Monday, November 9, 2009

KU football’s final three games will be on ABC


The Kansas football team's final three games will be televised on ABC, the Big 12 announced Monday.

The Jayhawks' game Nov. 21 at Texas will start at either 2:30 or 7 p.m., and the regular-season finale Nov. 28 against Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., will be at 2:30 p.m.

The exact time for the KU-UT game is expected to be announced before the end of the week.

At the end of the regular season, five of KU's 12 games will have been televised on ABC. The Oklahoma and Texas Tech games were shown on the network, and this week's home finale against Nebraska also will be on ABC.

Here is the Big 12 television schedule for the rest of the regular season.

Saturday, Nov. 14

Texas at Baylor, 11 a.m., FSN

Missouri at Kansas State, 11:30 a.m., Versus

Nebraska at Kansas, 2:30 p.m., ABC

Texas A&M; at Oklahoma, 6 p.m., FSN

Texas Tech at Oklahoma State, 7 p.m., ABC

Thursday, Nov. 19

Colorado at Oklahoma State, 6:30 p.m., ESPN

Saturday, Nov. 21

Oklahoma at Texas Tech, 11:30 a.m., or 2 p.m., FSN

Kansas at Texas, 2:30 or 7 p.m., ABC

Kansas State at Nebraska, 6:45 p.m., ESPN or ESPN2

Thursday, Nov. 26

Texas at Texas A&M;, 7 p.m., ESPN

Friday, Nov. 27

Nebraska at Colorado, 2:30 p.m., ABC

Saturday, Nov. 28

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma, 11:30 a.m., FSN

Missouri vs. Kansas (Kansas City), 2:30 p.m., ABC

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (Arlington), 5 p.m., FSN


Ben Kane 10 years ago

wow, I will end up getting to see every one of KU's games this year on TV despite living on the east coast. Too bad the season has turned to dog poop.

Andy Hess 10 years ago

sweet. now the entire nation can see our team melt down.

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years ago

This is awesome, or would have been at the beginning of the season. Now that we are tanking faster than Louie Anderson skydiving with a lead parachute, I'm not so exciting about having such a broad audience for our collapse.

David Leathers 10 years ago

Actually swish: I live in california and the last game that was on ABC wasn't played out here thanks to regional coverage they so well like to use.

I'm really thankful ABC decided to air these games because my Wife and I are still fighting due to me wanting to cancel our plans to watch KU whoop up on K-State. Which we all know, DIDN'T happen. So, to ABC: you really know how to help a marriage, but when the Hawks actually get their stuff together can you please let it be shown in CALI????????????

Jason Stubbs 10 years ago

Wow it wasn't to long ago we never never saw a Kansas Football game on T.V. and now we get to see the last three. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!

Omari Miller 10 years ago

@ RockChalkCaliHawk: I live in California too and have to pay $25 every time KU plays on ABC since, invariably, a Pac10 game will be on out here. ESPN Gameplan is the only way to see the ABC games on TV. It's salt in the wounds get the games on pay-per-view to end up so frustrated in the end.

anaill 10 years ago

Gameplan is $25 per game? I thought it was similar to Full Court where you had to pay for the whole season.

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

Woohoo! My Gameplan subscription will actually be worth the price now!


You can either purchase it per day at roughly $26, or purchase for the whole season at something like $144-ish. Having these last 3 games on ABC actually makes the season purchase worth it for me now.

Rock Chalk.

Ted Toulouse 10 years ago

For those of us on the coasts (and other non-central regions), you can stream the games on ESPN360. The feed isn't too bad either when hooked up to your LCD-TV. It's basically like standard-def. This is how I watched the TTU demise.

dallasgirl37 10 years ago

I think ABC is a jinks!! The more KU is nationally televised, the more Todd fumbles. Not good.

labbadabba 10 years ago

Son of a BISCUIT!!!

Now I won't be able to watch the freaking games. I live in NYC so for sure the 'National' game will be usurped by some other regional match-up.

Time Warner cable won't let me purchase the games individually off game plan and they don't support ESPN360.

I'm screwed.

hawkone 10 years ago will probably have a link to view the game. It's about 50/50 on whether its linked.

FriscoKU 10 years ago

I think KU will beat Nebraska and Missouri on ABC. Mangino in the passed has shown he can get his team to play when they are down. I do not think this team will give up. After we win these games and the lower tier bowl game, everyone will be happy with the football season.

Michael Leiker 10 years ago

Frisco - After watching them as they walked up the stairs on Saturday back to the locker room at KSU I have a different take. Never seen a KU team that depressed and I've watched a lot of them walk back to the locker room after many a tough loss. I hope you're right but I think they're done.

Bee Bee 10 years ago

Why is ABC wasting airtime on this team? You wont see any games on TV next year!

LAJayhawk 10 years ago

They've looked done since the third quarter of the OU game (thus, see my blog).

I've been able to watch the versus games on each time (thanks to Direct TV's cheep a** not continuing the contract), so one would think those without gameplan or ESPN360 should hopefully be able to catch it on there.


When I had Time Warner last season, I was able to purchase games for the weekend. They no longer do that? Of course, that would fit with their mold as "the worst company on the face of the planet."

I have some issues with Time Warner Cable....

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

Keys to victory on Saturday against Nebraska:

1] Todd goes to the bars after the game, not the night before [allegedly] 2] Someone with a lifesize cut out off Opurum stands next to HCMM and reminds him he is still on the team. 3] Actually put Todd under center with Sharp and Opurum in the backfield and play action to Briscoe and Meier all day. 4] Go to a 5-2 defense and dare Nebraska to pass- they're horrible!!! 5] Make Branstetter run laps if he misses a field goal...during the game.... in front of 60,000 people..and on national television!!! 6] Did I mention give the ball to Opurum once in a while?? 7] Break out the retro uniforms from the 1969 Big Eight Champs...better yet, break out Riggins, Douglas and Zook 8] Pretend it's a nonconference, preleague game and these guys are from Nebraska Wesleyan. 9] Head Coach Mark Mangino.....don't forget Opurum!!! 10] Lock all the gates at halftime so no one can leave.

nettiepie 10 years ago

This is so sad. Neither KU nor NU have strong offenses but Nebraska's defense will clobber KU's offense. Suh will eat Reesing for a mid-game snack in the first quarter. Nebraska by 10. Sorry.

Bee Bee 10 years ago

Oakville, well said and AMEN! Two backs in the backfield and play action? Man there is a thought. I think that's called FOOTBALL!

Chuck Wagstaff 10 years ago

I thought 'The Biggest Loser' was on NBC .......

kansas22 10 years ago

We are on ABC for the rest of the year? Football? And possibly a prime time 7pm matchup with Texas? Has nobody else except KU fans realized that this is a bad team? It's a great possibility that we'll get shutout in both the Nebraska and Texas games. Glad to hear the Mizzou game isn't at 11 in the morning simply for tailgating purposes as I still support the team and plan to be at Arrowhead, but I do have to say... I won't be sad when this shameful season finally comes to a merciful end.

LionHawkS 10 years ago

Cost of Admintion any one of KU last three games: $100 Cost of Popcorn, Soda, and Cotton Candy at a game: $25 Watching your football team get humiliated on national television for their last three games: PRICELESS!!

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Oakville-funny stuff, Opurum is either nicked up or in the doghouse.

babyjay1 10 years ago

Although I am somewhat embarrased by the team this season, I continue to be optimistic for each game as it comes and I'm pretty excited that KU has earned enough respect over the last 3 years to be ON TV at all (since they were never on in the past...)! I will say that I am much more embarrased by the "fans" on this board... I hope the support at Senior Day is better than this. No, I'm not naive... I realize we may lose but it's a game, let's go play it, and if we play well, we have a good shot at beating Neb. If there was never a chance of winning, why play... same goes for playing Texas. We're a huge underdog obviously, but the game hasn't been played yet. Rock Chalk!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Rodger 10 years ago

Oakville - I especially liked number 10. We should have been doing that all year.

No matter what - I will always bleed crimson & blue - I'm Rock Chalk Jayhawk until I die. The thing that I notice the most is people comment their disgust with the team. I think its great for this one simple reason:


Things are moving the right direction - this year didn't go exactly as planned, but the reality is - the face of KU football has changed. When you look at it - wouldn't you rather be a Jayhawk than a purple cat or misery tiger?

sava12 10 years ago

How quickly the fans turn. Remember this; many of these are kids will never play professional football. They go out there every day because they love the game. If they had the same attitude as a lot of the fans...or foes, they would walk off the team now. They will continue to go out there and play the game because they made a committment. It's easy to give up, especially when crows are cawing from Campanile.

Kenny Nall 10 years ago

Yeah we can finally kill this season in front of a national audience!

caddie733 10 years ago

Play action doesn't work when you can't run the ball effectively. Nebraska, or any team for that matter, does not and will not respect our run game.

The scary thought to this season is that we are one overthrown pass from being winless in conference play.

The small bright side is that 3 games (CU, TT, and KSU) could have gone our way and we would be 4-1 instead of 1-4 in conference play.

I strongly, but respectfully, disagree with anyone who thinks we should bench Reesing in favor of Pick. I understand wanting to develop the youngster, however, Reesing has earned the right to play out his senior year. Maybe it hurts the team a little in the long run (because Pick takes longer to develop), however, you can't deny what Reesing has meant to this program. Benching him in any of the last 3 games of his career would be an injustice.

Hawkman_021 10 years ago

maybe i am just looking at this differently but maybe some recruits will watch the game and say hey with the way they look i maybe get some early playing time as a freshman and decide to come

i also feel we will win 2 of our last 3, but hey lets win out and shock the cfb world, if a ron prince team can win in texas...

gardenjay 10 years ago

I feel like such a fair-weather fan - really would like to see games in person even if we are losing them. GO hawks! If you still enjoy playing football, I know you will do well, beak-em.

actorman 10 years ago

"After we win these games and the lower tier bowl game, everyone will be happy with the football season."

The chances of winning the next four are about one in a million. But even if we did that, we still probably wouldn't win the Big XII North. And although 9-4 would be a good record, I'm not sure it's correct to say that everyone would be "happy" with the season.

As for all these jerks who keep berating anyone who dares to say anything negative about the 'Hawks, I will copy what I said earlier:

I agree with those who think it's ridiculous to call anyone who ever dares to say a single negative word about a team a "fairweather fan." Calling us that displays a high level of ignorance. Since some people clearly don't understand what a "fairweather fan" is, let me educate them: a "fairweather fan" is not someone who never criticizes a team, it's someone who doesn't CARE about a team when they suck. If anything, those of us who are frustrated and complain about a team that was expected to be great but is now playing like one of the worst teams in the country are the opposite of "fairweather fans": we're passionate, committed KU fans that have seen this type of season happen WAY too often. I'm sure that those who have followed this team for decades like I have can come up with plenty of other seasons where great expectations were destroyed by p**s-poor play. That, it seems, is the true legacy of KU football, with the OB season being one glorious anomaly.

Steve Brown 10 years ago

on a kcstar sports website I just listened to the KState radio broadcast of the KSU highlights of the game and it was all our QB TR fumbles, interceptions bad throws and it made the point we won't win again with his current level of play. Yes, he was great, so was Douglas McArthur yet Truman benched him, it was the right call then and right call now. Not to develop Pick but to stop the bleeing turnovers. I"m not fair weather fan, rather I claim to be loyal in sunshine or the storms.

singing in the rain.

Beak 10 years ago

I plan to attend Arrowhead and direct Mizzou fan busses into a giant pit full of poisonous snakes and broken glass that I will have created in the parking lot the night before... we Kansas Citians must do our part to keep this Nation safe.

Gene Jackson 10 years ago

I love my DVR. With the game recorded, you can skip real fast through the runs into the middle for nothing and the subsequent implosion.

Jesse Newell 10 years ago

kal — That's not technically true. If KU ended up in a three-way tie with KSU and another team, the Jayhawks still could make the Big 12 title game with a 4-4 record by winning tiebreakers.

Hawkman_021 10 years ago

Jesse- So if we win out and the puddycats lose out the tie breakers look at our wins over nebraska and misery over the head to head?

Jim Pendleton 10 years ago

Actorman, I will agree with part of what you say about the fair-weather fans. Everyone is indeed entitled to their opinion, and we should have expectations and be able to hold the team accountable (for those that missed my post Saturday night after the game, I encourage you to go back and read it. It was late and not many may have seen it, but it discusses a lot on this very issue).

However, I will repeat again that there have been a number of posters the past few weeks who go beyond voicing their opinions. They want to dump their tickets, they say they won't be back next year, they say x players and x coaches are now the worst ever, when the past two years everyone thought they were great. There is a difference in being a passionate fan, and just plain hateful. I go nuts over bad games as much as the next guy, but you won't see me being hateful in my posts here.

What we cannot let happen is for the growth this program has experienced on many levels to go backwards in the future because of a few bad weeks now. This is the very thing that has hurt us for many years. Recruits want to see full houses and play for good programs. Jayhawk Nation, we must continue to keep the house full and also continue to be supportive win or lose, not just in years when things were better than expected. It does no good for anyone to go away after one or two years, just because things didn't go as we hoped.

One of the last things I said in my post late Saturday was about people who said they wouldn't pay $90 to watch this game Saturday. Best way around that? Buy season tickets, averages to $50 a game. This also creates a permanent situation of more of our fans and less of the ones from other teams who will buy up the unsold seats.

I will be there Saturday, as I have for many Saturdays for many years, to support our team win or lose, and especially for the Seniors who have given us all so much, even though this year did not go as hoped. There are still things to accomplish, and I hope we can find a way to achieve them. Rock Chalk!!!

babyjay1 10 years ago

Thank you Jayhawkjim80. I, too, will be there to cheer my heart out for the Seniors who deserve to be appreciated. As for Actorman, I don't appreciate being called a "jerk" and I, too, will NOT be hateful on a site dedicated to our teams! Helpful critiques and thoughts about how things could be done differently are one thing, but pouring such negativity on our players & coaches is not helpful. Maybe if our coach had done nothing for his tenure, etc... but we have come along and grown. Season tix are definitely the way to go! Gotta love being there to yell as loud as I can :) Rock Chalk!!!!!

actorman 10 years ago

Jayhawkjim, you make good points and I don't think we're far apart in our views. If I lived in Lawrence or close by, I would still be going to every game, and I religiously watch every game that's on here. And babyjay, I'm sorry if you took offense to my comments. I don't have a problem with people being berated for saying things that are just plain hateful, but I do have a problem with people saying that you should never criticize the team under any circumstance. The fact is that even though Mangino has done a lot of great things for the program and I will always appreciate that, I seriously question whether he's capable of taking us to the next level. Since he regularly makes bizarre, incomprehensible decisions in games and the play calling is often remarkably predictable, I just don't think he'll be able to ever get us to be a top-tier program on a regular basis. Perhaps he's like a lot of other coaches that are great at resurrecting moribund programs and developing them to a certain point but that don't have the skills to consistently take them further.

One of the most frustrating things about this year is that next year it will probably be back to business as usual when it comes to KU being on TV. It's been so great being able to watch them every game, and I hate the idea of going back to "normal" next year.

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