Sunday, April 18, 2010

KU announces signing of Selby

Jayhawks happy to add No. 4-ranked player in Class of 2010


Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self on Sunday announced that guard Josh Selby (6-2, 183) has signed a national letter of intent to play basketball for the Jayhawks.

Selby joins KU fall signee Royce Woolridge of Phoenix.

Ranked No. 4 overall and the No. 2 point guard by, Selby, a 2010 McDonald’s All-American from Baltimore, Md., declared for KU during a first-half timeout at the Jordan Brand Classic all-star game Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York.

“This is a big day for our basketball program,” Self said. “We felt like losing the caliber players we lost off of last year’s team, that we really needed to hit a home run from a talent standpoint in the spring signing and we’ve done that with Josh. He’s a point guard that can score. He’s a playmaker. He can be a great facilitator and also a great finisher himself. We’ve been really fortunate to have really good guards here, but certainly Josh is the most highly recruited guard that we have signed since we have been at Kansas.”

Selby played his senior year of high school basketball at Baltimore’s Lake Clifton High School. Last season, Selby averaged 32 points, seven assists, five rebounds and two steals for the Lakers. Prior to Lake Clifton he played two seasons of high school basketball at DaMatha High School.

“We are so appreciative to Maeshon (Witherspoon), Josh’s mother, for how they handled the recruiting process and how they have raised Josh,” Self said. “We are excited to have the entire family come be a part of our family.”

“Josh comes from Lake Clifton High School which has a solid reputation in producing great players,” Self added. “He has been extremely well coached by Herman Harried, who has been great for Josh in his development as a player and as a young man.”

Self did not rule out another spring signee to join Selby and Woolridge but he is happy with his current class.

“Although you don’t play the games on paper, on paper we have one scholarship to give and that may or may not be used,” Self said. “One thing I am very comfortable with is Josh and Royce (Woolridge). They are two perimeter players we feel like are going to be very good. Josh is definitely a top-five player in the country and Royce is one of the most underrated players that we recruited and we think has a chance to be terrific. I am very pleased with our recruits so far and certainly won’t rule out the possibility of adding a third player to the class if things fall perfect.”


okiedave 8 years ago

Welcome Josh and Mom. You will absolutely enjoy Lawrence.

Alec White 8 years ago

I also want to welcome Josh and his mother. They both seem like class acts and will represent the university as well as any other Jayhawks. This is definitely the home-run (possibly even a grand slam) that Coach Self was talking about. His similarities to Sherron are unreal---toughest competitor in their respective classes and both defied all odds to make it from their neighborhoods to play at a program like Kansas. Josh probably has more skill so I doubt we will be blessed to have him for more than one or two years but I'm pretty confident we'll hang at least one NC banner during his stay in Lawrence.

I want to welcome Royce too. He is definitely flying under the radar but flying over other players with his game... I know the competition in Arizona is a little watered down but you can't deny his potential over time. I'm looking for him to redshirt for year one but make some major contributions once Selby, Reed, Morningstar, and Taylor move on. His ranking outside the top 100 in most recruiting services baffles me, but he will use that as motivation to become a great college player.


Joe Baker 8 years ago

RockChalk25- I love it that Royce has flown under the radar. The only reason is b/c he committed so early to KU. He committed in 8th or 9th grade. Therefore, the rankings gave him no love or exposure. I like to refer to him as our little secret in the Phog. I don't think anyone knows much about him.

You can argue the Arizona competition is weak, but this kid will compete aggressively at any level. The scary thing is his dad, Orlando (former Chicago Bull and dunk champion) was 6-9. Royce may grow another 1-2 inches by the time he plays his first KU game!! I like his b-ball IQ too.

jaybate 8 years ago

For the All Good Looking team, it doesn't get much prettier than Elijah, Josh, and Royce.

If Self can figure out a way to shake these guys loose from thug ball, this would, if it were to stay together for 2-3 years, frankly be as athletic as the '08 back court of Chalmers, Collins and RR. Were these guys to fill out physically the way those players did, they could be scary good, maybe Freddie good! This back court could easily become the human highlight film called "Slashers."

SCHNBALL 8 years ago

Jaybate, do you think Self will change his style at all? Watching Espn Classic with my boys the other day, they were showing the year Loyola M during the year Gathers died, my boys could not believe the final scores of the games. Which coach will take a chance to be different or are they all stuck with the pick and roll see you in the pros offense? I cannot think of any major college teams that play a different style? Their used to be so many different ones, they all look same now.

okiedave 8 years ago

Rock_Chalk_25 - Thanks for the youtube site. Woolridge is absolutely impressive. I am convinced KU will have a very good shot at a national championship again with Josh and Royce coming in and our experienced returnees.

Jerry Rockhold 8 years ago

I saw Royce play last spring vs. Harrison Barne's Iowa team at the JayHawk AAU Classic at Haskell. In that particular game, he more than held his own with Barnes. When they were matched together head-to-head, he consistently beat Barnes to the basket with a very quick, 1st step dribble drive. He also had very quick "hops", especially on 2nd attempts. He was very team-oriented for an AAU kid & consistently found open teammates when he was double-teamed. After the game, he spent some time with my 12 yr.old son & took a pic with him. Sounds to me like a perfect Coach Self recruit. He may need a red-shirt year considering our depth at the guard position, but when he does get his chance, he should fit perfectly in the Hawk's team-oriented, share the ball approach.

Kye Clark 8 years ago

I am also very impressed & appreciative with the way Maeshon Witherspoon handled her son's recruiting process. Not to the least of which was getting her son to re-open up his recruitment and de-commit from Tennessee. Add to that all the things I've been reading the past few days - about her knowing to stay away from Worthless William Wesley, about not having any contact for weeks with the Squid and the other lowlifes at UK - well it sure seems like this lady has it figured out. Any chance of getting this woman a job with the NCAA? Or maybe have her tour around the AAU circuits preaching her wisdom to the next group of recruits (and their parents too!)?

jaybate 8 years ago


I think there may be more variety out there than you think.

But we are now in particular cycle referees allowing violent play that seems the last two years to be triggering a generally slower game of fewer possessions. I expect things to get much rougher and slower, before some coach figures out a counter strategy that involves speeding things up. These are some of the varieties of ball I have noticed in the thug ball era.

Thug Ball Octoberfest Bok--MSU (Izzo and 40 minute thug defense plus motion offenses and set plays), WVU (Huggins and 40 minute thug ball plus his dad's East Ohio high school offense) , KSU.(Martin and Huggin's dad's offense with some what more situational thugging on defense)

Thug Ball Dark--Maryland (Gary Williams game tracking back to his coach at Maryland, Bud Millikan, then to his assistant days with Tom Davis at Lafayette), Texas (Rick Barnes game tracking to Williams and lesser known coaches in the Carolinas)

Thug Ball Lite--Duke (Mike K and the motion tracking back to Knight who melded Fred Taylor, Iba and Claire Bee), KU (BillBall descended from LB's situational offenses and from Eddie Ball decended from Iba), UCLA (Howland learned his game from Jerry Pimm at UCSB who seems to have learned his game from Jack Gardner at Utah plus from a variety of other basketball programs in Basin and Range country [Note: Pimm's assistants at UCSB were Howland and Jaime Dixon), Texas A&M (Turg and Larry Brown's situational offense mixed with Roy' motion descended from Dean, who combined Allen, the fellow at Air Force and Frank McGuire's game, plus Turg seems to have been borrowing rather heavily from BillBall of late, too).

Speed Ball--Louisville (Pitino who played running ball for Matt Zunic and then Johnny Orr at UMass, then learned defenses first from Syracuse's Roy Danforth and Jim Boeheim [Note that Roy Danforth is who really originated the Syracuse game that Boeheim has shepherded into a long and great career and that the unsung Danforth learned his game at Southern Miss perhaps from Lee Floyd, Tim Floyd's father], then became a Joe Mullaney protege at Providence and Joe Mullaney had woven together Providence/Celtic/Holy Cross strands of play that tracked all the way back to Alvin "Doggie" Julian's Holy Cross teams with Bob Cousy and Joe Mullaney), Missouri (Anderson's full court m2m of UArk's Nolan Richardson and an update of the Haskins/Richardson strand of Okie Ball offense).

jaybate 8 years ago

Princeton System--Northwestern (Bill Carmody), Wake Forest (Bzdelik), ASU (Sendek mostly just the offense) (Note: Carmody and Bzdelik are the Carril purists who play it as a combined offensive and defensive system

The UPenn System--Dunphy (Temple), Donahue (Cornell and now BoColl), this is a kind of hard nosed game with very physical m2m defense and a willingness to play motion offense and pick and rolls and some ball screening sets at any pace that seems to offer advantage. It descends from Jack McCloskey, Dick Harter, Chuck Daley and Bob Weinhauer at Penn. It is kind of an east coast coevolution of play that happened along in parallel with the evolution of first Eddie Ball and then BillBall, though they seem to have happened largely independent of each other.

Princeton on Thugball--Georgetown (John Thompson III's hybridized take on Carill's Princeton and his dad's offense, who combined Joe Mullaney's Providence and Celtic schemes, itself descended in part from Holy Cross' Alvin "Doggie" Julian's game), Wisconsin (Ryan's Swing offense derived from Princeton)

Dribble Drive Motion Offense aka Princeton on Steroids--UK (Cal using Vance Walberg's dribble drive motion offense in which there are few set plays, just ball screens and dribble drives to the basket.), Memphis (Pastner from Cal)

The constant tempo possession offense--Brad Stevens (Butler innovating by also reviving the hand check defense), Todd Lickliter (late of Iowa and Butler), Thad Matta (Ohio State). (Note: the Butler game tracks fairly clearly back from Brad Stevens, to Todd Lickliter, to Thad Matta to Barry Collier, the chain of recent Butler coaches).

The Constant tempo possession offense with scripted plays--Ben Jacobsen (Northern Iowa) (Note: while Jacobson seems to have innovated, or at least revived extensive scripting of plays, Jacobson's possession game clearly tracks back to Greg McDermott [at Iowa State and formerly at Northern Iowa] and back to Ray Giacoletti in North Dakota.)

jaybate 8 years ago

Some of these designations refer to levels of violence in play, particularly on defense, while others of them are distinguised by their offensive schemes, while others maybe distinguished by their reliance on a particular joint offensive and defensive system.

Frankly, there is quite a lot of variety in approach today, but as the referees allow rougher and rougher play, there is a convergence slower tempo, fewer possessions, because the advantages of athleticism and speed are nullified by the violence. At the same time, controlling tempo and using violence to deny "runs" by high powered, high talent offenses, is forcing coaches to rediscover the advantages of holding turnovers to a bare minimum, keeping scores close, and trying to turn as many games as possible into FT shooting contests down the stretch. The skyrocketing roughness is thus forcing a convergence of sorts among the great diversity of approaches. Those approaches that can flourish in a high violence environment appear to be going farther in the Madness, where foul calling appears most curtailed. Basically, the physical teams with less athleticism are on the rise, while the most talented teams that learn to play thug ball exceptionally well seem to be winning more than the exceptionally talented teams that sort of half heartedly embrace thug ball.

Rock chalk!

@ et al,

University of Oregon may be about to set the record for most turn downs for a head coaching job. So far: Tom Izzo, Tubby Smith, Rick Pitino, Billy Donovan, Jamie Dixon, Mark Turgeon, Brad Stevens and Mike Anderson round out the major college coaches who have been rumored to be in the mix and have declined, or denied contact, or claimed no interest. From professional ranks, there has been mention of P.J. Carlesimo, Rick Adelman, Terry Porter and Fred Jones. Presently, Adelman seems the front runner.

Imagine turning down a job offer of $3.5 million a year backed by Phil Knight of Nike, a U of O grad.

Kye Clark 8 years ago

Jaybate - I love seeing Oregon get rejected time and time again. Not because I have any personal disliking of the University, but because the way they went about their search was totally foolish and arrogant. I read an article on that initially they were only interested in coaches who have won a National Championship. Really? That's Oregon, who has gone 9-27 in a pathetic Pac-10 conference the last 2 years. Oregon, who has made it out of the first weekend of the tournament twice since 1960. What a joke.

I laughed even harder upon learning that now they can't even lure a coach away from that dump of a program Missouri! You know you're a laughingstock when a coach won't leave a program that has managed to finish higher than 5th in the Big 12 only twice since the league's inception (in the '08-'09 season they finished 3rd, and way back in the '98-'99 season under the guidance of Norm Stewart they finished tied for 2nd). But wait, the story gets even funnier. During the team's banquet university system president (I have no idea what a "system" president" is. Does KU have one?) Gary Forshee said "We're going to hang a national championship banner in this arena, and it's going to happen because of Mike Anderson." Wow! Talk about two schools that were made for each other! Oregon and Misery do know that they are...well Oregon and Misery right? Try making it to a Final Four Misery before any foolish talk of hanging banners. Jeez. Even lowly Oregon can boast about having won a NCAA Championship, the very first one in fact, back in 1939. To date that is their only Final Four appearance as well.

In the end I was happy to see Mike Anderson turn down the job. I have likened it to Bill Self turning down T. Boone Pickens & his deep pockets a couple of years ago. Oregon apparently thought that they could back up the Brinks truck to whomever their hearts desired, coupled with a new arena, and the cream of the crop of the coaching ranks would be falling all over themselves to accept their offer. It does MY heart good to see that even today, money can't buy everything. And what makes it all that much sweeter for KU fans, is that Oregon's ineptitude is making it that much easier for a couple of kids in their own back yard - Terrence Ross & Terrence Jones - to slip through their fingers and maybe into our laps.

jaybate 8 years ago


Well said.

The Tale of the Two Terrences.

That would make it a grand slam!

Motownkat 8 years ago

Don't count on either Terrence going to Kansas! Smart money says both Terrences and C.J. Leslie will be playing for Kentucky next year! Who would they rather play with, the #1 PG in the country, Knight, or someone else? Why do you think Lamb ignored KU and decided to go to UK!

Kye Clark 8 years ago

Knight is not the #1 PG in the country, he is the top ranked point guard in high school at this time. In all likelihood, the top point guard is already in college at this point, maybe Nolan Smith at Duke, Kalin Lucas at Mich. St., or Shelvin Mack at Butler.

Regarding who players would rather play for, the number one coach with a Championship Ring on his finger coaching in Lawrence, or the guy he out-couched in that game? Would they rather play at the birthplace of college basketball and in the best venue in all of college basketball - Allen Fieldhouse, or hillbilly central? Why do you think Selby ignored UK and decided to go to KU?

A dozen years without a trip to the Final Four Kensucky!

Tony Bandle 8 years ago


Lamb + UK = PT, Lamb + UK = PT, Lamb + UK = PT

If Minnie Mouse was the point guard, Doron would still go to UK for his guaranteed PT and that's all he cares about....if you haven't noticed already in virtually every soundbite and quote from him!!

Jaminrawk 8 years ago

Hah. Yeah, Lamb went to UK because they lost 8 guys to the NBA and graduation. Lamb wanted to play and being a recruit in the 20-25 range, he knew that he would have to compete with Elijah Johnson and Tyshawn Taylor, not to mention Reed and Morningstar for minutes. UK isn't going to be as good next year because Wall, Bledsoe and Cousins were all better prospects than Knight, Lamb and Kanter. Jones fits better because he can step into the SF position with his size and versatility. KU doesn't really have a lot of guys like that on the squad already.

InfiniteJ 8 years ago

"In all likelihood, the top point guard is already in college at this point, maybe Nolan Smith at Duke, Kalin Lucas at Mich. St., or Shelvin Mack at Butler."

That's a joke right? I can see Kalin Lucas being one of the the top 2 or 3 PG's in college, but Nolan Smith and Shelvin Mack??? Come on, bro. Besides, Smith is more of a shooting guard.

Kye Clark 8 years ago

To be perfectly honest I did have some trouble coming up with returning elite point guards. Then I thought - what is the one thing that we'd heard both CS & SC say about how you judge point guards? Wins. I agree, true point guards are "team first - individual second" type of players. Those 3 teams were in the Final Four last year, so I'd say their point guards were doing a pretty good job. Along with the wins, I checked their stats and they all seemed pretty good. I'm open to suggestions (since you offered none) as to who are some of the better point guards still in college. I mean, its either offer up some alternatives or you're telling me you honestly believe that there are no returning point guards that are better, right now, than Brandon Knight. I find that extremely hard to believe.

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