Sunday, January 11, 2009

KU regroups after Michigan State loss

The Spartans beat the Jayhawks 75-62 Saturday.


The Spartans beat the Jayhawks 75-62 Saturday.


Sally Presson 11 years ago

I know Michigan State beat us, but Eddie Hightower or the ball headed ref didn't do us any favors. If there is a way to keep Eddie away from any KU game it will be in our best interest, he's always very hard on the Jayhawks. I always hate to see the ball headed guy, we call him Bill Doltre from King of the Hill. Bill is not a friend of KU, at least in our opinion. Now that we have the loss out of our system, lets beat the heck out of the Wildcats!!! Go Jayhawks!!

hawkitup 11 years ago

Actually, didn't Hightower officiate the Championship game last year? Pretty sure he did us a favor in reversing Rose's "three" point shot.

Ethan Jones 11 years ago

Hightower did call the Championship game last year, and he also called the Championship in 1988.

Ross Hartley 11 years ago

He is not very good with 3 refs on the floor, but he just guesses too much with only 2 refs on the floor. It was not a good job in this game.

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