Monday, June 1, 2009

KU football offers half-season packages


Two half-season ticket packages are now available for the 2009 Kansas University football season.

The Rock package includes games against Duke (Sept. 19), Iowa State (October 10) and Oklahoma (October 24). The Chalk package includes games against Duke (Sept. 19), Southern Mississippi (September 26) and Nebraska (November 14). Each package costs $150. For more information go to


MrC 11 years ago

While we are all I-can't-wait-'til-September excited about this year, am I the only one who wonders who will lead the Hawks' offense when Todd graduates? How is it that with so explosive an offense, so many offensive weapons at hand, and the opportunity to put up ridiculous stats, we don’t have two or three top-flight young QBs lining up to compete to be Todd’s understudy this year and bust out on their own next year? We have a QB named “Pick”. After the Spring Game, he is generally described as “improving”. Is that really all we’ve got? Is he definitely that good (or, that “improved”)? Is there another undiscovered gem like Todd waiting in the wings? Sorry, not a big all the eggs in one basket kind of guy.

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