Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jayhawk still alive among top 10 ‘pet’ mascots


An online site ranks Kansas University’s Jayhawk as the No. 10 "pet" mascot in this year’s NCAA Tournament field, but the mythical bird already has survived longer than four higher-ranked animals — including the pre-tournament No. 1, Dubs the Husky from the University of Washington. released its “Top 10 Pet Mascots of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament” last week, just before 64 teams had tipped off their first-round games Thursday and Friday.

The rankings came with a disclaimer: “ can’t guarantee that choosing teams by mascot will help you win your office pool, but we can give you a reason to justify why you selected our #1 pick to win it all this year. Good Luck!”

By Sunday night, four teams on the list had been eliminated: Butler’s Bulldogs (No. 9), Marquette’s Golden Eagles (No. 8), Boston College’s Eagles (No. 7) and, yes, the top-ranked Husky.

Still alive: Arizona’s Wilbur the Wildcat (No. 6), Connecticut’s Jonathan the Husky (No. 5), Louisville’s Cardinals (No. 4), Gonzaga’s Spike the Bulldog (No. 3) and Villanova’s Will D. Cat (No. 2).

Neither of the tournament’s two remaining Tigers — from the Universities of Missouri and Memphis — made’s rankings, nor did the University of Pittsburgh's Panther.


JayhawkPurist 11 years ago

Is this a joke, Mark? A poll as a basis for an article/story on the KU men's basketball page??

barchawk 11 years ago

My wife's a UW alum, and I'm pretty sure the Huskies' mascot is named Harry...

jayhawker85 11 years ago

Those are some really original mascots ranked ahead of KU... What a crappy poll.

jco8394 11 years ago

Actually barchawk if you read the article it says: "The University of Washington introduced the Husky as its mascot in 1922, replacing the confusing "Sundodger" mascot. Since that year, the school has had live mascots to represent the school. The first Husky was named Frosty and subsequent mascots have had a variety of names. But just last fall, UW decided to find a permanent name for the mascots. After two rounds of online voting, the university decided that "Dubs" would be the name from then on."

Tim Bingaman 11 years ago

Jay is not a fX&*%ng PET you idiots! Try caging him up and see what type of fur burns you come away with!!! I would boycott but it would be too difficult. I couldn't do without whatever it is that they sell or do. If anyone knows, please skip your next purchase for me and buy from one of their competitors.

jaybate 11 years ago

jaybate news service:

<p> ranks first in poll of stores most likely to misidentify your pet and kill it by feeding it the wrong food.

No, wait, that was a joke, Petside lawyers!

Leave our bird alone.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

Bad week for Eagles apparently. At least one bird survived.

I love all of the para-brackets out there. Like Collin Cowherd said, adding a bracket to anything makes it more exciting. A bracket about cereals would get people interested.

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

If Wheaties and Cap'n Crunch were seeded 1 and 2, and there were 62 other cereals in the field, who would your picks be for National Cereal Champ? You know, there's always a Cinderella cereal to consider, like Fruity Pebbles or something.

( I think we're all just more than ready for the next game! )

tis4tim 11 years ago


Don't look past King Vitamin.

deepbeak 11 years ago

Does anyone remember the beloved Baby Jay being stolen in the fall of '77? If so, does anyone care to know who stole it?

KUPROUD 11 years ago

Deepb, I think we should open this "cold case" file and get to the bottom of it. If you have information, you should come clean. You know, we have ways to make you talk....

deepbeak 11 years ago

After a night drinking beer at the Chute, four students were walking to their car and came upon an older couple preparing the mascot for the upcoming football season in their downstairs upholstery shop. While one diverted their attention, the others grabbed the bird and ran to the car. As they headed south on Mass Ave. in their convertible, the student in the passenger seat put the mascot shell on and waved at passers-by. Before turning left at the end of Mass, he got out of the car and did a dance for some Haskell College coeds. It was reported the car had Texas plates and assumed the thieves were associated with TCU - since they were the visiting team that saturday. The game and weekend passed with no sign of the beloved mascot.

The following home game the scoreboard pleaded, "Baby Jay Come Home". A reward was offered by the donating fraternity. Pictures of a hostage Jayhawk were delivered to the UDK via campus mail - its beak and wings bound and surrounded by masked students holding guns and knives. The "ransom" note was published on the front page of both the LJW and UDK, and included the last line in the school paper - "We're just regular folk with a flair for a joke, so adios Mother**s!" It promised to return the Baby Jay unharmed. The story was mentioned by Paul Harvey in a segment of his broadcast that week.

Like the early raids on Lawrence, the culprits were concerned their campus would suffer retribution if they were outed. Weeks later, with no further clues, a student answering the phone in a journalism lab was told to be on the same extension at 10 that night for instructions. When the later call came, they were told the mascot would be found at Lookout Point, south of town. Campus police, Lawrence PD, a sheriff, and a State Trooper arrived to find Baby Jay safe but alone. The bird popped from the back of an ambulance at the next home game to the cheers of the crowd.

The crime was never solved.

Some clues: The convertible had Arizona plates. The ransom note was delivered via campus mail and the mule (actually a very attractive blonde) had knowledge of campus phone extensions. KU lost its first ever football game to the offender's school.

Mystery solved?

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