Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Robinson using McDonalds snub as motivation


It’ll take some time for Thomas Robinson to get over the disappointment of not being invited to play in the McDonald’s All-America basketball game.

“I am kind of (ticked) off, but will use it as motivation,” the future Kansas University power forward said.

Robinson took out some of his frustrations at the recent Roundball Classic high school all-star game on March 22 in Hagerstown, Md. The 6-foot-8, 225-pound senior from Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H., scored 29 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in the Nationals’ 103-101 victory over the Americans.

Robinson — he averaged 16 points, 13 rebounds and five blocks a game for Brewster this past season — was asked if he felt he had something to prove in the fourth-annual game featuring players from the East coast.

“No, I will prove that next year (at KU),” said Robinson, who has already discussed the McDonald’s snub with KU coach Bill Self.

“He told me not to worry about it, to use it to motivate me,” Robinson said. “It’s an all-star game. It doesn’t mean anything once you get to college.”

Robinson — he’ll next compete at the Reebok All-America game as a teammate of KU signee Elijah Johnson on April 18 in Robinson’s hometown of Washington, D.C. — had two rim-rattling dunks and also hit several jumpers at the Roundball Classic.

“I hit a few 15-footers. A lot of people don’t know about my (offensive) game,” noted Robinson, who is known as a fierce rebounder. “That’s one of the reasons I chose Kansas. Coach Self will help me develop my game to where I can show I can do more (than rebound).”

Robinson, who is’s No. 18-rated player, showed some toughness late in his senior season. He grabbed 17 rebounds in a game while playing with a broken bone in his left, non-shooting hand. He doesn’t need surgery.

“I’m fine,” Robinson said, noting he’d arrive at KU in June for summer school.

He said he was impressed with KU’s play this past season.

“I’m not surprised. I’ve seen the team,” Robinson said. “I knew they’d be good. I’m glad they proved people wrong.”

He said the sky could be the limit next year if Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich put off the NBA draft for a year.

“If they came back, it’d be a blessing,” Robinson said. “We could have a championship team.”

In fact, some are already tapping KU as a national title contender for next season if Collins and Aldrich return and if the Jayhawks can add either Xavier Henry or Lance Stephenson in recruiting.


He was right: Robinson proved prophetic when asked an hour before tip of the national title game which team would win.

“Michigan State has been messing up everybody’s brackets, but I go with North Carolina,” Robinson said.

Reebok rosters: Here are the rosters for the Reebok all-star game.

Team Finish: Elijah Johnson, Thomas Robinson, Mike Moser, Dexter Strickland, Junior Cadougan, Naji Hibbert, Andrew Fitzgerald, John Jenkins, Rodney McGruder, Dante Taylor, Erik Murphy.

Team Create: Mfon Udfofia, Maurice Creek, Lorenzo Brown, Joe Burton, Tim Frazier, Ari Stewart, Richard Howell, Fred Gulley, Isaiah Philmore, Terrell Vinson, Isaiah Armwood.

Pastner to hire Henry?: A source told the Sporting News on Monday that new Memphis coach Josh Pastner “would hire former Kansas player Carl Henry as the program’s director of operations, which would keep signed recruit Xavier Henry, Carl’s son, in the program.”

The Memphis Commercial Appeal said Pastner was “instrumental” in the recruitment of Henry. Pastner will be introduced as Memphis coach today.

Carl Henry said last week that Xavier wanted to attend KU in the wake of John Calipari’s hiring at Kentucky.

Ellis update: Perry Ellis, a 6-foot-8 freshman from Wichita Heights, recently became the first freshman in Kansas history to be named Gatorade Player of the Year. Ellis, 15, has already been offered a scholarship by KU and Memphis.

“People ask me about college, but that's still a long way away," Ellis told the Wichita Eagle.


100 11 years, 7 months ago

Nice job,Thomas. Glad you will use this as motivation.

As for Carl Henry -- surely he is smart enough to avoid taking a job like that to hold X and CJ at Memphis....

Why would Carl turn down this job you might ask?

Well for starters, as much as the Memphis kids like their 31 year old coach, he hasn't even coached a high school game yet...

We are talking about developing X (and perhaps CJ) for the...




And getting them exposure...

If Carl plays his cards right, his mug will be featured on ESPN 2 nights a week during the KU games next year, along with several highlights of some of his stellar jumpshots at KU & perhaps a couple clips from his short career in the NBA...

If he simply let's his kids go to KU and enjoys watching them next year instead of taking the Memphis job,

His family (including his KU basketballing wife) will get so much more exposure...

And a Championship ring...

Or two...

And a significant much more money down the road in the NBA...

Rock Chalk, Carl -- surely you see through this Memphis gesture!

farnamjayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

Is Carl unemployed currently? If he "needs" a job, I'm sure we can find him something very rewarding and that compensates him handsomely in the KU athletic department.

KUPROUD 11 years, 7 months ago

Just my opinion, but this story from the "source" that reported Memphis will hire Henry to keep X sounds like a Memphis propaganda piece. Carl Henry doesn't strike me as a "Judas" who would betray his KU heritage. It's one thing to let your kids make their own choice of schools, but it's quite another to sell out your alma mater. Hope I'm not wrong.

mattralph 11 years, 7 months ago

Sounds like Milt Wagner all over again. How is giving a recruit's dad a job not a violation of NCAA regs?

nash_hawk 11 years, 7 months ago

Ed Manning...Ronnie Chalmers...Carl Henry.

The first two resulted in excellent outcomes for the program as their sons were rather talented. Hey, why not Carl now?

Isn't Ronnie leaving after this year anyway? Maybe the same position is open for the 'hawks as at Memphis. Too funny...let's get into a battle over hiring a recruit's father.

I'm not sayin..I'm just sayin.

Nice to speculate on such a topic. All will work itself out in the end. Let's hope X and CJ get to make the best decision for themselves. Which, of course, is coming to KU and making a run at a national championship.

yates33333 11 years, 7 months ago

drgnsllayr. you might ask manning and chalmers. if this is true, and i wonder, henry might need the job. we are in a depression with a depressing president.

jayharchitect 11 years, 7 months ago

Does Carl need a graduate degree? He could be our graduate assistant! Okay, maybe not, but who knows?

jayhawkinATL 11 years, 7 months ago

I believe Ronnie Chalmers is already gone.

kerbyd 11 years, 7 months ago

I believe Hinson or Ballard took over Chalmers job

Jonathan Allison 11 years, 7 months ago

Spin it however you want to but were KU to offer Carl a job in order to steal Xavier from Memphis it would be a bribe.

But don't forget that Xavier already has a signed letter of intent to play at Memphis, so Memphis offering Carl a job can be disguised.

Did Mario commit to KU before or after Ronnie accepted the DBO job?

Drew Bender 11 years, 7 months ago

Ronnie Chalmers has been gone all season... He left the job about a couple months after the championship last year... Around the time Mario was moving down to Miami

Dirk Medema 11 years, 7 months ago

Ed was hired a year before Danny committed as part of an entirely new staff (Larry Brown's) and came with NBA experience.

Ronnie was hired almost a year after Mario signed with KU. He left last summer and was replaced internally (former grad assist if I remember correctly).

David Friend 11 years, 7 months ago

Not that it matters but so much for Dick VItales ACC bias. He picked KU number 1 next year if Sherron and and Cole come back.. Lots of talk about all time UNC players this morning. Got me thiking about all time KU players. No caveats. Here is mine

Wilt, Manning, Pierce, Chalmers, Jo Jo.. Everyone should think long and hard about Chalmers and all the awards he won in the BIg 12 tournaments NCAA's etc, very impressive and not just the final game but the guy hit big shot after big shot...

Lindsey Buscher 11 years, 7 months ago

dagger108 has it right.

We didn't hire Ronnie to ensure we would get Mario...however, the hire was like icing on the Chalmers cake because he was well-liked by the team and very good at his job.

The Pastner hire seems a lot like when KSUck hired Frankenstein and Hill in order to keep Beasly.

Matt1958 11 years, 7 months ago

Kansas Director of Basketball Operations-Brett Ballard. He had the job all season.

justanotherfan 11 years, 7 months ago

First on the Memphis situation.

Calipari promised assistant Tony Barbee last year that if he pulled his name out of the UMass job hunt (which eventually went to former Cal assistant and player Derek Kellogg), if and when Cal took another job, he would promote Barbee at Memphis. However, Memphis is now ticked that Cal left, so they didn't consider Barbee. Pastner was set to follow Cal (he has been his lead recruiter the last couple of seasons) to UK, but Memphis moved quickly to see if nailing down the lead recruiter could keep their incoming class together, like what KSU did to keep Beasley, Sutton and Pullen together for their program.

As for Robinson, he seems like the type of player that could start immediately. If that's the case, our front line is extremely crowded next year, and the backcourt is stuffed as well. Aldrich and Withey at center (if Cole stays). The Morris twins and Robinson at the 4. Little, X or Born Ready at the 3, and a backcourt of Elijah Johnson, Tyshawn and Sherron if he stays. That's a ten man rotation if Cole and Sherron both stay, without counting Brady or Tyrel. That's clearly more crowded than what Self generally does.

Here's my take. Self has been recruiting all year under the presumption that Cole and Sherron are going to jump. He knows the numbers. He knows that if Ty Lawson is a lottery pick, once NBA scouts see Sherron up close they will see that he and Lawson are practically clones of each other. That doesn't make Sherron a lottery pick, but its something that will stick in personnel people's minds when they try to make a decision in the late 20s. Meanwhile, Self no doubt knows the numbers. I've posted them a couple of times before, so I won't post them again, but basically, the lottery picks that have been taller than 6-10 the last 3 years have averaged about 14 points and 9 rebounds in their final college season. Cole put up 15 and 10. The facts lead me to believe that makes him a lottery pick.

So what did Self do? He signed Tyshawn late in the recruitment period over the summer, figuring a year playing alongside Sherron would prepare him to take over the lead guard role if Sherron jumped. Otherwise, why bring in another body right then when he had John Wall on the radar for this year? Tyshawn was insurance if Sherron jumped, a guy already in the program, with a year's experience in the system. Add the super athletic Elijah Johnson and you have a squad ready to deal with a potential departure at the point.

Meanwhile, Withey decides to transfer after the Arizona situation blows up. It's nice to have him in practice, banging against Cole and the twins every day, working with Manning, etc. while you wait for this year to play out. Bring in Thomas Robinson as a ferocious rebounder to play alongside him and you have a squad ready to deal with a big departure in the post.

Self is around these guys and the NBA scouts regularly. He knows the situation and he planned ahead.

Brett Forreal 11 years, 7 months ago

Yeah, I was kinda bummed about Roy winning it again. Sure I'm happy for what success was brought to KU during those years. I just can't get over the fact that the guy left KU just for the $. Anyway, we have a better coach and a better person now in Self as a coach. Look what he has brought to KU that Roy couldn't do here. And he didn't bolt to OSU for the big bucks like Roy did.
Come on Perry stay home and play for KU. Sounds like this kid is on his way to being a a real star.

GridironHawk 11 years, 7 months ago

I hope Carl takes the job and Xavier still comes to KU. Wouldn't that be a slap in the face to Memphis :)

Matt1958 11 years, 7 months ago

yates33333, this site is for talking Kansas Basketball. If you want to blog politics, there are thousands of places for you to do that.

Steve Brown 11 years, 7 months ago

Nice win for NC, see how after last year they learned the importance of stops and playing defense......we spanked them in San Antonio and that made them better. Plus Tyson had sore toe so he got some much needed rest end of season by not practicing, kept him fresh not that he needs more energy. Henry family seems now staying at MEMPHIS we wish them well....could have been really special....yet CJ couldn't get a transfer to play right away. We have talent with or without them. Wonder if any of Billie G. UK. recruits are having second thoughts...

I still trust HCBS we are in excellent hands.....

chicagoeddie 11 years, 7 months ago

i agree let memphis hire carl and send xavier here!

Xavier, if you want to win and get the most exposure in the nation come to kansas, if you want to play against highschool basketball teams then go to memphis...

Rock Chalk!

Jaminrawk 11 years, 7 months ago

If Memphis hires Carl just to get Xavier for one year, what are they gonna do once he leaves? Pastner might have been a great recruiter but you know Cal was the closer. Plus, Worldwide Wes isn't working for Memphis anymore. This reeks of desperation. Say what you will about the Chalmers situation, but Ronnie had more coaching experience than Pastner does, in all honesty.

Brian Skelly 11 years, 7 months ago

I think any piety thrown around here about Carl Henry being hired at Memphis has to stop.

We hired both Ronnie Chalmers, and Ed Manning so their kids would play at KU. No difference here, despite what folks want to think.

The reality is this is somewhat common. Underhanded? Yep. The way College Basketball works now though? Yup.

All this said, I have faith that no matter what happens we'll be fine. I'd love Collins and Aldrich to stick around for selfish reasons. But if their going to be 1st Round picks (and its looking that way) they should go pro.

People forget too, that Aldrich's father just lost his job. Why they arent paying for their son to go to school, you cant sit here and say that wouldnt weigh on Cole's mind with the decision. Especially if he's going to be a lottery pick.

Self will reload regardless of what they do.

Joe Joseph 11 years, 7 months ago

Memphis is going to hire Carl Henry to keep Xavier?!?!?!

This is ludicrous!!! How could a program do such a thing?!!!!!

WisconsinJayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

There IS a difference between Pastner trying to buy X and the hirings of Ed manning and Ronnie Chalmers.

Recall that Larry Brown KNEW Ed Manning, played with him in the ABA, and has had Ed on his staff in the NBA after he left KU; clearly there was a pre-existing relationship, and an enduring one; Ed could coach.

Recall that Ronnie Chalmers was NOT part of a package deal. Mario had already signed before the job opened up at KU. Ronnie just happened to be a good fit, and wanted the job.

Pastner, who has never coached a game and has absolutely no professional relation ship with Carl henry past or present, is trying to hire Carl BEFORE X leaves in a clear and blatant attempt to bribe the family.

Considering Pastner has no track record of coaching even a junior high B team game, let alone developing NBA talent as a head man, I think the difference in dollars that X could earn with GOOD tutelage form Self, versus that provided by Coarch Rookie, would more than overshadow the one year of salary earned by Carl before he is no longer needed by Memphis.

WisconsinJayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

There IS a difference between Pastner trying to buy X and the hirings of Ed manning and Ronnie Chalmers.

Recall that Larry Brown KNEW Ed Manning, played with him in the ABA, and has had Ed on his staff in the NBA after he left KU; clearly there was a pre-existing relationship, and an enduring one; Ed could coach.

Recall that Ronnie Chalmers was NOT part of a package deal. Mario had already signed before the job opened up at KU. Ronnie just happened to be a good fit, and wanted the job.

Pastner, who has never coached a game and has absolutely no professional relation ship with Carl Henry past or present, is trying to hire Carl BEFORE X leaves in a clear and blatant attempt to bribe the family.

Considering Pastner has no track record of coaching even a junior high B team game, let alone developing NBA talent as a head man, I think the difference in dollars that X could earn with GOOD tutelage form Self, versus that provided by Coarch Rookie, would more than overshadow the one year of salary earned by Carl before he is no longer needed by Memphis.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 7 months ago

The funny thing is, if Carl had wanted to work in some capacity at KU, he surely would be. Heck, we love having ex-players in-house. Bud Stallworth works at KU. John Hadl works at KU. Manning is an assistant coach. Brett Ballard works at KU. On and on and on. Something tells me this isn't something Carl was/is neccesarily looking for.

Marcia Parsons 11 years, 7 months ago

I know everyone puts Ronnie Chalmers in the group that was hired to get their kids, but I don't believe it to be true. A recent interview by Mario makes that pretty clear. He said he was always going to Kansas, and his father following along happened later. He said he keeps telling everyone that, but no one wants to believe it. To me it was even more obvious when Ronnie did it again by quitting to follow Mario to Miami. I think the family just likes to be involved in his life. As for Carl, I'd be insulted to realize that someone wanted to use me to get to my kid. Got to admit, though, it would help them keep their family together. I don't know anything about their family circumstances. Is Carl working now? Retired? Independently wealthy?

Larry Smith 11 years, 7 months ago

Another thing about the Ronnie Chalmers hiring; Not only was he hired almost a year after Mario signed, but the job only came open after Coach Jank was hired at Illinois State as head coach. That freed up a slot as an asst coach, which Danny moved up to, thus opening a position for Ronnie Chalmers as DBO, the position formerly held by Danny.

That is hardly the same thing as hiring a dad to get/keep a recruit.

Joel Hood 11 years, 7 months ago

Jayhawk86 - I don't believe you have your dates right. Ronnie Chalmers was on staff Mario's Frosh & Soph years. Coach Jank was also on staff during that time. Correct me if I am wrong....

Brett Forreal 11 years, 7 months ago

Cole's dad was quoted in saying that his son needs to stay at KU and beef up some to get ready for the NBA. Cole will stay. So will Collins. If Cole went he would just ride the bench and maybe never make it, like J. Wright is doing. I bet Wright wishes he would have stayed a couple more years and won a championship ring. He probably would have done better in the NBA today. Sounds like Robinson will have a huge impact next year and it seems he has a good head on his shoulders.

jaybate 11 years, 7 months ago

If Aldrich and Collins Jump and No Henry or Stephenson:

KU is in an even more challenging rebuilding year than the one this past season; this is not to say it will be a bad year, but rather that it is likely to be a little worse. No one coming in, or on the bench has the upside Aldrich had at the beginning of the year, even though the Morris Twins will have a year of experience Cole lacked. Robinson is apt to be a player of the stature of the Morris Twins, rather than the stature of Aldrich. It will take him two years to develop, even if he were forced to play big minutes next season, as was made painfully obvious with the Morris Twins this season and Darrell Arthur a couple of years back. Unless these 6'8" guys are great scorers, they almost never enter with enough polish to be sound 4s otherwise, and even with the good J, they usually need two years to be match-up evens. Further, no one on the roster coming back is a shadow of Collins at PG. Tyrell Reed is very apt to be our PG next year, at least half the time, if Sherron jumps, because Quantum T has proven not to be the ball handler everyone hoped for. I could see a good, sound Self team emerging again late in the season, but it just wouldn't have the great go-to guys to actually win the close games.

If Aldrich and Collins Jump and We Get Stephenson or Henry or Wall:

First, I find it hard to believe Henry, Stephenson or Wall would come to KU without Aldrich. These guys and their handlers have eyes. Without Aldrich, this team is going to be a big fat question mark in the paint next year and perhaps a question mark without an answer. The Morris Twins, Withey and Robinson make for one high school rebounder, Twins who never scored much or grabbed more than a few boards a game all season long playing big minutes, and a 7' transfer who likes to run the floor and play finesse. are unlikely to come without Aldrich staying. Without a proven post presence at KU, Henry is better off in the klieglights at Calitucky with Orton et al, or scoring 30 ppg for Pastner at Memphis with his brother feeding him (not sitting out at KU) and his Dad and Mom pulling down some fat pay checks. Stephenson can basically go anywhere he wants. I would be surprised if he doesn't wind up at UNC after UNC won the championship and Roy's got a boat load of MickeyDs to patch him into. Once call from Michael Jordan is all it would take at this point. Play a year at UNC, then play for MJ and LB in Charlotte, etc., etc. Wall seems to have disappeared from the radar screen to me, so I can assess him. He wasn't even on Parade All America's first three teams. Even Thomas Robinson was on the third team. Maybe Wall is too old to be considered in these things, or maybe there is some other arcanity hiding him.

Joe Baker 11 years, 7 months ago

Interesting move to keep the Henrys and unfortunately don't think it will work. I don't think Carl Henry will have to do anything. They seem to be a smart and close family. And as anonymous says, who can prepare both X and CJ for the NBA but Mr Bill COY Self.
Robinson will be special at KU. He reminds me of Darrell Arthur!! He should be huge!!

Dang...Can't wait for the new season!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk...I see great things for the next 2-3 years!!

trader 11 years, 7 months ago

Head Coach Bill Self has already put together all that he needs for HIS winning success basketball strategy.

HCBS has learned over his career what it takes to put together a winning TEAM and a winning COACHING staff. He understands the micro of managing the players and coaches he has once he gets them. That is more important than getting the great players/coaches and mis-managing them.

Larry Smith 11 years, 7 months ago

Joel, I think you are right about him being on staff the first two years, but I am pretty sure he didn't get hired until long after Mario committed.

100 11 years, 7 months ago


That's the best starting lineup I've ever seen.

I've been tossing & turning about this lineup for several decades now.

You nailed it:

  1. Wilt Chamberlain (NBA player of year multiple times)
  2. Danny Manning (NBA all star)
  3. Paul Pierce (NBA all star, MVP NBA finals)
  4. Jo Jo White (NBA all star, MVP NBA finals twice)
  5. Mario Chalmers (Final 4 MVP, "the shot", future NBA all star)

Sixth man, if he comes, would be Xavier Henry at the 3.

You nailed it Jerseyhawk....

jaybate 11 years, 7 months ago

If we get one of the OADs to go with our team, we'll probably wind up channelling a bunch of the offense through him the same way we did with Collins this past year, Rush his soph season, and Simien his last year. Not the recipe for a champion.

If Aldrich Jumps and Collins Stays and No OAD:

This scenario is very tough to call. I just don't see the bigs coming as equalling Aldrich anytime next year, but Self is very skillful at committee bigging. All the players improvement over a year plus Robinson and Johnson might be able to compensate for Cole departing, but we would probably not be net better.

If Aldrich Jumps and Collins Stays and We Get an OAD:

A great perimeter threat to go with Sherron would make us very, very tough, even if our bigs were just effective garbage men, but again, you have to have serious threats inside to be a champion, no matter how many outside threats you have.

If Aldrich and Collins Stay and No OAD:

This team will get quite a lot better if it were to just stand pat and rely on development, plus the adds of Withey and Robinson for depth at bigs and Johnson for depth at guards. But you still get the feeling that KU's future would hinge on a third credible offensive threat materializing. Brady, or Marcus, would seem our highest probabilities. But neither are sure things.

If Aldrich and Collins Stay and We Get an OAD on the Perimeter:

No rocket science here. Chemistry and the toughness of the OAD would determine whether we were champs or contenders.

100 11 years, 7 months ago

ESPN radio last night called KU the "hands down" # 1 team in the nation next year.

They also said if Henry comes we'll steal the #1 recruiting class "title" from UNC...

Come on Carl -- you are the key!!!!

Bring your family back to Lawrence!!!!

Joel Hood 11 years, 7 months ago

Jayhawk86 - I believe you are right, Ronnie was hired several months after Mario signed and his resume more than qualified him for the job.

Has anyone heard Carl Henry talk about X & CJ? I'd be very shocked to see him take this job. His recurring point is that CJ & X are each their own man. He would love them to go to KU, but he will NOT tell them where to go (except no OU or OSU.) Carl going to Memphis would completely contradict what he has publicly said about his role in their future.

Joel Hood 11 years, 7 months ago

100 - Did you ever see Darnell Valentine play? I love Mario, but Darnell Valentine was saddled with little talent around him during the Dog Days of Ted Owens. Valentine was amazing, but perhaps the lack of surrounding talent accentuated how good he was...

Brett Forreal 11 years, 7 months ago

We need a 3rd sure thing for scoring. It killed us this year, not that it was a bad season however it kept us from the next level. We need X or Lance to fill this void to be an awesome team. We would be good without one of them, but we need a instant firepower to pretty much win it all next year. And maybe X or Lance might not make the jump to Div.I in one year successfully. It it much more than High School level. Lance would be my biggest question. We don't have one on the bench that can share the load every time, at least that will show up every time. So we need one of the two.

stravinsky 11 years, 7 months ago

I don't think Memphis offering a job to Carl is an indication that they're going to stay at memphis. I think memphis wants them to stay at memphis, while Carl, who has said that Xavier wants to go to KU, probably wouldn't take a job that would make that decision even harder for his son.

If i were CJ, I would transfer to KU and enjoy another year of college paid for by the Yankees as he develops his skills without losing eligibility. That kid could have three degrees by the time he's done milking that.

I'm glad to hear someone say that Cole's dad thinks he should stay a year. I had heard from someone this morning that a friend of a friend heard from someone on the basketball team (Yeah I know, pretty much a 100% reliable source) said Cole is leaving.

Tribehawk 11 years, 7 months ago

Just because Mario's dad took the job after Mario signed his LOI does not necessarily mean that a backroom agreement had not already been reached. I think its naive and hypocritical to distinguish and justify our use of this tactic while condmemn it in others, like Memphis. Frankly, I don't think it matters. It was and is within the rules currently. Should the rule be changed? Probably. It seems ridiculous that a coach can lob a job at a recruit's dad but can't say "hi" after a game during a certain part of the season. But until the rule changes, you can't fault a coach or program for trying to grab recruits legally. I'm frankly surprised that KU didn't offer Carl a job already--or perhaps KU has, and it hasn't leaked to the media yet...

Jaminrawk 11 years, 7 months ago

This Memphis situation reminds me a lot of KSU trying to keep Beasley and Walker at Kansas State by hiring Frank Martin and Delonte West and head and top assistant coaches. It kind of worked for KSU, but Walker and Beasley were already bound by their LOI's without any special clauses.

JayhawkCasey 11 years, 7 months ago

Anyone know what rivals is reporting, currently. They just released an update

hydrohawk 11 years, 7 months ago

T Rob is a monster! We should be as excited for him to arrive in Larryville as we are for any player from next years class (WHICH INCLUDES X!). Im telling you guys Henry is all ours, done deal. The only debating left to do is over who will give up thier scholly or transfer becasue It sounds like Collins and Aldrich are both coming back. In regards to the 09-10 season, it will be stunning if KU looses more than 3 games. Its gonna be a lot of fun.

wolfy 11 years, 7 months ago

What is happening out there with Carl Henry and Memphis? I can't believe there has been no report of a confirmation, denial -- or even a "no comment" -- from a reputable source. Adam Zagoria recently posted the following: "If Henry does take that job, the trickle-down effects would be huge…You would expect Xavier to stay at Memphis, and then probably Lance Stephenson to end up at Kansas after all."

not_important 11 years, 7 months ago

I do believe Ben Miller had left the position as Dir. of Operations. He was retained by Coach Self from Coach Williams staff. After the one year on Coach Self's staff, Coach Miller was hired by Coach Hinson down at SMS. That created the opening for Chalmers, which did occur after Mario had signed with KU.

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years, 7 months ago

The other nugget in this Xavier-the-Savior story is the money from the Yankees for C.J.. You can't tell me that some amount of Yankee dollars were bound to hit Xavier's pocket as well. Shell games abound when it comes to this stuff.

Lance Hobson 11 years, 7 months ago

I don't like these hires, but Carl Henry is ten times more qualifed for the ops job than Ronnie Chalmers ever was.

Tuskin 11 years, 7 months ago

Ronnie Chalmers guided his teams to multiple state championships. He was qualified.

The family has now moved to Florida to follow Mario. His sister long dreamed of designing athleticwear for Mario and his fans, and last I heard she was still looking forward to that. Sounds like a pretty neat family to me.

Larry Smith 11 years, 7 months ago


Ronnie Chalmers had over 20 years of basketball coaching experience as well as a Masters degree in human resource management and development. He was more than qualified to take an administrative position with the Jayhawks. So I don't understand why you would think Carl Henry is "ten times more qualifed for the ops job than Ronnie Chalmers ever was."

Explanation please?

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

Great article on Robinson.

Nice to hear about one of our awesome recruits. I think with all hype and current recruiting circus I completely forgot we have great talent coming in. 29 points 15 boards in The Roundball Classic, 5 star #18 rivals ranking. And he is considering what he is going to be doing at KANSAS next year about the McDonalds snub. I like the sound of his conviction. Noteworthy mention: 17 boards with a broken left hand.

2007 rivals rankins: Craig Brakins ranked #20 vs. Billy Walker ranked #7 - I'll take Brakins............. oh but wait... look farther at some other rankings.. ranked # 22 Jonny Flynn and check this out, ranked # 23 Blake Griffin. and holy crap # 30 COLE ALDRICH.. and in 2006 at #21 SHERRON COLLINS!!

I almost got so wrapped up in the recruiting buzz that I forgot about the players we do have. I almost got so tangled in the number sitting beside a recruits name and the number of stars they have been assessed that I feel as though I have disregarded the team that won the BIG 12 confernce, made the sweet 16 and assisted me in lose my fingernails every few days.

My opinion is.. can't wait for next year, i hope every player we have stays and does their best.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years, 7 months ago

Make that big 12 conference, and Darnell Jackson was ranked #54 in 2004.

kerbyd 11 years, 7 months ago

Hey guys. Did you here the great Cookie Miller is planning to transfer from Neb?

Jaminrawk 11 years, 7 months ago

I love that Robinson playes with a chip on his shoulder. This kid could be one of best all around players Self has ever recruited.

I agree with FairgroveJayhawk, sometimes we can get so wrapped up in upcoming recruit's rankings that we forget to look back and see how many stars came in the 20-50 range or rankings. Can you imagine having Flynn and Griffin on a roster as opposed to say, Kyle Singler and Austin Freeman who were both ranked higer? No brainer there.

Nine of the Top-10 players in that class (according to Rivals) were one-and-done. That is definitely interetsing.

Dan Pawlowski 11 years, 7 months ago

Mz, Roy left for his Alma Mater . Nobody should begrudge him for that.

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