Saturday, October 24, 2009

KU vs. OU Head to head


When Kansas has the ball

Kansas rush offense vs. Oklahoma rush defense

For the first time this season, the Kansas run game was shut down in last week’s loss to Colorado. A healthy Jake Sharp managed only 37 rushing yards against the Buffaloes, and backup Toben Opurum fared even worse, finishing with three yards on two carries. Prior to Saturday’s ground-game debacle, the Jayhawks had been averaging 189.2 rushing yards per game.

Oklahoma, meanwhile, ranks second in the Big 12 in rush defense, allowing just 68.3 yards per game and has shown a propensity for slowing down running quarterbacks, holding UT’s Colt McCoy to just 33 yards on 14 carries last week.

Edge: Oklahoma

Kansas pass offense vs. Oklahoma pass defense

Wth the exception of the first half of last week’s loss to Colorado, KU quarterback Todd Reesing has played brilliantly this season. He’s currently ranked in the top five nationally in passing yards (330 per game), completions per game (27.2), total offense (340.2) and points responsible for (18) and is throwing to two of the nation’s top receivers in Dezmon Briscoe (first in the nation in receiving yards per game) and Kerry Meier (second nationally in receptions). Oklahoma is second in the Big 12 in pass defense, allowing just 189.8 yards per game, and held McCoy to just 127 passing yards last week. But they’ll be facing the nation’s fourth-ranked passing attack in the Jayhawks, who have yet to struggle throwing the ball this season.

Edge: Kansas

When Oklahoma has the ball

Oklahoma rush offense vs. Kansas rush defense

Like Kansas, the Sooners are coming off a miserable rushing performance. Despite featuring two of the conference’s top running backs in DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown, Oklahoma finished with minus-16 yards on the ground against the Longhorns.

The Jayhawks have given up big rushing totals in their past two games — a combined 366 against Iowa State and Colorado — and were particular inept at stopping CU quarterback Tyler Hansen, who broke free for a number of big gains.

Edge: Oklahoma

Oklahoma pass offense vs. Kansas pass defense

Even without starter and former Hesiman Trophy winner Sam Bradford, the Sooners have managed to pass the ball successfully this season. Backup Landry Jones, who’ll start in place of the recently re-injured Bradford, has thrown for 1,111 yards and 11 touchdowns (compared to five interceptions) in six games this season, and he’ll look to capitalize on a Kansas defense that is undergoing a number of changes. Last week, six players made their defensive season debuts for the Jayhawks, who rank 94th nationally in pass defense and have given up an average of 245.7 passing yards per game.

Edge: Oklahoma

Special teams

The Sooners possess one of the conference’s top punters in Tress Way (43.7 yards per punt average in six games) and kickers in Jimmy Stevens (11-for-13 this season), but OU hasn’t stood out in many areas in the special-teams game. The Jayhawks’ return game against Colorado was dismal, meanwhile, and kick returner Dezmon Briscoe, who showed promise late last season, has yet to make a major impact as a return man.

Edge: Oklahoma


FlaHawk 10 years, 7 months ago

One again KU is left with Reesing/Briscoe/Meier strategy. You can not win big games against better teams with a single dimension pass offense. It might score points, but it does not keep the other team out of the end zone. Until KU get a much better defense or a time eating run game, the other team goes wild on offense. This will NOT get fixed this year.

Will have to endure more basketball type shootouts the rest of the way.

Well it will be exciting, even if KU is out maned the rest of the way!


John Brown 10 years, 7 months ago

Is there a reason that KU run offense vs. OU run D was not discussed? It is still a factor in the game even if OU D wins. OU is only projected to win by 7 at KU by Las Vegas. However, they play the game for a reason. Kansas plays with a lot of heart and I think this game can get them back on the road toward a B-12 title. I think that the season begins today and KU pulls this off and wins by 3.

Jason Bailey 10 years, 7 months ago

I simply don't get why everyone continues to gush over Reesing. I understand he's put up stellar numbers but one of the reasons we got into such a hole last week was due to a fumble and INT that Reesing threw. I saw him run backwards out of the pocket twice last week against CU for a loss. I see him have intensity in the 4th qtr when we're behind but no intensity in the 1st when we can put the game away early.

Sorry guys, I just don't see Reesing the way you do.

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years, 7 months ago

Reesing is one of those guys who can spend 3/4 of the game making your blood boil and then all of a sudden turn it completely around. But he was bad in the first 28 minutes of the CU game. The fumble was a freak play where he and the OL bumped into each other. And the pick was one of about a dozen throws he was off on in that half. The worst thing he did all game was turn around and for some reason run 15 yards backwards or so when we needed to pick up something and get a TD. We had two possessions in awesome field position after the D got turnovers, and we failed to get a TD both times. Just one TD instead of the two FG would have tied that game. Anyway, that is still last week's nightmare. The O needs to come out like they did on those desperation drives last week for the entire game today. When we spread the field and attack, we are almost unstoppable. Maybe scoring more often than our opponent will be our best D we got today.

rkstoops 10 years, 7 months ago

Jason2007, you've got to be kidding me. If not for Reesing, we would still be the laughingstock of the Big 12, and we'd all be just waiting for basketball season. Mangino is a great coach, but if Reesing didn't show up at KU, Mangino would've run out of time to build the program and would've been fired three years ago. While he's in no way perfect, and he drives me nuts when he holds the ball so long; he's the best thing to happen to KU football in decades.

Kenneth Hillman 10 years, 7 months ago

Please split carries with Sharp and Opurum today. I love how they say above that TO did not fare well against CU...he only got two carries! One of those carries was for a touchdown! We have got to mix up the rushing attack and keep OU's defense off balance. They are an extremely tough defense and we will not be able to survive on throwing the ball to our receivers only. Set up some screens or shovel passes for Sharp, pound Opurum between the tackles or even throw him the ball. This drives me crazy that this is not a fundamental part of our offense. I'm obviously not a coach but it seems pretty clear to me. I have a feeling this is going to be a tough and close game. Then lets hope our crowd steps up for a home field advantage and our D steps up as well. We need everything to work for us today and we need to hold onto the ball.

Oh man I'm fired up!!


Robert Brock 10 years, 7 months ago

I doubt that we are going to find it easy to run the ball. And when passing, our offensive line is going to have to learn fast to pick up the Sooner blitz schemes. Texas didn't. Maybe we can do better.

Jason Bailey 10 years, 7 months ago

jwliddel: I stand here before you today ready to accept your apology, my friend. Reesing has lost the edge.

Jason Bailey 10 years, 7 months ago

jwliddell: The MU 4th and 7 play was a lucky fluke. If Reesing is so much the playmaker, then we can't we score in the 1st qtr? If Reesing is so much the playmaker, then why was he playing yesterday against fast/quick OU Defense like they were the local disabled kids. If Reesing is so much the playmaker, why is it he relied on Dezmon Bryant to jump 15 ft in the air at CU to even have a chance to make plays? Reesing simply chucked it to where Dez would be and relied on Briscoe to leap. That's not skill.

Yesterday, I watched Reesing scramble and throw to an open receiver a half dozen times...each throw hitting the turf a good 6 ft in front of the receiver. He's lost something. I'm afraid you guys are living in a dream world regarding Reesing.

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