Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KU tours on tap


Kansas University’s athletic department and the KU Alumni Association have partnered on a 2009 summer tour.

KU alumni and fans are invited to events, which will include golf outings, dinners and rallies.

Guests from the athletic department and the football coaching staff will be on hand. The tour begins Saturday in Garden City. Other stops: Hays (June 5), Pittsburg (June 8), Liberal (June 26), Salina (June 27), Prairie Village (Aug. 21). Stops in Topeka, Emporia and Wichita are still being planned.


EnviroHawk7 10 years, 8 months ago

I went to one of the camps and on the First Day, Xavier, Cole, Brady, and Mario (Little) were there. Xavier would not stop hitting threes and had an amazing dunk. On Day Two, Thomas Releford and Dominic Sutton were there. Dominic Sutton wouldn't miss a three from anywhere. Uh-oh, but wait, he's on KSU so it doesn't matter... Day Three is yet to come.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

jaybate news service:

} KUAD just announced that a rock band has been hired to travel with the KU Tour. The band is called "The Grateful Self." The band specializes in a combination of Bill Self's Top 50 favorite rock and roll songs, plus extended instrumental homages to the band's heroes--The Grateful Dead. The tour director, commenting on deep background, assured that this would be a lysergic acid diethlymide free zone. Thank goodness for progress.

} KUAD also announced that the response has been so strong to this year's KU Tour, that next year's will be conducted in Tahiti and all fans with documented KU degrees will receive half-priced air faires (on Aero Algunas Veces) and hotel rates (at the Motel 6 on Tahiti). The ancient band "Kansas" of "Dust in the Wind" fame has been contacted at a Lawrence retirement home where all surviving band members now reside, and Kansas has agreed to a reunion performance, but only on Bora Bora atoll. The band will perform one new song, "Dust in the End," a hauntingly elegiac sequel to their famed "Dust in the Wind," plus "I May Wear Dentures, But I Can Still Rock Like a Stone," a raucus send up of The Rolling Stones latest "Sympathy for Intel Rockers" and Bono's "Shake, Rattle and Embed." The Bora Bora performance will require extra travel and hotel fees that have yet to be announced. Clothing will be optional. The PR firm for the band says fans should prepare for a performance with full frontal nudity, technicolor catheters, and guitar riffs in wheel chairs.

} Sources inside Dominic Sutton's head indicate that he was at the event mentioned above, because he has gotten tired of Frank Martin's menacing stares and has decided to transfer and walk on at KU. When Coach Martin was asked about this rumor, he reputedly said, "Not unless he wants to go wading in the Kaw River with concrete Nikes."

} Speaking of the Kaw River, the rumor mill has reported several citings of Xavier Henry at summer sand bar parties on the Kaw. Xavier is reputedly easy to pick out, because he is the one walking on Kansas River.

} The rumor mill also indicates that CJ Henry has reputedly had a 1978 Bertram 33' Sport Fisherman shipped into Lawrence from a Florida yacht broker and will live aboard,rather than bunk at the Jayhawker Towers. The boat, called The Floating Jayhawker Towers, will be birthed at Lake Perry. Lew Perkins, Bill Self and Danny Manning and CJ will conduct their unlimited stakes bridge games there.

Note: as always, none of the above is remotely true and taking any of it seriously would be grounds for the FEMA Continuity of Government shadow government to suspend one's constitutional rights. No wait! There is no FEMA COG shadow government; that's all conspiracy stuff...right?...right?

Lone_salina_kufan 10 years, 8 months ago

Hey everyone, check out ESPN report about the Memphis 2007-08 fraud accusations. Yikes!!!!! Kentucky just slept with the devil, OOOPS!!!!

PS- Please say Bill would never do this

Sam Burns 10 years, 8 months ago


Is your tumor still growing? lol

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago


Is your burn ward experience still in process? lol.

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