Thursday, January 1, 2009

K-State QB expected to enter NFL draft

Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman, shown in this November 1, 2008, file photo against Kansas, plans on skipping his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman, shown in this November 1, 2008, file photo against Kansas, plans on skipping his senior season to enter the NFL draft.


— Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman was expected to announce that he's skipping his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

A person with knowledge of Freeman's decision Thursday told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly, the school planned to make a formal announcement Friday.

Freeman, a 6-foot-6 junior, broke most of Kansas State's career passing records. first reported Freeman would enter the NFL draft.


hayshawk2123 11 years ago

Freeman in the NFL...K-State in the NFL...Purple in the NFL...JOKEGoodluck, sorry about not making a bowl game this year and having your head coach removed.

jayhawkr34 11 years ago

well i guess he will validate the "not for long" title of the league. i would think reesing would have more of a chance than free(slinging)man. why not get another year under a better coach and someone who has some standing with nfl scouts. just a thought, or is freeman worried snyder will recognize his weaknesses and bench him?

JBurtin 11 years ago

Snyder would bench him in a heartbeat. Prince spent his entire tenure trying to develop an offense that was simple enough that Freeman could actually handle it, and Freeman still found new ways of throwing interceptions.SOEither he's smart enough to realize that he's not going to be their starter for next yearORHe thinks that breaking K-State passing records qualifies him as a good quarterback.Unfortunately for him, most of those passing yards are of the screen pass variety. Freeman couldn't run a real offense if his life depended on it. The end result is that no matter what his reasoning is for trying to go pro, he's going to get torn up in the combines and end up waiting for a phone call that simply isn't coming on draft day.He'll get invited to somebody's camp, but there's no way this kid makes a roster anywhere as a QB. The best he can hope for is that somebody keeps him around for a while and tries to turn him into a tight end.I suppose even an NFL practice squad pays pretty well, so I guess that wouldn't be all bad.Good luck to you son. You were a blast to watch (from a KU fan's perspective).

Carter Patterson 11 years ago

Good Luck Josh. Its been nice to whip out our can of whoopass on you for the last 3 years. On your way out, don't forget your power towel!

jayhawkintexas 11 years ago

Just another one in a long line of K-State quarterbacks who won't make it in the NFL..Michael Bishop, El Roberson, Dylan Meier.....

zissou 11 years ago

Everyone should have seen this coming. The only reason Freeman bolted from his commitment to Nebraska was Ron Prince. K-State then "accepts his resignation" and Freeman is left alone without the coach who had coddled him for three seasons. He'll be on an NFL roster next year (because of that dreaded phrase — "upside") but his prospects aren't good. The decision-making skills just aren't there.

FlaHawk 11 years ago

I think this was a great move. Freeman would not draft as high next year with all the Junior class QB talent. Synder will have a more balanced attach and hurt Freeman's numbers. KSU will not do much in a transition year anyway. Freeman could eay easily get hurt.With his size, he will stick somewhere in the NFL. Too raw a talent not too. Reesing is three times the coillege QB, but his lack of size will kill his chance in NFL. He is a typical CFL QB and with a bigger field, he would be even better!

nebraska_jayhawk 11 years ago

What makes Freeman think he is draftable? Yes he may have the build to be an NFL QB, but he does not have the attitude or the ability to play in the NFL. I guess we'll see what team is stupid enough to draft him and/or chase daniel.

dmb41fan 11 years ago

Clearly as some of you have illustrauted by your comments your lack of knowledge of football is blatantly clear. For example the fact that Freeman has a Pro Type body, and arm bode very well for him, much more than they ever would for Reesing. Reesing has to have a very specific case for an NFL team to draft him, he is small and has to have an offensive line catered to his needs. The NFL teams don't run the spread that KU or other Big 12 schools do, it is much more complicated. The number of QB's who could go out this year is a bit tough to deal with - Georgia's QB- McCoy from Texas - possibly- Bradford from Oklahoma - possiblyIf these guys don't go this year, it will be just as tough next year if Bradford and McCoy wait a year.To the comment that Freeman is in a long list of K-State QB's that didn't make it, I seem to recall an even smaller list of KU QB's and I believe that last years talented DB Talib who almost averaged 2 tackles a game for a non playoff team. I think you should be happy for someone from the Kansas area trying to do well. You don't see me writing harsh things about jayhawkr34 not getting a job once he gets his highschool GED.

Dyrk Dugan 11 years ago

his draft stock is high now, but it will fall. he will be lucky to be drafted before the 6th round. His numbers or his production are not even close to Michael Bishop's...and he fell to the 7th round. We will miss you here in the Jayhawk were very good for us.

JBurtin 11 years ago

dumb41fanOnce again I applaud it when dumb people let us know before we ever read their comments that they are about to say something stupid.Freeman still has to go through combines before his NFL stock is decided, that's where his house of cards is going to be dismantled. When it comes down to it, if being in the mid six foot range and 240 lbs. is all it takes to be an NFL quarterback, then about half the D ends in the NCAA should be getting picked up to give NFL quarterbacking a try. I really have never understood any of the hype about this kid. His athleticism is good, but it's nothing that you can't find on any given team, and his QB skills stink, so I have trouble figuring out why somebody would want to take on a project like him when there are legitimately good players out there to be drafted. The fact that he even has a chance to get picked on draft day is a true testament to exactly how badly the NFL does at evaluating talent.For a good example of what Freeman's future may look like, just look at Brodie Croyle's college career. ESPN was talking about how great he would be as an NFL quarterback, yet his team once went 3 weeks in a row without scoring a touchdown. He got torn up in the combines (as will soon happen to Freeman) and his draft stock dropped. Yet a team with a manager as bad as Carl Peterson was still dumb enough to waste a draft pick on him. The big difference between Croyle and Freeman? Freeman has been hyped, but he's had nowhere near the hype that Croyle had. A bad combine performance could easily find him at home alone on draft day.

JBurtin 11 years ago

As for Reesing, nobody disputes the fact that he will be largely overlooked by the NFL. Even Reesing himself is looking towards going to grad school and is not banking on an NFL future. However, the fact that he may get ignored by the NFL has absolutely nothing to do with his skills as a quarterback, and everything to do with the fact that NFL managers spend too much time watching ESPN and buying into whatever hype they happen to be selling at the time.A few facts:-Reesing has been throwing over linemen that are the same height as the average NFL linemen-Reesing has showed that his size gives him a distinct advantage in avoiding a pass rush.-Reesing has shown the ability to forget a bad play, and follow it up with a good one-Reesing has proven to be extremely tough and durable-Reesing throws with incredible accuracy on the run, even if it's off his back foot-Reesing has shown that the stigma that he lacks arm strength is complete BS (KU fans have watched this kid sidestep a DE, then throw a sixty yard bomb in the air and hit his receiver in stride, you may have seen it as well, after all it was the #1 play of the day on Sportscenter)All this being said, at the end of the day Freeman may get picked up, and Reesing may not. However, as a college football fan, I have no doubt in my mind that any K-State fan would have gladly switched quarterbacks with us any time in the last three years.

JBurtin 11 years ago

BTW, your comment about Talib was even more laughably stupid than your comments about Freeman.This is only his rookie season, and as such he was only being brought in as a nickelback on 3rd and long situations. In very few plays this year, Talib tallied 23 tackles and 4 interceptions. In short, he makes plays at the NFL level the same way he made them here. I find it hard to figure out what part of his performance KU fans are supposed to be embarrassed about.

Max Ledom 11 years ago

haha this is great go suck it up freeman when you cant even handle big 12 defences imagine how you will fair against pros terrible decision.

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