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Football closing talent gap

Kansas head football coach Mark Mangino speaks during a press conference Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008 at the Camelback Inn in Scotsdale, Arizona.

Kansas head football coach Mark Mangino speaks during a press conference Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008 at the Camelback Inn in Scotsdale, Arizona.


Quietly, football coach Mark Mangino and his fleet of hard-working assistants are assembling a recruiting class that could enable Kansas University to shrink the talent disadvantage against the trio of Big 12 South teams Mangino hasn’t yet beaten.

Skeptical? Need some hard evidence? OK, a quick check with Jon Kirby of led to a startling piece of information. Three of the Morning News Top 20 players in the Dallas area have made nonbinding oral commitments to Kansas, a figure that matches Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

As far as elite recruits are concerned, Kansas finally has become one of the pretty girls in the room. Recruits are checking out Kansas and liking what they see.

Prinz Kande, a safety from Euless ranked No. 35 in the state of Texas by and recruited by Clint Bowen, turned down a scholarship offer from Wisconsin to say yes to Kansas. Toben Opurum, a 225-pound running back from Plano ranked No. 45 in the state, had offers from Florida, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Purdue and Texas Tech and said yes to David Beaty, KU’s receivers coach and a former high school football coach from Texas who’s having a terrific recruiting season. Dexter Linton, a safety from Arlington ranked No. 48 in Texas, said yes to Beaty, which meant he had to say no to Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Texas Tech and Wisconsin, among others.

Bowen scored an athletic defensive end, maybe as good a speed rusher as KU has had since Charlton Keith. Quintin Woods, who signed with Michigan out of high school before enrolling in Bakersfield Community College, is a 6-foot-6, 245-pound quarterback-chaser.

To hear Kirby tell it, Kansas isn’t done landing heavyweights. (Signing day is Feb. 4).

“In the past, it always seemed like Kansas rounded out its class with some sleepers,” said Kirby, who has been tracking Kansas football recruiting for 10 years. “I’m not saying they weren’t solid. They were. Now, they started strong, the middle’s been strong, and the guys still on the board that they have a chance with are as strong or stronger than what they started with.”

Two exciting names still in play for Kansas: 1. Ronnie Wingo, a 6-foot-3, 212-pound running back from St. Louis, expected a visit Wednesday night from KU offensive coordinator Ed Warinner, according to Wingo is the nation’s No. 74 prospect; 2. DeQuin Evans, a 6-foot-2, 275-pound defensive end from Los Angeles Harbor Community College.

Kirby said recruits consistently marvel at the new football facilities, built thanks to the fundraising skills of John Hadl of the Williams Fund and athletic director Lew Perkins, and the generosity of KU alumni Tom Kivisto, Dana Anderson and others.

“There’s no doubt there is a big difference in the perception of the program,” Kirby said. “A few things play into that. No. 1, stability. Mangino’s the defending National Coach of the Year. They’ve won three bowl games in the past four years. The increased attendance. And the facilities. It’s a whole different ballgame than it was even three, four years ago. They’re getting a different kind of athlete.”

Once they get here, Mangino and his staff will make them improve at a faster rate than most staffs.


Alan Halvorsen 11 years ago

The staff is amazing at getting the most out of players. These kids we're getting now could be future 1st and 2nd team All Americans. The competition for positions is at a point Kansas has never seen before, and it's only going to make the players better. 3 years, the University of Kansas will be a powerhouse in the Big XII.And it wasn't this article that made me think this.Operation "Take over the Big XII" is in effect.

Thomas Michaud 11 years ago

I remember sitting in the football stadium - not even close to being sober - watching the last year of Bob Valesente and thinking "this would really be a great place for a larger parking lot" ... I'm absolutely amazed at how this program has turned around and the commitment by Alumni improving the facilities.Congrats to the Coach and his staff for a tremendous job of evaluating talent and coaching the kids to find their potential. While I don't expect he winning percentage of an A. R. Kennedy, I sure wouldn't mind seeing Mangino stick around (a lot) longer than Kennedy did.Rock Chalk!

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

Mangino is doing an awesome job. Next year we will be pretty good. As far as the recruits for next season with the 2 receivers the class is now ranked 33 in the nation.

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

I mean Mangino and staff..........

kansas22 11 years ago

I can't help but smile and have a little school girl giggle as I read this article. KU turning into a football power? Never did I dream of it four or five years ago. Although we have definitely not arrived yet, we are making tremendous strides and I think we have the right leaders in place to continue this upward trend. We are winning recruiting wars against some of the national powerhouses! Keep Perkins and Mangino here and good things will happen.

Mike Blur 11 years ago

I hope the naysayers on this and other message boards will lay off Bowen and realize that KU does have a talent gap that every single staff member is working to close. With an overall upgrade on both sides of the ball, the future does look bright indeed. Dare we aspire to the Big XII North title next year??!!

actorman 11 years ago

"I can't help but smile and have a little school girl giggle as I read this article."That is a great line, and sums up my feelings too. I still can't believe it's real. All the years of getting slaughtered by Nebraska, Oklahoma, et al. Losing to Wichita State and Northern Illinois. Going something like 20 years without beating Oklahoma St. It all seems like a lifetime ago.One of my funniest memories from when I was at KU was a game at Lincoln. One of the guys in the dorm bet me $20 and gave me KU + 57 1/2. I was thrilled when KU scored a TD with 20 seconds left to lose "only" 67-13.Bill Snyder is recognized (legitimately) as pulling the greatest coaching job in history with what he did at KSU. But if KU becomes a powerhouse, Mangino's job can't be far behind, especially given what he had to start with.Truly amazing.

Toto_the_great 11 years ago

I am excited about the wide receivers and DB. I love speed and power that some of the "bigger schools" have at those positions... and now we are getting those too. Question, we lost the verbal commitments of two players after our loss to Nebraska... who were they and what position do they play.

jhawk23 11 years ago

Toto,One of the two was Kevin Young, a weakside DE from Olathe North (6'4", 227, 4.78).Don't let the door hit your butt on the way out, Kevin, because now we've got Jacoby Thomas (6'3", 223, 4.71) and Quintin Woods (6'6", 245, 4.65) at weakside DE.Great job to Mangino, Bowen, Warriner, Beaty, Clements, Blaney, Matsakis, Reagan and Jackson. This is truly a great class to take KU football to even greater heights!

Jason Sinclair 11 years ago

The other, Toto, was Earnest Norman, a MLB. He appears to something of a nut, though, and there are rumors that he's since softened on Nebraska - or NU has softened on him.

Brad Avery 11 years ago

Unfortunately, the "escalation" in the talent level is coming at the expense of Kansas kids. Only two of the some 20 odd commitments thus far are from Kansas. While I understand the necessity for recruiting in Texas and Oklahoma, it's really fun for me to watch the Jake Sharp and Kerry Meier do well as opposed to an anonymous kid from another state.

Mangenius 11 years ago

If you want to watch Kansas kids go watch Washburn or a KCAC game. The D-1 talent is just not there. Maybe 1 or 2 kids a year, if they are good enough Mangino is still recruiting them. You want to watch KU win games against big 12 south teams, win a Big 12 Championship, then "annonymous" kids like Todd Reesing and Desmond Brisco are what you will be watching. Like in basketball, once they get here they are KANSAS kids. The coaching staff has done a great job using the Orange Bowl and new facilities to bring better talent, who cares where they are from.

KUPROUD 11 years ago

Mangenius, I like your comment "once they get here they are KANSAS kids." The kids were are getting lately seem like great citizens and student athletes (knock on wood), and they want to be here because they are treat right by the staff and public. From comments made, they feel very much at home here and will be Kansas ambassadors for life. Some will even take up residency. Although I also appreciate stories of local kids finding success, like Kerry, Jake, and others. Mangino has said many times that he will not let solid prospects leave Kansas without a strong effort to keep them.

KUPROUD 11 years ago

Sorry about the poor job of proof-reading.

Matt Kenton 11 years ago

The better our program is, the higher the chance talented Kansas kids come to KU. Sharp and Meier could very easily be wearing purple right now, had we not been quite as successful about 3 years ago.

Brad Avery 11 years ago

There are a lot of local, Kansas kids who get overlooked because the KSHAA doesn't allow spring football practices and the quality of high school coaching in Kansas is inconsistent at best.

Jeremy LeMaster 11 years ago

I enjoy kids from all over coming to KU. I enjoy in state kids choosing Kansas. I would love to see some of the big name kids stay in town instead of going to Florida schools or the west coast teams. This years Kansas high school kids just do not have as much talent level from top to bottom. THe high end... Bryce Brown, is one of the best talents to come through the state since Barry Sanders. But we do have some Kansas kids coming in. Huldon Tharp was a heck of a running back for Mulvane and then tore his knee up this past summer. Kansas took his committment just after that occured. Way to stick with the kid! He could be a darn good LB at KU before his time is up.Are they recruiting Blake Bell (Mark Bell's son, big QB from Bishop Carrol HS in the Ta)? I have heard rumblings that the likes of USC are recruiting him. Keep him in state!!!!!!

justanotherfan 11 years ago

doolindalton,Remember, we didn't sign , Bryce Brown (Miami) #1 ranked RB in 2009, Jaydan Bird (Oklahoma) #31 ranked ILB in 2009, Marshall Musil (Oklahoma) #49 ranked ATH in 2009, Kevin Young (Nebraska) #33 ranked DE in 2009. That's 4 of the top 5 players in Kansas this year. You miss out on 4 of the top 5 here, you miss out on the cream of the state's D-1 talent (usually about 12-15 kids a year).We didn't sign Arthur Brown (Miami) #1 ranked OLB in 2008, Chris Harper (Oregon, transfer to K-State) #14 ranked ATH in 2008, or Broderick Smith (Minnesota) #69 ranked WR in 2008. That's 3 of the top 5. We missed on Blake Lawrence (Nebraska), Brian Smith (Notre Dame), Christian Ballard (Iowa) and Jeremy Reed (K-State) in 2007.The last time we signed the #1 player in the state? 2006 - Jake Sharp. The guys I listed above would have helped us close the talent gap, but we didn't get them. We can't just get Kansas kids. We have to get the TOP Kansas kids to close that gap. Mangino has said he would work on that, but we haven't found success lately. Hopefully that turns around in 2010.

justanotherfan 11 years ago

Oh, and just a comparison, here is what Texas did in the talent rich state of Texas. They signed the #3 kid. (OU got #1, LSU got #2). And the #5 kid. And #6. And 7, 10, 12, 14, 17 and 18. 9 of their state's top 20 players (all 4 or 5 star prospects) are donning burnt orange.How'd OU do in their own state? Got #1, 3, 7, 11, 13. And they signed two of our top 5, too!What about Missouri in MO? Got 2, (Wingo is #1), 4, 5, 7, 8, 9. That's six of the top 10.

mdfraz 11 years ago

One of the most impressive things to me is that Mangino et al. seem to find not only talented kids, but kids that want to be part of a TEAM. That's where our success lies. The past several years we have developed the lower ranked, lesser recruited kids, and it's worked pretty well for us. They worked hard, and as a team, and there's a lot to be said for that in football. At the same time, if we want to compete with/beat OU, UT, TTU, OSU on a semi-regular or regular basis, we need to start putting more pure talent on the field. That's the only way to consistently compete with the big boys.Recruiting stars and rankings don't mean everything b/c there are plenty of busts, or prima donnas, or just flat out mistaken ratings. I'd take a three or even a lot of two star hard working team players over a spoiled lazy 4 or 5 star most days. What I'm hoping, and counting on, is that Mangino and staff can see which 3 or 4 stars not only have the talent, but the right attitude, to play KU football. It's an exciting time to be a KU football fan. Compare to the Terry Allen years when I first arrived, and you see an entirely different environment and attitude. Now we need to build consistency. A great recruiting class this year (with decent classes the last year or two) should provide that. Let's hope that Mangino's health holds up (a fairly serious concern, in my mind) and we keep most of our assistants. ROCK CHALK!

Appoggiatura 11 years ago

Well, since no one has said it yet, I will:Gotta keep sawin wood!

rolo2383 11 years ago

I think they day is almost here where we are a consistent top 25 team. I'd love to see us be the Va Tech of the Midwest. You know what else will draw in better talent? A 70,000 - 75,000 - 80,000 seat stadium. I know it's been said before, and I agree, that's we shouldn't add that many seats if they are just going to be empty. Players do like playing in front of huge crowds.

zissou 11 years ago

Justanotherfan puts it all on the table, and is exactly right. We're seeing recruits we wouldn't have stood a chance with even 5 years ago take a good look at us and some are even signing. Also, Mangino's staff is getting the most out of the guys they bring in. It's an exciting time to be a 'Hawk fan. But...Keep it in perspective. Keegan's "hard evidence" is that we've matched The Big 3 for oral, non-binding commitments in the Dallas area to this point. And what's Mangino's record in games played after 3 p.m. in stadiums west of the Mississippi when it's rained the previous afternoon? Seems a little like making a mountain of a molehill. As long as the Big 12 is set up the way it is, our attention should be put on beating the North teams in recruiting and on the field. So far, we're headed in the right direction.

mdfraz 11 years ago

I said it yesterday rolo, that until we get to a point where it is a given that we will have 50,000+ at Memorial, any discussion of adding seats is a bit premature. Ideally, it would be awesome to have 70,000 screaming fans every game. And you are right, bigger and better impresses recruits. I'll reiterate though, I'd rather see a full 50,000 seats than 50,000 people in a 60,000 seat stadium. Consistency is the key.

Gary Denning 11 years ago

justanotherfan is right. We have moved up the food chain from taking the leftovers after Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, KSU, Okie State and others got their recruits to taking the leftovers after Texas, OU, Florida, LSU, and a few others had their pick. It's progress but we aren't dating the prom queen just yet.A few more years of bowl victories and 8-10 win seasons and we will do even better. I like the progress, but this article is a bit puffy. Hopefully in the next year or two we can at least lock down instate recruits and continue to have success in Oklahoma and Texas. We have a lot to offer at KU.Hopefully we never get too good to recruit the Todd Reesings of the world. I love the fact that he can kick butt at the college level but might not have the measurables to be a first round draft pick. Josh Freeman may end up playing on Sundays but he will always remember that in college he didn't measure up to a 5'10" guy who played for KU.

Ray Winger 11 years ago

Wait!! You haven't mentioned....RILEY SPENCER of Hesston who has picked KU over offers from KState, TCU, and Miami. He may be a force physically and IQ on the O-Line is a premium with a GPA of 3.85...WOW.

Alex Lent 11 years ago

KU7679, I agree, we are no where near being where we could be. The Anderson complex is great but it's also the gameday atmosphere that recruits see when the visit on gamedays. As fans we need to do our part, get serious about backing out team and be loud and cretive with cheers. Gameday is a serious priority to me. And don't think for a second Mangino doesn't know it could be better! He knows all about the fairweather fans here at KU! I can't count how many times I have commented on here about the lame west side of the stadium for not standing and cheering but its the students as well, leaving early, etc. The UDK needs to get students to get fired up before games. I am confident it will get better but next year could be a REAL breakout year if we have some things fall in place! Oklahoma comes to town next year and without Bradford and with a full & LOUD Memorial Stadium, think what we could do! Its gives me chills just thinking about it! Thoughts?

mdfraz 11 years ago

Reesing was overlooked by UT and some of the other traditional powers, but let's remember, he was a 3 star recruit according to rivals. If you look now, we are still pulling in mostly 3 stars. The improvement this year (and last year) is that we are getting a few more 4 stars, and fewer 2 stars. No matter what happens or how successful we get to be over the next few years, I'll be shocked if we are competing for 5 stars on a regular basis. We may get a few more 4 star kids as time goes on, like we have this year, but our basis is/probably will continue to be 3 stars. To zissou's focus on the North, yes, that's the starting point, but we are now competing/beating the North teams on the field and recruting fairly regularly. We need to keep that up, clearly, but it's time we start looking at competing with the traditional South powers as well. If we don't we will always be second fiddle to the South, even if we win North titles. Those are nice and are the next step for our program, but I want conference titles down the road too. Saying that we are on par with UT or OU in their respective states doesn't recognize that both of those programs have snagged the best talent from several other states, and their classes are much deeper than KU's. It won't happen overnight (and hasn't thus far), but we are taking steps in the right direction. I think that was the point of this article. And I'm not quite sure Freeman will do a whole lot in the pros........that guy is overrated.

mdfraz 11 years ago

dude, you are exactly right about the fans. It's much better than it was 10-12 years ago when I first came to KU, and it's even better than 5 years ago. That being said, the "fan" support at the TTU game this year was embarrassing. I was outraged at the students (as I am at many games when they decide the beer at the bars won't be there unless they leave at halftime) and esp. when the sideline reporter went outside the stadium to interview fans and I heard that KU was a "debacle" and that people couldn't wait for basketball season. I'd love to say that I don't even want those students to be at the games, but beggars can't be choosers. I know the TTU game was painful to watch, but could you get a more accurate description of fair weather fans? There is still a pervasive attitude that we are only a basketball that's the only thing we CAN be. Why? KU is a great school, Lawrence is a great town, and we do indeed have a lot to offer. Why can't we support EVERY team, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, etc.? Why must we pick just one sport in which to be succesful? I hope the attitude continues to improve and fan support snowballs for football. One step at a time I guess, and definitely keep sawin wood.

tominkc 11 years ago

I also think this article is a little premature. I'm ecstatic about some of the talent we're getting now; it doesn't even compare to what we used to get. Still, can't help but notice that most of the improved talent is at offensive skill positions, DB, DE and LB. That's all well and good (and a huge improvement), but I'll start to get most excited when we start landing some stud O and D linemen. That's where we still don't compare with OU, UT, and other "big-time" programs. To me, it seems like you can scheme and coach-up skill players, but you can only do so much w/ linemen; they just have to have the physical tools. At some point, you have to control the line of scrimmage, something I think we're still struggling with.

KUbsee69 11 years ago

True Story:Once, many moons ago when my daugher was a KU student (88-92), I came home from work and my wife informed me that "weve got tickets to the KU-OU game Saturday". She proceeded to explain that the Dillons grocery store near our home was giving away one free KU football ticket for every six-pack of Charmin toilet paper bought. My wife bought four packs and received four free tickets.We went ... it was a slaughter, exceeded only by, say, Custer's last.My how times have changed!!!MM ... take care and stay a JayHawk forever!

rolo2383 11 years ago

Since we are becoming a winning football team maybe as new students enroll they will enroll in a school that is a football AND bball power and be loyal fans to both programs. As students grow up in the state of KS all they have heard over the last 100 years is how awesome our bball team is and hear nothing about football. That is changing. I think the students will support the football team as much as the bball team but it might take a little more time. Wait until most of the current students graduate and then see how the new crop of students turn out. Just a thought.

mdfraz 11 years ago

I hope you are right rolo. I understand what you are saying about how this is a new phenomenon for kids who grew up in Kansas. What I'm really thinking and counting on is that when the current students graduate, they continue to buy tickets and come to the games, and we get an energized stadium. I think we ought to be hooking kids when they are young, so that when they go to school at KU, they are rabid football fans, and then continue to be after they leave campus. As with everything else involving building a program, it takes time. My frustration was just that after several decent years, and the best year in program history last year, all it took was one blowout loss to a pretty solid TTU team to get at least SOME students to give up on football. I hope people like that are the minority, but I'm not quite sure yet.

JayhawkPhil64 11 years ago

It is great to see all the enthusiasm about KU football. Like the one poster, I too remember sitting in the stands in sorrow during the Valensente years and remember during the Terry Allen years when we would be battling against places like Mankato St for recruits so it is great to see the improvement. I agree that a larger stadium would be in order if we can continue to improve and consistently be a Top 25 team but I would hate for us to build a big sterile facilty outside of town. I love the setting of our current stadium and wish we could expand the capacity without making it look like a tacky add on. Some people have talked about taking out the track and putting more seats closer to the action. Others have talked about closing in the bowl on the south end somehow without spoiling the view of the Campanille(sp). Does anyone have any other ideas?

rolo2383 11 years ago

fihsch - We play the same south teams next year. In two years we start a two year cycle where we play Baylor, OSU and A&M. You should jump off of the fair weathered band wagon and become a loyal fan like the rest of us. This is the beginning of something very exciting for the KU football program. You might as well jump all the way in.

rolo2383 11 years ago

Phil64 - What I have heard is they are going to add a 2nd deck to the North side of the stadium so there are two decks all the way around. They are also going to lower the field and add more rows down closer to the field. There is a rumor that they are going to add a wedge or something in the south side but not sure about that yet.

sdoyel 11 years ago

KU averaged over 50,000 fans at home this year. A school record I believe....The architecture firm I work for in Dallas has recently done some studies on expanding the stadium.... That is no B.S. Although I'm unsure if it will go anywhere.

rolo2383 11 years ago

I have a source who has given me some pretty accurate info over the last couple of years on stuff and one thing he said was they have already had architectures looking at possible ways to expand the stadium. I didn't want to say too much in case he was wrong on this one. I have mixed feelings on this. I want to watch KU play home games with 80,000 other fans but I don't want, like mdfraz has stated, to sit with 55,000 fans with 25,000 empty seats. I wonder how the in home meeting with Wingo went.

jhokfan 11 years ago

Most of our players come from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas which leads me to believe that the formation of the Big 12 has been good for KU. Texas is talent rich in high school football players and not all of them can play for a Texas school. Mack Brown can’t spit without hitting a top recruit. Mangino does not have that luxury. I’m not a religious man but I pray for his health everyday.

shelleysue 11 years ago

I've known for a long time how lucky KU is to have Mark Mangino and my patience has paid off. He has an eye for picking up on good athletes, then has the talent for helping every player reach their potential. He believes in having the best players on the field for the kicking game (amazingly, not all coaches realize something so obvious). He believes in getting the best athletes on the field even if he has to think outside the box. He knows how incredibly important defense is. He surrounds himself with good people. And he is an offensive genius. Heck, he's a genius period. Lew - just give him anything he wants, exactly how he wants it, and exactly when he wants it!

Blake Post 11 years ago

I'm just freakin' psyched, pumped and thrilled about the mu and bowl victories to end this year. Hawks rule. So far, none of the other big 12 bowl teams have dominated. They do not rule. We must break you, tiger lilies and corndogs.

TxJyHwk 11 years ago

Toto_the_great & Hawksj - what I heard (3rd hand) about Earnest Norman is that his choice to switch to Nebraska is because they told him he would start.

sevenyearhawk 11 years ago

GREAT STORY, FANTASTIC COMMENTS!Guess I've been too busy at work to notice it ...(thanks for the heads up, Jimmy_Dean)It is pretty awesome watching the slow shift and expansion of interest in football at KU, on the Web, on the radio and on television.It is a day that I never thought would arrive, during my 24 Games Attended Streak, from Tangerine to Fort Worth Bowls, when I watched the team get beat up (but never outcoached) in Boulder, Lincoln, Norman, Lubbock and Austin.A New Day is dawning, my fellow Jayhawk football fans ... BEAK 'EM!!!!!!!

Hawkman_021 11 years ago

I agree about the West side, i am thinking about trying to get my season tickets to the East side closer to the students

FlaHawk 11 years ago

I vaguly remember almost a year ago KU AD announced plans to remove the track, dig down and add about 12K near field seats. The hold up was finding $$$ to relocate track to a 5-10K facility.This was speculated to take about three years and would grow Memorial Stadium to 62K, which would hold KU for 5-10 years depending on economy and strength of program.Adding a full upper deck orr filling in open end of horseshoe are premature with a track inside.I am not sure but KU is probably the last Big XII and one of few in BCS that still have antiquated track in football stadium.

JBurtin 11 years ago

"Toto_the_great & Hawksj - what I heard (3rd hand) about Earnest Norman is that his choice to switch to Nebraska is because they told him he would start."lol, it must have been like a game of telephone by the time it got to the third hand.Norman decided to go to Nebraska because he has a kid and they have great facilities for students with children on their campus. Our facilities for these non traditional students really suck.Unfortunately, Nebraska asked him to decommit.I guess the Huskers wanted to use their scholie elsewhere,that really sucks.Usually when an athlete decommits from us they lose their scholarship offer. Maybe Mangino will make an exception for him due to the circumstances, but most likely he'll try and find another school with decent facilities for raising children.Good luck to him.

mdfraz 11 years ago

Good info JBurtin, I had no idea of Norman's situation, but I respect him greatly for being a man and considering how his decision will impact his kid. As far as him possibly coming back to KU, I would be very leery of letting a guy come back after he already committed and backed out. That being said, this is a pretty rare circumstance, and if Norman were interested in KU again (sounds like we can't meet his personal needs, but who knows), I would hope Mangino would at least consider it. On a selfish note, we still could use some help at linebacker..........

Kevin Long 11 years ago

Winning is a the best recruiting tool there is! Hopefully they can get a North title in the next few years. I hate it that Reesing's senior year will include the big three in the South. Who knows though, maybe they can knock off at least one next year.

Dr. Robert s. Mosser 11 years ago

Some of the non-specific knocking or any program or person related to Kansas Athletics can't help recruiting, especially with those from KC, Topeka, Wichita and often possibles from smaller communities. Galen Fiss played 6 man football but had a great career in the NFL. This applies to BB as well. You recruit where you find talented athletes. A few years go Henry Bibby(USC BB Coach) was bitching about Roy recruiting BB players in California and said schools should only recruit in their own areas. He hadn't noticed that Rodney Peete(SMSouthwest) and Brad Budde were both from the KC area and were stars at USC and in the NFL later.KU is one of the few schools to have 3 successful programs over the years. I don't believe that any other B-12 school has won NCAA track. KU did twice. There may be some pull for a recruit to be at a school that enjoys winning most of the school year.

Cmill1221 11 years ago

Im sorry but why do people keep giving perkins credit for this? Mangino was an Al Boul(sp) hire and self by the chancellor. none of our other programs are doing anything. and people act as if he is a financial genius all he did was milk our already great basketball program and now he is going to try to do it for football. i hate the fact that i was one of 20,000 people who did their time with Allen and the others and now that ku football is good he is going to take away my football seats also. he acts like he was the guy who brought it all together. personally i cant wait to see perkins go.

Paul Christiansen 11 years ago

I'm sorry Cmill1221 but Lew Perkins is a financial genius and I am sick and tired ofall the older people whining like little babies about "giving" up their seats. Your season ticket is not a deed to a piece of property. Rather, it is a priviledge to be ableto watch a very unique sporting event.The only thing that matters is what's good for KU and we need to learn to be team players and put all of our support behind Mangino and Perkins. KU Forever.

tominkc 11 years ago

I agree with pchris. Perkins is raising money for the athletic department in previously unthinkable amounts. It hasn't been as simple as "milking" the basketball program - that's part of it but if it's so simple, then why has he been so much more successful than our previous AD's? Look at all the revovations and new facilities - these things are a direct result of Perkins. And I don't feel sorry for people who are "losing" their seats. There are a lot of fans who have never had good seats who are really excited about the opportunity to get them under Perkins. You can keep your seats if you want, just get out the checkbook like everyone else.As for "none of our other programs" doing anything, does anyone really care?

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