired. But there's been a good many years of rivalry. And yes, KU-MU is a greater rivalry.

100 10 years, 8 months ago

It's all about definition.

Just because we had a few good games with Texas (Durant, Ford & Aldrich) does it mean it has been a big bad rivalry forever?

Because Brackens dropped 42 on us, is that suddenly a rivalry?

Honestly a few big games back then, I still remember all the lavender sjogging into the fieldhouse, especially funny with Ed Neely, a future KC King at the time (as was Jayhawk Carl Henry to be a King for a few games)...

Anyway, Ed Neely seriously looked like a bumbling Grimace doll jogging into the arena...

With big white legs...

We had to wear sunglasses...

Yes me, my wife & kids yelled loud, as did the fieldhouse, but again, just like we go crazy when Brackins comes in...

It was never KSU..

It was a few decent teams they had & a few good players...

Now I can understand people in Kansas trying to make this a rival...


Our rival (if you call hate a rival), is saved for one team.

We appreciate Fort Hays & Kansas A&M too much for them to be "rivals"...

The big games a few of you are remembering were fun.

But the players made that happen...

And Willy was a nice touch...

But Lavender Willy never was & never will be a handcuff, shackel, torch & shotgun holding Tiger, ready to brag about burning down our town...

Lavender Willy we are fine with. Just like a Cyclone. Or a Buffalo. Or a Gorilla.

Jayhawk1116 10 years, 8 months ago

Yes, K-State is a rival! How can they not be? Same state, same conference. They go way, way back. That makes a rivalry. Yes, Missouri is supposed to be the big rivalry what with Quantrill and all, but K-State is an In-State rival. That makes them more important to beat in my opinion. Own your state first. And when has Missouri been a bigger deal (as an important program) than K-State? Not in my memory...

championhawks 10 years, 8 months ago

We have owned the state... For far too long. Why do you think KU-KSU isn't as big as say UNC-Duke? Bc KSU doesn't win!

And the the school showed us who our real rivalry is with when they began the Border War

92KUHawk 10 years, 8 months ago

I agree with 100...KSU is NOT a rival...good team? Sure but NOT a rival. We have had some fun games over the years but they are far and few between. For my part Mizzou will always be the team that losing to makes my skin crawl. I'm 'hawk from the late 80's (I was there in '88!), my uncles, father and grandfather attended KU and not a single one of them (including me) thinks that KSU is a "rival"...OU? Yep, Billy T made my skin crawl! but do I consider them a rival today? Nope...KSU has to win more than a game a decade to give me any cause for concern...I actually consider Duke more of a rival because the games have had so much more meaning over the years (the OT game in '88 still ticks me off...I'm just sayin'...), rarely has the KU v KSU game meant anything to anyone other than Cat fan...

100 10 years, 8 months ago

Excellent point brother.

Does the other school make your skin crawl?

If you laugh at a Grimace looking fellow in tight shorts coming in the arena, they are not your rival...

If the crossstate team throws chickens on the floor trying to start a rivalry...

They're not a rival.

If they call their new (20 year old) arena Bramlage colliseum...

Or the Hawktagon of Doom..

They are not our rival...

If we cheered for them in the 2000 Tostitos Feista Bowl (and admit it we all did)... Then....

They are not, nor never have been our rival.


Good for ESPN making some money off of a top 10 matchup today.

And good job to both groups of fans...

Reminded me a bit of a game in the early 80's where Valentine pulled out the Big 8 championship for us at Kemper against the Lavender team...

But let's be real -- it could have just as easily been Iowa State.

All due respect to KSU, but I really think KSU & Nebraska are a much better fit for a true rivalry, because it definitely isn't us unless you call our rivalry with UMKC something big & outstanding (is it LJW?)

For about five years in football in the 90's, that KSU/Neb thing was starting to unfold...

Next story please.

Brett Arnberger 10 years, 8 months ago

I live out in Western Kansas and went to school in Lawrence. Mizzou and KSU are both rivals. Just because we have dominated for the last couple decades doesn't mean they aren't, it may get diminished some, but it does NOT change the fact they are rivals! Growing up in Western KS, KSU was/is "the rival". When over half of your friends and coworkers your whole life are "grapes", KSU is your rival. Until I went to school at KU, the biggest games of the year were against KSU. I understood more of the Mizzou rivalry after going to school at KU and having some run ins w/ Mizzou fans at a Chiefs game, but it doesn't take away from the fact that KSU is a RIVAL. We all my have different interpretations of "rival", but a matchup between two in state schools, an hour & a half apart, 2/3 meetings a year, bad blood.......that's a rivalry! For the most part this past decade we have dominated Mizzou.....does that make it any less of a rivalry.......??? ...........didn't think so. Rock Chalk - 5-0 vs rival schools!

100 10 years, 8 months ago

Again, that's fine.

Growing up in Western Kansas that makes sense.

I don't think any of us can dispute that it would feel like a rivalry anywhere near Manhattan.

My only point is that you can't show up once every five years in a rivalry.

In Lawrence true rivals in basketball have been Mizzou or Oklahoma or O State Aggies.

KState fits into that other category. It's like Iowa State or Colorado or Nebraska in basketball -- a neighboring school we play a couple times a year.

That's the way it is -- even when KSU was bating us in football for a decade, it certainly didn't feel like a rivalry!

They were flat out better than us for 10 years!!!

(but to us it could have just as easily been Iowa State).

Again congrats to KState for a great year.

Steve Brown 10 years, 8 months ago

100 you are either kidding us, very young (under 39 :) or have no relatives, pals or contacts west of topeka and didn't not grow up in Kansas. Didn't have to suffer that Vince Gibson, Jack Hartman onslaughts. USC UCLA Bama Auburn Michigan MSU. Sure Mich has Ohio State as the rival, yet MSU is the in state rival. Granted our rival with KState doesnt' have the edge as Mizzery. I've claimed for 30+ yrs. we want to beat both KState and MU yet don't mind if State wins a few other games- on occasion. So call it a freindly rivalry yet doesn't mean it isn't deeply held.

For people across Kansas, and most didn't attend either school, the KU KState game is the most important of the year in both sports.

Your argument that a rvial has to be competitive doesn't hold water, tell Obama that McCain wasn't his rival. Robt. E Lee hasn't been competitive for a while yet still Grant's rival... KState could close down sports and join IVY league would still be our rival, debate, field hockey, crew.

If a rival has to be competitive, then I'm not willing to give up our dominace over State these last decades..... at least on the court. So have it your way, let's continue to 'own' KState and MU and not have any rivals.... while victories over these two remain ever so sweet.

hawkward1 10 years, 8 months ago

Like I said Baylor needs a rival - go tackle their mascot, throw live bears on the floor during their games. Don't leave those poor fellas out in the cold. It's cute that you want to be out "rival" - aw little Mildcat growin' up. I would say NU is your primary football rival - does that make me jealous or want for KU to be your primary football rival - no. But I would say you keep barking up the KU-is-my-main-rival tree in basketball. Well. you ain't. (To the old dudes out there - this is how you talk smack.)

swjhawk 10 years, 8 months ago

Ah, the silly air machine is on again. Born and raised in SEK, we started teasing our friends based on their choice of KU or KSU as soon as the choice was made (either to attend or support). Let's go to the dictionary:

Main Entry: 1ri·val Pronunciation: ˈrī-vəl Function: noun Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French, from Latin rivalis one using the same stream as another, rival in love, from rivalis of a stream, from rivus stream — more at run Date: 1577 1 a : one of two or more striving to reach or obtain something that only one can possess b : one striving for competitive advantage 2 obsolete : companion, associate 3 : equal, peer

KU/KSU is and has been a rivalry since ~1865.

100 10 years, 8 months ago

Apparently we're rivals with everone in our conference.

That's fine, let's just be clear on a definition.

MrPilot 10 years, 8 months ago

K-State may be our requisite in-state rival, but Mizzou is our mortal enemy.

100 10 years, 8 months ago

Requisite is a good definition.

They're more of a rival than Wichita State.

About as big of a rivalry as Duke & UNC Wilmington

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