Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bradford’s return makes Red River even more intense

Sorrentino's lightning round


The return of Heisman quarterback Sam Bradford — who would have easily been a Top 10 NFL Draft pick — to Oklahoma was huge news on Wednesday for two reasons.

First, it sets up a mammoth Red River showdown against Texas, which will return quarterback Colt McCoy, on Oct. 17 next season in Dallas. As if these two schools, which displayed their affection for each other last season through various skyskrapers, public service announcements, etc., needed more fire to fuel this rivalry.

Second, the winner of this game could very well win the Big 12 and have a chance to play for the BCS Championship. Something tells me we could have a Texas-Oklahoma winner vs. Florida for all the marbles in early 2010.

Bradford’s decision likely inspired tight end Jermaine Gresham, also a would-be first-round NFL pick, to stay at Oklahoma as well. In his last three games of the season, Gresham averaged 8.3 receptions, 100.7 yards and scored four touchdowns in the span. Bradford to Gresham will be a lethal combination next season.


Don Everett 11 years ago

bradford completely screwed up. he will more than likely not have as good a year next year as he had this past year. he likely would have been the # 1 pick of the lions or at worst the #3 of the chefs. That probably would have guaranteed him 40-60 MILLION. I smell a rat. The rat is Spongeboob Bowlflop. He has not recruited a QB good enough to beat tx or fla for next year, so he sabotaged bradfords future, along with some other more than likely 1st rounders, for his own. ou hasn't done squat bowl wise since Mangino left. What does that say????????????big game boob stoops is in it just like his mentors billy bob snyder and steve spurrier.... What have you done for me lately???????????????????????

Kyle Crenshaw 11 years ago

this just gives him a chance to prove he can play without such a good offensive line

Jeremy LeMaster 11 years ago

Dude (jayhawkdon)... he didn't screw up. If he isn't good enough to have a great season next year, then he is not good enough to survive in the NFL. In an age when kids just want the money, he wants to stay and play college ball. That is great! With Bradford coming back, McCoy coming back, Tebow staying at Florida... Hansborough staying to play bball at UNC, we are seeing something great. Finally some kids that are willing to stay and enjoy their college career... fight for a championship.... or fight to win another... get their education... experience something that they can never go back to. The NFL will wait... unfortunately.If this was a KU player leaving early you would be pissin and moanin... I know I hated seeing Collins and Talib leaving, Mario, Arthur and BRush as well.So I say... Dude...

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