Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two KU football targets make top-100 list


The first two rounds of player rankings for the high school Class of 2011 were released by this week, and two Kansas University targets cracked the top 100.

Darrian Miller, a running back from Blue Springs, Mo., came in as the 77th-ranked player in the nation. Miller, who rushed for 2,798 yards and 37 touchdowns in 2009, originally committed to KU in March but since has decommitted from coach Turner Gill’s Jayhawks, citing a desire to make sure KU was the right fit.

The current list of finalists for Miller, 5-foot-10, 187 pounds, includes KU, Kansas State, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Each of those schools has offered Miller a scholarship. Also expected to make a push for the four-star running back are Missouri and Tennessee.

Joining Miller on the Rivals100 list is Gardner-Edgerton quarterback Bubba Starling, a three-sport star whose options after high school include Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Notre Dame and major-league baseball.

Starling, 6-4, 193, received a four-star rating from Rivals and was ranked 99th on the list. He recorded 2,814 combined yards and 37 touchdowns in 2009.

Wednesday, Rivals released its list of the top 250 players in the nation, and a few more KU recruits made that list. Among them were local products Jordan Phillips, an offensive lineman from Towanda High (132), and Dan Tapko, a tight end from Rockhurst High in Kansas City, Mo. (178).

The remaining four-star players will be named today, and Rivals will continue to release its rankings in the coming days in the following order: June 7, offensive-position rankings; June 8, defensive-position rankings; June 14, first round of state-by-state rankings.

New ticket packages revealed

The KU athletic department announced Wednesday the creation of two new half-season ticket packages, known as “Rock” and “Chalk.”

The Rock package includes tickets to games against Georgia Tech (Sept. 11), New Mexico State (Sept. 25), Kansas State (Oct. 14) and Oklahoma State (Nov. 20). The Chalk package includes North Dakota State (Sept. 4), Colorado (Nov. 6), Kansas State (Oct. 14), and Texas A&M; (Oct. 23).

Each package costs $175.

In addition, KU officials announced that the Family Plan ticket package is now available to the public. The Family Plan includes two youth and two adult season tickets for $499.


Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Lets get real KU is not in the running for Bubba Starling. He will probably go to Alabama or play pro baseball.

tulsahawkfan 10 years ago

I agree. I don't necessarily think 'Bama but he doesn't even have KU in his top 4 only a "close 5th".

rastameta 10 years ago

I think Nebraska and Notre Dame are the leaders for Bubba.

Andy Hess 10 years ago

he's made three visits to ND. I'd say he's likely to go there if he doesn't go pro in MLB.

KGphoto 10 years ago

It's still a year away. Plenty of time for more visits.

KGphoto 10 years ago

I can't imagine Darian Miller going to K-State. They already have Bryce Brown (damn) for 2011.

But man, if KU keeps this kid, they'll be some runnin' MFrs.

Reggie Mitchell has got to be the best hire on the staff. And they only lose Capra and Wilson off the line for 2011.

2011 offensive line (among others)

Jr. Tanner Hawkinson Sr. Jeff Spikes Sr. Brad Thorson Sr. Jeremiah Hatch Jr. Duane Zlatnik Jr. Trevor Marrongelli Jr. John Williams Sr. Ian Wolfe (blocking TE)

2011 running backs (among others)

Jr. Toben Opurum So. Brandon Bourbon So. DeShaun Sands Fr. Darian Miller (?)

My god. I've never seen this much potential to run the ball. Not at KU. If they commit to that game, they could pull off 2,000-2,500 yards in their sleep.

Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!

KU 10 years ago

It doesn't matter that KU is "only" losing Capra and Wilson after next season. They don't have much talent to work with on the OL as it is. I have beat this drum repeatedly for the last couple years: KU will only go as far as their lines will take them. Until we start landing and developing true OL talent, you can have Johnny Unitas and Gale Sayers in the backfield and they won't be fully effective.

KU 10 years ago

As evidence that we don't have much OL talent, MOST analysts considered KU's OL the worst--BY FAR--in the Big 12 last year. So we may have a lot of bodies that aren't graduating, but unless they have morphed into Big 12-level players in one off-season, does it really matter?

Jonathan Briles 10 years ago

I have no idea where your getting your information. Most analysts think Hawkinson is fantastic and a true NFL talent. They think Hatch could develop into something great and gave him all kinds of praise. Spikes has every physical tool to be great if he can only get the coaching down. At guard we have Marrongelli who has a lot of potential too. After some time and coaching those players I listed should all be somewhere on the 1st through 3rd team all Big 12 at some point in their careers.

number1jayhawker 10 years ago

KG, Thorson is a senior this year...2010. But, I still like our OL in the next couple of years and if we add a few highly recruited OL this year and next, we should continue to have a very good OL.

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

There's lots of time for HS players to find out how great it is to play for the new regime at KU. Lots of time.

Now if we could just get rid of the annoying gnats buzzing about.

rolo2383 10 years ago

KG, you forgot about James Sims. He might end up being the best of the bunch.

And Dreamius Smith will probably sign.

rolo2383 10 years ago

Oooops, I over looked your (among others) comment. Sorry about that.

tobyfoo 10 years ago

Gill needs to make a strong strong push for Bubba if he says he wants the best Kansas recruits! Gardner is 20 miles away from Lawrence! Bubba wants to play college football. He has made 3 visits to Notre Dame. Come on Gill, wrap him up! check out Bubba:

Steven Mathew 10 years ago

tobyfoo, I know Bubba Starling's sister and I talked with her. She told me that Bubba wants to go to Nebraska to play baseball.

Eric Williams 10 years ago

i have seen this a lot, but at this point i'd take st20602's word.

Of course Rivals says he is "undecided" because they don't update that frequently, plus they don't give a good barometer of a player's feelings towards schools.

If his choice is to go to college or play professional baseball, it would seem that he values baseball higher than the other sports. Plus, at Nebraska there is an obvious need for the QB position and he could be a two-sport star. And of the schools listed, Nebraska is the best baseball school.

Jonathan Allison 10 years ago

who was the long-haired wide reciever with a funny name that played at Notre Dame and caught passes from Brady Quinn? He was drafted by the Cubs as a pitcher.

10 years ago

Answer: Jeff Samardzija

He was sent down to the minors after having a rough start to this season, posting an 18.90 ERA in four appearances.

Phoggin_Loud 10 years ago

I guess I'll get excited when a Top 100 kid signs and enrolls at KU.

Until then...

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