Saturday, May 9, 2009

U.S. teams to invite Collins, Taylor


Look for Kansas University’s Sherron Collins and Tyshawn Taylor to compete at a pair of USA Basketball Team Trials this summer.

Taylor, a sophomore-to-be from Jersey City, N.J., will be one of 20 players to attend the Under 19 World Championship team trials June 16-18 in Colorado Springs, KU coach Bill Self confirmed Friday.

The 12 who make the team will play at the Under 19 World Championships July 2-12 in New Zealand.

Collins, a senior-to-be from Chicago, is tentatively slated to participate in the World University Games team trials June 16-18 also at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. The World Games trials will feature 20 to 25 of the United States’ top players between the ages of 17 and 24. The players will compete for 12 spots on the World Games team. The Games will be held July 1-12 in Serbia.

Self said junior-to-be Cole Aldrich would not be trying out for the World University Games team, as he’s ticketed for rest as he heals bumps and bruises from last season.

“He had some sore shoulders, and his lower leg is still bothering him a bit,” Self said of the stress reaction that had Aldrich in a boot much of the season. “We told Cole to take some time off.” had Collins and Taylor on USA Basketball’s confirmed list of invitees Friday morning.

USA Basketball, however, has not yet released its official list and likely will not do so until sometime next week. The only way Collins would not go is if he decides it’d be too much of a time commitment, considering he’d planned to complete coursework toward his degree this summer.

“He wants to do it. He’ll see how the schedule falls. He is planning on going,” Self said. said Friday that other confirmed players for the World Games tryouts include Trevor Booker of Clemson, Da’Sean Butler of West Virginia, Mike Davis of Illinois, Devin Ebanks of West Virginia, Corey Fisher of Villanova, Lazar Hayward of Marquette, Robbie Hummel and JaJuan Johnson of Purdue, Quincy Pondexter of Washington, Deon Thompson of North Carolina and Evan Turner of Ohio State.

Zagsblog said others confirmed for the Under 19 trials include Kemba Walker of UConn, Darryl Bryant of West Virginia, Larry Drew of North Carolina, Klay Thompson of Washington State, Seth Curry of Duke, Kenny Boynton of Florida, Maalik Wayns of Villanova, Gordon Hayward of Butler, Sylven Landesberg of Virginia, Al Farouq-Aminu of Wake Forest, Howard Thompkins of Georgia, Drew Gordon of UCLA and Arnett Moultrie of UTEP.


Golf trip was fun: Self early Thursday morning returned from an eight-day golf vacation to Scotland, the birthplace of golf. Former KU coach Ted Owens and former KU guard Greg Gurley were in the group of 10 or so that headed overseas.

“It was unbelievable,” Self said of playing courses like St. Andrews Old Course, Carnoustie and Muirfield.

“It was cold, windy, rainy, the way you want it if you golf in Scotland.”

He enjoyed spending some quality time with Owens.

“Coach Owens is in great shape,” Self gushed of Owens, who will turn 80 on July 16. “We had an unbelievable group of guys, all from different backgrounds who meshed well.”


Weight room success stories: Self has heard glowing reports from strength coach Andrea Hudy about the Jayhawks’ work in the weight room since the Sweet 16 loss to Michigan State on March 27.

“Everybody has gained some weight, which is good,” he said.


Free-throw rule: Self commented on a basketball rules committee recommendation involving the substitution of a free-throw shooter who has been injured. Likely starting next season, the opposing coach will be allowed to choose the player to attempt the free throws from the four remaining on the court. “I like that one. I do,” said Self, who would not have been in favor of the opposing coach choosing any player he wished off the bench, including walk-ons.


KUFan90 12 years ago

would any coach be in favor of allowing the selection to come from the bench? I can't believe they were actually considering that?

Matt Kenton 12 years ago

I think this proposed rule sounds strange. The opposing coach points to a player on the other team to shoot the free throw? Sounds like some rule you'd come up with in your driveway as a kid.

Why not just say you can't bring a player off the bench to shoot the free throws (it has to be one of the other four in the game)?

And picture this scenario... Tie game, 30 seconds left, whatever... star player gets fouled and hurt, comes out, and the 65% free throw shooter that the other coach picks misses them both, then the other team makes a shot at the other end and wins.

trich424 12 years ago


The other coach would get to choose to prevent a player from faking an injury, just so that their best free throw shooter can shoot it. I remember in an NBA playoff game, Minnesota v. Sacramento 2004, someone from Sacramento was injured or ejected after getting fouled. The Timberwolves coach (Flip Saunders) chose some scrub off the Kings bench to shoot the free throws, and he came in and made them both.

I don't like it that way, I agree with the other coach being able to choose from the other 4 on the court.

jaybate 12 years ago

OMG! What if Brady and Tyrel add 20 pounds a piece on top and come in looking like Aryan Nation skin heads with Lancing Pen prison bodies?!! Shaved heads. Swastikas and daggers and serpents tatooed on their arms and shoulders and heads. Finger nails sharpened to points and painted black. F and U stenciled on their buck teeth. What will the doubters say then?

Typical Doubter: "Brady and Tyrell are now too tough to play D1. If they are playing 20-30 minutes per game next season in February, then KU has absolutely no chance in March, because the referees will never give KU an even break on the foul calls. Bob Huggins West Virginia team will look like Vienna Choir boys next to these two vicious thugs. Huggo Muggo's boys will get all the foul calls. No way! Brady and Tyrell can't play, because they are just too big and strong and mean now for D1 basketball!!!


jaybate 12 years ago

Burnt Ends...

} No wonder Cole did not jump this year. He was too banged up. Good lord! Shoulders injured. Lower leg injured. How the hell did score at all the last month?

} If I understand the new free throw shooting rule, it will encourage even rougher play, except perhaps the last three minutes of a game, when a team has to foul and the coach puts his best five free throw shooters in. The rest of the game, every team has a lousy free throw shooter, or two that play big minutes.The time to cheap shot and injure a good player will now be whenever there is a weak free throw shooter on the floor with that good player. Giving the opposing coach the right to select the worst free throw shooter on the other team is carte blanche for really severe cheap shotting.

} Lance Stephenson and John Wall now appear solid picks for the pre season All Pariah Team.

} Anyone notice how violent the NBA playoffs have been? The NBA stands for the National Butcherball Association. Davey Stern is a shrewd one, too. He's got one of the all time slimers--Stu Jackson--administrating and assigning fines and suspensions. Putting Jackson in charge of rules enforcement is like putting Michael Vick in charge of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

} Rumor has it Andrea Hudy can bench press Tyshawn Taylor and deep squat Jeff Withey.

} Speaking of Withey, at 6'10" and 220 pounds, will Withey be the lightest center KU has ever had?

}Sherronatron and Quantum T Taylor are so fast that physicists at the CERNE super collider in Switzerland have asked if the two would be willing to be used to test the Einstein Podolsky Rosen Paradox regarding quantum entanglement. Sherronatron will be kept inside the super collider, while Quantum T is fired out a fiber optic cable 40 kilometers north of the collider. Sherronatron will be asked to spin counter clockwise and scientists will observe Quantum T to see if his spin changes simultaneously. If yes, this will be yet more evidence that the locality assumption of Newtonian physics is erroneous; that there is spooky, super luminal interaction among the fastest particles in the universe. Bill Self and physicists at CERN are trying to see if quantum entanglement could become an offensive weapon in college basketball.

Scott MacWilliams 12 years ago

OK Jaybate, step away from the coffee cup now ( & the March '09 Journal of Silly Physics) , and no one gets hurt!

Buck08 12 years ago

Wow! I agree, jaybate needs to quit putting away the caffeine pills with coffee and act like a normal person a little bit more...nobody cares...

jaybate 12 years ago


Caffeine won two world wars for oil for the USA. Caffeine in large part has propelled the USA to survive quagmires like Veetnaaaam, EYEraq, and Afheroinstan. Caffeine in large quantities delivered through socially acceptable media like coffee and NoDoz and Vivarin is what allows you to work 50-60 hour weeks, take only 1 hour lunches, get by on only 2 weeks vacation, tolerate 40 million without medical insurance, and shrug at the highest unemployment rate in 25 years. And all of this when even the lowliest Eurotrash work 40 hours max, get two hour lunches, have 4 weeks of holiday and universal health care. Why, my good person, caffeine is what separates you, and all red blooded Americans from all other peoples of the world. And you are asking me to give up caffeine?

Alas, I don't consume any caffeinated products. Me thinks thou dost project to much though. :-)


Please stop referring to yourself as a "nobody." Self loathing does not become you. ;-)

Tony Bandle 12 years ago

WOW!!! I.have been out of town.

Did we switch to a parallel universe while I was gone??? I can't believe it but I am missing our angst-filled days of recruitment hell after reading some of these posts.

I guess I didn't read the fine print which indicated that the purpose for posting on this site was comparing mental genitalia and seeing whose was the biggest!!

Future topics: Moby Dick as an allegory for the battle for salvation. Can Chakras be relocated within the body to combat specific diseases? If every superhero who was ever invented could be involved in an all out battle, could anybody beat Superman??

jaybate 12 years ago


You are a gentleman of the utmost discretion when it comes to discussing the reasons for the 2 to 4 hour lunch in the regions of Europe with romance languages. No doubt this discretion will stand you in good stead with the refined, prudent, but flammable women of the region. :-)

Regarding double espressos and coffea canephora, I went through my phase of coffea jaybate, which was half French blend Peets and half quadruple espresso (whatever Trader Joes happened to have in stock...not picky about espresso origins, so long as it makes the hairs on the back of my neck vibrate like proteinated tuning forks). If persons find me too eclectic, long winded and idiosyncratic now, it would not be pretty at all to see me on your robusta regime. :-)

Dang, those Europeans get 5 weeks now? Now that's my idea of western progress!!!

jaybate 12 years ago


Ya shuddah been-uh rap DJ, the way ya set'em up and spin'em.

Re: Moby Dick as an allegory for the battle for salvation....

A lot of persons do not know that in the hand written manuscript, the whale was named Moby Phallus, but bawdy old Walt Whitman, who edited it for Herman Melville, thought the name too clinical and sterile. ;-)

Re: Can Chakras be relocated within the body to combat specific diseases?

Tantrically speaking, yes.

Re: If every superhero who was ever invented could be involved in an all out battle, could anybody beat Superman??

Only Mr. Kryptonite.

Tony Bandle 12 years ago

Jaybate...I knew you couldn't resist.

Drgnslayr.... you are right, of course...when former " cup of coffee" Jayhawk's acting career get a byline, you know things are slow.

Calimari just won't go away.....maybe we could get Memphis and Kentucky to trade dates next season and we could play them.

Do you think Bentleytiger has jumped off as cliff or joined a monastery??

Wall and Stephenson....what's up with those two? Not a peep from the Stephenson camp and Wall still has about 100 schools on his list. Maybe the term 'addition by subtraction" applies in this case...I mean KU is better off by not having these individuals, although I still wish we could have gotten Lance here. More so for his sake than for KU's.

RockChalkGuy 12 years ago

I concur with drgnslayr, jaybate, your post are extremely entertaining and creative. Now is a good time to "be the ball....nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh......."

BTW - my sis lives in Switzerland now and she and her husband both get 6 weeks of paid vacation each year and it's my understanding that a minimum of 4 weeks of it have to be taken consecutively!

jaybate 12 years ago


First, thank you for your too kind words.

Second, regarding political commentary, I do not believe anyone has yet topped St. Augustine.

"Set justice aside then, and what are kingdoms but fair thievish purchases? For what are thieves' purchases but little kingdoms, for in thefts the hands of the underlings are directed by the commander, the confederacy of them sworn together, and the pillage is shared by the law amongst them? And if those ragamuffins grow up to be able enough to keep forts, build habitations, possess cities, and conquer adjoining nations, then their government is no more called thievish, but graced with the eminent name of a kingdom, given and gotten, not because they have left their practices, but because now they may use them without danger of law. Elegant and excellent was that pirate's answer to the great Macedonian Alexander, who had taken him: the king asking him how he durst molest the seas so, he replied with a free spirit: 'how darest thou molest the whole world? But because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; thou, doing it with a great navy, art called an emperor."

St. Augustine, City of God, iv.4

jaybate 12 years ago


Thank you, also.

jaybate 12 years ago


You might enjoy "Satori in Paris" by Jack Kerouac, though your journey may still be to early in progress to identify with Kerouac's middle aged fatigue, but maybe you will. Not enough people read it. Not enough people read all of Kerouac's non-On the Road books. They worry way, way, waaaaay too much about how he wrote and not enough about what he saw and then said. At least part of a writer's job is to call our attentions to what we are looking at but not really seeing. In some respects, he was a Beat Melville, or a Beat Joyce. His long poems could sometimes actually be stories, or novels, and his stories or novels could sometimes really be poems. How he chose and constructed forms to express himself made him difficult for many to access. It is always very difficult to read fiction when the author not only requires you to follow along, but to figure out how to follow along. Melville, Joyce, and Kerouac all were very challenging in this regard. At least Kerouac was considerate enough to break his big picture into small pieces, whereas Melville made lots of huge pieces and Joyce made two towering n-dimensional fictional pictures. But once you get the hang of any of them, you wonder how you didn't get it all along, rather like riding a bike. Satori in Paris is one of his pieces that ask you decide what ride you are actually on. It is written like a teeny little geneological inquiry, but it is more a mystery about a pilgrammage.

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