Monday, January 25, 2010

KU moves up to No. 2 in both polls


After picking up victories over Baylor and Iowa State last week, the Kansas men's basketball team moved up one spot to No. 2 in both the Associated Press and ESPN/USA Today coaches polls.

Kentucky, the lone remaining undefeated team, was the unanimous No. 1 in both rankings.

Following two losses last week, Texas fell from No. 1 to No. 6 in both polls. Kansas State, meanwhile, stayed in the top 15 (11th AP/13th coaches) in both rankings.

Baylor (24th AP) was the only other Big 12 team to earn a spot in the top 25.

The full rankings are below.

See how Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan voted.

AP Top 25

  1. Kentucky (65) 19-0 1,625
  2. Kansas 18-1 1,519
  3. Villanova 18-1 1,503
  4. Syracuse 19-1 1,455
  5. Michigan State 17-3 1,324
  6. Texas 17-2 1,307
  7. Georgetown 15-3 1,124
  8. Duke 16-3 1,120
  9. West Virginia 15-3 1,113
  10. Purdue 16-3 977
  11. Kansas State 16-3 960
  12. Brigham Young 20-1 894
  13. Gonzaga 16-3 847
  14. Tennessee 15-3 837
  15. Temple 17-3 707
  16. Wisconsin 16-4 635
  17. Pittsburgh 15-4 599
  18. Mississippi 15-4 411
  19. Connecticut 13-6 286
  20. Ohio State 14-6 270
  21. Vanderbilt 15-3 264
  22. Georgia Tech 14-5 194
  23. New Mexico 18-3 180
  24. Baylor 15-3 157
  25. UAB 17-2 125

Others Receiving Votes — Florida State 111, Northern Iowa 106, Clemson 103, Wake Forest 98, Butler 69, Mississippi State 42, Texas A&M; 29, Oklahoma State 25, Missouri 24, Maryland 22, Cornell 16, Old Dominion 11, Xavier 11, UNLV 6, Northwestern 5, Siena 3, Virginia 3, Saint Mary's 2, Louisiana Tech 2, California 2, Coastal Carolina 1, Harvard 1.

ESPN/USA Today coaches poll

  1. Kentucky (31) 19-0 775
  2. Kansas 18-1 739
  3. Villanova 18-1 714
  4. Syracuse 19-1 680
  5. Michigan State 17-3 627
  6. Texas 17-2 613
  7. Duke 16-3 555
  8. Gonzaga 16-3 533
  9. West Virginia 15-3 506
  10. Brigham Young 20-1 485
  11. Georgetown 15-3 483
  12. Purdue 16-3 420
  13. Kansas State 16-3 409
  14. Tennessee 15-3 385
  15. Temple 17-3 339
  16. Wisconsin 16-4 282
  17. Pittsburgh 15-4 267
  18. Butler 16-4 213
  19. Connecticut 13-6 199
  20. Mississippi 15-4 151
  21. Clemson 15-5 112
  22. Georgia Tech 14-5 105
  23. Vanderbilt 15-3 71
  24. Ohio State 14-6 62
  25. Northern Iowa 17-2 60

Others Receiving Votes — Florida State 50, Cornell 38, New Mexico 38, Baylor 37, Wake Forest 23, UAB 18, Oklahoma State 16, Missouri 16, Saint Mary's 11, Mississippi State 9, Maryland 6, UNLV 6, Siena 4, Texas A&M; 4, Old Dominion 3, Louisiana Tech 3, Xavier 3, Notre Dame 2, California 2, North Carolina 1.


jayhawkjoe98 12 years ago

Whoever voted for North Carolina in the Coaches poll should be shot. What a joke.

Dyrk Dugan 12 years ago

could Roy miss the tourney? he's already lost 7 games....he still has to play Duke twice, at Wake Forest, at Maryland...shoot at NC State on Tuesday will be no picnic.

i don't know how the Tar Heel nation could handle that? tee he....

rgreene 12 years ago

Since I'm sure Roy doesn't fill out his own poll, I guarantee you it was their SID.

jcsmith 12 years ago

"Kentucky, the lone remaining undefeated team, was the unanimous No. 1 in both rankings, until they travel to South Carolina Tuesday night that is."

Marcia Parsons 12 years ago

Even if they lose this week and we win, I suspect they will retain first place. Too many have been wanting them as #1. That's okay. Let them have the pressure.

BCRavenJHawkfan 12 years ago


It was one vote, maybe it was Roy himself.

BCRavenJHawkfan 12 years ago


Seriously, Kentucky stays at number one should they lose to unranked South Carolina? If it does happen that way, then there are a bunch of AP writers and coaches drinking some strange kool-aide.

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

1) Kentucky 2) Kansas 3) Villanova 4) Syracuse 5) Texas 6) Michigan State 7) Gonzaga 8) BYU 9) Duke-Duke stayed where they were while Kansas State dropped. Hmmmm 10) Kansas State-Shouldn't penalized after beating #1 Texas-I mean Duke and UNC hardly ever drop when they lose. 11) West Virginia 12) Georgetown 13) Temple 14) Purdue 15) Tennessee 16) Butler 17) Pittsburgh 18) Butler 19) Northern Iowa 20) Missouri 21) UConn 22) Wisconsin 23) Clemson 24) Vanderbilt 25) Texas A&M

Okie State and Baylor are also right there. If Baylor wouldn't have lost to Colorado right before playing Kansas they would be a solid Top 20. However, they get ranked and the first night they get ranked they lose to Colorado. That is the Baylor I usually know, but at the moment they are just in my Top 30.

Okie State is very close, but they got blown out against Baylor and they have to be kicking themselves for letting that game in OU slip past them. That win against K-State allows them to have some breathing room and if they can take care of business in the upcoming weeks we should see a Top 25 ranking from the Pokes. Their overall SOS isn't anything to scream about so that is why they aren't currently ranked.

My other votes: New Mexico, UAB, Wichita State, Baylor, Wake Forest, Ohio State, Okie State, Mississippi, and Florida State.

Mike Kendall 12 years ago

If the Sports Information Director (SID) voted for the Tar Heels for the Top 25 poll, then he or she is not very smart. If you want to use the word, "Stupid," so be it. Unbelievable. The nice thing about March Madness is the pretenders are pretty much kicked out after the 2nd Round. Question is: Will the Turd Hills even make the Tournament?

Tony Bandle 12 years ago

Kansas is almost non-existent for recruiting for 2010-2011. Kentucky has the potential to be #1 with five or six 5 star players. What if, however, Cole came back and X came back. HCBS lands Josh Selby. And Little and Releford come of redshirts. Throw in Woolridge.

Let's see five or six 5 star freshmen or Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry, Mario Little, Travis Releford, Josh Selby and Orlando Woolridge??? HHMMM tough decision.........NOT!!!

I think good old Coach Calimari is going to eventually "one and done" himself out of business!!

Godisajayhawk 12 years ago


We all know what you meant, but let's make sure we give the kid his due

Mike Kendall 12 years ago

By the way, Joe G. on the ESPN website (Bracketology) has KU in the South Region, #1 VS Campbell. We would play the winner of the North Carolina/Xavier game--so, the Tar Hills probably wish that the Season ended today. A lot of games left, including the one tonight against Mizzou. One game at a time, right?

David Leathers 12 years ago


Bill Self OWNS Roy! Let that second round matchup be NC... Well doubt they could even beat Xavier. But, if it happens, they would lose by 20+. I think NC's only hope is to win the ACC Tourny.

David Leathers 12 years ago

kushaw~ we really don't care to see Keegan's picks. Do you think that we care about yours?

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 12 years ago

Godisajayhawk-----i love your name, lol.

As for UNC....I've been wondering myself whether they'd make the tourney. Will be interesting to watch.

Notice how after '08 we lost tons of players, just like UNC, but Self got us to the Sweet 16 (Damn near Elite 8), Won the Big 12 AGAIN and won Coach of the Year? Roy hasn't followed up on his title as well.....

David Leathers 12 years ago

Milwaukee - -

I think I posted something about Bill's ability to recover from losing his starting 5 compared to Roy's... Bill is a great coach and great recruiter and Roy is just a great recruiter, IMO.

Great minds think alike.

Chris Shaw 12 years ago

Rockchalkcali: If you don't care than why did you waste your time posting on this page? That seems kind of stupid on your part. You should probably better allocate your time.

David Hewitt 11 years, 12 months ago

Nice call, jcsmith. Kentucky goes down! Good luck to the Jayhawks on Saturday.

Really, aside from that 0 in the losses column, there wasn't anything to recommend Kentucky over any of the other top 5 teams, and that 0 could have easily been a much bigger number with a few bad breaks. No chance they keep #1.

rgreene 11 years, 12 months ago

Ralster, couldn't you say the same thing about when he was at Kansas, though, with the tradition thing? Just saying ...

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