Saturday, October 24, 2009

Self, Gillispie reunite at coaches clinic

Longtime NBA coach Del Harris, left, laughs as Kansas basketball coach Bill Self jokes with him before introducing Harris as his guest speaker. Self hosted a coaches clinic Friday at Allen Fieldhouse.

Longtime NBA coach Del Harris, left, laughs as Kansas basketball coach Bill Self jokes with him before introducing Harris as his guest speaker. Self hosted a coaches clinic Friday at Allen Fieldhouse.


Good buddies Bill Self and Billy Gillispie sat in the lower-level, west-side bleachers of Allen Fieldhouse on Friday night, listening intently to NBA legend Del Harris, who served as guest speaker at Self’s annual Kansas University basketball coaches clinic.

It was a personal reunion of sorts for the two Bills, who worked together from 1997 to 2002 at both the University of Tulsa and Illinois.

“I love watching practice,” said Gillispie, who was fired as head coach at Kentucky last March 27 after two seasons in Lexington.

“I hadn’t seen coach (Self) practice, obviously, since I left to go to UTEP after I was with him at Illinois (in 2001-02),” added Gillispie, who watched Friday’s two-hour KU hoops practice with great interest.

“Believe me, coach always has their best interest at heart,” he said of seventh-year KU coach Self, who isn’t afraid to speak up while putting his players through drills. “He’s always trying to make them better, always worried about making sure the team gets better as well. It always works. He always knows what buttons to push.”

Gillispie left Friday’s practice agreeing with those who believe the Jayhawks will vie for Big 12 and national honors.

“I think they are going to be great,” Gillispie said. “It looks like they’ve got a loaded roster. They’ve been recruiting great and winning all the time. They obviously coach them great.

“As a fan, you always want your team to win every single game. Nobody wants that more than the players and coaches, but it’s almost impossible to do. I don’t guess it’s been done since (Indiana) 1976. Just like always, they (KU fans) have high expectations. They should expect great things from the team. It’s so difficult to advance. There are so many good teams and so many things that can happen. They’ll definitely be one of the few teams in the country that has a great chance to win it, I would think.”

Gillispie, who had a stormy two seasons at Kentucky, was asked if one could soon expect to see him back on the bench coaching again.

“I hope so,” Gillispie said.

College or pro?

“I don’t know. I’m just over here enjoying this experience here right now. It’s not about me. I just came to help any way I can with this particular clinic, get to see a lot of coaches, friends, and enjoy a great weekend.”

Gillispie will speak X’s and O’s to several hundred coaches at the clinic today.

“I came here because I’m great friends not only to coach (Self), but the entire staff,” Gillispie said. “I feel very honored. I’m definitely missing the game, and I love watching practice, those kind of things, but coach has been so good to me. I would never have had any opportunities if not for him. He’s got such a great staff and leadership up top starting with (athletic director) Lew Perkins. This place ... what a beautiful facility they’ve built. I’m just having a great time visiting here.”

He expects to see Self in Lawrence a long time.

“I can’t speak for coach, (but) it’s such a perfect fit — it has been since Day One,” Gillispie said. “He’s the best guy in the world. He knew (how much he’d like KU) before he got here and every single day that he’s been here. I think for many, many, many, many, many years to come they’ll definitely be happy (at KU).”

Harris in town, too

Del Harris, 72, returned to Allen Fieldhouse for the first time since the mid-1980s, when he worked a game as an NBA scout.

“It has a brighter look than it did at the time,” said Harris, former head coach of the Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers and assistant on other teams. “If you didn’t know this was a historic building, there’d be no way you could tell it (was over 50 years old). They’ve done a great job with it. It looks state-of-the-art.”

Like Gillispie, Harris thinks KU will field a strong team.

“Well, I like what I see. I think they have a lot of depth,” Harris said. “They are athletic, working hard, and I think everybody here has good reason to feel totally optimistic.”

Bumps, bruises

Jeff Withey (stress fracture, right knee) and Brady Morningstar (right ankle sprain) shot on the side while sitting in chairs at practice Friday. Withey is out four to six weeks. Morningstar, who wore a protective boot on the foot, may miss a week or so. Both players are not eligible to play until the end of first semester.


Brandon Knight, a 6-3 senior point guard from Pine Crest High in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., will make an official recruiting visit to KU next weekend, Knight’s dad told’s No. 1-rated player has visited Kentucky and UConn. ... Adreian Payne, a 6-10 senior forward from Jefferson High in Dayton, Ohio, has canceled next week’s visit to KU, reports. He is considering Kentucky, Arizona, West Virginia and Michigan State. ... Terrence Jones, 6-8 senior from Portland’s Jefferson High, still may make an unofficial visit to KU, reports. He has a list of Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA and Washington. ... Harrison Barnes, a 6-8 senior forward from Ames (Iowa) High, wrote his own blog concerning last week’s visit to KU. It is available at this Web address. He said, “Late Night was great. I really had a great time,” in the blog.


suttonku 11 years, 4 months ago

Well so long Payne, about a month ago you were a future Jayhawk. As far as terrence Jones goes, I dont want him. I would gladly take Barnes and Knight...I just dont see us signing Barnes because of the uncertainty of Henry on whether he will stay or go. I think there could be a chance of Henry returning and that will play into this. And with Barnes signing in November the uncertainty may take us out of contention for Barnes.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

Payne's short list reads like he is actively looking for a dysfunctional program. To wit:

Contucky--fires a coach with no history of leaving schools with recruiting violations, hires a coach who has left two schools just before infractions hit; is already in damage control on two players with reputedly bogus SATs; oh, and the program has a tradition of point shaving.

Arizona--formerly known as the Lute Olson School for Coaching Meldowns, also formerly known as the university that hires interim assistants from instate rivals and then fires them (Russ Pennell); and now known as Nepotism State University for Coaching Brothers (former Xavier HC Sean Miller hired his brother Archie for 1st Assistant).

West Virginia--Bob Huggins, the poster boy for thug ball, and the poster boy for coaching drunks, and the poster boy for coaches who abandon players in Manhattan, KS, says it all.

Michigan State--Tom "Ratso" Izzo, the man most responsible for popularizing thug ball.

Do you get the feeling that Payne wants to play for jerks?

Judging by APayne's short list, my guess is KU sniffed something about him they didn't like and passed him the word that he could skotch KU from his list and both could save face. But that is only a guess.

Big mistake, APayne.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

Gillispie has many wonderful things to say about KU, the program, coach Self, the facilities, etc. I wonder if he is looking for a job or just speaking so highly of the program for his good buddy Self and recruiting.

Adam Collins 11 years, 4 months ago

From Harrison Barnes' "Diary":

"After that, the players took Doron Lamb and I out and they showed us a real good time."

...what do the players take the recruits out to do if they can't go to all the great bars, etc?

Dee Shaw 11 years, 4 months ago

Just curious to know. Is there a player we are recruiting that does not have Kentucky on its list. Gee Wiz. Every freaking player has Kentucky on its list. John Callipari can recruit. The problem is that in 7 or 8 years Kentucky will be on probation while Coach John Callipari leaves for another run in the NBA or taking over another college program.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

Slaterman- I'll bet they stay on campus. Isn't there a bowling alley at the union? Pizza?

The first job I took after college wasn't due to the interview, but due to a beautifully smoking hot chick I saw in the facility that day. I hope the recruits saw many, many exceptionally attractive women while on their stay. oh yeah, I looked for that smoking hot chick after taking the job but was never able to find her again. bummer.

intrpdtrvlr 11 years, 4 months ago

Jaybate, you can take exception to the style of play if you want and I'm sure Tom Izzo's demeanor isn't to everyone's taste, but to lump MSU in as a "dysfunctional program" is pretty outrageous. MSU is run clean, graduates 70-80% of its four year players, focuses on the best in-state talent, and filled its Midnight Madness this year so that they had to turn people away. MSU's program is incredibly well-funded with a state of the art locker room and recently dedicated a family center for visitors right in the Breslin.
Do I even have to mention 5 Final Fours in 11 years?

So, really, I don't normally get into arguments on opponent's boards, but MSU as "dysfunctional?" Seriously? Michigan State seems to be functioning great.
And I have nothing bad to say about KU. It's a great program and I can't imagine why anyone with MSU and Kansas in his final five would drop KU and lean to West Virginia. To each his own, I suppose. Good luck this year, I intend to see you all deep in the tournament.

okjhok 11 years, 4 months ago

I guarantee you they don't stay on campus to show the recruits a good time. There are lots of places 18-year-olds can get into in Lawrence. In fact, I'm sure there are lots of places basketball players can get into, regardless of age. Your naive if you don't believe that. I used to see it firsthand.

Regarding Payne, he didn't have much of a shot at playing significant minutes at KU for the next couple of years anyway, not with the Morris twins, TRob, and Withey stepping in. I'm sure that played a part in his decision.

malkerz 11 years, 4 months ago

If we had an open assistant coaching spot, I'd be honored to have Billy G walking the sidelines for the Crimson and Blue!

KUFan90 11 years, 4 months ago

Aren't there some bars where under 21 wear a wristband or something like that?

Too bad Payne was scared off by the prospect of actually having to earn some minutes on this team.

Chris Shaw 11 years, 4 months ago

I agree with intrpdtrvlr (Your name is hard to spell, I had to scroll up 4 times and I still don't think I spelled it right), I think Tom Izzo and Michigan State shouldn't be put in the "Dysfunctional" category. Personally, when I was living up Chicago I had a good friend who was the team manager from 96-99 (Right before their Championship) and he took me to their morning shoot-around at a Northwestern game. I got to shoot around with some of the players after their morning practice and the best of all, I got to talk to the "Izzone" for about 15-20 minutes with my buddy. The guy is such a class act. I can understand why recruits would want to play for him. On another note, after Michigan State beat Northwestern that night we got to go in to the locker room and listen to his post-game victory speech and hang out with the team again. It was pretty cool experience, but even more so, you got to see a great coach doing his thing and connecting with his players. Finally, you would not believe how short Tom Izzo is! The dude is like 5'4" or 5"5 and I thought I towered over him at 6'4". Just imagine what Zach Randolph, Paul Davis, and Goran Sutton felt when trying to talk to him. LOL!

Andy Hess 11 years, 4 months ago

if you people think they're NOT taking these recruits out to bars, regardless of the age limit, you are quite naive.

tennesseest 11 years, 4 months ago

malkerz- I was sort of waiting for someone to say that...I don't know though, is it too soon? I think having another legit coach and recruiter on the bench would be a plus, however, how many DUIs has he had? I know everyone deserves a second chance, but we've just been through a $hitstorm, I think it might be a bit soon to be hiring anyone with "priors"...just a thought

KEITHMILES05 11 years, 4 months ago

We do NOT need the likes of Gillespie. He has shamed himself too many times with his drinking problems. It'd be a sad day if he graced the bench of AFH.

Chris Shaw 11 years, 4 months ago

If you want to see a bunch of information on H. Barnes go to and go read the Duke and UNC team page threads. Good Grief! I thought KU had a good chance of landing Barnes, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I hope I am pleasantly surprised if and when he chooses KU because I would be ecstatic, but the Duke and UNC fans don't give me much confidence on all the info they are posting. We shall see, but it looks from everything I have read (And I know some of it is garbage) that it looks like he is leaning towards Duke. I"m okay with that because Duke has been down and out the last couple of years, but as long as he doesn't go to UNC, I will be a happy camper.

kvskubball 11 years, 4 months ago


From his blog, I thought Barnes was a Duke lean.


Academics are important to Barnes and private little Duke is very good, but KU's no slouch as a public school.

I think he'd be a great hawk, but like you, I'm not very confident.

Another issue, that someone noted above is PT, but if X stays a second year, he will likely play more at the two and X and Barnes would be really good together, and if X leaves, Barnes has the 3 to himself!

Plus we're closer to home. Come on Harrison, do the math...and you should choose KU. :)

As someone noted, if he signs early, KU won't look like a great option because he'll be looking at X and wondering about PT!

Oh well!

Rock Chalk!

VegasJhawk09 11 years, 4 months ago

Personally Im excited to see Royce Woolridge play for KU next year.

MemphisMachine 11 years, 4 months ago

X will not be staying a second year, he has made that very clear. Good luck.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago


"'Course I'm respectable. I'm old. Politicians, ugly buildings, and whores all get respectable if they last long enough."--Noah Cross, Chinatown, screenwriter--Robert Towne

Tom Izzo is wildly successful. He has never been caught cheating at anything that I know of. He graduates players. When one lasts long enough, and is successful enough, one begins to be treated with respect, venerated even, regardless of one's means, as the quote above suggests.

For example, Bob Knight, the coach who claimed never to cheat, unless you call reputedly physically and/or verbally abusing players, coaches, referees, students, and administrators cheating, has become respected. And Bob Knight claimed a very high graduation rate, reputed by some to have been achieved by running off many who struggled with academics (after contributing usefully to the W column for a year or two).

Heck, Jerry Tarkanian even became respected by some. Tark the Shark claimed, sometimes even while consorting with gamblers, that the NCAA never proved anything. He helped troubled kids get a chance. He was a great, perhaps unequaled defensive coach. He won an enormous number of games and a national title. He avoided what he described as a vendetta against him for a very, very long time. Late in his career, ol' Jerry had his 15 minutes of respect, so to speak.

One has to reckon that the respected Tom Izzo has to fall in virtue somewhere between the two poles of coaching virtue that early and late respected Bob and only late respected Jerry have established with their longevities. Maybe Izzo even ranks higher, because his Chancellor has not had to fire him for reputedly slapping players around.

So let's try to put Tom Izzo into some perspective.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

Tom has come a very long way from Iron Mountain, MI, where he grew up and played hard nosed ball for Northern Michigan U. He has come all the way to that hot bed of impeccable virtue--Lansing, Michigan. He graduates a lot of players, which, whether he does it by making them study, or by having all the work done for them by tutors (as some programs reputedly do), at least he gets his non-NBA bound players some payback for their years working for him. This is something admirable and more responsible than what many coaches do. For this he deserves credit...and he gets plenty for it.

But Izzo was also a Jud Heathcote protege. If I recall correctly, Jud, at MSU, and Lew Henson, of Illinois, were two of the reasons Bob Knight, whom I find vile in his own right, refused to attend media day with Big Ten coaches. He reputedly thought they and some others were cheaters at recruiting, or disreputable in other unspecified ways. Risking the vagaries and possible fallacies of guilt by association, how far do coaching apples tend to fall from the head coaching tree in terms of ethics? Especially coaching apples that assisted 12 years?

Many do not fall far, but some do.

Bill Self, though a protege of Eddie Sutton, is not an alcoholic. And he has not been the head of a program charged with making cash payments to players.

Okay, maybe Tom's a saint and maybe even Jud Heathcote was, too. Maybe I misremember Knight's estimation of Heathcote, or maybe Knight was wrong. But, one way or the other, that's Tom's coaching background.

Now let's look at the foreground.

Among many accolades and accomplishments, Head Coach Tom Izzo's Wiki entry notes:

"Izzo got attention when people learned of his "war" rebounding drills, in which the players have sometimes worn football helmets and shoulder pads.[2] His motto is "Players Play – Tough Players Win".

This sounds kind of admirable in a Marine-esque sort of way, even a little analogous to Bill Self's boot camp ethic. It even sounds kind of prudent, too. When you teach players to play the game violently, they ought to have some protection, while they are learning, shouldn't they? Marines training men for hand-to-hand combat use a game/drill in which shave-tails wear helmets and try to beat each other senseless with padded clubs. If its good enough for the Marines, who are trying to learn to kill people, perhaps it helmets, etc., would work if you are trying to prepare basketball players for being "tough."

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

You watch the way Izzo's teams play; the way they practically mug opponents in order to win, and you figure, Tom really should have them start out in shoulder pads and helmets, or they might get hurt. Too bad opposing teams don't get to wear the same when they play MSU.

Without putting too fine a point on it, Tom Izzo apparently took the idea of the enforcer that had already been borrowed from ice hockey, and apparently replaced all the glue players on his teams with enforcers. If you aren't an impact player on an Izzo team, you are apparently taught thug ball--even some of his impact players are apparently taught thug ball, too.

What is thug ball, you ask?

I characterize it as trying to intimidate an opponent with pushing, shoving, kicking, elbowing, tripping, kidney punching, wrist hacking, nut punching, nose fore-arming, and shoving jump shooters off balance, even when one's team is tied or ahead. It can be further characterized as overtly threatening intimidation including flagrant fouling, head hunting, pushing into basket standards, tripping, punching, double-team near-mugging and nonspecific attempted injuring of opposing players when down 15 points or more in an effort to get back in the game. It also sort of goes without saying that all non-impact players tend to do little else but all of the above and that they tend to be recruited largely on the basis of their brawn and aggressive personalities. Capice?

IMHO, there is nothing good, or redeeming, about this way of playing the game. Players are injured. The most talented, the most skilled team, often does not win against Izzo's thug ball. Thug ball teams almost always win games with referees from thug ball conferences. There is nothing fair, sportsman like, honorable, or excellent about this form of play, or coaching this method of play. It is not leading the game to any desirable end. It is leading it in a decent into barbarism and anyone who knows a lick about basketball knows this is so.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

Tom Izzo has seemed to me a leading practitioner of thug ball, and a major benificiary of thug ball's bending and breaking of the rules of the game, in the two most recent iterations of thug ball, e.g., the late 1990s, which culminated in easily the most disgraceful display of basketball in NCAA history in the 2000 fight club championship game between MSU and Wisconsin. That negative spectacle was such a startling descent into barbarous play that the NCAA, under the prodding of respectable retired and active coaches, and NCAA and network officials (the last two fearing for their ratings), ordered the referees and coaches to clean up the game, or at least to make it look more like basketball and less like a fight club.

Tom Izzo's apparent advocacy of what IMHO constitutes thug ball, and his success with this form of thug ball, has been a significant factor in twice turning the greatest game ever invented into a public disgrace. Izzo has, IMHO, contributed significantly to the game needing to be saved from a level of physical violence that has during two periods literally made it difficult for players to run, dribble, shoot and pass in any conventional sense of the game.

Old habits die hard, and Tom Izzo, after apparently discovering between 2001 and 2005 that he could not win effectively playing without thug ball, seemed to return to thug ball incrementally, as soon as the referees and NCAA loosened their vigilance about thug ball. And low and behold, during the second half of the most recent decade, Tom Izzo has apparently found success once again by riding the second rising tide of thug ball back to national prominence.

IMHO, Tom Izzo has done more to harm the game of basketball without cheating (assuming he hasn't been cheating) than any coach cheating on recruiting that I can think of.

Cheating on recruiting, like that discovered at schools, for example, where John Calipari chooses to leave without responsibility, corrupts the players, coaches and alumni involved in such programs. But terrible as it is, the game can easily transcend it, even when the cheaters are only infrequently caught, and the coaches are concluded to have no responsibility. Recruiting cheating actually does not change the way the game is played on the floor. It just biases who gets the most talent, which leads others to cheat at recruiting, which also does not alter the way the game is played on the wood.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

In contrast, what Tom Izzo (and others like him, e.g., Bob Huggins) have done to basketball is much worse than most of the blatant cheaters. He and they have found and exploited vulnerabilities in the humanity of the game (e.g., the human tendency of referees to call only so many fouls and to let games get more and more violent in order to keep the game moving; the human tendency of overt violence to intimidate asymmetrically those who believe in playing by the rules; the human impossibility of referees to catch all the fouls when a team is taught to foul all the time; the human tendency of television viewers to be attracted to certain kinds of violence; etc.). And by exploiting these vulnerabilities, consciously, or not, Izzo and others have actually perverted the way the game is played on the floor, and forced other teams to have to incorporate more violence into their methods of play to stay competitive.

Again, cheating at recruiting only corrupts those who participate in the game. But it does not fundamentally pervert the game itself; i.e., the way the game is played on the wood.

Izzo's use of physical violence antithetical to the spirit and written rules of the game, and his exploiting of human vulnerabilities of those involved in the game in order to enable and exploit the use and advantage of that violence, without significant penalty, corrupts the game itself.

Therefore, I believe MSU under Izzo belong on the list that I included them on. Dysfunction manifests as diversely as virtue. And just as no virtuous coach is without some dysfunction, no dysfunctional coach is without some virtues. Mr. Izzo has some virtues to go along with his generally dysfunctional appproach to the game.

We must never insist a functional coach be perfectly functional to call him so.

We must never insist a dysfunctional coach be perfectly dysfunctional to call him so either.

A Payne is considering becoming a part of Izzo's program and learning to play it the way Tom likes it played.

A Payne ought to reconsider.

Michael Bratisax 11 years, 4 months ago

'Payne's short list reads like he is actively looking for a dysfunctional program' lol I like the way you make the obvious comment interesting.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

jaybate news service (jns):

the jaybate interview with rcjh22:

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j: That's a wrap!

Note: This interview is entirely fictious and any similarity between it and reality is entirely coincidental. All satire is directed to the alias and not to the real person.

Helen Gross 11 years, 4 months ago

I'm pretty sure we must have the best comment board in all of college sports if people from Memphis and Mchighan are in here. The guy from Memphis is in here all the time! Guess that shows how great Ku boards and fans are!


Joe Baker 11 years, 4 months ago

Terrence Jones, 6-8 senior from Portland’s Jefferson High, still may make an unofficial visit to KU

Ok! What the !@$% is going on with Jones!! Are Jones and Barnes playing hide and go seek?

Jones is on again and off again...make your mind up plaaya!! KU? Yes or NO!!


Joe Baker 11 years, 4 months ago

MemphisMachine (anonymous) says... X will not be staying a second year, he has made that very clear. Good luck.

Really? You don't have a you? Mr Machine?

I think there is a huge chance that he'll stay with CJ- You should know that being from memfiss! I wouldn't be too surprised at all. When we cut the nets down in 2010, he may want another! Nothing like winning with your brother!! They could be the only brother tandem in Div 1 college b-ball to win back to back NC!!


Joe Baker 11 years, 4 months ago

kushaw- The dook and heel crap is a bunch of hype! They are only dreaming like any other team.

I say we have the best chance due to the obvious reasons stated on many of our posts. I'm optimistic and believe our chances are just as great as the others.

Barnes should announce the first week of November. Why are his visits "unofficial" to KU? He will obviously make one more "official visit" before announcing. I think he has handled his recruiting really well. The KU lunch or "wine and dine" and pick up game thing as one writer called it, is nothing. He just doesn't want to tip his hate. He would do that to any team right now. We'll be all right!

Dan Pawlowski 11 years, 4 months ago

I can see the unofficial name for this thread is "Jaybate's egotistical mystery tour" The mystery is why some people like his posts?

KansasSucks 11 years, 4 months ago

UK 19 Kaaansas 6, I guess you forgot. Most of you guys are like others, too ignorant to explore the facts. If your pee-brains can process the information you will find that the NCAA Clearinghouse cleared Derrick Rose to play, only then did Memphis play him. Then the NCAA changes it mind and sticks Memphis, wild west justice. BTW, he took the exam long before he committed to Memphis. Also, fact, UK has been busted ONE time in the last 60 years and that investigation was initiated by the university and all coaching staff was forced out. So get past your jealousy and see the light. If you want to take facts and not meaningless spouts of the mouth then do so. With that be said, the NCAA is a joke. They do not have the man power to police their unevenly applied rules. I guess Kansas is Jesus of basketball never been involved in a wrong doing, all recruits Jesus like, all Coaches clean as a whistle, wake up and think for yourself if your capable.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

fecesmachine - you have taken the first step. You have entered the relm of KU basketball - virtually. Your commitment is growing and I would like to invite you to attend a game at AFH to gain full comprehension. If you cannot take that step, your minimal input is continually welcome. Your one-liners that are metaphorical to the success Memphis has had are continually welcome.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

Dear Online Editor,

I propose two rules perfectly asymmetrical in their benefit to fans of KU and in their detriment to degenerate fans of other programs lurking here.

  1. Deny aliases critical, or disrespectful, of KU.

  2. Permit aliases critical, or disrespectful of other schools.

KU fans are such great people that they will never abuse this privilege.

Degenerate fans lurking from other schools will be prevented from branding vulgarities about KU through their aliases.

No, on second thought, leave it wide open, and just let us verbally beat these colon parasites into fecal pancakes to be force fed to The Antlers.

Free speech.

God help me, I do love it so.


jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago


Have you heard of laxatives? They work and can indirectly improve one's mood. It is scientific fact. :-)

Dan Pawlowski 11 years, 4 months ago

Jaybate, You support my opinion every time you write something. You are so predictable.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

Dear BoulderHawk,

The International Journal of Homeopathic Gastroenterology and High Colonics has recently published research that fecal impaction can cause depression that symptomizes as claiming others are predictable.

You can beat this, BoulderHawk. You can be regular! You have nothing to fear, but constipation itself. Be a man about this. You don't want your children growing up to be Adult Children of Constipated Parents. If you won't take a laxative for yourself, think of your children! :-)

Now take your laxative, recall Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded by the Light," and sing along with me, brother...

"With a boulder on my shoulder feelin' kinda older I tripped the merry-go-round..."

Ah, its great to be regular again, isn't it, Boulderhawk?

And stop fantasizing about Pam Dawber diddling Mork from Ork, will ya? Go out and ogle some of those present day CU coeds. Nothing like beauty to brighten a man's day. You are a man, aren't you? :-)

Rock Chalk.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago



Classic! Posting Hall of Fame--admission on first ballot!

Criteria for Posting Hall of Fame:

  1. Finds words perfectly suited for what is on everyone's mind.

  2. Does not rely on cursing and blue language.

  3. Epitomizes the intrinsic superiority of KU basketball fans abilities at posting insightfully and with wit.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago


The jaybate news service (jns) has a source over at the FEMA Shadow Government below ground in Maryland who runs identity checks on Echelon, er, Windows Version 7, for jns every so often. His name is Corporal General Wilhelm "Randy" Schecklegruber of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Don't ask me why a Canadian military man is assigned to our FEMA Shadow Government. The Fed works in mysterious ways. Randy says it's just a bureaucratic snafu common in the new world order these days, while they work the bugs out of Shadow Governance. Anyway...

What Randy says is: this guy from Memphis is actually Dean Smith. Supposedly, Roy is shaking in his waffle stompers (Roy still wears those hunting for mushrooms outside Ashville) about the depth of KU's team this year. Roy supposedly broke down crying in front of Dean. Randy sent jns a transcript of the episode.

Roy: (Williams sobbing)...KU, they've got so much depth, Master, soooooo much depth. We can match them on the first five, maybe, but I can't out coach someone who has more depth than we do! (Williams sobbing)

Dean: The Empire has faced this sort of thing before, Lord Williams. I have ways of dealing with Bill Skywalker. You'll see. Now stop crying."

Roy: But how? How can you deal with it? He really knows what he is doing. And he can coach defense, something we can't. (Williams sobbing.) I always have to have more talent than anyone to win a ring. You know that, Master. (Williams sniffling).

Dean: (dry washing hands with diabolical expression) I will use subterfuge, of course. (Smith cackles madly and lights not one but two Salem cigarettes and drags on both) I will lurk on the web site. I will sew dissension in their ranks. I will go all Iago on them.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

Roy: But how will that help me win with less talent, Master? (Williams wails uncontrollably)

Dean: Get hold of yourself, Lord Williams. I have made you what you are. Do not disappointment or question me. I will provide you with the best talent next year. This year, I will sew dissension in their ranks by pretending to be, hmmmm, who shall I pretend to be this time? (long pause) Aha!!! I will pretend to be someone from the lowest cess pool of college basketball...

Roy: Kentucky?

Dean: No, you fool, Memphis. Kentucky will not be the lowest cess pool of college basketball until Calipari has been there for a couple more years.

Roy: I see, Master.

Dean: I wonder if you do. I am more cunning and devious than a simple red neck from East Carolina can really comprehend. And that is partly why I groomed you for the role you play for me. You are not too smart.

Roy: As you say, Master.

Dean: I will use the alias MemphisMachine. It feigns schizophrenia. Many Memphis fans have been imbalanced since Bill Skywalker crushed their dreams in the '08 championship game. No one will think it is I, the cunning, devious and chain smoking Sith Master, Dean Smith.

Roy: (sniffing) You are the master of the Sith, Master.

Dean: (cackles madly)

End of transmission.

Note: Of course this is entirely made up. Dean would never do anything devious regarding KU, would he? :-)

Dan Pawlowski 11 years, 4 months ago

jaybate , you seem to be suffering from somewhat the opposite. Endless poop flowing from your fingertips.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago


You don't have to admit it, but I can tell you took the laxative. Even your prose is looser now. Soon you too will be cheerful and full of vim and vigor. ;-)

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

jaybate - Thanks. It was a brief moment of clarity.

bluegrasshoopster 11 years, 4 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

rcjh22 11 years, 4 months ago

Someone is a little sensitive. I was trying to help you from posting anymore because if you haven't noticed, nobody likes you.

Billy Derringer 11 years, 4 months ago

jaybate s.t.f.u. jezz why do u always ruin a post with your stupid-old-boring-nonhumorous rants, people dont even read your post they just skipp over them-and for those who likes jaybates rants plz grow a pair......

jaybate=bla bla bla bal

brooksmd 11 years, 4 months ago

After all that has gone down the past few weeks, if any underage recruits were taken out to drinking establishments, as a few posters have hinted, then the intelligence factor of this team has to be called into question. As well as the leadership capabilities of Sherron and Cole.

jaybate....keep'em flowing.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago


Back pedalling now are we?

Well, then do it right. Get yer butt down and slide right. :-)

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

jaybate news service (jns):

Public Service Announcement...

My name is derringer29andahalfjustwontdo and I suffer from Small Basketball Nad Syndrome (SBNS). Over 6 million Americans suffer from this condition, mostly fans of Mempuss (where it is epidemic), Contucky (where the epidemic is spreading), Louisdeville (where it drives coaches and fans into tawdry affairs), JohnThompsonOnetown (where it makes former coaches and fans support coaches reputedly cheating at minor programs), PughCLA (where it makes fans live in the distant past), and BajaKU (aka North Carolina, where it makes people deny they would be nothing without the ongoing largesse of KU). I am the first reported case of SBNS among fans of the venerated KU basketball program, so it can even strike the virtuous at the Father of all Basketball Programs. In my case SBNS has the insidious effect of making me appear as if my DNA were missing a half dozen genes related to intelligence and communication skills. In fact, researchers studying me have documented that my DNA is intact and that the cause of my behavior, and that of millions of other sufferers of SBNS, are a medical and scientific mystery. It is called a syndrome, because science cannot yet unravel the pathogenesis of the disease. To help us fight this terrible, and spreading syndrome, please give generously to the Small Basketball Nad Syndrome Fund of America. Thank you.

Note: all fiction. :-)

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago


I always try to be a compliant patient and never leave against medical advice. Will do.

Rich Hines 11 years, 4 months ago

If you don't like what jaybate has to say, shut up and move on...

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

<p>, please hire jaybate as an alias generator for CWGOGU...that might keep CWGOGU out of the alias-generationg section, where I have to scroll past his overly lengthy and over-capitalized alias. Not worth the time to read his alias. Get a real alias generating job. :-)

Benjamin Clay Jones 11 years, 4 months ago

Intrepid Traveler (intrpdtrvlr)--

I was in Breslin in January. Place is a dump.

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