Originally published June 25, 2010 at 02:45p.m., updated June 26, 2010 at 12:00a.m.

Bobcats to give Collins a shot

Sherron's high school coach not pleased his pupil was ignored in NBA Draft

Kansas guard Sherron Collins is all smiles heading back to the huddle during a timeout against Texas A&M in the second half on March 12 in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas guard Sherron Collins is all smiles heading back to the huddle during a timeout against Texas A&M in the second half on March 12 in Kansas City, Mo.


The NBA delivered a cold slap in the face not only to Sherron Collins, but the entire city of Chicago late Thursday night.

So says former Crane High basketball coach Anthony Longstreet, who was both surprised and upset that league officials passed on Kansas University’s winningest player of all-time in the 2010 NBA Draft.

“I’ve heard some things from people. This city embraced him. He’s one of Chicago’s favorite children,” Longstreet, Collins’ prep coach, said Friday.

“Back in ’08, the city was split when Sherron and Derrick (Rose, Chicago’s Simeon High) played for the national championship. People on the West side were pulling one way (for Collins and KU); people on the South side the other way (for Rose and Memphis).

“Last night, everybody was pulling for Sherron.”

Longstreet saw his own mood brighten considerably when the sun came up in the Windy City on Friday morning.

That’s when he learned 5-foot-11 point guard Collins had agreed to play for the Charlotte Bobcats’ summer league team July 5-9 in Orlando, Fla.

The Bobcats are led by third-year coach/former KU coach Larry Brown. The team’s owner is Michael Jordan.

“Looking at the roster, there’s a very good chance Sherron can make the team,” Longstreet said of a Bobcat squad that has a pair of point guards in Raymond Felton and D.J. Augustin.

“I think he came out smelling like a rose, actually. He’s with an organization that’s familiar with him. He played in the Jordan Classic (all-star game in high school). Michael Jordan was at that game.

“Larry Brown was at the national championship game (in ’08) in San Antonio. He was at the post-game celebration. I’ll never forget he came up to me and said so many nice things about Sherron. Coach Brown said, ‘You did a great job with him in high school. I love your kid. He can run a team. He is a winner,’’’ Longstreet added. “The fact Larry Brown and Michael Jordan already know a lot about him means a lot.”

KU coach Bill Self, who initially said he was “disappointed” Collins didn’t get drafted, agrees with Longstreet’s assessment.

“I think last night was probably a disappointing night for (Sherron),” Self said. “But to wake up this morning and know that Michael Jordan and Larry Brown want him in their camp is something to certainly take the sting off from last night. Hopefully he will go in there with the right frame of mind and with an attitude to go earn it. I am excited for him and I certainly think he will make the most of it.”

Longstreet said he heard that Collins’ fluctuating weight — not ability — is what kept him off NBA teams’ draft board. He’s fluctuated between 207 and 229 the past month, checking in at a hefty 217 at the all-important NBA combine in Chicago.

“No NBA personnel (official) has said anything (negative) about his playing ability,” Longstreet said.

Longstreet was asked if Collins can win the battle of the bulge, which will be pivotal in his standing a chance to make the Bobcats’ roster.

“Sherron is the guy who will answer that question,” Longstreet said. “He is not in high school any more. He is not in college any more. This is something he has to get better at.”

Longstreet, who has yet to speak with Collins since the draft — “nobody has been able to get through to him,” he said — said he would not bet against Collins.

“It’s devastating to him. It had to be,” Longstreet said. “To play four years in college and win a national championship, to see some of the guys who were drafted ... you can’t tell me he’s not one of top 60 players in America.

“I know this. If you challenge Sherron Collins or if he’s out to prove something, he comes back strong. There’s no doubt in my mind he is good enough to play in the NBA. If he fights like I know he can fight, he’ll be on a team.”

Longstreet said Collins can take solace in the fact one of his best friends, Crane graduate Will Bynum, also went undrafted, yet has been in the NBA the past two seasons.

“I really believe if you slide past 40 (in 60-pick draft) you are better off not getting drafted,” Longstreet said. “You can pick the right team. You have to pick the right team because if you go to a camp and stay there until (late) October, you can’t get cut and go work out somewhere else. At that point it’s too late. I think he picked the right team.”


jhwk215 8 years ago

glad to hear! good luck sherron!

cklarock 8 years ago

All right, Sherron. Good luck and Rock Chalk!

Dyrk Dugan 8 years ago

here's the opportunity. i mean, we knew Sherron would get one...but now is the specific chance.

And Bill Self knows exactly what Larry Brown is looking thing with Larry, he will tell you EXACTLY how it stuff from him at all.

Good Luck Sherron.....and even if this one doesn't pan out....more doors will be opened.

Chris Shaw 8 years ago

My thoughts exactly about Bill Self and Larry Brown.

Jonathan Allison 8 years ago

Sherron will be league MVP in Orlando this summer.

Woody Cragg 8 years ago

Windows of opportunity can close very quickly, young people think they'll always be there. This guy needs to make hay while the sun is still shining. At least before he's forgotten by the people in the NBA. Europe or South America will still be opitons for a young man in good health and a good work ethic, but there are no gimmes anymore.

Spencer Goff 7 years, 12 months ago

Couple of things to add here:

  1. Augustine is through 2013 for like 4 million a year. Not a terribly bloated contract, but that also makes it easy to trade him.

  2. Felton is in the doghouse. The buzz word is he will be let go, but I don't know if that will come to pass considering it is all in the North Carolina "family." But if the rest of Charlotte had their way, he would be out the door. Check out this forum that kicked off early last month:

Point being, Charlotte hasn't invested heavily on either guard enough to be married to them. If Collins comes in and works his ass off, I see him making a roster and staying around. If he won't keep his weight off and get better he won't make it in the league.

tis4tim 8 years ago

Felton is an unrestricted free agent this summer and his performance in the playoffs it is rumored has made the Bobcats wary of a big contract extension. Augustin spent a lot of time on the bench this past season and in Larry's doghouse for uninspired play. This is a GREAT opportunity for Sherron.

ku98 8 years ago

Good luck Sherron. In the meantime, hit the treadmill and stay away from Five Guys.

KULA 8 years ago

Yea Sherron! I can't think of a better situation (for me as a fan, anyway) than Larry Brown coaching Sherron. Good luck Sherron!

Jason Roberts 7 years, 12 months ago

Personally, I was hoping that the Lakers would give him a look in the 2nd round. This is the perfect town for him to stay in tip-top shape.

Trey Hohman 8 years ago

I think this could be really good fit for Collins. Bobcats guard Raymond Felton is an unrestricted free agent this summer and apparently not a huge fan of L. Brown. Also, the Bobcats don't seem convinced that D.J. Augustin can be their starting PG if Raymond Felton signs with another team, and after two NBA seasons there isn't much reason for optimism. Augustin reportedly lacks confidence and conviction on the court (which Collins has a plethora of, etc)

Charlotte may end up trading DJ for a veteran stop-gag (such as T.J. Ford) or better yet, plug in Collins until they find their long-term PG....Signing Collins, short-term, makes a lot of sense for Charlotte, financially speaking.

Added to this, their best SG is Gerald Wallace & he is streaky at best. Not saying Collins can guard an NBA 2, but he can certainly play it offensively in spurts....Collins, if he comes to camp in-shape, should make this squad & play 12-14 min./game ideally.

jayhawkintexas 8 years ago

I hope Sherron has a passport because Europe is his best bet. Sherron is like Langford, Robinson and Miles--just not quite good enough to stick with an NBA team. Sherron could end up making a lot of money in Europe so it is not such a bad thing.

Nia13 8 years ago

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Lance Hobson 8 years ago

Lose some weight dude. You have a family to support so lay off the Big Macs already.

Lance Hobson 8 years ago

Lose some weight dude. You have a family to support so lay off the Big Macs already.

jaybate 8 years ago

Part I

"The Basketball God Works in Mysterious Ways"

Sherron got a thumb in the eye.

Sherron got the same thumb in the eye he's often gotten in life.

Sherron has overcome this sort of thing before.

Sherron will probably overcome it again.

Persons tend to first mistrust, then fear, mold breakers. And once the mold breaker has had exceptional success, as Sherron has had at KU, but then falters, as human beings always do in the long arduous journey through a career, the fearful, mistrusting and increasingly resentful and envious persons (especially the ones that can't think outside the box) then abuse and condescend toward what they cannot understand. The sick ritual is repeated over and over again in human history.

Most persons cannot recognize the value and implication of something truly new and different in any trade, politics, war, or sport. It is a fact. Human beings embrace the new only if they are forced to do so to survive, or if it is a highly addictive substance given out initially for free.

Sherron is new and different. He is physical. He is ferocious. He is all man in a time when men are supposed to be sensitive and treacherous, not strong, blunt and masculine.

Sherron is the wide body prototype for the new XTReme point guard.

No one can quite believe he happened at Kansas.

Sherron was supposed to happen in the Big East, or the Big Ten.

People have resisted him every step of the way.

It took someone as brilliant and outside-the-box as Bill Self to let him break the PG mold and test out the prototype for the XTReme game.

Self had to drag even KU fans kicking and screaming to realize what Sherron could do that other guards could not even conceive of doing.

Anyone who was at Allen Field House at this season's KSU game knows that Sherron Collins convinced most of the KU fans . Anyone who knows hoops and who has seen what he has done in 4 years at KU knows he is something new and different and capable of routinely doing things other guards don't even try.

The NBA is not ready for Sherron yet, just as KU fans and D1 was not ready for Sherron four years ago.

jaybate 8 years ago

Part II

Sherron is different and different is scary and different requires persons to change the way they think and human being would rather do anything than change the way they think...about anything. Changing the way one thinks hurts like nothing else. Yet changing the way one thinks about anything, especially basketball, is how all great change comes.

Hank Luisetti changed the way people thought about shooting and he had to fight every step of the way to do it. He was just luckier than heck that he found an enlightened KU guy in John Bunn to let him break the mold. Were it not for John Bunn and Luisetti, it might have taken the game another decade, or two, to become the modern game that we see today. Maybe basketball would still be stuck with the set shot. Paradigm shifting moments, if missed, may not come again for quite some time. Their opportunities can be lost forever. That is how change is. It is evolutionary. It is fortuitous fit with complex context. It is not ordained and deterministic. There is no grand plan being worked out in basketball. The game is unfolding from simple rules into ever more complexity with every more uncertainty about how it will unfold; that is also the case with life.

Jackie Robinson changed the way people thought about African American baseball players and he had to fight every step of the way doing it. And he needed Branch Rickey and Leo Durocher to think outside the box and give him a chance.

Bob Cousy changed the way people thought about ball handling and he had to fight every step of the way to do it.

Charles Barkley changed the way people thought about the 3 position and he had to fight every step of the way to do it.

Allen Iverson changed the way people thought about 2 guard and he had to fight every step of the way to do it.

And the purists and in-the-box thinkers and the racists still don't want to accept Barkley and Iverson.

Sherron Collins will have to change the way people think about how physical the PG position can be played and he will have to fight every step of the way to do it.

jaybate 8 years ago

Part III

I believe Sherron Collins is the future of the point guard position, though unlike Luisetti and Cousy, he may be too injury prone and over weight to be the one to finally break the obsolete PG mold and force persons in the NBA to change the way they think.

But I doubt it.

Never bet against Sherron.


The entire league just did.

And the weasels are coming out of the woodwork saying, “I told you so.” But the weasels we will always have with us. It is only the league thumbing Sherron’s eye that matters in this case.

And having done so, they just stuck their thumbs not only in Sherron's eye, but in KU Coach Bill Self's eye, too. The league just told Bill Self that he hasn't known diddle-dy squat for four years, because he let Sherron Collins carry his teams at crunch time for four years, captain and run his teams for the last two years, and win four conference titles in four years, plus an NCAA national championship. The league just told Coach Self that he's a light weight college coach who doesn’t know talent.

Self told them that if they drafted Sherron, they were going to get a heck of a player.

The league just told Bill Self he doesn't know what he's talking about. The league just told Bill Self, a guy fully half of them probably desperately hope doesn't come to the pros and expose them all for the inbred bunch of basketball pretenders they have become, the league just said, "Coach Self, you don't know bull bangers from basketballs."

Well, you know what, league?

Bill Self played Sherron Collins ahead of Mario Chalmers for two seasons at point guard without even hesitating and he won a ring doing it. And he told the guys in the league that Mario Chalmers was a heckuva player, too. And the knuckle heads in the NBA said Mario Chalmers was too small and slight to be a first round draft choice. He was too small for a two guard and he hadn’t played the point in college. The league thought Mario Chalmers was a big risk. There was even talk they might not draft Chalmers either. Chalmers stock kept falling. The Einsteins of the league even recalled that international coaches cut Mario from an international team, because he couldn't shoot well enough!

And now Mario starts in the L.

Self knows basketball players and, more importantly, Self is a genius that thinks outside the box all the time. In fact, Bill Self built his freaking 27k sf house outside the box, you bunch of inbred, nepotistic NBA morons. Most of you dimwitted phallus brains don’t even know you’re in a freaking box, much less realize that you can’t think outside of it.

jaybate 8 years ago

Part III

Sherron Collins is the wide-body future at PG. If he does not break the mold now, then there will be another like him soon that will. Maybe the one the finally breaks the mold will be 6’2” tall and 240 pounds, but the days of the ballerina point guards and the greyhound point guards are coming to an end and soon.

No one wants Sherron to be the future for a host of reasons that have nothing to do with Sherron.

No one wanted Clyde and Mikan to be the future of basketball, when they came along.

None of the racists wanted Bill and Wilt to be the future of basketball, when they came along.

Noone wanted Shaq Father to be the future of the big man game, when he came along.

No one ever wants anyone to be the future of the game, because everyone is scared spitless of change,of everything they thought they knew becoming obsolete, of having to relearn the game.

The NBA has a money making formula at PGs and doesn't want to change things. They want their lugs in the post. They want their enforcers at the 4. They want their in-your-face guys at the 3. They want their gangstas and physical guards at the 2. And they want their whippets and greyhounds and ballerinas at the point.

Everyone likes ballerinas and gymnasts at PG, because they make us feel like the driver of the team is pretty and graceful.

Sherron is a bruising bundle of ferocity on the point. He is a sergeant in a nation of wannabe generals. Sherron doesn't just beat you. He beats you up. And then breaks your back with impact plays.

MSU’s Mateen “the meat clever” Cleves a decade ago was the last guy to even begin to bring the kind of muscle to the point that Sherron brings, but Mateen was taller and couldn’t drain the trey.

Before Mateen, you have to go back to Quinn Buckner, to see Sherron’s kind of muscle Sherron brings, but The Mighty Quinn was taller, too, and couldn’t hit Assembly Hall in Bloomington with a bazooka from five paces.

Still, notice this: Sherron, and Mateen, and Quinn each won rings.

These three guards foreshadow where the point guard is going, so long as television forces refs to swallow whistles for long stretches of games to fit those games in time slots. These three guards, one each from the last three decades, point the way to the future of the point. And it is a big, brawny, tough, even brutal future.

waywardJay 7 years, 12 months ago

Ahem Khalid El- Amin ...also won ring :)

jaybate 8 years ago

Part IV

But Sherron has the one thing Quinn and Mateen were missing. He has the gun.

The last true short, wide-body to have a gun was Gail Goodrich and Goodrich had a much better gun, even, than Sherron. But Goodrich did not have one tenth of the get to the rim gift that Sherron has. Oh, and Gail won rings in college and the pros.

Derrick Fisher? I’ve mentioned him as an analog before, and so have others. Yeah, there’s some similarity, but Derek Fisher is a finesse player compared to Quinn, Mateen, and Sherron. Derek Fisher is 6’1” and 210. Sherron is 5’11” and 210. Derek Fisher’s weight is above his waist. Sherron’s is perfectly, brutally distributed all over. Derek Fisher has girlie man legs compared to Sherron Collins’. Derek Fisher is a much more traditional player, who just happens to be short.

But the real underlying point is that these guys have been pointing to the future of the point for decades, but so long as enough fouls were called in college to keep the pace of games favoring the whippets, and so long as the pros did not allow zoning, and the whippets could still run away from the big prison bodies, the big, brawny point guard was an interesting anomaly, but not a necessity.

In the age XTReme Muscle ball, in the age when the NBA allows zoning, in the age when the NCAA doesn’t allow foul calling, in the age where both the NBA and the NCAA are restoring hand checking, the day of the wide-body point guard has cometh.

Derrick Rose and John Wall are Ali. Float like a butterfly, turn it over like a bumble bee.

Sherron is Joe Frazier. He just keeps coming.

Everyone loves the Ali's, but its Joe Frazier that survives and keeps coming. And boxing turned back into an ugly sluggers game after Ali’s run. As the indomitable Frazier said gleefully in a documentary made in the last 5 or so years, "Ali didn't beat me in Manilla. He cut me." And Frazier added he hit Ali in the head so hard, so often, that last fight that Ali can't do the interviews about the fight now. Frazier said he and Ali tied 1-1, and Ali got a decision in Manilla. But Frazier grins broadly and says he beat Ali up so badly that Ali is a Parkinsons ridden invalid and Frazier is still up living his life and sparring and running. Frazier said he won the war and he's happy about it; that Ali was not the greatest and that Ali was given a ton of breaks, because of the corruption in the fight game. Larry Holmes, who also beat Ali, said Ali was the most overrated fighter ever, and Holmes had sparred with Ali for years.

jaybate 8 years ago

Part V

But the analogy between Sherron and Frazier breaks down after the small, relentless ferocious guy is accounted for.

Frazier was the traditional fighter.

Ali was the mold breaker, the pretty face that shouted "I am the greatest."

And it took Ali many fights to convince people he wasn't a fluke waiting to be floored by the next real heavy weight. People, especially the wisest old boxing guys of the era, couldn't see Ali's greatness. They couldn't believe Sonny Liston wouldn't just pulverize Ali. They couldn't think outside the box. But eventually you cannot argue with championships won outside the box.

Ultimately, Sherron is no Ali. He is not Frazier. Basketball is not boxing either--not yet. Sherron is just a young, short, mold breaking point guard with a level of muscle, athleticism, tenacity, cockiness and trey shooting that no one has seen before. And everyone is uneasy about, except Bill Self and the player’s he’s played with. And he’s undrafted. And the weasels say he will fall into oblivion. And he might fall into the oblivion of making a handsome living in Euro ball.

But there is no arguing Sherron is an unprecendented physical package at point guard.

There is no arguing Sherron is a champion. He has the ring.

There is no arguing Sherron is a tremendous winner in D1. He has the W&L statement to prove it.

There is no arguing he can shoot the trey better than most PGs. His percentage proves it.

There is no arguing he can handle the ball and protect it, because he made way fewer turnovers than John Wall, and he played point for teams that won 82% of their games for 4 seasons.

There is no arguing Sherron is highly adaptable. He won as a 6th man. He won as the go-to guy. He won as the PG. He won playing both PG and SG. He beat great college guards and he beat weak ones. He beat big ones and he beat little ones. He won big with talented, experienced teams. He won big with green teams with lots of weaknesses. He won big with "special' teams with everything, but a center with stamina and a 2 guard who could play.

There is no arguing that Sherron can lead. He lead every team he was on. He was the fire of every team he was on.

There is no arguing Sherron has competitive greatness. He produced in the clutch more often than any KU player I ever saw.

There is only this one argument against Sherron Collins as an NBA player.

He doesn't fit the mold.

jaybate 8 years ago

Part VI

All the other negative arguments one hears about Sherron Collins don't prove out when you look at the facts and statistics. None of them. Turn overs. Fewer than Wall. Running a team. 82% W&L statement and a ring. Too short to guard NBA bodies. Controled Derrick Rose in the 2008 National Championship game. Tries to do too much. Self always told him to do as much as he did and wanted him to do more whenever he was hot. Reputedly fathered too many kids out of wedlock. More than BRush? Sexually promiscous and inappropriate? Magic Johnson, who also only won one D1 ring, got AIDS from orgies and he is still doing color commentary for NBA championship series. Don’t make me laugh. Wilt Chamberlain and his 20k lays. And I'm betting you will not find one starting point guard in the NBA that has either not had sex out of wedlock often and probably quite a few have fathered kids. The NBA is widely reputed to be one of the most drug and sex-crazed leagues in professional sports. Sherron fathered two kids out of wedlock and loves them and works his butt off trying to get a basketball career, so he can support them and he's a bad citizen? In the NBA, Sherron would be a freaking choir boy. Capice?

Sherron doesn't fit the mold.

So @#$% the mold.

Molds are meant to be broken by great men.

Everyone has a PG archetype that they have been living with for 20 years now. 6'3" tall. Long and athletic and a little cut. Barely literate. Sometimes dumb as a post. Increasingly unable to take and/or pass their own SATs. Lousy trey touch. Often turnover prone. This is the real mold Sherron has to break.

He can do it.

I believe he will do it.

Unless his injuries have stripped him of his famed explosiveness. Sherron without his explosiveness is Superman without the suit. Batman without the Batmobile. Spiderman without the web.

Every college team KU played, while Sherron was a starter, geared itself to stop Sherron. They did this while Sherron was playing with a number 10 and number 11 draft pick last season. College coaches with teams that had played KU and Sherron before, made no bones about how good Sherron was.

summerset004 7 years, 10 months ago

derrick rose had 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists in a national title game as a freshman. collins had 11, 4, and, 6. to say that collins controlled rose is absurd. ku won despite collins going 4-11 from the field with 4 turnovers, (5 if you count the travel before "the shot") not because of him.

jaybate 8 years ago

Part VII

Some time in the next few years, professional teams are going to get a taste of Sherron and they are going to learn what Bill Self learned, what a bunch of KU draft choices learned, what opposing college coaches learned, and what most KU fans learned: breaking the mold at PG is wonderful, but you have to think outside the box to do it.

Go Sherron. Jordan and LB just got the biggest steal of the draft. Larry lives outside the box. Larry burned the box down along time ago. Larry started Avery Johnson, when no one else could see him as much else than a back up. Larry saw the player beneath the playuh in Allen Iverson and went to the finals with him. See you in the play-offs some day soon. Notice Larry Brown did not keep Cole. He's keeping you. Notice Xavier and Cole are playing for light weight coaches. You are playing for a wily guy who knows talent up one side and down the other. You are in good hands and can become an NBA professional with Brown. Things happen unexpectedly and out of the worst comes some of the best. Seize the moment, Sherron. Brown's ruthless, but he's a champion and he knows how to make use of short guys in the L. If anyone can help you break the mold in the NBA, it is Larry Brown.

The basketball god really does work in mysterious ways.

Rock Chalk!!

SaltLakeHawk 8 years ago

Jaybate, serious question: do you have a job? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm honestly just curious. I come on this site every now and then, and I notice that every story is accompanied by about 10 pages of your insanely long-winded (but at least grammatically correct) opinions.

How much time per day would you say you spend on this site?

DevilHawk 8 years ago

Note: If you skipped over this series of jaybate posts, then you should go back and them when you get the chance.

Spencer Goff 7 years, 12 months ago

Not trying to flame you, but this is killing me and I have to get this out:

  1. Iverson was a PG for 90% of his career. 2 Barkley was a PF for 90% of his career.

and the big one,

  1. Their "struggles" should never be in the same list as early athletes like Jackie Robinson.

I'm not trying to get all bent out of shape, but we are being homers on this because we like the guy. But look at it this way, Sherron showed up for a "job interview" (the workouts) weighing in at a monstrous 217. He is the guy that shows up to apply at your company wearing jeans with holes, he hasn't shaved, looks like he barely realizes he should comb his hair, and he looks like he cleaned hot mustard off his face using his shirt. He might be really bright, but you won't see it there.

Sherron gained over ten pounds before his NBA workout and after the UNI loss, a peroid of a couple months. An ATHLETE preparing for a draft workout gains that kind of weight in that amount of time? Particularly an athlete with a known history for weight problems and showing up to practice overweight? Come on, be honest, mASSive red flag, nobody sunk Sherron's boat but Sherron. Couple that with Bill Self's unintentional statement of how fast he gains and loses weight, depending on if he is or is not working out... Ehh, yeah I think it is safe to say he has sat on his ass since March 20th.

waywardJay 7 years, 12 months ago

with the one exception listed above.... Exceptional piece(s).

Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, John Wall, Larry Drew, Ty Lawson,Scheyer/Smith.... we can even travel backwards with the felton's and the augustins also.... NOn-trey shooting, mistake prone idiots who do not hit free throws in the clutch.

Bill's first tryst with the Physically brawny PG also came out of the same general area.... and while he never did develop to sherron's "girth" Dee Brown was a Football Basketball star also..... Bill Also had Deron Williams on that team too... while Deron was 6'3.... he was still tipping the scales early in his career at an eye popping 220.... something to be assumed ghastly these days for a pointguard gasp

Infact, I would beg this question.... Shouldn't Sherron's size make him LESS likely to be impacted tramatuically by injury.... Iverson had the gall and the instincts but not the bulk to keep his body rebounding from the constant torture that sort of game inflicted..... His Size will affect his speed, sure.... but with that crossover ... and with our serious defensive liabilities the NBA has with PG's should his speed be evena concern.....

Our final 4 point guards standing were Derek Fisher, slow wily vt who can shoot the three.... Steve nash, Slow wily vet that can hit the three, Rondo lightning quick and cannot hit a free throws let alone a 8 foot jumper, and Jameer Nelson slow wily Point guard who can moderately hit the three.....

My only Concern coms from the battleship that Charlotte currently lacks, because their tugboat is a destroyer.

Adam Evans 8 years ago

I saw all that jaybate and just assumed it had some meaty, insightful, and jaw dropping material so I skipped over it and give you credit anyway.

And if Charlotte picks him up, that would make my day. Havin' a KU guy here in NC to go watch would be great.

ParisHawk 8 years ago

Jaybate, great stuff but you really need someone to edit it. Lots of repetition without enough rhythm to justify it. Even symphonies only have four movements.

John Fryback 8 years ago

Lots of great information! Towards the end I thought Cap. Morgan did do the editing. Good stuff, worth reading! RCJH!

Robert Brock 8 years ago

My only concern is defense. Who can he guard?

razorhawk 8 years ago

We'll be in Orlando during the summer league games, wanted to get tickets, is not open to the public. So...if anyone from the LWJ is going to be in Orlando covering Collins, I have a 7 year old daughter who adores KU/Collins and would make a great assistant. Can get you golf passes in Naples!!!!! Good luck Sherron!!!!

jaybate 8 years ago


You got dat right.

Frankly, though I think he's good enough to make Carolina's roster, the best thing that could happen for Sherron is to spend a year on Carolina's development team.

Self rode him into the ground for four years until much of Sherron's explosiveness was gone the last month of the season.

Then Sherron's agent put him on a diet and amped up his workouts at the very moment Sherron needed to be taking two months off to heal and recharge.

Sherron got more nicked up, because he never got un-nicked in the first place.

If I'm Larry Brown, I get him in the summer league, because I know I can't fully trust Bill Self, because Self loves the kid and owes him too much to be completely objective. I watch Sherron up close for a few weeks, teach him a couple tricks to see how fast he is on the uptake, and try to understand how/if I can reshape his game for the NBA. If I see the angle I think I see (or I wouldn't have invited him in the first place), then I give him some time off, put him in the d league for a year to rest up and work on the exact skills I think he needs, then I let him loose on the league the following year. In the interim, I pick up a player or two to complement him both when he's on the floor, and one to substitute for him when match-ups require it.

Voila, Sherron's in the L his second season, fully healthy and making an impact as sixth man, or even as a starter. Larry's next "find."

Sherron won't see the big money for awhile. But I still believe he will see it.

Kyle Neuer 8 years ago

I think this is what you call "failing upward". Great break.

JacquesMerde 8 years ago

Jaybate and Sherron, two winners.

ridgetj 8 years ago

drgnslayer is exactly right. In his junior year, his only teammate was a soft and often winded Cole Aldrich. He had to do all the scoring. Thats what i hate about the NBA. U can be a great player who has it all. But if ur not a ball hog, forget about the NBA.

Im not saying his lack of hogging this last year is his only downfall, he's 5'11" and his weight doesnt help him. But if u saw him going all Derrick Rose on his teamates u better believe he would have got drafted.

Jack Wilson 8 years ago

You really think Sherron wasn't a ball hog?? Not sure what games you were watching. I love the guy, and maybe he felt he had to be the man all the time, but if he were to be a bit more of a true point guard, it might have helped us be a more complete team. We lacked a true point guard.

ridgetj 7 years, 12 months ago

He was his junior year not his senior year

overseashawk 8 years ago

c'mon jaybate. It's comments, not a blog. I generally quit paying attention when the "comment" is longer thanbtbe article.

kerbyd 8 years ago

Note that Jon Scheyer, Denis Clemente, Scottie Reynolds, Samardo Samuels, Jerome Randle, Manny Harris and Sylven Landesburg all went undrafted. Also notice that several guys considered hotshots the year before (Willie Warren, etc.) went way lower than they would have last year.

jaybate 8 years ago


You make a terrific point. The NBA was drafting height big time. It seemed like there were 6 guys taken under 6'5" tall out of 60 picks.

If you stop and think about it, the NBA drafted Cole Aldrich number ten and Cole could barely go hard for 20 minutes a game this past season. Talk about putting a premium on height!

Denis Clemente ought to be a terrific player for some NBA team even though he's short. That guys was waaaaaay tough.

DevilHawk 8 years ago

Regarding Aldrich: That was a premium on defense and defensive presence. While height is a factor in that, it is only one of several.

VegasJhawk09 8 years ago

Thanks for the entertaining article Jaybate! Always inciteful, savvy, intelligent, hilarious, you say it like it is. I hope Sherron does rise to the challenge and makes Larry Brown proud. Itll be interesting to see if you are right about him going to the DL for a year prior.

Anyone know how much players make in the D league? Just curious.

waywardJay 7 years, 12 months ago

IN truth, i believe Sherron can guard just about any Poin in the league, specifically if Charlotte can get an "in the box" 4 or 5 they currently lack....or do they in Chandler.....

It looks like they will be dropping some serious dollars from their roster in the next two years..... Diop's contract, Theo Ratliff's, Stephan Jackson's. Nazr Mohammed's..... ( combined that's 20 million in cap space wasted.... )

Curiously,ASsuming they keep Wallace at the three..... Could they go

Sherron - tugboat/Destroyer...... Tyson Chandler Aircraft carrier with hops.... Gerald Wallace Nuclear-Powered Submarine.... missing two pieces in the starting lineup.... interesting to see what comes of this....

waywardJay 7 years, 12 months ago

Is that enough to make them a playoff team? a Second rounder.... Is it finals contender ins 2-3 years..... will be nice to see it play out.... i will say i also like Clemente on this team.

jayhawk2062 7 years, 11 months ago

Coach Longstreet seems like he knows what he's talking about.

He is spot on correct about being drafted after number 40. If he makes the team his contract isn't going to be much different from those guys and when a team picks you they are taking you because they really want you, not because you're the "best player available".

Teams are in a great position to get good talent that goes undrafted because it isn't in a fast paced draft situation. They have time to decide on and target players that they think are the best for them.

Michael Jordan + Larry Brown = Best case scenario for Sherron Collins!

This upcoming season actually has me excited about the NBA! With so many Jayhawks being big time contributors to their teams! Good luck!

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