Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kansas women fall to Kansas State

Freshman Sutherland steps up in Jayhawks’ 59-50 setback

Kansas forward Aishah Sutherland goes for a rebound against KSU's Shalee Lehning (5) and Marlies Gipson (51).

Kansas forward Aishah Sutherland goes for a rebound against KSU's Shalee Lehning (5) and Marlies Gipson (51).


Kansas women defeated by K-State at home

The Kansas women were defeated in Manhattan just two weeks ago. Saturday's game was their chance at payback against the Wildcats.

Aishah Sutherland might as well have been an assistant coach.

For three straight games, Sutherland, the only healthy freshman on Kansas University’s women’s basketball roster, never left the bench.

Then Sutherland logged a surprising 32 minutes in the Jayhawks’ 59-50 loss to Kansas State on Saturday afternoon in Allen Fieldhouse.

“It got pretty frustrating,” said Sutherland, a 6-foot-2 forward-center from Perris, Calif., of her DNP-Coach’s Decision stretch.

But she certainly didn’t look rusty in scoring nine points and grabbing a game-high 12 rebounds — both career highs — during her unexpected floor time against the Wildcats.

Check that. Her PT wasn’t unexpected.

“We had a lot of reps in practice to get me prepared,” Sutherland said.

Coach Bonnie Henrickson went to Sutherland only a couple of minutes after the tipoff when it was clear starting center Krysten Boogaard was having trouble with the Wildcats’ smooth Marlies Gipson.

“I thought we could use her athleticism,” Henrickson said of Sutherland. “Did I think she would play 32 minutes? No. But I think what you saw is the player she can be.”

On paper, it doesn’t look like Sutherland really had that much of an effect on Gipson, who made 10 of 15 shots and scored a game-high 23 points. But Gipson was hot and made many of those shots with a hand in her face.

“(Sutherland) altered some shots and she blocked a couple,” Henrickson noted. “She has that kind of athleticism.”

With Sade Morris, the Jayhawks’ second-leading scorer, missing her second straight game because of the lingering effects of a concussion, Henrickson has been forced to turn Danielle McCray into a one-on-one player.

McCray scored a career-high 30 points at Nebraska the other night, and she had 26 Saturday as a go-to player.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” McCray said, “and now that (Morris) is out, I’m getting more reps.”

McCray launched a career-high 25 shots, one more than her teammates combined, and made 10. As noted, Sutherland added nine points, and so did LaChelda Jacobs. Three other Jayhawks scored two apiece.

Point guard Ivana Catic played 38 minutes and didn’t take a single shot, while Nicollette Smith logged 37 minutes and managed just a pair of free throws.

“Nicollette really struggled,” Henrickson said. “She has to find ways to score when the three-pointer isn’t dropping. We need more balance. We need more kids to step up and play.”

Sutherland stepped up Saturday, but the Jayhawks needed more firepower against the No. 15-ranked team in the country and the NCAA leader in scoring defense (49.8 points a game).

On the positive side, KU was charged with 10 turnovers, a season low, and had nine steals, three apiece by Smith and Catic.

Nevertheless, Kansas State (17-1) won for the 16th time in the last 17 meetings in the Sunflower Showdown despite the fact the Jayhawks played about as well as they can play with the personnel available.

“There’s no such thing as moral victories,” Henrickson said, “but I’m proud of our kids’ toughness and resiliency. I’m not happy with the result, but I’m proud of the kids for the process.”

In dropping their third straight, the Jayhawks (12-6) fell to 1-4 in the conference and will have to play three of their next four on the road, starting with Texas A&M; on Saturday.


Cody Stumma 11 years ago

Wow... you guys don't even care...Did you not notice how well they played!? Or do you just post stats.9 turnovers compared to KSU's 10! Or how about that they were only down by 3 with a few minutes left to go? Or that they were up 31-30 in the second half.The way you guys wrote this made it sound like they got crushed.

William James 11 years ago

Very accurate article. Good job LJW, bad job ladies.

RockChalkJayBlog 11 years ago

Code_2008: KU had 10 turnovers, not nine.

squawkhawk 11 years ago

njjayhawk, I agree 100%. I've seen KSU play and they did not play well today. They had no offensive rhythm (yes some due to KU). This "rivalry" has become vey stale. Time for Bonnie to say bye-bye.

Omegatron 11 years ago

The program needs good attendance and coverage if it's ever going to become a top rated program.It starts here. Right on this site With their commitment to provide better coverage for the women's program.And the best way to do that is to put a different "next game" box in each of the three main sections (Football, Men's Basketball, and Women's Basketball). Each box dedicated to the sport of that section, with the one on the front page showing whatever.There should be plenty of room between the RSS subscription links and the photo gallery section to the right of the article.If to much of a problem, then the "next game" link at the top, under the search bar, showing the next game of that sport would be a logical alternative...

FlaHawk 11 years ago

KSU played poorly and KU played pretty well. I don't expect much from Coach Bonnie team. This is about as close as it gets.

Cody Stumma 11 years ago

RockChalkJayBlog (anonymous) says...Code_2008: KU had 10 turnovers, not nine.I was at the game, and on the screen it showed:TO:KU - 9KSU - 10

Cody Stumma 11 years ago

Well, since I can't edit my posts... sad...For RockChalkJayBlog: had single-digit turnovers.

Phillbert 11 years ago

I'm frustrated by the losses. But what I'm infuriated by is the armchair basketball geniuses who don't say a word about this team after wins, but after losses immediately jump on here to badmouth the team and call for the firing of coaches whose names some of them can't even spell correctly.

kucourtsider 11 years ago

I think some of us (many are season ticket holders like myself) are just plain tired of losing. There is NO reason why we could not have won that game yesterday. Capitalize on the weakness and the "off" day of the KSU players. What I don't understand is why Bonnie didn't give some of those girls a breather for the stretch ahead of them. She rarely substituted in this game near the end. Those KU girls had to be tired. Put Kelly Kohn in for a minute, let's see what she can do. Bonnie is a great X's and O's coach, but I fear that she is not a great motivator. I rarely see those girls fired up and that is a bit disappointing. I have supported Bonnie since the beginning and thought she could do well here at KU. However, after several seasons, it's just not happening. We should be WINNING against K-State and Texas Tech at home. I can not stand it when those cat backers come strutting into Allen Fieldhouse and take over. We'll see what happens next year with Goodrich on the court. Perhaps the outcome will be different if she is really as good as everyone says she is.My final rant... Danielle McCray is a good player, but she is not a superstar. She would be fantastic as a supporting role on a team with a few GREAT players. However, she has had to be the star and she is just too inconsistent for that. She had her points today and she typically gets them but she never just takes over a game. Many times there are missed layups and shots near the end of the game.Regardless... I will continue to support the girls because I love KU athletics and I love basketball.Rock Chalk!

beebe1 11 years ago

For the first time, I think we have players for next year. The leading candidate for PG is out for the year. McRay is coming along but can't win games alone. Sutherland seems to be developing as well. And Morris was out injured. With the four of them in good health, there would seem to be a chance for next year.I get impatient with coaches from time to time. But it would seem that bringing a new coach in with things finally appearing to have an up next year, maybe it would be an inopportune time.

Osagehawk 11 years ago

I really tire of the same people coming on here and blasting away at Bonnie. I betting many of you weren't here in the early days of Marian when there was 10 times the talent of the present team and the results were only better because of the competition. Check out names of many of the players of the past. Great talent in many cases. At evthis point in the program, Bonnie is on the verge of getting where she wants to be. If she gets back the players she has next year, with the injured point guard and here present recuits, things should start looking up. She had an incredible uphill climb coming into the existing environment. If you check the article in the Topeka Capital, the previous staff wasn't even recruiting the players from Kansas now starring for KSU. The Big 12 is many times more competitive than the Big 8 ever was, and makes the equation even more difficult. I know she has been there several years, but I am convinced she is doing it the right way and will still get there. We as a whole do not give the women's program any major support.

Omegatron 11 years ago

I think the coach is doing a pretty good job and hope she stays for a long time to come.The future looks bright. But it would look even brighter if the coverage was better.Blue "next game" box in every section! No more bias reporting favoring one sport over the others.

WBBLover2010 11 years ago

I agree with Omegatron.. Bonnie is doing her job, she has no control over the injuries that have been plauging this team. Once Sade returns, and next season with Angel, we will be pretty good. Next year when we play KSU we will be able to win, because they are nothing with out their point guard, Lehning. You have to give Bonnie some slack because of those injuries. Also, in case no one saw, our RPI is 43 in NCAA, and 9 of the Big 12 is ranked above 55. Its a tough leauge. It doesnt matter what the box score was, as Bonnie said, "it was a moral victory" Being so close and shutting down some of their offesnse was a great plus.I believe the women should get the same treatment as the men. Obviously there are 16300 fans of KU basketball, so if they can show up for the mens games they can certainly come for the womens, not to mention that many womens season ticket holders are also season ticket holders with the men. If we can support the men, then the men can support us.

Omegatron 11 years ago

... Men's Basketball: The son who was born successful and has the parent's full attention.Football: The son who finally did something of notable achievement to get noticed by the parent's. Women's Basketball:The daughter who hasn't done anything yet to catch the parent's eye. Although she is trying every day to win her parent's approval, the best she'll ever get is "Good job, and keep up the Good work."The LJW is one of the parents.Until the daughter achieves success, like the football program as of late, she'll always be an honorable mention...

kucourtsider 11 years ago

Don't get me wrong, I love Bonnie and I want her to succeed! However, players are supposed to get better after two seasons. We have juniors that are often times still playing like freshman. LaChelda Jacobs can't ever get it together and plagues the team with turnovers. Part of being a coach is to coach them so they get BETTER. We're still losing to teams that we should not be losing to. Regardless of injuries. But, this is why each person has his or her own opinion and is allowed to express it. :)As I said...I will always support KU athletics and Women's basketball, I'm just tired of seeing them lose! Rock Chalk!

Omegatron 11 years ago

Even if the women win a national championship, LJW is still going to do the next "game" blue box, and the link under the search bar, the same way. Which is lame.Common sense tells one that if you are in the women's basketball section, all information should be about the women. If you are in the men's basketball section, all information should be about the men, and If you are in the football section, all information should be about football, etc. with all other sports.Here, instead of doing a quick glance at the top of the page to see when the next women's game is, What do we see... the next men's. Lame.You have to go to the actual schedule link and scroll down, or go to the front page and scroll down to the calendar.I'm not asking for equal coverage, I'm asking for common sense...

Phillbert 11 years ago

njjayhawk - Before you call for a coach to be fired, I suggest you learn how to spell her name.

Jesse Newell 11 years ago

Omegatron — Please get your women's basketball complaints together, then e-mail me at I think we'd all rather read about women's basketball in the comments section instead of you repeating your complaints over and over.Jesse online editor

Omegatron 11 years ago

Alright. You'll have my e-mail shortly.

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