Originally published June 1, 2010 at 10:13a.m., updated June 1, 2010 at 03:43p.m.

KU-KSU football game officially moved to Thursday night

Jayhawks also release four gametimes; KU-MU to play at 11:30 a.m.

The Kansas and Kansas State University football teams will meet under the lights of Memorial Stadium on Oct. 14. The game will be televised nationally on Fox Sports Network.

The Kansas and Kansas State University football teams will meet under the lights of Memorial Stadium on Oct. 14. The game will be televised nationally on Fox Sports Network.


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Are you in favor of KU switching the Jayhawks' home football game against Kansas State from a Saturday to a Thursday?

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  • No 58% 1275 votes
  • Undecided 5% 129 votes

2173 total votes.

Fans of the annual Sunflower Showdown between the Kansas University and Kansas State University football programs won't have to wait quite as long to see this year's game.

Sunflower Showdown game day changed

The annual Sunflower Showdown between KU and K-State football is being moved from a Saturday to a Thursday. The game will still be held at Memorial Stadium.

KU officials announced Tuesday that the 108th edition of the Sunflower Showdown, originally scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 16, would be moved to Oct. 14 and would be shown on national television on Fox Sports Net.

Game time is set for 6:30 p.m. in Lawrence.

KU athletic director Lew Perkins said the change would bring great exposure to KU.

“It is exciting for this in-state rivalry to be featured nationally with the television exposure of a Thursday night game on FSN,” Perkins said. “This telecast will showcase the city of Lawrence and our great university.”

The KU-K-State football series is the nation’s fourth-longest uninterrupted series in the country. The two teams have played 98 straight years beginning in 1911. Kansas leads the all-time series 65-37-5, including a 37-15-2 mark in games played in Lawrence.

Kansas had won four of the last five meetings, including three straight before Kansas State defeated the Jayhawks, 17-10, in Manhattan last year. KU has won three consecutive matchups in Lawrence, including a 52-21 victory in 2008.

KU coach Turner Gill said he was excited about the schedule change for this year's contest.

“This gives us a chance to show the nation the great support of Kansas football fans,” Gill said. “It also benefits our students since school will be out Thursday and Friday.”

The Thursday game will be the second non-Saturday kickoff for the Jayhawks this fall. KU also will play a nonconference game at Southern Mississippi on Friday, Sept. 17. That game will be televised nationally on ESPN.

The Jayhawks open the season Sept. 4 at home against North Dakota State.

Additional times released

They might not have announced plans for conference expansion, but Big 12 officials Tuesday revealed an early look at the 2010 television schedule.

Eighteen games have been chosen as part of the Big 12 rights package, and Kansas University will be a part four of them.

Nonconference games against Georgia Tech (11 a.m., Sept. 11, at home) and Southern Miss (7 p.m., Sept. 17, away) will be shown on FSN and ESPN, respectively. Conference showdowns with Kansas State (6:30 p.m., Oct. 14, at home) and Missouri (11:30 a.m., Nov. 27, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.) also will be shown on FSN.


Jayhawk1116 8 years ago

Finally, some good news out of Lawrence!

Greg Ledom 8 years ago

This is great exposure for Coach Gill's first team with two national telecasts and maybe another one or two more depending on how the season plays out. I'll be at the KU vs. KSU game and look forward to kicking some purple kitty!

KJRFC 8 years ago

I remeber a 1992 Thursday night game vs. Cal. before Memorial Stadium had lights. They actually had to rent four large industrial light posts for the game. We ended up losing to Cal.. Anyone else remember something more recent?

jayhawk1996 8 years ago

KU beat Michigan State on a Thursday night in 1993 and lost to K-State on a Thursday night in 1994.

cafranci 8 years ago

KU beat Ball State in August 1996 on a Thursday.

shelleysue 8 years ago

However, this doesn't benefit the fans who work five days a week and have to travel any distance to the games. This might now be one game we have to skip, unfortunately.

Eric Williams 8 years ago

my thoughts exactly. I'm moving back into the Kansas area and was looking forward to a Saturday afternoon with my KU and KSU friends. Nope, I can't make a 2 hour trip, watch a 3-hour game and get home at 1 a.m. just to watch the game live.

Looks like I'll be on my couch this year.

Eric Williams 8 years ago

sorry, typo, 4 hour trip from where i will be. I misread and was thinking it was in Manhattan.

So definitely on the couch.

Alan Braun 8 years ago

Great exposure but means out-of-towners like me who might otherwise attend the game in person, won't.

gardenjay 8 years ago

Television won't rule the world forever.

Phog4ever 8 years ago

Another great move . . . if you live in Johnson County. Not so much for those of us with kids and living 3 hours away. :>(

longhawk 8 years ago

Mixed feelings. Pretty much insures that I won't be able to go to the game, but it's always easier to make time at the end of a work day for a 3+ hour game on TV than on a weekend. If it's good for KU, it's good for me. I just hope to see a full, blue stadium on the TV.

Steve Brown 8 years ago

as we've learned the best seats are available on line with web ticket scalpers, the wildcat fans will have plenty of access to the best seats.

jhokfan 8 years ago

Good exposure for KU. Glad to see that they have a bye the previous week so they will have time to prepare. Hope area Hawk fans step it up so we don't see any purple in the stands.

jayhawkinnc 8 years ago


we lost AT Michigan State on a SATURDAY in 1993. just FYI....

yed 8 years ago

I could argue either side, since in order to attend I'd have to take that afternoon off. That said, it does make it much more difficult for K-Staters to attend especially from out West. I'm sure that some JoCo Aggies will show up, but they'll be hampered just as much as the rest of us in the KC area. In the end, I think that it'll be a very Lawrence-heavy crowd which is fine by me. I remember when the basketball games were attended by mostly Lawrence residents...back when a night at The Phog usually led to temporary loss of hearing.

greenhawk 8 years ago

I love it!

This is exactly what this team needed.

For those complaining, show up or shut up.

Scott Oswalt 8 years ago

kinda hard to show up when you live out of state for a thursday game. i'm sure it's very convenient for the folks in lawrence and surrounding areas. some people do have jobs, you're probably a student so it doesn't matter for you. i look forward to going to this game every year, but this year i can't. yes, it's great exposure for the football game to be nationally televised, but once again alumni are getting screwed. thanks LEW!!!!

Ron Prichard 8 years ago

Let me get this straight. You are seriously going to bash Lew for securing a nationally televised game against one of our arch-rivals? I guess if it inconveniences you, Lew must be blamed and is a no-good something or other. Put the bitterness aside for just a moment and realize this is actually very, very good for KU.

For the record, I am a double alum from KU, I don't live in Lawrence, but I will be there along with my 11 year old son.

oregonjhawk 8 years ago

Well, for those of us WAY out of state, at least we get to see our Hawks on tv!

shelleysue 8 years ago

We bring our grandson to all the games. Getting home about 1 am then getting him to school later that morning just won't work - and that certainly isn't our fault. We'll have to sell our tickets to anyone willing to buy them. Sorry, but that's just the reality of it, unfortunately.

Dirk Medema 8 years ago

Take him to the game, and to school mid-morning. Take an interest in his schooling enough to contact his teacher ahead of time and get the assignments he'll be missing due to the conflict with your "family event". It's not like they're likely to learn some earth shattering new concept that morning. Quality time with grandparents is another story, and well worth the sacrifice.

ps No, I AM a teacher.

Steve Brown 8 years ago

take him to game, he can sleep on way home, take his ticket and the final score Kansas 56 State 3 for show and tell, take a picture of him waving the wheat with grandpa - it will be a good memory years from now. I promise one morning missing 3rd grade will not hurt his goal of getting into Yale.

Dirk Medema 8 years ago

Being on TV is a good thing, especially national TV. Sorry that you won't invest the time off to make the game, tho from the sounds of your reply, the team is better off not having your negative attitude at the game.

Steve Brown 8 years ago

night game, better have our carrots on team table that week.

Ron Prichard 8 years ago

Oh no!! We might lose!! We can't possibly be on TV if we could lose!! Are you for real?

This is good for KU, people!! If you are flying in each year for this game, take two days off and make a long weekend of it. I can assure you the bars will be full on Thursday night. Businesses will make money. Did you not read in the article that students will be out of class on Thursday and Friday? If the game was on Saturday, a lot of those students would be gone. I would imagine more will stick around one extra day and party like crazy on Thursday night (hopefully the "rip his f***ing head off" chant doesn't re-appear).

It's unbelievable how many people are finding any reason at all to complain about this. THIS IS GOOD FOR KU!! Isn't that what we all want?

bangaranggerg 8 years ago

Lew must have been thinking "you know it's been a few hours since I last deficated on the average donor season ticket holder, I wonder what I could do so that it makes it harder to tailgate and attend the game."

Ron Prichard 8 years ago

How about the ABC national prime-time game on Saturday night? I'm pretty sure ESPN doesn't just hand out those Saturday night games. They can have their pick of essentially anyone they want for those games.

Translation from these posts: I want what is good for KU as long as it fits my personal schedule.

mdfraz 8 years ago

First off, I am pretty sure we played UAB on a Thursday night as recently as 1997. Not sure if it was televised though. It was my first game at Memorial Stadium.

As for the people complaining that they can't make it to a weeknight game, I do have sympathy for you not being able to attend. For those whining and bit*hing and saying it's just a way to screw alumni, you are idiots. Yes, fan support is important, and it's unfortunate that people from Wichita or western Kansas or out of state may not be able to make it. For that, I'm sure Lew isn't happy. However, a nationally televised football game against our instate rival is a very good thing for us. Football fans (not just KU fans) watch football games whenever they are able. That's part of the reason you see games on basically every night of the week now. So saying that recruits won't watch on a Thursday night (azalum), which has been an established time for college football for years now, is just shortsighted.

Hawkhead, do you think ESPN wants us for their prime time Sat. games? Not a chance. When you are in the situation we are in, you take what you can get. We don't get to dictate terms even in basketball when it comes to TV exposure, and we are probably one of the biggest draws out there for that. We don't get to tell national media when they will show us on their networks.

shelleysue 8 years ago

It's hard to get crowd noise when KU "fans" are telling other KU fans to sit down and shut up.

Jay_Z 8 years ago

I agree completely! I have had season tickets for 6 years now. I've sat in my actual seats very few times because when I have, other season ticket holders bitch and moan when you stand up to yell on a 3rd down when KU is on defense. It's pathetic. It's a sit on your hands, half-pay attention to the game type of crowd from what I've experienced. That's why I usually sit in the student be with others who want to make NOISE.

Steve Brown 8 years ago

maybe ESPN loaned Lew $35,000 of rehab equip and he gladly move the game, but only two days...didn't affect many folks, just two days. not sections and sections

nckujayhawk 8 years ago

I have noticed several posts saying, "Some of us have jobs." They were posted in the middle of the work day.

Cody Stumma 8 years ago

That's what people in Eastern Kansas don't ever seem to realize. People out in Central and Western Kansas see more hatred in desire of beating Kansas State just as much or even more than Mizzou. Because we live more towards Manhattan and more Kansas State fans live out in that direction.

I'm from Central Kansas and I always want Kansas to beat Kansas State... even more than beating Mizzou.

Dirk Medema 8 years ago

Try channelsurfing or something like that. It links just about anything that is broadcast.

That last comment is also key to your question. If it is broadcast, it will be viewable somewhere.

hailtoku 8 years ago

Welp, can't make the game now.

From what I'm hearing...a lot of people are in the same boat.

jhokfan 8 years ago


I've watched a number of KU games on ESPN360. Not as good as TV but it's not bad.

Mike Kendall 8 years ago

Thursday night game--you know, one gets tired of watching the ACC or the Big East on Thursday nights, so, I kind of happy that it will be a Thursday Nationally televised game. I will be watching on my 46" screen anyway, uh, well, if my doesn't watch "Survivor" that night. Might have to do the "Rock, paper, scissors" thing!

Anyway, how nice would it be to squash some purple kitty kats (I would say the other word, but this might be a family web site) on National TV, on a happening Thursday night? It would be awesome! You go Gil! Rock Chalk!

Mike Kendall 8 years ago

Opps, I meant to say, "If my wife doesn't watch Survivor that night. Sorry about that.

Randy Glenn 8 years ago

Yes it is good exposure for KU. Yes Im a season ticketholder and it is a FIVE hour drive. Already made plans to take off Friday and come up for Late-Night and stay for the football game on SATURDAY.Guess I will sit home for both. Means good exposure for my wife when I watch it naked. God-that even makes me throw up a little. Rootem on without me. First home game I`ve missed in three years

Ron Prichard 8 years ago

rg, if you made plans to take off Friday, expand it to Thursday. Make it an event. Then you can give your wife some exposure in a nice Lawrence hotel room. Wow, that comment made me throw up a little bit. Seriously, this should be a good thing for KU. Try to make it work.

KGphoto 8 years ago

Hmm. Any relation between Missouri possibly bolting, and ruining the second oldest continuous rivalry, and then sparking up this one?

And is there anything else to this? Maybe the networks are becoming believers in the Hawkman Turner Overdrive too. HTO seems to be simmering nicely over the summer. Lot's of pundits with their hands on their lighters, waiting for Free Bird.

minnhawk84 8 years ago

FSN? Is it really a national network, or a series of regional networks? I get Fox Sports North, so does that mean I get to see the game?

Steve Brown 8 years ago

this is great question.

what states and markets will this 'national' game be broadcast

Jason Ingersoll 8 years ago

They are giving you 4 1/2 months notice about the change in schedule. Put in your request for time off work now to take a day and half off so you can attend the game. People take their kids out of school for all kinds of reasons, including vacations during the school year. If the teacher doesn't understand, they are probably a Misery fan and there's no hope for them anyway. Real KU fans are willing to take a couple days off work to support their team against their in-state rival. Wanna be KU fans whine about it.

mr_jhawk4477 8 years ago

One thing to realize is that is the weekend of KU's fall break. If the game were to have been on Saturday, the student crowd would be very week. I know that people around campus will be excited for the Thursday night game. I know the student crowd is not always the most dedicated to the game but there will be a better level of excitement with the students there.

SC0VILLE 8 years ago

Wow, so much complaining from those calling themselves "fans". There are a lot of other programs that have fans that would make it to the game no matter the schedule. I guess we're not there yet.

I'm also questioning how national the broadcast will be. Were I live Fox Sports Midwest isn't available without paying quite a bit extra.

shelleysue 8 years ago

You know what? Traveling several hours each way on a week night just isn't going to work for a lot of people. I'm not whining, I'm just saying it won't work for us. Period. In addition to the school issue, this is not the time of year I take off work because major projects are hitting. And yes I AM a fan. I froze my butt off at the first Arrowhead game and stayed until the end. Completely enjoyed sitting through the rain/snow the next year. I stay until the VERY end of EVERY game, regardless of the score. I attempt to stand up and cheer (even though I'm being told to sit down and shut up) until the VERY end, regardless of the score. I get up in the middle of the night to make 11 am games. I sacrifice and find a way to buy season tickets even though we have had only one income for almost two years now ... Don't tell me I'm not a fan because it doesn't work for me to attend a week night game or that I don't like the fact that a week night game was scheduled so we could be on Fox.

Jason Ingersoll 8 years ago

Shelley-I know there are people that have certain circumstances that will prevent them from making the trip. However, my comments were in response to most of the comments left by people right after reading the article. They hadn't had time to ask their boss if they could take off. They wouldn't have had a chance to discuss with their family if they could make it work. These were knee jerk responses to the game isn't on Saturday so I can't go, without first seeing if there was a way they could make it work.

Jason Ingersoll 8 years ago

Shelley-I know there are people that have certain circumstances that will prevent them from making the trip. However, my comments were in response to most of the comments left by people right after reading the article. They hadn't had time to ask their boss if they could take off. They wouldn't have had a chance to discuss with their family if they could make it work. These were knee jerk responses to the game isn't on Saturday so I can't go, without first seeing if there was a way they could make it work.

HawkNationNWichita 8 years ago

Any season ticket holder that wont be able to go, I'd happily buy their tickets from them. The change actually helped me out. I'm off the Thursday of the game, and will be working the Sat it got changed from.

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