Originally published January 6, 2010 at 05:48p.m., updated January 6, 2010 at 10:13p.m.

FINAL: KU uses late surge to top Cornell, 71-66

The Fieldhouse crowd watches as Sherron Collins penetrates the Cornell defense for a bucket to give the Jayhawks the lead late in the second half, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

The Fieldhouse crowd watches as Sherron Collins penetrates the Cornell defense for a bucket to give the Jayhawks the lead late in the second half, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.


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2010 KU-Cornell

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Following KU's 71-66 win over Cornell, do you think that was Sherron Collins' best game as a Jayhawk?

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KU escapes Cornell

Sherron Collins led the Jayhawks past a close one against Cornell with a career-high 33 points.


KU vs. Cornell

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Here are some videos relating to KU's basketball matchup with Cornell on Jan. 6, 2010.

KU vs. Cornell

Box Score

KU scoring — Collins 33 (career high), Xavier Henry 14, Aldrich 13, Markieff Morris 4, Reed 3, Morningstar 3, Marcus Morris 1.

KU was 18-for-49 from the floor (36.7 percent), 7-for-15 from three (46.7 percent) and 28-for-36 from the free-throw line (77.8 percent).

Cornell was 24-for-55 from the floor (43.6 percent), 9-for-26 from three (34.6 percent) and 9-for-14 from the free-throw line (64.3 percent).

KU out-rebounded Cornell, 35-34. Cornell had 16 turnovers to KU's 10.

FINAL: KU defeats Cornell, 71-66

Wittman misses a three from the top. Morningstar was all over him, and Wittman had to double-pump on the shot. Xavier Henry gets the rebound and is fouled with 5.7 seconds left. He makes both free throws.

Louis Dale misses a last-second three, Collins tosses the ball high in the air in celebration, and the Jayhawks escape with a five-point win.

KU 69/Cornell 66 — 12.8 seconds left in 2nd half

Collins takes the ball straight to the rim, putting in a layup with a phantom foul. Cornell’s Reeves was so upset with the call that he was nearly T’d up by Steve Welmer. Collins free throw gives KU a two-point lead.

Wittman gets a semi-open look but his three bounces off. Collins gets the rebound, but misses the first free throw. He makes the second to put KU up, 67-64, with 25.2 seconds to go.

Taylor is called for a foul for being in the wrong place on a loose ball scenario, as Wittman falls to the floor in a scramble. Wittman makes both ends of the one-and-one to trim KU’s lead to one with 16.8 seconds left.

Collins is fouled immediately with 15.5 seconds left. He makes both free throws to put KU up three.

Cornell calls timeout with 12.8 seconds left.

Cornell 64/KU 63 — 49 seconds left in 2nd half

Wittman, with a double-team, is forced to pass with the shot clock winding down, and Foote misses a short shot off the glass. KU clears the board.

Collins misses a finger-roll, but again, KU gets the benefit of the whistle, as an official says the guard was hit on the head.

Louis Dale cuts to the basket and gets a layup to fall. Collins misses a deep shot on the other end.

Cornell calls timeout with 8 seconds left on the shot clock. After the break, Wroblewski misses a leaner, and Aldrich clears the board.

Xavier Henry misses a shot inside, and he complains to a nearby official. On the other end, Foote puts in a layup as Cornell regains the lead. Timeout KU.

KU 61/Cornell 60 — 3:28 left in 2nd half

Xavier Henry misses another layup. Aldrich misses the follow jam. KU can’t get anything to go in.

Collins squirts to the rim, drawing a foul before making two free throws.

Collins, on a drive, has it stripped, but the official calls a cheapie foul from the backside. Two free throws later, and KU is only down two.

Big swing of momentum for Cornell. Foote missed the front end of a one-and-one, but KU couldn’t grab the defensive board. Two passes later, a driving Foote put in a layup.

Collins, on a drive, has the ball go off his hands out of bounds. Self calls timeout.

Morningstar defends Wittman well, as his three falls off. On the other end, Collins finds Aldrich, and the big man puts in his second turn-around.

After a Cornell travel, Collins drives before pitching to Reed for a three that gives KU a 61-60 lead. Reed pumps his arm in the air in celebration.

Cornell 58/KU 52 — 7:52 left in 2nd half

Taylor drives and picks up an all-important foul: Cornell’s seventh of the half. KU will shoot free throws on each foul the rest of the way.

It won’t help, though, if KU can’t make the freebies, as Taylor and Xavier Henry both miss the front of one-and-ones.

After getting fouled in the backcourt, Aldrich hits one free throw, but not two. Nothing is coming easy for the Jayhawks tonight.

A flurry of scoring after that. Two twos by Wittman. A three from Collins.

An interesting turn of events after that, as Self told Taylor to switch with Morningstar to guard Wittman. Morningstar wouldn’t give up the defensive assignment, and Taylor yelled at him to play defense. The next break in action, Self had words with Morningstar, and Morningstar yelled something at Self, throwing his arms up while backing away. Whatever happened, Morningstar stayed on Wittman after the timeout.

Cornell 51/KU 46 — 11:41 left in 2nd half

Xavier Henry steals an alley-oop attempt, and much like the Jayhawks have been playing all night, he doesn’t hesitate to go one-on-two without looking at a teammate. Xavier draws a foul, but misses both free throws.

Xavier forces up another shot in the lane that misses. He’s now 3-for-10. The Collins/Xavier and no one else offense isn’t working recently.

Aldrich comes away with a block and steal in the lane, and he tosses ahead to Collins, who gets fouled. The senior makes both free throws to end a KU drought.

The crowd comes to its feet, and forced into a corner, a Cornell player calls timeout.

Following the break, Alex Tyler calmly sinks an open 18-footer to quiet the crowd.

KU keeps getting steals but can’t convert. Marcus Morris gets the ball underneath but turns back into his freshman self, falling away from a missed layup instead of going strong into the contact.

The good news for KU is the pace has picked up dramatically. A faster pace should mean tired Cornell players down the stretch.

Cornell 49/KU 43 — 15:58 left in 2nd half

Collins makes a tough shot, then misses a tough shot. It appears he’s going to win or lose this game for Kansas, and his teammates might not even get a chance to help him offensively.

Cornell 49/KU 41 — 17:19 left in 2nd half

Not a good possession to start the second half for the Jayhawks. Blown assignment on a screen leads to open three. Three misses. Cornell gets offensive rebound. KU double-teams post. Cornell finds open man. Easy layup.

Meanwhile, Xavier Henry tries to shoot his way out of a cold streak, clanking an 18-foot baseline shot with a hand in his face.

KU gets the idea on the next possession offensively. Aldrich gets it inside, draws a crowd, then finds Xavier Henry alone on the perimeter for a wide-open three that swishes through.

Marcus Morris steals a crosscourt pass, but Aldrich misses a turnaround that would have tied it. Geoff Reeves breaks open for another three, and he buries it.

Wittman follows with an off-balance three, and Cornell has opened up an eight-point lead. Timeout KU, and it’s officially danger time for the undefeated Jayhawks.

KU scoring — Collins 14 (6-for-10 shooting), Xavier Henry 9, Aldrich 8, Markieff Morris 4, Morningstar 3.

KU was 11-for-27 from the floor (40.7 percent), 4-for-8 from three (50 percent) and 12-for-13 from the free-throw line (92.3 percent).

Cornell was 14-for-26 from the floor (53.8 percent), 6-for-13 from three (46.2 percent) and 7-for-11 from the free-throw line (63.6 percent).

Both teams had 15 rebounds at the break. Cornell had eight turnovers to KU’s six.

Some thoughts

Where would KU be in this game if it hadn’t made 92 percent of its free throws?

Getting Aldrich back in at the beginning of the second half should help KU. He had eight points in just six first-half minutes before picking up two fouls.

KU has held 87 straight opponents to under 50-percent shooting. The Big Red made 53.8 percent of its shots in the first half. With the limited first-half possessions, the Jayhawks had to play especially poor defensively to give up 41 points.

Who can KU stick on Ryan Wittman? He’s up to 15 points on 4-for-7 shooting from three. KU needs to find an answer quickly, whether it’s Xavier Henry or Morningstar.

Cornell 41/KU 38 — Halftime

Out of the timeout, Collins hits a big three for KU, with the assist coming from Xavier Henry. Both guys yell at each other to try to pump each other up.

Collins finishes a tough drive with a layup and foul, and he admires the play afterwards, putting his arms around his knees while sitting and bobbing his head a few times.

Cornell’s Alex Tyler gets called for an offensive foul on a rebound, and in anger, he throws an elbow at one of the Morris twins. Self leaps up, demanding a technical foul on the Big Red big man. The coach is going to have to be careful, or he’s going to get himself kicked out of this game.

Markieff Morris hits two free throws to put KU up one, but with the fans all standing, Louis Dale answers with a three over Morningstar.

Collins rolls in another tough shot in the lane, but KU is trading twos for threes. Wittman knocks down a deep three to extend Cornell’s lead.

Collins once again answers, using some fancy dribbling before hitting a tough, stepback, fadeaway jumper at the buzzer.

Still, KU trails 41-38 at the break.

Cornell 30/KU 26 — 3:05 left in 1st half

If Self wants his team to win ugly, he’s getting a glimpse of it here.

Collins misses a forced three, but Xavier Henry picks off two offensive boards before getting fouled. Markieff Morris hit the floor while banging inside for the ball. Self stands to applaud the effort.

C.J. Henry checks in at the 6:25 mark of the first half. Perhaps he can give KU an offensive spark.

Following a three from Wittman, Collins shows some razzle-dazzle, going behind his back with the dribble before putting in a left-handed floater off the glass.

Cornell responds, though, as Chris Wroblewski puts in a three without anyone around him.

The ball is sticking quite a bit for KU right now. Xavier and Collins are trying to take over offensively themselves, shooting early in the possession without looking to teammates.

Xavier Henry puts in another three — this time a wide open one on a crosscourt feed — and Cornell calls a quick timeout to regroup while still up one at 27-26.

Another three for Wittman. KU has to do a better job of getting out to him.

Self once again is hot this timeout. Official Steve Welmer is trying to settle him down, walking him back toward the bench.

Cornell 18/KU 16 — 7:24 left in 1st half

Foote makes two free throws out of the break, and he follows with a layup to push Cornell’s lead to three.

Thomas Robinson attempts a move inside and loses the handle, turning it over. Self bangs his hand loudly against the Chipotle sign next to him. That’s KU’s fifth turnover already, and Cornell’s defense isn’t known as one that forces a lot of turnovers.

Aldrich breaks KU’s slump with two free throws, and in transition, Morningstar dumps a nice pass over the top to Aldrich for an easy two. Self, who hasn’t been happy for most of this one, even stands to applaud the play.

Aldrich picks up his second foul with 8:46 left. He’ll most likely sit the rest of the half.

Self is really getting on the official near the bench, and his temper boils over after Cornell puts in a layup. The coach calls timeout, then marches over to the official on the other side, saying, “That’s a travel right in front of you,” motioning a travel with his hands. The outburst earns Self a quick technical foul, but maybe that will be something that gets the team and fans fired up.

Collins gets to the rim on a drive for two, and predictably, the crowd is as loud as its been all night.

KU 10/Cornell 9 — 11:35 left in 1st half

Cornell goes to a zone (What was wrong with holding KU to four points in 4 1/2 minutes?) and immediately, Xavier drains an open three. Cornell wisely switches back to its man defense after that.

Markieff Morris tries to dump a pass into his brother, Marcus, but the pass is intercepted in traffic. The bad play seems to affect Markieff defensively, as he commits a foul that contributes to a three-point play on the other end. Self quickly checks him out.

It’s no secret that Cornell’s gameplan is to limit possessions as much as possible. The Big Red is taking almost all the time off the shot clock each possession.

Brady Morningstar throws home a three, and KU has regained the lead at 10-9.

An early nomination for KU student sign of the year: “I’ve got 99 problems but Aldrich ain’t one.” I got a chuckle out of that one.

KU 4/Cornell 4 — 15:43 left in 1st half

So far, the offense for Cornell hasn’t been from the guards, but instead from seven-footer Jeff Foote inside. The big man gets the ball in the lane the first two possessions and takes it right at Cole Aldrich, putting in a short turnaround then a longer hook shot off the glass.

Meanwhile, after a layup 10 seconds in by Aldrich, KU goes cold offensively. Xavier Henry and Sherron Collins miss tough shots, and Xavier and Tyshawn Taylor also give away unforced turnovers on poor passes.

KU allows three straight offensive rebounds before a Cornell player has the ball slip out of his hands and out of bounds. Self stands up from the bench to scream at Markieff Morris before the media timeout begins.

7:03 p.m.

I have to admit, I underestimated the KU fans a bit.

Though we're not full, people have filled in nicely into the empty spots. There are still some gaps in the upper northwest corner, the upper southwest corner and in the south end zone, but we're not talking about more than four or five rows.

6:55 p.m.

Here are some last-minute notes about Cornell, which enters with a 12-2 record.

Cornell's opponents have made 39.4 percent of their three-point attempts this year. The NCAA average for three-point percentage is 34.2 percent.

The Big Red has made 45.6 percent of its three-pointers in true road games.

• Cornell has a 10-game winning streak and is 9-1 away from home this year.

6:37 p.m.

I'll go ahead and say it now so folks won't freak out when they turn on the TV tonight: This isn't going to be a full Allen Fieldhouse.

It's as empty right now as I've ever seen it 23 minutes before a game. Not only is the dreaded northwest corner empty, but the other three corners and both end zones have plenty of empties as well.

Looks like the snow and poor road conditions have kept many of the out-of-town travelers at home tonight.

5:53 p.m.

Welcome back to the Newell Post Live, coming to you from snowy Lawrence and Allen Fieldhouse where the Kansas Jayhawks are getting set to take on the Cornell Big Red.

So what's the most important thing about tonight's game for KU, other than the Jayhawks getting the victory?

I'll be most interested in watching the Jayhawks' perimeter defense against Cornell's sharp-shooters.

The Big Red comes in with perhaps the most impressive collection of three-point shooters statistically that I've seen in a college game.

Let's go over the numbers.

Cornell is shooting 43.3 percent as a team from three, good for third nationally.

• The Big Red have shot 305 three-pointers this year — an average of 21.8 per game.

The three players that have shot the most threes for Cornell this year are all shooting above 43 percent from beyond the arc. Ryan Wittman (181 attempted) is shooting 43.8 percent, Chris Wroblewski (56 attempted) is shooting 44.6 percent and Burlington native Geoff Reeves (46 attempted) is shooting 47.8 percent.

To KU's credit, it has been a good three-point defensive team so far this season. Opponents have made 26.5 percent of their threes against the Jayhawks, which is the fifth-best mark nationally.

That doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.

When KU coach Bill Self was asked about his team's three-point defense against Temple (the Owls were 5-for-29 for 17.2 percent), Self commented that he wasn't particularly happy with his team's effort, saying that teams don't shoot 29 threes if they're not getting open looks.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how KU matches up tonight. I'm guessing Tyshawn Taylor will start on Wittman (18.9 points per game), though I'd expect to also see Brady Morningstar on him some as well.

One perimeter defender isn't enough against Cornell, though. KU will need contributions from Sherron Collins, Xavier Henry and Tyrel Reed (who I thought played great defensively against Temple) tonight.

Self won't be able to hide a weak perimeter defender. If someone is late around a screen or slow getting out to the arc, we should see Cornell cash in with three points.

Be sure to vote in the poll on the left, and also use #kubball to have your tweets show up on the left side of this page., password: phog also is the answer that many of you will be looking for.


waywardJay 10 years ago

also Espn360 has it listed tonight.... fyi...

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

wayward — What's the over/under on people still asking in the comments section if there is an online feed?

I'll set the over/under at four and say under, but just barely.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

This game shouldn't be close at all...

KU 92 CU 68

waywardJay 10 years ago

yeah .... i will say slightly under.... but only because i don't see the draw tonight as it';s cornell and not Mizzou

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Jesse- I'm going to go with 5. Look for the late comers...second half and such, that will put me over 4 people asking for a feed.

Eric Sorrentino 10 years ago

Newell, glad to see you survived the blizz!....enjoy the game

hawks5 10 years ago

ok ill be the joker!! bring it on!!! but seriously, can someone post it and I will bookmark it. I have been lucky enough to catch all the games on regular tv somewhere thus far. My luck has ran out tonight. Thanks and bring on the laughs!!

Debbie Mangen 10 years ago

KU Cornell game will start at 7pm on channel KCTV 5 in Kansas City tonight. The guide is wrong, according to their website.

waywardJay 10 years ago

my guess....

is tnoight we focus on inside out and get ready for conference play... look for a strong game both distributing and scoring for the Condor.....

Do you think he could quadruple double at some point.... Points boards,Blocks and assists ???

hawks5 10 years ago

I have dish network. no ESPN full court. So that means I can't get it, right? please tell me if I can!! I can't find it except on ESPN full court.

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

Eric — I'm lucky to have survived the devastating blizz. Good thing I only had to travel a few blocks.

lance — I've got you officially for the over. By my count, we're at one right now ...

waywardJay 10 years ago

hawks.... espn360 or justin tv link above

thebigbeatdown 10 years ago

Let's hope for no more than 4! Most of the people visiting this site should be able to read ;-)

hawks5 10 years ago

Thanks wayward! appreciate it!

waywardJay 10 years ago

your welcome.... on the espn 360 they have Central Michigan v. Troy football on...which is interesting.... because i remember when we hammered CMU... and they certainly can move the ball now

hollywoodjayhawk 10 years ago

ha can't wait for the letter to the fans about poor attendence

waywardJay 10 years ago

Die in a fiery autombile accident for your Hawks! Yay ! I mean... Boo !

Hope our guys aren't relying on the Home crowd to spark them.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years ago

oh, if only Time Warner Internet would allow ESPN360....

at least there's!

waywardJay 10 years ago

lots interesting games tonihgt.... any other upsets coming tonight Charlotte's got what's left of the volunteers..... rutgers against the mountaineers...... memphis v. Syracuse.... interesting interesting matchups tonight

Theutus 10 years ago

Uh oh, the channel just cut out (probably due to weather) here in Topeka.... Hope it comes back up real soon....

JayhawkCasey 10 years ago

It isn't KCTV 5 it is My-KSMO according to their site. The Unit is what it says on the guide

RockChalkChiefs 10 years ago


Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

I'm in Hays watching JTV on DirecTV and it's stuttering really bad too. I don't care! Gotta watch my Hawks!!!


Mike Kendall 10 years ago


Would love to see Memphis beat Syracuse!

jajandera 10 years ago

does anyone have the link to justin tv?

michaelaho 10 years ago

Justin TV link? I don't see in comments.

waywardJay 10 years ago

that would be awesome... but i don't see it happening.

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

Looks like Justin TV is offline too. Probably suffering the same issues.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


My connection is horrible, too! Damn, glad it isn't March Madness, because a lot of the Jayhawk Nation campers would not be happy!

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

Justin TV is cutting out the same way everyone else is.

David Davison 10 years ago is working, just force a refresh on the video if its not playing, then it will ask for the password. phog.

But the quality is pretty bad on it tonight. I've been trying to find another feed online but not having much luck. has a ton of games, but somehow doesn't have KU's game.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Dang, I am going to have my eyes checked because the telecast is so herky-jerky! It's like drinking and driving--wait, I don't know what that is like!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Man, you can't give Whitman so much space to shoot!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


you called it--picture is getting better!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Great pass by Collins--just couldn't finalized!

Theutus 10 years ago

We look awful, hopefully we shake off this funk and get back to doing what we do best.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

D is good. O is horrible, 1 and done every time. for any who are unawarez. pass phog

waywardJay 10 years ago

disgusting closing.... we need to board with authority like Robinson just did...

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Bob Knight is doing the Memphis @ Cuse game. Cuse -- 6-0 run -- lead by 7.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

No effort tonight--what's going to fire us up????????

Greg Lux 10 years ago

This is hard to watch ... Twins can't hold on to the ball .. we need a spark ..


waywardJay 10 years ago

that's gotta be over.... espn 360 and Justin tv link above.... Come on Hawks.....

Theutus 10 years ago

Both Henry's in the game!!! About time!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Two sets of brothers on the floor--awesome!!!

Theutus 10 years ago

These officials are terrible tonight.... Blowing calls left and right... Not that it's any excuse for our terrible play...

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Whitman is the real deal--somebody has to be in his face all the time!

100 10 years ago

Wear their starting five down Jayhawks...




"Crisp Passing Wins Championships"


Mike Kendall 10 years ago

I'm with you slayer--bench the twins. Collins has some new moves he's showing tonight!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Jeezeee------you can't leave Whitman open, he can shoot the rock! 1st time the Jayhawks have behind at half this season--anyone want to change their predictions???????? Hey, don't bite my head off!!!!!

waywardJay 10 years ago

They might actually be in trouble adding Foote back in the second half.... play small...small is killing us.

Theutus 10 years ago

I think this was to be expected actually.... Cornell shoots the three, it's what they do. I figured they would be hot the first half...

The second half is where it really counts. Cornell is going to get tired, and the Hawks got enough depth to play two games straight without running on empty.

In the end, i say we win by 10+.

tobyfoo 10 years ago

Why are the morris twins playing so timid. Theya re really stinking it up, why are theys still playing?

RockChalkChiefs 10 years ago

It IS on in KC - check whatever channel KSMO is for you. I had the same problem. The guides are wrong. KSMO, it is DEFINITELY on (and a bit worrying so far)

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years ago

Collins is going to take it on himself to win this on O, but we have to shut down Foote and their 3 game or we lose. Ouch. I would say we look terrible this game, but I can't see the court on this crappy tv channel.

MUPU 10 years ago

Where in the hell is the crowd? Fieldhouse might as well be empty right now!

SCHNBALL 10 years ago

slayer- so much for leadership, we reverted back to a one man show the last 4 minutes of the half, I know I am going to hear it, but what a breakdown of offensive rhythm. One thing is for sure, we are slow at the guard position and this team hs exposed us! Great game for us to be in though! 100, can't agree more! PASS PASS PASS, leadership starts b 4 the game, not at the 4 minute mark, this team lacks a true leader!

4hawks 10 years ago

How do you get the game on JustinTV?

1977kufan 10 years ago

There is only one good thing that I can think of after this first half performance. I do not have to be in our locker room at half time. Very loud talking makes my ears ring for extended periods. If this keeps up, the College of Charleston (win over UNC) will have nothing on Cornell !!!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Memphis and Syracuse were tied at halftime and then, the Orange shoot lights out, in the 2nd Half, win by 17. Theutus, you're probably right. But that Whitman, man, he can shoot. He is like Stephen Curry, from Davidson, in '08. Can't give him any space. Easier said then done.

TXjaybird 10 years ago

I hope we don't try to trade two's for three's the entire second half. Will be a good test. Collins is a stud. He can turn it on at will. Hope he uses that energy on the defensive side as well.

Jayhawksrule2009 10 years ago

LOL. The Kansas Jayhawks losing by 3 at halftime to a CUPCAKE TEAM....LOL...LAME

Bill Self is not a happy camper right know

kansasbasketball 10 years ago

that first half show were we are without cole. Not saying it is his fault!

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years ago

Cornell is crazy with the 3's! my goodness. hope we can shut that crap down...

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

NH_JHawk- Txrockchalk- It might be time to pop the tops and drink this team on.... :)

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

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Jesse Newell 10 years ago

lance wins. We've got the over, and in the first half, no less ...

Lacy Mohler 10 years ago

"Collins has some new moves he's showing tonight!"

He needs to show some new moves on defense. He may be scoring all the points but so is his defensive assignment. It doesn't help the team for Sherron to run down the court pointing at X while his man his scoring an easy bucket.

That said I'm sure it will be a better second half after Bill rips them.

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

Top 25 winners tonight - Temple, Tenn., Mich. St., 'cuse, WVU

Theutus 10 years ago

Aldrich is terrible on the offensive end tonight.... We better start contesting some of these 3's, or it's going to get ugly pretty quick.

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

If Sherron is going to shoot most of our balls, they need to be good shots . . . no more 17 footers.

Theutus 10 years ago

No motivation, no energy... we aren't playing like we want to win..... It's just disgusting to watch.

We need a spark of some sort... I say put in EJ and let him bring some energy.

Justin Daniel 10 years ago

Cornell has 5 Jimmy Chitwood's on the court

TNJhawk 10 years ago

Good lord. Ain't sayin' much, but UT is better than Cornell, even with the gun-packers in the stands.

waywardJay 10 years ago

Wow... does any of our guys want to win this game ?

tis4tim 10 years ago

Perfect storm. They can't miss and we play like crap. Teams that begin with "B" and now you can add teams that end in "-nell".

Ugh. What a disaster so far.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

We have the best bench in the U--S--A and we're not using the bench. We got to get over the hump!!!!!!

superdave 10 years ago

Can anyone remember the last shot Aldrich made that wasn't a dunk?

TNJhawk 10 years ago

I figure Cornell goes about 2-14 from three range the rest of this game.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Okay, this is getting serious! I am switching to Bob and the Pipe (radio). It's got to give us luck, right?

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

Ya . . . Cole doesn't seem to have much of a jumpshot this year :s

TNJhawk 10 years ago

X could use another year. THe twins from last year have reappeared in this game.

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

Our bigs are soft. Even Cole needs to be STRONG around the bucket.

TNJhawk 10 years ago

Marcus goes coast-to-coast and not one person in the gym actually expected a bucket.

Good at the line!

jaybate 10 years ago

I officially relinquish my one game crown as the great predictor. Haaa!

This is what makes the game infinitely interesting.

Nothing is written, as T.E. Lawrence said.

Theutus 10 years ago

Jesus we can't buy a bucket....

TNJhawk 10 years ago

G e t t h e t w i n s o u t o f t h e r e .

Kent Wells 10 years ago

My plane just landed. Tell me that score is wrong. What?

waywardJay 10 years ago

it's not.... wells... they are kicking our ass.... and the officials REFUSE to blow the whistle

Theutus 10 years ago

Good god... We are shooting 18% this half. That is just disgusting.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

Great game! Cornell is better than advertised and they have improved since I watched them play against Syracuse. We'll see what happens. Cornell would be ranked if they didn't have "Cornell" across their chests.

TNJhawk 10 years ago

Sorry for the comment burst. I found my password after a year's absence.

Rock Chalk. Please, please, beat the crap out of the Vols on Sunday as I will be in the TB arena decked out in Crimson and Blue.

jaybate 10 years ago

KU is being outrebounded 25 to 19 with 11:41 in the second half.

This situation tracks straight to the big men, and especially to Cole and Marcus with only two boards each. Kieff has 6. Time to bring in TRob.

Lance Hobson 10 years ago

This big screen in AFH has really hurt the home court advantage. The fans stop cheering at any break in the action and look up to the screen to get feed their ADD. When I was a student the fans could keep it loud during the timeouts, it's totally different now.

tis4tim 10 years ago

god we suck tonight. this is absolutely pathetic.

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Somebody tell me why we are not pressing full court????????

Robert Murphy 10 years ago

Too much talk and little performance. No real competition so far. Aldridge and the rest of the bigs can't hit the broadside of a barn when guarded, so much for the Manning mystique. X can barely hit the rim on free throws and dribbles into traffic and loses the ball, this guy is not ready for the NBA. Bill self is about to get the Ted Owens award for taking five high school all Americans and with coaching they look like they have never played the game before. Jayhawker nation has been in dream land, which tonight is looking like a night mare. They may still luck out against a small time school but I wouldn't bet on it. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut but tonight i just can't. Maybe Jaybate can't give us a few thousand words and make it ok.

irish2255 10 years ago

Why am I starting to get the feeling I'm not going to be able to use the tix I bought for St. Louis?

100 10 years ago

We're the deepest team in America....

From this point forward when our 2nd five is in....

We must give "them heck" on Defense.....




(it's 10 against five!!!!)

"Buckle Down Defense Wins Championships"


Kent Wells 10 years ago

I see that wayward. Guess it is denial. Damn.

Jesse: thanks for the answer to the Cornell 9-1 away from home record. I hope it isn't 10-1 here in 10.

Theutus 10 years ago

I have to say, i'm a bit disappointed in Coach Self tonight... I don't understand why he isn't cycling more people into the game to try and wear these guys down....

They are getting too many open shots, and we are just leaving guys in.....

Gordon Penny 10 years ago

Sherron is reverting to his old ways of trying to take over a game when that is not his game, and he is costing us the game. It is TEAM ball, Sherron.

TNJhawk 10 years ago

Still feeling like we'll pull this out. Wear them down and play D.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

hawkandtigerfan: You serious? The fouls were 7-2 in favor of KU just a few minutes ago. Don't blame this on the refs.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Theutus -- Bingo. Our depth is not going to help when we don't use it. Tell me what Tyshawn gives us in games like this? As usual, nothing.

TNJhawk 10 years ago

t this point (after Cole's missed followup dunk) I guess it's just up to Sherron to win or lose this POS game.

TNJhawk 10 years ago

Foul all their guards out... COME ON!!!!! RCJH!!!!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Possessions are precious, now! Take care of the ball!

tis4tim 10 years ago

Why does four points feel like 400?

TNJhawk 10 years ago

NICE turn around and block, COLE. COME ON>>>>>>>>

Theutus 10 years ago

Reed... Never gets the credit he deserves.... But damn I love that kid.

TNJhawk 10 years ago

A travel? No way. REEEEEEEEEEEED.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Xavier on the 7 footer. Nice. Why does 1 point not seem like enough?

TNJhawk 10 years ago

Free throws from here on out. Good practice.

superdave 10 years ago

X 0 for 8 from inside the arc???

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

The Streak has to continue..........................come on Hawks!!!! Make it happen!

Brian Powell 10 years ago

Our D is OK. Adequate, maybe.

If we lose this, it's the O. (minus Sherron's HEART tonight)

1 Question: how many touches did Cole get? Shot attempts? vs. pass-outs?

Close one... LET'S GO, HAWKS!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Hey, Jayhawk Nation, does this game remind you of the Davidson game?

Kent Wells 10 years ago

How the hell ya been Wayward? This sucks!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Collins scores half of our points--unbelievable! A lot of players left their heads in PHILLY!

tstanlick1909 10 years ago

A game in which everything that can go wrong does, it's important to remember that we have Sherron Collins.

superdave 10 years ago

Only got outrebounded by 2 tonight

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

Good win - good warm-up for league.

babyjay1 10 years ago

Too close but probably a good test! We thought we could take Cornell easily and Cornell came ready to play. thank g..d for Sherron!!!! Glad to see us come away tested & with a win. Rock chalk!!!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

The Streak lives for another game--------too damn close, though! 37% shooting--KU Wells--that sucks!

Theutus 10 years ago

I am extremely happy to walk away tonight with a "W". That was completely and utterly disgusting on our part.

No heart with the exception of Collins.... Let's hope that this was our worst game of the season, and we still walk away with the win.

tis4tim 10 years ago

Goodness. That was a tough watch. Rock chalk, gentlemen, on a very hard-earned win.

TNJhawk 10 years ago

Difference between last year and this year... SC knows WHEN he has to carry the team. Awesome job tonight. Honestly, the rest of the team totally sucked tonight.

waywardJay 10 years ago

stressed. wells.... but this game relaxed me

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Just the kind of game we needed. They got to prove to themselves that a whole bunch of defense at the end goes a long, long way.

And by the way Cornell is not Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years ago

thank goodness for collins. this looked like a game from last year.

Paul Rupp 10 years ago

If I were King, Jayhawk's next practice starts in about 10 minutes. No need to bring basketballs.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years ago

Collins had ice in his veins! Nice win!

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Do you think HCBS has plenty of things on the clipboard to work on this week before we go to Rocky Top?

Dale Kroening 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Scott Lippoldt 10 years ago

Soobawls, yes, Cornell is definitely a high school team--they haven't played or beaten anyone this year, especially on the road. Aren't they something like 0-75? You're right--we suck, just like last year. Tell ya' what, since we're so bad and obviously don't have good coaching or any hope at all, why don't you save yourself some Misery (oops--Freudian slip), and just quit watching? We would all be the better for it!

Hays_Hawk 10 years ago

Tonight Collins showed why he's the leader and why KU needs him this year to be a force in the tourny. He was THE MAN this evening. No one can question his heart or his leadership ever again. Well done man...well done.


Dale Kroening 10 years ago

WE played horrible except for SC and still won, Ill take it. We needed a gutcheck.

Scott Lippoldt 10 years ago

It was a frustrating game, to be sure, but it's kind of fun to win a close one. Should help us down the road! Even with our less than stellar play tonight, I love this team and wouldn't trade it for any in the nation. RCJH!

SCHNBALL 10 years ago

Has this young team learned from tonight? Hmm time will tell. Everyone knows the formula now, drive and kick out on us, to slow to recover. But Cousins and Patterson as this teams 4 and 5 and it is a blow out. We will not survive the last 4 minutes with a one man offense, although Reed and Cole both hit key buckets, these team froze up like the chill outside, what a great learning experience for the young guys. Sure would like to see someone else step up at the end of the game other than Sherron, but I guess that is why he is our point guard. Still looking for a true leader though, no second half time for Trob, no time at all for EJ? Our offense has very little motion going to the basket, everyone is afraid to turn the corner off the high pick and roll, when is the last time you have seen a lob dunk of a foul line extended pick and roll, maybe Chalmers to Kaun? The part of the game film I would show was when one of the Morris twins slapped the ball out of one of Cornell's players hands after the whistle was blown. That was the most agression anyone showed tonight. And going back to the first half, when they called the and one on the layup, in years past, that kid would have been on his back if he attempted that shot after the whistle, that is what is different about this team from years past!!! SOFT!! As the dude says, this aggression will not stand man!

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Wayward: If this game relaxed you, could you send some of what you are drinking or smoking to San Antonio?

cap10d: I'm thinking that one is getting flagged.

kansasbasketball 10 years ago

listen to bills post game comments!!

waywardJay 10 years ago

Net result Wellsy.... a W.... any W....especially a teaching W before conference play.... is incredibly relaxing......

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

I just listened to HCBS post-game comments. He said we needed a game like this. He also, said that Reed's shot was big-time! Self said "we are still a work in progress." Makes me feel better that the Head Man was okay with the game.

kansasbasketball 10 years ago

if u listen to bills comments he said man did xavier want the win only reason he was out there

Kent Wells 10 years ago

You are right. I'm just pissed because I've had a long day. I'll watch the Spurs now.

SCHNBALL 10 years ago

yes, great experience for the young guys, even the ones who did not play one minute.

Paula Unseth 10 years ago

Deep Breathes....

Got the win!!! Ugly or not...Sherron is BEAST!!!!!!!! Vols next! BRING YOUR BIG GUNS! (Well, only if their registered) haha! Good luck guys!

waywardJay 10 years ago

ewww.... enjoy watching that deadball matchup.... rock chalk wells. rock chalk

Kusportsshould Notrequirethis 10 years ago

halogenlamps (anonymous) says... "Sherron is reverting to his old ways of trying to take over a game when that is not his game, and he is costing us the game. It is TEAM ball, Sherron."

Too bad the jayhawks had Sherron playing for them tonight. Without him we might have won...

waywardJay 10 years ago

this was not a standard ivy team....they PLAY

waywardJay 10 years ago

Money. CMU 34 Troy 34..... 33 seconds remianing.....

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

It was like everybody must have read that "Letter to Fans" blog. Great energy tonight in the stands.

Would have hated being at this game/Would have loved being at this game, only in the last 25 seconds though.

  • Note to Self (Bill Self) : see that Cornell never comes back to Lawrence!

SCHNBALL 10 years ago

cornell's only 3 loses: Seton Hall, Syracuse, Kansas

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

jhwkfan162515 . . . Cornell is getting some attention. They've been getting votes for the top 25 and I'd bet they get even more now. We didn't play a cupcake tonight. We should have won by more, but we didn't, and we beat a good team.

SCHNBALL 10 years ago

think back to the first 10 minutes of this game, anyone remember Collins on the floor?

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


Pretty damn funny! Maybe Tennessee will have two new players for Sunday's game: Smith & Wesson!

Jayhawksrule2009 10 years ago

The Kansas Jayhawks beat another Cupcake team to improve to 14-0

Real Kansas Jayhawks fans already knows that Kansas will find away to win even when there down.

Real Kansas Jayhawks fans knows that

Jayhawksrule2009 10 years ago

waywardJay (anonymous) says...

Money. CMU 34 Troy 34..... 33 seconds remianing.....

and what does that have to do with the Kansas Jayhawks beating another cupcake team

waywardJay 10 years ago

this was NOT a CUPCAKE... im not sure what dope you are smoking.....

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

jayhawksrule . . . cupcake? you obviously don't pay much attention to any college basketball other than ku basketball. Check out top 25 voting . . . you'll find cornell. Wouldn't be surprised to see them in the top 25 by the end of the year. They've won some HUGE games this year. You're an idiot. Try paying attention to college basketball as a whole instead of only being informed with KU ball. Misinformed . . . IDIOT.

Paula Unseth 10 years ago

You guys are so friggin critical! Armchair quarterbacks! The team will be off sometimes-- we got the win!!!! Stop being so analytical and realize these are 18-22 year old's living their lives vicariously through your beer belly asses belching your way through the game!

waywardJay 10 years ago

it doesn't it's just an awesome game.... somethign someone can watch if they are still amped from OUR game

Brian Stoops 10 years ago

Sherron Collins just edged past my grandfather as my new hero in life.

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

amen waywardJay. I tried to tell that retard earlier about Cornell, but he doesn't care to be very informed.

okiedave 10 years ago

Almost every national championship caliber team will slump into mediocrity for two or three games at some point during the season, this may be our time. If so, glad its before the conference schedule.

Keckadek 10 years ago

Sherron Marlon Collins... You are the MAN!!!

waywardJay 10 years ago

this is a tourney team with a Stephan Curry type in Wittman.... this is a realyl good team and the OT game on Espn is great also..... 41-41 in Ot

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Wayward: I just pretend Robinson is still playing and Brown is still coaching them. Besides, they are playing decent and I need to get the ass taste from a near upset out of my mouth. Better than the 34-34 you are watching.

Memhawk in the house!

rcjh22 10 years ago

How the hell is Cornell a cupcake?

waywardJay 10 years ago

41-41 in double ot wellsy..... two lower bowl matchups..... loving it....

Robert Lofthouse 10 years ago

..and that's why Sherron gets my vote as player of the decade!

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

Between Reed, Taylor, and Morningstar .. 59 minutes, 6 points, 4 assists .. combined. That is a joke. A JOKE.

This was a tough game and they literally contribute nothing offensively. Reed was the best of the 3, playing only 12 minutes. Taylor was absolutely the worst, playing 22 minutes. And that glue crap, and crisp passing baloney, and feeding the post b.s. .... where was that?

For all you folks that post here and continually say to be positive, don't criticize, enjoy the season, and all that b.s., we are here to win a title. This is why when we win by 25, some post with their critiques and why a lot of the blowouts mean nothing.

You need athletes on the floor that can score, rebound, handle the ball, finish at the rim and increase the pace of the game when needed. That's how you blow out a team like Cornell. That Cornell team is a basketball team, and a good one. They pass, they cut, they shoot, they play team defense.

Elijah Johnson, C.J. Henry and Thomas Robinson .. barely sniff the floor.

This is why I have been on the EJ bandwagon all season. Taylor hasn't changed at all, except tonight he refrained from throwing up the stupid shots of early this season and last season. Against Memphis, Reed and Taylor's deficiencies were exposed (poor ballhandling, inability to score when needed, and giving up blow-bys -- both, and Taylor's poor decision making and selfishness). Now, against a different type of opponent, the negatives are displayed again .. and we saw the Morningstar from last year many times, including the Michigan St. game. Overmatched. And the Morrises reverted to their timid, fall-away selves.

Anyone think this sort of stuff might appear in the 2nd round or the Sweet 16 vs. a Gonzaga, or a Florida, or a Pittsburgh?

Morningstar can only hit one shot all game? Reed can only hit one shot? Taylor can't score? I'll say this. I appreciate defense. I really do. But if Taylor drops in 8 and Morningstar 7, we can give up a few more baskets. Make sense? My point is against Cornell you don't play possession basketball. You pick up the pace, you run, run, run. They ain't scoring 90. But you can run with Taylor, or Morningstar, or Reed. Taylor, despite announcers saying how fast he is, is not good in transition. EJ is.

The best thing about a game like this is that it exposes your weaknesses, if you are willing to address them. Start EJ over Taylor now; start Robinson at the 4 now; EJ is better than Taylor or Reed now, and Robinson will be better than both the Morrises with a month of full-time PT under his belt.

Paula Unseth 10 years ago


You just gave me a serious belly laugh!! Thank you...these guys are so busy outdoing each others stats and so called coaching they have no time for humor!!!

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

I meant to say you "can't" run with Taylor, or Morningstar, or Reed.

waywardJay 10 years ago

Smith and wesson.... priceless...

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Every season has it's specific moments.

This was the game we should have lost...and yet we didn't.

There will be the game that we will get screwed [guessing at Mizzou]....can we overcome?

There will be the game that we are truly the underdog [guessing at Texas]..can we prevail?

There will be the game that will be a surprise [guessing at Iowa State]....will we be ready?

There will be the bitter rivalry game that will be war [guessing at KSU]....will we soldier through?

There will be the game that doesn't really matter[guessing the Big Twelve Tourney]...will we stay focused?

There will be the game that we are lock down favorites but someone forgot to tell our opponent [guessing 1st/2nd round of NCAA]....will we maintain intensity?

The basketball season is like a tapestry woven with many threads of golden victories, red close calls, black defeats and green near misses. The object is to have as much gold as possible woven into 40 patches arrayed in spectacular fashion forming the words "National Champions"!!!


rawkhawk 10 years ago

Give credit to Cornell...they are a good team that came into Allen Fieldhouse without any fear. While the veteran Collins ultimately bailed KU out of this one, I think this game will be good for all of the players, including the twins and X. This game could be like the OSU loss in '08. It is still possible for this team to go 40-0. This game could be the catalyst. RCJH

SCHNBALL 10 years ago

HIGHELITE- like someone who will step out there on their post! I posted at the start of this season, that if you expect anything offensively out of Morningstar, Reed or Taylor coming down the stretch in a game, forget it, with maybe the only exception of Reed, who will actually take a shot, I don't think the other 2 will even attempt to shoot, hope we are both wrong! This team does not dictate tempo, could they still be holding back? We lose this gaem in a Sweet 16 game just like last year, this team is just not tough right now, and I don't know if they have it in them. Our offense in the past has started with defense, and we don't have that right now, but we seldom seem to do anything during a game to change the tempo?

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

HighElitewhatever . . . high on what?

Morningstar shut down their stud. Shutup you're stupid. This is why you're not in the coaching profession. Good defense saved us on a night when our offense sucked. This is why defense really does matter and this is why Morningstar plays. Our "athletic" players play lazy. You're right . . . its too bad that we have to rely on offensively unproductive guys to play good defense, but that's part of the game too. It's important. As soon as CJ and EJ play great defense they'll play too. Bad defense is a bigger liability than unproductive offense. Unproductive offense is also better than bad offense . . . meaning turnovers and bad decisions. The guys you knock are reliable workhorses who play smart.

Kent Wells 10 years ago

Wayward. I switched over. Great tip. Thanks!

SCHNBALL 10 years ago

can people just not disagree with someone without bashing them! Come on man!

SCHNBALL 10 years ago

slayr- refer to my post the day I found out about who was redshirting, must come to the rodeo with all the guns you have!!

rockchalkxii 10 years ago

Cole: Played to soft on both ends of the court, but blocked shots. Marcus: Pathetic effort and preformance. X: When he doesn't score, can't play(tonight). What up with the free throws? Tyshawn: Pretty much a non factor tonight. Sherron: Sherron Bench: Brady and Tyrel seemed like the only ones off the bench tonight, and I thought they both played well.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

Cornell a cupcake? There are well-informed college basketball fans and there are wannabe college basketball fans who don't have a clue. Coach BS said in post-game, "Cornell is the best team we have faced all season and Whitman is the best player we've played against all season." Again, this game reminded me of the Davidson game in '08. It just seemed like in that game and tonight's game, we couldn't get over the hump--that is, until the game was on the line. Having said that, many posters are thankful that Collins has ice in his veins, that he is the Jayhawk decade player of all time, that he is a Kansas Jayhawk Captain and Team Leader. How about, "I am damn glad he had the game of his life tonight, and, we keep the home streak going!" Way to go, Sherron! Even though you wear a Cubs hat, YOU ROCK! RCJH!

PAHAWK1 10 years ago

Hey drgnslayr, why do you like the twins so much?

gchawk 10 years ago

highelite......... You have obviously never played the game. Having played both basketball and baseball in college I've experienced the joy and frustration of competition, sometimes you have the Midas touch where everything turns to gold and sometimes the Midas touch where everything turns into a muffler. Granted it was a tough win for us, but a win none the less. I would much rather have this type of game early in the season than when it really counts, March. We'll be alright, just an off night.

lawrencehawks 10 years ago

wht a hella of a game fieldhouse wasnt as hype as tonight tho as i thought we would be im vey surprised we pulled it out was on my feet the whole night 14 and 0 tho baby ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS,ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS,ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS, KUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula Unseth 10 years ago


Thank you for your post. There will be many wins, some losses. If they learn from these losses it will make them better in the end-when it counts. A lot of young kids along with the experienced, let them make their mistakes now..not later. Patience friends March will come soon enough!

Soo Balls--

Did you spend a lot of time on the bench for your high school team? You seem awfully bitter!

lawrencehawks 10 years ago

can yall belive marcus morris tonite i mean what in da F ING HORRIBLE

Eric J. Baker 10 years ago

Lawrencehawks: Were you in the Fieldhouse? I was, and it was the loudest I've heard it in a looooooong time.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

All those KU fans who laughed at me for calling Cornell a "Great" team and trying to defend a school like Cornell or Davidson. Hmmmmmm, I hate to say "I told you all so", but I told you all so. LOL!

Cornell played fantastic and I absolutely agree with Mikendal from above. Some people just don't have a clue.

kubball99 10 years ago

Just another night where Sherron proves why he is an All American and why his number 4 deserves to and will eventually hang the rafters of Allen Fieldhouse. Consider how poorly most of the rest of the team played, his stats are even more impressive: 33 points off of 9 of 16 shooting (56%), 13 of 14 from the free throw line (93%), 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and only 1 turnover. When the rest of the team shoots a whopping 9 for 33 (27%), I'm not sure how anyone could have anything but praise for what he did tonight. Along with tonight, his assist to turnover ratio of 2.20 and 3-point field goal percentage of 41.9% from 3-point range are the highest they have been in his four years at KU. There is no one in college basketball who I would rather have the ball at crunch time.

Chris Shaw 10 years ago

It's amazing what can happen when depth and athleticism meets discipline, experience, and true "Team" unity. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Scott Smetana 10 years ago

Soobawls... thanks for not letting me down again. I enjoy your posts.
I cannot picture you without thinking about 'debbie downer' on SNL.

Do you all think the Twins got benched tonight or was self using our best defensive guards to shut down their 3's?

Great posts Oakville. Nice to see that Sherron is already ready for March. Not so nice to see that the Twins can be shut down. I think they'll be the difference in the Final 4... hopefully. I think Taylor, Brady, and Reed are all playing great. They are a defensive force! It's Cole to me that is surprisingly struggling (offensively).

lawrencehawks 10 years ago

yeah i was there mouseclicker and yeah it was at times but ive seen us louder

waywardJay 10 years ago

xavier picked himself off the deck and sank freethrows when it matters.... he wasn't that horrible.... there were ALOT of blown calls in this one that coulda changed the game...... not going to be to harsh because of an off night....

tenki12000 10 years ago

haven't followed the previous discussion but the sophs just completely disappeared tonight. If nothing else this highlights how far the sophomores have come and really how dependable they've been as a group. I think this is the first game where they've collectively disappeared (0-8 fgs). All that being said this is also what makes kansas so tough, Sherron/Cole/X make up for it and play their asses off.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

annette38..if you missed it, Soobawls is a girl.

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. I guess she was scorned a lot.

Despite this outrageously uncharacteristic Kansas performance, I revel in this and every other victory. Life is hard...let these small moments of sunshine shine through the sometimes overwhelming clouds of reality.

I feel so lucky and proud to be a'!!!

Scott Smetana 10 years ago

I agree Wayward.. X and our team didn't play 'horrible'. We shot horrible, though. We played fantastic defense, had only 10 turnovers, made shots when the pressure was on, and most importantly... got better!!

chalkitup1811 10 years ago

You guys need to relax that was a good win for us. cornell is a really good team and they will make the NCAA tourney for the third straight year. But i completely agree that CJ or EJ should be getting some more minutes.I mean come on man, both of them are better than reed or taylor. Kansas is fine they needed a game like that on their backs they are just gonna get better and better come tourney time.

Don Everett 10 years ago

Sure seems like a bunch of spoiled little brats here crying, bitching and complaining. Why don't you go away for about 20 years and come back when your perspective is reasonable. The guys had a tough game tonight where X didn't shot well, they were outrebounded, etc. The end result was still a win and this will help them in March and April more than you know. Cornell will possibly end up being the Cinderella story in the tourney. Too many dumocrats on this site.

lawrencehawks 10 years ago

true tht chalkitup1811 and thts all i got to say about tht cause u said it all except one thing the twins need more practice and we all no practice makes perfect and thts all

KU 10 years ago

Great game for KU to learn from. The kids will learn what coach has been preaching: defense is a constant if you will work hard enough; offense can come and go. If you play hard on the defensive end (last 10 minutes), you can win on the nights when nothing will go in the hole.

Sherron showed that when the chips are down, he has been there and done that. A man among boys.

Cole, when the game was on the line, came up big on the offensive end with two big hook shots from the right block and cleaned the glass on the defensive end.

X showed competitiveness and toughness I hadn't seen tonight in the lane rebounding, even if he didn't come up with all of them. He was fighting and working the whole second half.

Those 3 were really the only ones who showed up. Brady clamped down a bit late in the game and Tyrel hit a bit 3. Other than that.......nada from the rest of the squad. Anyone? Anyone?

Joe Baker 10 years ago

Lighthawk- If you read this, this post is for you:

Smoke Tennessee!!

I think this is from all that nasty Phillycheese Steak they ate!

The twins were homesick.

We need to shake this crappy funk and get ready for Tennessee. They will be gunning for us more now than ever. They still have Chisum and our bigs need to get ready.


Paula Unseth 10 years ago


Thank you for your excellent post! I knew Sooballs was a flaming bi@tch female.. who never replies to any of her crappy posts! Not so much a girl!!! No shopping for Manolo Blanicks with her! I prefer to use this sight as way to build teamwork...not negativity!

Brett Glover 10 years ago

I was there, above the opposing team tunnel, that had to be loudest last minute ive heard there. It wasn't all of us playing poorly, they just played amazingly. Well, my voice is gone, got stuck in frasier parking lot so I'm going to bed.


Nutflush21 10 years ago

jhwkfan162515- "I hope these guys are utterly ashamed of themselves. Especially Xavier Henry."

Why because X had an off night shooting.? That happens Get a life dude. Xavier competed his arse off, Self even said so after the game.

David Leathers 10 years ago

lawrencehawks (anonymous) says... "true tht chalkitup1811 and thts all i got to say about tht cause u said it all except one thing the twins need more practice and we all no practice makes perfect and thts all"

I understand everything that you are saying but I didn't know when it was going to end because there were no periods in your sentence(s) and after going through school which most of us have done there is no "true that" it's more like "that is true" I don't know for sure but that sounds a heck of a lot better to me :-)


Boys, I sure am proud of the way you kept your heads together. I know that this was just a tiny speed-bump in the season and I'm sure glad that you pulled it out. Get a good night's sleep because tomorrow you will get to know that treadmill very well.... Full Speed, Steepest Incline. I love the Hawks, but I couldn't be one of them tomorrow.

Steve Brown 10 years ago

Long drive home in the blizzard, the crowd was GREAT in the end....... and our hero: S BALL COLLINS is da man.

My hats off to Cornell, very patient team, well coached, senior leadership, hardly got flustered, ran their sets, very pleasurable to watch them in person actually. These bright boys must all be geometry majors as they knew the angles very well. I will root for them to win their league and upset some teams in march dance.

This is type of team we should play where we have to 'earn' our victories and on court lessons......Cornell is worth rooting for in future games, well done mighty foe. Mighty proud to have you visit our AFH nest anytime, please return and bring your A game everytime, well done worthy opponent, well done indeed.

Now to shovel the driveway I leave you with one message:

Smoke Tennessee CBS Sunday 3:30 central time Pearl is a gem smoke 'em if you got 'em, yet never 3 on a match for you WWII vets.

Thank you Master Sherron, Thank YOU.

Steve Brown 10 years ago

I was stunned to see how many fans actually braved the storm to attend, and were needed in the crunch to disrupt the visitor in the end, thanks to the fans for showing up or giving tix to those that did..... thanks.

PS If you live within the sound of my voice, and haven't been outside, you have 6-8 inches of white winter, not the expected 3" on your driveway this moring, why don't you all call in sick and check on the elderly and kids in your neighborhood and see that everyone is safe and warm...

Peace out....4 hours sleep in last two days, okay I admit I'm tired drunk....this was fine game, I wanted everyone to shower, suit up, and return to court, let's play TWO, jump ball.... Late & OUT.

Cornell THANK YOU too as only too few can come into our house and give us that show.. well done worthy foe, now go home and stomp a few folks. I will be rooting for you.

smoke tenn: disarm them as well:

kc_wildfire 10 years ago

Took my wife and stepson to their first ever KU game and it was a great one to go to. I've been to 8 or 9 games at the Fieldhouse and the last three minutes or so was the loudest I have ever heard the crowd.

Way to compete tonight guys. This was the grind it out game that Temple was supposed to be. A good win and good experience for later on down the road.

Long, long drive home...but worth it!

WilburNether 10 years ago

O-ver-rat-ed clap clap clap-clap-clap O-ver-rat-ed.....

Let's be honest: The refs bailed KU out tonight.

When are these guys going to learn to play smart, stay focused, play hard EVERY possession on both ends of the court?

ginger2015 10 years ago

I agree with you jayhawkdon, except for the part about Cornell, time will tell about that.

drgnslayr: How can you blame a lose on the Morris brothers or any individual palyer. I'm a firm believer in "you win as a team, you loose as a team'. If you take out Sherrons stats, the TEAM was 9 of 33 from the field. As I am sure you know or should know, the games look a whole lot different on the floor than they do on TV. You say that the brothers didn't do this and they didn't do that. Did you spend the entire game watching the Morrises. You do realize I'm sure that the other team had five guys out there too, who can play a little bit. I don't know when CS substituted for the Morrises or whether it coincided with our little surge at the end, I haven't watched the replay of the game, and proably won't, ( I have better things to do, I'll leave that to the people that get paid to do it)but Mc and Mk played about half of the game, so I'm thinking that perhaps you and CS weren't watching the same game.

How can anyone say that Sherron Collins is not a leader. The shots weren't falling tonight for what ever reason. Sherron put the team on his shoulders and refused to loose. Nine of 16 from the floor, two of five from three land and 13 of 14 from the line. Wow! What a performance. Looked like a leader to me.

jaybate 10 years ago

Wednesday After the Hell with 'Nell:

} I did not get to watch the game on TV. This ugly win is the price you pay sometimes for playing 70 point take what they give us. What they give you are the dynamics leading to a close game and you take it and make the best of it.

} Everyone has said KU played poorly. Tyshawn and the Twins disappeared. CU's footer got the better of Cole. Xavier had a bad night trying to score inside the stripe. I would argue that Dunphy provided Donahue a great scouting report, Donahue had the big footer needed to execute it and perimeter players quick enough to deny the trey, and Xavier learned he has trouble operating among head hunters.

} More specifically, Dunphy told Donahue to rely on the footer holding Cole even, take away the trey stripe from KU, force KU to beat Cornell inside the stripe and get back on defense quick to keep it a half court game. Self said, "Fine, we'll take what they give us and play grind it out inside the stripe." Self probably knew KU would have to grind it out within the stripe all along, but never dreamed Xavier would go 0-10 inside the stripe. At a certain point, Self just said this was going to be a mess of a game and told Sherron to get the W.

} I submit Self planned to run the offense tonight through Sherron and Tyshawn, but Tyshawn came with no game and got fouled up. I suspect he thought Cole could stalemate CU's footer. Self shifted the burden of getting to the rim with penetration to Xavier. Xavier busted. Self expected the Twins to do something. They busted. Sherron performed. Hence, the game was close, but KU was destined to win, because of Sherron and defense.

} Two stats tell the story on this game:

Trifectation Percentage: KU 46.7% CU 34.6%

KU got a small bounce on this advantage, because it did not choose as many bottoms.

Assist to TO Rate:

KU 12:10 1.20 CU 8:16 .50

This is the 800 lb. gorilla in the statistical living room. KU disrupted CU more than CU disrupted KU.

} I predicted KU 80-65. Final 71-66. I nailed what KU's defense would do to Cornell, but underestimated how much trouble KU would have scoring. Thank the footer for that one.

justify4me 10 years ago

Until this team starts playing like a team, a National Championship is just a dream. There is no question that this is the most talented group of college basketball players in the country. HOWEVER, until they learn to PASS the ball and FINISH STRONG at the rim, there is only heartbreak ahead.

Collins got his points, but at what costs? SC looked like he was at an NBA tryout camp tonight instead of playing on the #1 TEAM in D-I Hoops. It is OK to pass the ball and actually play defense.

When KU plays TEAM defense and runs the court as a one can stay with them. When certain SELF-ish players get on the court get tonights game.

Hopefully there is some learning taking place here.


Jack Wilson 10 years ago

gchawk: Actually I played ball through high school, and coach competitive basketball (jr. high age now). So yes, I've played. And yes, I coach.

I understand the defense point. I do. I appreciate it. But look at what Sherron did. He took his man to the hoop. Tell me this .. if you have 3 minutes of game time, and you have 4 possessions, shoot 4 times, making 2, that equals four points (forget 3s for now). But if you get to the hoop quickly and push the ball hard up the floor, you increase your possessions and for example, shoot 8 times, making 4, you're ahead of the game. And you speed up your opponent. Against a team like Cornell, you can't play their game.

I would have preferred if we used some of our bench, like EJ, CJ, and TRob, put on some real pressure, use some fouls, and change the pace of the game. The refs aren't going to call us for 15 fouls in a half, they let things go. Just watch a North Carolina game. And see the Davidson game for another example of where we played our opponents game.

I know some of you have this unbelievable Morningstar love. But deal with reality. He folded against Michigan St., he is not a big time player, and though he is good defensively, he far from a "stopper." So don't even go there.

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

"highelite d-bag" Brady stopped Cornells star in the second half. WTF are you talking about? - Not a stopper? He is the closest thing we've got. I'm not a "Brady lover" . . . but I listen to HCBS. Are you really questiong coach self's decision making? Do you really think you're smarter than one of the best coaches in America? If you're really good enough to make better decisions than Self, I hope you ascend the elementary school coaching ranks quickly. PLEASE . . . come coach at Kansas you jack@*& Our "talented" guys play lazy defense. Look at Sherron during this game . . . he scores a big basket, celebrates, and then misses the next play on the defensive end. And that's Sherron! The leader on this team! The young guys are even worse. We need guys on the floor in big games that won't make mistakes, which Brady and Tyrel won't. TRob, EJ, and other young guys have proven to be very talented but nervous and mistake prone in big games. TRob is a good example. A couple games ago Sherron was trying to wave him away because he was in the wrong place in the offense. He then turned the ball over 2 times in a row and got pulled. EJ has done some similar things . . . young careless turnovers. Doing no harm actually wins more games long term in sports than forcing wins with only offense . . . that's Roy Williams style ball. His teams are doomed on bad offensive nights. We're not! Talent and offense don't EVER trump experience and defense in the long term

You're still an idiot. If you really coach, I hope its just 5th grade ball.

Christopher Johnson 10 years ago

Think about this . . . if we put EJ in (and I love EJ! Just don't trust his defense and 100% of his decisiosn yet) . . . if we substitute EJ for Morningstar to get an offensive spark . . . let's assume EJ has a great stretch and score 7 or 8 points. Without Brady in Wittman's hip pocket and an arm in his face, Does Wittman hit two or three 3 pointers because of poor defense? I would guess he would hit AT LEAST one or two 3 pointers in that time, if not three. In that case, EJ's value to the team is only a point or two IF THAT. And that's assuming EJ scores a few shots in a few minutes. If you want more minutes than a few from him, we're definitely doomed. Trust Coach Self . . . he's won a championship and has a better win percentage for us faster than our beloved offensive juggernaut Roy Williams did while he was here.

Steve Brown 10 years ago

We've been spoiled w. BRush lockdown> I'm luke warm on Brady on occasion, yet he has great floor vision when he is on court... he makes us a better team.

My next comment is hard to understand and not in any way prejudical yet:

BM is one of few players (perhaps the only one) on the court last night that could play for either team system. It's his BB IQ is high, knowing what to do and doing it.

For one night we had more talent, they had more court smarts....if you were there you witnessed a grand D custom made for us and well executed. well done worthy foe.

smoke T.

ginger2015 10 years ago

" If we lose we lose but we should lose only after giving 100% and the twins did not give 100% effort tonight"

We'll agree to disagree.

"You can bet their performance tonight will be addressed by CS this week"

I'll bet we'll never know.

Steve Brown 10 years ago

High ELite: we attempted pressure several times THEY BROKE US.

I understand your admiration for EJ and the newbies. I love them also, yet this vereran CNELL team would have changed his diaper as they did for the twins and often Cole & X. Certainly TT. Trob played and was owned, their footer scored over him and rebounded over him w.;out leaving the mismatch, he had to come out. At least X hustled (saw him dive for balls etc. ) thru his struggles, most of our others stood around dazed, except Da MAN Da Bull.

Brady and our starters are like the cover sides to the Oreo, the newbies are the sweet invitning center, nice to have yet the cookie sides are what you start with and finish the game with for a reason, the center has no foundation. until it gets experience, so there.chew on it.

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