Monday, March 9, 2009

KU falls two spots to No. 11 in both polls


Bill Self press conference, March 9

Bill Self addresses the media at a press conference on March 9, 2009.

The Kansas men's basketball team, following a 1-1 week, fell two spots to No. 11 in both the Associated Press and ESPN/USA Today polls.

Oklahoma (No. 6, 7) and Missouri (No. 14, 15) were the other two Big 12 teams in the rankings.

AP poll

1. North Carolina (35) 27-3 1,734

2. Pittsburgh (33) 28-3 1,731

3. Connecticut 27-3 1,592

4. Memphis (2) 28-3 1,544

5. Louisville (1) 25-5 1,513

6. Oklahoma 27-4 1,399

7. Michigan State 25-5 1,349

8. Wake Forest 24-5 1,246

9. Duke 25-6 1,237

10. Villanova 25-6 1,108

11. Kansas 25-6 1,038

12. Gonzaga 25-5 978

13. Washington 24-7 910

14. Missouri 25-6 779

15. UCLA 24-7 752

16. Butler 26-4 536

17. Clemson 23-7 528

18. Syracuse 23-8 518

19. Xavier 24-6 465

20. LSU 25-6 461

21. Marquette 23-8 453

22. Florida State 23-8 333

23. Arizona State 22-8 199

24. Purdue 22-9 169

25. Brigham Young 24-6 158

Others Receiving Votes: Illinois 131, Texas A&M; 63, Saint Mary's 56, Utah 21, West Virginia 17, Auburn 9, Dayton 7, Utah State 6, Virginia Commonwealth 6, Weber State 5, Creighton 4, Northern Iowa 3, Siena 3, Oklahoma State 3, Penn State 2, New Mexico 2, California 2, Texas 2, American University 1, Ohio State 1, Tennessee 1.

ESPN/USA Today Poll

1. North Carolina (23) 27-3 767

2. Pittsburgh (5) 28-3 740

3. Memphis (3) 28-3 702

4. Connecticut 27-3 679

5. Louisville 25-5 659

6. Michigan State 25-5 608

7. Oklahoma 27-4 592

8. Duke 25-6 545

9. Wake Forest 24-5 532

10. Washington 24-7 466

11. Kansas 25-6 444

12. Gonzaga 25-5 426

13. Villanova 25-6 410

14. UCLA 24-7 369

15. Missouri 25-6 327

16. LSU 25-6 274

17. Butler 26-4 251

18. Clemson 23-7 223

19. Xavier 24-6 196

20. Syracuse 23-8 182

21. Marquette 23-8 157

22. Florida State 23-8 135

23. Arizona State 22-8 133

24. Purdue 22-9 68

25. Illinois 23-8 57

Others Receiving Votes: Saint Mary's 43, Brigham Young 30, Utah State 23, Dayton 11, California 9, Utah 7, Boston College 3, Texas 3, Texas A&M; 2, Siena 1, Weber State 1.


chicagoeddie 10 years, 10 months ago

hey guys, i am confused. when are these votes tallied up? i am wondering how we win the big 12 and beat a hard texas team and drop 2 spots, not 1? i can understand the tech loss but that was on the road and with a team on fire...

anyone know when the votes are submitted on what they base their decision on?

Jesse Newell 10 years, 10 months ago

I believe votes are sent in on Sunday night.

Jaminrawk 10 years, 10 months ago

Lol, Memphis. Has 28-3 ever been so misleading?

David Friend 10 years, 10 months ago

I have no problem dropping to 11. TT was not a good loss.. However Misery loses and does not drop and then there is Duke. Wnn the Big 12 tournament and most likely a 2 seed. Lose and probably a solid three..

mdfraz 10 years, 10 months ago

eddie, beating Texas and clinching the Big 12 outright was great, but most of what went into that took place over the past couple months. One decent win at home against a struggling Texas team vs. a BLOWOUT loss to a bad Texas Tech team.......I think dropping two spots is fair. Wednesday was embarrassing. Hopefully it will focus the guys as we head toward the tournaments. TTU was on fire, especially Voskuhl, but they are well below .500 overall, and only won 3 conference games, one of which was against us. After they beat us, they go to Ames and lose to an only slightly better ISU team. I think it's impressive to see that we are near the top 10 to be honest. We are the third highest six loss team in the AP (Duke at 9, and 'Nova at 10), and both of those teams ahead of us play in a much tougher conference. We are behind only Duke in the USA Today poll; ahead of 'Nova. Overall, not too much to complain about as far as rankings go. Plus, as of yesterday we were 7 in the RPI, and Joe Lunardi has us not only as a two seed, but a two in KC. Who knows if that will happen, but that's a lot of love if you ask me.

FunEfellow 10 years, 10 months ago

I don't understand how Washington can be above us in the Coach's poll though. They've lost one more game than us, one more conference game and more importantly, lost to us

chicagoeddie 10 years, 10 months ago

yea i agree, thats why the espn/usa today poll is biased by writers that favor certain schools and conferences..

Drew Bender 10 years, 10 months ago

FunEfellow ,

The Washington game was early in the season and they have been on their own roll lately,,, We lost last week while they went undefeated... Its simple, they win and move up while KU loses and moves down

mdfraz 10 years, 10 months ago

And really, if the ESPN poll, which has UW higher than us, is based on bias, how would writers be more biased for Washington than KU? If it were btw. KU and Duke or UNC or UCLA, I could maybe see the argument, but how many writers would have a bias toward the Huskies? We are a blue blood, UW isn't. It's a pretty tough argument to say there's a widespread solid anti-KU sentiment out there.

Clearly, we beat UW, but, it was early in the season, and they indeed have been on a pretty good roll. We had a BAD loss last week, and they didn't, just like ESU said. There's your difference right there.

Either way, two main points. 1) Who cares where we are ranked right now, since it has little to do with our seeding for the tournament; 2) For us to be ranked 11th and having people complain is pretty amazing. There is no way we should rightfully be in the position we are right now with what we lost from last year. I'm not saying we should be satisfied, not by a long shot, but in November, how many of you thought we would be ranked at all, let alone right outside the top 10? I thought maybe we would be btw. 20-25 if guys developed well. So, let's go prove on the court we are a top 10 team. The only ranking that really matters is on April 6 anyway.

ralphus 10 years, 10 months ago

"Who cares where we are ranked right now, since it has little to do with our seeding for the tournament."

"The only ranking that really matters is on April 6 anyway."

Dear mdfraz,

Please try to refrain from injecting reasonable thought into the comments or forums.

Next, you'll try to tell us that the world is round.

Signed, KU's fanatical underbelly

Carl O'Hair 10 years, 10 months ago

Today I heard Bob Knight talking about the number ones and he threw in Kansas and UCLA, not as number ones but as teams to be reckoned with if they are playing well. I accept things like this from people like him much more than the ESPN people he works with.

The two ESPN people who know most about the Jayhawks, Fraschilla and Franklin, who have broadcast so many of their games look for them to go very deep also. I will accept their words above all the others, any day.

KULightsOut 10 years, 10 months ago

Two seed in KC/East Bracket probably a better place than anywhere else KU could be.

Radford is the likely 15 and is a lock from Virginia, is the most likely opponent coming out of the Big South. Even though they stormed the court and held up their tiny trophy from the BSC I don't they wouldn't pose much of a threat against the "home team" of KC in the tourney.

Marquette a likely next round team is missing its big senior Dominic James, and suffering from playing in the Big East, has lost all its momentum and will be playing desperate and powerful teams in the Big East Tourney. More than likely they'll beat Siena, if they don't I expect that the game against Siena would shake up much like the AFH game where we struggled some late but the 51 in the first half held up with Aldrich's dominance in the paint .

Momentum and Self is what I believe will carry us if we want to go deep in the tourney, also a couple warm-up (fingers crossed) teams in Kansas City with Mid Major schools and a beat up Marquette or even a Oklahoma State team if they're able to make a run in the Big 12 Tourney and gain ground on that seven spot. Of course, too early now to speculate with a whole week of crazy action but KU staying where they are on Lunardi's bracket would be very beneficial to the Hawks.

Michael Auchard 10 years, 10 months ago

Hey, oldnongrad, Scott VanPelt is a huge KU fan. In one interview with Self I heard, he was practically drooling as he told him over and over again how much he had a man crush on him. Also, Jay Bilas, despite having the egregious background as a Dukie, usually gives KU quite a bit of love. The main talking heads, though, continually to wave coyly and blow kisses at Roach K and 'Ol Roy, don't get me wrong.

Lance Hobson 10 years, 10 months ago

I agree, Bilas was the only commentator last year who consistantly stated that Kansas was the team to beat in the tourney, and he was right. It is surprising with his Duke background, but I think he saw some things that others didn't.

The 11 ranking is about right considering that hideous TT loss, but we're still projected as a 2-seed by most of the predicted brackets. We may have peaked early, it seems like we're a little off right now.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 10 months ago

jerseyhawk....every once in a while, Dickie V pulls his head out of Coach K's butt and gets it right.

Actually my good friend Wilbur Nether and I were once able to sit down with him at the Holiday Inn near the turnpike in Lawrence. Off air and off camera, he was a charming, gracious, knowlegeable guy who truly respected KU BBall [Roy Williams at the time]

I asked him why he was so different on the air. He said simply, " that's what they pay me to do." If he could have just been that guy we talked to on the air, Billy Packer would have been in the retirement home long, long ago.

jaybate 10 years, 10 months ago

Top Ten: Who Can KU Beat?

  1. North Carolina (35) 27-3 1,734; yes, Sherron whips his counterpart, Cole stalemates Tyler, Tyshawn stalemates his counterpart; Brady dogs his opponent to an off game; our defense denies them their running game and we alternate pushing and half court with Brady and Tyrell having a big night from three.

  2. Pittsburgh (33) 28-3 1,731; no; these guys are too rough and too good both in half court and on the fly. Plus they are all armed with rubber billy clubs, tire irons and chains. Very tough bunch. Only chance is on a very bad Pitt shooting night.

  3. Connecticut 27-3 1,592; yes, Cole stops Thabeet, everyone else plays to draw; defense keeps it close; Sherron controls last 3 minutes.

  4. Memphis (2) 28-3 1,544; yes, if good shooting night, no if not. Good shooting slows down their transition, while our d hampers Princeton on Hemmorhoids.

  5. Louisville (1) 25-5 yes; 1,513; great athletes who like to run, press and fire threes, what else is new in Derby Ville?; two MU games prepared us for this, nothing prepared Ville for Sherron, Cole and KU D.

  6. Oklahoma 27-4 1,399; yes; very tough to get a w on these guys with Blake, but they have been beatable down the stretch even with Blake.

  7. Michigan State 25-5 1,349; oh, yes!; KU has improved to the point of having no fear of Ratso Izzo and his mug ballers and they still are not very good shooters; Michigan State, meet Coles elbows, twins want to redeem themselves, and Mario is now able to mix it up.

  8. Wake Forest 24-5 1,246; yes (just a guess) don't know, haven't seen them, don't like them, sound like a Tennessee that can shoot.

  9. Duke 25-6 1,237; yes, but very tough because Coach K will run Pat Knight's routines; but no one on Duke will go Voskuil on KU; Sherron will rule the PG and Cole will wreck them inside, while Tyshawn goes aerial on them; Marcus might be the deciding factor--can he stay with Singler, if not, then Mario Little probably could, if not then trouble.

  10. Villanova 25-6 1,108; yes, of course, even though Jay Wright is a good coach; we have his number and their strength down the middle is not as strong as ours and we have better perimeter shooting.

Tony Bandle 10 years, 10 months ago

Jaybate, I love your optimism and truly hope you're right but I am afraid the wild card exponent in this equation is I am not sure they could beat three or four of these teams in a row.

Isolated one game each, absolutely...but in sequence, I just don't think that there is enough experience, maturity and, quite honestly, physicality to survive and move on.

I do believe the Hawks will win two games at least in the Big Twelve and get to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA. 29-8 is not to shabby, considering we all figured 20-10 was a distinct possibilty. I just want everyone to keep the whole year in perspective in case the glass slipper falls off and we lose early in either or both tourneys.

PS Thanks, I did go back on your Okie Ball treatise. Most entertaining...not sure I agree with everything but well thought out, none the less.

mdfraz 10 years, 10 months ago

Wake will either bow out by the second round or go fairly deep. They can beat anyone out there, but they have also had some serious head scratchers (think KU-TTU, but several times throughout the season).

We COULD beat almost any team in the country on a given day, although Pitt looks pretty well rounded and UNC would be awfully tough. That being said, if we play like we did in Lubbock, we are done on the first weekend. Need to prove consistency. If we do, look out.

KULightsOut 10 years, 10 months ago

Hawks can match up against anyone on the floor and any coach on the sideline, but looking ahead is what got us that terrible TTU disgrace (even though I thought it was much needed). A loss in any tourney, or at home would be even more devastating, look ahead and get crushed, simple as that. Mid majors and any auto-bid cindy's is all you'll prolly see for a couple rounds at the high seed we're deserving of.

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