Sunday, September 27, 2009

Game balls and Gassers


Candidates for Game balls

• Kerry Meier turned 10 receptions into 141 yards and two touchdowns.

• Jake Laptad had the biggest sack of the season.

• Ryan Murphy contributed two huge fourth-quarter plays, an interception and a third-down tackle.

Candidates for Gassers

• Football team.

• Basketball team.


Dirk Medema 11 years, 5 months ago

Is the horse dead yet?

Will it be kicked for the entire bye week?

Nomination for gassers:

  1. LJW writers/editors/whiners

(and from the football game)

  1. Todd Reesing - 2 intentional grounding and 1 unsportsmanlike penalties, 1 INT

Lance Hobson 11 years, 5 months ago

Great call on the gassers! This won't be a dead horse for a long, long time. ESPN and USA Today still have those headlines up, but no news of the win today. I don't think anyone will ever forget about it.

Lance Hobson 11 years, 5 months ago

Not sure you can ever give Reesing a gasser when he means so much to our team, but this is about as close as he gets with a few of the things he did out there today. Still, he won it for us in the end.

murph 11 years, 5 months ago

It wasn't the WHOLE basketball team, nor the WHOLE football team who fought. Let's only make gassers out of the gangsta-type people who did the fighting.

jakzhumans 11 years, 5 months ago

Wow guys, fixate much? Care to tell the rest of us how the fights impacted yesterday's game and is therefore worth a gasser? I mean, this is a story about the game, right? You know, the thing you all wanted the players to be focused on instead of fighting. Maybe it's time you set the example.

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years, 5 months ago

What a groundbreaking assessment of yesterday's game. About 90 kids who had nothing to do with the squabble that happened this week are the target of some idiots at the newspaper not letting an already out-of-proportion story go. If the LJW isn't going to get over this stupid story, they should at least get real about it. A few kids from really rough neighborhoods with virtually no role models in their lives except rappers and street violence who happen to play on sports teams had a disagreement with each other, and, as 19 years old kids, they handled it in the only way they have ever known, by standing in a big group and calling each other an outdated racial slur, which, for those of us who are under 25 years old, is NOT the most offensive word in the universe any more, especially for kids from the communities of Tyshawn and Sherron, etc. 1. The entire teams should not be drug down over this. We don't even know what the kids were fighting about, but it was not football or basketball; it was some ancillary thing that comes about as a result of their receiving attention for football and basketball. The rest of the team has nothing to do with this. If ten kids in the Honors Program had a fight over getting published research grants, you wouldn't say the whole Honors Program is out of control and bringing shame on the University. You would say that the HP gives talented students an environment in which to excel and do positive things for themselves and the U, and a handful of those students failed to handle it correctly. You would also want to find out, I hope, what went on in those kids' lives that escalating a problem into a catastrophic feud is the only way they know how to resolve problems. That is the rational adult response, not dragging every kid who happens to participate in the same organization as the offenders through the mud, too. 2. Most of the football team deserves our respect and had no hand in all this. Darrell Stuckey had an excellent game yesterday. He was also named to a national team for outstanding community service and leadership at the same time these "fights" were happening. There was one story with about 1/2 a paragraph on this site, virtually no comments, and no praise elsewhere for him. I realize that he has received a lot of other press, but if the newspaper wants to have some impact on the team, why don't they praise and build up the best players as role models instead of tearing down the entire team? Middle-aged white news reporters from Lawrence, Kansas, are clueless about the world from which these kids come. They need to open their eyes a little bit and consider the whole situation before they just start tearing down kids.

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years, 5 months ago

Our coaches take chances on these kids because, despite unthinkably bad backgrounds, they see in them the potential to become great athletes and greater people. The LJW needs a little bit of that attitude as well. I hope I am not the only one tired of hearing about these "fights" that are better called "squabbles" and tired of the LJW writers arrogant, aloof coverage of the whole thing.

mmlaughsatnerds 11 years, 5 months ago

"Wow guys, fixate much? Care to tell the rest of us how the fights impacted yesterday's game and is therefore worth a gasser? I mean, this is a story about the game, right? You know, the thing you all wanted the players to be focused on instead of fighting. Maybe it's time you set the example."

It's a dead horse that didn't offer an ounce of analysis of the game. Lazy, petty journalism.

hawk_clock 11 years, 5 months ago

Quick question for those of you who feel Reesing might be a candidate for his 2 intention grounding penalties yesterday.... If he doesn't "attempt" to throw the ball away he gets sacked on both plays! If he gets sacked, the result of the play is the exact same thing as an intentional grounding penalty. And now instead of him being the one that you think needs the gassers, your saying that maybe the o-line needs the gassers for allowing the sacks! When he makes a miracle scramble you think he is god, but when he gets "sacked" (intentional grounding") he needs gassers?

Code_2008 11 years, 5 months ago

What the football (and basketball) team(s) need to do right now is finally put this behind us and move on... the football needs to prepare for Iowa State in 2 weeks... and I really don't want to see what happened last year against them happen again... they're actually looking much more decent this year and if Kansas slacks off again, we may not be able to catch them.

I'm starting to wonder if LJW is wanting the football team to lose? They keep bringing up issues about the fight... that will be in the newspaper... a newspaper that the players read. Let it be so the football team can concentrate on fixing their mistakes (defense) and working on solidifying their team so they can compete for a Big 12 North Title and Hopefully a Big 12 Championship.

KUFan90 11 years, 5 months ago

Gassers : Keegan for not letting it go, Keegan for his attacks on Tyshawn this week, Keegan for his self serving attempt to stir the pot further, Keegan after a big bowl of chili and a 6 pack of PBR.

pmohr13 11 years, 5 months ago

The unsportsmanlike penalty against Todd Reesing was not for complaining to the refs but rather for him dropping the ball on the guy that tackled him. Dropping the ball on him was taking as a taunting penalty by the refs. I saw the play as it happened and was waiting for the flag to be thrown. It was a bone head move by Todd if he meant to drop the ball on him or not (to me it looked like he meant to). Get up and toss the ball to the ref.

pmohr13 11 years, 5 months ago

And I would give Todd a gasser nominee because on such a high powered offense that stalled in the fourth quarter you have to put it on the leader. And he over threw receivers which hasn't done in previous games, looked flustered in the pocket instead of calm a collective while making those "amazing escapes." Doesn't know how to properly throw the ball away. And last but maybe the biggest problem, he eliminates the option for us because he doesn't hold onto the ball, he'll pitch the ball at the first signs of a defender five yards away. Instead of taking the guy out of the play which is the design of the option he allows him to make the play on the running back.

mandomax 11 years, 5 months ago

I thought Reesing ran the ball relatively well in the option. Although his net rushing yards were killed by the sacks, I thought he was pretty much 50-50 on when he kept and when he pitched, and he picked up some valuable 3-4 yard gains for us on option keepers.

He did seem more flustered this game than most. Maybe it had something to do with a crashing SMU d-line coming in over, under, and around our o-line. That needs to stop; we can't expect Reesing always to make the miracle scrambles out of trouble like we have seen in the past. No man can satisfy 100% of the time.

KURocksChalk 11 years, 5 months ago

At least intentional grounding is not an unintentional fumble which happens on a lot of sacks.

It is the cost of Reesing buying time and it is worth the trade. Portection was not what it should have been.

KURocksChalk 11 years, 5 months ago

I also thought despite the tight game, the offense was stalled and it would have been masterful to put in the run and gun freshman Pick. Bet he would have scored. When the game is tight and you don't really want to throw it unless you have to, put him in.

pmohr13 11 years, 5 months ago

I wasn't saying his decision making on the option was terrible. It's when he pitches the ball he could wait a little longer and bring the defender to him so he can't make the play on the running back which happens a lot with Reesing.

grandpa 11 years, 5 months ago

I agree with Pmohr13.Todd is not using periferial vision. He will focus on one receiver too long and still throw to him if he is double covered. He has to keep looking to the right and left and throw quicker. If you throw quick, you don't get sacked and you don't have to throw the ball away. I think Todd is a good quarterback. I don't think he is a wonderful quarterback. My mother used to tell me every day I was a wonderful little boy.I never was a wonderful little boy . I was a pretty good little boy.....

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