Originally published January 6, 2009 at 12:00a.m., updated January 6, 2009 at 09:05a.m.

Weighty issues

Guard Collins is at his lowest weight as a Jayhawk

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps up the crowd after a dunk by teammate Cole Aldrich during the second half against Tennessee. Collins led the Jayhawks with 26 points on Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse. Tyrel Reed, who scored eight points, takes in the moment.

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps up the crowd after a dunk by teammate Cole Aldrich during the second half against Tennessee. Collins led the Jayhawks with 26 points on Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse. Tyrel Reed, who scored eight points, takes in the moment.


Sherron Collins has won his own, personal Battle of the Bulge.

Kansas University’s 5-foot-11 junior point guard from Chicago, reported Monday that he weighs an even 200 pounds, his lowest weight since becoming a Jayhawk.

“I think I’ve got it (conquered). The coaches know I’ve got it. I don’t get any hassles from them anymore,” said Collins.

He indicated he used to be put on the scale daily and sometimes received cell phone calls from concerned staff members “asking me what I was eating.

“I know if I’m overweight it can stop my progress. It can stop me from getting better. I don’t even have to think about it anymore.”

That’s because Collins — who on Monday was tapped Big 12 Player of the Week for the second time in his KU career — in coach Bill Self’s words “has the best body composition since he’s been here. I certainly can’t say one negative word about his conditioning, how he’s taking care of himself. His conditioning is fabulous.”

Collins, who is coming off a career-high 26-point outing against Tennessee entering today’s 7 p.m. home game against Siena, has effectively rebuilt his body since reporting out of shape in August.

It’s never been revealed exactly how heavy Collins was at the start of first semester. Fifteen pounds over playing weight might be a ballpark figure.

“It wasn’t as much a weight issue as a conditioning issue,” Self said. “Whenever you have a rough offseason like he had because of health (arthroscopic knee surgery in late April), when you are released you have to take full advantage of it.

“That was the thing that disappointed me the most. I don’t think he took full advantage of it. Since school started he’s certainly worked very hard to get where he is. I’m very proud of him.”

Collins’ reporting out of shape today classifies as “old news.” The person who torched Tennessee for driving, spinning layup after driving, spinning layup last Saturday is stealing headlines in Big 12 country today.

“I have to give it to my teammates. I couldn’t do it without them,” Collins said Monday, referring to winning the league’s top player award.

Collins — not his teammates — deserves all the credit for his weight loss. He’s the one who ultimately decides what to put in his body.

“I think it was late-night eating (that was the problem),” said Collins’ uncle, Walt Harris, who spent some time with Sherron last summer in Chicago.

He said his nephew has a weakness for chicken wings, but has substituted that urge with “baked chicken.”

“When he came home (over Christmas) he watched his diet,” Harris added of a three-day holiday trip to the Windy City. “I’m proud of him. He’s finally getting it. He knows he has to be at a certain weight level to be one of the best.”

Instead of chowing on chips and salsa late at night, Collins turns to a more healthy staple.

“I eat a lot of fruit. I eat celery. I grew up eating celery. That’s my thing,” Collins said.

“Celery and I think he likes a little peanut butter on there. It’s good he likes celery,” Walt added with a laugh.

Collins’ roommate, Brady Morningstar, said the subject of his buddy’s weight no longer is even a topic of discussion.

“He can eat everything we eat, just not real big portions,” Morningstar said. “He’s done a good job this year of not stuffing his face and eating. With his upper body ... he puts on more weight than a normal person does.

“Keeping the weight off is as important as anything to him. It helps his quickness and speed and that’s the No. 1 aspect of his game.”

Collins believes he’s at an ideal weight.

Uncle Walt would actually like to see five additional pounds shed.

“Lose five more and he’s unstoppable. At 195 he’d be amazing,” Walt said. “You’d see him flying around and dunking like high school. He’d arguably be quicker than anybody in the country.”

Tennessee might today rate Collins the quickest guard in the U.S.

“He controlled the game on defense and offense,” KU freshman guard Tyshawn Taylor said of Collins’ nine-assist, five-rebound effort.

“He is awesome. He plays hard every possession. Coach gets on me for taking plays off. Sherron doesn’t do that. If I can follow his intensity, that’d be good.”

Collins — who applied some “Icy Hot” to his back before Monday’s practice to help loosen up tight back muscles — is hoping to remain injury free the rest of the season.

Any thoughts he may have had of testing the NBA Draft after KU’s national title season disappeared once surgery was prescribed for his aching left knee.

“I didn’t have a chance to think about it because I had to get surgery and all that,” said Collins, who said he won’t entertain any thoughts of the NBA until after this season.

“I haven’t thought about it, really,” he said. “At times it gets a little bit frustrating with all the young guys. I am only thinking about helping the young guys get better, to get better as a team. Yes, I can envision a situation I do come back. Right now, as far as I can tell, I’m coming back for my senior year. There’s no thought about the NBA right now.”

Soph Cole Aldrich also has said he won’t think about possibly entering the draft until after the season.

Self said that’s good because, “that was last year’s talk (in media) with our guys. There’s none of that this year. Every game shouldn’t be a deal, ‘well (now) one is going to leave.’’’

Self does believe a player under 6-foot can play for a long time in the league.

“Sure,” Self said. “Muggsy Bogues excelled at 5-3. Sherron could post him up. Spud Webb was 5-7. I do think you’ve got to be a pitbull to do it. You’ve got to be tough and be able to make other guys better around you and really shoot the ball, put pressure on the other team. When he’s playing well he does that as well as anybody.”

Asked if Self was “writing it off” that Collins was a lock to turn pro after three seasons, Self exclaimed: “No. It was one game. I’m not writing anything off. We played one game. But he did play great in that game.

“The player of the week in any league does not mean you are an NBA player. (But) if I was an NBA guy, I’d be very impressed by the way Sherron performed last weekend.”

If KU is to contend for Big 12 title this season, Collins likely will be a winner of that award again.

“Sherron is great. He knows everything coach wants. He’s our leader,” frosh Taylor exclaimed.


KUbsee69 11 years ago

200 ... "lowest weight since becoming a Jayhawk" ???I'm pretty sure I remember him getting down to 195 at one point at KU.

Brian Powell 11 years ago

don't lose tooo much more - I like seeing you finish inside after taking some contact :))also, can he GET any quicker!? <- rhetorical question

kubmg 11 years ago

"lowest weight since becoming a Jayhawk"? That's interesting being that I'm reading a book (don't recall the title off-hand) in which each Jayhawk from last year's squad wrote an entry about the championship season. I read Collin's entry last night. He stated he weighed 198 during the Memphis game.I guess Bedore is not reading that book. Collins may have reported being 200 pounds but Bedore goes on to make an inaccurate assumption.It's all kind of silly anyway ... slow news day I guess.

srhendricks 11 years ago

Did anyone else hear this during Saturday's game? After Sherron made a signature drive and spinning layup, Jay Bilas says this "That almost looked like Ty Lawson out there." Can somebody please tell me how that is not bias commentating? As I recall Ty Lawson hasn't done anything. In the only time that they have met, Sherron Collins ran all over him. Every time Lawson makes a drive and scores they should be saying "that was Collins-este" if anything. But ESPN has to spend 24 hrs everyday to talk about what gods "Psycho-T" and the tar heels are. I predict a season like many of Roy Williams at KU. A great team with an even greater let down at the end of the season. FUNC!

KUFan90 11 years ago

When was the last Collins dunk? Other than the dunk at the end of the McDonald's game I can't remember any memorable ones at KU. Not meant as a criticism, just an interesting observation that he isn't dunking like I expected him to as a college player.

Jesse Newell 11 years ago

kubmg — I was at the interview. This was the conversation (or close to it):Gary: Is this the lowest weight you've been at?Sherron: Yeah.That's why Gary put it in the story. Sherron said this was his lowest weight.

kcmostwanted 11 years ago

Yeah... I think when he went from coast to coast Jay said "he's doing his best impersonation of Ty Lawson"... I'm a little offended but at the same time Lawson does get plenty of coast to coast lay ups... Collins eats Lawson for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner though.. Lawson gets so much attention because he has a good supporting cast around him..-Ellington and Green does all the shooting-Psy T and Deon Thompson handles the middleThis Allows Lawson to penetrate and kick out for open 3's or easy baskets....Switch Collins and Lawson, and KU has no go to scorer and has a worst record.. just in case you didn't know, Lawson can't shoot worth jack unless he's wide open...

JayhawkPurist 11 years ago

SRHENDRICKS,I couldn't agree with you more. Lawson is so overrated it's literally not funny. Granted, I'm a bit biased, but I sincerely believe that a neutral observer would have to agree that Collins' game is more versitile than Lawson's. Collins is every bit as fast baseline to baseline, and almost surely quicker and stronger in driving to the hole. What's more, Collins is hands down a better shooter, and totally domiated Lawson the one time they went head to head.As much as I like Bilas, I'm not surprised he made the comment. I saw on yesterday in his most recent blog stating that he's already anticipating that Hansbrough will be named National Player of the Year. Granted, it's early and Bilas doesn't unilaterally decide the winner, but it's this kind of sloppy, biased chatter that, when repeated enough times, gains traction and has an impact on results.

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Here is a quote from an article in the Charlotte Observer about the Tar Heels. I had to laugh at this quote. Since when has Roy Williams teams been tough! His run and gun allows for zero half-court "Team Defense" and has that "Soft" demeanor about his teams. "That's one of the most disappointing things about a loss like this, because we've always been taught and told and brought up in this Carolina way," Ginyard said. "Everybody that's ever played for Carolina, everybody that's ever been a part of Carolina for longer than a season or two, knows that one of the biggest things about being a Carolina basketball player is that you're going to be tougher than the other team."Here is the full article It's like the sky is falling here in the Carolinas after this loss! LMAO! Here are a couple of other articles. They are so arrogant! article are a couple of my favorite pics (That's not a foul-LMAO!) (That's not a foul-LMAO!) (My Favorite) (That's not a foul-LOL!)

nameer 11 years ago

Ty Lawson would get domed by Sherron. Ty is maybe (MAYBE) slightly faster than sherron...but sherron is much stronger than lawson, has a much better three-point stroke, a much better pull-up game, and doesn't play in a transition game all the time that pumps his stats. Williams' system is like Mike D'Antoni's in the NBA - the stats are almost worthless because if you plug in any offensively talented player their stats get juiced up.Oh and did I mention Collins actually knows what defense is.

Rick Arnoldy 11 years ago

I think it's simply a matter of Lawson making a name for himself before Collins did. That's all. You're always going to get compared to those who came before you (even though they're both still playing).

Alex Wishart 11 years ago

Can't we just point at the scoreboard at this point? Collins=National Champ, Lawson=nill.

JayhawkPhil64 11 years ago

I have changed my mind on one opinion I had about Collins. Before, I was hoping that Self could reduce his minutes so he wouldn't get worn down by the time we went to the tournament. Now I think he needs to play as many minutes as possible to keep his head in the game. If you notice, even though he plays a lot of minutes, he does most of his damage late in the game. Also, it seems that his worst games of the year(unless he is injured) are in those first 5 or 6. I'm thinking he might not be as effective if he has to keep going in and out of the game. He doesn't seem to be a guy that needs that much rest, at least from a mental perspective. Hopefully his increased ability to keep weight off will help his body keep up with his mind.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

I did wince when I heard Bilas compare Collins to Lawson. We smoked the Heels and won the title, so why does Lawson deserve to be standard to which others are compared? That said, Jay Billas is actually a pretty strong KU advocate, especially considerng he's a Duke grad himself.

jaybate 11 years ago

Lawson is the fastest guy in D1?Either of UTenn's guards would blow Lawson's doors off.KU blew Lawson's doors off last year.Lawson is a one dimensional player. He's a road runner. Make him play side to side and he's a woman.Can't shoot the trinity.Can't take being bodied.Never asked to defend, so can't.Ty Lawson is Jacque Vaugh without the brains.

jaybate 11 years ago

Sherron Collins is a man.Sherron Collins is a sargeant.Sherron Collins is a stallion.Sherron Collins keeps learning from his mistakes.Sherron Collins just learned how to modulate between controlling the game and distributing.Sherron Collins is learning how to be a maestro, how to rossin up the bow and make the other four strings sing, how to pluck and how to hooooooooooooold a note.Sherron Collins does things no other guards can do.He ain't perfect. Like many terrific players, when he over reaches his grasp, he is so far out there he looks REALLY bad. Sherron can't out perform every other player all the time.But if I had to pick one short guard I had to live and die with (and you do die with short guards, unless you've got a longer one to cover his back side when he needs help), Sherron Collins is the ONLY short guard I would consider. Sherronatron.Fasted point guard particle in the land.And Uncle Walt is right.If Sherron dropped to 195, even Tyshawn wouldn't be able to touch him. In fact, at 195, Sherronatron would only be visible inside a super collider and viewing him would alter his state.And to top it all off, the human particle, the Sherronatron, has a positive spin. This makes all the difference in the subatomic universe and in ours.

JayhawkPhil64 11 years ago

In addition to his unlimited energy and complete lack of fear, the most amazing thing about Collins is his ability to hit layups with guys about a foot taller all around him. He reminds me of a guy named Cedric Hunter. Cedric was a little shorter even than Collins and not as talented but he did a lot of the same things against much taller opponents.

Jonathan Allison 11 years ago

Sherron gets very little actual respect from the national media. Part of this is because he was publicly lambasted by Bill Self for reporting back to school out of shape. Against Syracuse Sherron was the "bowling ball of a point guard for Kansas" going up against "one of the best point guards in the nation" in Johnny Flynn. Against Temple the focus was on Dionte Crismas. Against Kent State it was all about Al Fisher.As long as Sherron is able to play within himself and play through his teammates (especially Cole) he will continue to be the most outstanding player on the floor every time he steps out of the locker room. Whether or not he gets awards and honors rests solely on how far he guides this team come March.

JayhawkPurist 11 years ago

jaybate, do you by any chance have a background in physics? Love your themes.

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