Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Three KU stars not alone


Given the chance to head into a season with three All-American candidates, one a senior, one a junior and one a freshman, what positions would a college basketball coach ideally want those players playing?

Point guard is the most important position in college basketball and the one at which experience is most important, so any coach would want that senior All-American candidate to play the point.

Center is the next most important position and since big men’s bodies develop more each year, a coach would want his junior star playing the post.

That leaves the freshman. With All-American candidates at point guard and center, a coach ideally would want the next superstar playing on the wing.

Sherron Collins, Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry alone make Kansas a contender to reach the Final Four in Indianapolis, but to what extent the sophomores improve on their promising yet inconsistent seasons could go as far in determining the fate of Bill Self’s seventh at Kansas.

Signs are encouraging on that front.

KU coach Self said he received terrific reports from strength and conditioning coach Andrea Hudy on the zest with which the players approached spring workouts. It seems as if the three freshmen already have become sophomores in the mental approach to the game and they all needed to make strides there. At various times, Marcus Morris and Tyshawn Taylor didn’t exhibit the mental toughness Self requires of his players.

When asked what it was like playing against Washington’s Jon “Flying Elbows” Brockman, Marcus Morris indicated he learned a lot and what he learned was that when playing against such a physical player, it pays to be less aggressive. Late in the season, he said playing more aggressively was the best way to combat physical players. He meant what he said both times and the fact that he said what he said initially showed how much his approach had to be altered. Physically, his lack of explosive leaping ability tends to lead to him being underrated. He stands to make a big leap in non-vertical areas in his second season. If not, super-athletic Thomas Robinson will play most of the minutes at power forward.

Taylor, the best pure talent in the sophomore class, averaged 9.7 points, shot .506 and had a .364 three-point shooting rate. It’s reasonable to expect he can improve at the rate Kirk Hinrich did from his freshman to sophomore season. Hinrich, who arrived at Kansas as a more polished defender than the similarly athletic Taylor, improved from 5.5 points a game to 11.5 from his freshman to sophomore season and improved his three-point shooting from .313 to .505.

Markieff wasn’t as physical as he needed to be as a freshman, but not many programs can boast a reserve center who is 6-foot-10, runs the floor so well and has a reliable pair of hands and a decent knack for blocking shots. Once he learns to pull off the difficult balancing act of playing more physically while fouling less frequently, he’ll improve production.

While most of the preseason hype will center on the three superstars and an athletic incoming class, look for major strides from a stealth sophomore class.


waywardJay 10 years, 8 months ago

And Crucial to these three players..... If they don't improve.... RAPIDLY.... they may be on the outside looking in......

All three of these players have people gunning immediately for their minutes..... You best believe they can see this.....

RockChalkJayBlog 10 years, 8 months ago

Already declaring Henry an All-American candidate?

Ted Toulouse 10 years, 8 months ago

I'm having a hard time believing that the mental abilities/decision making of Reed and Morningstar wasn't called into question here too. To me, at crunch time, against the elite teams, Reed and Morningstar's inability to avoid costly turnovers was very disappointing. Hopefully Elijah can help push these guys toward improving their ball handling, because as 2008 proved, all five guys need to handle the rock efficiently.

kennethst 10 years, 8 months ago

This team looks great. But potential means nothing......lets see how they actually DO before we get too excited.

Expectations can be a very dangerous thing.

barchawk 10 years, 8 months ago

I'm just excited about this depth chart:

PG: Collins, Johnson, Reed SG: Taylor, CJ Henry, Morningstar SF: X Henry, Little, Releford PF: Robinson, Mc Morris C: Aldrich, Mk Morris, Withey

Depending on the defense we play, Reed and Morningstar could get lots of PT. It will be fun watching Marcus and Robinson battle it out for the start. I really don't know much about Withey, other than his height. Has anyone seen him play?

jayhawkinnc 10 years, 8 months ago

A while back, I saw some highlight clips on-line of Whitey playing some AAU games. Seems like a very skilled big man who can finish well above the rim and runs the floor well. Gotta love that...

Joe Baker 10 years, 8 months ago

ttoulouse (anonymous) says...

Hopefully Elijah can help push these guys toward improving their ball handling, because as 2008 proved, all five guys need to handle the rock efficiently.

Any kid that has the guts to waive a KU jersey on a hostile UK court without even officially attending any classes has my support. I'm impressed with his pride and desire to play. The sophs and juniors better get ready b/c T-Rob and EJ are coming to win, PERIOD!!

kennethst... Expectations can be a very dangerous thing.

Interesting comment and I think CS understands your comment better than anyone at this point. Don't think CS doesn't think about this during the off season. I don't know any NC coach that would fail to have this "potential" prone group of talented guys ready for a mediocre season. If you put the pieces together, you get a dangerous team that will win 1-2 NC over the next 1-2 years. If the Florida Gators can do back to back NC with the talent they had during those years, then KU is definitely more talented than they ever were. The expectations of their second NC was really high with kids that were just as young. Expectations are actually a good thing and the danger elevates each player in a necessary way to bring out the best or the worst in each of them. Let's face it, your "danger" concern will define the executioners of this team. CS loves the guys that executes consistently each game for forty minutes. So welcome the expectation and pay heed to all that enter the dangerous Phog! The Phog will be dangerous for any team that dares enter a hungry Jayhawk court.

Joe Baker 10 years, 8 months ago

Withey should be ready to hit the court in December. This guy will be bigger and more knowledgeable than most. Think about it...He has sat the bench, banged with Cole and the twins all last season and worked with Manning. This kid will be a BEAST! I think he will dominate and teams will be overwhelmed with Cole and Jeff inside. I can't wait..where's midnight in the Phog?

Rock Chalk

treidy 10 years, 8 months ago

Why all this hype about Xavier Henry, he might be good but I can't get over the fact how he was pimping and toying around KU for all these years. Most importantly he hasn't even put on a KU jersey so lets cut the crap about him starting or helping us win a championship or being an All-American. I don't see him as an x factor for next year we will be damn good with him or without him.

justanotherfan 10 years, 8 months ago


You do realize that X is the highest ranked recruit we have had at KU since Julian Wright (both ranked #8 by rivals in the final rankings). You do realize that nearly every top 10 ranked wing player in the final rankings by rivals has either started immediately in college or jumped straight to the NBA since 2003. The lone exceptions are:

Joe Crawford - wanted to transfer after seeing minimal minutes as a freshman. Julian Wright - did not start until conference season began.

Check out the complete list of top 10 wing players from the last 5 years.

2008 - Al-Farouq Aminu (started all but one game at Wake Forest), Tyreke Evans (started every game at Memphis), Scotty Hopson (started all but four games at Tennessee), Demar Derozan (started every game at USC), Willie Warren (started all but two games at OU), Jrue Holiday (started every game at UCLA). Only 7 missed starts among those 6 wings.

2007 - Eric Gordon (started every game at Indiana), OJ Mayo (started every game at USC), Kyle Singler (started every game at Duke), Bill Walker (started every game once back from injury at KSU)

2006 - Kevin Durant (started every game at Texas), Chase Buddinger (started every game at Arizona), Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton (started every game at Georgia Tech), Wayne Ellington (started every game at UNC)

2005 - Gerald Green (straight to the NBA), Martell Webster (straight to the NBA), Julian Wright (started 15 games at KU)

2004 - Shaun Livingston (straight to the NBA), Josh Smith (Straight to the NBA), Rudy Gay (started every game for UConn), Malik Hairston (started every game for Oregon), JR Smith (straight to NBA), Joe Crawford (saw minimal action as freshman).

So out of the 24 wings ranked in the top 10 over the last 5 years, 5 went straight to the NBA. Of the remaining 19, one (Crawford) played minimally as a freshman. Of the other 18, only Julian Wright started less than half the games for his team (it should be noted that some other freshman, a kid named Rush, started every game for KU that year). Every other player started nearly 90% of their team's games. In fact, of the other 17, there are only 7 missed starts (taking out the games Walker missed due to injury).

So will X start every game this year? I don't know, I'm not at practice. But if he's like pretty much every other top 10 wing player, it's likely.

Joe Baker 10 years, 8 months ago

treidy (anonymous) says...

I can't get over the fact how he was pimping and toying around KU for all these years.

treidy- I don't think X pimped or toyed with anyone "all these years".

Also, justanotherfan does have a full proof point. And yes, we do need him as another pure shooter to complete our offense.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

"Three Journeymen Bytists Not Alone"

Given the chance to head into a season with three All-Journeyman Bytist candidates (i.e., Bytist being the new term for journeyman digital journalists processing bytes for pay), one a Boomer, one a late Boomer/Gen Xer, and one a GenXYZer, what positions would a corporate owner ideally want those bytists playing?

Sports Byte Editor is the most important position in college basketball bytestry (until convergence is more fully realized) and the one at which experience is most important, so any coach would want that near senior Boomer to man the first keyboard, at least until keyboards are obsoleted three years from now by cloudware and massively distributed computing.

Sports Beat Byter is the next most important position, because he is actually out there pressing flesh and talking with real coaches and players; that is, he is collecting primary news data that will form the continuity of content day to day that will be the spine of the reader experience. Since a beat byter's brain develops more each year, and since a beat byter's byting gets more and more transparent and economical with practice, and since a beat byter has to be the connection to the widest reading audience, an owner would want his late boomer home-rowing on the second keyboard. Corporate ownership would want him growing more and more accomplished and more and more reliable...but not so much that he becomes indispensible and so able to bargain for a higher salary.

That leaves the GenXYer. With All-Journeyman candidates at Sports Byte Editor and Basketball Beat Byter, a corporate owner ideally would want the next journeyman playing on the TV wing.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

Tom Keegan, Gary Bedore and Kevin Romary alone make's Men's Basketball Page a contender to reach the Final Four in Pulitzer for Most Converged Small Market Monopoly Media Outlet, but to what extent the younger bytists improve on their promising yet inconsistent seasons last year could go as far in determining the fate of the perception of Bill Self’s seventh team at Kansas this coming season, as anything.

Signs are encouraging on that front.

World Corporation Ownership (WCO) said it has received terrific reports from strength and conditioning coach Andrea Hudy on the zest with which the younger bytists approached spring workouts. Hudy has developed a keyboard with variable resistance keys that allows these young bytists to beef up their key strikes. It seems as if the the youngsters already have matured in their mental approach to the game of sports bytism and they all needed to make strides there. At various times, Jesse Newell, Jonathan Kealing, Nick Krug, Eric Sorrentino, Jesse Temple, Matt Tait, D.J. Whetter, Aaron Wiley, and Brooke Sutherland seemed to need a little more metal carpal bounce in their filanges, and a touch more callous on their finger tips when home-rowing story content, rip-and-read content, captions, headlines and photos.

But at the same time, two of these youngsters exhibit break out potential--Newell, on the online editor keyboard (a young bytist position so far burdened by legacy bias without benefit of legacy wisdom among his employers), and Krug, on the digital Leica M8. Newell and Krug did not exhibit some of the averageness WCO requires of its journeyman bytists. And while this could cause some chemistry problems that pencil-necked geeks up at corporate will have to eye warily (these kids might want more money or they'll jump to bigger markets), this type of talent on the wings often spells the difference between a KU NCAA championship team being remembered as a team for the ages, rather than just one of KU's many exceptional teams.

And then there are le bytiste anciennes--Mayer et Woodling--ah, bon, the discreet charm of le bytiste anciennes.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

When asked what it was like playing against younger bytists, Bill Mayer indicated he had learned a lot and what he learned was that when playing against such youngsters, it pays to be less aggressive. Late in the season, he said playing more aggressively was the best way to combat youngsters. He meant what he said both times and the fact that he said what he said initially showed how much his approach had to be altered. Physically, his lack of youthful vitality tends to lead to him being underrated. Yet, even at his advanced age, he stands to make a big leap in non-vertical areas in his nth season. No one--not even Social Security--knows exactly how old he is. Bill hired an arsonist to torch the hall of records in his birth place, so he could lie about his age to keep working. If not, apparently even more demented Chuck Woodling will type most of the bytes at the senior sage keyboard.

Woodling, the least pure talent in the ancienne class, averaged 9.7 words per week, shot wide of the mark .506 of the time and had a .364 coherence rate. It’s reasonable to expect he can improve at the rate the vastly more talented William Allen White did from his working to semi retired careers. White, who few still know, arrived at Emporia as a more polished journalist than the vastly less talented Woodling, improved from 5.5 words a week to 6000 words per week from his working to semi retired careers and improved his coherence rating from .832 to .937. If Bill White can do it, then so can Chuck Woodling. Well, Adrea Hudy says its at least physically possible, anyway.

But there is one problem looming out there for WCO.

WCO has a small market media monopoly that allows it to bear a lot of overhead, but a glance at the mast head page is daunting. To wit:

* Alldritt, Hannah
* Anderson, Dennis / Managing editor
* Anderson, Jack
* Arnett, Dugan / Sports Reporter
* Augspurger, Kevin / Video game reviewer
* Baker, Andrew / Sports Reporter/Anchor
* Baker, Chris
* Bates, Kevin
* Bauman, Ben
* Bedore, Gary / KU basketball reporter
* Bennett, James / Web developer
* Bonny, Miles
* Borror, Nathan / Interactive Art Director
* Boyer, Caroline
* Boyle, Mark / Regional Reporter
* Britt, Karrey / Assistant assignment director
* Brown, Dayna
* Callahan, Kim
* Campbell, Andrew
* Carson, Lori / Home and Away host
* Cauthon, Phil / editor
* Cedeno, Aaron
* Chladny, Bruce
* Colaianni, Ryan
* Collar, John / Copy Editor
* Cottrell, Chris / Sports Copy Editor
* Cox, Dan
* Cross, William
* Croydon, Matt / Development Manager
* Davis, Chardae
* Davison, Jacqueline
* Deters, Jeff
* Diepenbrock, George / General assignment reporter
* Duffey, Erin A.
* Elmquist, Jason
* Elwell, Matt / Meteorologist
* Erickson, Matt / Staff writer

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

* Fagan, Mark / Transportation reporter
* Fedotin, Jeff
* Fischer, Ashley
* Flanzer, Natalie
* Flynn, Annalise / Intern
* Fontaine, Kilo Fontanello
* Forsyth, Charley
* Fray, Jesse / Crime and Safety reporter
* Frook, Diane
* Fusco, Asher / Reporter/Web producer
* Gamewell, Matt
* Garcia, Estuardo
* Gardner, Ann / Editorial page editor
* Garland, Brett
* Gatson, Janiece
* Gintowt, Richard / Lead reporter / photographer / utility player
* Giroux, Patrick / Graphic designer
* Goering, Jon
* Gold, Craig / Morning meteorologist
* Goodell, Chelsea / Advertising representative
* Gundelfinger, Monica L.
* Gwin, Richard
* Hagen, Courtney
* Hamilton, Cathy /, Managing Editor
* Harrington, Alex / KTKA and 6 News Morning Meteorologist
* Hartsock, Andrew / Associate sports editor
* Henry Goff, Marsha
* Heying, Philip / Photo Director
* Hittle, Shaun
* Holmes, Kristen / Intern
* Howard, Cody / News Director
* Hull, Katrina
* Hurd, Greg
* Hyland, Andy / Kansas University Reporter
* Ibsen, Katy / Intern
* Jarboe, Kristen
* Jones, Seth
* Jones, Steve / Chief Photographer
* Kaufmann, Gina
* Kealing, Jonathan / Online editor
* Keegan, Tom / Sports editor
* Kelley, Nicole
* Kieler, Ashlee / Education Reporter
* King, Tom / Freelance writer
* Kosirog, Christine
* Kritikos, Katie / Copy Editor
* Krug, Nick / Photographer
* Kuhlen, Courtney
* Kuo, Hanluen
* Laessig, Gavon / Podcaster and writer
* Lawhorn, Chad / City and neighborhoods reporter
* LeClear, Rachael
* Lenning, Miranda
* Lewis-Jones, Brian
* Little, Christy / Assistant features/assistant special sections editor
* Lockerby, Loey
* Long, Chansi
* Lovell, Jessica
* Lybarger, Dan

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

* Marciniak, Justin
* Martin, Roger
* Mayer, Bill
* McCombs, Brady
* McGee, Trevan
* McGeeney, Ryan
* Meade, Marcus
* Meagher, Tom
* Melin, Eric
* Mellinger, Gwyn
* Metz, Christine / Special projects reporter
* Miller, Matt
* Myrick, Jeff
* Nelson, Nick
* Newell, Jesse / Online Editor
* Niccum, Jon / Entertainment Editor
* Nordyke, Bob
* Oberg, Jamie
* Oldridge, Jennifer
* O'Neal, Chelsea
* Overfelt, Nikki
* Passman, Aaron
* Paterik, Stephanie
* Pettengill, Nathan
* Pfannenstiel, Brianne / Intern
* Powell, Brian / Free State Studio producer
* Rake, Marshall / Promotions
* Ralston, Jon / Copy Editor
* Reid, Janet / Courts reporter
* Robinett, Kellis
* Romary, Kevin / Sports Director
* Rombeck, Terry / Features and Special Sections Editor
* Rothschild, Scott / Statehouse Reporter
* Royal, Dean
* Ruscin, Ailecia
* Ryan, David / Editorial projects manager
* Ryckert, Dan
* Schmitz, Lisa
* Senter, Jay
* Servaes, Courtney
* Seymour, Rachel
* Simons, Jr., Dolph C.
* Slater, Lindsey / Education Reporter
* Smarsh, Sarah
* Smith, Anna / Podcaster
* Smith, Benton
* Sorrentino, Eric / Sports copy editor
* Spaulding, Ben / Web designer
* Sutherland, Brooke / Sports intern
* Tait, Matt / High school sports editor
* Tangeman, Anne
* Tankard, Frank / writer
* Taylor, John
* Temple, Jesse / Sports reporter
* Terlizzi, Gena
* Terlizzi, Gina
* Trelfa, Natasha
* Treolo, Melissa
* Trowbridge, Caroline / Assignment Director
* Turner, Galen / Podcaster
* Upsdell, Shanxi / Copy Editor

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

  • Van Dyke, Aly / News intern
    • Van Koughnett, Trisha
    • Van Pelt, Gabe / GAME intern
    • Van Sickel, John
    • Vera-Phillips, Kris / Web producer
    • vonHolten, Leslie
    • vonHolten, Tim / Turnpike host
    • Weldon, John / Photographer
    • Werner, Emily
    • Wetzel, Luke
    • Whallon, Aaron / GAME intern
    • Whetter, DJ / Sports Anchor/Reporter
    • Wiley, Aaron / Podcaster
    • Wilson, Becky
    • Wood, Ryan
    • Woodling, Chuck / Sports reporter
    • Woody, Bill / Photographer
    • Wristen, Chris
    • Yoder, Mike / Chief Photographer

First Question: Why is a meteorologist needed for a sports web site? Is his contribution crucial to field conditions in football? Is rain a factor in rowing events?

Second Question: How many of these staffers are related to, or children of friends of, WCO ownership and management? No doubt the list is not absolutely up to date and there are a few no longer involved, but this is a pretty long list; i.e., an awful lot of overhead for the content being generated. It would appear that WCO is doing its part in these hard times to help the economy back to full employment and prosperity. Just kidding. :-)

Seriously, it takes a lot of bodies to cover sports news, and all kinds. Thanks WCO for seeing that it happens in exchange for a reasonable net benefit.

panalytic 10 years, 8 months ago

I like a lot of the comments so far, so mainly want to emphasize some points. Like rochchallkjayblog and kennethst, I am wondering about making Xavier a star so soon.Let's let the guy hit the court and see how fast he develops. I am hoping Keegan has a point and knows more about him. No reason to quibble too much. I was a Carl Henry fan and I'm hoping for big things from both of the Henry boys. Giving them time is the point I want to make. X and CJ may not be great their first regular season or first NCAA tournament.

I think waywardjay is on to something about the intense competition for playing time there will be next year. We may see some surprises next year. One or both Twins, Morningstar, or Reed may put up a bigger fight than some people expect and earn a lot of minutes.

Thanks for the research justanotherfan. That was impressive and great to read. Of course I am hoping that trend continues.

I remember the tournament as mainly the Sherron and Cole show and that was mainly a tough time to be a freshman or sophomore. Although, I believe Tyshawn improved late and Reed stayed aggressive with his shot. Put me on record as another person who thinks Reed has some big plays in him for next year, especially some big shots.

Kent Wells 10 years, 8 months ago

Related to the "Second Question"

I don't know about anyone else, but I've never seen Nikki Overfelt and Tom Keegan together at the same time. I think they are the same person.

Shouldn't, as a general rule, the posts to the articles be SHORTER than the articles?

Dirk Medema 10 years, 8 months ago

barchawk says... I'm just excited about this depth chart:

PG: Collins, Johnson, Reed SG: Taylor, CJ Henry, Morningstar SF: X Henry, Little, Releford PF: Robinson, Mc Morris C: Aldrich, Mk Morris, Withey

I would add that except for Sherron and Cole, any of the players listed could get lots of PT. It should be amazing competition in practice. Probably better than most of their games.

Leaving X out of the first sentnce in no way is meant to imply that I in anyway agree with treidy. I think justanother fan did a wonderful job responding to the once smitten nonsense. I would add that I think a good chunk of X's actions that treidy whines about is a lack of appreciation for X's commitment to family, being with his brother, and letting his parents watch both of them play together for one time in their lives. I look for huge contributions from CJ and a great year for the Henry family.

But with respect to X's impact on the team, I think Mario with a healthy off-season and a return to his natural position will have more to say about the rotation than the players at the 2 & 4.

As for Withey, the other thing to know about him is that he is a SD volleyball player. He has hops unlike any (?) big man we have had in a while. With Cole reach and Jeff's hops, the lane will be a very dangerous place to bring the ball. It is also excitng to think of Danny having a the time to work with that group of bigs. Wow!

Rock Chalk

Jaminrawk 10 years, 8 months ago

X is going to be dynamite. Not many college freshmen come in at 6'6" AND a solid 225. When you consider that Avery Bradley is 6'3", 175, Michael Snaer is 6'4", 185. Dominic Cheek is 6'5", 175 and Lance Stephenson is 6'6" 195, Henry's size is pretty amazing for a wing player. Hell, he has 5 pounds on Derrick Favors. I can just see him overpowering guys in the Big XII like LeBron overpowers guys in the NBA.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

"Shouldn't, as a general rule, the posts to the articles be shorter than the articles?" --kuwells

No, that sort of thinking is so 20th Century analog. :-)

justanotherfan 10 years, 8 months ago

Regarding the research I did earlier, I noticed a few things while I was working on that.

1) There's a pretty high success rate for about the top 15-17 ranked players. Not all became stars, but extremely rarely was the player not at least a solid contributor.

2) The dropoff from that 15-17 range into the 20s is amazing. Far more hit and miss. And once you get past about 40, you could get anything.

What this tells me is two things.

First, these recruiting sites are very good at identifying the cream of the crop. Maybe not exactly in order, but generally, they do a pretty good job of identifying the best handful of guys.

Second, once you get past the true standouts (the best 15 or so players in every class), the difference between one player and the guy 10 spots behind him is negligible. For instance, 2005, the number 5 prospect was Martell Webster, who jumped straight to the NBA. The #15 prospect was Shawne Williams, who spent one year at Memphis before jumping to the NBA. Both are still in the league. The #20 prospect was Tasmin Mitchell, a solid LSU player. #30 was Brandon Costner, generally viewed as a disappointment at NC State. #40 was Martynas Pocius. Right behind him was Jeff Adrien (UConn). Chris Douglas Roberts was #75 in this class.

2006 was Thaddeus Young GTech (5), Davon Jefferson USC (15), Ramar Smith Tennessee (20), Jason Bennett K-State (30), Mike Jones 'Cuse (40). The guy ranked right in front of Mike Jones? Jodie Meeks. Luke Harangody was ranked #104.

Basically my point is this - If you get a top 15-17 player, you probably have a four year starter on your hands at the very least. Maybe you have a superstar. After that, the rankings mean considerably less. You could land Rajon Rondo (25 in 2004) or Brian Zoubek (24 in 2006). You could get Greivis Vasquez (46 in 2006) or Bryan Harvey (37 in 2005)

Lance Hobson 10 years, 8 months ago

Jaybate, half of the people on that list are probably worthless addies. Have you noticed that when you google certain subjects, you get ads to buy products or vacation packages instead of giving hits on Wiki or knowledge sites? It's because they've paid Google to have their sites come up first.

You gotta put Taylor on the PG depth chart.

tstanlick1909 10 years, 8 months ago


I dont know when this story came out but here it is

NCAA accuses Memphis mens basketball of major violation

The violations took place in 07-08 season, the year we beat them

Congratulations Coach Calipari!!!

Lets get the investigations going on all of his recruiting and other tomfoolery

Rock Chalk

KUPROUD 10 years, 8 months ago

Changed my mind. I was going to post, but Jaybate took all of the good topics, and all of the bad topics, and all of the ones in between. :) Is it October yet?

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago


Perhaps Coach Cal is relying on grades to do the pairing down. :-)

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years, 8 months ago

156 Days to Late Night. This team is stacked something fierce. I don't believe a preseason ranking, or lack thereof, will guarantee an incoming freshman will show better decision making abilities down the stretch as compared to a sophmore or junior. Raw talent is one thing, but ability to play according to the coach is another. Ability to play with nerves of steel is completely different, and hard to come by.

The beauty of this team's potential is their depth at every position. Therefore taking the load off of Collins and Cole.

With every win and loss we will have praise, or not, for many.

100 10 years, 8 months ago


Yes NCAA's investigation of Calipari has been brewing for awhile. All of the friends of Memphis players have known about it for awhile & have been talking about it on Tiger websites.

I was quite surprised it took this long for ESPN to come out with it.

And brace yourselves, it doesn't stop with just this player getting paid & having his SAT grades changed. It's much much more complex according to their insider fans and it has to do with several players (the first domino of this investigation supposedly according to their fans is Rose).

Contrary to what UK's athletic director is claiming (he's saying Calipari had nothing to do with the SAT grade changing or money paid to this recruit), all of this is directly connected to Calipari. As in, the ex head coach at Memphis is 100% responsible for this major infraction occuring, and according to them did so knowingly. It makes even more sense why he took off so quickly now -- he knew what was about to happen to Memphis' program (so for some reason he decided to take severe probation to another school that needed another probation like it needed another hole in the head).

The people who were taken care of in Memphis for years as Calipari's best friends are no more so they have no reason to cover for Calipari especially after he used them to sign a 32 million dollar contract. This will be a living, real human sports soap opera, at least for months if not a couple years.

The NCAA isn't going to let the entire nation see Calipari walk all over their rules -- too many people know.

The amazing thing to me is UK's president claimed Calipari told them he was clean before he signed, and based on that they signed him to contract.

Of course he claimed innocence Mr. Todd!!! (it's 32 million dollars of horse racing money you're about to give him with a stroke of the pen!)

This could be much worse than Kelvin Sampson, and we're not only talking phone minute rules completely tossed in the trash, we're talking cash to recruits & grade changing at Memphis according to a couple in the know Memphis fans. In short Calipari could end up making Sampson look like CMT (Coach Mother Teresa).

And to top it off Gillespie is now suing UK.

If Wall isn't able to pass the SAT the news up until June 15th could get even more interesting...

tstanlick1909 10 years, 8 months ago

I mean its fairly obvious how this scenario played out

And of course im assuming that Derrick Rose is the player in question

Rose and his family dont want to send him to a school so far away from home, and mama Rose wants to watch all of his games. So Cal says, hey I can cover all of your travel expenses so Derrick can come to Memphis and it wont be an issue

But wait Cal, his SAT scores arent good enough to make him eligible to play. So Cal says, dont worry mama Rose I can take care of that too.

And she said, wow! youd do that for us that sounds fishy. But Cal cooly replies, dont worry mama Rose ive been doing this for years, and when I choke in the title game and move on the Kentucky, I will continue to do it there too

You stay classy, Coach Cal

100 10 years, 8 months ago

True tstanlick 1909,

Where there's smoke there is fire. The entire nation has smelled this little bit of smoke for awhile from Calipari's camp. Like I said the Rose NCAA investigation is just the tip of the iceberg according to Memphis fans.

Mountains of smoke on the iceberg only an explosive flame found so far.

What I find interesting is that ESPN hid their story so far in the background -- this is a major violation by the recruitor they've called Wooden for the last four weeks. Considering all the Calipari stories lately by ESPN I suppose their data showed the nation was tired of hearing about him, thus it wasn't a front pager during the summertime (fresh off of essentially stealing an entire recruiting class from Memphis partially on the heels of what he can do for "players like Rose?")

Surprising -- although with Memorial day weekend perhaps it was tough to get the interviews? (I know Calipari was conviently not in Lexington when the story broke).

(I wonder what he did with part of his 32 million last weekend & to what cities he traveled to & why?)

Sam Burns 10 years, 8 months ago

Barchawk, I can't figure how you split the PGs and SGs. Coach Self says he wants guards that play both positions. With that in mind, how would you make the depth chart for guards?....I'm not criticizing, just interested in every-one's opinions here. It looks to me like the top two are Collins and Taylor, with a four way tie for third.

Come on October!!!!!

I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve.

Robert Lofthouse 10 years, 8 months ago

when Bill Self says he's having fun enjoying his team, that's when the real games begin .. hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later, but either way it will be entertaining for us all!!!

Joel Hood 10 years, 8 months ago

Is anyone really surprised that Kentucky has no qualms about getting in bed with someone like Calipari – the dirtiest big-time basketball program in NCAA history and the dirtiest coach around today? Of course they knew about the allegations at Memphis and they didn’t care.

What is the worst that could happen? Even if some penalties follow Cal to UK, it’s only for a year or so. He is a long-term investment to them – they don’t care that he’s dirty – it endears him to many of their big money alums. They know he will use them to get more top recruits and that is something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

wannabe 10 years, 8 months ago

Really, nobody commented on this statement? "It’s reasonable to expect he can improve at the rate Kirk Hinrich did from his freshman to sophomore season. "
Why on earth would that be reasonable? Kirk was one of the best players in our history. He is a very good NBA player. Why would it be reasonable to expect a doubling of Taylor's points and a 20% increase in his 3pt%? By the way, that increase would make him one of the best if not the best 3pt shooter in the country. I hope you are right but really, it is crazy to expect that on a team with this amount of competition for minutes.

B60 10 years, 8 months ago

Remember CS beats freshmen up early so that when the tournament comes around they are ready to play. Expect more from you sophomores. The freshmen will come around later.

John Randall 10 years, 8 months ago

A note here for JayBate -- not a complaint or ridicule, just a note.

""Perhaps Coach Cal is relying on grades to do the pairing down. :-)""

pear, pair (participle pairing), pare (participle paring)

Homonyms, homophones more than homographs, are among the problems English razes more often than other languages, aren't they?

John Randall 10 years, 8 months ago

100 --

Are those "insources" of yours more accurate than you bother be?

According to the letter NCAA sent Memphis (Notification of Allegations) last January, there is no mention either of [money paid] or of [grades changed]. The NCAA has received an allegation that an unknown person took the SAT for the player, who then used that test to get into Memphis. Memphis also is alleged to have provided transportation and accommodations to an 'associate' of one of their players.

Speculation (nothing more) has it that the player using a 'sub' on SAT was Rose, and ride/room were for his brother.

kvskubball 10 years, 8 months ago

KU62 -

All you say is true, however, the allegations also report that the player in question only played in the 2008 season and tournament. The only Memphis player, per, that fits that criteria would be Rose. So, even though the player's name is withheld due to privacy law, it is CBS's conclusion that the player must be Rose, and I see no logical fallacy in their conclusion. So I think it is reasonable to conclude that it is more than just 'speculation' that Rose is the thorn upon which Memphis has been impaled, so to speak.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago


Many thanks for that gentle correction. I've always had trouble with pear, pair, pare. Never too old to learn and get it right.

bashe24 10 years, 8 months ago

Either way we won the game......I have heard enough about John Calipari.....enough about Memphis.....enough about Kentucky......good for him that he got the criminal point guard to come to lexington.....big deal......I wish we would schedule a game with them and go TO LEXINGTON........all anyone ever talks about is how Kentucky is now the team to beat??? that is possibly the most asinine i have ever heard.....Kansas is the Preseason #1 no matter what.....Kansas NEVER gets any love from anyone EVER.......we might go undefeated who knows.....but as far as cheater cal and rupp arena BIG DEAL......

Rock Chalk Title Talk 2010

JJHAWK 10 years, 8 months ago

Forget BB world love . . .

Win the National Championship!

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