Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Wall’s world

Top prospect faces tough task of living ordinary life

Word of God Christian Academy guard John Wall, top center, dunks the basketball over the defense of White Station High School basketball player Julian Burton, left, as Holy Rams teammate C.J. Leslie, right, looks on during the third quarter of their 25th Tournament of Champions basketball game at the JQH Arena on the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, Missouri, Friday, January 16, 2009.

Word of God Christian Academy guard John Wall, top center, dunks the basketball over the defense of White Station High School basketball player Julian Burton, left, as Holy Rams teammate C.J. Leslie, right, looks on during the third quarter of their 25th Tournament of Champions basketball game at the JQH Arena on the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, Missouri, Friday, January 16, 2009.


— A request to interview John Wall is granted on one condition.

“You’re going to ask (him) about the game, right?” Word of God Christian Academy athletic director Kevin Washington said of the country’s No. 1-ranked high school senior basketball player. “He won’t be answering any questions about his recruitment.”

While crazed college basketball fans scour the Internet each day for updates and coaches jockey for position, Wall tries to live the life of an ordinary teenage athlete.

The mystery behind his impending decision adds to the craziness that is Wall’s world. It starts at 5:30 a.m. in the Word of God gymnasium in Raleigh, N.C., when the 6-foot-4 blue-chip point guard works on his game and ends most nights with coaches such as Bill Self, of Kansas University, and John Calipari, of Memphis, watching his games from the front row.

He travels to prestigious events, such as last weekend’s Bass Pro Tournament of Champions, to play in front of crowds of more than 7,000 people, all waiting in anticipation of his next highlight-reel play.

Wall stands in the tunnel of the 10,000-seat JQH Arena as he waits for the game before his to end and watches as Kansas assistant Joe Dooley takes his courtside seat. A few minutes later, he notices a man to Dooley’s right surrounded by autograph-seekers. It’s Calipari, along with one of his assistants, Josh Pastner.

Wall’s game begins and it takes all of five seconds for the crowd to see that comparisons to Chicago Bulls rookie point guard Derrick Rose are legit.

The opening tip goes to Wall, who streaks toward the basket, uses a spin move to evade the lone defender, leaps into the air and lays the ball in with his left hand. Soon after, the right-handed Wall drives the lane and throws down a one-handed dunk with his left hand.

“That’s the key to my game,” Wall said of his ability to drive to the hoop. “And you know, people try to say that I can’t shoot, but I knock down mid-range shots all day. But my main goal is to get to the basket, and when I get to the basket, I don’t mind passing to my open teammates.”

Wall’s quickness can be noticed after just a few trips down the floor in the game against Memphis’ White Station High. Bursting by his defender, 5-foot-11 guard Joe Jackson, who is ranked No. 15 overall by Rivals in the class of 2010, Wall drives the lane before dishing off to a teammate for a thunder jam. Wall then sinks a wide-open three-pointer from the top of the key.

Averaging 17 points per game, Wall scores 24 on this night.

Calipari and Pastner leave in the third quarter. They had a home game at 7 p.m. the next night. Dooley stays well past 10 to see the entire game, despite having an afternoon game in Colorado the next day.

As Wall signs autographs after the game, Dooley stands close enough to make sure KU’s top target sees that he was there.

The next night, Self flies straight from Colorado to see Wall score a game-high 41 points to lead his team to the title.

After the game, Wall opened up for a rare talk about his recruitment. He said he saw Self in the crowd the night before and Calipari in the front row on this night.

“They call me before they come and say, ‘We’re coming to the game tonight,’” Wall said. “I’m just happy to have them there, but I know that every time I step onto the court that I have to perform because I’m hoping to be at one of their schools next year.”

Kansas and Memphis are two of the five schools Wall said are recruiting him. The others: Baylor, Duke and North Carolina State.

How does a senior in high school ignore the famous faces in the crowd and produce night after night?

“Every game before I step onto the court, my coach tells me, ‘Go out there and play like the player you were two years ago, when you didn’t have a name and you weren’t getting looked at by all of these college coaches. Just go out there and perform,’” Wall said. “And that’s what I try to do.”

Teammates and coaches have been amazed at how well Wall has handled the pressure of being the most coveted high school basketball player in the country.

“He’s a very humble kid,” Word of God assistant coach Khris Williams said. “He wasn’t one of these guys like an O.J. Mayo or a LeBron James, who were superstars from ninth grade. He just burst into the spotlight about a year-and-a-half ago and for that to happen, he’s handled it all real well.”

Already tops in his class, Wall wants more. Wall and a few teammates meet at 5:30 a.m. on days they don’t have games to lift weights and put up hundreds of shots.

“It’s not mandatory,” teammate Dezmon Williams said of the morning workouts. “Whoever wants to come can come. The sky is the limit for him and he wants to be the best player that he can be. Everybody is comparing him to Derrick Rose, and he’s just trying to figure out everything that Derrick Rose did and he’s trying to do more. He wants to be better than everybody that he’s being compared to.”

While Wall is instructed not to talk about his recruitment, he’s more than willing to address it when handlers aren’t within earshot.

“It’s kind of frustrating,” Wall said. “I’m trying to focus on my game and work hard and get better and there’s always people asking me where I’m going. I get asked like five to 10 times a day what school I’m going to. I just tell them that they are going to have to wait until April.”

After signing autographs and shaking a few hands, Wall takes a seat in the bleachers with teammates to watch the next game.

As the next game begins, Wall shows in many ways he’s no different from most his age. He sends a few text messages and takes a peek at the cheerleaders.

His decision can wait.


kutravis 11 years ago

so the coaches call before the game to let him know they'll be there? i thought it was a no contact period, which i assume includes phone calls. did wall just unknowingly admit to recruiting violations or did i miss something?

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

Yeah, I was wondering that as well. Nice story, very interesting. I don't think we'll get him and we already wasted a lot of time talking about Henry and Snaer.

plotku 11 years ago

So yesterday there was on article on yahoo sports about KU looking into possible infractions by Coach Self for contacting Wall, not over the phone but at an actual game. I guess Self went to talk to his coaches and said something very innocent like, "You had a good game tonight" or something along those lines, and now the university is looking into any possible infractions. If something like that can draw an investigative eye, you would sure think calling him ahead of time and telling him you are coming would be an infraction.

Carter Patterson 11 years ago

Plot....KUAD has to investigate. They'll report it as a secondary infraction and that will be the end of it. To ignore it outright would simply send a message that KU does not care about the rules. KU does, but the whole world is going to commit secondary infractions when they are as mundane as some of the rules are.

plotku 11 years ago

So what is typically the punishment of a secondary infraction? And what is the punishment when your already on probation, and what be off probation until October? Were Kelvin Sampsons infraction secondary? Cause alot of his seemed to be the same type of thing Coach Self has done here.

craigers 11 years ago

Next year would even crazier if Wall comes to KU!!!

kansas25 11 years ago

Very interesting article. As far as a possible recruiting violation, there are 3 no contact periods basically between October and March. Right now is not one of them so coaches can go to any regular high school game they want to. I'm pretty sure that means they can call the players to let them know they'll be there. As for Mr. Wall, anytime you can land the top prospect in the country it's a good thing. I think the fact that Dooley stayed until the end of the game could be big, especially if Calipari leaves before its over. Either way, cross your fingers.

Jaminrawk 11 years ago

It would be sweet to land Wall, but I get the feeling Calapari will stop at nothing to get every recruit he can. Self isn't a coach that promises young players playing time from the get go and Calapari does. If John is a fan of the NBA, then he should look at who creates better pros. Calapari has produced Camby and Rose. The other guys were life long bench guys. Self has produced players like Derron Williams, Luther Head, Mario Chalmers, Brandon Rush and Darrell Arthur. All of those guys are impacting the league right now.KU has Championships and will be primed for another run next year. Memphis will have Xavier Henry, but will most likely lose Tyreke Evans, Robert Dozier, Antionio Anderson and Shawn Taggert. If Wall wants to shine on the biggest stage,, the Final Four, he would be smart to pick KU. Wall running the point with players like Taylor, Aldrich (maybe) Little, Relaford, the Morris's, Johnson, Thomas, etc, surrounding him, would be pretty hard to beat. Come be the next great guard at KU John! Pritchard, Jordan, Woodberry, Vaughn, Robertson, Hinrich, Miles, Chalmers, Collins ... Wall?

jayhawk1908 11 years ago

As of last Friday and Saturday when this tournament actually took place it was a "no contact period" for recruiting. KU self-reported the violation because a reporter saw the exchange between Wall and Self. A slap on the wrist is the most likely penalty, this time. So Kansas25 needs to get the facts straight. Wall will be a long shot for Kansas to land. His AAU coach has accepted a job on Baylor's staff, and Baylor is the heavy favorite at this point. While it would be great if Self could pull this off, it just doesn't seem to be his year in recruiting the top 10 prospects. I think the prospects see a 7 man recruiting class from last year and they get scared that they won't have enough playing time to be one and done. They shouldn't be worried if they have enough confidence and they are as good as Wall but these kids are 17 and 18 years old.

Jory Collins 11 years ago

Non-contact period means you can't be with them personally away from your campus. You can't visit their home or talk with them after their game unless they're on your campus. Phone calls are okay except during Dead Periods.

KU1979 11 years ago

The phone calls probably go through his coach. They can call his coach whenever they want.

gutter 11 years ago

The NCAA also determines when you can be contacted by dividing the year into four recruiting and non-recruiting periods: During a contact period, recruiters may make in-person, on- or off-campus contacts and evaluations. Coaches can also write and/or phone you during this period. During an evaluation period, they can only assess academic qualifications and playing abilities; no in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts are permitted. Although letters and phone calls are permitted. During a quiet period, they may make in-person recruiting contacts only on the college campus. Off-campus, recruiters are limited to phone calls and letter-writing. During a dead period, they cannot make in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations on- or off-campus or permit official or unofficial visits. However, phone calls and letters are permitted.

d_prowess 11 years ago

Does anyone else think it's funny how this article tries to get people to feel bad for the pressure and constant questions Wall has to face? He brought this on himself! He could have made his decision in the early period, like most players, and avoided all of this but didn't. And I know... this is a huge decision that will have a major impact on his life and shouldn't be rushed into anything... I know. But just let's not feel bad for the kid and the pressure he has created for himself.

jayhawkarmy 11 years ago

I think these kids need to look at the history of kansas and see what coach self can do for them and how many people we put in the nba we are a winning team and can make a big name for these kids if they pass on kansas let them they will feel bad when we woop there butts for another title in the years to come rock chalk jayhawk baby

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

jaminrawk: Good post, but I don't think Tyreke Evans leaves this year. He has been a huge disappointment by NBA standards. Granted, he is finally getting his points, but he's doing on it 45 percent shooting which isn't bad, but he had just under 4 turnovers per game and it shooting a whopping 30 percent from 3 pt range on 58 attempts. I'm not sold on Tyreke and I don't know if the NBA scouts are either. I can not imagine or see a harmonoius team with both "X" and Evans in the same lineup. If you add Wall to that mix, I can't see any of it working well because someone is going to be left out to dry by the media. I don't think Evans will be leaving anytime soon.

d_prowess 11 years ago

Evans staying or leaving could be subject to how bad Calipari wants Wall. I don't trust him and can see him pushing Evans to the NBA to open up the door for Wall by saying how much people he talks to are interested in drafting him. I wouldn't put it past him.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

Get real, Wall probably already considers Self a father figure and that loser AAU coach who has not won an NCAA title is ancient history to him.

jaybate 11 years ago

Here are the two key differences between John Wall and Xavier Henry.First, Wall is not the great outside shooter Henry is.Second, Wall is up at 5:30am working on his game, when Henry is sleeping.Xavier may have the better J, but Wall will exceed Henry over time, because of the want to.Wall will go to Baylor, or KU, or Duke.He should go to Baylor to be with his high school coach and because Baylor has a good head coach and because Baylor is a religiously chartered school consistent with his values.Nobody thinks an Notre Dame player is foolish for going to ND and playing for a lesser coach to get an education consistent with his catholic faith. There are trade-offs one makes sometimes.But if Wall really wants to be the best he could be, he has to come to either KU and Self, or Duke and Coach K. No other coach can come close to doing for Wall's game what these two can do. They both take good talent and make it a lot better. Wall has reached the point where he needs a great coach to take the final step to being the best he can be.Wall's high school coach knows this.Wall knows this.Even the Baylor coach knows this.This is in part why Wall has not yet selected Baylor. Baylor doesn't have the best coach. The other reason is that Wall and his high school coach are making sure Baylor honors its commitment to Wall's coach by holding Baylor's feet to the fire to the very end.But the fact remains: for John Wall to become the best he can be, he has to come to either KU, or Duke, to get the best coaching.Wall wants it bad. He knows he has a hole in his game--the trinity. He knows god is in the details when you have a hole in your game. And he is DRIVEN to be the best.Wall has a kind of fire burning in him that Xavier Henry cannot fathom, a kind of fire most cannot fathom.He has competitive greatness and great competitors want EVERY edge.For this reason, KU, and Duke, still have a chance, though very slim,to get him.Bill Self believes. So does John Wall. They would be a great fit. Wall knows this, but he can't bear to keep his high school coach from breaking into the big time by selecting KU, or Duke. It is time for Wall's high school coach to man-up and do what is best for young Wall.Take these chains off his heart and set him free.

jaybate 11 years ago

Post Script: KU could hire Wall's coach, but Self seems to be saying, been there done that.

jayhawk15 11 years ago

Wall is a sick player, has great left and right hand which is a very underrated skill in basketball! I don't think we will get wall unless sherron leaves, but with that being said I think Self has a good relationship and chance with Wall. Plus Wall won't decide untill april after the bball season is over and we should know by then if sherron is going pro or not. I actually kind of think that's why he's waiting, so he can see which players the programs that are recruting him lose.

keith horinek 11 years ago

Jaybate, most days you make a lot of sense, but today, maybe not. I doubt religion plays much of a part in his selection. These kids are very young and are swayed by peer pressure. Wall, Henry, Snaer, etc. all talk among each other. They know the score, however they don't always know what's best for them and look at where they can get maximim exposure. I doubt they care much about what their high school coaches "should do". Save the drama. I hope Wall comes to KU, but I'm sure there is a lot we don't know about what is affecting his decision.

caddie733 11 years ago

I can't see Wall coming to KU because of playing time. Collins and Aldrich should both stay, Collins will not go in the first round and Aldrich will be a legit lottery pick next year. With the incoming talent (Robinson, Johnson, and Withey), and the return of the Morris twins, Tyshawn, Mario, Brady, Tyrel, Releford...I just don't see Wall coming here. Granted, Wall would play in front of Brady, Tyrel, and Travis...but in all honesty, he may not even be the best fit for our team. Tyshawn, Mario, and Elijah are players who do relatively the same thing Wall does...look to get to the bucket first and play a mid-range game. KU would have been a menace with Xavier shooting from the outside. I think losing X is more painful than losing Wall would be. Even if we don't get Wall, KU is looking great. If Collins and Aldrich stay...we have a great guard/sf rotation (Collins, Little, Tyshawn, Elijah, Brady, Tyrel, Travis) to go along with a great big man rotation (Aldrich, Morris, Morris, Robinson, Withey) it possible to have too much of a good thing?

jaybate 11 years ago

oljhwk,Noted.I look forward to learning what lies beneath the surface of this process.Until it surfaces, however, let us agree to disagree, though I always hate to do so when someone is as eloquent and sensible as you are.

jaybate 11 years ago

caddie733,No, it is not possible. :-)Demand for a good thing is inelastic, as the economists say.Now, as we learned in Iraq, there can be catastrophic success; i.e., success so great one cannot adequately prepare for and bare the responsibilities it brings.But I don't think catastrophic success is in our cards.These recruits that have signed and might sign are aware of the talent already here.If they sign, it is because they want great coaching, not guarrantied minutes, because the guarrantied minutes Michael Beasley coveted are still to be had at places like Silo Tech.I am convinced that all great players want to be OADs, but I am also convinced that all great players know that their great talent benefits from great coaching, too. I think players are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for being. Yes, they are young and impetuous and cocky, but that comes with great talent and competitiveness. And any person is a fool who does not want to get to the top as soon as he is ready. Time waits for no one. But look at Brandon Rush. He could have jumped after one and didn't. There are lots of players that don't jump too early. Stories just are not written about them quite as much. Players know how complictated and tough the game is better than any of the rest of us watchers do. They know how much technique has to be mastered to get the most out of their talent. The great ones work as hard on developing their techniques, as the ascendant first violinists do in the symphony game. Or they don't make it to the top.

jaybate 11 years ago

If John Wall really wants to rossin up the bow, Self is now the guy to do it with. Self is entering the prime of his career. He is totally in touch with the game, the same way Coach K was ten years ago. Coach K is on the downhill grade. John Wall, bring your ball. Your competitive greatness bids you to be a Jayhawk.Danny Manning faced the same choice you are once upon a time.Should he leave tobacco road, or not?LB made it easier for Danny, because LB was pals with Danny's dad and hired him as an assistant.No doubt, if Self hired your high school coach, as Baylor is doing, you would be a Jayhawk, too.But hiring players' mentors is very difficult in the OAD era, unless they can really deliver recruits after the OAD is gone. One year of OAD in exchange for multi-years of a mentor is tough in a profession as inbred as coaching.If some are right and you have no Christian value system, then I think you've got to cut loose of your high school coach and come to KU.If some are wrong and you have a strong Christian value system, then maybe Baylor is the right move.Just please don't go to Jerry Falwell State University.Heck, there's a good Okie Baller at ORU, if you really need a Christian framework.But I'll tell you what, John Wall. You come to KU and learn what Coach Self has to teach you and ol' jaybate promises to go back to church...if, that is, any church will let me in. :-)

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

There is a difference between hiring a coach's father who is a retired Air Force NCO vice some shady AAU guy. I think these family hirings are a little shady to begin with, you can't argue with the perception they garner. But even Self wouldn't touch an AAU coach.

truefan 11 years ago

No questions....No Analysis....I want John Wall to play at KU...Period.

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Question: Has KU ever landed the #1 High School recruit out of High School? I'm assuming Wilt Chamberline was, but anybody else? Was Danny Manning? I'm not really sure.

Blake Post 11 years ago

jam seems to be forgetting several other great guards at KU...for instance, Vaugn, Haas, Rex Walters, Billy Thomas, Terry Brown, and what about Thompson and Kellogg. I'd like to have them shooting threes. and of course the great ones, Darnell Valentine and Jo Jo White! And wasn't the Truth a guard?

Derek Conway 11 years ago

I was wondering the same thing. Besides Chamerline, who has been our top recuit?As for Wall, I don't think he really knows exactly what he wants to do. I am sure he has some people saying, "go to Baylor because of your coach and your religion", I am sure he has people saying, "come and be a Dukie and stay close to home." Honestly though, if he really wants to maximize ALL of his talents, I truthfully think he should come to KU. Yes, he will most likely be a lottery pick no matter where he goes, but unlike X and Snear, if he really wants to embrace college basketball at its finest and one of the most tradition rich schools in the nation, he will choose Kansas. It just seams obvious to me that Bill, staff and the players could help his game and overall personality a lot more than John Cal just sitting there on the sidelines watching Wall play one on five at Memphis for a year.I guess we can just hope for the best and wait until April.

David Hall 11 years ago

i have to agree we just have to hope for the best

keith horinek 11 years ago

I really believe the biggest differance today between coach Self and Coach Callipari, other than sheer coaching talent, is, Coach Self has a ring and does not need to 'sell his soul" to get recruits. They are both good coaches, but when that ring eludes you, sometimes recruiting becomes an obsession, and rules get bent, if you know what I mean. Coach self does not need to bend rules to go after these five star recruits, he has proven he can do it with just good talented kids.

100 11 years ago

It really depends on if he wants a national championship ring or not before he goes to the NBA. Next year's 2010 National Championship starting five is already going to be the best in the history of college basketball. Here's the starters if Wall goes to Baylor:2010 Champion Starters: ALDRICH, WITHEY (who can dunk on Aldrich and has a better jumper and 10 inches more verticle with better shot blocking ability to boot), LITTLE (who will have explosion back by then and will resemble Dwayne Wade), COLLINS, TAYLOR...Now, that's if he doesn't come. If he comes to KU to pick up a national championship ring before the NBA, here is (would be) our starting 5:ALDRICH, WITHEY, COLLINS, LITTLE, WALL

Max Ledom 11 years ago

kutravis, the rule on that is there is no text messaging. but you may call

Max Ledom 11 years ago

jaybate,you write big commentsmine are short and sweet

KUPROUD 11 years ago

I read that yesterday Coach Self went to Wichita to see Perry Ellis, and then to Hutchinson to look at Darius Johnson-Odom. Sure hope he didn't shake hands with them or tell them they had a good game. : )

KUPROUD 11 years ago

Danny Manning was the top high school player when we recruited him, according to KC Star archives.

TreHawks 11 years ago

...and when KU got Danny Manning...they also hired Papa Ed Manning as assistant coach.

klineisanazi 11 years ago

Hey plotku....there is a goat coming over the bridge..........

Nick Cole 11 years ago

Hey LJW, can we get an update on WIthey? You know, how he likes class so far, how he is getting along with the players, how practices are going? Or is this too much to ask? Also, can we get a little more in depth analysis and comparisons between KU and their opponent for each game? You did something like that for football. Would be nice to see some of the other teams stats and how they stack up next to ours before each game (instead of only being able to watch the Game Day Cram Session). Also, it would be nice if these were available the day before the games. I know I am asking a lot of you guys, but it would be interesting to read how each team stacks up against us. Allow me to give you some examples of things to discuss/talk about in these:- Offensive Advantage- Defensive Advantage- Frontcourt Advantage- Backcourt Advantage- Our Team Stats v. Their Team Stats (i.e. Rebounding, PPG, Turnovers, Steals, etc.)- Player v. Player Matchups- The list goes on and on with things you guys could write about. I have just provided a plethora of topics. I can now only hope you will use them and something good will come from this. Rock Chalk!

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

Jaybate..I'm sure the church will let you and me's the walls caving in on us that I worry about.Regarding John Wall.....everybody, please prepare yourselves..Henry said NO, Cheeks said NO, Snaer said NO, Stephenson is going to say NO and Wall, though in his heart he'll want to come, will say NO. WHY????? Tyshawn Taylor, Elijah Johnson, Brady Morningstar, Tyrel Reed, Travis Releford. There is no more room in the inn and as much as all of us pray and hope and dream that another top pick chooses KU, it's not going to happen.BleedCanB...Thank You..LJW it's not brain surgery, we are passionate about all things Hawk Ball and a little information once in a while about the actual team would seem appropriate!!KUPROUD No sweat...he just bumped knuckles!! Also, was Perry Ellis well dressed???100 .....Your 2010 lineup currently has listed about 21 players, however, I surrender. If it means winning a NCAA Title then, yes, go ahead and play Aldrich and Withey together. [At Aldrich's current improvement curve, the accelerated media hype and the seemingly bottomless pit of NBA GM stupidity, I don't think Cole and Jeff will EVER be on the floor together.]kushaw..I saw Jo Jo White play in high school and at KU and actually got to play against him in the Robinson GYM back in 1971. If the three point line had been invented and Ted Owens had pulled his head out of his butt, Jo Jo would have been one the greatest guards in NCAA history. The NBA proved that!!!Post Script:However, if some miracle happens and Wall does come, I will set a date and buy a beer for very poster on this site at The Wheel on 14th Larry, KS. [ Maybe two for Jaybate]

jaybate 11 years ago

OakvilleJHawk,Walls caving in? Real act of god stuff!Oh, well, just let's not walk in an FLW church. It would leak too as the walls fell in. :-)

jco8394 11 years ago

Ok this has nothing to do with the article but did anyone else see the "Breaking News" on Supposedly Brad McDougald a four star defensive back from Ohio committed to Kansas yet I went back to the site a couple of hours later and they removed the story and his profile had "Committed to Kansas" removed...yet he dropped all interest in every other school except Kansas..... ???

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

He probably got beat up for not committing to Ohio State or Michigan!!

jco8394 11 years ago

lol that's very possible...he did commit to Ohio State earlier this past season anyone's interested

Joseph Kuebel 11 years ago

HEY OAKVILLE, Do you watch college basketball? ARE YOU JOKING ME? And have you heard of Brook and Robin Lopez?? OUR HAWKS HAVE TWO FUTURE NBA CENTERS IN WITHEY AND ALDRICH. These two guys are both wayyyy too talented to not be starting, much less on the floor together. This killer combo will cause so many mismatches. Your above comment disgraces Jayhawk nation- please stop making the Jayhawk fan base look bad, get off this website and go back to watching Dancing with the Stars. I'll swear etched in stone on my mothers grave both of these NBA Centers will be on the floor and will be in the same starting lineup next season.Furthermore, Don't be surprised if KU does get Wall. This kid will make an immediate impact and will be starting on any of the teams he is deciding to on. Derrick Rose was in a similar position as Wall and quite obviously right now KU has nobody that can get to the rim with the grace of Wall. Do you know what a #1 recruit is? This is a player that would have gone straight to the nba-prior to the rule change that requires all players to be removed from high school for a year before they are allowed to enter the NBA. Given that to say he come to KU because there are other guards in his way. Watch some basketball and understand that a shooting guard is a different position than a point guard- or go back to watching Dancing with the Stars with your wife some more. (Elijah Johnson - same experience and currently half the player Wall is, Taylor- Did you watch the Tennessee game, Tyshawn is natural scorer but obviously is not the ball handler necessary to play point guard, Brady Morningstar- DOES NOT PLAY POINT GUARD and has played the 3 (That means Small Forward) position this year, Tyrel Reed is not a point guard and will have no effect on the recruitment of Wall, Travis Releford also is not a point guard/ball handler and will not be in at any point of his career).

100 11 years ago

Oakville, nice post. However you said my 2010 starting lineup(s) have listed 21 players. You're way off. You can check my posts. I've pondered it (wondering when the Jayhawk nation will get pumped about next year, probably the best team ever), but alas, I've only had 2 different lineups for the 2010 national champs. Best collegiate starting lineup in history (Without Wall): Aldrich, Withey, Little, Collins, TaylorOr...Best starting lineup in history, With Wall (who knows, Oakville, he might surprise you and choose to get a ring): Aldrich, Withey, Little, Collins, WallThat's it Oakville -- the only difference in those linups is if Wall decides to get a ring before the NBA.

jaybate 11 years ago

Hawksboy88,How was that for short and sweet above? :-)Actually, I am strongly in favor of everyone testing the form here.I like people who try to be as concise as possible.I like persons who write haikus about KU hoops.Go long.Heck, write in Base 1 code if you like.Or go into Elizabethan dramatic forms if it works for you.Just post.

TheTruth08 11 years ago

Why does everyone always feel a need to disrespect each other on these posts?

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

CaliHawk33What I posted is what I fear not what I hope. Your arguments are very sound and I hope that you are 100% correct. By listing the guards I didn't mean to imply that they were better than Wall, all I was trying to do was layout the Landscape of situations a 18 year old may be looking at as he makes a monumental choice for his career. Perception in some cases is reality. You and I know both know he could do no better than come to KU for his year of apprenticeship before the Show. We can only trust that HCBS is making it clear to him how much he has to gain becoming a Jayhawk.As far as Cole and Jeff, I have come to the conclusion that both should be on the floor at the same time, I just am beginning to get the feeling Cole won't be back next year.As far as disrespectful to the KU fan base, the only disrespect I perceive is when one poster, whether agreeing or disagreeing with another poster, does not offer the same recognition of the right to an opinion. Of course, that's only my opinion.!00...sorry, man, my tongue got a little to far into my cheek. Your last lineup would be AWESOME!!!

hawk_clock 11 years ago

I don't put many posts on here, but i read almost every post on this board day in and day out. I read alot of posts that make me laugh and some others that just flat out make me set my laptop on the floor and walk away for a few minutes. Jaybate- Truly enjoy reading every single one of your posts. You can tell your a huge KU fan from head to toe which is awesome. You not only put your heart in everything you say but you also use common sense. Keep writing the posts to give us something to read. Now Oakville- I have now posted which means i'll meet you at the Wheel.. Got to love a free beer! lol Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

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