Originally published April 7, 2010 at 12:00a.m., updated April 7, 2010 at 10:00a.m.

KU’s Collins a finalist for Wooden Award

Kansas senior Sherron Collins discussed his career as a Jayhawk during Monday's presser at Allen Fieldhouse on March 1, 2010.

Kansas senior Sherron Collins discussed his career as a Jayhawk during Monday's presser at Allen Fieldhouse on March 1, 2010.


Kansas University senior guard Sherron Collins on Tuesday was named one of five finalists for the John R. Wooden Award, which is presented to college basketball’s player of the year.

Other finalists are: Evan Turner, Ohio State; Wesley Johnson, Syracuse; John Wall, Kentucky and Da‘Sean Butler, West Virginia.

The five will be honored — and the winner revealed — at the 34th Wooden Award Presentation Gala, set for 6:30 p.m., Friday, at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

Collins on Tuesday also was named winner of the 2010 Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award, presented to the country’s most outstanding player 6-foot or under.

The award, which dates back to 1969, is named in honor of James Naismith’s daughter-in-law. A panel of representatives from the National Association of Basketball Coaches selects the recipient. To earn the award, the recipient must “demonstrate leadership, character, loyalty, all-around basketball ability and excellence in the classroom.”

He’s the first KU player to win the award.

“The Hall of Fame is proud to honor Sherron Collins with the 2010 award,” said John L. Doleva, President and CEO of the Basketball Hall of Fame. “The Hall of Fame honors excellence within the game, and Sherron has proven he is one of college basketball’s top players this season.”

The 5-foot-11 Collins, who last weekend was named KU’s first consensus All-American since Wayne Simien (2005), is the winningest player in KU history. He amassed 130 victories in four seasons. UCLA’s Darren Collison won the award last season.


Angelo Chol, a 6-foot-8, 205-pound junior center from San Diego’s Hoover High, has sliced his list of schools to eight, reports. The schools: Kansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgetown, North Carolina, UCLA and Washington. He’s eliminated. Arizona State, Wyoming and Virginia.

Final coaches poll

KU finished sixth in the final USA Today/ESPN coaches poll, one slot ahead of Kansas State. Duke, of course, placed first, followed by Butler, West Virginia, Michigan State and Kentucky.

Early look at 2010-11

ESPN’s Dick Vitale revealed his early “top six” picks for the 2010-11 season in a video on He has Duke winning the title for a second straight season, followed in his preseason poll by Ohio State, Michigan State, Villanova, Purdue and Butler. ... Luke Winn of has KU ranked No. 11 in his first preseason poll. He taps Duke first and Kansas State fourth.

Charlotte update

Syracuse assistant coach Mike Hopkins withdrew his name from consideration for the head coaching post at Charlotte, the Charlotte Observer reported. The paper indicated that Xavier assistant Pat Kelsey is frontrunner. The paper in the past has listed KU assistant Joe Dooley on the 49ers’ wish list.

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KEITHMILES05 9 years, 10 months ago

Something is going on with Dooley and all these openings and then being dropped.

overseashawk 9 years, 10 months ago

Of course Dick Vitale has Duke winning it again next's an East Coast team. I liked Vitale when I was about 10 and thought that the in-your-face nonsense was amusing. I'm thirty now and if he is commentating a KU game I generally mute the TV and listen to 105.9.

I'm actually really excited about next years team. I think that we will be better than the predicted rank of 11th as noted above. If we can sign a guy like Selby, Lamb or Knight then I see no reason why we wouldn't be in contention for a #1 seed or even the NC. If Marcus Morris improves next year the way he improved this year he'll be an All-American.

I'm not too sure how the Big 12 will be next year....the only thing I'm pretty sure of is that K-State will be TOUGH.

Matt Bowers 9 years, 10 months ago

You mean to tell me that Dickie V doesn't have both UNC and Duke winning it all next year? "You gotta be kidding me baby!" I too mute the television when Dickie V is commentating, mainly because his comments revolve around the ACC.

As far as the NC is concerned, the first thing I noticed when those kids were being announced was that each team was nearly all seniors and juniors. The one and done might not be the way to go. Glad that K-State will be tough, KU will need the competition.

Rock Chalk

Martin Rosenblum 9 years, 10 months ago

Does the voting body for the Wooden Award consider the issue of the OAD player when it throws these candidates into the mix? If John Wall is given the award on Friday and declares for the NBA on Saturday, won't that diminiss the integrity of the award somewhat? Then, what would happen should investigations be conducted at a later time and unethical or illegal charges be made against him or the KY program relative to his one season?

Needless to say, the preference would be for Sherron to be awarded this honor. John Wooden would be much more proud of him than Wall, I'm sure!

jayhawkintexas 9 years, 10 months ago

"Duke" Vitale is an idiot, I can't stand listening to him and don't understand why ESPN keeps him. Granted, Duke will be good next year but will they win it all? Only if the NCAA gives them a favorable bracket and the referees call the games in their favor---oh wait, that's what happened this year so maybe Duke will win it all next year--the NCAA certainly hopes they do.

Martin Rosenblum 9 years, 10 months ago

Oh yeah, I can't believe that photo of Sherron is being used again, The file must be fat with stock photos of him and they repeat this awful, Photoshop image. Or, maybe he really doesn't cast shadows like everything else in the photo. The relative perspective of standing on the eight row bleacher seat distorts his height guite a bit. Save the cut and paste for other images, please.

Andrew Moore 9 years, 10 months ago

I think KSU will be good next year, just not as good as they were this year. They played over their collective heads, and the loss of clemente will mean that someone has to run the point.

Pullen is an excellent off-ball guard swerving around screens and pulling up from 3. But he is not a tremendous point guard, he isn't a drive it by you draw a foul type player like clemente was. You can't minimize clemente's role in their success.

KU will have a similar problem with the loss of collins, but we have some big shots waiting in the wings (Elijah Johnson being one of the them) and we are in contention for a premier point guad (Josh Selby). Not to mention our other perimeter guys in Reed, Morningstar and Tyshawn.

KU will win its 7th straight big 12 regular season on the backs of the Morris twins and our returning guards. I think that if Selby picks KU we will have much higher aspirations by the start of big 12 play!

nammyjignigh 9 years, 10 months ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Duke losing definetely 3, maybe 4 starters. I see them finishing 10th. I think North Carolina is gonna be real tough. I don't see Roy ever having another season like he just did, although it was kinda fun to see that. Also, I still think Jacob Pullen could go pro. Without Clemente, they won't sneak up on anyone like they did this year, and I bet Pullen knows that and goes pro.

I hope we land Selby. He's a 2-3 year player, at least with our current eligibility. Calipari's already boughten Knight. Lamb would be great as well but we need a floor general. I bet HCBS gives Taylor the opportunity. KU will be really good next year and without the lofty expectations all year, I see a deep run next year.

And Teahan trying out for the football team is an absolute joke.

Jack Wilson 9 years, 10 months ago

I liked Vitale about 15 years ago, as well; his act is worn out. I can't stand listening to him. He came on yesterday and I immediately changed stations. What a surprise that he would pick Duke, or any back to back winner for that matter. That's his m/o. Vitale always picks the number 1 seeds to get to the final four every year, as well.

Kye Clark 9 years, 10 months ago

I read an ESPN article yesterday (not by Dick Vitale btw) talking about next year's rankings and who could be number 1. The article didn't rank the teams, but mentioned Duke, Butler, & the 3 Big Ten teams mentioned. No mention of Villanova. I know Ohio State has a great recruiting class coming in, but they ran a 6 man rotation this year and are losing Turner, so it seems like it might be expecting a bit much from them, relying on Turner's supporting cast and a crop of freshman.

Kye Clark 9 years, 10 months ago

Congrats to Sherron for another award nomination.

Dave Harris 9 years, 10 months ago

That photo of Sherron is the worst Photoshop job I have seen outside of the message boards in a long time.

Although most KU fans believe Sherron can float in mid-air, in that dramatic light, he would still cast a shadow. LOL.

Jonathan Kealing 9 years, 10 months ago


I swear, that photo is no photoshop job. I saw it personally on the photographer's camera when he came back from Allen Fieldhouse after shooting it. The photo was part of an ESPN shoot, so in addition to having the normal overhead lights, they'd set up a number of strobes and spots.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

areyouserious 9 years, 10 months ago

Dick Vitale = self promoter...................put a muzzle on him!

areyouserious 9 years, 10 months ago

besides..........he chose KU this year! I am glad he selected duk

WilburNether 9 years, 10 months ago

Since Max retired, Vitale now ranks as the worst basketball commentator out there. Clark Kellogg is a close second.

KURob 9 years, 10 months ago

Guys, that's a real photo, and Sherron's shadow is that thing to the upper left. If you notice, his left arm is casting a shadow across his middle...the light is coming from his left side (right side of the photo).

MDHawk 9 years, 10 months ago

He does have a shadow in that picture. Judging by the light profile, the dark band that is up one row and over a couple seats is his wasteline, and if you look directly to the right of the box on the backboard, you see another section of his shadow, and even another immediately left of the backboard and another row up. It looks like he doesn't have a shadow merely because the shadow is cast at such a sharp angle, and the bleachers make only sections of it visible.

Sorry, I liked the picture when it first came out, and I didn't speak up because photography is not my specialty. Now physics, on the other hand...anyway, the picture looks like it was taken in the morning, and with a stiff bit of sunlight coming in the East Fieldhouse windows. Add that to the artificial light provided by the photographer, and you see that the picture is completely plausible.

Back to the point, congrats Sherron! We'd all love to see you get another piece of hardware, you had such an amazing career!

KGphoto 9 years, 10 months ago

He IS casting a shadow jokers. Look at the entire right half of his face.

It's called lighting, and you can do almost as much with lighting as you can with Photoshop. Not that you would know what to do with Photoshop if you had it.

Personally I think its a great photo that fits, exactly, the KU bleachers brand that has been used for years here. If you change up the lighting too much you end up without a brand at all, and it looks like some high school operation.

This photo actually didn't get too tricky. A key light from the side on Sherron. A key light on the basket, and either a soft kicker or that's the natural window light from above and behind. Basic and effective.

Nice job Richard.

Chris Shaw 9 years, 10 months ago

This was my post from Monday

Butler: With the season winding down and the NCAA Championship game happening tonight; I think it's safe to say that regardless what happens tonight, Butler has earned itself worthy of having a preaseason Top 5 ranking for the 2011 season. Veasley is the main player leaving Butler this season and he's fourth in scoring (10 ppg) and third in minutes played (31.2). Jukes is another key player for Butler who is also a senior, but he's a "Glue Guy" that can be replaced. Veasley is the big concern, but regardless of his departure I still think Butler deserves to be preseason Top 5 next year. They have certainly earned it.

Duke: That leaves me to the other team playing in the NCAA Championship tonight, Duke? What do you all think? My initial instinct was to say without question Duke also deserves to be preseason Top 5 next season in 2011 and then I realized that Scheyer, Zoubek, and Thomas are all leaving. I know Zoubek is goofy, but he does all the little things in the paint that actually opens up the perimeter for the Duke guards. He will be missed, but I think the Plumlee's can make up for his departure. Thomas is another guy who doesn't have big numbers, but he makes that offense "Flow" and he will be sorely missed. I kind of forgot that Thomas was graduating and that is why I was so quick initially with the departure of Zoubek and Scheyer to say Duke belongs in the Top 5 next season.

Thomas also graduating puts a wrench into that thinking, but I think with the couple of recruits Coach K has coming in and possibly the development of Kelly could still allow Duke to be in the Top 5 preseason and me personally, I think they are preseason Top 5 next season.

With all that said, here is my preseason Top 5 for next season. There will be a lot of changes with this list depending on what happens with recruits, but this is a good guess right now. ESPN and CNNSI will be coming out with their rankings probably tomorrow or the day after so it's good time to start IMO. What do you all think?

1) Michigan State (Only losing Morgan in their Top 7) As good as Izzo is in March why bet against him now. This run in the 2010 NCAA tournament only made their team stronger.

2) Butler-enough said from above, right?

3) Syracuse-They only lose Rautins and Onaku, but Syracuse showed they have enough talent to replace both. Plus, they are in the running for some key recruits so we'll see what happens. They already have a couple good recruits coming in. Depends if Johnson leaves or not

4) Duke-Even with the loss of Scheyer, Zoubek, and Thomas, I think Irving, Curry, Dawkins, Kelly, and the Plumlee's will step up.

5) Kansas State (Only losing Clemente-Big piece to fill, but they have a couple of guards ready to step in and they have big-time recruit in Will Spradling coming in to play the point guard

Chris Shaw 9 years, 10 months ago

6) Baylor-I went ahead and did 6 because I think Baylor is going to be right there. At the moment, they only lose Tweety Carter. With that said, if Udoh ( He is probably leaving) returns they could easily move up 1 or 2 spots and with the addition of Perry Jones, Scott Drew has a nice little funnel of talent coming through Waco.

Chris Shaw 9 years, 10 months ago

This was also another post from Monday

I am giving my assessment without Xavier Henry as well because quite frankly I think he's gone and it all honesty I am ready for the Henry chapter to move onto the NBA (I think Henry is a great kid, but I think his Dad is the bad seed in the family). I think KU has the potential right now without any recruits coming in next year to be a preseason top 12 team. KU has that much "Talent" and it's experienced talent that is coming back to KU. I think if KU gets Josh Selby as their point guard I think KU is a Top 10 team no higher than 8th (Probably 9th or 10th).

If UNC is somehow ranked above KU next season I think I may shoot myself because that will truly show how "Bias" these polls are during the preseason. Who knows, these pundits might even have the audacity to put UNC in the Top 5 again next year. I will completey laugh myself into a vomit pool if that happens because that will be the biggest joke I will have ever seen. I see UNC coming in somewhere between 16 and 19, but I'm sure the pundits will find a way to sneak them into the Top 15.

Depending on what Udoh does I have Kansas picked 3rd in the Big 12 next year after Kansas State and Baylor. The Jayhawks will be just fine and I will be looking forward to flying under the radar as it seems the Jayhawks play better that way.

Well, at least they didn't put UNC above KU, but it was closer than I expected. Let's hope at least worst case scenario that KU gets Selby on the 17th of April and KU can keep their preseason 11th ranking and fly under the radar a little bit. I think KU will be a better "Team" next year. They might not win as many games, but I think team wise without the "Star" factor may benefit KU next year.

Randy Eakin 9 years, 10 months ago

In the 'Early look at 2010-11' section....does Vitale really think Michigan will be # 3? Manny Harris just declared and Sims graduated. He must mean Michigan State. Nice job LJW editors...please just don't refer to K-State as Kansas.

Chris Shaw 9 years, 10 months ago

This is my projected order of finish for the Big 12 next year. A lot depends on Udoh of Baylor.

1) Kansas State-Need to replace Clemente-Have a few options, but it sounds like Spradling (Not sure of Spelling) will come in and compete right away.

2) Baylor-Only if Udoh returns- I see them dropping 2 spots if Udoh doesn't return

3) Kansas-Kansas will be a contender with or without any more recruits. Selby greatly enhances those chances and I could very easily say that KU would be picked #1 again. However, K-State has earned their spot at the moment and they are still going to have to take it from KU.

4) Mizzou-They have some holes to fill, but Mizzou will always be able to mix and match their pieces simply because of their style of play. They lose their 4th, 6th, and 8th leading scorers in Tiller, Taylor, and Ramsey. Taylor, who was the 6th leading scorer at just over 8 per game lead the team in minutes. I could see Mizzou moving up possibly 1 spot or falling a couple of spots. I would say anywhere from 3-6 is realistic

5) Texas: Watch now that we all pick Texas to finish 5th or worse that they have a great season next year. I am still not convinced by Rick Barnes and I think there is some locker room rumblings coming from that camp. Still have to see what Bradley decides with the draft. No shortage of "Talent", but can they play as a team.

6) A&M and Tech: I think this is going to be a toss-up, but I am going to give the slight edge to Tech: They return everybody and only lose their 3rd leading scorer in Okorie.
A&M will also be right there, but they also have more holes to fill in the departure of Roland (they were playing without him already) Big Baby Davis, and Sloan. A&M does have some nice recruits coming in and also has a nice core coming back.

8) Colorado: I see Colorado finishing no worse than 8th and they will be fighting like hell to get up to the 5th place and an NCAA berth (Hopefully, they will leave the field at 65). Colorado has a great opportunity as they return everybody. I am pretty sure Higgins won't go pro.

9) Nebraska-They can only get better right? They were in a bunch of ball games last year, but couldn't finish.

10) Okie State: Has some voids to fill in Anderson leaving. Nonetheless, Ford will find a way to compete with Anderson leaving.

11) OU: They are in complete turmoil at the moment. Gallon allegedly taking payments. Mason-Griffin leaving for the draft? Lot's of problems in Norman.

12) ISU: They are getting worse with every year. Doesn't help to be losing Brackens

bradynsdad 9 years, 10 months ago

i would rather see ku lower in the rankings. it is always better when we come in under the radar like when we won the n.c. also i would like to hear more commentating from doug gottlieb. he isnt east coast biast and always sticks up for the big twelve. i believe when henry leaves we will land two recruits.

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago

"Wednesday Realizing March Madness Needs a New Name Because It Ends in April:"

} The NCAA XTreme tourney already is no longer settled in March. The Final Four is played in April. And with the 90+ team tourney already coming down the money pipe, it is time to junk the anachronism of March Madness. April Madness doesn't cut it. So: what is it to be called?

} I have never read so many stories about KU's junior recruits this time of year. Inference: We are being prepared by the spin machine for a high probability of more seniors signing with KU this season. Woolridge is it.

} I hope Elijah is as good as many hope. It would be very tough even for Self to mask the absense of a PG. Elijah--1000 treys a day! Tyrel, start practicing your cross over and reverse dribbles again!

} Who will gain the most weight and add the most vertical in this off season and, thereby, become this off-season's Hudy Award winner?

} After watching Sherron's wide body success, and then seeing Izzo amp up his guards into wide bodies, I am actually wondering if Brady and Tyrel may get Hudied this off-season. Tyrel obviously already went in for the treatment last off-season and it really helped his game, but that also means his add this off-season will probably be incremental. So: the guy that could really bulk up is Brady Morningstar. He spent last off-season getting turned into a wirey Seal by Matriciano and that didn't help him much. If Brady were to add 20 pounds, it would really make him an order of magnitude tougher on defense, as Kalin Lucas learned, when he shed the Greyhound look and went all wide body Terminator combat chassis.

} Will Todd Lickliter, kiln-cooked by Iowa, return to Butler as Brad Stevens assistant? It was Lickliter that put Butler back on the mid-major map before Stevens turned it into a major. And it was Lick that hired Stevens away from Eli Lilly and gave him an unpaid assistant's job to start Stevens on his Saturn 5 rise.

} Joe Dooley has to be happy he did not get the Holy Cross job last season. HC just fired Sean Kearney after only one season. Kearny was no slouch either. He had assisted at Notre Dame for nine seasons. Holy Cross has the bug for holy TV money.

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago

} DePaul grad Oliver Purnell jumped from Clemson to DePaul. Purnell clearly wants to become the recruiting king of Chi. He's not the first HC to want to be that. But Chi is a tough inner city and a place city folks like their kids like to leave. Still, the usual suspects are not working Chi effectively these days. Northwestern tried to be good and sucks. Illinois appears on the way down. Crean from Indiana is not pulling big from Windtown either. Self's contacts in Chi seem to have dwindled. Buzz Williams at Marquette has no pull in Chi. Ryan at UW-Madison can't recruit well in Chi. No doubt Iowa's new HC, Fran McCaffery, who assisted ten years at Notre Dame thinks he could divert some playuhs to Iowa City. But someone ought to be able to build at least one top team in Chi. And it might as well be at Ray Meyer's old haunt and Oliver Purnell says why not me? Oliver's W&L statement reads as follows: I can recruit, but I'm a so-so coach. Lots of good turn arounds with lots of early departures from tourneys equals "I can recruit, but I'm a so-so coach." In comparison, Self's W&L had turnarounds and some deep runs in tourneys.

} Joe Dooley would be a great fit for Clemson, but they will probably want a guy who has already turned a mid major around--like Billy Gillispie.

} Cornell's Steve Donahue jumped to BoCol. Donahue took ten years to build Cornell to a 29-5 season and a Sweet 16. Will BoCol be willing to wait ten years? The guys Donahue has in the pipeline for Cornell are not the type of recruits he will need at BoCol.

} Dooley's chances at Cornell seem slim. Cornell seems likely to hire and assistant from Temple's HC Fran Dunphy, or from Ex Cornell HC Steve Donahue's staff. Dooley's other problem at an Cornell, or any Ivy school, is that the recruiting contacts in his pipeline are not likely to fit the four year academic culture of Cornell.

} I'm still in shock about UTEP hiring Tim "Briefcase" Floyd. Maybe the undeclared war on the border made filling the position a tough one. Will Floyd be receiving combat pay?

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago

} U of Oregon is the only potentially good job still hanging out there, but the AD there seems a win-at-any-coster, judging from the underbelly of his Rose Bowl grade football team, and his dumping of Ernie Kent. Oregon is one of those schools that could be terrific, if the right Chancellor, AD, HC alignment ever occurred. Schools have to be strong down the middle to build solid programs in basketball. Oregon basketball was doing okay until the AD apparently poisoned the well on Ernie. Ernie also had some trouble adjusting to the muscle ball era. He came out of Dick Harter's Oregon Kamikaze Kids tradition stretching back to Philly and Penn's run of great coaches. He played the game up-tempo and rough. But Ernie lost his edge, when everyone else cut tempo to a crawl and muscled even more. To his credit, Ernie refused "to Krzyzewski" Oregon.

} "to Krzyzewski" infinitive, v., 1) to teach players to cheap shot and/or injure opposing players whenever down 10 in an up tempo game, or down 4 in a down tempo game; 2) to pretend to be a good actor, while being a really, really bad actor--jaybate's unabridged College Basketball Dictionary.

} Wondering if Leslie Visser thinks she needs to work out with Andrea Hudy this off-season to get ready to muscle with Holly Rowe for sideline interviews next season.

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago

erratum: Gillispie turned around TA&M, which only seemed like a mid major. :-)

Post Script on Gillispie: Would Billy be perfect for Houston, or what? This seems a match made in heaven. Any school that would hire Tom Penders with his rap sheet would find Billy Gillispie almost a choir boy. Houston and Texas have all the players required to return the U of Houston to a Top 10 program every year. But the school has to have a real live Texan to do it. Go for it, Billy!

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago

"Some Possible New Names for the Tournament Formerly Known as March Madness:"

~April Abnormality

~April Aberration

~The Cruelest Month of Muscle

~The Hoopa Crucifixion

~The Hysteria of Hacking

~The Dementia of Double and Triple Dribbles

~The Schizophrenia of Screening

~The Frenzy of Fouling

~The Mania of Mauling

And then there are these two honoring what Duke's Mike Krzyzewski aka The Anti-Coach, just did for the championship game.

~The Krzyzewski Psychosis

~The Duke Derangement

Hey, ya know what? None of these work.

How about the money grubbers scheduling the tourney start the season October 1, slide everything back a few weeks and have the tourney play out in March the way its ought to.

Rock Chalk!!

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago

"Some Additional Caveats on kushaw's Forecast for 2011 B12 Rankings:"

1) Kansas State-This can only happen if The Corporation backs Frank to the hilt.

2) Baylor-This can only happen if the Baptist God backs Scott Drew to the hilt.

3) Kansas-This can only happen, if Bill Self takes a leave of absence and backpacks Tibet in a spirititual search to discover how he and his team blew it against NIU in 2010.

4) Mizzou-This can only happen, if sun spots reverse Mike Anderson's ionization and MU starts playing a new version of half court muscle called 40 Minutes of Antlers.

5) Texas: This can only happen, if Rick Barnes undergoes surgery to reverse the pre-frontal lobotomy that caused him to squander his 2010 talent.

6) A&M and Tech: This can only happen, if Pat Knight joins Bob in the booth and Turgeon coaches both teams next season.

8) Colorado: This can only happen, if Buzz Bzdelik begins spelling his name Zubb Kiledzb and jettisons the Princeton System in favor of the Barnard System.

9) Nebraska-This could only happen, if Glen "Doc" Sadler secretly married Dr. Tom Osborne in order to keep his job.

10) Okie State: This could only happen, if Travis Ford took over UK and Sean Sutton were rehired while relapsing into painkillers.

11) OU: This could only happen, if Jeff Capel began regularly attending Adult Children of Mike Krzyzewski meetings, took each day one day at a time, and swore off ten-down cheap shotting for ever.

12) ISU: There is no way this could not happen (double negative and all).

Chris Shaw 9 years, 10 months ago

Jaybate: Isn't it UNI instead of NIU? You're the second person I've seen do that today. Not being picky at all. I just didn't know if that was some acronym that I am not understanding.

kugrad93 9 years, 10 months ago

Does anyone really read KUshaw and Jaybate's 1,500-word posts in their entirety? Good grief. A post shouldn't be longer than the original article. You guys should get your own blogs if you haven't already.

Chris Shaw 9 years, 10 months ago

kugrad: Another poster with nothing to add in the form of an opinion about KU basketball. I would hate to be illiterate. What's it like?

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago


Leave us not be too hard on kugrad93. Wasn't 1993 the year colleges started granting degrees even to those that could not read, or write? :-)

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago


Self + Hudy + Martial Arts = Only way to keep from getting "Krzyzewskied" into the morgue.

Isn't it going to be great when Cheap Shot Mike retires?

I never thought I would come to say that he was more repulsive and destructive to the game than Knight, but now I have to say it.

Cheap Shot Mike, you're more repulsive and destructive to the game the Knight.


Quit stinking up the game.

jaybate 9 years, 10 months ago


You say UNI I say NIU Potayto eye Potahto eye Let's call the whole thing off...

I am really not up to speed on what is proper. I write it both ways. How do they do it?

Tuskin 9 years, 10 months ago

"He’s eliminated. Arizona State, Wyoming and Virginia."

Some typos are more fun than udders.

Jeff Coffman 9 years, 10 months ago

UNI - University of Northern Iowa NIU - Northern Illinios University

It would be like crossing Kansas and Kentucky, which is never acceptable.

Of course, we aren't talking power conferences either.

Martin Rosenblum 9 years, 10 months ago

KGphoto et al -

I'm not interested in the shadows on his body. It's the lack of shadows that are cast in front, back and on the sides of him onto the bleachers. The major shadow to his right is clearly that from the backboard or clock above it. Where is the shadow that he should have at the same angle relative to the backboard/clock on the bleachers behind him and to his left? Also, and most noticable to me, are his feet. How his right foot especially seems to be lower than the horizontal line of the bleacher that he's standing on is a mystery to me.

If only we had a Zapruder 8mm film taken from the grassy knoll!

Martin Rosenblum 9 years, 10 months ago

I must have been in a cave the last couple of weeks. Have Wall and Cousins actually declared yet?

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