Thursday, September 24, 2009 staff’s Week 4 college football picks


The following are the Journal-World/6Sports staffers' picks for Week 4 of the college football season.

Week 4 games
Southern Miss at Kansas
Tennessee Tech at Kansas State
Texas Tech at Houston
North Carolina at Georgia Tech
Miami (Fla.) at Virginia Tech
Washington at Stanford
Off-the-wall question: What athlete/sports figure was the best interview you've ever had?

Dugan Arnett
Kansas 34-28
Kansas State 21-10
Texas Tech 42-34
Georgia Tech 28-21
Miami 34-17
Stanford 24-14
Question: Baby Mangino

Matt Tait
Kansas 51-27
Kansas State 12-10
Houston 35-30
Georgia Tech 24-22
Miami 30-20
Washington 26-10
Question: Pete Rose

Jesse Newell
Kansas 34-24
Kansas State 31-13
Texas Tech 35-30
North Carolina 28-27
Miami 30-18
Washington 24-21
Question: Brian Waters

Kevin Romary
Kansas 38-17
Kansas State 24-16
Houston 34-31
Georgia Tech 28-24
Miami 28-13
Stanford 35-28
Question: Jason Garrett

Eric Sorrentino
Kansas 35-20
Kansas State 28-10
Texas Tech 42-39
Georgia Tech 34-28
Miami 28-27
Washington 28-21
Question: Christian Ballard

D.J. Whetter
Kansas 38-20
Kansas State 28-13
Houston 35-31
Georgia Tech 17-14
Miami 27-14
Stanford 24-14
Question: Chip Budde

Gary Bedore
KU 31-24
Kansas State 24-3
Texas Tech 42-31
North Carolina 21-20
Miami 35-28
Stanford 22-14
Question: Ryan Robertson

Tom Keegan
Kansas 35-24
Kansas State 20-17
Houston 42-35
North Carolina 21-20
Miami 31-30
Washington 31-27
Question: Elden Auker

Week 3 results
Dugan Arnett 6-0
Jesse Newell 6-0
Eric Sorrentino 6-0
Matt Tait 5-1
D.J. Whetter 5-1
Kevin Romary 5-1
Tom Keegan 5-1
Gary Bedore 5-1

Overall standings
Eric Sorrentino 14-4
Dugan Arnett 14-4
Kevin Romary 13-5
Jesse Newell 13-5
Tom Keegan 12-6
D.J. Whetter 12-6
Matt Tait 12-6
Gary Bedore 12-6


Kyle Helmer 10 years, 8 months ago

So the majority of you guys think KU is on par with Virginia in football this year based on your picks for this weeks game? Virginia is BAD and led 27-10 at Southern Miss on Saturday on the road!!! I know that SM came back and won (barely), but C'mon. The more we win, the more fickle people get. Remember, with all of our "struggles" this year we are outscoring teams 42-9 and are 5th in the nation in total offense. I don't get it.

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years, 8 months ago

A huge win this weekend would go a long way toward getting past this feud business. I think the leaders and genuinely good guys on the team step up this weekend and deliver a huge win. A handful of idiots hurt the image of the whole team, but Todd, Kerry, Darrell, Jake, etc. are the leaders of our on-field image, and they will have a lot to say about what Kansas really aspires to be.

sdoyel 10 years, 8 months ago

Week 4 games

KANSAS 38-23




MIAMI 24-16


Michael Leiker 10 years, 8 months ago

I agree, blow up week for KU. 2+ touchdowns of over 50 yards. Big special teams week and 3+ turnovers for the D. I think Kansas has played better competition than people think this year, and much better than 2007 and they've handled these games in a workmanlike fashion, while never really putting it all together. Very fixable problems all over the field, the kind of problems a KU fan likes to see knowing who our coaching staff is.

Flying under the radar a little bit, and I think they still will be until after Colorado.

Michael Leiker 10 years, 8 months ago

khelm - why doesn't this year look like 2007 to anyone other than me. I like how things are setting up.

Billy Derringer 10 years, 8 months ago

KANSAS 45-16



GT 24-21

MIAMI 31--14


Alan Halvorsen 10 years, 8 months ago

Good Lord, where is the love for Vah Tech? I forgot it's early in the season, Miami's bandwagon is maxed out.

slantrox 10 years, 8 months ago


Kansas 49-13

Kansas State 13-3

T Tech 45-31

North Carolina 27-21

Miami 30-13

Washington 24-17

Question: Danny Manning

lance1jhawk 10 years, 8 months ago

There is no way Southern Miss stays close to Kansas this week.

KU 41 Southern Mrs 17

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