Friday, April 17, 2009

Recruits won’t work miracles


Chamber of commerce-type promoters are always on the prowl for new businesses and industries to broaden a tax base, bring in socially productive executives and provide lots of high-paying jobs. Yet the good ones also know it’s even more vital to keep nurturing proven, established entities, those that got them to the picnic — “dance with the ones who brung ya.”

All well and good that Kansas basketball hustlers are trying to sign high-profile prospects like the Henry boys or Lance Stephenson (I hope not). But the best news Bill Self and Co. will get all spring is that center Cole Aldrich and guard Sherron Collins are returning for another year. They’re two of the cadre who have set the stage for what could be a tremendous 2009-10. You dance with guys like that and you know the steps.

Those flibberty-gibbit, on-again, off-again kids who need to fish or cut bait will be fortunate to be included in the KU mix, but they’re not instant miracle-makers. Remember how the world was going to end when Darrell Arthur signed, and how it took three years for Brandon Rush to really meld? No instant pudding despite lofty credentials.

Celebrate the three seniors who stayed and hubbed that 2008 national title outfit.

Collins and Aldrich are proven commodities with All-America promise, a year older and wiser. We haven’t begun to see all Tyshawn Taylor can bring to the table, or Tyrel Reed and Travis Releford. They know the drill, which newcomers like Elijah Johnson, Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey need time to learn. Same with C.J. and Xavier Henry, and anyone else like Stephenson, who has had some issues beyond basketball. No Tyreke Evans (Memphis) in view yet.

Brady Morningstar and Mario Little aren’t chopped liver. They’ll be a lot better, and Marcus and Markieff Morris have shown signs of knuckling down and becoming reliable rather than occasional.

Even without newcomers Johnson, Robinson and Withey, Kansas would have a seasoned crew of Aldrich, Collins, Taylor, Reed, Releford, Morningstar, Little, the Morris twins. I firmly believe Conner Teahan will contribute a lot the next two seasons. That’s a 10-man package most coaches would sell a grandchild to acquire. If one of those pie-in-the-sky McDonald’s shadow-boxers is lucky enough to come here, he just might have a lot more fun than he dreams.

It may be presumptuous for the Jayhawk Nation to be envisioning a Final Four-or-better season, but it’s well within reach. Roy Williams had the kind of talent KU has, with just as good a coach, and look what Roy fashioned for 2009 at North Carolina.

Current recruiting holdouts will do themselves a much bigger favor than KU will be doing for them if they come here. Can they even break into the rotation?

l Lordy, did the fecal matter hit the fan — with the economy struggling as it is — with the revelation that Lew Perkins’ six-year Kansas bonus package will go to $2.05 million, tax-free, instead of $1.3 million, tax-free, come June.

Perkins already makes $900,000 a year, second only to the near-million paid to Florida AD Jeremy Foley. Suddenly comes another $750,000 bonus, tax-free, via Chancellor Bob Hemenway. There are worries that Perkins and Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder will exert too much influence in picking their new chief administrators. Yet Lew is doing well enough to cover any expenses for headhunting trips, right?


Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 9 months ago

I'm sure they won't provide miracles...I'm sure they will compete to be the best player on the team though.

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 9 months ago

If they're name is Xavier Henry/John Wall/ or Lance Stephenson.

hometownhawk 10 years, 9 months ago

Shocking that Mayer writes a column that's completely out of touch with reality. Teahan will not contribute, not even close. If we get X/Lance, either one WILL start and WILL be one of our top three players next year. RETIRE ALREADY MAYER!

mlubyRN 10 years, 9 months ago

Personally, I think Elijah Johnson will start and will be one of our top players next season. He looks and sounds like an incredible player. One we havent had since Chalmers or Rush were here.

ParisHawk 10 years, 9 months ago

@drgnslayr : right on!

Reminds us again of how incredibly lucky we were to get Rush at the last minute: Rush who played from day 1, who learned D like we never would have dreamed, who for two years played maximum minutes and instead of tiring at the end of close games simply locked down the opposition's best player.

Even with Rush, we lacked depth at the wing. The hole Michael Downs left behind was never filled.

So yes, we (still) need a wing.

I don't remember Rush feeding the post that much, though; am I wrong? I remember him playing D, hitting the 3, not driving much after his freshman year but rebounding well.

Isn't that another thing we need? Not just a third scoring option but a second rebounding option...

Robert Brock 10 years, 9 months ago

Elijah Johnson is a point guard like Mario Chalmers was a point guard. IOW, he is not a PG. He is a small, quick, 2G with handles and can shoot it. We are still on the lookout for a PG - like Ray McCullum (.class of 2010).

KEITHMILES05 10 years, 9 months ago

Teahan is a nice bench player. He never was recruited for major minutes and never will see them, barring an utter catastrophe. To say he is going to play a major role in the next two years is astoundingly stupid, shortsighted, and WRONG.

The author of this article needs to put down the alcohol and get a grip on reality before writing such gibberish.

This is embarassing even for the standards, however low they may be for LJW.

Trey Hohman 10 years, 9 months ago

Bill Mayer is the Orin Hatch of sports journalism, and someone who I would personally sell my future grandchild to fire if I had the power....

If one of those "pie-in-the-sky McDonald’s shadow-boxers" is lucky enough to come here, I hope one of the very first things he does when arriving in Lawrence, KS is poop on your lawn, Bill......

I can’t stand nostalgic people. They annoy me more than flavored coffees.

Timmay97 10 years, 9 months ago

I honestly could see Teehan excelling at a place like Wichita State or Creighton. I think he could average around 15 a game playing in the Missouri Valley. It's just getting the minutes and getting that shot.

Just my opinion.

JayhawkPurist 10 years, 9 months ago

drgnslyr, I couldn't have said it any better. Bravo.

TwinCitiesJHawk 10 years, 9 months ago

Hometownhawk and drgnslyr have it correct, Mayer on the other hand........ not so much.

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years, 9 months ago


I don't mind the nostalgia but Mayer still lives in the days of the set shot and under hand free throws (although under hand free throws were a high percentage). Today's game is played above the rim and with elevated jumpers, not set shots. I am with you and all the others debunking this theory.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

Teehan would not start for Wichita State. Emoria State, maybe, and that is reaching. I am not trying to be mean, but the only time Teehan will see if handing out the Gatorade. Johnson is not a true PG. Brock said it well: he is a Mario type player, not a hardcore PG. I think he will be great with KU but not as a pure PG. We still need a wing: Absolutely

Are we dog food without one? Nope.

Was this a stupid article: Yup.

Is Drgnslyr right?: kind of. (we will not be worse next year than last year - we still have 3 very, very good players to add to the mix -- even if they are not a wing player). In my opinion that comment was pretty far off. But the the rest of what you said, I more or less agree with.

Do we have a great coach that we can trust: YES! (even if we don't get a stud wing, we still have a coach that can win it all with what we have coming -- wing or no wing). Even with our lack of a true wing, we darned near beat Michigan State. Cole will be even better. Withey will be a factor. Robinson is a beast on the glass and Johnson will bring offense to the table -- something Taylor and Reed could not. Collins may even get better and he is already very strong. Let's not cry in our beer just yet.

People on this site are crying about losing Orton. That is so ridiculous. The guy was committed to UK. He never de-committed. So exactly how did we lose him? (Huh, Jaybate?).

This recruiting saga is not over yet. Stop what you are doing. Count to ten and breath. Hopefully we still end up with Lance or a long shot on X, but who knows?

Either way, I am pumped like crazy for the season to start.

Some folks on here like to count the chickens while they are still dinosaur eggs...

Justin LoBurgio 10 years, 9 months ago

<p> is reporting that the X/CJ visit to Kentucky is not etched in stone, although CJ said it probably would happen. In the article, X was quoted in saying that he is definately going where his brother is, even if that means they stay at Memphis. X says the decision will largely be made by the NCAA and what they decide about CJ having to sit out a year. Ugh.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

And the beat goes on...

from NEW YORK - Despite a report indicating that Xavier Henry would visit Kentucky April 25-26, Henry himself said no visit date had been finalized. “No, I haven’t picked a date,” the 6-foot-6 Henry said Thursday at Jordan Brand Classic practice. “When we get home [to Oklahoma] we’ll talk about everything. We’ll probably set a visit date for Kentucky and all that.” A published report had Carl Henry saying Xavier and C.J. would visit Kentucky the last weekend in April. Xavier said he would like to visit Kentucky and said it could happen then... More on the blog...

lahawkfan 10 years, 9 months ago

Does this guy really watch the game of basketball anymore or does he just write about what he use to watch? This guy is so out of touch it is unbelievable. Mr. Mayer, I'm sure at one time you were a fine journalist but I think the times and certainly the game has passed you by. Do you even watch the rest of college basketball or do you only watch Kansas? In order for Kansas to truely be a title contender next season they need a third scoring option. I'm not sure I see another consistent scoring option on this team. KU is VERY talented, but the Hawks are lacking a third option and Stephenson or Henry can give them that third option they so badly need. Henry is the ideal fit b/c of his perimeter game (KU NEEDS a sniper BADLY!!!) but Stephenson wants to be here more and he seems like a guy who could stick around longer than one year. Let's get "Born Ready" and set our sights on 2009-10 season. Rock Chalk baby!!!!!

yates33333 10 years, 9 months ago

Drgnslayr: "Sherron was either hogging the ball (because no one else on the perimeter would shoot it or feed the post), and Cole never touched the ball enough. I think everyone realizes that showed a weakness from our wing players." Absolutely, correct if Sherron isn't just another ball hog. I like Morningstar and he is good defensively most of the time, but you need offense on the wing as well. He also throws a lot of bad passes and doesn't feed the post well. He is an excellent three point shooter most of the time.

I think this Journal World writer is another one of those uptown, love/hate KU observers.

speckleddog 10 years, 9 months ago

Lance Stephenson will be an attituded cancer to any team. We should tell him now that KU is not interested. This is a quote from an article written by Jonathan Givony, President of, that pretty much sums Stephenson up:

"Stephenson’s body language is the most questionable part of his game. He pouts and complains constantly on the court, at the refs, the coaches, opposing players, and often his own teammates. Nothing ever seems to be his fault, not his terrible passes that usually lead to turnovers, his poor shot-selection, his pedestrian defense, or his uncoachable nature. At one point he looked close to exchanging blows with a fellow teammate at the U-18 tryouts who dared dishing off a hard foul, which made his removal from the team (which went on to lose to Argentina in the Finals) one of the least surprising moments of the week."

justanotherfan 10 years, 9 months ago

Mayer refuses to just admit that talent wins games at the highest D-1 level. Not coaching. Not tradition. TALENT.

Brady, Tyrel, Tyshawn and Travis are all very good basketball players. D-1 quality basketball players. They have experience. They work hard. They are Jayhawks. None of them will play in the NBA in the 2010 calendar year.

Lance Stephenson and Xavier Henry both very well could play in the NBA in the 2010 calendar year. They are simply better. That's not a knock on any of those four guys. It's just a true fact. There is a reason that Henry and Stephenson are top 10 rated recruits, McD's AA's, etc. There aren't ten better players in this high school class than those two. Period.

To put either of them on next year's squad would elevate next year's team from good to potentially great. Pairing Sherron and Elijah, two dynamic creators, with a wing scorer and Cole's inside presence makes next year's squad very hard to defend. While I like all four guys I listed above, none of them is a wing scorer anywhere near the caliber of Henry or Stephenson. Go watch the film. Watch X fill it up from three, take a hard dribble to the middle and drill that silky jumper, or get to the bucket and finish. Then watch Lance bully his way into the lane, overpowering smaller guys, elevating to stroke the midrange. That type of ability would push next year's squad over the top, in my opinion.

I know Mayer is a homer, and even more than that, hates the recruiting process these days. Remember folks, he disliked Rush and found every reason to bag on him, claiming we didn't need him to succeed. All I know is, there is a banner hanging in AFH that would not be there if Rush had not been on that team. Not saying that he was more important than anyone else in the rotation, but his contributions were uniquely important, and necessary, just as were Mario's, and Darrell's, and Darnell's, and Sasha's and Russ's, and Sherron's. But that talent - NBA type talent - is what wins titles. Simple as that.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

Until either X or Lance signs (if either signs) with KU, this is all a moot point. Yes, we need a talented wing. Maybe we will get one. Maybe we won't. Not one person spewing on this site (including myself or Mayer) knows anything for sure.

It is ridiculous to say that Teehan is going to be a factor. But it is equally ridiculous to say that we cannot win a championship without X or Lance signing. Would that improve our chances? Of course! It might even be the key to putting us over the top. But right now, all we can do is wait and see what happens.

KU will be a very, very good team next season. You all do realize that KU is pre-season #1 without X or Lance signed, right?

KUAlum2000 10 years, 9 months ago

I actually agree with Mayer on this article. At some point you have to realize that these are 18 year old kids that all think they are the next Lebron James, but are probably closer to the next Rick James. They are good players, but come on, if they show up our chances of winning it all are still hedged on whether or not a kid can hit some free throws in the final minutes, or make smart decisions with the ball.

Beak 10 years, 9 months ago

Lance, X, CJ, Whomever. Should you sign, good luck beating out guys that have been in the system for a year or more. I can think of a lot more fun things to do than have Markieff or Brady guard me during practice.

Best regards.

jsstabby 10 years, 9 months ago

Very shortsided to think pulling in a 5-star recruit at any time is not a high priority. With Collins/Aldrich returning, I agree we can already write off the '09-'10 season as an exceptional success. We need to get Stephenson in here with Johnson/Robinson so they can learn the ropes in '09-'10 to contribute to the continuation of the success in '10-'11, '11-'12........never give up on a blue chipper when a scholarship is open, regardless of what's already loaded.

jordan07n 10 years, 9 months ago

That was cant say that a guy like x or bron ready wont contribute and make the team better right away

KUFan90 10 years, 9 months ago


Nice Dana Carvey impersonation from the 80s. "In my day you did such and such AND WE LIKED IT!"

Oh wait, Carvey was impersonating Bill Mayer!

With a star wing we can write in another Final 4.

Without it will be a successful year but we'll be vulnerable to late game collapses like we saw last year.

Marcia Parsons 10 years, 9 months ago

Quote from KEITHILES05: "Teahan is a nice bench player. He never was recruited for major minutes and never will see them, barring an utter catastrophe".

Why do people keep forgetting that Teahan was never recruited at all. He is a walk-on.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago


You are going to write off the '09-'10 season as an exceptional success? That is maybe the most ridiculous thing I have ever read on this site. And there have been some very stupid things written here. You do understand that you are "writing off" the upcoming season, right? The one that ESPN and Fox have KU ranked as pre-season #1? Yeah that team and that season. PLEASE!

Maybe you don't understand what "writing off" something means? Is that possible? It means you are flushing it down the toilet... Clue?

Do even begin to understand how arrogant that sounds? How pompous? I really hope you are not representative of the fan base of the Jayhawks these days. Just because some writer writes something stupid now it implies we have given up on signing blue chip players and you are writing off the season in '09-10? You do realize that is crazy, right?

Maybe you are a UK or Mizzou fan posting here. Either that or you don't have a full load of turnips in the bed of your turnip truck.

Please bring on your mesmerizing reply....

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

Drgnslyr: I am not saying that we don't need a wing. But all of you who think we are dog food without one are way off base. Yes, Rush was a huge factor for us. No doubt. But his "Five Star 3 or Bust!" mentality is nuts.

And for all of you who think you are smarter than Bill Self, why aren't you coaching a Top 5 program somewhere? Do you all really think you know something that the Coach of the Year doesn't know? I mean, really?

Maybe I come off as a jerk on here sometimes. And maybe I even am one. But the egos on this site are incredible.

I get that this is a place to vent and play "what if" and "how come" but the people who dump on our program because they think they are smarter than the people running our program should find a different team. Go crucify Roy and North Carolina. I am sure they had something wrong with them while they were cutting down the nets, right?

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

Wink, Wink.

I don't understand why. Roy helped build our program back into a powerhouse and in the end we ended up with a better coach (in my high flying opinion).

Wink, wink...

dhawk31 10 years, 9 months ago

they're still letting this guy write? Bill is still recruiting the Henry's and Lance hard and has an open scholarship waiting for either of them. I think I will believe in what the national coach of the year is doing rather than billy mayer

jchief40 10 years, 9 months ago

WOW!! This is an even better view of that between the legs dunk EJ made. I didn't think it went between the legs seeing the video that KUSports linked to originally. Boy was I wrong!

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago


Hey, I loved kicked his "tail" too but I have no grudge. It worked out better for us in the end. You are right about Self. He is the best we've ever had.

dhawk31 10 years, 9 months ago

I know that Lance comes with some baggage but I am all for taking the risk. I think the reward will far outweigh our concerns. I admit there is a chance that he could cause some problems but I trust in Bill. And I just don't feel confident about us cutting down the nets without a legit 3 man.

stravinsky 10 years, 9 months ago

Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, and Derrick Rose pretty much count as miracle workers. Granted, none of them won a title, although one was a made free throw away (thank god), but Durant and Beasley didn't have teams like KU has.

I think it's true that we don't absolutely need an X or Lance, but that would let this team reach a whole new level. Because right now, the 3 is really the only spot where we don't have a killer.

Dirk Medema 10 years, 9 months ago

KUAlum2000 says... I actually agree with Mayer on this article.

At least the general premise of the article, tho it seems a lot of bloggers are fixating on little terms. The general premise is that the '09/10 Jayhawks will be good regardless of a late addition.

As to whether Conner will contribute in a game or not, maybe for some of Roy's teams after he whiffed for a recruiting year (were they even or odd years?), but not likely when Coach Self just keeps reloading.

While I appreciate D-slayer's response more than the first comments, a point that seems lost is that while this class does not have the wing player that we need, it does have the post players we need (yes, Jaybate) which will allow the misplaced 3's (Mario & Marcus) to move out to their natural position.

I wholeheartedly agree that X or Lance could be an instant upgrade, just as Rush was, but the "sawing wood" option is also possible. It requires a lot more sweat in the gym for Mario to develop a 3 worth defending, and Marcus learning the intensity that will hide a lack of speed on the wing and allow him to use his extra size.

DWebman 10 years, 9 months ago

Cut the ties with anyone affiliated with the Henry family. Xavier Henry does not want to come here, and he is being a turbo-douche for stringing us along. He has every reason to play here: his parents came here and we have been all over him for the last two years. If he hasn't changed his mind yet, there's no turning back.

Clearly, his ideal situation was playing with Cousins and Calipari, and Meeks and Patterson won't hurt. This is a shame, as Calipari is a talent-retriever and a god awful talent-developer.

panalytic 10 years, 9 months ago

I think Mayer has a point. We have a great core group of players and two great players. This article just adds some perspective. No matter who shows up as recruits next year, they will not be as good as Collins and Aldrich, who were McDonalds All Americans and are now experienced college players.

The rest of the players are going to get better, so it is highly possible to improve on a sweet 16 team without any more recruits than the ones who have already committed. One great thing about KU fans is how we have appreciated all the players over the years. Teahan may end up hitting some big threes before his career is over and that is pretty good.

I think the message is let's not forget how good our current players are, all of them, and how good we have it right now.

jaybate 10 years, 9 months ago

Bill knows X would make us vastly better and that Lance could at least be a big help.

The LJW has probably learned from someone inside that KU will not land either X, or Lance.

This is one of those pieces, probably the first of a short series, that get written to prepare the faithful for a let down.

These pieces do not begin by saying we did not get X, or Lance.

They begin by saying X and Lance were not the solution anyway and it would not be that bad if we did not land them.

Next comes speculation that X and Lance are going elsewhere.

Next comes the announcement they are going elsewhere.

This is pretty much Manufacturing Consent 101.

Perhaps Bill got the thankless assignment, because he's the leper with no fingers left; i.e., he's the commentator emeritus whose career cannot be harmed by angry readers shooting the messenger for starting the attitude adjustment.

Orton stayed at UK, because he thought he could be part of something big. Something big had to have included more than Demarcus Cousins and Orton; that would just mean a UK team without depth across the board, or overwhelming talent on the perimeter. Orton has to believe X and CJ, and perhaps Stephenson, or Wall, are coming to give UK the overwhelming talent and depth UK will need to be a Final Four team, as Orton said he believed they would be.

Orton seems at this point the canary in the mine shaft alerting us that something has gone wrong in the quest not only for Orton, but for X and L.

X knows there is a scholie at KU, and he knows last year's cast will be back. He knows he's as good from trey as Brady, three inches taller, and almost certainly to be able to beat him out. He knows Brady would be grateful to be moved from the 3 to the 2 and let Little back up X. He knows KU offers the best shot at a ring, because of a great returning cast.

But still he's going to UK for a visit with the coach, Calipari, that took a powder on him and his brother at Memphis. Why? IMHO, there is only one probable explanation and it does involve a confused young superstar. UK and the Henry's maybe working on a job for Carl that can keep the Henry family "together and happy," which has been X's mantra, ever since he signed at Memphis, after Carl told everyone CJ being at Memphis would not influence X's decision.

jaybate 10 years, 9 months ago

Next, recall a plucky Pastner signalled as much this past week, when he offered Carl a job at Memphis. He would not have offered Carl a job, if it were already understood that Carl did not want a job; that would have been stupid. Pastner would probably only have offered the job to please his jilted bosses, who must have believed a job for Carl had been on the table previously under the Calipari administration at Memphis. They probably insisted that Pastner at least make the offer, as a test of Pastner's loyalty to the school, as opposed to his loyalty to Calipari, perhaps believing Calipari would make Carl a similar offer from UK. To reiterate, UK employing Carl might be a swift path to togetherness and happiness in the Henry family. And were such to come true, it would, one would guess, likely be announced several months after the Henry boys signed at UK...a decent interval, if you would. But such things sometimes take time in a university bureaucracy like UK. Till, say late April.

Understanding Lance is more problematic, at least it has been for me. It has surfaced lately that Lance's three point gun is not necessarily 40% material; that rang bells and whistles for me, since I thought he was supposed to be deadly from outside. Assuming Lance does not possess Brandon/Chalmers/Brady type of trey shooting accuracy, Lance probably wanted to come to KU, if Sherron were leaving, because Lance could basically be what Sherron has been, only 6 inches taller; that had to make Self drool for a time. But with Sherron back, Lance would have the same problem Mario Little ran into in KU's down the middle game. A great athlete at the three is less important than a great trifectarian at the three. A great athlete at the three with a super mid range game just doesn't improve the down the middle dynamic, unless he can gun the three at 40% plus. If such a player could improve the dynamic, Mario Little would have been playing, injury and all.

jaybate 10 years, 9 months ago

So now I, at least, am satisfied as to why Coach Self has been betting the farm on X and making Lance wait. Lance wants to play the point. He can't play the point at KU, unless its part-time with Sherron. If Lance insists on the point full time, he has to go somewhere other than KU.

And we can guess now why Roberts cleared a scholie at St. Johns yesterday. If Lance passes on part time PG duty at KU. And if Calipari passes on Lance as his full-time PG at UK, Roberts takes Lance.

But if Lance decides to split time at KU, or Cal decides to give Lance the point at UK, then Roberts picks up Quintrel Thomas.

X is exactly what the KU team needs in terms of skills. drgnslyr says Lance is exactly the kind of player KU needs in terms of toughness and commitment. I cannot refute or support drgnslyr's read on this. I just don't know enough about Lance, but drgnslr is pretty knowledgeable about such things. Still, I can say unequivocally, though, that for KU to better at the three they need a guy who can shoot the three as well as and defend as well as Brady, in addition to being bigger, stronger and better at getting to the rim.

So, my guess now is: Lance, who was absolutely necessary were Collins to have jumped, would now only be a nice catch that would not really solve the problem at the three. And neither guy gets Self the experienced 5 that an Orton ready to step in when Cole exits next season would have done.

The most interesting prospect in all of this is that Tyrone Appleton and Quintrel Thomas could change their minds about transferring and be Jayhawks again, if the superstars decline destinies as Jayhawks. You heard it here first.

Byzanntium had nothing on this recruiting labryinth.

(Note: all the above is opining and speculation. As usual, I have no insider knowledge of what is going on.)

jaybate 10 years, 9 months ago


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JayhawkPurist 10 years, 9 months ago

Big 12 is getting a lot of talent next year, and should be more competitive than last year.

If you haven't already, meet Wally Judge, KSU's prize recruit. Don't know how how extensive his post repetoire is, but his athleticism is literally off the charts:

Tuskin 10 years, 9 months ago

justanotherfan (anonymous) says, "Mayer refuses to just admit that talent wins games at the highest D-1 level. Not coaching."

It's both. Seems to me that our big men have gotten a lot better since Danny Manning became a assistant coach (not just a conditioning coach). For example, we've all seen phenomenal improvement from Cole Aldrich. How much of that improvement is because of Coach Manning's tutelage, and how much because he has so much raw talent? It's both.

Mayer may have overstated some things, but he's right that everyone we have will be that much better next year. Coaching, strength, and experience will make all our returning players better and more consistent.

Consistency is important, no? But it’s not something you generally expect out of freshmen, no matter how talented. I'm hoping we get another terrific recruit, who is consistent as a freshman. It would be great to get another top notch recruit, since it gives Coach Self more tools in his already loaded arsenal. But it takes a lot of raw talent to compare with the combination of talent, experience, and years of training.

Best of luck, Coaches! Thanks for all your work!

jaybate 10 years, 9 months ago

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whoisjohngalt: Do not thank me for that, thank yourself. You are the one that would always not be resentful at being correctly corrected. You should not be the least bit ashamed of that.

whoisnotjohngalt: Well, then, I shall not be. Now, would you mind if I asked you a not very tough question?

whoisjohngalt: I would not mind at all if you asked me a not very tough question. All questions that are not very tough are questions I would not mind answering, if you do not ask follow up questions seeking clarification. I do not like follow up questions. I do not like clarifying.

whoisnotjohngalt: Very well, I won't ask a follow up. It is bad form in journalism these days, anyway. It jeopardizes future access, but I digress.

whoisjohngalt: Are you, or are you not, going to ask me the not very hard question?

whoisnotjohngalt: I am not not going to ask you, if that is what you mean?

whoisjohngalt: Then please do not wait any longer to ask me. I do not find it pleasant to be kept waiting.

jaybate 10 years, 9 months ago

whoisnotjohngalt: is there a connection between your alias and the alias of James Earl Ray--the lone gunman that the King family does not believe assassinated Martin Luther King?

whoisjohngalt: I cannot say. I do not know the alias of the man the Kings believe did not assassinate Martin Luther King. I only know that Ayn Rand mentored Allen Greenspan and Leonard Garmin, and those two alone are in deep diddledy do-do, when it comes to being mysterious workmen.

whoisnotjohngalt: I did not mean to mislead you. The alias that you do not know is Eric Stavro Galt. Do you not see the connection?

whoisjohngalt: I do not not see a connection. Why do you ask?

whoisnotjohngalt: I could not help noticing the last name of your alias is the same as the last name of James Earl Ray's alias. It did not seem inconspicuous.

whoisjohngalt: I am an Ayn Rand fan, who does not really know much about Ayn Rand. I cannot say that the connection was not inconspicous, because I did not see the connection.

whoisnotjohngalt: Thank you for clarifying that it is not connected. I am no longer fearful of the kind of person you may actually be behind the alias.

whoisjohngalt: You are welcome.

(First End Note: This interview never occurred.)

(Second End Note: No disrespect is meant to Dr. King, who remains one my enduring heroes. But this whole weird Ayn Rand cult has always bugged me a bit and the use of Galt in Ray's alias has always stuck in my craw.)

prusso25 10 years, 9 months ago

What does any of this have to do with how much perkins makes? I think the guy has earned every penny of his salary that happens to be none of our business anyway. Perkins has been a part of a huge turn around in KU football, and was instrumental in making sure Self took this job and not the ok st job. On another note, I honestly don't even think we need a one and done hot shot as long as Mario or Tyshawn has the breakout season we are all expecting. So long as we have that third scoring threat I think we will be a final four caliber team. Crazy waste of an article though.

milehighhawk 10 years, 9 months ago

This article is absolute trash.

Connor Teahan will be a big contributor in the next two years, but the frosh won't?????

Good Lord, have you COMPLETELY lost it?

klineisanazi 10 years, 9 months ago

Looks like Ol BIll is off his meds again. He gets so cranky when that happens. I will never forget Mayer's attacks on Brandon Rush, especially after he was injured and pulled out of the NBA draft. I have never read anything on a KSU fanboard as nasty toward a KU player as that column. As for the "substance" of this garbage, anyone that does not think X or Stephenson would help this team tremendously is an idiot, or is suffering from dementia. Now push the button Bill and the nice nurse will come to your room and give you your medicine . It will be OK.

wolfy 10 years, 9 months ago

Mr. Mayer, don't retire -- just stick to pulp. You still are the hot-diggity mackman for readers longer of tooth.

Your column also rings true...generally. We don't need X or Lance next year to compete at the highest level. We finally will have the athleticism and the numbers to play match-up basketball -- Coach Self's specialty. When we have to go big, we can play Little (or even Marcus Morris) at the SF position. Little was hampered by injury all last season. If he can recover fully from his injury and then figure out what he's supposed to be doing on the floor, he'll be more than serviceable. When we can go small, we'll use a three guard line-up and turn loose the velosoraptors (Collins, Taylor and Johnson). Sure, X might give us pretty much everything in one package, but we can get close with situational substitutions.

Tyler Daniels 10 years, 9 months ago

Hey KU fans, remember when Mizzou fans were making fun of KU for doing that high school musical thing (for a show) (((, lets see what they think of this?

at least KU's was for good fun and for a show, this video is just embarrassing, lol. KU fans will get a kick out of this, Mizzou fans will be thinking of an excuse (like always) I mean, at least in KU's video, there are girls (including a hot one at 1:32), Mizzou's whole video is with a bunch of guys and an old coach!

Sorry, I know this is off-topic but it is to good not to share

rocchalk12 10 years, 9 months ago

After this article, Mayer shouldn't be allowed to write again. I hope Lance Stephenson doesn't get a hold of this article.

Lance Hobson 10 years, 9 months ago

Mayer is absolutely right and all of you guys know it. Getting caught up in this recruiting fiasco is normal because fans always think there is something better out there, but it's really much ado about nothing. It's the same reason there is so much fascination with the NFL draft. There are better players already wearing a KU uniform. I just wish Appleton and Thomas stuck around to develop into solid contributors.

hawksince51 10 years, 9 months ago

Danny and the miracles only happens once in a lifetime. While mine has already been pretty long, I expect to be around for 09/10. I have a lot of faith in Cole and Sherron, but the end of the season highlighted the big talent gap we have at the wing. Our chances of making the final 4 will be a whole lot more promising if we sign X or Lance. The only thing I agree with in this article is that it takes time for McD AA's to contribute. But there is a lot of time between Nov. and Mar. and we have one of the best teachers.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

jaybate: you are so full of crap. you ramble on and on about absolute garbage. you are the biggest fraud to ever post here. i am beginning to think you are a prisoner with too many hours in the prison library and entirely too many hours of shock therapy...

Brian Conrad 10 years, 9 months ago

Bill Mayer is a Joke. You have your foot in your mouth half the time. Other half just wanting to rain on parade. Your words are for all to go back and see. You jab your own local fans by saying ( just a week back ) Cole and Sherron would cut and run for the big money , when All others were saying they would be back. amazing you are paid and so many have better information. Was easy to see why Sherron could come back finish his degree and move up to first round and Much higher contract in NBA. You always write the negative side of an issue, then through in smidge of positive to keep your job. To bad the players have to read your bull to get to the small amount of positve. HAVE A NICE DAY BILL.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

cooonrod: you hit the nail on the head. Mayer is as much of a joke as the jester named Jaybate

Jack Wilson 10 years, 9 months ago

Yikes. I don't know if I can top the comments .. cooonrod hit it perfect. Mayer is a joke. Connor Teahan? He should transfer to Wichita St. Seriously, this guy is paid to write?

"Can these recruits break the rotation?" I assume he means X, Stephenson and/or Wall.

This comment alone demonstrates Mayer's complete ignorance and idiocy. If X comes, he starts. If X and Wall come, they both start. I have to stop now.

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years, 9 months ago

TexasHawk44 - thank you for your imperial knowledge. We should all keep your posts for the current and future imbeciles. It's obvious. How would you like it?

Andrew Moore 10 years, 9 months ago

Personally, I think Connor Teahan could contribute his senior year, and here is why: Pros: 1. He is 6' 5" 2. He is a very very high% shooter from down town 3. Excellent work ethic and team player Cons 1. Ball handling is a little shaky - dribbles a little high 2. Defense - lateral quickness 3. Athleticism - can't get to the rim like other 2s or 3s

HighEliteMajor, did you watch Connor play at all last year or the year before? The man is a great shooter with good size. I don't think its hard to imagine Connor getting better at ball handling and his lateral quickness. He is more than capable, and for you to even insist that he transfer shows that you don't know what you're talking about. Might as well transfer?! Maybe he is buried behind some other guys in the rotation, but that doesn't mean he's never gonna play. He's definitely got a lot of work to do to see playing time next year, but there's plenty of time to get better.

Mayer is a columnist, not a reporter. The man's job is to give you HIS opinion. I don't think he really cares what a bunch of spoiled brat "fans" think about it either. Perhaps he is waving the white flag too soon (he definitely is) but that doesn't mean fire him. That is a load of garbage and you know it. Please, if you would like to express your opinion - which you guys are - you could right a blog on this site as well. Lets not be disrespectful to the columnist, and represent Kansas like we all know we should: with class and respect. For Mayer and for Xavier Henry and for Lance Stephenson.

Let me also mention that Elijah will be fantastic. A guard version of Jammin' Julian. And Robinson is built from the D-Block mold - a hard working hustler. We have two great guys coming in next year - not to mention the most forgotten man in Kansas - Jeff Withey.

Eric Williams 10 years, 9 months ago

Teahen is timid. Period.

Until he convinces himself that he can play with the big boys he will only get mop up minutes. He needs to show Self that he's confident.

Whenever he gets the ball wide open, he's afraid to shoot. Because he thinks "If I miss, I'm coming out" but it's the exact opposite. If you miss, get back on D and keep shooting. Self wants his players comfortable taking shots and playing the game and Teahen just isn't comfortable out there. Yet.

imzcount 10 years, 9 months ago

I agree with afmoore06. Responding with rude comments to a columnist is disrespectful. Why do it? It just makes you look small and insignificant. So get some maturity about your disagreements. Thank you.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 9 months ago

afmoore06: Yes, I watched Teahan play. Are you serious? I'm guessing you were on the Appleton bandwagon, too. Look, your description of Teahan describes have D2 players in the country. Your pros -- 1) He's 6' 5" (irrelevant. So was one of my high school teammates). 2) He's a high percentage shooter from downtown (Again, look to D2. Lots of guys can shoot dowtown. A guy on my rec team can drill the 3 at will. But he can't jump, he can't play D1 defense, he's slow, and he has no ability to get to the rim .. and no, he's not Connor Teahan) 3) Excellent work ethic and good teammate (wow. I have a good work ethic and I'm a good teammate). I

Is that all you have as positives for him? Thanks for making my point for me, both by your lack of "pros" and your accurate "cons." Teahan is a walkon, that's all. But God bless him. My guess he scores more with the sorority gals that we can even imagine.

As for Mayer, don't give me that respect garbage. I appreciate that it is his opinion. But when an opinion is so uninformed, it lacks credibility. And someone who actually is paid for an opinion that is so uninformed is embarrassing. I can give you my opinion on whether John McEnroe was the greatest tennis player of all time, and I can probably sound like I know something, but I don't. I didn't pay a great deal of attention to tennis. My opinion on the subject lacks credibility because it is uninformed. Don't pay me to write about it.

Much like you. Connor Teahan can't even play in front of Tyrel Reed and Morningstar for goodness sakes. Perhaps you are a sorority girl. Or Mayer's brother.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 9 months ago

imzcount: Sorry. You have a great point. We shouldn't comment. We shouldn't criticize. We should simply smile. I wouldn't want to disrespect a columnist.

Somehow I see Mayer riding one of those old time bicycles with the big wheel in front.

Oh, sorry, I should not be rude.

Since when is it rude to expect competence from someone who is paid to give his opinion .. paid. Not for free.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 9 months ago

And by golly, I'd play Teahan or Morningstar over X or Stephenson. Better teammates. Excellent work ethic. "Can these recruits even crack the rotation". Probably not. I mean, heck, Morningstar can get you 3 points in an NCAA game with 2 boards, and 4 turnovers (or something like that). Excellent work ethic. Great teammate.

Production, my ignorant friends, wins games. If we have not blown getting one of these guys, remember this when one of them drops 25 with 8 assists. But man, how can we sacrifice having a great teammate in the rotation?

jaybate 10 years, 9 months ago


Repeat after me:

I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer. I am Texashawk44 and I am a smear teamer.


Andrew Moore 10 years, 9 months ago

HighEliteMajor, Whoa! You are an angry dude. You should relax, stressing like that will kill a man.

You disrespect and discredit guys like Morningstar, Reed and Teahan. These are not great players, these are good players. These are guys that bleed crimson and blue. These are guys that fought in the trenches to help secure a big12 reg. season championship. They have improved dramatically in their short time here. Both Reed and Morningstar were very green coming into the year. Both had good games and bad games. But Morningstar was one of the most consistent players on the team, and the best perimeter defender.

Production does win games, that is not a doubt. Good teammates that suck are not gonna win games. Good work ethic will however help you develop as an individual player. By the time these guys are seniors they can turn into pretty good players (Darnell Jackson ring a bell?)

There is no question, the weakness of the team next season will be at the three. Its obvious. Brady had played out of position all last season. KU will be a tough customer if we can snag Lance or X. We all know that KU just lacked a 3rd scoring option last season. But don't count out a healthy Little and a rapidly improving Releford. I think that was what Mayer was trying to get you guys to realize.

But wouldn't a Xavier or Lance be awesome? We'd be incredible!
Starter Projection time! if we snag a recruit 1. Sherron Collins
2. Brady Morningstar - great D 3. Xavier Henry OR Lance Stephenson 4. Mc Morris - a much improved sophomore 5. Cole Aldrich Preseason number 1!!!

if we don't get a recruit 1. Sherron Collins 2. Tyshawn Taylor 3. Brady Morningstar 4. Mc Morris 5. Cole Aldrich Looks familiar, but would be much much better with some experience under the belt.

AaronHawk19 10 years, 9 months ago

Can jaybate and Bill get there own website so NONE of us have to read their utter b.s.

Jaybate, just give up!!! Ya X decided he is going to UK a week before he takes his visit to Lexington (a place he has never even been). Right?

Lance can't play the college three? If you haven't been watching basketball for the last, oh 30 years, the college 3 is predominantly a next level two. I don't know why you think Lance is a natural point, he isn't. He might get some assists on lazy passes in all-star games, but he makes Collins look like a pass first point. Lance would fit in very well as a three, playing with Sherron, Tyshawn or EJ. The problem is Lance is a liability and I would rather see EJ play in a small three guard set than have Lance as a Hawk.

p.s. Want to bet your account that X comes to KU? If you are wrong, like usual, you have to call it quits!

drum1984 10 years, 9 months ago

Why is Bill Mayer allowed to spew his nonsense. LJW needs to put him out to pasture already. You'd think with age would come some wisdom....but in his case you would be wrong.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 9 months ago

afmoore06: Ok, I was in a bad mood last night. My disrespect of Morningstar, Reed, and Teahan have nothing to do with whether they bleed crimson and blue. We all do, don't we?

Coach did a great job maximizing what he had this year. But if Morningstar beats out Elijah Johnson and Taylor next year for PT, we are in serious trouble.

Morningstar is a perfect 9th guy in the rotation. He can give you the three and when he comes in, he can give you some D that Reed and Teahan can't. But let's recognize a role player when we see one, not a starter at a school like KU. Reed and Teahan should not be playing.

drum1984: Perfect .. with age should come some wisdom. I've got an uncle in his 80s and he still washes his dishes by hand. Doesn't want to mess with the "complicated" dishwashing contraption. I heard Mayer was wondering why they didn't have a guy on a ladder next to the peach basket this year to fish out the basketball after a bucket. And what skill does it take to dunk a basketball? I remember when Cousy would hit that set shot ......... oh, sorry.

That is basketball. Seriously, though, seeing the bio on Mayer's World War II service is impressive and greatly respected. Talking to folks about their war service is a great lesson for anyone. Mayer came from the greatest generation, a group that unquestionably loved and served their country.

Joe Ross 10 years, 9 months ago

I leave the house in perfect order and return to you now to find it a mess. I am actually in disagreement with almost everyone...

First, to the readership who blathers on about the lack of Bill Mayer's credentials, none of you are worthy of tying the man's shoes. None of you mean now, have ever meant, or will ever mean as much to the Kansas University tapestry as does this genius of an author who writes not only of things past, but of things present. You are a brainwashed bunch of swashbucklers brandishing sloppy swords. When he writes of things past you complain. When he writes of things present you complain. The real joke in all of this is that you declare yourselves to be wise but dont have the foggiest idea that your knee-jerk reaction-style gibberish reveals you to be fools! Youre like the partygoer who throws himself annoyingly upon the other guests and draws all manner of attention, but is not even aware of his own embarrassing nakedness! You have no filter to discriminate between when Mayer is right and when he is actually wrong, but the real shame is that you dont want one. If you had better sense, ashamedness would accompany your own postings.

Secondly, having said that (and I direct the rest of the body of this post to those not being addressed in the previoius paragraph, who have at least the rudiments of higher brain functioning), I actually disagree with some of Mayers points here, including his major premise that one or two of these recruits cant work "miracles". Not by themselves, perhaps, but in concert with the duo he so accurately described as high-caliber players, I think "yes they can". Moreover, I believe that players like Rose, Durant, Beasely, Mayo and others have pushed their teams deeper into the tournament than they would have gone were these players not on the roster, and in the case of Kansas who figures to be a heavyweight contender again next season, an impact player such as Xavier Henry could be a player that gets us over the hump. If the young man spurns his fathers alma mater and the holiest shrine in college basketball, he is doing himself a disservice no question. Kansas will go on in any case, and has always been a bigger commodity than any one player on any of its rosters. My point, though, is simply that earning a national championship amounts to the summation of a bunch of individual contributions, and an incoming impact players' should not be discounted. Oh, and Perkins is worth the extra money.

Joe Ross 10 years, 9 months ago

And finally to my good friend Jaybate. We will remain good friends even through violent disagreement on scattered subjects, but in the name of good science I have to object to the process with which you arrive at some of your conclusions. There has to be a credible methodology to it. Its not that conspiracy theories arent interesting, theyre just unprovable and not reproduceable with any degree of certainty. When you say, for example, that neither X nor Lance are in line to come here, youve gotta pin the tail on the donkey a lot better than offering Mayer's penning of this piece as evidence. Give me some real meat to chew on!

And now, after having left no one in the place unoffended, I leave you again to raise your cacophony of voices as to why Im an idiot, or why UFOs exist, and why Elvis is still alive, and why the world will end in 2012, and why...

kujayhawk34 10 years, 9 months ago

Elijah Johnson has often been compared to Baron Davis..I believe ESPN has that comparison as well as some articles on rivals.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

jaybate = royal donkey. Not much else to say.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

fairgrove: whatever blows your skirt up...

actorman 10 years, 9 months ago

So much ignorance, so little space ...

"The hole Michael Downs left behind was never filled."

Michael Downs??? Michael??? Who the heck is "Michael" Downs???

"Cut the ties with anyone affiliated with the Henry family. Xavier Henry does not want to come here, and he is being a turbo-douche for stringing us along."

You're right, Dwebman, clearly Xavier should be consulting you before making any decisions that affect HIS life, and clearly you are all-knowing and all-seeing when it comes to what he wants and his reasons for making his decisions. I believe the word "douche" (not to mention Dweebman) applies to you in this case.

"He is a very very high% shooter from down town … HighEliteMajor, did you watch Connor play at all last year or the year before? The man is a great shooter with good size."

Um, I like Teahan as much as anyone, but did you just watch his freshman season and then go into a coma for all of last year? A "very very high% shooter???" You have GOT to be kidding!!! Do you have a CLUE what his stats were this year? How about 4-22, including 2-17 from 3-point range?!?!? That's right, his 3-point percentage this year was .118!!!!! Being a great shooter in practice (or in the first few games of his freshman year) does NOT make someone a "very very high% shooter from down town" or a "great shooter" (and oh, BTW, "downtown" is one word).

"Can jaybate and Bill get there own website so NONE of us have to read their utter b.s."

Although the above comments are ignorant, this one reaches a whole new level of stupidity. Since when, AaronHawk, has anyone held a gun to your head and FORCED you to read their "utter b.s." I've criticized Mayer plenty over the years and he often bugs the hell out of me, but I would never write anything as mind-numbingly stupid as this. I have a very simple solution, AaronHawk: if you don't like what Mayer and jaybate have to say, then DON'T READ IT!!! It's really not that complicated -- except, obviously, for people like you.

TexasHawk44 10 years, 9 months ago

aaronhawk: if only he would take that bet and be silenced, i would send you gifts of gold and silver...peace on earth...the sounds of sanity...that would be too much to ask for...

Eric Williams 10 years, 9 months ago


If might behoove you to attribute the quotes to the people that wrote them, as to help the rest us find them (since you quoted the 6th entry and I re-read...backwards...trying to find the Michael Downs reference). Still to ParisHawk, please learn the names of Jayhawk recruits, players and transfers.

Downtown can be two words, but BTW it can also be one word. Check it out, And it's most often used as one word.

I do agree with you on Teahan, and his problem, IMO, is that he lacks killer instinct while in the game.

In regards to Aaronhawk I have no problem with his complaints about this article and jaybate. Frankly, I get tired of reading multiple "full" posts from this guy too. Frankly, I don't give a damn about a fictitious "interview" between the same guy. I think we have hospitals for people like jaybate.

Jaybate likes to write his comments as if he's preaching to us about "how it is" instead of offering his opinion, which is all that any of us are doing. Jaybate writes on these theories of his and likes to boast as if they have already come true.

And yes, that does count as "utter b.s."

From DOWNTOWN. Kobe!

ku_foaf 10 years, 9 months ago

Ah, Bill. Says Brandon took 3 years to develop. He actually had the best numbers of any freshman since Danny Manning, although he was 20 as an entering freshman.

In the 80s, he was constantly assuring us that the 86 team was nowhere near as good as the 50s teams, and that Manning was not as good as the old timers. Woodling said the same thing. A year or two ago, one of then described the same 86 team as "possibly the best KU team ever." Everything gets better with age.

He is official KU Curmudgeon or old fart, if you prefer. I still enjoy reading his articles, though!

Joe Ross 10 years, 9 months ago


Brandon DID take 3 years to develop! yes, he was efficacious in the two years prior, but Brandon shunned the leadership role...EVEN AS THE LEADING SCORER!!! He stepped into that role in his junior year and filled out his potential. Mayer, once again, is correct!

jaybate 10 years, 9 months ago


You're back!

Repeat after me .22 rimfire:

"My name is Texashawk44. I am on an ad hom binge yet again. I can't help myself. Even after I tell jaybate that I will never post about him ever again, soon thereafter I am ad homming him again. I know now that I have an addiction and that it is wrecking my family relationships and my ability to hold a job. I even talk about ad homming with actorkid, when I'm not ad homming. And I am shamefully aware that actorkid enables me and is a codependent. I ad hom, therefore, I am. Forgive me, father jaybate, for I know not what I am. But, really, I am not all ad homs. It is also true I want to be a better person and know that if I continue to work with my therapist, jaybate, I will come to know and accept myself as a person, rather than as a serial smearer and ad hommer. Why already I have shortened up the ad homming that I do. I know that I do not deserve the attention of someone as kind and loving as jaybate. I know that I deserve someone who will ask me to grab my ankles, tense my cheeks, and insist on another paddle, thank you very much sir! But I also know that jaybate sees through me and knows how scared I am, when I express myself and experience rejection. I know he wants to help me and make me a better person. Therefore I am going to place myself in jaybate's care and let him help me outgrow my ad homming."

I promise, Tayhosshawk.22short, if you say the above ten times each day for one month, you will be cured.

Don Everett 10 years, 9 months ago

1st - Bill Mayer needs to retire. He is so old and completely out of the realm of reality.

2nd - jaybate - please just go away. You waste so much time/space/credibility on the boards that no one really gives a crap about. You are a bore.

3rd - I would take Orton and Stephenson over the Henry boys.

4th - jross - you aren't much better than jaybate.

5th - to anyone who needs more than one post to say what they need is an idiot!!!!!!!

drum1984 10 years, 9 months ago

Basketball games are won by talented players. New recruits come in every year. For the program to maintain its elite level status those incoming recruits need to be very very good. When Brandon Rush was "taking 3 years to meld" KU was racking up conference championships every single year while Mayer was taking unwarranted, baseless and offensive pot shots at him. Those "'flibberty-gibbit, on-again, off-again kids who need to fish or cut bait" that Mayer describes like Arthur and Rush hung up the first Championship banner in Allen Fieldhouse in 20 years. Bill Self and his staff of "Kansas basketball hustlers [who] are trying to sign high-profile prospects" did the same thing when they signed Sherron and Cole and Taylor and all the other extremely talented players that makes the Jayhawks roster a national title contender for next year. So when I ask "why is Bill Mayer allowed to spew his nonsense" it is not an attack on his life story. It's that this article, like most articles he writes and gets posted on, is ridiculous nonsense.

justanotherfan 10 years, 9 months ago

Let's be honest people.

I like Brady and Tyrel. Really I do. They are good guys, good representatives of the program, etc. But they are not D-1 starters at a top flight program, in much the same way that Christian Moody was not a starter caliber player when he was here.

Look at what happened to us down the stretch. Teams started figuring out how to exploit Morningstar and Reed because they were not offensive threats if you could run them off jumpshots, and they weren't athletic enough on the defensive end to stay with the wings they were asked to cover. Coach Self and staff did an excellent job all year of covering up this glaring deficiency, but once people figured it out, we struggled.

That is the whole reason we are pursuing X and Lance in the first place. The Tyrel/Brady combo just isn't going to get it done in March. Not at the 3 (because of athleticism and size), not at the 2 (because of ball handling and scoring). As the season wore on, people figured out how to help when Sherron drove without leaving Reed and Morningstar wide open from three. Once that happened, they became non-threats offensively, effectively putting us in a four and a half on five situation.

This isn't to say they should never play by any means. Both proved that they could be effective this year IN THE RIGHT SITUATIONS. Subbing in as a shooter to stretch the defense. Coming in at the end of the half to space the floor and get a kick out (Tyrel did this beautifully several times). Spot minutes defensively on scorers to change the pace - Brady is excellent in this role. But over time, teams figure out their weaknesses and exploit them.

I believe that both will improve this summer, but I also believe that now that teams have seen them for an entire year, and know their limitations, it will be difficult for them to exceed the production they had this season, which still puts us on the tipping point between Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.

DWebman 10 years, 9 months ago


I was suggesting that Kansas fans cut ties with the Henry family, not that Xavier cut ties with his own family.

Clearly, Carl Henry has been flip-flopping on whether or not he has any "inklings" of Xavier's college plans: first saying that Kentucky was not in the picture and Xavier wasn't going to make a visit there, and now rescinding that comment after Xavier's recent visit to Lexington.

KU fans are going to have to come to the realization that the chances of Xavier coming to Lawrence are slim at this point. If he was going to come here, he would have signed with us over. Now he has the same environment he would of had at Memphis except at a more storied program at Kentucky. This isn't to say that Kansas doesn't provide an equally unstoppable supporting cast with Johnson, Cole-sherron and withy. The point is, if he wanted to be around these 5-stars, he would have already.

My whole problem with Xavier is that he is discouraging Lance from signing with us. Lance would've signed with us after the McDonald's All-American game if all of this mess with Calipari and Xavier wasn't going on.

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