Monday, January 19, 2009

Texas prep WR taps KU


D.J. Beshears, a 5-foot-9, 185-pound senior wide receiver from Ryan High School in Denton, Texas, on Sunday orally committed to play football at Kansas University, according to

Beshears originally had committed to Iowa State, but withdrew the commitment when coach Gene Chizik left for Auburn. Beshears chose KU over Arizona and TCU.

Beshears had 88 catches for 1,450 yards along with 21 touchdowns his senior year.


Roy Scherff 11 years ago

Welcome aboard D.J.. You have a wonderful opportunity to be coached by and play with the best.

Robert Brock 11 years ago

I looked up the Dallas Morning News local top 100 (Rivals) and was amazed that Beshears was not on their top 100 list. How is that possible? 88 catches, 1,450 yards and 21 touchdowns! C'mon!

JBurtin 11 years ago

Considering that he is in the Rivals top 100 WR list I don't think it's a problem.Perhaps his school district wasn't considered in the rankings for Dallas for some reason.Looks like a great player. He and Patterson could tag team from the slot position and drive defenses nuts.

63Jayhawk 11 years ago

Brock,Is the Dallas Morning news top 100 just DFW metroplex athaletes? Denton is not part of the DFW metroplex.

Jaminrawk 11 years ago

If Breshears was 6'2", he would almost certainly be considered an elite wideout. If you watch his tape on, the kid is lightning fast. In every highlight he out runs the entire defense. He'll probably get a shot at punt returner and/or kick returner to start his career. I love that Mangino is getting talented players at skill positions. I hate that we are kind of stealing him from Iowa State, but they did have a coaching change, so it's more understandable.

jayhawkinATL 11 years ago

Sounds like another Dexton Fields just fell into our laps!!!

Alex Lent 11 years ago

If you get a chance to watch his film, he is a Daymond P. lookalike! Speedy, elusive and quick! Glad we picked him up! He also plays corner.

STLJHawk86 11 years ago

63Jayhawk -- I don't know how the Dallas Morning News defines the Metroplex but everyone else (including Census officials) includes Denton in the DFW Metroplex. It is just north of Dallas where I-35 splits into 35E (to Dallas) and 35W (to Fort Worth). It is home to the University of North Texas that features a great jazz program and an awful football team that is currently coached by Chase Daniels former high school coach.

troutsee 11 years ago

If all of our oral committments stick with us, we are going to have an outstanding recruiting class. If our linebackers come through next year, look out. We should be favored to win the north and give the big three in the south all they want. FB season can't get here soon enough.

Jim Jackson 11 years ago

How is that we are not even on Bryce Brown's list??!! The no.1 player on the rivals 100 is from KS and he's got no love for the Hawks?! I see he is committed to Miami. Any thoughts or insight?

Robert Brock 11 years ago

63Jayhawk - the DMN list was Area Top 100...which includes Denton. Not to worry, though. The Morning News gets few things right. No reason to start now.

TtownHawk 11 years ago

well rivals has him as a 3 star and scout as a 2 star, so being as he's closer to a 2 star than a 4 star i can see how he wouldn't be in the dallas top 100. but hey, who cares as long as he gets here and performs.

Dirk Medema 11 years ago

Glad we got another speedy receiver, and also glad that there is potential at CB. Maybe we can develop a reputation for dual threat athletes (Gordon, Talib, Meyer, Patterson, ...).Bryce Brown, like his older, LB brother, has family in Miami and is reported to be heading there. I believe there is another top KS recruit on his team that is also not even considering the 'Hawks, which leads me to wonder if there isn't some coaching prejudice or something like that. Coaching relationships appear to have so much to do with recruiting, especially in FB.It stinks to have a talent like the Browns instate and miss, but my greater concern at this point is getting the 2 OL & TE (?) that are instate and listed as solid D1 contributors.$0.02

not_important 11 years ago

I was in Michigan for the KU-MSU game a week ago and they were reporting that a Michigan WR recruit had decommitted from UM and there were a few schools on his list including KU. I found an article on it and he listed KU as his favorite as of last week.'m wondering if this signing, along with the several other WR signings we've had, has turned him a little bit. I saw he visited Arizona this past weekend. Just curious if anyone else heard about this, had any more info on the kid, had any more info on KU's interest, etc.

Dirk Medema 11 years ago

Does anyone know the status of Sean Ransburg ('08 recruit/non-qualifier)?

Hawkish4bigM 11 years ago

I will give my two cents worth about high school players coming out of wichita. I think the coaches down there have some influence that could be used. Perhaps a number of coaches down there have been jilted by KU for coaching positions or something. But to lose Barry Sanders to OSU, the player of the century from Kansas and now this kid, not to mention others, says that some major work needs to be done in Wichita.Whatever it is we have got to shore that up. I think Kansas high school athletics also need to lighten up so that players can play all year round. It is disgusting that kids that have a shot at a professional future are not allowed to maximize their competitveness. Keeping on them academically I understand but to limit their sports participation ...I just don't understand.

Alan Halvorsen 11 years ago

Gain fifteen pounds and he is a Darren Sprouls.

Alan Halvorsen 11 years ago

Also....Hey Wichita...We don't need your players...we recruit out of Texas, you ever heard of it. They play for keeps. BY ME!

JBurtin 11 years ago

"well rivals has him as a 3 star and scout as a 2 star, so being as he's closer to a 2 star than a 4 star i can see how he wouldn't be in the dallas top 100. but hey, who cares as long as he gets here and performs."Dude, you've got to be kidding me, you can't really be taking a scout ranking seriously.Rivals does a lousy enough job of evaluating talent, but scout's coverage is absolutely atrocious. They honestly just wait for Rivals to break a story then research it to see if it's true.There's no way that this kid isn't one of the top 100 recruits in the Dallas area. It just wouldn't make any sense considering the numbers that he put up. The only explanations are that either players from his school/district aren't eligible to be in the Dallas rankings, or whoever made the rankings simply stinks at his job.He is committed to KU, so that means he must have been on Mangino's top 100 list. Evaluating him by some magical star rankings just doesn't make any sense.

Rick Arnoldy 11 years ago

The story I remember is that Sanders wanted to come to KU but KU didn't recruit him. Neither did KSU.

zissou 11 years ago

I'll mention it just because I've seen his name in this comment thread: Sproles wasn't recruited to KU, either. Good ol' Terry Allen thought he was too small to contribute. The NFL cordially disagreed. Anyone who thinks we ever had a remote chance of landing either of the Brown brothers is delusional. Staying in-state doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot to a 5-star football prospect. If Mangino wins a few more Orange Bowls, we might start getting a look from those kids. For now, it's a pipe dream.

mdfraz 11 years ago

Re the Brown brothers, I don't know about the older one, but what I heard about the younger one is that he was in town his junior year with some other recruits. Mr. Brown was apparently sitting on a chair with his feet up on another chair, while other recruits were standing b/c there weren't enough seats. Mangino apparently saw this and had a little chat with the young man. It seems that Brown believes he is the sh** and I don't think Mangino appreciated it too much. This is just what I heard from a friend, who heard it from someone else, etc. so who knows if it really happened, but if true, do we really want a prima donna like that? Even if he is a five star, I'll take three star kids who are team players and work their butts off over a kid like that.The bigger picture is that we do need more influence in Wichita. I've heard from people down there that there is some anti-KU sentiment for whatever reason(s). That's something we do need to look into changing. As for Sproles, I was in undergrad when he was in high school and I believe we did recruit him, but we didn't go after him very hard. I had heard he wanted to go to KU but his parents/family talked him into KSUck. It's impossible to compare Terry Allen's knowledge of football or talent and Mangino's. MM knows what he's doing, and even if Brown wasn't interested in KU, I don't think KU was all that interested in Brown. As dagger says, just my $.02.

justanotherfan 11 years ago

Regarding Beshears:He isn't in the metroplex top 100 because of his size. If he were two or three inches taller, he would be a top 100 player, but he's a little small. Besides that, the top 100 in that area is extremely deep, so it doesn't mean the kid can't play, just that there are some other kids that have just as good numbers, but stand 6-1 or 6-2.Regarding the Brown brothers and instate recruiting:We missed on Arthur Brown (older brother now at Miami). That hurt us in regards to Bryce. Remember, Arthur was in the top 10 nationally, too. I should also note that Mangino's youtube fame has influenced certain recruits negatively. I've heard some people throw that out as a reason we have not done well with certain highly regarded players. Also, if we aren't interested in the top players in our own state that's pretty ridiculous. We aren't going to land the #1 player in Texas, or Oklahoma. We have to recruit our own back yard, especially when those players are some of the best in the nation. Is Jaydan Bird a prima donna, too? What about Marshall Musil? They are both going to OU. We missed on them, simple as that.Personal aside: I hate when we lose a recruit (basketball or football) and people start talking about how that player is a prima donna, we didn't want them anyway, etc. That happened with Xavier Henry, and I'm seeing it happen with Brown. I don't get that. If Bryce Brown backed out of his Miami commitment and said he wanted to don crimson and blue, and was talking his brother into transferring too, nobody would be saying we don't want them to come here. Just my thoughts.

mdfraz 11 years ago

justanotherfan, instead of just attacking someone b/c they say something negative about a recruit, maybe you should have some evidence to back it up. I admitted in my post that I "heard" from a "friend of a friend", and that might not be extremely reliable. However, it isn't an isolated comment about Brown. Notice neither I, nor anyone else, badmouthed Bird or Musil, even though we didn't get those in state guys. That fact actually lends more creedence to the argument that fans like me are being objective when looking at someone like Brown. If the stories are not true, you are right, it would be great if he decided to come to KU. However, if the stories are true, and I said this in my earlier post, I would prefer lesser talented kids who are willing to work on a TEAM to someone like Brown. How do you think we've had the success we've had the past several years? It hasn't been by pulling 5 star kids into Lawrence. MM and the staff take undervalued kids and make them into great TEAM football players. We can get more talented team oriented kids and build our depth and success that way rather than going after super talented, highly rated guys who MIGHT have attitude problems. I don't know the kid personally, but there have been numerous comments on various sites that indicate Brown may be a bit of a problem. Maybe he isn't, and I'm wrong.

justanotherfan 11 years ago

mdfraz,That wasn't an attack on you. That was a statement about what I have seen from people on this and other sites regarding recruits. If you look at my posts after Xavier Henry signed with Memphis, you will see alot of the same sentiments. I don't like it when people jump on these kids' cases for making their decisions. People loved X all summer, but once he picked Memphis, some of those same people (not all, mind you, just some) decided that X had been a prima donna and not a team player the entire time, and that he would have been bad for KU, etc.I'm not saying you're wrong. I don't know anyone that is close to Bryce Brown, so I couldn't tell you one way or the other. I'm as objective as anybody. As far as I've seen Bryce Brown is a good football player, a solid student and hasn't been in trouble with the law. That's good enough for me.

mdfraz 11 years ago

Fair enough, justanotherfan, and sorry if I overreacted a bit. I don't make a habit of badmouthing a kid just b/c he doesn't pick KU (unless of course he picks Mizzou instead.......), and I don't like when other people do it either. As I said, I have no 100% credible "inside" sources about Brown, but multiple reports are that he is pretty full of himself, and I don't think that is Mangino's type of kid. I hate seeing the #1 rated player in the country leave without taking a good look at KU, but if Mangino didn't really want him that bad for whatever reason(s), I trust his judgment. Actually come to think of it, one other thing I did hear from a friend who lives near Wichita in Andover is that Brown didn't feel it was necessary to stretch and warm up with his teammates before games started. Apparently (again just what I've HEARD about the kid) he would just stay on the sideline and do his own thing while the rest of the team prepared on the field. Not saying that's true, just what I've heard, and why I can see that we didn't go after him all that hard.

jayhawkinATL 11 years ago

I heard reports that Bryce Brown is now taking a serious look at K-State since they have re-hired Snyder.

jco8394 11 years ago

lol i didn't know Bryce Brown was seriously considering the high school football team known as K-State

lance1jhawk 11 years ago

Just heard that Bill Young is going to be the next defensive coordinator at Okie State.That my friends is a swift kick in the nards!

mdfraz 11 years ago

Why the hell would Young leave us, go to Miami for a year, and then to OSU, all as a D coordinator? Does he have family down there or something?

Michael Auchard 11 years ago

LOL. Once I heard that Xavier pronounced his name "Zah-vi-ay" I was done with him. That must be the most pretentious way to say your name possible.Of course, I'm only joking...?

RyanHawk 11 years ago

lance1jhawk,"Bill Young, who recently completed his first season with the Hurricanes, said Monday morning that he was ''torn'' between staying at UM or becoming the defensive coordinator of Oklahoma State, where he played in the 1960s.Oklahoma State was said to be willing to pay Young $700,000 annually -- believed to be much higher than his UM salary."That is from The Miami Herald!

lance1jhawk 11 years ago

Here is the link to the Bill Young article... just can't belive he would come back to the Big12 when he himself said the Miami job was his dream job.

lance1jhawk 11 years ago

Yeah $700,000 could really change an assistant coach's mind on what your dream job really is.RyanHawk... Thanks for the update.

Drew Bender 11 years ago

Maybe, just maybe, Bryce Brown didnt want to come to KU.... Maybe he wants to go to a school that has a history of producing NFL caliber players... KU is a great up and coming college program but it still is nowhere near the same level as a Miami or FSU or USC and doesnt produce top notch NFL talent

jco8394 11 years ago


Hawkish4bigM 11 years ago

Did KU run up the score on Wichita State when they still had football years ago? Whatever it is, I hope that KU is seriously trying to repair the school's image there. I agree with both of you frand and fraz on points. Maybe the issue with some high profile kids is that they want a program where they are more autonomous, are viewed through the scope of performance (versus contribution) and perhaps they are not a good fit. I think overall, yeah a 3star with a work ethic is better than a 5star with an attitude problem.

Hawkish4bigM 10 years, 12 months ago

I see that Bryce Brown is looking at Oregon. I live in the Portland area. Hope he likes to play in the rain. The summers are awesome but then comes 7 months of nonstop drizzle, gray skies where the cloulds seem like they are right over your head. This is the anti-depressant capital of the world and suicide capital. Miami or Oregon, what a juxtaposition. Think I'd stay in Kansas. Depressing rain or humidity like a wet blanket, what a choice.

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