Friday, April 24, 2009

KU coach Self thrilled with landing Henry



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Star recruit Xavier Henry laughs during a news conference in which he announced his decision to play basketball at Kansas University. Henry made the announcement on Thursday at his Putnam City (Okla.) High School.

— Xavier Henry actually cell-phoned coach Bill Self with his decision to become a Kansas Jayhawk after a workout on Tuesday night in Putnam City High’s gym.

“Coach Self was really excited, especially having the both of us,” Xavier said, noting brother C.J., a Memphis freshman guard, is also headed to KU.

“Coach asked me, ‘Are you sure?’ He wanted me to be serious. I said, ‘I’m coming.’’’

Self, who said he was “crushed,” when Xavier signed with Memphis last November, admits he’s thrilled to now land Xavier five months later. He’s not allowed to comment on the addition of C.J. just yet.

“It’s a big day for our basketball program,” Self said. “It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of. If we were going to sign any recruits since I’ve been here, I’d think the Henrys would be a family we could recruit for a variety of reasons and good ones (including the fact Xavier’s mom, dad and aunt played here).

“I’ve known the family a long time. To get a chance to work with them again is a pretty big honor for me.”


•Mom’s moving to Lawrence: Barbara Henry, mother of C.J. and Xavier, works for Hertz in Oklahoma City. She said she’ll be moving to Lawrence and hopefully catch on with the company’s branch here.

“I last lived in Lawrence in 1985. I know ... (that’s) a long time ago,” she said with a smile. “My memories are of the coach. Marian Washington is a great person.”

Carl Henry, father of the Henry brothers, has said he will continue to work as coach of the Athletes First AAU program in Oklahoma City.

•Foot injury: C.J. Henry, a 6-foot-3 freshman guard, sat out the season at Memphis because of a foot fracture.

“It’s still healing. It’s 85 percent,” Barbara Henry said. “It’s the only issue with him ... getting healthy.”

C.J. Henry actually will be a sophomore next season because his college career started after the age of 21 and the clock continues to tick each year after that.

•Prophet: Putnam City basketball coach and athletic director, A.D. Burtschi, proved to be a prophet regarding Xavier Henry’s college choice.

“My high school coach ... when I was making my decision the first time (in November) he wrote down where he thought I’d be going,” Xavier said. “He was going to keep it secret until I made my decision. After I chose Memphis, I didn’t tell him I wanted to see it. He told me this week after I made my decision (to attend KU) that his call was right. It’s the way it played out. He got it correct.”

Burtschi, by the way, ended a 45-minute news conference by informing the media Henry had to get to a class to take a test.

“It’s a History exam,” Xavier said.

•He loves the fieldhouse: Xavier Henry has attended Late Night in the Phog several times and said he recalls making his first trip to Lawrence “when I was really young.

“I don’t have any memorable memories,” he said. “I just love the gym and love the atmosphere. I love everybody in there. The fans are so crazy.”

•High expectations: Xavier Henry believes the Jayhawks could be great next season.

“They (experts) said they could be close to preseason No. 1 without us,” Xavier said. “Now I think we’ll be one of the best teams. I think the sky is the limit.”

Henry said he’s good buddies with several of the current KU players. Of late, he’s spent time talking to Mario Little and Cole Aldrich.

“Mario called after his surgery (on lower left leg last week),” Xavier said. “He wanted to make sure I was doing all right. Cole just talked to me like a regular person, wanted to see what I was up to.”

•Kentucky was runner-up: The Henry brothers chose KU over Kentucky. Memphis was not an option after coach John Calipari left for UK.

“I didn’t think coach Cal would be leaving. It happens to a lot of people. I wasn’t immune to it,” Xavier said.

Of not following Calipari, Henry said: “It was hard because coach Cal and his style of play. He brought a couple recruits from my class at Memphis. I still wanted a chance to play for him.”

•Mama could play, too: The former Barbara Adkins said her sons don’t really believe she was a standout player at KU.

“They don’t believe mama could halfway play,” Barbara joked. “Their dad ... they have that bond (with him). They do that all the time together.”

Carl Henry, who didn’t attend Thursday’s news conference, coached his sons when they played for Athletes First AAU.

•Cousins reaction: DeMarcus Cousins, one of the country’s top players who is headed to Kentucky, spoke with Xavier Henry after Xavier made his decision.

“He said a couple things I can’t say here,” Henry cracked. “He wished me luck. He was cool.”

•Henry on Aldrich and Sherron Collins returning to KU influencing his decision: “It was pretty big knowing that our team would still be really good next year. I wanted to play for a real good team.”

•Recruiting: Self, who has an incoming class of the Henry brothers, Elijah Johnson, Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey, believes he’s finished recruiting for the coming season.

“For this year it looks that way,” he said. “I don’t know if you are ever done. We can focus in on young underclassmen we are trying to get in future years.

“This year’s class will go down as one of the premier classes in the country in large part due to our late addition,” Self added. “I’m excited. We didn’t lose any key components from this past year and were able to add some. I think it makes for great competition in practice and makes us much harder to guard.”

•Red-shirts?: Self was asked if he’d red-shirt any players next season with so much talent on the roster.

“I won’t talk about that now, but that’s always a possibility. I do what is best for the program and would if it’s in the best interest to do so.”


Seth Nesmith 11 years, 3 months ago

High expectations as usual in Jayhawk Land! I can't wait to smash Missouri and KSucksU in football and basketball! Banner year ahead! Good luck teams!

actorman 11 years, 3 months ago

Am I just imagining, or was there a note earlier that since X couldn't sign another letter of intent, Self couldn't talk about him until he started classes? I'm pretty sure Keegan said it, but it could have been someone else. Obviously there must be something that a transfer signs so the coach can talk about him; I'm guessing that's why Self still can't talk about CJ, because CJ hasn't officially signed yet.

Robert Brock 11 years, 3 months ago

From another LJW article: "Xavier signed a grant-in-aid agreement, thus the reason Self could comment on him."

JJHAWK 11 years, 3 months ago

First there was a Wizard of Westwood. His name was known far and wide.

Now there is the 'Wizard of Ahs'. May his fame continue to grow.

Timmay97 11 years, 3 months ago

I honestly don't know how Self will do it. How do you have this much talent on a team and find minutes for all of them? Most people will say it's a GREAT problem to have, but it does make me wonder.

I became a huge fan of Morningstar last year. What happens to his PT? Does he play ahead of Elijah? I would doubt it. As for Tyrel, his minutes are pretty much gone. We are so deep at the guard position right now (with the inclusion of C.J. too).

This seems like a fairytale lineup:

Center: Aldrich/Withey Power Forward: Robinson/Markieff Morris/Marcus Morris Small Forward: X. Henry/Little/Releford Shooting Guard: Taylor/Morngingstar/Reed Point Guard: Collins/Johnson/C.J. Henry

Anything less than a National Championship next year is unacceptable. I never thought I would be saying that after winning it in 2008. I have to hand it to Self.....that guy can flat out recruit.

Karen Mansfield-Stewart 11 years, 3 months ago

I would think that maybe Elijah Johnson might want to consider a red-shirt. I'm high on him, but Collins is going to play 30 of the 40 minutes at point guard, with CJ and Taylor able to back up.

Dyrk Dugan 11 years, 3 months ago

"Anything less than a National Championship next year is unacceptable."

only media bashers can say that....KU fans can't. so many factors in winning the whole thing....look how tough it was in '08...and we had a darn good team then.

Look, we're going to be GOOD....really, really GOOD. staying healthy will play a huge part, and there's no getting around that.

Let's just focus right now on keeping these kids out of trouble, and getting better on the bball court....we have a lot of time to speculate on our would be results next year.

KUPROUD 11 years, 3 months ago

The Hertz manager just called to say that there might be an opening in the Lawrence area for you, Mrs. Henry. In fact, the chances are pretty good.

And Timmay97, KU fans are the most intelligent in the nation. We know it takes luck and timing to win it all, in addition to talented players and coaching. I agree, we should be favored to win it all, but there are a lot of good teams and it takes six good wins in the tournament when the shots fall. Just enjoy the ride....

Greg Lux 11 years, 3 months ago

If we redshirt ( and we probably should ) I would guess Releford is the biggest possibility with the best future down the road he could be something special also. There could be more then one but that's a decision for the coach and players.

Andy Hess 11 years, 3 months ago

mvj -- Sherron with 30-40 minutes at PG? Why don't you wait until you see what EJ and CJ can do before implying SC has to play the whole game for us to be successful.

Dirk Medema 11 years, 3 months ago

Exactly Swishy. This team is loaded - a lot like '07-'08, when everyone played about 20 minutes per game. Remember also that Sherron was adamant that Russell was the starter and leader of the team, so all this talk suggesting that he has become selfish, ... is just a bunch of garbage based on him be asked to and taking a much bigger role in leading the youngest elite team in the country

Dirk Medema 11 years, 3 months ago

SF is the loaded position next year. Some people seem to forget comments from before last season by Coach Self that Marcus and Mario were both SF that would be asked to play the 4 because of a lack of depth up front. Getting Withey allows Markieff to slide from the 5 back to the 4, his natural, and TRob's strength in R, what Self said was what he was really looking for out of the 4 over and over again last fall, will probably put him in the lead to start ahead of Markieff. Marcus and Mario are both free to return to their natural 3 spot.

Dirk Medema 11 years, 3 months ago

CJ is still a student-athlete at Memphis, hence the reason Self can't comment without "tampering".

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

Probable effects of X signing:

} Coach Self is going to play considerably more golf for awhile.

} Barbary Henry's salary at Hertz in Lawrence is about to spike.

} Since the Henry family cannot be said to be "together" yet with Carl still in Putnam City, OK, KU now appears to have entered the decent interval stage of making the move to Lawrence also. I still like the idea of a Vice Chancellor of Basketball, a position to be staffed solely by parents of blue chip recruits.

} Collins just became a 40% trey shooter now that he gets to take the open look rather than the forced look.

} Collins assists just spiked up, because his first pass is often going to be Henry, who is often going to shoot the trey, or take it to the rim.

} Collins TOs just dropped, because he is only going to have to shake and bake and dish when he has clear match-up advantage.

} Collins will go higher in the draft, because his trey percentage and assists will have spiked and his TOs will have fallen.

} To maximize the chance for a ring, no one redshirts to overcome potential injuries, but this means several good players get no minutes without injuries to starters. Up to two, or three might be redshirted. I would like to see Little redshirted, because he is having surgery and deserves an extra year to get well and to be the man at the 3 after X leaves. He sacrificed for the team last year. It is time for paying Mario back. But if X were injured, Self would rue not having Little. One of Johnson, Reed and Releford seem the other backcourt candidates. But Collins tendency to injury makes redshirting more the one in the backcourt a big risk. In the front court, Kieff, or Robinson should be redshirted.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

} If X can put it on the deck and feed the post, as well as shoot 44% from trey at D1, then Aldrich just found about twice the room to operate in the middle that he had last year. He's going to get a lot more dishes for bunnies off X man's drives than he got from Brady. He's going to see a lot less sagging when the ball is on X's wing. And X's extra 6-7 boards a game out of the three, means more scoring opps on offense and more ability to gamble on shot blocking defense and worry less about having to get every board.

} Tyshawn Taylor may turn out to be the greatest beneficiary of X man signing. Next year, Tyshawn is never going to see the opposing team's first, or second best perimeter defender. If Tyshawn can improve his trey to 40% next year, and learn to love contact in the paint, then he is basically going to be able to run wild whenever he wants to. If Sherron, X and Tyshawn can learn to share, Tyshawn could really flourish.

} The 4 spot became even more of a garbage man position than it was last year. The guy who can rebound, defend the 4, help defend on Cole's back side, and take the alley oop is king. A case can be made that this should be Withey, or the incoming Robinson, but Marcus is going to be very difficult to move out of the 4 just because of the year of experience and the maturation.

} The bench of this team seems its only possible weakness and there is reason for optimism here too. It will have plenty of good defenders, but a bench is supposed to light the fuse on scoring, too. Sherron Collins was the ultimate bench player his first two years. When he came in, KU instantly surged offensively. Brady with a year of development, and not having to defend the opponents best perimeter player for 38 minutes, and operating out of the 2/3 positions, could be Mr. Instant offense off the bench. Releford, should he ever "get it," and Elijah Johnson seem other candidates for the role. Withey if he backs up Cole and Marcus seems another potential instant offense guy in the paint. Our back-up bigs utterly lacked this last year. So the potential is there, but it remains to be seen if someone infact produces the way Sherron once did. A ring team has to have this sort of spark off the bench.

Steve Brown 11 years, 3 months ago

To defend Kansas last year, sag three guys on Aldrich have one block Collins on his drive to the lane... Next year, Cole will NOT be triple teamed....ready for late night.

emeryhawk 11 years, 3 months ago

I wouldn't be surprised to see Morningstar get a lot of minutes at the 2. Self is comfortable with his defense, and it puts three guards on the floor that can shoot better than 40% from three. Aldrich is going to see a lot more space inside next year.

Ervin O'Neal 11 years, 3 months ago

Any chance Sherron will move to the shooting guard if E. Johnson or CJ prove to me ready to start at point? Even if only spltting his time at point, having Sherron bring the ball up less of the time would seem to me to rest him a bit and improve his shooting percentage from the outside (not that there is anything wrong with it now). It is a far reaching dream that we would land John Wall, but what a starting line-up that would be.

kranny 11 years, 3 months ago

About Elijah redshirting, I think Tyshawn, Reed and Morningstar better be practicing hitting some buckets because Johnson maybe stepping in right away. This guy can score, is very athletic, and defends well.

KEITHMILES05 11 years, 3 months ago

This whole "family" thing moving where the boys will be playing isn't panning out.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago


Great news about Elijah. As I said above, the one thing this team has to develop ASAP, is scoring off the bench. When someone is having an off night, exceptional teams have a guy that can give them a quick boost.

Whoever comes in at the 2 from the bench, can feast offensively, because they will be facing the opponent's third best perimeter defender. Most D1 teams are lucky to have one excellent defender on the perimeter. Only a few have 2. Teams with three are scarcer than Neocons that don't support false flag attacks. UNC this past year had three and won it all. KU had three and won it all last year.

Come on Sherron, tighten up that D at the point. Come on X Man, become a lock down man by January. Come on Tyshawn, develop sophmore consistency. Then with Elijah and Brady coming off the bench to give the offensive boost and play great D, we are gold.

Imagine Sherron, Tyshawn, X, Brady and Elijah playing lock down (again, hoping Little gets to red shirt). Relentless D on the perimeter forcing the ball into a 5 man big rotation with 25 fouls to give!!!


Ben Kane 11 years, 3 months ago


Elijah, Travis, and Mario redshirt.

X stays 2 yeras.

Tyshawn will have a long mid-season soph slump but will be well out of it by conf. tourney time.

Two str8 championships to make 3 in 4 years!

Ryan Wood 11 years, 3 months ago

I'm sure Hertz has a job with a pretty good salary just waiting for her. There are jobs everywhere in this economy.

bisjay6 11 years, 3 months ago

so I'm definitely thinking way too far ahead, so try not to get too upset, maybe just ignore me if you can't comprehend thinking this far ahead, but how are we looking in 2010? We'll lose our top three scorers (Collins, Cole, Xavier), and we have one recruit right now in Wooldridge (#88 rivals). I'm sure we'll land some others as every top 10 player who hasn't committed to a school has us on their list, but it will be really hard to replace our three key players. Who's going to step up for KU in 2010? The tough part is trying to figure out how much players will improve. The best part about this lineup is that everyone will have had at least a year of experience, and most will have had 2.
Hypothetical starters: EJ, Withey, Taylor, Twin/Robinson, Releford.

Looks like we'll be needing another 3 and a backup center. Go get 'em Self! Great job so far!

BabyJay2009 11 years, 3 months ago

I know the room is getting crowded, but the possibility that Lance still joining the Dream Team may turn out to not be a "pipedream" after all. It is not out of the question. Zagblogs, for whatever it's worth, posted the following:

**Despite the Henry-to-Kansas news, Stephenson is still said to be considering Kansas and Kansas could still take him. The Jayhawks would have to move one of their scholarship players — Brady Morningstar? — off scholarship. Still, that would leave things awfully crowded on the wing with Sherron Collins, Henry and Stephenson.

**Word is that Stephenson does not want to stay local at St. John’s and thinks that Gary Williams‘ system at Maryland is too structured. Both of these things make sense, but both St. John’s and Maryland have put the fullcourt press on recently.

That, in turn, could open up the chances of him going to Kansas or even Memphis.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago


Just curious. What makes you say that "keeping the family together" is going nowhere, when Mrs. Henry announces she's moving to Lawrence, as soon as X and CJ announce they're coming to KU? Had Mrs. Henry previously announced she was moving to Lawrence to work for Hertz, or something, or did I misunderstand something here? I hadn't heard that she had previously announced a move to Lawrence.

If she had not announced her move before the announcement, then I'd still guess that "keeping the family together" remains an active issue (and an oft stated one by X, too) in the Henry family. Certainly, one cannot fault parents for being protective of children who may be prey for all manner of sharks related to big time sports.

Still, if something were in the works for Mr. Henry, I'd guess that announcing Mrs. Henry's and Mr. Henry's moves to Lawrence incrementally in series would be a fairly conventional public relations strategy of smoothing out a possible potential image problem. Announce Barbara's (note: I'm shifting to Barbara and Carl for brevity of reference, not out of disrespect) moving right at the announcement and have mother by son's side, so everyone is predisposed to look favorably on a mother staying with and protecting her gifted sons. What god fearing, apple pie eating American could question a mother moving with her sons for a job, even if the job were with a booster (and there is no indication that it will be at present)? As paradox theory suggests, it would be hard for people to think about two such conflicting issues--a mother moving to look after her sons and a mother moving to take a job as part of a package deal for her sons signing to play basketball--simultaneously. When confronted with such conflicts, the news consumer relieves the cognitive dissonance by accepting the communicator's preferred suggestion--she would be moving to protect her sons from the vissisitudes of big time college sports. Persons would not be predisposed to speculate that she apparently did not move with CJ to the Yankee farm system for example, even when he was much younger than he is now and paid considerable money to play.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

Another possible PR elegance of combining mother and sons in the announcement, and of announcing the mother's move to Lawrence first, is that it would shift the focus off the speculation that Carl might be getting a job of some kind comparable to the one offered by Pastner at Memphis. Carl suddenly is not a central part of the event in persons' minds. Nifty.

The announcement of X and CJ coming on all parties parts seems to have had some thought put into it, at least to me. There was for example the very humanizing touch that was brought front and center that Coach Self asked X, after allegedly being told his choice, if X were absolutely sure. That is a really nice PR touch, whether Coach Self in fact said it or not (and there is no reason to doubt that he did). It makes Coach Self seem like less of a relentless recruiter and more of a caring coach; that's good image management.

Further, the whole announcement process seemed deliberately low key and strangely anti-climactic after the massive publicity that lead up to it. This press conference did not seem to have the kind of bling of the Memphis announcement 5 months back. Maybe it is just because the season is over. Maybe not. ESPN and the KC Star appeared to break the story even before the LJW. Ironically, even the LJW's failed live feed contributed to taking the event down a notch, though one can hardly believe that was intentional PR management (bungling is always so much more probable than conspiracy, is it not?).

All of the above leads me to guess that Carl's move to Lawrence (were it in fact to be in the works, and there is no evidence that it is at present) would be announced some time around mid summer, when the media focus has shifted off the signing (and announcement of Barbara's move) for sometime and then would be focused onto other sports. The ideal time, of course, would be to announce Carl's hiring (again, if it were actually in the works) at a moment when another huge story, preferably entirely unrelated to KU basketball, occurred; this would blend Carl's hiring into the background of a bigger story and probably dilute any potential negative imagery from it. This is how PR folks seem to look at this sort of thing in management of stories that one would rather not have front and center.

jaybate 11 years, 3 months ago

But again, maybe Carl Henry really does want to stay and work in Oklahoma (and put up with the hardship of being apart from the wife), and maybe Barbara Henry really is just coming up for a year to manage her sons' transitions to college, or alternately, just has been coincidentally promoted to a new position in Lawrence at the same time her sons signed with KU.

My point here is not that I believe there would be anything wrong with hiring Mr. and/or Mrs. Henry to get their sons to come to KU. I don't know the details of NCAA rules about hiring parents to such ends. I only know that it seems to occur occasionally. The Henry's are apparently competent, professional KU graduates with strong ties to our athletic program. They would probably be excellent hires for a number of positions inside or outside the university in Lawrence. And bully for Kansas, if they can be brought from the state of Oklahoma. Bill Self, another Oklahoman (though brought via Illinois), has been a net benefit to the state. The Henrys probably would be too.

What I am interested in here is the extent to which this process appears to be being managed by conventional PR methods that would be used to dilute negative imagery. Fascinating. It implies that some key actors involved in this drama consider the hiring of parents of players to be a very sensitive public relations issue. It must be for them to manage it, as they appear to be doing. But this sensitivity to public image is probably not surprising, given the amounts of money involved in KU's basketball program. Other businesses of similar size in other fields make considerable use of PR methods to manage and brand image. Why wouldn't KU and KUAD, also?

Finally, the NCAA is probably watching this affair rather closely. Memphis and John Calipari and University of Kentucky are not total strangers to recruiting violations. Even KU has had a few brushes with recruiting violations over the years. KU is just now getting back to13 scholies, reputedly as a result of some improprieties under Roy Williams. And if Mr. and Mrs. Henry were to join Mrs. Morris in Lawrence to oversee their combined four sons matriculations through KU, I would not think it improbable that the NCAA might wish to make sure that all the i's and t's were getting dotted and crossed appropriately, regarding this migration of parents of players to Lawrence.

Frankly, I believe the KU program is being run within the rules and that any scrutiny the KU program might receive would vindicate it. But in this day and age, image apparently just does get managed a good bit, regardless.

Note: All of the above related posts and this one are opining as usual.

kubasketball0809 11 years, 3 months ago

No i think its good to look ahead at what we might have. Cole could stay out of the draft one more year (not likely to happen). X could be possibly a 2 year player depending on his brother. And as far a EJ and the Morris Twins they could get better and we could land some more recruits. I think we are set for a while atleast.

TexasHawk44 11 years, 3 months ago

I really don't understand how our bench is a possible weakness. That makes no sense and is absolute rubbish. We are very deep with talent.

Little and Johnson are not going to redshirt. Possibly Releford, but not the other two. It makes no sense either.

And yes, Xavier Henry is a wing player at the college level. And yes, he will very likely only play one year. This kid is already on pro teams draft board for 2010.

TexasHawk44 11 years, 3 months ago

Self has already told the press that this Cole's last year. He is not coming back after this season. Not unless he gets injured which hopefully will not happen for his sake.

Michael Bratisax 11 years, 3 months ago

jhawkln.,.although I hope for exactly the same, sometimes words come back to bite us. Anything can happen. Who thought two months ago that Xavier was coming to Kansas?

Next year, our basketball team has the capability of being one of the top three all-time teams EVER to play at Kansas, which after the mass defections to the NBA became commonplace is quite a statement. I believe the '96-'97 might have been one of our best ever teams. Look what happened to them.

But enough of the negativity... let's kick ass next year!!!

speedy 11 years, 3 months ago

OK ROY & coach K are ready?:
have ROY box up the trophy he just received from KU. call up UPS and send it back to Lawrence where its going to for a while. go hawks!

TexasHawk44 11 years, 3 months ago

The '96-'97 team was an incredible team talent wise. no question. Here's to this talented group making it count... They should be very strong. Hopefully the ball bounces their way when it matters most.

I would be surprised if they lose more than 2-3 games. Which games they don't lose will be what matters.

I cannot appreciate that Coach Self enough for taking over at KU and making such an impact. Roy was a class act and helluva coach. He was a tough act to follow. But Bill Self has been incredible. He is also a class act and in my mind a better bench coach, strategist and recruiter. Thank you Coach!

truefan 11 years, 3 months ago

I know I'll probably get shunned for saying this, but remember, it's just my opinion and feel free to completely disagree.

Obviously I would like for the team to win another National Title next year, but I think another thing that would be good for the program overall is if we won the title and Xavier was able to jump to the NBA. I know most people on here hate the one and doners, but the problem is that the OAD player is a new phenomenon that KU can not miss out on. Self lost a lot of recruiting battles this past year for top talent because he couldn't convice the young stars that he could coach a one and done player. I'm not saying we should fill our roster with them EVERY YEAR like coach Cal does, but I am a strong believer that the OAD player can be a great stat filler for deep runs in the tournament. If coach Self continues to have OAD players staying for more than one year, he will start to struggle in recruiting the big talent down the road even if they don't plan on jumping to the NBA after one year. Coach Cal has the young kids convinced that his style of play impresses NBA scouts and gets them ready to start like Derrick Rose does. I believe Self does a fantastic job (Rush,Chalmers starting on NBA rosters), but he has gotten to the point where kids don't think he gets them NBA ready as quickly as they would like. I just don't want to get stuck with another team of fantastic seniors that get shown up by another Carmelo Anthony (sorry to open old wounds but i'm trying to make a point). Like it or not, OADs are here to stay (ironic), and we need them just as badly as everyone else.

emillasap 11 years, 3 months ago

I for one am shocked the recruiting class is done for this year. Didn't self go to visit Lance recently. lol.

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