Wednesday, May 20, 2009

KSU files suit to declare secret $3.2 million agreement with Ron Prince invalid


Kansas State University and its athletic department filed suit Wednesday, asking a court to declare a secret agreement signed by former athletic director Bob Krause and former football coach Ron Prince invalid.

According to KSU officials, no one else at the school knew of the agreement. If found to be valid, the agreement would force the KSU athletic department to pay $3.2 million in payments to Prince's company, called Pursuit of Perfection, LLC.

The full K-State release can be found at


Dyrk Dugan 11 years ago

what a mess all around the Prince hire truly was. he's gone, and he's still causing headaches.....tee he.

b_asinbeer 11 years ago

Pursuit of Perfection and Ron Prince....I sense an oxymoron.

FlaHawk 11 years ago

I thought it was illegial for sate entities to have "secret" agreements?

abefroman 11 years ago

Think there are any power towels collecting dust in the store room over there at Pursuit of Perfection headquarters...?

Carter Patterson 11 years ago

I'm guessing that Ron Prince will win this against the University and then the University is going to have go after Bob Krause. I just find it hard to believe that this was truly a secret agreement. I think we'll have a much clearer understanding once Mr. Krause states his side of the story.

Where was the "secret money" coming from to pay for the "secret agreement"?

My recommendation to all high school athletes....look somewhere else.

fsmitty01 11 years ago

Carterpatterson, I love this line!

"Where was the "secret money" coming from to pay for the "secret agreement"?"

Secret my backside...... more like slimy!

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

New taglines for our beloved sister university.........

Kansas State Penitentiary Kansas Stay Away KSU are in big trouble Purple Probation Some day my Prince will haunt me!! Thank God there is no S between K and U Kansas State Wildcash

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