Saturday, August 22, 2009

KU football ranked 25th in preseason AP poll


The Kansas football team is ranked No. 25 in the preseason Associated Press Top 25 poll released Saturday.

The Jayhawks were unranked in the USA Today coaches poll released earlier this month.

KU was joined in the rankings of the AP poll by four other Big 12 schools: Texas (No. 2), Oklahoma (No. 3), Oklahoma State (No. 9) and Nebraska (No. 24).

Florida received 58 of the 60 first-place votes to take the top spot in the rankings.

The full Associated Press poll is below.

AP Top 25
1. Florida (58) 0-0 1,498
2. Texas (2) 0-0 1,424
3. Oklahoma 0-0 1,370
4. USC 0-0 1,313
5. Alabama 0-0 1,156
6. Ohio State 0-0 1,113
7. Virginia Tech 0-0 1,054
8. Mississippi 0-0 1,047
9. Oklahoma State 0-0 989
9. Penn State 0-0 989
11. LSU 0-0 914
12. California 0-0 746
13. Georgia 0-0 714
14. Boise State 0-0 659
15. Georgia Tech 0-0 593
16. Oregon 0-0 587
17. TCU 0-0 521
18. Florida State 0-0 307
19. Utah 0-0 289
20. Brigham Young 0-0 267
21. North Carolina 0-0 261
22. Iowa 0-0 229
23. Notre Dame 0-0 225
24. Nebraska 0-0 207
25. Kansas 0-0 134

Others Receiving Votes — Oregon State 122, Illinois 105, Pittsburgh 103, Michigan State 100, Rutgers 83, Texas Tech 76, West Virginia 57, Cincinnati 44, Clemson 42, Miami (FL) 40, East Carolina 30, Tennessee 15, Arizona 13, North Carolina State 10, Boston College 9, Central Michigan 7, Auburn 7, UCLA 7, Northwestern 5, South Florida 3, Southern Miss 3, Vanderbilt 3, Missouri 3, South Carolina 2, Nevada 1, Arkansas 1, Houston 1, Troy 1, Tulsa 1.


killabees 10 years, 5 months ago

It's good to be ranked, even if it is behind Notre Dame and Nebraska (argh!).

Dyrk Dugan 10 years, 5 months ago

basically 26th in the coaches poll...and 25 here. consistent at least. i'd like to vault up about 15 spots by Oct. 15....that would mean we're having a pretty good year up to that point.....tee he.

(it's not out of the realm of possibilities.)

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years, 5 months ago

I like this. Last year we started out about 10 spots higher and never lived up to that ranking. This year we have a better team and less recognition. A good chance to sneak up a few spots, but we can make a big move if we come into the OU game 6-0 and make a big statement. Winning the North and beating a "big three" South team is far more important than our ranking this year anyway, as long as we can peak in the poll at the right time.

Nick Cole 10 years, 5 months ago

tee he...really? I seriously hope you are a girl, because I am pretty sure that is how girls laughed when I was in middle school. No offense.

gardenjay 10 years, 5 months ago

mvjayhawk -

tee hee sounds fine to me though. It is almost like a question: 'Tea, He?" to which I respond, 'Yes!'

sevenyearhawk 10 years, 5 months ago

Ohio State and Penn State being in the top ten is just laughable ...

25th sounds pretty good to me - inspiring, but no so much that the team won't be motivated.

jayhawkinATL 10 years, 5 months ago

Can't believe Mizzou is getting votes after all that they lost from last year!!!

Chris Shaw 10 years, 5 months ago

I can't believe nobody is mentioning UNC is this whole preseason ranking? What has UNC accomplished in the last 12 years. They have had a losing season 11 out of their last 12 year and finished 8-5 last year with a bowl loss to West Virgnia. Am I missing something here? How does a team like that get ranked above teams like Nebraska, KU, and even the Pathetic Notre Dame.

gardenjay 10 years, 5 months ago

It's amazing how far the 'hawks have flown. Wait a minute; does our jayhawk fly, actually? Should it be related to an ostrich, or domesticated and thereby flightless, or is it just waiting for the athletic department to wield its marketing budget towards Jayhawk flight animation?

This would be tricky, if you think about it; it has the potential to look like an extremely dorky and un-flightworthy bird, which would not be good for recruitment for KU's famous aeronautical engineering program.

Anwyay, way to go, making the top 25. Rock Chalk.

Displayhawk 10 years, 5 months ago

What does TCU and Iowa have that gets them ranked so high??? I don't remember hearing much about them last year. At any rate, it's what happens on the field that counts! Good luck to the Jayhawks this year!

Dan Harris 10 years, 5 months ago

Display- TCU finished #7 last year and Patterson always has a strong team, they just have the misfortune of being in a non-BCS conference. I wish they had been chosen to be in the Big12 instead of Baylor( would be able to go to FB games every 2 years and 1 BB game a year since I live in the DFW area!

Displayhawk 10 years, 5 months ago

Thanks jhawkdan! ......You always wonder about teams like TCU and Utah, since they are not in BCS conferences. But they do get some pretty good players, as evidenced by a certain star NFL running back named Tomlinson.
I saw KU play TCU down there a long time ago when Glen Mason was coach. We ended up losing to them. If I remember correctly, it was right after the Big 12 was formed and the TCU fans were a little miffed about being rejected.
But I like our chances this year, and our program is a LOT better now under Coach MM!

Luan Do 10 years, 5 months ago

it's utterly ridiculous nebraska is even ranked at all. ku almost beat them last year in lincoln with a worst team.

Luan Do 10 years, 5 months ago

i meant worse. sorry, dodge city education

NebraskaJayhawk 10 years, 5 months ago

Man, we lost a great recruit in the 2010 class to Nebraska on Saturday.

I think he was previously committed to Kansas?

Dan Harper 10 years, 5 months ago

"Notre Dame?


Agreed, however look at their schedule, look at their recruit rankings compared to what schools below them have gotten, and look at their bowl win and how they played, even against a mid-major. I do think they are overrated, but you shouldn't be suprised.

"Ohio State and Penn State being in the top ten is just laughable ..." - Except Ohio State played Minnesota last year just as tough as KU did, and they played them when Minnesota was still good, not after Iowa creamed them once they slumped. Typical idiot who assumes the Big10 is bad. OSU and PSU are both top 10/15ish teams.

"I can't believe nobody is mentioning UNC is this whole preseason ranking? What has UNC accomplished in the last 12 years." - UNC over the last 12 years is 66-77, KU over the last 12 years is 66-76. UNC doesn't have a BCS bowl win over that time, but is 3-2 in their bowl games, and only lost by 1 point to a WV team that was much better than Minnesota was.

"What does TCU and Iowa have that gets them ranked so high???" - Both have a defense that will keep them in any game, and neither have an opponent that is a sure loss on their schedule. All their games are winnable, while most KU fans realize OU and Texas are not winnable. TCU and Iowa both play well on the road. Also don't forget both teams had better records than KU last year, and both played and beat better opponents in their bowl game than KU.

"it's utterly ridiculous nebraska is even ranked at all. ku almost beat them last year in lincoln with a worst team." - Except nebraska has a solid defense, decent running game, and commits few penalties, a good combination for getting wins on the road and staying in games. You almost beat them, and that makes them the worse team?

Come on people, quit talking down other teams that are good, football is played outside of the Big12, and a lot of times its better.

Blake Post 10 years, 5 months ago

T Tech will be ranked. OSU will not be that high. Neb and ND will die...never liked either one of them except maybe for montana and theisman. KU will be greater than they. That's my story.

Garden Jay...on whether the Jayhawk flies... Notice the Mega Vision (much larger than wimpy ksu "jumbo tron") before each football game. Not only do we rise out of hidden launch sites in Kansas wheat fields and fly, but we fly with great style and stealth... eliminating the opponent with Neutron Bombs, thus exploding them while leaving the venerable stadium untouched.

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