Friday, February 12, 2010

Basketball fans will have to mind their watches during Saturday’s KU women’s basketball game

Free parking available, but must be vacated in time for men's game that follows soon after


KU announces women's basketball parking regulations

Coming to KU's women's basketball game Saturday afternoon? Be sure to move your car in time for KU's men's matchup the same evening or KU will move it for you.

Paying to park

Kansas Athletics Inc. pays $16.50 per game for each of the 2,812 parking spaces it reserves for men’s basketball. For 20 games at Allen Fieldhouse, that’s $927,960.

For football, Kansas Athletics Inc. paid to reserve 3,266 spaces on campus for the 2009 season, also at $16.50 per game. With six home games, KU paid $323,334.

Total parking bill: $1,251,294, covered by parking fees paid to athletics and augmented by Williams Fund members’ ongoing donations to Kansas Athletics Inc.

Texas will play the KU women, and Iowa State will be in town to take on the KU men, but yet another intense competition will be played out between the two basketball games Saturday afternoon and evening at Allen Fieldhouse.

Call it Avoid the Tow.

Parking near Allen Fieldhouse will be free and available for fans showing up to watch the Kansas women tip off against the Longhorns at 1 p.m., as long as they use one of two lots: the parking garage north of the fieldhouse and Lot 90, which is across Naismith Drive and south of Robinson Center.

The two lots then must be cleared by 4 p.m., enough time to make room for the sellout crowd — and, specifically, the Williams Fund donors who have qualified and paid for such up-close parking — arriving for the men’s game at 7 p.m., against the Cyclones.

Don’t expect any mercy.

Kansas Athletics Inc. pays $16.50 per game to reserve each of 2,812 spaces: 770 in the parking garage, another 1,300 in Lot 90 and more than 600 scattered throughout smaller lots near the fieldhouse.

The spaces are resold to donors, whose combined annual contributions of more than $15 million finance athletics scholarships, support operations and bankroll renovation and construction projects for Kansas Athletics Inc.

Offending drivers first get hit with a $20 ticket. Next comes the call to Bulldog Towing, which charges $45 to get a vehicle out of impound on the company’s lot in North Lawrence.

“We have towed and we do tow every game,” said Donna Hultine, director of KU Parking & Transit. “We don’t love it. It’s not our favorite choice. But if we have to — the spaces are presold to other people — we will tow.”

Revenues from the reserved spaces account for about 20 percent of KU Parking & Transit’s annual budget, Hultine said, and therefore help keep costs down for regular parking passes sold to faculty, staff and students.


gardenjay 9 years, 7 months ago

Speaking of time, wouldn't an enormous sundial in front of Allen Field House made with shrubbery and flowers look nice?

sayers48 9 years, 7 months ago

Bring me...a shrubbery...something nice...and not very expensive...

Tony Bandle 9 years, 7 months ago your post name you are serious, aren't you?:}

I vote for a sculpture garden with a live-action, full size, cast bronze, action statue of every player that have his or her jersey retired. It would be awesome to take a new recruit through this "Field of Dreams".

The St.Louis Cardinals have something like this with all of the Hall of Famers outside of Busch's fantastic.

Kansas State could have a Hall of Farmers. University of Texas could have a Hall of Flamers. Missouri could have a Hall of Formers. Iowa State wrestling could have a Hall of Firmers. Nebraska Med school could have a Hall of Femurs. University of Coors-orado could have a Hall of Foamers. Texas A&M ROTC Parachute Team could have a Hall of Fallers Baylor School of Fashion design could have a Hall of Fad-makers. Texas Tech School of Carpentry Design could have a Hall of Framers

Tony Bandle 9 years, 7 months ago

PS Change Missouri to a Hall of Felons!!!

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago


On a perma-roll today!

cgdphog 9 years, 7 months ago

jwliddell : There are thousands of fans at EVERY game, myself included. Since you obviously have no interest in competitive D1 womens' BBall and are obviously not a fan of the JHawks, why don't you spend your time somewhere you will be appreciated (assuming there is such a place) and leave the website to basketball fans? Please turn out the lights in your Mom's basement when you are done playing on the internet.

Omegatron 9 years, 7 months ago

Who sticks around an hour after a game???

Would've been nice if they had made this weekend a double header....

CaramelMacchMan 9 years, 7 months ago



Can you explain me this?

Why is PGA not getting lot of people at the Golf courses now a days? does that mean those people not a golf fan?

Its simple. Its all about the fame unfortunately. This is America. We are addicted to fame.

WilburNether 9 years, 7 months ago

Get real, cdgphog. Did you notice that parking for the women's games is FREE? Do you know what they charge for the men's games?

And how about tickets? The price printed on my ticket to this evening's ISU game is $100. How much did your ticket to the women's game cost?


You do the math about the relative popularity and fan support of the two sports.

The fact of the matter is that except for a handful of schools (UConn, Tennessee, maybe Stanford and one or two others), women's basketball is a sport that few people care about, whose games few people will pay to attend, and consequently a huge money-loser. At KU, it is a major money-loser because few people want to watch it. If the demand that you suggest actually existed, tickets would be more expensive, and they would charge for parking.

It's a "gender-equity" thing, not a sport that lots of people will pay to watch.

bpjhawk 9 years, 7 months ago

Never have quite understood why the Big XII didn't do more double-headers like they do in D-II. Granted, the schools in the Big XII aren't watching pennies like D-II, but I would think it would be a good thing for both teams. I expect there would be some ticketing problems vis-a-vis season ticket holders are probably different for men's and women's teams.

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