Originally published February 16, 2009 at 01:56p.m., updated February 16, 2009 at 02:28p.m.

KU coach focusing on Iowa State, not KSU guard’s actions



K-State's Denis Clemente strikes Tyrel Reed

Toward the end of the KU-KSU game, K-State's Denis Clemente struck KU's Tyrel Reed in the side of the head. It wasn't noticed during the game but drew considerable attention after.

Kansas State guard Denis Clemente elbowed Kansas University’s Brady Morningstar in a way Saturday that drew a technical foul and helped to turn Saturday’s Big 12 game in KU’s direction.

But what Clemente did later with his right hand did not get detected by game referees. Late in the game, after Clemente shot a free throw, KU’s Tyrel Reed boxed him out and started to drive him back. Clemente responded by smacking Reed on the right side of the head with his open right hand.

If the Big 12 launches an investigation into the matter, it won’t be because Kansas coach Bill Self asked for it.

“Yes,” Self responded when asked if he saw it while watching game tape. “I’m not going to do anything. I’m not calling any attention to it. But, yeah, I saw it. You can’t help but see it if you watch the tape. But, no, I’m not going to do anything. It’s a dead issue. That game’s over, so we’ve got to put our focus on Iowa State. I’m definitely not going to spend any time on that.”

Big 12 spokesman Rob Carolla said "the Big 12 Conference is reviewing the situation that occurred near the end of the Kansas-Kansas State game on Saturday."


rockchalkin54 11 years ago

Way to stay classy and not whine about it, Coach.

John Brown 11 years ago

We may play them again in the B-12 tourney, I would expect him to run into a hard pick or something.

Dirk Medema 11 years ago

Gotta love Tyrel's response. Less than if there were gnats in the back yard. Has anyone posted the clip of Tyrel getting shoved from behind by Brown during a deadball? Hard picks are part of the game, and wouldn't be anything new, but the defend your boyhood moves are lame.

Michael Auchard 11 years ago

Wow, I didn't even notice that during the game. That's messed up, man!

JayViking 11 years ago

Anyone know where a video of the Morningstar foul and subsequent T-Foul is?

nebraska_jayhawk 11 years ago

I've been on the k-suck message boards and they essentially worship Clemente. I would just LOVE it if the Big 12 suspended him. Talk about a blow to whatever ego they have left.

Scott Smetana 11 years ago

Good job scouting the Mildcat website. Could you post the address here? I'd also love to know the address of the Mizzery website... I'd get great entertainment reading their trash.

jayhawker_97 11 years ago

coach Self, a well-respected standout coach, made the right decision. Big-12 community will more likely not pursue it either until more noise is heard. but, as a KU fan, i have no respect for a dirty player like Clamente. trust me, he aint' going nowhere.

rock chalk!

jayhok22 11 years ago

Here you go Smitty, use caution though as it might drop you IQ.

crmsnblu 11 years ago

kind of makes you wonder if this is why mr. fitzgerald over at is making up the trash about ku's bench that he is. is this his way of trying to balance out the fact that ku plays a dirty game?

crmsnblu 11 years ago

sorry KSU plays a dirty game my bad

nebraska_jayhawk 11 years ago

PikesPeak- Actually the Tiger fans are very nice and cordial. They are intelligent fans and I have a respect for them. They are actually realistic though passionate. The wildcat fans on the other had are just utter morons who live in a fantasy land.

Matt Bowers 11 years ago

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Dyrk Dugan 11 years ago

Coach Self is all class man....we're lucky to have him as a coach. what a great example for the kids to publicly say, "hey, let's forget about it....and get on with the next game." i mean the Big 12 is looking at it, and that's enough from our program's standpoint.

He always talks about the focus should be next play, next play. and he's following it to the letter. that shows a lot. Go Jayhawks!

Matt Bowers 11 years ago

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chetp 11 years ago

"kind of makes you wonder if this is why mr. fitzgerald over at is making up the trash about ku's bench that he is. is this his way of trying to balance out the fact that ku plays a dirty game?"

this post has info of who heard/made up this trash.

nebraska_jayhawk 11 years ago

They are over there trying to say that Texas and USC are their rivals and that we are not relevant to them. Well, we aren't relevant because they cant beat us. THEY are trying to claim that we are making the game against them our superbowl. MAN they are dumb.

Brian Skelly 11 years ago

<p> is Mizzou's best one.

Is it filled with Tiggers fanz, yup.

But its actually a good forum generally.

They actually advocate other teams fans to come on as well.

Sometimes for punishment, but its a good site regardless.

nebraska_jayhawk 11 years ago

They also claim that they "have bigger fish to fry" which is an exact quote from one of their fans. I simply asked the question of why they do not consider KU a rival. Not a single person was able to answer that question. They instead hurled insults at me.

nebraska_jayhawk 11 years ago

BPSkelly- Yes, you are right. The Mizzou board IS a good board. There are several of us KU people over there and there have been some EXTREMELY good discussions. I ask for facts or history about Mizzou and they provide it. k-suck fan on the other hand only provide insults and the stupidest posts known to man. I think they are literally incapable of having a cordial conversation.

nebraska_jayhawk 11 years ago

k-suck has officially replaced Mizzou as my number one hated team. I still dont like Mizzou anymore than I did before, but I respect both their basketball team and their fans. k-suck on the other hand is not respected by me at all. I do not respect their fans or their sports teams.

bvrams 11 years ago

What is up with teh other Big XII north coaches getting punks and thugs? Look at Nebraska, K-State, Misseray. Do they think the only way to beat us is with hitting and slaping and playing dirty? That is messed up man!!

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

Self doesn't have to report it - the media is doing it for him by calling the Big 12 for comments.

Robert Brock 11 years ago

That was the slap of a girly-man.

Robert Brock 11 years ago

That was a slap BY a girly-man. Oh, know what I mean!

Eurekahwk 11 years ago

<p> is fun. I went on there and told them that Space Jam wants their song back. Can you believe they think it is still cool. That's how it is with rural raised kids. Here in ten years, they might discover the wonderful musical soundings of Soundgarden!

Alex Wishart 11 years ago

is it me or has everyone forgot about HCBS's boss? you gotta know that ol' Lew has been on the phone non-stop about this. that's part of his job. he's the one who is cronies with all the BigXII big wigs. you can count on Lew to getterdone.

rockchalk80 11 years ago

Clemente is a punk. --Doug Gottlieb

TheShot122293 11 years ago

As a native of a small Kansas town planted squarely in the middle of K-State country, I used to be surprised at how little many of my fellow Jayhawks knew about KSU's hatred of us. There is so much concentration on the KU-Missouri rivalry, and rightfully so, that a lot of people from out of state think very little about KSU. Though there are different reasons for the hatred of the respective schools, I think the basic reason is the same. Inferiority is a highly uncomfortable feeling, and both schools feel plenty of it when confronted with the Jayhawks. I think this is one thing, and perhaps the only thing, that they are right about in their lives.

KSU's hatred for us is very deep and very real. If you read the posts at the fan site that jayhok22 gave the link for, you have an idea of what Tyrel Reed has heard his whole life growing up in Kansas. We talk about facts: we are a higher rated institution, we have owned K-State in basketball, and we have owned K-State in football with the exception of the Bill Snyder (Stoops/Mangino) era. They can't counter on these, so they use elementary school playground insults to show their heart-wrenching disdain for our existence. We are the smarter, more athletic, better looking, more talented, more successful, more recognized and socially connected older brother with hotter girlfriends. They're the screw-up younger brother who almost literally can't do anything right. Like choose a school.

I think that's part of why Tyrel Reed responded the way he did. Obviously, he's just a good person and not stupid enough to respond or shameless enough to flop. I'm sure, though, that he's just used to this kind of stupidity from KSU fans. "Huh, my loser kid brother just kicked me in the shin." No big deal...he has real business to take care of.

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