Originally published November 17, 2009 at 07:57p.m., updated November 18, 2009 at 12:47a.m.

FINAL: KU survives Memphis, 57-55

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps his fist as he exits the court following the Jayhawks 57-55 win over Memphis, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps his fist as he exits the court following the Jayhawks 57-55 win over Memphis, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.


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KU vs. Memphis

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Reader poll

Who was KU's first-half MVP against Memphis?

  • Sherron Collins 6% 2 votes
  • Cole Aldrich 89% 26 votes
  • Xavier Henry 3% 1 vote
  • Tyshawn Taylor 0% 0 votes
  • Other 0% 0 votes

29 total votes.

Reader poll

Who will be the leading scorer for KU against Memphis?

  • Xavier Henry 19% 21 votes
  • Sherron Collins 52% 58 votes
  • Cole Aldrich 21% 24 votes
  • Marcus Morris 0% 0 votes
  • Elijah Johnson 0% 1 vote
  • Tyshawn Taylor 2% 3 votes
  • Thomas Robinson 1% 2 votes
  • Other 0% 1 vote

110 total votes.

FINAL: KU defeats UM, 57-55

Reed inbounds to Collins, who is bumped in the backcourt. He’ll shoot two with 15.3 seconds left.

Collins takes a deep breath, but leaves the first one short. Much like the 2008 national championship game.

He makes the second one to put KU up two.

Williams dances up top, and his three to win it looks like its on, but it clangs hard off the iron as time expires.

KU survives with a 57-55 victory.

KU 56/UM 55 — 16.7 seconds left in game

Memphis comes out in a zone, and after wiggling around the first defender, Collins puts up a floater in the lane. Coleman blocks the ball on its way down, and KU is awarded the two points.

Memphis is on fire late. Wiliams drains a near-impossible stepback three with a hand in his face, and KU’s lead is only one with 16.7 seconds left. Pastner uses his last timeout.

KU 54/UM 52 — 48.1 seconds left in game

KU turns it over, but Collins checks back in with 3:47 left.

Markieff tries a lob inside to Aldrich, but the big man can’t hold on. Turnover KU.

Markieff makes a crucial mistake on the other end, fouling Mack on a three-point attempt. He makes only one free throw, though, and KU is still up three.

Collins races up the court, and after a spin move underneath, he drew three defenders underneath before dishing to Aldrich for an emphatic jam.

Henry rips away a tough defensive rebound, and he’s fouled on his way up the court. Though he looks fatigued, Henry makes both free throws to put KU up seven.

After a missed three by Memphis, Will Coleman tips in the follow, and Taylor is called on a travel after receiving the inbounds pass. Two officials blew the whistle, and one looked like he was ready to call a blocking foul on UM. The other one won out, though, whistling KU for the violation.

Willie Kemp drives under the basket, and he’s bailed out by a foul call on Henry. Kemp makes both free throws to trim KU’s lead to three.

Collins delivers a nice lob pass to Aldrich, who gathers it and is fouled on the way up. Witherspoon picks up his fifth foul underneath, and he is disqualified after scoring four points.

Aldrich swishes both tries, and KU extends its lead to 54-49 with 1:26 left.

Mack buries a deep three for Memphis, and KU leads by just two with 48.1 seconds left. Self calls timeout.

KU 48/UM 44 — 3:55 left in game

Witherspoon gets away with dragging his pivot foot inside, and he gets a jumper to fall in.

KU responds by finding Marcus Morris again inside, and he finishes with a two-handed jam.

Tough, tough shot by Williams, who put up a guarded three right over Taylor that rattled in.

KU once again goes to Marcus Morris, and he’s fouled before he can even get the ball. On the one-and-one, Marcus makes two critical free throws.

Williams gets all the way to the rim for a layup, but KU takes the ball out of the net and races up the court. Taylor throws an alley-oop to Marcus, who is fouled, but he misses both free throws. Aldrich gets the offensive rebound, but KU later turns it over.

Collins is still in the locker room, so this is an early test for the younger Jayhawks. Two freshmen, a sophomore and two juniors on the floor for KU.

Marcus Morris picks up an away-from-the-ball foul, and that’s four whistles on him. Markieff checks in for his brother.

Sallie loses the ball underneath, and Markieff did a good job of getting position and trying to take a charge. No call, but the ball sails out of bounds off Memphis.

KU 44/UM 37 — 6:23 left in game

KU does a good job of being patient and working it around the perimeter, finally getting it to Aldrich, who is fouled on the way up for a shot. He misses the first, though, and KU is called for a lane violation on the second.

Johnson turns it over on the perimeter, and Kemp turns it into an uncontested two on the other end. Self uses a timeout to get Henry back in. Memphis is hanging in there only down five.

Memphis presses out of the timeout, and Reed is finally able to get it in. UM is whistled for two quick fouls, and KU will shoot the bonus the rest of the way.

Taylor forces a pass inside, and UM steps in front for a turnover. KU is up to 15 turnovers, and Taylor has four.

Two blocks from Aldrich underneath, and Memphis steps on the end line to give it back to KU.

Collins crumbles once again on the court with cramps, and he slaps the floor in frustration. Trainers take him off the court at a crucial time.

Aldrich might have gotten away with a double-dribble there, as he needed a dribble to corral the basketball before taking a couple more dribbles on his post move. After getting a defender in the air, Aldrich gets two free throws and makes both.

Williams gets free underneath, and he dunks it home to cut KU’s lead to five.

Henry forces up a shot that misses, and on the next possession, he jacks up a guarded three that hits rim and falls away.

Reed hustles for a steal, and instead of forcing something, he wisely backs it out to reset the offense. Marcus Morris finally gets the ball inside, and he puts it off the glass for two. I think he was frustrated he hasn’t gotten the ball more inside.

KU 40/UM 33 — 11:36 left in game

Witherspoon puts in a two, and Collins loses the ball on the dribble, which turns into two quick transition points for Sallie. Suddenly, KU’s lead is back down to six.

Collins hobbles off the court, and he’s getting attention on his right leg in front of me. A trainer is pushing his right knee to the right to loosen his leg. Probably a cramp, as the KU training staff immediately brought him a Gatorade.

Following a Taylor miss, Markieff comes through the lane untouched for a dunk on the rebound.

KU 38/UM 28 — 13:52 left in game

UM’s Williams gets fouled underneath by Taylor, and he makes both freebies to cut KU’s lead to four.

Great leadership play by a composed Collins, who dribbled the ball to the wing then lobbed a nice pass to Aldrich. The big man came down with it and slammed it home, and that play is open for KU every time it works the ball around long enough to get to the big man.

Xavier Henry puts up a wild shot, but he’s able to corral his miss and get fouled inside. His two free throws gives KU its largest lead at 36-28.

Following a miss by UM, Markieff grabs the rebound and quickly feeds up to his brother. With a two-on-one break, Marcus quickly throws ahead to Henry, who lays it off the glass for two. KU’s entire bench applauds that unselfish play, and Pastner calls timeout with his team trailing by double digits for the first time.

KU 32/UM 26 — 15:40 left in game

The Jayhawks are late on a defensive rotation, and Doneal Mack makes them pay with a three from the right side.

On KU’s first possession, it counters with the inside game, as Taylor lobs an alley-oop to Aldrich for a slam.

Memphis throws a zone at KU, and after getting it inside to Aldrich, two quick passes net Henry an open three. He misses, but that’s a shot that Self has to be happy with.

After a Henry steal, Collins scoots into the lane and swishes an 8-foot floater.

But just when KU gets some separation, UM answers, as Roburt Sallie puts in a two with a foul, later making the free throw to complete the three-point play.

Taylor forces a nice, low, bounce pass inside, and Marcus Morris puts in a short baseline shot for two. A Memphis player tried to sell a charge, but there just wasn’t that much contact there.

Kansas scoring

Aldrich 8 (4-for-5 shooting), Collins 7, Xavier Henry 5, Markieff Morris 2, Taylor 2, Marcus Morris 2.

KU was 10-for-24 from the floor (41.7 percent), 1-for-3 from three (33.3 percent) and 5-for-6 from the free-throw line (83.3 percent).

Memphis was 7-for-25 from the floor (28 percent), 2-for-14 from three (14.3 percent) and 4-for-6 from the free-throw line (66.7 percent).

KU had 11 turnovers, while UM had seven. KU out-rebounded UM, 21-12, in the first half.

Memphis has just one assist. KU has only four.

Some thoughts

I guess the pre-game concerns about KU's potential turnover problems were warranted. KU has looked sloppy offensively and has tried too many risky passes against an athletic Memphis team.

Look for KU to force the ball inside in the second half. Self has already talked to his team during timeouts about its size advantage inside, and Memphis hasn't had an answer for the Jayhawks when they've gotten the ball inside. He'll have a little extra time to hammer the point home during this break.

I would expect this to be closer to the norm as far as three-point attempts go for KU, as the Jayhawks went just 1-for-3 in the first half. Remember, KU shot 27 threes against Hofstra, making 10. I just don't see this as a team that will jack up a ton of three-pointers this year, especially with some of the weapons it has inside along with the quick guards it has on the perimeter.

KU 26/UM 20 — Halftime

Reed misses an open three from the corner in transition, but the Jayhawks pick him up on the glass. Henry gets an offensive board and Markieff Morris grabs an additional carom before getting hacked. He makes both free throws to push KU’s lead to 22-17.

Both Morris twins are in at the same time. We haven’t seen that too much so far this season.

Collins grabs a rebound off a Memphis miss inside, and he wastes no time racing it up the court. A quick pass to Taylor gets KU two free throws, as the sophomore is fouled from behind. Taylor makes both tries, and KU has its biggest lead at 24-17.

Aldrich gets called for a foul after pinning a block against the rim, and that’s two whistles on KU’s big man. He’ll sit for the rest of the half. The replay showed the block was probably clean, but it’s a tough judgment call for an official to make.

Following an offensive rebound, Williams puts a shot high off the glass and in for two. Self takes his use-it-or-lose-it timeout with 38.1 seconds left to set up for a final shot.

Big swing of momentum at the end of the half for KU, as a leaning attempt by Collins was blocked with 6 seconds left and taken the other way by Memphis. On the run, UM had the ball swiped away by Taylor, though, who threw it back up the court to Collins. The senior guard put in a layup with just tenths of a second remaining, giving KU a 26-20 lead at the break. KU gets a much-needed four- or five-point swing at the end of the half because of the quick hands of Taylor.

KU 20/UM 17 — 3:40 left in 1st half

Another steal by KU, but Marcus Morris can’t handle a pass from Henry on the other end. The two teams trade turnovers.

Wesley Witherspoon airballs another three-point attempt for Memphis. Ugly game so far, as Henry tries an ill-advised bounce pass in transition that is stolen away.

Marcus Morris puts the ball in KU’s playmaker’s hands, as he lobs a pass over the top to Aldrich for an easy two.

The next possession, Marcus draws two players on a shot attempt, and though his try misses, Aldrich slams the follow home from the weak side. KU’s advantage this game is obviously on the inside, but the Jayhawks have to be patient enough to take advantage of it.

Self agrees, as he isn’t happy with a Reed three-point attempt. When Reed comes to the bench, the coach asks why he’s shooting long threes when KU is scoring every time it gets the ball inside.

KU 15/UM 14 — 7:16 left in 1st half

Following a Henry travel, Self jumps off the bench and motions for Collins to check back in to replace Johnson. Once the freshman gets to the bench, Self greets him with a question: “What are you doing?”

Taylor’s penetration opens the outside for a three from Collins, who swishes it. Aldrich gets the ball underneath the basket on the next possession, and he takes a dribble before putting in a one-handed slam.

KU is finally starting to find the mismatch against the undersized Tigers. Aldrich gets it again in the post, and after a few dribbles, he fades to a shot off his back shoulder for a smooth eight-foot turnaround that falls through. KU has its biggest lead at 15-9, and UM coach Josh Pastner calls timeout.

Kemp gets another three to fall, but Memphis’ next attempt clangs off the glass. The Tigers’ threes have either been perfect or way off. I think that’s the third three-point attempt I remember for UM clanging off the backboard. The Tigers are 2 of 8 from deep.

Another block from Aldrich, and a quick pass upcourt leads to a transition opportunity. Henry misses a short shot, but he’s fouled and will have two free throws after the media timeout.

KU 8/UM 7 — 11:55 left in 1st half

Taylor turns it over with a careless pass, but he hustles back to slap the ball away from Willie Kemp to prevent a layup.

Taylor turns it over on a poor entry pass to Marcus Morris. He just didn’t have an angle to get it in there. Xavier will check in for Taylor at the next break.

Elliot Williams hits a three from the top to give Memphis its first lead at 5-4. KU, meanwhile, has six turnovers in less than seven minutes.

Henry once again shows his scoring ability, hitting a mid-range jumper over a defender. Any shot right now is better than no shot for KU.

Marcus Morris gets an entry pass from Tyrel Reed and he goes to work, wiggling around inside before putting in a short shot over a defender.

Markieff Morris takes a charge inside, and KU’s defense continues to be impressive.

KU 4/UM 2 — 15:36 left in 1st half

Sherron Collins gets the Jayhawks off to a good start, rolling around a screen and rattling in an 18-footer. He roars his approval to the KU bench.

KU has struggled offensively in the earlygoing, turning it over a pair of times and also missing a couple of short shots. Luckily for the Jayhawks, they’ve made up for it on the defensive end, as Aldrich blocks a shot inside and also clears away a strong defensive rebound.

Xavier Henry gets KU out of an offensive slump, driving inside and putting a short shot in over two defenders to make it 4-0 KU.

Memphis’ Will Coleman, a big man sub off the bench, puts in the Tigers’ first points on a turn-around jumper at the 15:57 mark.

9:10 p.m.

KU's starters: Markieff Morris, Xavier Henry, Sherron Collins, Cole Aldrich and Tyshawn Taylor.

9:08 p.m.

OK, I take it back. At least 60-65 percent of the fans here are KU fans. Nice showing by the Jayhawks' supporters.

9:05 p.m.

It's a great atmosphere for a college basketball game with lots of blue. I'd say the two sides' fans are split about even, with KU's fans on one side and Memphis' pom-pom-yielding fans on the other.

8:45 p.m.

Here are some notes about Memphis:

Ten of Memphis' 16 players are between 6-foot-2 and 6-foot-5. The Tigers have just three players 6-9 or taller.

Memphis shot 48 free throws in its season-opener against Jackson State. To compare, KU shot 40 free throws in its opener against Hofstra.

Memphis allowed 14 offensive rebounds to Jackson State in its opener. KU might be successful on the offensive glass tonight, as the Jayhawks had 18 offensive rebounds against Hofstra in their first game.

Memphis had 14 assists and 14 turnovers against Jackson State.

Duke transfer Elliot Williams, a 6-5 sophomore guard, led Memphis with 19 points against Jackson State. Williams started 12 games for Duke last year.

Memphis coach Josh Pastner was a walk-on on the 1997 Arizona team that defeated KU in the Sweet 16.

Memphis is 0-8 all-time against No. 1-ranked opponents.

7:55 p.m.

Welcome back to the Newell Post Live, coming to you from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo., where the Kansas Jayhawks are getting set to take on the Memphis Tigers.

With the Louisville-Arkansas game barely past halftime here, there's virtually no chance of this game beginning at the 9 p.m. start time. Plan your schedule accordingly.

I know it's early, but here's something I wondered about this team after three games: What is KU's biggest weakness?

Last year, the Jayhawks didn't always consistently hit the outside shot. Oftentimes, teams that used zone defenses gave KU fits.

This year, it looks like Xavier Henry's shooting range will make many coaches think twice about zoning the Jayhawks.

Rebounding shouldn't be a problem, either, with Cole Aldrich, Thomas Robinson and (the more athletic) Morris twins underneath.

Defensively, KU has had a high number of steals so far, and coach Bill Self's teams tend to only get better defensively as the season goes on.

About the only potential weakness I can come up with at this point might be turnovers. It was a problem for the Jayhawks last year, and with some young (Elijah Johnson) and sometimes careless (Tyshawn Taylor) players at the guard positions (along with Sherron Collins, who will have an occasional turnover here and there), KU still might have issues giving the ball away.

Again, that's just a guess for a weakness this early in the season. KU turned it over only 12 times against Hofstra, and that's an awfully good number.

We'll learn more tonight, as Memphis pressed some of the game against Jackson State and forced 20 turnovers. I don't know how much the Tigers will press the athletic Jayhawks, but we should get a better gauge of how well KU protects the basketball against UM.


kansasbasketball 11 years, 2 months ago

ku better come ready to play or we are going to get beat

arkvalley6 11 years, 2 months ago

You said it, kbb, the Hawks can't phone this in. I'm interested to see what kind of defense these younger guys will play.

Kent Wells 11 years, 2 months ago

Weakness: Not enough basketballs to go around.

VancouverJHawkr 11 years, 2 months ago

Did you see that Hofstra only lost to #12 UConn by 9 points. UConn might be overrated, but this makes our win look impressive.

jaybate 11 years, 2 months ago

KU Weaknesses:

Free throw shooting weak. Three point shooting likely to be weak. Strips to TO ratio unfavorable. Who can feed the post?

David Leathers 11 years, 2 months ago

MSU???? They are playing against Gonzaga right now... about to lose... I think you meant MU or UM (University of Memphis?)

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years, 2 months ago


Yep. And the Zags are taking Michigan State the distance.

Chuck Wagstaff 11 years, 2 months ago

Memphis will always be the evil Memphis State to me.

okjhok 11 years, 2 months ago

Yeah, and because it's taking so long, we're going to miss the first 5 minutes of the game. Goddamn ESPN

NH_JHawk 11 years, 2 months ago

GAME ON! a late night on tap for us east coasters. ESPN still showing Mich St. though....thank goodness for lazer!

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years, 2 months ago

Just got to pass this story on as to how good it is to be a Jayhawk fan.

A few weeks ago I was out in the yard finishing up some yardwork way out here in West Texas. It was a beautiful day and I had my Jayhawk Regional Semifinal tee shirt on. A guy comes riding by on his bike and sees me and shouts out Rock Chalk. I look, smile and shout back JAYHAWK!

arkvalley6 11 years, 2 months ago

Zags are going to get Izzoed. Thanks for the link, by the way, Professor.

NH_JHawk 11 years, 2 months ago

BCRavenJHawkfan -

I got a funny story for you. A couple years ago I'm driving thru my neighborhood here in southern New Hampshire. I see a guy with a K-State powercat jacket on so I stop and ask him if he's a wildcat fan. He gives me a perplexed "what's a wildcat" look and replies, I bought this jacket because it was on the clearance rack for $9. Classic!

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years, 2 months ago


I think I just pee'd my pants. Love it.

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years, 2 months ago

Finally got KU on ESPN. Gonzaga is my other team, so I hate to see them lose, but when they are playing over KU, I hate to see them at all.

cearle23 11 years, 2 months ago

What game was it last year that Cole lost his tooth? I like the look he is sporting tonight without the replacement....

mom_of_three 11 years, 2 months ago

anyone else getting sick of Dick Vitale talking about Calipari?

RunningBeaker84 11 years, 2 months ago

With the Tigers missiong shots and with our TO's we are lucky to be ahead.

kc_wildfire 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree with soobawls.

If Memphis would have knocked down a couple of the wide open threes they had due to KU's defense getting beaten off the dribble KU would be behind.

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years, 2 months ago

We are absolutely terrible at weak side help on D. Leaving everyone wide open for 3s. If Memphis starts hitting a few of those, we will be in serious trouble. Like coach said heading into the locker room (I hate those interviews.."Coach your team is losing by 10 points how do you feel about that? How the hell do you think?), we need to settle down and get some rhythm on offense.

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years, 2 months ago

mom-of-three... I'm just sick of Vitale. If not for the delay, I would turn the TV on mute and listen to the radio call.

DalTXJayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

There is a love affair with BOTH announcers and Calipari AND Memphis. Vitale's schtick is getting old. He continually tells unrelated stories while ignoring the play on the court.

goshenjhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Mom of three, amen! Calipari blah blah. Shut up Dick!

kc_wildfire 11 years, 2 months ago

Taylor is having a terrible game as well...0-4 shooting, 4 turnovers.

lovemyhawks 11 years, 2 months ago

anyone else feel like they are watching a football team struggling tonite???? wow.......

CrimsonPhoenix 11 years, 2 months ago

I feel sorry for anyone trying to shoot against Cole Aldrich. It's like trying to shoot through a brick wall, lol.

kupark 11 years, 2 months ago

Kansas guards don't know how to get the ball inside at all

IA4jayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

soobawls, were you not loved as a child? I know they aren't playing well, but it's early in the season.

lovemyhawks 11 years, 2 months ago

cmon hawks...... find some spark and finish this one!

imnotpaulpierce 11 years, 2 months ago

Right now the entire nation is thinking, "This is the #1 team in the nation?"

lovemyhawks 11 years, 2 months ago

no, i haven't seen a #1 team yet tonite.......

Theutus 11 years, 2 months ago

I think Reed is something we NEED on the floor. He's the only one on the court trying to slow down the pace, and run the offense. Everyone else is running around like they don't know what to do when they get the ball.

milehighhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

The athleticism of Memphis seems to have caught us off-guard. We've been flat the entire game.

Hopefully in the last few minutes we remember Cole Aldrich plays for us.

lovemyhawks 11 years, 2 months ago

certainly no freshmen have showed up to help much tonite.......

imnotpaulpierce 11 years, 2 months ago

KU is doing a lot of things poorly right now...........

Ryan Mullen 11 years, 2 months ago

This is not a championship caliber team.

imnotpaulpierce 11 years, 2 months ago

Tyshawn Taylor has been the worst player on the floor for KU this game. I have a feeling that this team will struggle when both Xavier Henry and Tyshawn Taylor struggle.

rcaltrider 11 years, 2 months ago

This team looks like crap! Hopefully this is an aberration or they are in trouble, because Memphis is not a good team.

kupark 11 years, 2 months ago

Just go inside. That's all you really need against Memphis. KU did a really poor job of feeding Cole properly.

kupark 11 years, 2 months ago

We still have to remember that 3 out of 5 of our starters are still sophs or freshman (X).

rcaltrider 11 years, 2 months ago

This is what happens when you let a bad team hang around, they can throw up prayers like that and get lucky. Better make FTs!

kc_wildfire 11 years, 2 months ago

Hard to win a game against a good team when you turn the ball over 20 times.

Theutus 11 years, 2 months ago

Can not believe we're in a 1 point game with this team... Atleast this is a huge wake up call for the freshman.... The first couple games were glorified highschool teams.

This is just a taste of what they'll find in league competition. They need to start figuring out their offense.

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years, 2 months ago

Wow. We look absolutely terrible tonight. This team has a ton of work to do to be #1. Hopefully we just hold on to win and then get it figured out.

Theutus 11 years, 2 months ago

What the hell were we doing on that inbounds play? We had two players crash into each other, and take the two defenders with them. That is just poor fundamentals right there.

Young team, but come on guys... Get your heads straight.

kupark 11 years, 2 months ago

Why is taylor in there? he probably played one of his worst games today.

Ryan Mullen 11 years, 2 months ago

They shouldn't have won this game. I do not think this team is capable of winning it all.

imnotpaulpierce 11 years, 2 months ago

Self could always go to the triangle-and-two...

Theutus 11 years, 2 months ago

Well, we pulled that off... But honestly we should not have won. Terrible game on both ends of the court.

Lets hope this was just some early jitters. Moving on. I'm sure Coach Self is going to make them pay for this one in the following week.

rockchalkin54 11 years, 2 months ago

Holy cow! They just got so lucky right there...

rcaltrider 11 years, 2 months ago

Sorry Memphis...Kansas played as bad as they possibly could, and you still can't beat them. This game should be a wake up call for this team that they aren't that good yet.

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years, 2 months ago

Terrible game, but a win. I am glad Bill Self lines up tough tests early in the year like this, though. Now we have a good idea where we are - a long, long way from a title. Self's not happy about the game, but the chance to learn from this is big, he says. I agree completely. At least we are winning a tight one against a good team, so we know what needs work right away.

kc_wildfire 11 years, 2 months ago

Self will use this as a teaching moment and drill a few things into the players heads...

Don't buy all the hype by the media Don't buy all the hype from the fans Any D1 team can beat any other D1 team on a given night Value the ball

kc_wildfire 11 years, 2 months ago


Glad you can judge a team after two games.

NH_JHawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Thank goodness for Cole! What an awful game we played. I dont think I've ever seen Tyshawn play so poorly. Glad that's over. Sorry Memphis, you still cant beat us even when we play our worst game.

kc_wildfire 11 years, 2 months ago

This game brings to mind my favorite "Selfism"...

Out of 30 games a team will play...

5 games above their abilities 5 games below their abilities 20 games at their ability

This was definitely one of the below average games and one that a well coached team will use as motivation.

jahawkdave 11 years, 2 months ago

Somewhat of an SI cover jinx for Collins. At least it was just a cramp.

RockChalk1225 11 years, 2 months ago

Thank goodness that is over. Now my heartrate can return to normal. Too much. Ty Taylor STRUGGLED the second half. Settle down young fella. Offensively very poor tonight. Goes without saying that we struggle a little without Sherron. But in the end, a win is a win. Good to know we can play our D game and beat a good team. Rock Chalk

KUballer 11 years, 2 months ago

Really everyone? You were all talking about how great we are just yesterday. All of you. One bad game, one bad VICTORY, and you sound like all the football comments. SHUT UP. Come on..

kansasbasketball 11 years, 2 months ago

well most people don't know but we made ONE three just think if we made 4 or 5 it wouldn't have been close at all!

TXjaybird 11 years, 2 months ago

It's great to have "bigs" that can get easy two point buckets all night, but if you consistently trade two's for three's you're going to be in trouble. The 3-pt line is the great equalizer in college basketball. It can make an average team look great and/or take down a #1.

David Leathers 11 years, 2 months ago

Memphis is a tough tough team. KU did play bad tonight, as Self said himself, but Memphis is underrated.

To all you haters who said we shouldnt have won the game... STFU!!!!! and to everyone who is still loyal to this team, keep up the support, positive statements are kindly accepted

tstanlick1909 11 years, 2 months ago

Rock Chalk!!!

Be glad we won, it's too early to start worrying about this team. Second game of the year and it is at a neutral site, and has been being hyped for the last week. A few games against mediocre opponents at AFH will do the trick.

ksdksdksd 11 years, 2 months ago

If you REALLY saw the game, both teams' defenses led to the horrid shooting night. Memphis is not a bad team. Kansas' advantage in the front court made the difference (Coleman's 1st yr in D1). It almost looked as if the team wasn't prepared "for war" and assumed Memphis was Hofstra; Self's fault. It was a little insulting for Self to give Memphis little credit. Great game- we would love to play Kansas on a neutral court every year. GO TIGERS GO!

David Leathers 11 years, 2 months ago

and to everyone else who didn't know, michigan state lost by 2 to an unranked gonzaga, guess what their ranking is???? number 2 you idiots

MemphisMachine 11 years, 2 months ago

same could be said about Memphis making 4 more threes kansasbasketball. Nonetheless i wish you guys nothing but the best, good game KU. Never lose to Calapari, please.

irish2255 11 years, 2 months ago

I'd rather look like sh*t and get a win then look good and get beat any day. Ugly but I'll take it.

ksdksdksd 11 years, 2 months ago

Seriously, KU better get it together NOW- they won't get the benefit of all those calls that went their way tonight!

Joe Baker 11 years, 2 months ago

They just got a taste of what they will get all year long!!!

I think some of the freshmen thought the game would be like the last three.

They just got baptized into real D1 b-ball and just got a taste from an unranked team.

Time to man up boys and grow up fast.

They'll make adjustments and if SC hadn't gone out, it would've been a different story.

I'm really disappointed in TT's play tonight. I think the twins, TRob and X were a little edgy playing this Memphis team.

I expect the Arkansas St game will be totally different. We then have Oakland, Tenn Tech, Alcorn St and then we play UCLA. I expect UCLA to be just like Memphis!! They'll have much to prove just like Memphis. You have to play 40 mins all the way to the end.

Brandon Hull 11 years, 2 months ago


I'm right there with you. The notion that the season has been decided is absolutely comical. Following that reasoning, Tennessee will run the table and win it all with their showing tonight.

Players/teams have good games and bad games. Early on, they're trying to figure out how to play as a unit, especially when working new faces into the routine. Coaches make adjustments based on what they see in these early games.

These guys aren't machines. Show a little perspective here, Hawk fans.

Redlandsjhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

You can"t buy this kind of experience. This is gold

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years, 2 months ago

Michigan State won by 4 over Gonzaga, which is a great team every year. There are not a lot of positives to take away from this game for KU, except that a win is a win. 20-some turnovers is not okay, though, and we are leaving guys wide open for 3 way too much. That will eventually cost us a game, hopefully not when it counts the most, if we don't get it fixed right way. No poise or control on offense most of the game, which had a lot to do with Collins not being 100%. Cole was dominant at times, but still not getting the ball nearly enough. Henry forced a lot of shots, which was great when they fell against Hofstra, but really hurt us when we needed to settle down and get some flow in the half court tonight. On at least a couple of his shots, he was guarded and his feet were way off line in his set.

rawkhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

KU just beat a pretty good team in a competitive environment with some young players with the pressure of #1 in a close game that will have some teachable moments. it can also be good to win games in which the Jayhawks aren't playing as well. not quite like '08; but nice to beat Memphis. RCJH

Scott Smetana 11 years, 2 months ago

ksdksdksd... you're about as clueless as your handle.
All of those calls??

A bit painful to watch, but this game was a blessing in disguise.
Self must see something in Taylor that I don't. We need him to be RussRob... Defense and consistency. He is neither right now.

I liked: Xavier, wow.. he's Rush with confidence. Smooth, Smooth, Smooth. Cole... I miss him already

I disliked: All of the glum faces on the bench. We need the bench to fire them up!

Theutus 11 years, 2 months ago

RockChalkCaliHawk, just because some people think we got out-hustled and out-played tonight doesn't mean we aren't true fans... And calling people "idiots" over it? Honestly, grow up. You sound like a scorned child.

Looking forward to the rebound next game. Hopefully the reality check along with some Self coaching is all we need.

Joe Baker 11 years, 2 months ago

ksdksdksd - I didn't see too many calls that went KU's way! lol

I think Memphis got some great breaks and loose balls. They had their chance and blew it. This was a great lesson game for them too! All the 2008 hype was stupid for both teams. I think KU bought into it more than Memphis! Pastner had them ready to play.

HCBS will make some key points about stupid play and these guys better get their heads out to play ball. We all know they can play, they just zoned out tonight!

MemphisMachine 11 years, 2 months ago

drgnslayr...i think most Memphis fans hold the KU fanbase in high regard, so it's only fitting that I commend your team on a fine finish not only tonight but the rest of the season. This year for the tigers is a hiatus we will return next season in full force. Meanwhile beat for you beat Mizzou and obcourse UK in the final four. cheers!

jgh 11 years, 2 months ago

Calm down, fellas....

This was alarming for me, too, but it's always best to learn from a win rather than the alternative. Let's hope that they got their worst game out of the way early, and I think that this is likely.

Scott Smetana 11 years, 2 months ago

Soobawls... aks 'Downer Debbie' I see you still haven't gotten on Zoloft.
I'll never forget how you trashed our '08 team in the middle of the season and how Self is no good. Your posts are worthless to this board.

jgh 11 years, 2 months ago

BTW...Memphis is certainly better than advertised (I thought that they deserved to be ranked to start the year), and credit them for much of KU's offensive ineptitude.

Pastner looks to be a good hire thus far.

miamijayhawknotmario 11 years, 2 months ago

Grateful to come away from this night with a W. Other than Cole's dunks and defense, there was not much to celebrate. Can someone PLEASE get it in to Cole so that he can take 15-20 shots a game?

Theutus 11 years, 2 months ago

Best of luck to you as well MemphisMachine. I'm not gonna lie, i couldn't stand Calipari. However I really like the idea of a young coach full of enthusiasm. He lead his team tonight with quite a bit of confidence, and the players seemed to respond.

I can see Memphis with a good showing in the tourny this year, and a strong one in the years moving forward.

Nothing like some good old fashioned sportsmanship from a team on the rebound from it's own rough spot. Again, bet of luck to you.

Joe Baker 11 years, 2 months ago

MemphisMachine (anonymous) says... Never lose to Calapari, please.

We're definitely with you on that note Machine!!


SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

play Releford and Little, we will need them now, not next year. Don't think Reed or Morningstar will be the clutch guys when you need them. Experience does count, if you watch any of the games today, that fact is quite evident. We should go big until number 10 finds out whether he wants to play or not, something does not seem right with him? What a great learning lesson, wish we would of seen more of Robinson, we will need him in the end. We still do not have a true point guard.

Theutus 11 years, 2 months ago

SCHNBALL, while i understand what you're getting at, i still don't think Releford and Little would change much. We would simply run into more problems with rotations and playing time and in the end I think the players would lose.

Releford and Little need to step up though. They need to lead from the bench. They are two players that obviously have a lot of the team heart we need. Granted, even the championship team had it's woes, and i'll just assume this is one for this team.

Let's just kick back, enjoy the "W.", and let Coach Self work his magic. Rock Chalk fellas.

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago

I was shocked that Coach Self didn't foul on Memphis' last posession. When you're down by two and they get the final shot, you never let them shoot the three. In my book you foul early and let them attempt to try it at the line, then get the ball back and try for a last second bucket if needed.

We were 4 inches from being 1-1. Way to close... Don't even give them the chance.

FlaHawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Memphis is much better than previously rated (glad they could not shoot the ball). KU is way overarated. KU struggles without Cole and Sherron severly. Frosh are Frosh. X looked OK, but not a one and done player (yet).

KU will have problems with quick teams. THey were lucky that Memphis had an off night shooting. KU is just like last year too sloppy with the ball. KU will NOT win many games shooting 42% and having 20 TOs. THey weree just lucky that Memphis was just as sloppy and shot even lower percentage tonight.

KU needs a 2 guard Taylor was just plain stupid and Reed is no answer. KU will see a lot of zones this year and the Bigs (4 and 5 positions) were the difference in game. I liked the Morris boys physicality. They still need to get with the program, but make a nice somplement to ole.

This game was very sloopy. Memphis had only 4 assists and KU only 7 assists for the game. This is a pathetic statement about ball movement. KU liked to get into the post and Memphis was happy throwng up 3 pts. Quite a contrast in styles.

KU will see a lot of pressure defenses this year and I suspect a good amount zone too. KU will only go as far as the Bigs go. X had a good game for a frosh, but Wall would clean his clock. I hope he improves during the year as he does not look like a one and done so far. Smooth player, but limited defense and not a great shooter either.

I wonder what collins did, if he had cramps. THere is no excuse for cramps in basketball game. You can not get dehydrated unless you are overweight and don't drink enough liquid. Collins is s a senior and know better!

It is good that KU plays a much tougher non-conference schedule than normal. This team neds to be challenged to improve. Memphis gave them all they wanted and more tonight. KU was very lucky to win and thank God for Cole!

Martin Rosenblum 11 years, 2 months ago

Take away the Memphis 3's and it would have still been one of our more sub-par games in years.

It appeared that we thought we were playing Hofstra again from the start. The 3's from Memphis were primarily from Mack and Kemp. There should have been plenty of "footage" of them in previous years to have predicted their focus. Second half was not really that dramatic a change from the dreadful first half.

Here's a what if: What if Brady had been in the game?

Stay tuned for Boot Camp 2.0 back in Lawrence.

jgh 11 years, 2 months ago

"When you're down by two and they get the final shot, you never let them shoot the three. In my book you foul early and let them attempt to try it at the line, then get the ball back and try for a last second bucket if needed."

Will someone please explain this logic to me? Because I've never been able to understand it.

I'm not sure how anyone can consider GIVING the opposition an opportunity to tie the game, particularly when a) you don't know if they'll even attempt a three, b) they haven't shot well from three throughout the game, and c) your defense has contained them all night long.

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago

When I said, "you're down by two" I was referring to Memphis. Just to clarify.

Also, many have posted that we should have played the twins and Cole at the same time to pound Memphis early. The reason we couldn't do that is because we would then have to rest our bigs all at once or risk wearing them out. Memphis also had pretty big guys that were bulky and often beating up on the twins.

Cole is a beast so he doesn't count. There aren't many guys in the NCAA who could push him around. Dexter Pittman is one of them however. Things will be much different when Withey is eligible and TRob is ready to step into a larger role. TRob was unprepared mentally for a game at this level, as was Elijah, but Self had to play him due to Sherron's injury.

Xavier was also lost and frustrated by Memphis' defensive play. I think this will be a great learning experience for the team as a whole.

Spring semester will be totally different though, all pieces will be in place. Let's just hope that the tourney schedule is favorable until the Final Four.

Scott Smetana 11 years, 2 months ago

Memphis seems to have a good coach who can recruit I have no problem with Memphis fans, I love how they hate Calisleasy.

However, I just can't root for them because Pastner looks like Quinn Snyder, Jr.

ksdksdksd 11 years, 2 months ago

RE: PikesPeakSmitty (anonymous) says... I am still trying to be polite, but don't say for a second teams ranked especially high don't get favorable calls (Duke, anyone?). As soon as you looked at Cole the whistle was blown. But, I wasn't any of the players fault the game was close. It was Self's fault. He got out-coached by a 32 year old rookie coach. Why wasn't the team prepared better? Why assume the hype that Memphis is a push over sense Cal & most of their starters are gone? They still have the same mentality. Being #1 with a big monkey on your back means that you bring a killer instinct to every game, every play no matter the competition. Self knows better, but his ego is getting the best of him and almost embarrassed him tonight. Luckily, Sherron & Cole are veterans that stepped up. So, as a Tier fan I recommend you guys stop bashing your players. This was a game that Self needed and will benefit the Jayhawks for the rest of the season and beyond.

SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

GO BIG. Morris, Morris, Cole, X and Sherron, see if X wants to be the too. I have seen Kansas and Kentucky both in person this year, very similar teams. Tall and long but lack outside scoring. Teams will stretch out KU just as Memphis did tonight, and a hot team will give KU trouble. Still early in the year, can't wait to see if this team matures, but I just don't see in happening with Tyshawn. Who will finish for KU like the guards did for Michigan State did tonight, that is what we will need in the tournament.

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago

jgh- Memphis was in foul trouble and would have been gassed if they shot for overtime. They had a young coach and it was obvious that they had several shooters that were on fire from 3 point range at the end of the game.

It's all about taking control of the game and not leaving it up to fate and 'solid' defensive play, which is what Self did. If you foul them, you make them work to tie you. You take away that 'last second' shot, which all big time players dream about.

We were lucky that it fell our way this time. In the tourney we may not be so lucky.

Benjamin Piehler 11 years, 2 months ago

phew too close for comfort. i was watching footage of the 07 -8 team yesterday and im still not sure this team is as good (though they are very different). that being said, a win is a win but much work is to be done. not a #1 performance.

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago


Let's just hope that C.J. is as good as advertised by his father Carl. That will help us at the guard position.

Brady's three's would be nice too.

SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

firebird, hope you are right about CJ, we need someone to step up.

Benjamin Piehler 11 years, 2 months ago

oh and just saying it, be it early... gonna need way more performance to beat texas.

SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

If Gonzaga had a point guard, they would be as good as anyone right now.

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago


Yea, Gonzaga was relying on that big guy with the afro, I'm too lazy to look his name up. It seemed like he was playing point part of the time. Very interesting I thought.

SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

Was he imitating Jamal Wilkes back in day?

Chad Hallack 11 years, 2 months ago

It's amazing to read the over-reactions of the past several days. We're not amazing, and we're not overrated... you can't get too high, or too low. You've got to be discerning and forget about the scores and look at the games. Here's part of my post from a few days ago...

"Yeah, they need to guard better, and they will. That will be last thing to come together, but when the D becomes consistent... game over! The biggest issue I potentially see is turning the ball over. If Taylor's gonna play the point, he's gotta be better mentally, too many silly mistakes."

I'm not a profit, I simply paid attention to the content in the blowouts.

The defensive rotation is poor, too many turnovers and mental mistakes, Tyshawn was not good at all. And like Coach said, "they sped us up" X took some bad shots. When he hit for 27 the other night, he let it come to him. He'll figure it out sooner rather than later.

Some positives to take away from tonight. We have Cole and Sherron and Coach Self... The twins are markedly improved, much more patient and confident and have made major strides on D. Also, Hofstra gave UConn all they wanted. That's good for us RPI wise, for what it's worth.

And a final thought... This game is great for us moving forward, talk about your teachable moments. This is much more valuable than a 20+ point win (and it would've been with any kind offensive consistency) This was a big-time catch game and we were fortunate to win it thanks to making plays when we had too and Memphis not shooting the ball well from outside. This team has all the potential in the world to be great this year. We'll be right there in late March, because we have the Coach who will bring it all together.

SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

hallacek, great post, we always seem to get "sped up", we have a senior leader in Sherron, this should not happen. My final thought of the night. When I heard they may redshirt Releford and Little, I could not believe what I was hearing at the time. I know HCBS is a great coach, but I think it would serve him well to look at the maturity it took to win it all, lots of it. To reshirt those two and guys and I know some will say they don't have that much experience, I think will not serve this team well come tourny time. The 2 to 4 minute spurts the subs have, are so critical during a game, just take a look at tonights game. I like what I see, just hope we have the experience at the end when we need it. Go Hawks.

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago


I agree 100%. I loved seeing X with a serious look on his face for the first time this season. After his awesome debut he definitely had an over-confident swagger. Almost as if he felt it was too easy. I know he's an awesome player but after this he's going to have his game face on. I can't imagine how good he will be with determination and focus. This is going to be a great year despite our lousy showing!

number1fanfromillinois 11 years, 2 months ago

I just got home from being at the game tonight and all I can say is WOW. I almost had a heart attack! If there's one thing I learned from the game, its that Cole is a BEAST! we really need to feed him more and get him shots. The twins played okay tonight, but they need to step it up. It really hurt us when Sherron was out with those cramps. Anyway, we won the game and we got out of there without a loss. It was good to see the Jayhawks play in person, but I was hoping for a bigger win. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

jaybate 11 years, 2 months ago

If the good teams win the games they play poorly, this KU team must be very good.

KU played very poorly on offense and, outside of Cole, gave the least effort on defense I have ever seen a Self team give.

Beaks Up:

--Cole played well on offense and defense, despite giving great effort only in bursts, and despite no one having a clue of how to feed the post. --Sherron was efficient on offense. --Marcus Morris was efficient on offense. --FT percentage was very good.

Beaks Down:

--Who can feed the post that is eligible? --Offensively, it looked like a pick up game. No down the middle game. No transcept (wing to wing) game. No pick and roll game. No put it on the deck and go to the rim game. No work the baseline game. No drive and dish game. Almost no game at all if it weren't for the over the top feeds into Cole and Marcus. --Defensively, it looked like Roy Williams defense without the trapping and diving...basically get out on them and watch them go by. --Memphis would have beaten KU by 30 without Cole Aldrich. Most of the time Cole was our entire defense. --Xavier looked like a two inch taller version of Travis Releford as a freshman. He made a couple athletic plays that made people think he could be something, and then he ran around without a clue about how a D1 team is supposed to play. Scheme? Xavier wants to be a part of the scheme. He just has no clue what the scheme is. --Xavier was inefficient on offense and had no trey. He could not get to the rim against a bunch of runty bigs either. He was just running around looking like an NBA body most of the time. And if he thinks defense is going to be a strength of his in less than two years at KU, he lacks insight. Brandon Rush carried KU on his back offensively and defensively as a freshman. Xavier Henry couldn't carry his own jock strap on his back against Memphis. Xavier is a scorer with no glue game and not much defense. And Xavier played like a star in comparison to Tyshawn Taylor.

SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

jbate, is there something more going on with Tyshawn Taylor than just on the floor, just a hunch?

jaybate 11 years, 2 months ago

--Tyshawn Taylor played as if some Memphis drug dealers were holding his mother hostage in a boat out on the Mississippi River. He played scared all the way to the bone marrow. He was softer than soft. He was Gumby soft. He deserves to be benched for an entire game. And he would be were it not for the complete implosion of Tyrel Reed and injury to CJ Henry. --Tyrel played like a guy who forgot how feisty tough he had to play last year to even be mediocre. Tyrel played like a guy with modest talent that has slipped into thinking thinking he has a ton of talent. Tyrel needs to forget about providing leadership and start playing as scared as a hampster in a weasle den. He needs to make some treys or join Conner Teahan in the Chronosimplasticthreepointinfindibulum--the bench dimension where guys who only make treys in practice go. --Thomas Robinson suddenly looks three seasons away from starting. Thomas Robinson looked worse than Quintrel Thomas ever did last year. Talk about a big who had no clue about how to defend a spread and ball pick offense. Thomas, a motor is not enough. You have to have a clue.

Beaks in between:

--Elijah looked very good until one looked at the line score and realized that he accomplished absolutely nothing good or bad.

Bottom Line:

--Look no further thant he steal to TO ratio of 7/20. --This team couldn't guard a sloth stuck in a tar pit!

Back to practice.

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago


  Self likes to have an 8-9 man rotation and we have 12 players that are going to be competing for minutes.

We have X, Brady, CJ, Reed, and Marcus who can play the 3 spot, which is where Little and Releford generally play. That's 5 guys that can play the 3.

We have Cole, Withey, TRob, Markieff, and Marcus who can play the 4-5 spots. Again, that's 5 guys that will rotate the 4-5 position.

Sherron, Tyshawn, Elijah, and CJ who can play the 1-2 spot. That's 4 at the 1-2.

CJ, Reed, and Brady are a 2-3 hybrid, and Marcus is a 3-4.

We're loaded with subs.

That leaves very few minutes for Little and Releford. By Redshirting they will see the court much more because X will most likely be gone and I don't see CJ sticking around.

I could be wrong about CJ and X, but at least for Releford he would get to play for two years after X is gone. It's highly unlikely that X will be here for 3 years.

Which is why I think Self is wise to Redshirt them both.

SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

Jbate, thus my post about Releford, Little and keeping as much experience as you can on the floor, sometimes championship seasons only come around every 20 years!

SCHNBALL 11 years, 2 months ago

Fire, give me Releford and Little over Reed, CJ, and Ellijah for this year, does not leave us much of a backup for Sherron, Ellijah will step up I hope

Dale Kroening 11 years, 2 months ago

We came out with the win thats all that counts. But TT looked horrible, and X looked slow and sloppy on defense and didnt look like a OAD tonight. The team also looked lost when Sherron was out. Hopefully this team will now listen a little more to coach and realize to get Cole the ball, if it wasnt for him we dont win this game. Its early so now is the time to get things straight. I have faith in HCBS that he will get these guys attention in practice for sure, and we dont see the the team play this bad again. Gotta give credit to Memphis as they are a quick ,scrappy team and better than I expected. They still cant hit important free throws though. RCJHGKU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago


CJ couldn't redshirt due to last year and his age.

Without Elijah we would only have 2 true point guards. Elijah is an insurance policy and played his way out of a redshirt due to his preseason play according to Coach Self.

As for Reed, I'm with you on that one, but I think Self is looking to our future needs. With X on the team, Reed should hardly play. Self was also hoping that Marcus would play the 3, thus forcing Reed to be a last option.

Next year we lose Sherron and Cole, probably X as well, that leaves virtually no leadership/experience on the team. Little will be the 'star' at the 3 spot barring an awesome recruiting effort or an X melt down.

Releford will play backup to Little, with Reed and Brady as subs for the 2 spot.

I hope that makes sense, it's getting late. lol.

MemphisMachine 11 years, 2 months ago

Does kinda look like Quinn Snyder doesn't he, lol?

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago

Also, we have plenty of experience on the court with our All-American's Sherron and Cole.

Firebirdguy31 11 years, 2 months ago


I thought the same thing the first time I saw him.

David Leathers 11 years, 2 months ago

Theutus, you're silly. I dont mind the fact that they got out hustled, or that we are just pointing out that fact. I agree, we got out hustled tonight.

The point I was making, silly man, is that we got out hustled and still won the game. Something a lot of teams couldn't do against a great team like Memphis. So, before you start telling me I sound like I'm childish, you should understand where I was coming from... The negative comments are not needed. Positive, constructive critisism, is what we should be giving, not negative comments about us not deserving the number 1 spot. Anyone who says we don't obviously doesn't understand basketball. As was said before, Memphis is NOT Hofstra.

duanep5ku 11 years, 2 months ago

Hi MemphisMachine I do think your coach might resemble Quinn too but I think you found a much better coach though then Quinn because he basically imploded at MU as their Coach. I do like your new coach and I hated the MU coach. MemphisMachine good luck this year and if luck will have it I hope your team is the one who gets the opportunity to beat UK because your team deserve the chance. I also think that would be sweet if you play them and win.

MemphisMachine 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks duanep5ku, Don't worry your team will pull it together and hit it's stride before you know it. You guys have one heck of a coach who is probably watching gametape right now, plus it's early in the season. I see a lot of negativity and there shouldn't be, this game is probably the best thing that could have happened for the Jawhawks if you indeed wish to have a special run this year, don't get why some can't comprehend that.

Also Memphis may have been taken lightly....FYI we are not Hofstra, so when you play Memphis prepare to battle forget the rankings, forget who's coaching, most of the country saw that tonight. Good Luck as well hawks.

Chad Hallack 11 years, 2 months ago


You analysis of X is pretty flawed. He was pushing and not letting it come to him offensively and didn't play real well in that respect. You got that right, but that's about it. If you go back and watch the 4 games played so far, he's consistent defensively. He's fundamentally sound, seeing ball and man, cutting off passing lanes and staying between his man and the basket and moves his feet extremely well.

One of the first things that caught my eye about him in the FHSU game is how crashed the boards on every shot. And it does it consistently. If you wanna compare him to Rush, start there. Brandon rarely got a rebound unless he was already under the basket.

I love Rush, but he's no Xavier Henry. X is better (and infinitely more confident) offensively, he's a better rebounder and at least equal defensively to Brandon as a Freshman.

Dale Kroening 11 years, 2 months ago

Hallacek did you watch the game ? X was slow and on defense and looked lost at times. I saw atleast 2 times he got beat and fouled. Hes gonna be a good player and he does have the offense but his defense and footwork need work. X is bigger, but Rush was a lot quicker and a MUCH better defender even as a frosh. Yes he does crash the boards and is very strong for his size but he in no way looked like a OAD last night against an athletic quick team. He has to pick it up before the Big 12 season starts, he cant be that slow and sloppy against teams like Texas and Oklahoma. Dont get me wrong I really like the kid and he is very talented, but he looked slow, and got beat by his man on several occasions. If you disagree just watch the tape and youll see, I have.

David Howell 11 years, 2 months ago


Playing like we did last night, there is no way in hell we get close to a record of 40-0. Till we show improvement it will be closer to 24-10. And yes I am a pessimist till they prove differently.

Basically that game was embarassing other then Coles's performance.

We walked in there with an attitude of superiority without backing it up one bit. X was forcing his shots and appeared lost at times. The Morris brothers had their ups and downs, but must learn to defend the 3 points shot late in the game and not jump into the shooter. Not sure which one, but one of them got away with fouling the shooter on the made 3 point shot.

All in all it looked like unorchestrated street ball most of the time unless we could get the ball into Cole. Most other times we were forcing passes and not being patient in running the offense and making Memphis play defense. We looked like we had been practicing less then a week instead of the month of practices and games since late night.

Chew their butts Self, and take their big heads off and instill a giant dose of humility.

kennethst 11 years, 2 months ago

First-everyone should chill out. This was NOT an easy game and was played in a tough environment(I heard there were more Memphis fans and they were much louder).

Sure , they looked awful on offense. But I don't see anybody talking about their defense and rebounding which was excellent.

Besides.....they need tough games like this. It's good for them and will pay off in the tournement.

Glad JAYBATE is here to get everything settled dowm......and good to see Theutus back!

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