Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps up the Allen Fieldhouse crowd after teammate Elijah Johnson's dunk against Fort Hays State during the first half of Tuesday's exhibition at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps up the Allen Fieldhouse crowd after teammate Elijah Johnson's dunk against Fort Hays State during the first half of Tuesday's exhibition at Allen Fieldhouse.


Reader poll

Which newcomer was most impressive in KU's 107-68 victory over Fort Hays State?

  • Xavier Henry 38% 967 votes
  • Thomas Robinson 16% 421 votes
  • Elijah Johnson 37% 932 votes
  • Undecided 7% 181 votes

2501 total votes.

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2009 KU-Fort Hays State basketball


KU vs. Fort Hays State

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KU men's basketball got ready for the 2009-10 season with an exhibition matchup against Fort Hays State Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Reader poll

Which KU non-freshmen do you think should red-shirt?

  • Travis Releford 35% 1437 votes
  • Mario Little 8% 367 votes
  • Both Little and Releford 47% 1957 votes
  • Neither of them 5% 237 votes
  • Other 2% 88 votes

4086 total votes.

Kansas University junior walk-on guard Conner Teahan did not play Tuesday. He’s considering a possible red-shirt season. If he had played, he would not have been able to red-shirt. Only freshmen and first-year junior-college transfers can play in exhibitions and still be red-shirted.

“My situation depends on what Mario and Travis end up doing,” Teahan said of Mario Little and Travis Releford, who will decide by Tuesday’s exhibition against Pittsburg State whether they will red-shirt. “If they both red-shirt, I probably won’t. If one of them doesn’t red-shirt, I probably will (red-shirt). That’s kind of what the situation is.”

Teahan said he wants eventually to contribute in the rotation at KU and would red-shirt if that helps him attain his goal.

“We’ll wait and evaluate before the next exhibition game,” KU coach Bill Self said.

Buford doesn’t enter game: Walk-on Chase Buford dressed, but did not enter the blowout. He was not injured.

“That was my decision,” Self said. He did not say anything else about the decision — whether it had anything to do with the fact Buford was arrested in July on charges of operating a vehicle under the influence.

One Henry sits: C.J. Henry (sore knee) did not suit up for the game. Self said he’s listed day-to-day.

Xavier shines: Xavier Henry hit his only shot attempt of the first half, a three. He finished with 14 points off 3-of-7 shooting (6-of-8 free-throwing) in 20 minutes.

“He likes scoring,” Self said. “He has a knack for scoring. I thought he played fine. He is a good rebounder. He only got one tonight. Defensively he got spun around a couple times. That will happen. He will be a nice player. He is definitely a weapon we didn’t have last year. His biggest strength is his body. He can make plays through his strength.”

Stats, facts: KU has won 34 straight exhibition games, including a 20-0 mark under Self. ... KU started Tyrel Reed, Xavier Henry, Markieff Morris, Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins. ... Nine of 10 players made their first shot. The exception was Collins, who later made three consecutive threes. ... Hays native Jordan Juenemann scored two points against his hometown school. ... Fort Hays State received $20,000 for playing the game.


Martin Rosenblum 11 years, 4 months ago

I bet at least one of the FHS players would have paid the price of a ticket to have played in AFH against the number 1 team!

20,000.00 paid by KU to have strangers to scrimmage with seems fair. Is that the going rate for an exhibition game?

Karen Mansfield-Stewart 11 years, 4 months ago

I'm a Jayhawk living in Florida now. I used to listen to the non-nationally televised games on the local KC radio webcasts, like, and before that 980. Lately I've not been able to listen to those broadcasts via the internet. For some reason I get the national Fox Sports broadcast (I think). Is there any where I can listen to the games on the internet?



funkitect 11 years, 4 months ago

hey billhawk, someone else posted this on another article thread... you can actually view the games online at

you have to sift through all the listings/channels, but if you pay close attention, you can track down the games. i watched last night's exhibition from my office here in nyc.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago

I think Teahan could redshirt for the next decade and still not get in the rotation but at least he's the spitting image of Zack Efrom from High School Musical!!!

Chase was just practicing not getting into the game for when the true season starts.

C.J......sore knee.....history of injuries......uh oh!!

"X" will be scary by March, although everyone knows John Wall is the best.....yeah, right!!

I think Lew ought to set up a walk-on Williams fund...the slogan, "You too can wear Crimson and Blue.!!"

Disclaimer: All of this said with tongue in cheek [except the John Wall part..I think X will kick his a$$ by the end of the year}

Go Hawks..I'll be there for Hofstra!!

milehighhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

bill -

another tip: check out the live game blog here at

I looked around for the game on and for about half an hour to no avail. It wound up being a private channel with a password that someone posted here.

jkanev 11 years, 4 months ago

I wouldn't rely on the live game blog here; it is severely delayed. ESPN doesn't cover the exhibition games, but they do a fantastic job during the regular season.

Marcia Parsons 11 years, 4 months ago

If you're willing to pay $9.50 you can watch it on through All Access. They are showing all games (including exhibitions) at $9.50 a pop, or you can pay for the whole season for something like $80.

Karen Mansfield-Stewart 11 years, 4 months ago

Thanks for all the help. I'll give the Lazer a try if I can't find it on I think I've tried the Lazer before but it was the same issue (not the game broadcast), but I'll give it another try. As for the blog... well that's no fun. I like to hear/see the game! I really just wanted to hear most of those non-nationally televised games anyway since I can work/play during the broadcast.
It kinda sounds like KU is preventing the broadcast outside of the local area to make us buy it on - big surprise I guess. I'm surprised I can't get it for free on the radio though.

mandomax 11 years, 4 months ago

Bill -

If you want to feel like a student again, check out the live stream from I can't listen to the Lazer anymore now that Max Falkenstein is off air, so I'm happy to listen to some college DJs. They don't have the best voices, but they are genuinely excited about the game, and call a pretty good game. EVERY KU game is broadcast live on KJHK.


keith horinek 11 years, 4 months ago

Isn't Conner Teahan a walk on? what would it matter whether he redshirted or not? Also, the Topeka Capitol Journal reported that Morningstar may redsirt. Didn't he redshirt his sophmore year? He's sitting out a suspension the first semester but I don't think he can sit out the whole year as he only has 5 years eligibility, anyone?

justanotherfan 11 years, 4 months ago

Morningstar has redshirted already, so unless he is injured (to claim medical hardship), he cannot redshirt this season.

Teahan is a walkon, but the eligibility rules still apply, so the redshirt status makes a difference in his career (whether he has two years of eligibility after this one, or only one.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago


Daddy has KU connections, but a very good question none the less!!

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago

A technical question there a limit to the number of redshirted athletes allowed per year. For instance, if by some extreme magic, six incredibly talented one and done walk-ons had shown up at Allen this fall, could HCBS redshirt six schollie guys???????

[I guess, this kind of question fits into the category question of who wins a fight between Superman and The Hulk!!]

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago

Christ, drgnslayr, are you an international spy or a master assassin? You make being in Brazil sound the same as being in Protection, KS. Do you need a helper??

Whatever it is, keep that NC Mojo from 2007-2008 alive for us and say hello to Pele for me!!

greyfeld 11 years, 4 months ago

Just a plug for KU's student station KJHK. You should be able to listen to all the home games live on their free stream. Yes, you will get students doing the commentary, but they are pretty good and you get to hear the game for free.

aerohawk 11 years, 4 months ago

In years past I have been able to get the games on KLZR, but I would have to start the stream about a half hour before game time. If I tied after the game started I never had any luck.

My best guess is that they black it out once the games start.

stravinsky 11 years, 4 months ago

The KJHK sports guys are pretty good from the bit I've heard of them this year (I may be biased...). They're also covering womens' games this year, from what I heard at the staff meeting. 90.7FM if you're in the area, anywhere.

You know, while I'm plugging kjhk, I might as well say to check out their other shows as well.

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