Friday, August 14, 2009


Woodling’s Word to the Wise: Stillwater, Okla.


During the summer in Oklahoma, rare is a day when you don’t see someone wearing an Eskimo Joe’s T-shirt.

Arguably, the most iconic site in the Big 12 Conference, Eskimo Joe’s — aka Stillwater’s “jumpin’ little juke joint” — is only slightly larger than its adjacent souvenir store.

And because Eskimo Joe’s is so close to the Oklahoma State University campus, folks love to squeeze inside — not so much the juke joint as the souvenir store — during breaks in their obligatory pre-game tail-gating.

If you’ve read this far, you know we didn’t stay in Stillwater on football weekends. Instead we spent many a night at the Best Western Cherokee Strip up the interstate in Perry, Okla. The lure? The all-you-can eat Friday night fish buffet in the motel restaurant.

Otherwise, there isn’t much to do in Perry unless you arrive early and tour the Ditch-Witch plant.

Guilty Pleasure: Driving down Duck Avenue in Stillwater and wondering if the street is named after Donald or Daffy.


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