Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jayhawks reportedly land Juco linebacker


Kansas University’s football team has landed a late football commitment in Vernon Brooks, a 5-foot-11, 235-pound junior college All-American out of Blinn Community College in Schulenberg, Texas.

Brooks, according to various recruiting Web sites, visited KU last weekend and committed to KU over Oklahoma, Tennessee, Auburn, and Tulsa.

He is immediately eligible to play this season.

All three of KU’s starting linebackers from the 2008 season were lost to graduation.


Dirk Medema 11 years ago

That's not bad company to keep historically speaking.

jayhawkinATL 11 years ago

Hmmmmmm...shades of Willie Pless???? Would be nice.

PinkelsVisor 11 years ago

He sounds pretty short. I hope he's fast.

irish2255 11 years ago

He sounds strong. I hope he's smart.

Tribehawk 11 years ago

Does a late signing like this imply that Coach Mangino doesn't like his current options at LB?

Jonathan Briles 11 years ago

Thats a really good question Tribehawk, I did not even think of that. I think that is very possible, but also rivals reports 4.6 speed and him being a 1st team all american recruited by quite a few very good schools. So I think that MCMM may think his options are fine but just could not pass up on a talent like his. I'm hoping that our LB's were a good group and just got better and not a bad group now getting mediocre.

truefan 11 years ago

I'm happy with the late signing considering we have so many question marks at linebacker next season. My only question is, if he had so many offers from so many good schools (OU, Tenn, Auburn, Kansas) why is he just finally committing now? I don't really know how the Juco system works, so maybe he only played one season and decided to skip his sophomore season after landing so many offers. I like this kid already though.

Christopher Hauser 11 years ago

Rivals has him listed at 6-0 and 230. Must have had his shoes on and not eaten breakfast yet? I think this is a good sign in terms of getting another (hopefully) quality body at the LB position and it will help in terms of depth. Juco players are just like incoming freshman, you never know what you are going to get. This guy has great upper body strength and pretty good "field" speed from what I have heard. Does anyone know if that was our last available scholarship? I forgot the count.

Andy Hess 11 years ago

he committed now because most people thought he would end up at a D2 school due to qualification issues. those issues were cleared up very late in the game and KU offered when most other schools had backed he chose us.

mandomax 11 years ago

not only qualification, but if he is coming off a two year juco stint with his (ahem) size limitations, he's looking for PT right off the bat, not to back up other LBs. Hence KU, with its possibilities for immediate playing time, probably much more than he would see at OU or Auburn

truefan 11 years ago

Thanks Swish, I appreciate the feedback.

Matt Kenton 11 years ago

Maybe the other schools backed off because they don't have a former NCAA employee like we just hired on their staff...

Dirk Medema 11 years ago

I seem to recall a story after the signing period about LB from CA committing to KU, but can't find any word on him anymore. Coach usually reserves a scholie for a late "Joe Mortenson" type player. Vernon sounds like this, tho it is also sweet to hear Willie's name used in the same sentence.

My take on Coach's recruiting tactics is that he is always looking for quality FB players, and the more competition the better. We could have a bunch of studs waiting behind the most recent trio, and I think he would still sign a stud recruit. It's worth a shot, and if need be he'll find someplace new for the 2nd string player to contribute.

Man am I looking forward to this year. Rock Chalk

DoubleDD 11 years ago

Playing time its all about playing time. He has already lost 2 years at the juco level. He wants a chance to show his skills with the 2 years he has left. At OU he is a backup, a cog in the wheel if you will. With the recent openings at KU he has a chance not only to get some serious playing time but a chance to start at a big time program. He could leave is mark on a growing football powerhouse.

jayhawkintx73 11 years ago

There is also a rumor at about the Oregon QB transferred to WR putting Kansas, K-State, and Oklahoma State on his list of schools to transfer to. I believe that since he redshirted last year, he will be immediately available to play this year. Kansas seems to be his top choice too. Brooks is coming to KC. And that kid from Cali is a former Michigan commitment who is going to make an official visit soon at Kansas from the rumor mill.

gthejayhawk 11 years ago

Irish, that was hilarious.

Tribehawk, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking when I read the headline. I heard Mangino on a radio talk show early this past spring and he sounded concerned, yet optimistic, regarding all three linebacker positions.

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