Friday, August 14, 2009


Woodling’s Word to the Wise: Waco, Texas


How do you get to Waco? Let me count the ways.

You can fly to the home of Baylor University on a puddle-jumper out of Dallas, but it’s so expensive that one year we flew into Killeen — about an hour south of Waco — because the fare was much cheaper.

All in all, since you have to rent a car anyway, you’re probably just as well off flying to DFW, spending the night in Fort Worth, then driving about 90 minutes to the BU campus.

Near downtown Waco, check out the small-scale suspension bridge across the Brazos River. And for goodness sakes, you need to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum. It may not have the fizz of, say, the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, but it’s a hoot. Don’t forget to slake your thirst with a fountain-made Dr. Pepper on the way out.

As far as eating, there’s a memorable downtown Mexican restaurant named Ninfa’s, but I have to admit that most of my visits to Waco were in-and-out, so I mostly grubbed at the Whataburger located not too far from the Ferrell Center.

Guilty Pleasure: Stopping in West, a little town with Czech origins about halfway between Fort Worth and Waco, and buying Kolaches for the road.


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