Originally published January 25, 2010 at 06:48p.m., updated January 25, 2010 at 11:29p.m.

FINAL: Strong first half pushes KU to 84-65 victory over MU

Kansas guard Sherron Collins cuts under Missouri forward Laurence Bowers to the bucket during the first half, Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Sherron Collins cuts under Missouri forward Laurence Bowers to the bucket during the first half, Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.


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2010 KU-Missouri

Jayhawks maul Tigers in showdown

Kansas dismantled Missouri in 2010's first installment of the Border War on Monday, Jan. 25 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Reader poll

Who had the best offensive game for KU against Missouri?

  • Cole Aldrich: 12 points, 4-for-5 shooting, 16 rebounds 30% 825 votes
  • Tyrel Reed: 14 points, 5-for-6 shooting, 4-for-4 from three-point range 45% 1242 votes
  • Marcus Morris: 17 points, 6-for-10 shoting, nine rebounds 22% 604 votes
  • Other 2% 62 votes

2733 total votes.

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Reader poll

Who was KU's first-half MVP against Missouri?

  • Cole Aldrich 50% 12 votes
  • Marcus Morris 8% 2 votes
  • Tyrel Reed 8% 2 votes
  • Brady Morningstar 33% 8 votes
  • Other 0% 0 votes

24 total votes.

Reader poll

Do you like Bob Knight as a color commentator?

  • Yes 71% 135 votes
  • No 22% 43 votes
  • Undecided 5% 11 votes

189 total votes.


KU vs. Missouri

video thumbnail

Kansas and Missouri battle in 2010's first installment of the Border Showdown Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse.

KU scoring — Marcus Morris 17, Reed 14, Aldrich 12, X. Henry 9, Morningstar 9, Markieff Morris 9, Taylor 7, Collins 6, Withey 1.

KU was 28-for-57 from the floor (49.1 percent), 9-for-19 from three (47.4 percent) and 19-for-26 from the free-throw line (73.1 percent).

MU was 19-for-68 from the floor (27.9 percent), 6-for-18 from three (33.3 percent) and 21-for-24 from the free-throw line (87.5 percent).

KU out-rebounded MU, 56-28. KU had 23 turnovers, while MU had five.

FINAL: KU defeats MU, 84-65

MU keeps its press on through the final minute. It’s tough for Self to substitute liberally with the continued pressure.

Elijah Johnson uses a nice spin move to shake a defender, then scoops to Jeff Withey, who is fouled. Withey makes one of two free throws.

Anderson calls a 30-second timeout with 24.9 seconds left, and the KU fans don’t appreciate the stoppage in play, sending some boos his way.

The Jayhawks run out the clock, closing out an 84-65 victory.

KU 83/MU 61 — 3:54 left in game

KU’s defense lets up a bit, as MU scores points on five straight possessions. Nitpicking, I know, but I’m sure it’s something Self won’t be happy with afterwards, especially with the regulars still in.

It’s amazing that KU has built up such a lead with the turnover numbers in this game. KU has 21 turnovers, while MU has just five, yet the Jayhawks lead by 22. Also consider that Collins is 2-for-10 with nine points, one assist and four turnovers.

KU 75/MU 47 — 7:46 left in game

Aldrich gets it inside, and he rattles a shot in over defenders.

Reed keeps his perfect long-range shooting day intact, swishing another three. He’s 3-for-3 from beyond the arc.

That doesn’t stop MU from leaving Reed wide open on the next possession, and the Burlington native swishes another three-pointer. I don’t think he’s hit rim on any of his attempts either.

KU 65/MU 42 — 12:54 left in game

Marcus Morris receives a pass inside, and after no one picks him up, he curls to the rim for a finger-roll.

You can tell Self really doesn’t like Higgins. Every time Higgins comes near the KU bench, Self starts chewing on him for something.

Markieff Morris catches a pass at the top of the key, and with no one guarding him that high, he steps into a three-pointer, putting it through.

KU gives up an offensive rebound and two, but after breaking the press, Morningstar lobs to Markieff for an alley-oop slam. Anderson isn’t happy, and he asks for a timeout.

KU 58/MU 38 — 15:16 left in game

MU starts the second half with two steals in the first two minutes, but following a Xavier Henry three, the Tigers don’t make up any ground.

Kim English hits a three, but Xavier answers with another trey.

The Jayhawks look a bit more timid in the second half against the Tigers’ pressure. Another near-steal from English, but he’s whistled for the foul first. I didn’t see much contact there, so KU catches a bit of a break.

Some weird calls before the media timeout. Aldrich blocks an English shot, but the officials say it’s out of bounds off English. On the other end, Taylor is whistled for a charge when his momentum was taking him out of bounds instead of toward the basket.

I guess the best thing KU can say for the first 4:44 of the second half is that its lead is still at 20.

KU scoring — Marcus Morris 11, Reed 8, Morningstar 7, Taylor 7, Aldrich 6, Collins 4, Markieff Morris 4, X. Henry 3.

KU was 19-for-37 from the floor (51.4 percent), 4-for-9 from three (44.4 percent) and 8-for-12 from the free-throw line (66.7 percent).

MU was 10-for-40 from the floor (25 percent), 4-for-9 from three (44.4 percent) and 6-for-7 from the free-throw line (85.7 percent).

Get ready for this: KU out-rebounded MU, 37-15, in the first half.

KU had 11 turnovers, while MU had two.

Aldrich had 12 first-half rebounds, while Markieff Morris had 10. Aldrich also had five blocks.

KU had 28 points in the paint, while MU had six.

KU 50/MU 30 — Halftime

With KU’s success on fast breaks tonight, we shouldn’t overlook Aldrich’s outlet passes. All his tosses have been strong and on the money, and many times, they have pushed KU all the way to mid-court before MU’s defense can get set.

MU is dominating the turnover battle (11-2), but with the Tigers’ cold shooting, it doesn’t matter.

Aldrich gets away with an over-the-back, tipping in a missed free throw for KU. The next possession, Taylor picks up an offensive rebound and lays it in.

KU scraps for a loose ball under its own basket, as Markieff Morris goes flying out of bounds to save it. The ball eventually goes out off of MU. Cole Aldrich helps with the mop duty on the court.

Collins misses a finger-roll, but Markieff Morris gets the stickback.

KU gets a defensive stop, and with three defenders on him, Morningstar puts up a leaning three at the buzzer. It hits off the backboard, then rattles around the rim before falling through. The crowd erupts, and Morningstar backbumps a few of his teammates in the air on the way to the locker room.

KU takes a 50-30 lead into the break.

KU 38/MU 25 — 3:38 left in 1st half

Taylor shows aggressiveness against the slow-rotating MU defense, taking it to the middle of the lane before dropping in a short floater.

Aldrich draws three defenders, then looks crosscourt for Reed, who swishes a three.

Taylor drives to draw some attention, then dishes to Marcus Morris, who finishes with a layup. The Jayhawks have done a good job of using MU’s aggressive defense against it so far.

Morningstar with a bad pass across the lane that’s stolen, and it turns out to be a double whammy for KU, as Marcus Morris picks up his second foul. He’ll have to go to the bench.

Reed with a deep three that, once again, touches nothing but net.

This game is going according to previous trends, as MU is not shooting well on the road (9-for-33, 27.3 percent).

KU 26/MU 18 — 7:23 left in 1st half

After KU beats backcourt pressure, Brady Morningstar cuts through the lane and confidently puts in a layup off the glass for two. A minute later, Morningstar does it again, driving before putting in a short shot high off the glass. MU coach Mike Anderson dials up a timeout with his team struggling most on the offensive end.

It’s Morningstar’s game now, as he catches a tough pass in traffic, looks away a defender, then fires a no-look pass across the lane to Marcus Morris for a layup and foul.

Morningstar with another nice pass in traffic to Marcus Morris, but the big man can’t get a thunder jam to fall.

Collins fakes a pass in transition, then puts in a soft layup himself. For a brief moment, KU opens up an 11-point lead.

KU 17/MU 13 — 11:08 left in 1st half

Tyshawn Taylor is fouled on his way up, and he makes both free throws. KU — not a team that shoots a lot of free throws — is 4-for-5 from the line just 6 1/2 minutes into this one.

Big block from Aldrich, which leads to a 2-on-1 break. Taylor throws a lob pass to Tyrel Reed, who guides it in for two.

Another steal for KU, but Xavier Henry is stripped before he can get his layup attempt up. Official John Higgins makes an emphatic call, saying the ball went off Henry’s knee and out of bounds. Self is furious with the call, and he lets Higgins know about it.

Marcus Morris rips away an offensive board, and he takes a power dribble before putting a layup off the glass and in.

The pace is frantic in this one. I know the Tigers like to play fast, but they’d probably be better suited to hold the ball a little longer on the offensive end before jacking up a shot. You’re asking for trouble in a track meet with KU.

KU 10/MU 10 — 14:42 left in 1st half

Another nice added-on pregame video puts the fans in a frenzy before the tip.

KU immediately goes inside to Cole Aldrich, who is fouled on the way up. The next possession, Xavier throws a low lob to Aldrich, but the big man catches it off his hip and dunks it all in one motion, putting the Jayhawks up 3-0.

Missouri isn’t rattled, though. Keith Ramsey puts in consecutive threes, finishing off an 8-0 run to put the Tigers up five.

We haven’t seen the full-court press from MU so far. That’s a little bit surprising, but perhaps the Tigers are going a little more conservative on the road.

Xavier Henry breaks KU’s drought with a three. KU is missing quite a few short shots inside.

Markieff Morris is immediately double-teamed once getting the ball in the post, but a quick pass gets it to a cutting Marcus Morris, who puts in a layup with a foul.

So far, MU is trying to play just as fast as KU.

8:06 p.m.

One-hundred-five decibels to start this one.

7 p.m.

All right, our chat has been fired up on the left side of this page or by following this link. I'll be hanging out there until gametime. Remember, use the "Submit a Question" button to comment on a topic, post your score prediction or ask a question.

Today's random question/debate: What is the best sports movie of all-time?

6:48 p.m.

Welcome back to the Newell Post Live, coming to you from Allen Fieldhouse where the No. 2 Kansas Jayhawks are getting set to take on the Missouri Tigers in round one of the Border War.

First thing: Eddie Money will be singing tonight's national anthem. He's probably best known for his song, "Take Me Home Tonight." I can't think of a bigger name that I've seen perform the national anthem at Allen Fieldhouse.

We'll be having another pregame chat starting an hour before the game. Before then, though, here are a few notes about Missouri, which enters with a 15-4 record.

The Tigers force turnovers on 28.4 percent of their opponents' possessions, which is the best mark in the country. MU's opponents are averaging 20.9 turnovers per game.

MU doesn't turn it over much itself, averaging just 13.7 turnovers per game.

Missouri plays the 24th-fastest tempo in Division I.

The Tigers are shooting 45.6 percent from the floor this season.

MU has not shot above 43.3 percent in any of its seven games away from Mizzou Arena. In fact, seven of the Tigers' eight worst shooting games this year have been away from home.

On average, MU has been out-rebounded by 7.3 in its four true road games.

MU's opponents average 13.7 offensive rebounds per game.

Thirty percent of MU's offense comes from three-pointers. The Tigers have made 38.2 percent of their long-range tries this year.

Kim English shoots the ball on 33.4 percent of his team's possessions when he's in the game — the 32nd-highest mark in the country.

Be sure to vote in our poll on the left and also use #kubball to have your Tweets show up on the left side of the page.


Kent Wells 10 years ago

Let's start this chat off with a bang... Top ten list, nastiest things one can say about Missouri:

  1. Incest: A couple million Missourians can't be wrong.

  2. The tooth brush was invented in Missery, otherwise, it would be called a teeth brush.

  3. Why the evil grin kuwells? Oh, I was just thinking that that rockin chair gift to Stormin Norman left a couple of splinters in his rear end over the years.

  4. Head Men's Basketball Coach Quinn Snyder.

  5. What is the best thing to come out of Missouri since 1800? I-70.

  6. What do you get when you have cousins marry? Pretty much the entire state of Missouri.

  7. What does a degree from MU get you? The ability to say "Would you like to super size that for an additional 39 cents?"

  8. Will Rogers never met a Missouri Tigger.

  9. Directions to Mizz: East until you smell it, south until you step in it.


  1. Muck Fizzou, Go KU!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

KU 114 MU 17

OK, so maybe 84-68 is more realistic.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

Hoosiers is the best sports movie in my book.

Eurekahwk 10 years ago

Most relevant movie to a certain team who is currently number one in the country, Blue Chips!

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

KU 91 MU 72

There are 2 best sport movies of all time. Caddyshack Slapshot Not necessarily in that order.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

caddyshack would have to be my number two. bull durham number 3.

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

Eureka — Went with my mom to Blue Chips when it first came out in the theaters when I was 10 or 11. I just remember her being shocked by the language in it. Don't remember much else.

Eurekahwk 10 years ago

Great movie, Coach Pete Bell played by Nick Nolte is failing ala Bobby Knight at the end of his Indiana career. He's in the movie too! Nolte comes into a bunch of high priced talent via some shady folks in the likes of WWW. Next thing you know, a team that was a 20 game loser is going toe to toe with Bobby Knight's top ranked Hoosiers. Its a definite watch. I've been looking for it.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

kuwells- My Garmin told me the directions to Mizzou were

East on I-70 (until you feel stupid) South ( until you feel like sleeping with your sister)

Kent Wells 10 years ago

lance1: I will accept those directions! Nice!

jaybate 10 years ago

It makes me sick Bill Self is not on this NABC list.

NABC Coach of the Year Award winners

1959: E. Hickey | 1960: P. Newell | 1961: F. Taylor | 1962: F. Taylor | 1963: E. Jucker | 1964: J. Wooden | 1965: B. van Breda Kolff | 1966: A. Rupp | 1967: J. Wooden | 1968: G. Lewis | 1969: J. Wooden | 1970: J. Wooden | 1971: J. Kraft | 1972: J. Wooden | 1973: G. Bartow | 1974: A. McGuire | 1975: B. Knight | 1976: J. Orr | 1977: D. Smith | 1978: B. Foster & A. Lemons | 1979: R. Meyer | 1980: L. Olson | 1981: J. Hartman & R. Miller | 1982: S. Monson | 1983: L. Carnesecca | 1984: M. Harshman | 1985: J. Thompson | 1986: E. Sutton | 1987: R. Pitino | 1988: J. Chaney | 1989: P. Carlesimo | 1990: J. Heathcote | 1991: M. Krzyzewski | 1992: G. Raveling | 1993: E. Fogler | 1994: G. Keady & N. Richardson | 1995: J. Harrick | 1996: J. Calipari | 1997: C. Haskins | 1998: B. Guthridge | 1999: M. Krzyzewski & J. O'Brien | 2000: G. Keady | 2001: T. Izzo | 2002: K. Sampson | 2003: T. Smith | 2004: P. Martelli & M. Montgomery | 2005: B. Weber | 2006: J. Wright | 2007: T. Lickliter | 2008: B. McKillop | 2009: M. Anderson & J. Calipari

And since 1996, maybe even since 1982, it is mostly a rogues' gallery of chronic cheats, or guys who could not sustain their programs.

Carlesimo. Calipari. Raveling. Haskins. Sampson. Martelli. Lickliter. McKillop.

On second thought, maybe Self is fortunate not to be on the list.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


Dave Letterman would be proud, being from Indiana. Didn't Letterman come from Ball State University? We'll give Missouri some ball. Na, na, na, na, let's get Withey-with it!!!!!!!!!!

dynamitehawk 10 years ago

Girl - if beauty comes from within' you better turn your ugly self inside out! Gametime soon fools.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

I'll reach way back and go with "Bryan's Song" for my movie.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Dynamite... Haven't you heard, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone...

Gametime soon!

Mikendal: Indeed he was. Time for MU to get balled indeed.

I hate to do this to you, but if Withey gets in, I bet he lays an egg. Light me up folks... It's cool. Partly the power of negative thinking, but he wasn't expecting his number to be called last game, tonight, different story. Oh, the pressue...

DENDK24 10 years ago

Let's stay with basketball movies:

The Not Top Five List In No Particular Order

Celtic Pride 6th Man Like Mike Space Jam For Love and Basketball

My Top Five List In No Particular Order

Hoosiers Rebound White Men Can't Jump He Got Game Basketball Diaries

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Syracuse in a blowout--looks like our will start on time!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years ago


that's my favorite sports movie....

melrank 10 years ago

I think Hubert is a good ananlyst.

Go Digger. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

Brent Musberger said he's never been in an arena that was so loud!! AWESOME!!!!

MUCK FIZZOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

melrank 10 years ago

Wow - seems like the Phog is pretty amped.

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

DENDK - No, I caught a nasty sinus infection, so I'm stuck home watching it. You?

DENDK24 10 years ago

Got off too late, no way I would have found a seat

Kent Wells 10 years ago

dihrdhwk86: My bad, that was just a halftime score... I should have been more specific!

Not liking the start. I'll make the stupidmichael post:

I'm scared

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

Yeah, I'm sure it's packed and almost as loud as AFH! I'm gonna try to go Saturday, but it'll REALLY be packed for that one. I'll try to get there more than an hour early.

melrank 10 years ago

Two thoughts early:

We are getting really good looks, particularly inside.

Mizzou has shot alot of ugly forced shots not running nice offense. Two defensive breakdowns on our part gave them easy buckets.

I'm liking what I see so far.

DENDK24 10 years ago

Yeah I would go on saturday but I have to go to a family bday party, you better believe I'm going to monopolize the TV though

Philip Garver 10 years ago

X is fired up. He is gonna have a big game tonight

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

LOL! My family knows that when the game is on, you are either watching the game or you are in another room! Besides, it's too loud to concentrate on anything else besides the game.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Crap have to put up with BM but love B Knight Go Hawks!!!

DENDK24 10 years ago

Yeah my wife is a CU grad and I've slowly converted her to a fan and much of her fam, except her dad, he won't budge cause he paid for that CU education

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

Musberger, what a jerk! He asked Holly Rowe why he couldn't find TT's Facebook account.

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

No second chance points for MU - if we controll the boards and hit our FTs we have no problem.

melrank 10 years ago

I wanted to get on X for not going up strong enough, but that replay said it all . . .

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Are these officials related to Quantrill????????? Jeeze!!!!!!!!!

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

Marcus has stepped up BIG time!!!! X needs to go up strong and not so non-chalant, then maybe he'll get that call when he's mauled.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

StupidMichael: You fell asleep? Its Missouri dammit. Do you not understand your roll on this website. You show up early and post "I'm scared". Fortunately, the bench was ready and it was posted on your behalf. You are suspended for one game. Don't be late.

melrank 10 years ago

KU - nice work. I was a little disappointed myself.

kshaw04 10 years ago

I live in Seattle and my mom is in KC...I converted her by taking her to a game 2 years ago. She has strict instructions not to call until half time. It took awhile for her to get how serious I am about that!

Jesse...any chance we can see the pregame video?

Rub noses...give me a break! What was up with that ESPN clip!

kansasbasketball 10 years ago

I think tyshawn has played the best so far!!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

You don't think the game suspension is a little harsh?

This Morningstar to the basket is fun! That pass sucked though.

melrank 10 years ago

No one evers mentions that Cole outlets unbelievably. Can you say Wes Unseld with the two handed overhead outlet?

kshaw04 10 years ago

what is up with Brady...two nice layups in a row!

melrank 10 years ago

OK, Bob mentioned it - thanks.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Damn Morningstar---deliver the rock to the hole!!!!!!!!!!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Cole's outlet pass was awesome! That should be an assist somehow...

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

We are playing with some FIRE tonight! It's about time! I love seeing us play like it's the most important game of the season! Each game is!!!

kshaw04 10 years ago

Brady is on fire...his passing is amazing tonight...too bad morris missed that last one.

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

kuwells - no suspension, just take down his Facebook page....

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

brady really playing well. if only Morris could've converted that dunk.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

Speaking of on fire, Cole on fire on the defensive boards! WOW!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

For those who have said Cole has not been aggressive enough----that last rebound----I rest my case!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Fing awesome freaking rebound. Damn, what a sequence!

Taking down the facebook page. Nice. Oh, stupidM, what do you have to say in your defense (other than "fell asleep").

Foul saves Morris a missed layup.

kshaw04 10 years ago

I do believe Cole is finally back. The Iowa State game seems to have been a nice warm up for hime!

dynamitehawk 10 years ago

Cole's gonna mess around and get a triple double - hells yeah today was a good day.

Philip Garver 10 years ago

We've finally brought some emotion.

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

kshaw — That's tough on the video. We don't have any rights to them. I'd just check YouTube tomorrow to see if it's there.

DENDK24 10 years ago

Dynamite, there are however Helicopters looking for the murder. Victim=MU

Kent Wells 10 years ago

23 boards in 13 minutes - that is a stat!

Point Plankin' Dynamite!

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Cole is back...and he is Pissed Off!!!!!!!!

kusayzone 10 years ago

I like the agressiveness of Morningstar! Watch out for SC now! If Cole doesnt have 10 boards yet I would be surprised!!

melrank 10 years ago

Sherron needs to let the team go tonight. We are playing well, no need to force his game.

Ty good D then nice assist.

kshaw04 10 years ago

Just wondering about Withey too...wonder if we will see him when Cole is out today?

melrank 10 years ago

I don't know obviously, but the Withey sighting on Saturday was an exception not a new rule IMO.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Great pass...More vodka.

Reed - yahoo!

BS call on Taylor.

melrank 10 years ago

Slow the Freak down, boys.

We are playing their pace and getting careless - silly, silly, silly.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

dihrdhwk86 - cbssportsline has Cole at 8 boards.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Morningstar can make an entry pass to the post, the rest are turnovers... Arrrgh.

kusayzone 10 years ago

SC shoots that with no rebounders.....not two possessions and we didnt get the ball inside!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

It is called an outlook assist!

11 rebounds already for Cole!

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

Love how BM calls Xavier "X". Must be one of his homies! Can't wait to hear Bob Knight call him by that!

Jerry Rockhold 10 years ago

Anybody else muting the ESPN "idiots" & listening to Bob Davis & Chris Piper on the radio broadcast instead?

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

For those of you wondering if we are going to be seeing Withey the answer is no. Jeff just doesn't have enough speed to keep up with this game at this point in his development.

kansasbasketball 10 years ago

i knew we wouldn't see jeff but i would think this style is perfect for eljiah johnson but i guess i am wrong

kshaw04 10 years ago

jesse please stats at the half would be great!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

lance1---you're probably right on Withey, unfortunately!

kshaw04 10 years ago

Loved the focus on Cole during that time out. He is the man!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

I cant listen to Bob and Chris because the KUAC consists of a bunch of anal dwelling profit seeking butt monkeys. I mute ESPN because I cant stand Mouseburger. Listening to Metallica - pace of the music matches the pace of the game and the vodka.

Cole wipes the blood off and get me back in there! Then he mops the floor! Time to go sell some hotdogs Cole!

kusayzone 10 years ago

I wonder if Misery wants to even come out after halftime!!!!!!!

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

dihrdhwk - I wouldn't be surprised if cbs isn't accurate with their stats...seems like Cole has 20 boards tonight! He's playing like a monster! lol...

Whoa, Brady! Amazing half!

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

Best half of the season by far!!!!!!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Oh crap, pass Morningstar, pass, oh crap, please pass. Nice shot...

Perhaps it is the Vodka, but I swear Coach Self just sounded like Dale Earnhardt Jr. on that interview. Must be loud at the Phog.

Jesse, is it loud there???

kusayzone 10 years ago

Not fun! that is real Kansas basketball!!!!!

kansasbasketball 10 years ago

i like what musburger said "listen to them loudest we have been to all year" including ksu love it!!!

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

The BEST half of basketball we have played all year!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

OK, this is cool.

Cole has 6, Sherron 4 and X has 3 and we are up by freaking 20!

Somebody has opened a can of whip ass in Larrytown!

Philip Garver 10 years ago

After Brady's shot to end the half, I have come to the conclusion that we just can't catch a break.

Joe Joseph 10 years ago


What is "plaige?"

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

kuwells - I agree with you 100%. They are alienating huge amounts of KU fans who enjoy listening to Bob Davis and Chris Piper. If you can get it for free on the radio within the terrestrial coverage area then why cant I get it free online too? Dumb.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

denverjhawkfan-- not only the best half of the season but the best half for Cole, so far. Brady had a good half, too. Anybody think that Sherron is in a little shooting slump? Should I be alarmed by that?

kusayzone 10 years ago

SC was 2 for 8 from the field----wonder if he will keep forcing the shot or pad his assists? Oh wait...he doesnt have any!

John White 10 years ago

What are the chances Cole keeps up this pace for a triple double? Anyone know the last Jayhawk to score a triple double?

Stebbins 10 years ago

"Take that, Quantrill!" - Musberger, with good game-time situational recognition.

Dumb Tigers, so dumb to press the Jayhawks.

And the little-discussed fact, amid all the hype on Mizzou defense, is that the Jayhawks play better defense.

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

lance — Good call on Withey. Not a good matchup for him tonight.

kuwells — It is loud here. What you'd expect from a KU-MU game in the Fieldhouse.

Stats coming.

DENDK24 10 years ago

Cole had a triple double in the tourney last year

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Marcus is becoming my favorite player. He's got a complete game. We have seen a guy go from questionable to "getting it" right before our eyes.

DENDK24 10 years ago

This game is not over, I want to win by 40+

David Leathers 10 years ago

HOLY COW!!!! I knew that we'd play great. But this good? What is going on? Where did we get these guys? Kan you say Muck Fizzou?

It would seem that Mike Anderson's "Fastest 40 minutes in Basketball" is not workin out for him!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

"plaige" is french for StupidMichael shows up to the blog late and tries to redirect attention from himself to another poster. I crack myself up.

Jimbo: Cole was the last. It was the first for KU, in the tournament last year.

Melrank: Tonight it is Gray Goose. It's MU night you know...

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

We could possibly have 3 players with a double double tonight......Wow

DENDK24 10 years ago

HighEliteMajor - Not my favorite player, hard to put anyone over Sherron, but my favorite part about both of the Twims this year is that they don't worry about the refs at all, they just play hard!!

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

dihrdhwk - as long as we keep winning then keep on doing what you're doing.

lance - No doubt that was our best half of hoops all year long.

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

Anybody who knows anything knows that Missouri isn't out of this game. Its style of play can swallow up a 20-point lead pretty quickly. Kansas needs to drop the hammer in the 2nd half...again.

DENDK24 10 years ago

for those who don't know Twims=Twins in my mind

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Jesse, believe it or not, the loudest I ever heard that place was KU vs. Oklahoma (Brown vs. Tubbs) in 1985. It was so loud, my ears rang for 2 days - and not because of loud videos... All on the crowd!

jayhawkincorncobland: I was thinking the same thing. That would be cool. Disturbing avatar, dude.

melrank 10 years ago

Ahhh - Gray Goose - well chosen.

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

kuwell, I wonder if that has ever happened before, imagine 2 players with a double double and one with a triple double.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Thanks! It goes well with OJ. Need my Vitamin C!

melrank 10 years ago

No Withey - no surprise. No TRob? big Surprise.

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

If you want a disturbing avatar look at soobawls it is pretty funny though.

dynamitehawk 10 years ago

Who has more freedom in their job. Katie Horner or Bob Knight?

Kent Wells 10 years ago


I've only seen 3 players with double doubles before. I was at a game in Norman when I lived in OKC and I am pretty sure that Choo Kennedy and Tim Mcallister had double doubles for points and rebounds and the point guard (I think it was maybe a guy named Grace - not sure) had a double double for points and assists. It was against some directional school they beat 180 - 78 or something like that.

I'd love to see Cole get 10 blocks.

melrank 10 years ago

Since when is Brady supposed to take over like Sherron?

Please play within yourself, defending passing guru guy.

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Cole will get a triple a double bank on it.

Jerry Rockhold 10 years ago

Good to know when SC is having a bad game & TT is playing stupid again, we still are up by 20.

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

"Lebron James is no Brady Morningstar at beating the buzzer."

--the best compliment Brady will ever receive. lol

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

DENDK, he leaned into it or he might have gotten away with this one. The one in the first half was TOTAL BS!!!

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Goose and Mixers! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! (You must say it though with a New Jersey accent)

melrank 10 years ago

Or was it Ricky Grace? That name is familiar but not sure if he was an OU guy.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Mookie! Assist to melrank... Grace was the shooting guard. Or maybe it was Seegar. Whatever. More Gray Goose (and KU points and Cole blocks)!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Mizzou --- keep putting that stupid press on --- we'll keep slammin' it on ya!!!!!!!!!

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

That stupid Black Eyed Peas song is stupid!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

I change my mind. Ricky Grace.... That was him.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


What's your take on Mizzou's press? Any advise you'd give to Anderson?

melrank 10 years ago

dihard, kihd, whatever 86 - Was 10 Mookie's number? Great Album.

KU - Forgot about Seeger - he was one of the first guys I learned to hate . . . and then along came the guys from Duke . . . Ferry, Hurley, Laettner, etc.

melrank 10 years ago

Mike - I almost posted earlier on the press when we tried it on one possession and got a foul or turnover or something bad, I forget.

Chuck has been punished enough - his plethora of accurate posts has adequately absolved him of the Full Court Press fiasco.

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

kuwells doing his impression of a Fizzou fan reacting to the Tiggers getting their arses kicked! PERFECT impression!!!

Kent Wells 10 years ago


Can I answer? Can I answer?

This is a lot like Pitino / Kentucky. It is time to call off the press and slow down the game, or it is going to get embarassing.

Philip Garver 10 years ago

Wells- I live just outside of OKC and hate dealing with the idiot Sooners constantly

Kent Wells 10 years ago

10 was Blaylocks number. Damn, we must be bored. Talking about Sooner basketball from the early 80s. Rock Chack, Blow Out, Baby!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

BigDaddy. I lived in OKC from 1986-1992.

I was just in OKC for the MLK weekend. Stayed at the Skirvin Hotel. It was awesome. Very nice hotel...

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

With 3 fouls on Cole he should and probably will stop going for blocks. IMO

melrank 10 years ago

I'd like to think that it was because we won a Championship in '88. I remember Stacy King and Grant, too. Not to mention, Billy Tubbs.

Oh, Good Times!

ydoow53 10 years ago

Let's see some T Rob and EJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

Is T-Rob in the doghouse? I wonder why we haven't seen him yet tonight?!?! He could keep up this pace!!

Musberger - "Tyler Reed with the 3." Get it right!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

My stupidmichael impression:

I'm bored!

kshaw04 10 years ago

Who just said beware of the phog...muss... or Knight...kinda funny.

melrank 10 years ago

Gray Goose is kicking in - you're funny tonight.

DENDK24 10 years ago

Lance, i thought maybe after Cole's third foul.

There will be no more Cole haters on the message boards tomorrow, that is a guarantee!!!

bballdiehard 10 years ago

This game is awesome. My only complaint is that stupid new camera they installed recently. The colors looks really pale on my TV when they switch to it, and it just makes everything look weird. Stick with the normal camera angle where you can tell what's going on and who has the ball.

And just to give credit where it's due, while it wasn't ever recorded as a tripple double, I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that Wilt Chamberlain had at least one of those as well.

ydoow53 10 years ago

Sub par game for SC--terrible shot selection--turnovers--let's give someone else a chance

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


I'll take your advise on leaving Chuck alone. I respect Chuck's posts and I think he has a great sense of humor.

What about Reed tonight? What a unsung hero!!!!!

melrank 10 years ago

Hmmm - Cole out for the night and still no TRob?

Very weird.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

DENDK24- I said it in an earlier post that Withey just doesn't have the speed at this point in his development for a game like this. Hopefully with that said, soon he will be able to contribute, but just not right now.

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

While I think TRob would LOVE the pace of this game, I'm afraid he'd be a turnover machine trying to play at it. IMHO

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Gray Goose is kicking me right now. I'm seeing things. Reed is 4-4 from 3! We are winning by, let's see - subtract 2 from 7 and carry the one - oh hell, a lot of points. I need to drink every game.

DENDK24 10 years ago

I agree with your postearlier , but the game has slowed down since then so I thought maybe he would get a chance, I guess we have to wait until the CU game to see him again.

Philip Garver 10 years ago

When the Knicks were in town a couple weeks ago, they all got scared saying that the Skirvin was haunted. They said some woman jumped from the 10th floor back in the 20's.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

kuwells- Welcome to the dark side wait...... drunk side. NH_JHawk and I are regulars to the drunk side

Ryan Mullen 10 years ago

Aldridge better get it together or Self might start making him sit.

thehawkster 10 years ago

what is the song they were playing right before tipoff?

melrank 10 years ago

Here's the deal with Withey - If the guy was close to contributing, he would have been getting SOME minutes way earlier. I can't expain Saturday, but Coach is a smart guy . . . if Withey was ready to break out, we would have seen him way before last Saturday.

That was nothing more than when we needed an occassional Klienman (sp?) contribution during a foul ridden contest. Withey just happened to produce.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

How many rebounds for Cole--is he close to a Triple-Double?

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

DENDK24- The CU game would fit him and so would some clean up minutes in this one or when we blow KSUck out of the water on sat.

Remember Withey has not played competetive ball since high school. It would be un-wise to rush him into a game where his confidence could be crushed.

kshaw04 10 years ago

Knight said at the KSU game the fans should be yelling thank you ...our players deserve a huge thank you tonight. Would be great and funny if our fanse started yelling thank you...That first half was incredible and they are maintaining that 20 point lead in the second half.

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

I agree shaw. Jesse, can you get that chant started?! Here, I'll start it...

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank YOU!!!!!

Ok, take it from here

DENDK24 10 years ago

I like it, Drive for T Rob and no travel!!!

melrank 10 years ago

If D-Man can teach TRob how to control that first step . . . watch out.

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

lance1 - it's well established the correlation between drinking and KU winning. So far it's yielded a national championship so hard to argue with the ritual. Cheers!

NH_JHawk 10 years ago

There is absolutely nothing better than embarrassing Fizzou. Well....except for maybe going back to back and embarrassing K-State. Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU! YES!

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

NH_JHawk - Never, and I repeat... never break a tradition. Your logic amazes me sir.

kshaw04 10 years ago

and now we have withey...


I'll second that

Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Chant is going up--good win for the Jayhawks!!!! Let's get ready to rumble in Kitty Kat Land!!!! ESPN College Game Day--it will be a crazy scene!!!

Darrel Stice 10 years ago

Not too hard to guess who will be number one in Keegan's Rankings tomorrow!!!

Cole was THE MAN tonight!!! Welcome back big guy!!!

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

I wonder why Coach waited so long to play Withey. Any ideas??? Also, was disappointed to see a lot of the old folks exit so early...didn't look so good on the tube!!!

melrank 10 years ago

How often do you lose the turnover battle 4-24 and win by 20?

lovemyhawks 10 years ago

yes, cole was back in force!!!! LOVE IT!!!! brady great too and the morris twins!! even tyrel hot! felt bad for sherron....... he really WANTED to score!

lovemyhawks 10 years ago

turnovers were the one big disappointment!!!! wow...... 4-24? unreal on both sides!!! that shows mizzou did NOTHING else right, huh??

Jeff Kilgore 10 years ago

Exactly melrank, and it really bothers me. If we commit 20+ turnovers against a good team, we'll lose by 20. Missouri will finish behind most of the south and KSU which will put them somewhere between 7 and 9 or 10th in the league. I am very unhappy about this win because it underscores a real problem we're having with turnovers. We are a talented and hard-working but very sloppy team. Self will get this cleaned up. He knows that this can't continue.

Philip Garver 10 years ago

Since we started talking about movies....quoting Crash Davis in Bull Durham "Never F with a streak"

jayhawkinATL 10 years ago

At least 3 charges on TT. Just wish he wouldn't fly so willy-nilly to the basket sometimes.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

The drunk side! Awesome. I need to start on my ksu top 10 list!

David Leathers 10 years ago

stupidmichael (anonymous) says... "Lebron James is no Brady Morningstar at beating the buzzer."

Actually it was Dwayne Wade... Lebron won the game with his 2 made free throws.

MrPilot 10 years ago

Rock Chalk Jayhawk - Muck Fizzou!!!! Great game. And can we get Coach Knight to commentate for every ESPN game? He's miles above anyone else.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Awww shucks, I missed the prediction by 3 points. I overrated MU I guess.

Robert Murphy 10 years ago

We lost the second half by 1 point. Very sloppy game. Collins is too small. Morningstar played a great game. Aldrich won this game almost singlehandedly. How about Reed's three pointers? Still not a final four team. I'm not seeing progress out of Robinson. I'm not seeing Withey and Johnson at all. We beat an undersized and less talented team but way too many turnovers to feel good about it If anyone doesn't agree with my comments be sure to hurl as many insults as will make you feel good about yourselves. This means you Brown Derby and The Rooster.

Mike Johns 10 years ago

I thought TT played really good minutes in the first half. BM was great tonight.

Collins didnt penetrate to shoot or pass like he usually does - its good to know we can survive even when he is off.

MU plays sloppy, out of control, and hackers... that press fed us throughout the first half.

great win boys. rock chalk baby

ILJawk27 10 years ago

This was a great win. Not perfect, but great. We played fantastic defense, the long passing was great. And, yes, we are a final-4 caliber team. Mizzou is not a bad team and we ran them out of the Field House. We need to clean up the turnovers. But if you told me Sherron and X would both have off nights and we smoke Mizzou by 19 (and the game wasn't that close), I can live with that!

okiedave 10 years ago

kuwells: Ten things Kansas got right: 1. Refused to allow I-70 to go near Manhatten 2. Gave KSU the ugliest and most dowdy color in crayon box 3. Counseling services to majority of KSU coeds confused about the Animal Husbandry course. 4. Determined that cow and chicken s**t on the KSU campus would not be detrimental to the campus aesthetics. 5. Made KSU the center for pig and hog studies 6. Made the KSU pig and hog studies a mandatory self-emprovement course for KSU coeds. 7. ??? 8. ??? 9. ??? 10. ???

DENDK24 10 years ago

How spoiled are we(Bobbysfissure) to still complain after we win by twenty???

Redlandsjhawk 10 years ago

Wade is no Brady Morningstar........freaking classic

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

Cole seems to be slowly coming out of some sort of cocoon.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice this - his hair is not nearly as cropped as it has ever been. Also, that "man-sized" power-rebound was about the most aggressive move he's made all year. He also actually took the ball about 20 feet in the open court at one point.

Before it's all over, Jaybate may get his wish and see Cole with a sharpened fingernail, contemporary hairdo and doing a Minnesotan's version of Pollard.

I, for one, want to see him let a 3 pointer fly. We saw that half-court shot video. I know he really wants to go 3!

kufan89 10 years ago

blowout ROCK CHALK style......Love it!

DENDK24 10 years ago

Bhann, I agree, but a lot of the turnovers were when we were up by double digits and also were questionable offensive foul calls, We can obviously play better but some fans act like the sky is falling when we are still 2nd in both polls, 2nd in RPI, and 1st in both KenPom and Sagarin ratings. And for a team composed of a lot of sophmores and freshmen and only one important senior, I feel like we're just fine.

Dr. Robert s. Mosser 10 years ago

Bob Knight did more than "mention" Cole. He noted his strength on rebounds, holding the ball and finding the man for good>great outlet pass leading to a lot of offensive plays and especially wearing down the other team. Knight is easily the most informative/knowledgable announcer in the business. Good thing since Mushmouth seems to just blather.

Kevin Huffman 10 years ago

Only complaints in this game is the Sherron couldn't seem to finish his drives as he usually does. X wasn't as bad as the last few games offensively as he had a couple of good 3's, but I wouldn't exactly say he was "on" either. Would've liked to have sen E.Johnson get some play with about 11:00 left when both Sherron and Tyshawn had 3 fouls a piece on them rather than having Tyrel bring the ball up. Was that little stretch of time when MU trimmed a 28 pt. lead down to like 22 or so. To me we should be seeing more out of these freshmen by this point. I'll admit that I even like Tyshawn's play today and the one offensive foul on him was really debatable this time at least....though the called a far worse one on X later when the game was moreso in hand. Sometimes I still feel like Cole could do better offensively and brings the ball down when he shouldn't.

Scott Smetana 10 years ago

ESPN says, "Wade is no Brady Morningstar". Brady needs to get that on a plaque and enjoy that for the rest of his life.

Great Spanking Hawks, just what we needed. No worries Sherron, your team is improving by the day.

jaybate 10 years ago

Though Cole's16 reebs and 7 blocks was exceptional, the big story of this game was the Twins combo for 26 pts. and 20 reebs on 9 of 13 shooting! We will never lose with that kind of production out of the 4.

Down side?

It might have been a close game, if Fizzou had shot better and KU shot worse from trey.


KU made 23 TOs and only 4 steals, thus ending with one of the worst Disruption Stats of the season (assists: TOs).

MU fouled KU all up on the perimeter, meaning MU was too quick for our perimeter players. Opposing coaches, especially Frank Martin, will be studying this tape to see how Anderson did it. KU better come up with an answer, or they are going to lose on an off-shooting night.

X labors again.

Tyshawn makes fouls and TOs like a frosh.

Brady had another game that ices more PT for him.

Won big with Sherronatron having an off game. Good sign.

Tyrel put on a shooting clinic without many mistakes. It is nearly impossible to keep a glue player that shoots 40% plus from trey off the floor. The athletic bodies shooting 35% from trey look so good early, but over time the statistical weight of 3 point shooting just inexorably grinds down the value of the contribution of the athletic, but lesser trey shooters. Tyshawn has to work on his trey this summer, and learn to protect the ball, or his minutes are going to keep trending down next year. He's so gifted athletically, but he just can't pot the triceratop reliably enough to make up for his TOs. I still think Tyshawn has to be injured to be sliding downwards this way.

jaybate 10 years ago

Erratum: I meant steals: TOs for the Disruption Stat.

Milhawkee 10 years ago

Tomorrow's headline should be:

Cole Mops Up Mizzou

bdku 10 years ago

That's the beast I want to see in Cole... Ripping the ball away from opponents and dominating the inside! This game reminded me of his performance against North Carolina two years ago. Rock Chalk!

Doug LeMoine 10 years ago

Ugh. I'm not normally Chicken Little after a Border War win. But 23 turnovers? Ugh. Against K-State -- bigger inside and way better on the perimeter -- tonight would have been much, much different. Big guys need to ROTATE out on to the open men (especially Markieff), and guards need to take care of the ball (especially Brady/Tyshawn). I'm not worried about Sherron. He'll be ready.

waywardJay 10 years ago

Jaybate..... I saw MikeOlmstead repairing the Flat tire Kim English blew out underneath the basket at the Illustrious Phog.....

That being said, Tyshawn looked selfish tonight.... everything was a shot with the exception of his Mauling of Brady after the three.... He took as many shots as Cole did, from alot of the same places Cole did.... two of the charges were questionable, but it seems like he thinks the way of getting back into the starters spot is by taking shots.....

I love his Drive, I do, but pull up and kick to X or Sherron.... or tonight with Sherron Out.... Brady or Tyrel..... or Hell LOB to the bigs.... they shot over 70 % for the game, man.

Fouling out with 4 turnovers ( at least two on charges ) and 3 assists is not going to move you up the list.....

waywardJay 10 years ago


I find it amusing hearing Bobby talk "admirably" of teams that play Zone..... Until tech, bobby NEVER used Zone and i think even at tech i can count on my hands the amount of time he employed it......

Tonight he was Talking about Matchup zones and you could hear the disdain in his voice......

Though there was one Inconsistancy we must adress Bobby..... During the Cal game, You suggest that there is no one in professional sports that you admire more than Derek Jeter, Tonight it was Peyton Manning... So which is it Bobby.... DO you admire Jeter or Peyton More ?

I await an answer or a Chair being hurled my direction.....

waywardJay 10 years ago

Okie Dave

  1. Gave Frank Martin a Coaching job comically after the ( other ) most mobster looking coach in the NCAA's.

  2. Has the Only Point guard in the Conference who is afraid of being elbowed by Brady. ( a feat even 5'7 Cookie Miller could duplicate )

  3. In fairness, They DID destroy Texas aTm in football.... When one ag school slaughters anotehr it's always a sign of something.... Though if you saw the Tra La La video provided Pre-Game by the aTm yelleaders one might wonder you might not have been surprised ....

  4. Beat Texas while missing about every three they hoisted, yet lost in the same building Oklahoma State team that turned the ball over 20 times....

Interesting corolary stat of the Game.... Jamar Samuels, Plays well against the bigger bulkier DexPitt ( one of the top 3 bigs in the '12 ) going for 20 and 12 in 28 minute.... Yet goes for 5 and 1 in 13 minutes against Smaller more athletic Bigs like Muonelo, Moses and Anderson..... ( AHEM ...Marcus,Markief,Thomas and Xavier .... )

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