Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carl Henry says sons still coming to Kansas


Suffice it to say the Henry family is not fond of the Internet Web site “Twitter.”

First, during the recruiting process, somebody opened an account pretending to be Xavier Henry, Kansas University’s incoming freshman guard out of Oklahoma City. Then last weekend, somebody posted a “tweet” that “reported” that Carl Henry, father of incoming players Xavier and C.J., had second thoughts and might order his sons to reopen their recruiting.

Carl Henry reiterated to on Monday night that C.J. and Xavier have enrolled at KU and definitely would be playing for the Jayhawks this season.

“Nothing has changed,” Carl Henry said. Various Internet sites had picked up on the Twitter posting, and a few follow-up posts, Monday.

Meanwhile, it is likely KU’s basketball team will play LaSalle this nonconference season at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo. KU officials will not comment until the contract is signed.


markster956 11 years ago

Not really surprising that Kentucky Fans are trying to take the heat off Calipari. Im surprised the article doesnt mention the other rumor that is flying around Lexington these days. Supposedly, John Wall is thinking about heading towards Greece next year because of the Rose situation. There is also a rumor about Demarcus Cousins doing the same...but that appears to be even more unsubstantiated.

David Hall 11 years ago

it sound like that c.j. and xavier will be at ku then

Dan Pawlowski 11 years ago

Ah yes Twitter , spreading disinformation from the masses to the masses. It's right up there (or down there) with wikipedia

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

We should make a game of this. Start a variety of wild rumors and see which ones get picked up by Zagsblog, etc. Could be alot of fun.

Robert Brock 11 years ago

Blogs, Twitter, Internet...are there degrees in mis-communication yet?

Mike Barnhart 11 years ago

Yippee, LaSalle! Another money grab, I mean marque matchup in KC.

Timmay97 11 years ago

Xavier is going to be in college 1 year (most likely). Does it really matter where he plays? He knows he's going to start for the preseason #1 team in the nation......why the hell would you NOT want to come to KU.

And for the record......Kentucky fans can do all they want. Fact is, Calipari will remain in the spotlight until the season starts. And you can bet your butt that John Wall is going to be looked over by EVERYONE to make sure he has the grades and actually took the tests himself.

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Is it me or has the 2009 recruiting class been one of the most Roller Coaster "Recruiting Seasons" ever? KU usually doesn't have this much press on a recruit, but it always seems like there is always something to publish in regards to the Henry family and X. It's crazy how much technology has turned this "One and Done" recruiting era upside down. Between X, Lance Stephenson, John Wall, and Demarcus Cousins, you have your own "Prime Time" reality series waiting in the wings. It's just downright crazy.

Joe Baker 11 years ago

How could he be unhappy? LOL It's UK trying to divert attention from it's "steller" program!

Here's your culprit spreading the rumor with his "reliable" sources- Jordan's Kentucky Wildcats Page Sunday, May 31, 2009 B-Ball Recruiting Update- Xavier Henry

And we thought 09 recruiting was finished....Not so fast says Xavier Henry. There are some rumors going around that Henry isn't totally happy with his decision to verbally commit to Kansas. I can confirm that there is some truth to those rumors. Alot of the decision to attend Kansas was to make his mom happy and he may be wanting to change that decision. This COULD mean that Henry to Kentucky is possible if Henry wants to change his college. So we will all just have to keep a eye on this, something could happen. -Posted by Jordan Chapman at 4:09 PM

Good try Chapman and nice work!!

mariofan11 11 years ago

Someone punch Brock in the face. Anyone close to him.

63Jayhawk 11 years ago

Am I mistaken? Hasn't Xavier already signed his LOI with KU (in spite of what is written on, and aren't they both already enrolled?

Kent Wells 11 years ago

This is just the dumbest thing ever. STOP. Both are at KU. Just to beat LAHawk, Jordan Chapman can suck it. Remain calm Hawks!


KUTrublue 11 years ago

63, Xavier cannot sign an LOI with KU since he signed one with Memphis. A player can't sign more than one. He just needs to show up and enroll and play.

Kent Wells 11 years ago

I just read on that John Wall is in the hospital. Apparenly over the weekend he was assaulted and sodomized by space monkeys. It seems that the trauma of the episode has led him to give up basketball in favor of transferring to Harvard and walking on to their lacrosse team. Let the countdown to February 2010 begin. The good news is that he is doing fine although every time he sees a banana he craps his pants and shivers uncontrollably.

100 11 years ago

OK University of Calipari fans.

You wanna play hardball?

JayJayPG 11 years ago

It's sad that Carl and or Xavier even had to dispel these rumors in the first place.

Jayhawk1116 11 years ago

I heard Kentucky players wear jeans shorts...

Jayhawk1116 11 years ago

Say what you want about Calipari. He runs a good, clean car lot. He's got a nice '93 Hundai, low miles, nearly new tires, one owner. But he's got someone else interested in it so you'd better decide fast. He'll even throw in the first tank of gas for free!!!

Timmay97 11 years ago

Most of you guys are great! I love reading everyone's posts. It puts a smile on my face throughout a long workday.

We know where the drama will lie throughout the summer and that's at Kentucky and Memphis. Has anyone even thought about what things would be like right now for KU fans if we had LOST that championship game? It's easy for us all to poke fun and make jokes right now cause we won that game WITHOUT cheating, but God knows our conversations would be different had Super Mario not hit a particular clutch shot.

I do think Calipari is a great recruiter....and i do think these kids want to play in his dribble drive offense. I think the hard parts for these kids sometimes is leaving home and yet Calipari "finds" ways to get them to his school.

I've lost a lot of respect for John Calipari this past year. Say what you want, but he knew something. He's the coach....he had to.

I will leave you with one last question: Depending on what happens with this whole ordeal with Calipari.....if he's found guilty in some way of NCAA infractions, do you think Kentucky would keep this guy for a minute if it wasn't for his ridiculous recruiting class?

chezlog 11 years ago

I must acknowledge KUWELLS' post - that was funny!!!

KY_Cats1 11 years ago

Wow! This site should really be called with so much chatter here about the Cats. We used to think that UNC fans obsessed the most about wanting to be us. Posters on this site may have them beat…nope, UNC fans are still tops in the wannabe category. Thanks though for the effort and keeping us at the forefront of your thoughts. Exactly where the Cats as the greatest program in the history of college basketball should be.

Try to bring down UK all you want wannabe haters. You can’t do it! Our future is too bright. 2010 NCAA National Champions, followed shortly thereafter by championships number nine and ten.

Go Big Blue!!!

KANSTUCKY 11 years ago

Kentucky fans are the greatest haters in the country! Thanks for the info.

KANSTUCKY 11 years ago

Why didn't we go after Pitino? Waaa!

Steve Day 11 years ago

just like UNC, kentucky owes their basketball success to KU. Rupp was a Kansas man. but we all owe Kentucky a lot of gratitude for inventing the toothbrush. had that been invented in Kansas (or anywhere else) it would have been called the TEETHbrush.

100 11 years ago

What happened to the University of Kentucky"news blackout" that President Lee Todd & lame duck AD Mitch Barnhart were enforcing.

All of the sudden you guys are paying attention to CalamariBate again?

What gives?

100 11 years ago

POSSIBLE UNIVERSITY of CALIPARI slogan for next year:


"bite me you filthy animal"

GeoHawk15 11 years ago

KY Cats, you don't need our help keeping your program in the spotlight. You seem to be doing just fine on your own:

  • NCAA alleges violations at Memphis under Calipari
  • Ex-Kentucky coach Gillispie sues over firing
  • Kentucky files countersuit vs. ex-coach Gillispie
  • Kentucky's Wall to enter first-offender program
  • Kentucky scholarship crunch (still over the 13 scholarship limit)

Joe Baker 11 years ago pussy cats have a lot of class! The only thing you can do is find classy boards with real, honest content. Your boards are full of cheating lies. I so hope we play you guys so very soon. We'll have to beat your coach again and put you in your place as losers! We didn't start any rumors nor did we invite this mess. Your coach, program and your own UK bloggers started these rumors! You must be the dumbest fan in UK history!! You have a lot of nerve posting on a board after you lose the NIT. You better watch your coach, your own players and worry about your own program moron. You might know your facts before you start talking smack on other boards. You have no future with a loser coach who recruits loser players

jaybate 11 years ago

Con-tucky strikes again. Lashing out at the Daddy now. What is a parent to do?

With the benefit of some hindsight, and expressed as IMHO (and humble it truly is for I cannot seriously imagine myself doing a better job at trying to shepherd two strong willed sons through the perils and pitfalls of D1 athletics than the Henry parents have done so far), it might have been better had Father Henry not made an announcement on this issue for two reasons.

First, when an enemy is drowning from negative publicity, never do anything that takes public attention off the enemy even for a second. It was a tough call for the Henry's. On the one hand, you want to protect your kids from misinformation and unfriendly spinning of their public images. On the other, something like Father Henry's response is exactly what Con-tucky's PR people probably were praying for. Anytime Con-tucky can get someone else to comment on the defensive--and so shift the public discourse off Con-tucky, even for a second--that is a win for Con-tucky. Father Henry going on the defensive makes people think about Carl and Xavier and not about Con-tucky. This is basic public relations, intro to propaganda, and psy-ops 101 stuff all rolled into one. Never create information that might divide the public's attention, or distract its attention, from the opponent's core problem--especially, if it is a potentially lethal problem. Or as grammy jaybate used to say, "When they're digging themselves a hole, child, for heaven's sakes, don't take their shovels." Con-tucky's core PR problem is that they hired a coach that once left UMass with violations he claimed no responsibility for, and now has left Memphis with a laundry list of alleged violations he claims no responsibility for so far. At the same time, Con-tucky is rumored to be being sued by the coach--Billy Gillispie--it jettisoned in order to hire its new coach--the one that claims no responsibility for violations at the two schools he has been head coach at before Con-tucky. Of course, Con-tucky's also has a looming problem; that Con-tucky may have signed a player in John Wall, who reputedly, according to some, perhaps has some eligibility issues. Ambition to exceed the Daddy. It can propel some off-spring into very unfortunate behaviors. But I digress.

jaybate 11 years ago

A second reason why it might have been better for Father Henry not to respond is: Father Henry has had a mixed history of making reliable predictions about what his sons--CJ and Xavier--are apt to do. This is not a criticism for few parents can claim much better than random luck at predicting what their teen aged children are apt to do. Still, I can't speak for others, but rumors out of Con-tucky that one or both Henry son's were unhappy at KU, and reconsidering UK, seemed like just so much waste matter being pumped from the bilge of the apparently sinking ship that is Con-tucky...until Father Henry weighed in. Now, that Father Henry has spoken, I have to recall the times that he appeared wrong about what his sons were apt to do. I also now have to recall the offer that Memphisto's replacement for Calipari offered Father Henry a coaching job in the wake of Calipari's departure, etc. These are things it would be better if were not being triggered into recalling. If Team Henry really felt they had to comment on this one, I might have recommended Mother Henry weigh in, or the boys themselves. The only tactical advantage to using Father Henry to make this statement is that it leaves Mother Henry in reserve as their ace in the hole "re-buttalist" should something further surface. Still, never throw a rope of any kind to someone who is trying to drowned you and, child, never take the shovel from someone digging his own hole.

What these off spring at Con-tucky haven't gotten theyselves into this time! Lord a'mighty, child!

Oh, well, at least its not a point shaving scandal...where did we go wrong with this one, mother, where did we go wrong? :-)

JayJayPG 11 years ago

GeoHawk15...don't forget possible academic eligibility issues

KEITHMILES05 11 years ago


100 11 years ago

Read the Lexington Herald Jaybate.

There are 3 articles that tell you exactly where Con-tucky AD & President went wrong in CalamariGate.

100 11 years ago

Attn UK fans: you have no reason to be here unless it is for civil discourse. We used to respect your program. Now we're a bit confused because of all the shmack talkers that have attacked this site.

Our issue is with Calamari & has nothing to do with you (although at this point it is hard to understand who he's coach for Memphis, Lexington Catholic or China).

You want to know the truth? -->We are sorry you hired him & we do hope that your AD & President can do a more respectable hire next time around. It seems like the last four coaches you have had you just ROAST publicly.

Then your next one comes in and he's God again.

Listen to your hearts UK! Hire a UK guy who knows your school and get the other big time programs (& yourselves) to respect UK again!

Kent Wells 11 years ago

Thanks CHEZLOG. I was too hasty. I realize the transfer to Harvard is unlikely. Well, unless Calacheater has somebody really freaking smart on the payroll that can take his SAT for him. Guess it would raise suspicion if Dexter Manley got a 1600 on his SAT, probably would if Wall did too. Ah, screw it. Apparently he is above all that... Go Crimson! 2010 Lacrosse champs!

stravinsky 11 years ago

Yeah, Kentucky is pretty great. Man I was so impressed by how they did in the tournament last year...

I mean... oops. I forgot. They didn't make the tournament last year. Kentucky wasn't one of the top 65 teams in college basketball. My mistake.

Kent Wells 11 years ago

Stravinsky: Be cool. They did make it to the quarterfinals of the Not Invited Tournament. So, give credit where credit is due. For example, like that really awesome home game against 12-20 Georgia. They were freaking amazing, dude. So, if my math is correct, they were like No. 73. I really lack the energy to put much thought into this but, 65 + 8, correct???

Oh, this just in on Yahoo! John Wall is now saying that he vows to avenge the attack of the space monkeys and plans a reality series.

Greg Lux 11 years ago

X and CJ have both signed with KU ... neither is going to another university without a release from KU. Why this rumor even got a second of thought is beyond my understanding. Its totally disrespectful to both players to continue a rumor that they are not a part of making happen. And sham on those UK jerks who started it in the first place.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

Hey, is someone going to take John Wall's SAT?

100 11 years ago

NOTE: below post for entertainment only

John Calipari's Ommitted Twitter message:

June 2, 2009

7:04am: Woke up (man I love this place it's like waking up in a 110 degree sauna everyday with people honking at me).

7:08am: having a grapefruit with my WONDERFUL family, reading the local paper (I love your paper Memphis fans!). This is a good read about our team on the front page (were gonna have a solid Tiger squad next year).

7:10am just forced my family to not read the local paper anymore. Suddenly I'm a criminal. I need you Memphis fans more than ever. Can you be here for me?

7:13am now writing a two thousand dollar check. Leaving the payee spot blank. Putting it in the mail to North Carolina.

7:16am. Checks suck. Now writing a $20,000 check to an unnamed recipient. Putting in envelope & stamping and now in the mailbox to a city in Massachussets.

7:19am. Now writing a $2,200 check to Memphis University. Since you Twitterbuggers are my loyal fans I can tell you, I sure wish Derrick wouldve paid back all of the money I loaned his brother and not just part of it. Eighteen year old getting me busted. This sucks!

jaybate 11 years ago

jaybate newservice:

} The hottest new web site for University of Contucky basketball fans is UK fans post daily about what UK and Coach Calipari have not yet been convicted of.

} An intrepid KU student special ops team is rumored to have departed Lawrence tonight in a large U-Haul van bound for Lexington, Kentucky. The plan is to place three large bronze statues of 8' tall monkeys holding basketballs in front of Rupp Arena. The statues are posed in the classic gestures of Here No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil.

} John Calipari is rumored to have taped a segment on Jim Rome Is Burning last night that was to air tonight, but unreliable sources inside Rome's posse indicate that the segment has been scrubbed, because Calipari suffered severe burns from electrical shock after Rome asked him to refute or confirm recruiting violations. Calipari reportedly answered, "May god strike me with lightening if I am lying. There are no recruiting violations at either Memphis, or UK."

} Rumors circulate fast and furious in Lexington that the City of Lexington and UK are subletting Rupp Arena to the Ice Capades for all the dates previously committed to UK basketball in anticipation of an adverse judgement by the NCAA.

} Exiled former UK athletic director Cliff Hagan has been questioned by jaybate's unreliable sources and reports that what's going on now is nothing in comparison to what went on in his day.

} Things have gotten so bad in Lexington that Ashley Judd has started wearing Jayhawk sweaters for her work outs. She is reputed to have said that if Calipari is found guilty of wrong doing, she is moving to Lawrence. Over 13,000 male students at KU have already emailed Ms. Judd offering to show her around the KU campus.

jaybate 11 years ago

} Sister Whynona Judd, a closet UK fan for several years, has held fast in her support for UK during the present debacle, but paid a severe price for doing so. Whynona agreed last night to come to Rupp Arena and sing the UK fight song at center court. Unfortunately for Whynona, the hardwood floor gave way under he considerable weight and she crashed into the sub basement of Rupp Arena, there by exposing several stills and over a million dollar cash slush fund to be used to buy silence from any that have to serve time for wrong doing.

} Another rumor making the rounds in Lexington tonight is that Larry Brown and Michael Jordan of the Charlotte Hornets have agreed in principle to sign the entire UK team and Coach John Calipari to NBA contracts in the event that UK leadership does the right thing.

} Should Calipari jump, or be pushed, in Lexington, it is rumored that UK leaders are already in beneath the scenes negotiations with Satan to be the next UK head coach. Satan is driving his usual hard bargain. The souls of all UK students past and present in exchange for Satan coaching UK to a national championship this year. The UK athletic director is reputed to have said that he has no problem with this condition, but that negotiations have bogged down over royalties on UK merchandise marketed in hell.

} jaybate news service stringers in the nether regions indicate that demand there is enormous for UK badged goods and that Satan coaching UK could double the already swollen demand.

} In a somewhat surprising move, administrators at the University of Memphis are, under the sway of basketball Satan, even as he considers taking over the head coaching job at UK, considering changing the school's nickname from the Memphis Tigers to the Memphis Mephistos in hopes of attracting Satan to Memphis. Satan was, mercifully, unavailable for comment.

Note: all comedy, no truth in this and the preceding post.

100 11 years ago

Excellent stuff Jaybate.

Have you seen the link Waywardjay had about Patrick Patterson?

It's priceless -- a closeup shot of him at Rupp arena during a UNC loss, not only picking his nose, but studying the gooey yellow spectacle... pausing... And eating it!!!!

This new Lexington hire, Coach Calimari Bait, coupled with wayward's video is digital poetry at it's best -- 31 million bucks & multiple NCAA investigations to stop booger eating at Lexington arena?

100 11 years ago

John Calipari Twitter Page:

June 3rd, 2009

2:30am: Just got back from one Godfatherly Mass! Seeing that I'll be in China in a few hours, I'd just like to thank all of you loyal Memphis Tiger fans. I am truly so honored to be your coach. Such loyal fans here. Fans like Caracun.

2:32am: I almost forgot fans like KY_Cats1. It's fans like you I coach for.

2:33am: packing my bags. Bringing lots of my good old Memphis Tiger wear. Man I love being your guys brother on Twitter!

2:34am: Be a giver Memphis Tiger Big Blue Nation! Takers will bring you down! Be a giver not a taker.

2:37am: I almost forgot my checkbook. I love America! Now writing another check to cover the 2008 debacle (sorry again about that guys thanks for remaining faithful we can do it!). By the way I'll share this only with you Twitterbugs because I'm a still a bit upset about all of this -- the money I paid the older Rose for helping him recruit his younger brother was really just for travel, hotel & food, it was supposed to be on the up and up. In addition to this he got to come to a lot of great games. I thoughti was being nice I don't see why payment in this form to an older sibling as a way of saying thank you for helping me recruit your little NBA SAT qualifying brother is that big of a deal.

2:43am: thanks for being such great Tiger fans!

*Above post is for entertainment only

jaybate 11 years ago


What if UK were considering Quinn Snyder as a replacement? :-)

100 11 years ago

Possible replacements (if they pass over Travis Ford again):

  1. Tubby Smith
  2. Quin Snyder (good call Jaybate)
  3. Billy Donovan
  4. Rick Pitino
  5. Mitch Barnhart
  6. Lee Todd

Kent Wells 11 years ago

Jaybate: Ashley Judd in a KU sweater. Thanks for the visual. Mmmmmmm.

Wonder if they make sweaters big enough for Wynona? That is not such a hot thought...

jaybate 11 years ago


This is just a rumor, but Whynona has some college eligibility left (she never went to college) and there is some talk that she is undergoing a sex change and that Calipari has already promised her a scholie. Personally, I find this hard to believe, but you just never know these days about Contucky. :-)

jaybate 11 years ago

kuwells post script:

There is another rumor floating around that Mother Naomi Judd is taking a job at the Lawrence Hertz office (actually she is rumored to be buying the branch office) to keep an eye on Ashley, if Ashley changes allegiances. Again, I find this hard to believe, but...

markster956 11 years ago

"Kansas has two players who would have been NBA lottery picks, Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins, and they are returning to school," Floyd told the Los Angeles Times. "Good for them. Our guys get an offer from Islamabad and they're gone."

100 11 years ago

This just printed by CBS Sports:

Calipari's China trip just got all the more interesting. Robert Dozier was turned down by Georgia because of suspicions on two separate SAT tests. They believed he did not take them (he is a Georgia kid).

Somebody else, a coach in China about to be grilled over the phone by the NCAA, took him in to become "the winningness player in the history of college basketball."

Kent Wells 11 years ago

OK, crap, here we go again. Apparently this hasn't hit the news wires yet, but I have an uncle in Kentucky who has has a job (not running moonshine) and can therefore afford a cell phone. Well, get ready folks, but Uncle Cooter called me this morning and apparently there was a terrible accident in the Judd household last evening.

KYTV is reporting that, although details are sketchy at this point, it looks like Naomi brought home some fried chicken last evening for dinner. Not exciting news there, but apparently Ashely was standing between Naomi and Wynona when Naomi arrived home. It seems as though when the bucket-o-lard smell reached Wynonas nose she charged the door. I think it is obvious what happened to Ashley at this point. Yes, although the visual is hideous, she was the sweet center of a 500 pounds of Judd sandwich. Ashley was pulverized. Sadly, we will never see her in a KU sweater (or any other sweater for that matter).

jawkhawk 11 years ago

Is KY_Cats1 serious? He actually thinks that Kentucky has a chance to win the 2010 title? He must be smokin some of that bluegrass!!!

100 11 years ago

Repeat: CBS has confirmed Georgia would not accept Robert Dozier because of alleged SAT cheating.

Jayhawker413 11 years ago

KY_Cats might be the dumbest person i have ever heard

actorman 11 years ago

"... had that been invented in Kansas (or anywhere else) it would have been called the TEETHbrush."

That has to be one of the posts of the year!!!

chicagoeddie 11 years ago

yo i heard that xavier and cj were backing out of KU.... =D

100 11 years ago

Yo, ChicagoEddie -- I heard Robert Dozier & Derrick Rose weren't eligible for college & Rose's brother was paid by Calipari through planes, trains, hotel rooms & BBQ ribs to play for him.

Yo it also seems probable the NCAA will begin looking into Calipari's current recruits and how Rose (known by Cal to be ineligible May5, 2008) & Dozier may have influenced his current group of players.


100 11 years ago


Where are you? Dozier is added to the NCAA investigation list & you're silent?

Check CBS sportsline.

LJW -- how about a quality article on Rose, his brother, Calipari, Dozier & the NCAA hearings on Calipari's program, including what Maemphis fans are now saying about very large stipends for Calipari's student basketball players summer work?

jaybate 11 years ago


"It ain't whatcha do Its the way atcha do it."

The smoke is gettin' pretty thick over Memphisto and its blowin' east toward Lexington.

"Tell me what's goin' on. Ah gotta know whats goin' on."

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