Friday, August 14, 2009


Woodling’s Word to the Wise: Boulder, Colo.


Rare were the times I stayed in a motel in Boulder. Why stay at the home of Colorado University when Denver has so much to offer? And with the new — but expensive — turnpike from the Denver airport to Boulder, the trip now takes only about 40 minutes.

For years, our primary dinner destination was the Mountain Man Steakhouse in Commerce City where we would chow down on Trappers Stew, a hearty dish famous for its huge carrot slices and served in a mini-cauldron. This unique eatery is located north of Denver’s old airport on Quebec Street.

Or you can make the long trek farther west to the Casa Bonita, a popular tourist destination that serves Mexican food and eclectic entertainment in equally delightful doses.

If you prefer to stay in Boulder, however, try the Harvest House Hotel. I stayed there for umpteen years on the old Big Eight Skywriters Tour. It’s close to restaurants and shopping, and just as important it’s an easy walk to the CU campus.

Guilty Pleasure: Driving to the top of nearby Flagstaff Mountain, looking off to the expansive east and wondering if I can see Goodland.


DENDK24 10 years, 9 months ago

To any and all making the trip here to the Denver/Boulder area:

Unless you have kids(and maybe not even then) do not take Woodlings advice and go to Casa Bonita. It is over priced, horrible food. The atmosphere is enjoyable for your first time, but if you are looking for good Mexican food in denver there is a great restaurant on almost every corner. I repeat, if it is good Mexican food you are looking for, do not go to Casa Bonita. It can't even be considered good for TV Dinner standards.

Try Santiagos, El Senor Sol, La Jalsciences, Benny's, Chubby's... just to name a few. Mexican Food Here is like BBQ in KC so enjoy, and don't leave without eating the Green Chile!!!

bmcmich1 10 years, 9 months ago


I agree. you a fan of Brewery Bar II? That's pretty good mexican at a reasonable price.

focohawk 10 years, 9 months ago

Why leave Boulder for Mexican food? The RIO (Grande) is good Mexican with fabulous Margs! Might want to hit the Margs after the game though, they're potent!

DENDK24 10 years, 8 months ago

Haven't been to the Brewery Bar, but I will definately check it out. I can't agree with you about the food at the Rio focohawk, its ok, the salsa is good, but I will agree with the Margs, the best in town, always the first stop when we go out downtown Denver.

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