Friday, August 14, 2009


Woodling’s Word to the Wise: Lubbock, Texas


You do not go to the home of Texas Tech University without having your picture taken next to the Buddy Holly statue. You just don’t.

Located dowtown about a half-block off the main drag, the memorial to the Lubbock-born rock-and-roller who died in a plane crash with Richie Valens and the Big Bopper is a must-see.

Other than that … are you interested in visiting a cotton plant?

Seriously, Lubbock is cosmopolitan enough. It’s just that the city suffers from the perception of its interminable flatness. You think Western Kansas is flat? Lubbock is flatter.

This area of Texas is so non-descript that some of the surrounding towns are named Levelland and Plainview.

Still, Lubbock’s airport is convenient — city fathers didn’t have any trouble finding a flat area for landing strips — and very close to the city. Unfortunately, there are no non-stop flights from Kansas City to Lubbock, so you have to go through Dallas.

Lubbock has some memorable restaurants, notably The 50-Yard Line, a trendy steakhouse. The city also has its share of Whataburgers, and other fast-food joints.

Guilty Pleasure: Driving on the Marsha Sharp Expressway, named after the former Tech women’s basketball coach. I mean, how many roads are named after women, much less women’s basketball coaches.


Michael Leiker 11 years, 7 months ago

Chuck, tell me Marsha was smokin hot, if not, why's it a guilty pleasure?

Raider 11 years, 7 months ago

Chuck, there's way more to Lubbock than the 50-Yard Line. It's obvious you've not spent much time there.

Cagles for good steaks. The Depot District for night life. There are some nice bars across from campus as well. The city has close to 300k residents. It's fairly spread out, but on a "grid" like Lawrence. Numbered streets run east and west, then alphabetical streets north and south, until you get out west.

<p> is the website for the paper there. Hopefully the KU fans that travel there this year will have a great time. The tailgating is some of the best in the Big 12.

We're adding 6k additional seats to Jones, and they will be open the week before the KU game.

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