Friday, January 9, 2009

DE Young re-commits to Kansas


The recruiting process of Olathe North High defensive end Kevin Young has taken some interesting turns, but ultimately has led to Kansas University.

A month and a half after de-committing to Kansas in favor of Nebraska, Young has once again changed his mind, according, informing the Jayhawks coaching staff Friday that he will play for KU next fall.

"This has been the hardest decision of my life but I have committed back to Kansas," Young told the Web site. "It came down to two really good schools but I just felt Kansas presented the better opportunity for me. I met with coach Mark Mangino and (defensive coordinator) Clint Bowen today and talked with them about the future. I decided Kansas is the best place for me and they were both very excited."

Young, rated a three-star prospect by Rivals and the No. 5 prospect in the state of Kansas in the Class of 2009, originally committed to the Jayhawks in the summer. But a fall trip to Lincoln, Neb., resulted in a change-of-heart, and he informed Huskers coach Bo Pelini he planned to attend NU.

With Friday's announcement, however, Young told the site that his decision — this time — is final.

"Kansas starts classes soon and they have orientation on the 14th," said Young, who graduated from high school a semester early and will enroll at Kansas for the coming semester. "I will be there on the 13th and ready for it. I know winter conditioning starts on the 26th and I'm ready to get going. KU is the right school for me. There is no more changing my mind and I'm glad it is over."


Ted Toulouse 11 years ago

I hope this kid is more decisive on the field. Sheesh! welcome aboard though. We need good D-line folk!

Rick Arnoldy 11 years ago

I'm guessing he liked KU all along but got caught up in the moment during his trip to Lincoln.

RyanHawk 11 years ago

I wonder if he was forced out of Nebraska like the other kid that decommited from KU. This is a good get for the KU coaching staff to go along with the whole 2009 class. It is always good to keep solid Kansas talent in the state of Kansas!!

mdfraz 11 years ago

I agree it's nice to lock up as much in-state talent as possible, but I'm a little leery of a kid de- and then re-committing. Looks like he won't have time to change his mind as he will be moving from Jo. Co. to Lawrence for spring semester. I echo ttoulouse......I hope he's more decisive on the field. If we can grab another O-lineman (maybe Ryan Miller), a LB, and maybe Tanner Poppe at TE, I would say that would wrap up a very well rounded, talented, deep recruiting class. If we could throw in a superstar like Wingo is expected to be, WOW. Let's finish the recruiting season strong and work our butts off in the off season. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

Blake Post 11 years ago

Nebraska corndog bugeaters should be flogged well and often.

OCJHAWK 11 years ago

Maybe one of the four highly rated DE commits can move to LB. Anyway it looks like we will have the depth to rotate in DE to put a fresh pass rush against our pass happy league, I would say to take the pressure off our suspect DB's, but we are getting studs in this class also for more depth there. I can't wait for signing day to lock these athletes into Mangino's coaching regimen.Kudos to Mangino and the rest of the coaches for taking advantage of all the momentum of the fruits of success and the new facilities. We will soon have the depth of a perenial 10-25 ranked program.RC

Gavin Fritton 11 years ago

While I also am leery of one who commits, backs out and comes back (anyone remember Dwight Lewis and the KU or USC basketball saga? I thought Bill Self handled that very well.), the way I figure it is that Mark Mangino knows what he is doing. If he fancies the kid and if he is convinced that the young man is not a flake, well, that's good enough for me.And it's tough to hold it against the young man. You get all these coaches with high pressure to commit RIGHT F* NOW and they aren't used to it and want to make everyone happy...I'm willing to cut him some slack.

John Mueller 11 years ago

ALL HAIL to Coach Bowen!It's about time to give this guy some props after some of the heat he took earlier in the year.After all, if he's good enough for Coach Mangino, he's good enough.This is a sweet keep for Big Blue.We need about 5 players like number 93 for OU last night. McCoy?That, right there gentlemen is what it takes to win Big 12 championships.That kid was making play after play.Love it! Rock Chalk

Alan Halvorsen 11 years ago

Not sure which but one of the many ends we've recruited will make the switch to LB. We've go too many ends and not enough LB's. It won't be Woods that's for sure!I think it'll all depend on who shows the best ability to get pressure on a qb in spring and early season practices to decide who gets to stay at their postition and who has to move. Both Sellers, and Young have great body's for linebackers, especially Young. Both have great speed for linebackers, especially Sellers. Dent is in the picture too.Although they may be saving him to add some weight onto to make a DT. I know that's what they are doing with J. Jones. It's exactly what they did with Zlatnik.

Justin Diederich 11 years ago

I think he knows who is going to be the dominate team in the north. Plus how can anybody want to go to Nebraska anyway. Kansas is the place to be. Rock chalk Jayhawks.

notigers4me 11 years ago

I wouldn't be getting too excited just yet, let's see if he actually makes it to class. He would definitely be a real addition to the team that's for sure. Maybe he got a look at some of the corn fed gals up there and decided he was out of his mind. Temporary insanity they call it. Rock Chalk

FlaHawk 11 years ago

NU probably lost interest in a 3 star recruit. KU feeds on 3 star recruits. I would think he will need to RS a year (2009) and then think of him as a 2011 first or second teamer on the depth chart. KU has not had an in-state lineman that really played before their Junior years much since Mangino showed up and this includes JUCOs!

KU 11 years ago

Just an observation: When Kevin Young was first committed to KU, he was a 3-star prospect according to Scout. Then after he committed to Nebraska, he suddenly became a 4-star prospect with Scout. Sorta reminds me of all the KU basketball recruits that started out off the radar and suddenly appeared in the Top 50 after KU showed interest.My point is, a lot of KU's 2 and 3 star kids are just as good as some of the 3 and 4 star kids that go to Nebraska or MU or any other Big 12 schools that don't have OU or UT in their name. These kids are just under-exposed to the "recruiting geniuses".All in all, it seems that we are filling a need with this class that became apparent while watching KU get beat by UT, OU and TT--team speed and athleticism.Have you got your tickets yet?!

Dyrk Dugan 11 years ago

"Would love to have this kid. I'll be legitimately excited once he signs."he's a Dec. grad, so he'll enroll next week. i think that's good enough to ensure that he'll sign."NU probably lost interest in a 3 star recruit. KU feeds on 3 star recruits"why offer him a scholly in the first place, if NU wasn't interested? why do they have 17 3 star recruits committed right now? why did LB Earnest Norman. a 3 star recruit, commit to NU on an official visit, if NU has no interest in 3 star recruits? and why has Mr. Norman decommitted from NU, and now has KU back on his list? his teammmate is Prinz Kande, a 4 star safety, who has been committed to KU for sometime, and has never waivered, even after Norman decommitted. Might Mr. Kande now be influencing him on Kansas? it could guys have to realize that this is a new era. Mangino can just about recruit any kid in the region...and that kid will listen. we have had too much success, and too many players have developed here into good football players, without a lot of folks taking notice. Nebraska, and college football in general, is not doing business the old way, where recruits can be stockpiled. it's anybody's game now, and KU has outrecruited NU for several kids over the last couple of years..and will continue to compete in the future. it is the way it is now.Welcome Mr. Young! Rock Chalk!

kujayhawk 11 years ago

Scout has him as a 4-star recruit. I doubt Nebraska lost interest, the kid just wanted to go to KU initially but got caught up in the Nebraska recruiting process. Nebraska isn't the Nebraska of old anymore, we can compete with them both on the field and for recruits now.

Rick Arnoldy 11 years ago

KU says...Just an observation: When Kevin Young was first committed to KU, he was a 3-star prospect according to Scout. Then after he committed to Nebraska, he suddenly became a 4-star prospect with Scout. "KU, I've heard the same theory in regards to Notre Dame. Everyone questions how they get all the "highly rated" talent but some sportscaster pointed out they only became "highly rated" after Notre Dame recruited them.

OCJHAWK 11 years ago

I agree with the previous posts on HS player ratings. I do love the way Mangino and staff build our current teams. However there are five teams, while beatable that have incredible athletes for their size position for position. We are light years from being at that level. We are now getting to the point of being favored or compettitive with the other 200+ teams. I cannot tell you how amazed I am at the transformation from my school days of sitting in empty Memorial Stadium watching "coach" Val's pathetic fifty plus point weekly beat downs.I was a little worried after losing to Nebraska and the ensuing defections. The emotion of the moment seems to have waned and the big picture is setting in to the athletes that KU will be the new "Nebraska" of old.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

It's a tough decision for him, but once he gets he'll be all KU. I do wonder what Nebraska was doing recruiting a guy who had orally commited to KU.

JBurtin 11 years ago

It's about time some body else noticed the star BS. I get on the recruiting sites every single day and have seen this pattern over and over.3 star Josh Freeman commits to Nebraska, becomes a four star, then switches his commitment to K-State. They just didn't change him back because it would look weird to take a star away from somebody simply because he switched commitments. However, to me it was already weird enough that he gained a star because of a commitment.3 star Blaine Gabbert commits to Nebraska, becomes a five star?He then switches his commitment to Missouri. Sorry to tell you Mizzou, your next Chase Daniel is a decent 3 star recruit, but he's no five star.I've seen 2 star recruits that Mangino doesn't even offer somehow pull an offer from Oklahoma and shoot up the recruiting rankings to four star. Then people on the message boards get upset that we didn't pick up this great 4 star recruit. If Mangino didn't want him before he had 4 stars, he probably doesn't want them afterward either.I don't think this staff is incredible at making bad players into good ones. I think this staff is incredible at recognizing talent.Former KU stud Talib was overlooked simply because he was on a crappy high school team. What kind of sense does that make?Todd Reesing is passed over for his height after winning the Texas offensive player of the year award. A&M could probably use somebody like Reesing about now.I have no idea why Justin Springer was over looked. You'd think that more than 160 tackles in a season would be enough to prove that you can play the game. He had plenty of size and speed, so it couldn't be that. As long as his injuries heal well (presumably ACL) he'll be an absolute stud for us.The long and short of it is, I trust Mangino to know who can play the game and who cannot, and I trust Mangino on Kevin Young. Players usually lose their scholarship offer from us when they switch commitments. The fact that Mangino is willing to make an exception speaks volumes for this kid.Welcome to the team Mr Young. You made the right choice.

Jaminrawk 11 years ago

I'm glad he's back. A huge step in building a powerful program is getting all of the local talent. Kansas and Missouri don't produce as many D-1 caliber recruits as Texas, Florida, Ohio and California. It is imperitive we keep these kids away from Nebraska, KSU and MU.

Joseph Kuebel 11 years ago

Regarding the comment "Lincoln is a craptastic town. Its an asphalt wonderland. This kid probably got to know some of those "classiest fans in America" like I have and decided to get the flock out. Other than football, Lincoln offers nothing but a capitol building shaped like a penis and a population devoted to all things corn. Its no wonder this whole state (I'm stuck in Omaha, born, raised and educated in Kansas) is so miserable because football and corn is all they've got. Welcome back to the land of Oz, friend. We missed you."I couldn't agree more. Kansas holds it down for the liberal blip on the map stretching from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Mizzou region. You got your border war rivals with Mizzou on one side, and their hillbilly cornfusker cousin on the other side. Go south and your sitting one of the blandest cookie cutter shaped states in the Midwest called Oklahoma. Culturally Kansas as a state, is more underrated as any other school in the Big XII conference. Choke on it Nebraska.

Dirk Medema 11 years ago

It is good that we are getting the quality in-state recruits to stay. Too bad we couldn't keep the Brown family home.According to the article 2 months ago, Young got caught up in the same euphoria that gets recruits to commit to KU after Late Night. No one can dispute NU's tradition, and a chunk of it is from the last decade. The difference is that KU BB still has the same program running, and is just building the FB tradition. NU is trying to rebuild it, and realistically should, but KU should also very realistically be a power in the North, and increasingly more so on a national stage.Rock Chalk

Rock_Chalk_Jayhawk_KU 11 years ago

First time post-er, long time readerI have been reading this site, both articles and post, for a few months now. Makes me even more excited about KU athletics future by just listening to everyones excitementI wanted to respond to "mdfraz" comment at the top about other recruits when he mentioned Tanner Poppe. He named him with a few other players he hoped we would eventually sign. He is one of the top rated players in the state. Hes every bit of 6'6 and probably 230, built with a wide frame that is ready for college so he will be in a program that will definately show him how to add immediate size to his frame. I wanted to say that KU has signed him, to a baseball scholarship. He was pitching this summer, flying under the radar coming of his junior yr because of a bad team. I personally was wondering why he hadnt had any colleges talk to him about baseball yet, he throws low 90's with great accuracy and control. You can watch him and know that with a good college coach he has full potential to be drafted (if he isnt following his sr season, which is being talked about) Anyways, all of a sudden the word got out and he began to recieve numerous scholarships, including 90 percent to arizona state. If you arent very familiar with college baseball, arizona state is a legit powerhouse. Not only that, but recieving 90 percent is very rare. Baseball does not have the scholarships football and basketball does. They have to spread out a smaller amount, so 90 was an amazing offer. Anyway, he chose KU (no word how much the scholarship was).As of june, he had already recieved scholarships to KU, Oklahoma, MU, KSU, and OK State. Due to his baseball opportunities, he did not even play is sr yr of baseball. He was teammates of KU Football signee D. Kelly. While they were definately hurting without him, it was very wise to skip football and not risk any injuries and focus on baseball.

mdfraz 11 years ago

Rock_Chalk, I'm a little confused about your post. It seems you are saying that Poppe has already agreed to come to KU for baseball, and that he skipped this past season in football? If that's the case, and he really is that good at baseball and has a potential pro career, will he even join the football team here? Seems that you might know the kid personally or at least are from the same area as him. Just curious to find out anything I can. And yes, it's so amazing to see all the excitement for the football program. I hope that in addition to the hard core fans (of which there are quite a few on here) the enthusiasm continues to spread around campus and Lawrence, and the rest of the state. Buy your season tickets ASAP!

Rock_Chalk_Jayhawk_KU 11 years ago

yes i typed that wrong. He was preparing for his Sr year of football this summer, then began recieving baseball scholarships, so he sat out his this fall season of football to prepare for his sr season of baseball this coming spring. As far as I know, he has no interest in playing football as well. This is just my assumption, but knowing he sat out his sr season of Highschool football, it wouldnt make sense to have plans to play at KU. While he would have been a great addition to an already impressive fb recruiting class, he made a very wise decision with choosing baseball. Keep your eyes out for his hs teammate D Kelly. Very athletic RB and DB in highschool. I would assume DB is what they plan for him in hs, but again thats just my opinion. Im one step ahead of you on the tickets, grandparents live in lawrence and are giving me season tickets for xmas present, pretty good present if u ask me!

jayhawkcat 11 years ago

I will relate that Young in now a 4* Rivals rated player on the Nebr blogs. That will really turn their crank. I live in Lincoln, sorry to say.

YaBoyJrod 11 years ago

This kid is alright....but won't have a impact until his soph year

mdfraz 11 years ago

Switching gears to another prospect, does anyone know anything about Ryan Miller from Blue Valley? He's supposed to be a pretty good lineman, with KU, KSU, and MU and NU on his radar. He's a very big kid, which I like to see. We could use another O line recruit I would think, and this would be a local player we could/should probably try to lock up.

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