Saturday, April 4, 2009

Henry wants to go to KU, father says


The Xavier Henry soap opera continues to roll on

Top recruit Xavier Henry has still not decided on a college.

Things are looking positive for Kansas University in the crazy, ever-changing Xavier Henry sweepstakes.

Henry’s dad, Carl, said Friday that his son, who asked for a release from his letter-of-intent with the University of Memphis, most definitely wants to be a Jayhawk.

“I believe what it comes down to is Xavier wants to go to KU,” former KU guard Carl Henry said of Xavier, a 6-foot-6 shooting guard from Putnam City (Okla.) High, who is’s No. 3-rated player nationally.

Xavier Henry signed with Memphis in November but will be allowed to transfer without sitting out a year because of an agreement he had with the school that said he would be released from his letter if coach John Calipari took another job. Calipari left Memphis for Kentucky earlier this week.

Carl Henry said Xavier’s brother, Memphis freshman walk-on guard C.J. Henry, also wants to attend KU, but may have to remain at Memphis if he wants to play next season. C.J. would be able to practice, but not play in games next season, if he transferred to KU in accordance with NCAA rules.

There is an appeals process C.J. can go through, however, to try to gain instant eligibility in Lawrence. C.J. didn’t play a minute at Memphis this season because of a broken foot.

“C.J. doesn't want to sit out. He wants to play,” Carl said. “Basically if he transfers, we don’t think C.J. will be able to play. We will not know for sure until we talk to a couple lawyers. I don’t think it’s fair he has to sit out a year. The school is not paying for his scholarship. The Yankees (who signed him out of high school) are paying for it. He didn’t play all year. He should be able to go to Kansas and play right away.

“If C.J. decides to play, he will either play at Memphis or possibly wait for an appeal (after transferring). If the appeal didn’t work out, he’d have to sit out the year at Kansas.”

Carl said C.J. would not be happy at KU if he had to sit out next season. “He really wants to play,” Carl said.

Xavier, meanwhile, is committed to entering the NBA Draft after one year in college. Carl said NBA scouts told him his son actually was physically ready for the league his junior year in high school. Carl Henry said Xavier should have his release from Memphis on Monday. That would free him to contact coach Bill Self about a possible transfer.

“It should all be settled in the next two or three weeks,” Carl said, noting he did not believe Kentucky was a possibility for either son.

He said Xavier could play at KU and C.J. at Memphis; both could play at KU or both could play at Memphis depending on the new coach.

Carl said Friday that Xavier wanted to attend KU all along. He signed with Memphis in November so he could keep the family together, playing with brother, C.J., who was a late arrival at Memphis at the end of minor league baseball season.

“He chose family,” Carl Henry said.

Brooklyn, N.Y., wing Lance Stephenson remains undecided between KU, St. John’s and Maryland. There are rumors Daniel Orton, a 6-10 forward from Oklahoma City, might consider KU if he decides to ask for a release from his Kentucky letter-of-intent.


jayhwkroks 11 years, 1 month ago

If X man does come, I hope he is worth the hype! Hope he is a team player and can make the rest of the team better. I don't want to see some young kid come in and have him looking forward to the NBA before he has played one game in the Crimson and Blue! I hope it works out with whoever the Hawks end up landing. I'm sure his parents have told him what it means to be a Jayhawk. I just hope the dollar signs don't cloud his mind. ROCKCHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!!!!!!

Topside 11 years, 1 month ago

Right on Strikewso. When he is enrolled and on campus I'll believe it.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 1 month ago

Anyone who has seen the way Xavier has handled the Calipari madnesss, especially at the McDonalds game, knows this is a great kid. He grew up a jayhawk, it would only be fitting that he officially became one. I hope this happens. That way we can end this recruiting speculation and start looking towards next year. Rock Chalk!

Mike Hamilton 11 years, 1 month ago

I agree with strikewso also, someone is going to sign with KU one week, signs with someone else the next. Someone is likely to sign with KU at the McDonalds game, now is not sure where he is going. Someone is now leaning towards KU but the dad says "he doesn't discount the possibility of both of his son's playing at Memphis". I know many of us "live and die" on the recruiting information but wow, you dont know what to believe any more until they actually sign. But, here is hoping for more promising rumors!!

kuhawksr1 11 years, 1 month ago

I'm sure he's worth the wait and I believe he knows someone is giving him a second chance to make the right decision.

goshenjhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

"Check back to for any updates in this frequently changing situation"

Frequently changing has got to be the biggest understatement of the year. What a couple of days!!

Sounds great for KU but don't bet your house on it. Strikewso you said it man.

justanotherfan 11 years, 1 month ago

I'm not sure I'd even bet my lunch on it... at least I can see my turkey sandwich and believe in it...

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago

anyone buy this theory as a POSSIBILITY?

maybe X wanted to come to KU all along. it seems as though when he talks about memphis, he talks about CJ. i think that he committed to memphis because he wanted to please the three other people in his family. i know that his parents would let him go wherever but when it comes down to it- we all know that you sometimes can feel an unspoken pressure. even though mom and dad allowed him to go wherever, the notion that he could provide his parents the luxury to see thier two boys play together was too hard to pass up. CJ was at memphis, in his ear, Cal is this, we can be this. anyone who has ever a big brother you look up to know it is hard to tell them no. it may be way off, but i think it is possible that committing to memphis was a "people pleaser" decision. i just hope this time, he tells CJ to have a great time at memphis while he (X) comes and tears it up for the crimson and blue!!

eastTXjayhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

this seems like a golden opportunity to revisit the whole "vince the shamwow guy" story....and i will make a bid on that turkey sammich, as long as it has no veggies or mayo on it.

goshenjhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

eastTX -- you're killing me man... lol:)

Larry Smith 11 years, 1 month ago


If you only knew how right on the money you are......

Jaminrawk 11 years, 1 month ago

Yeah, Xavier has said specifically that he went to Memphis to keep his family together. But now, Memphis has taken a major hit with Cal leaving and a lot of his underclassmen and recruits following suit. Xavier had the clause for a reason. Unless Memphis made a homerun-type hire at coach, I can't see Xavier staying there. The sparkle is gone without Calipari.

d_prowess 11 years, 1 month ago

Wow, this situation is just crazy! Especially since if we do end up signing someone (anyone), no one has any idea where the scholarship is going to come from. So I expect that we will continue to buzz about this even after someone signs because that means we need to free up another scholarship! (assuming that one is already coming from Brady offering to pay his own way)

PS. Coach Mangino, you and Coach Self's plan to keep attention away from the lofty expectations for the football team is working to perfection. So just keep sawing wood, keeping the team focused, and keeping a low profile!

Jaminrawk 11 years, 1 month ago

It's too bad about CJ too. I know I was excited for him to come here when he gave his verbal a few years back, before the Yankees drafted him. He is supposed to be a great athlete and KU can always use good guards.

tdub 11 years, 1 month ago

Stephenson snoozes, and he just might lose...

Chris Corley 11 years, 1 month ago

This is outstanding news! Now let's get Aldrich and Collins back and hang another banner in 2010.

Michael Ales 11 years, 1 month ago

I agree with stupid michael. 18 or naught, If you cannot make a decision NOW on a One-And-Out, How In The Hell are you going to make one that effects the rest of your life next year? Grow up you big talented babies. If you are not ready to commit yourself like Coach Self's players do to team and community then go somewhere else and begone with you. Sherron and Cole WILL be back next year, and with our three new recruits added to a already NOW seasoned team, we will be a force to be recognized in polls next year. We do indeed need a 4 who can score and slash to the goal, but at what cost? This is why we have the Coach of The Year, to make it all happen.

mikehawk 11 years, 1 month ago

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall and hear all that is going on behind the curtain? Congrats Coach on a great year and the award is truly deserved. But Coach, hurry...let's get this deal closed, with one or the other so I can get on with my life for a bit.

FSUJHAWK 11 years, 1 month ago

Both Stephenson and Xavier seem to be primadonnas. The only way they can disprove this is if they come to KU or go elsewhere where they wont have control over the system. But then again, it's about time some of these kids start taking advantage of the system, after all it is there lives and not mine. HCBS will make do regardless of the outcome. Hopefully the same could be said about these two young cats.


Joel Hood 11 years, 1 month ago

Carl Henry is supposed to talk on Rock Chalk Sports Talk today around 4:00 (1320 KLWN Lawrence.) Every supposed talking head I have heard that compares Xavier to Lance makes Xavier sound like a much better fit for KU. I worry much less about Xavier looking ahead to the League than I do Lance. Whoever comes, I am sure HCBS & staff will ensure he understands the here & now.

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago


you agree with a person whose handle is "stupid michael". your comment reflected your agreement with said name. i don't know too much about lance, but i can tell you, Xavier is far from a "big talented baby". give the kid a break. if someone found out that the boss you worked for was leaving and you had no clue who was coming in, don't ya think you would want a little more than three days to weigh the implications of your decision. seriously people, this all came down on TUESDAY... TUESDAY!! it may seem like an eternity when you do nothing but refresh this page. maybe some of you need to get out, away from get some fresh air. maybe you will recognize that you are going absolutely crazy over an 18 yr old who just wants to take longer than three days to weigh a huge decision... Who the hell does he think he is....

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago


what about Xavier makes him a prima dona? since when is sitting down with your parents to talk over a big decision considered prima dona? almost all kids who are picking a college do that? what is it about him?

cklarock 11 years, 1 month ago

I think Xavier would be a perfect fit for us right now, and from what I've seen of him, he seems like an intelligent, grounded young man who is a double KU legacy. For me, that's a no-brainer.

In fact, if I had my way, CJ would come to KU and sit out a year, but finish up a Jayhawk. I know that sitting out another year is probably not on his agenda, but if he decides to leave Memphis, we'd love to have the Henry brothers at KU.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

vmwskywalk 11 years, 1 month ago

Assuming that KU will offer the schollarship to whom ever commits first, X will have to make a decision quickly. Here's why. We all know that X has really only looked at 2 schools (KU and Memphis). Kentucky may or may not be in play. However, there are way too many moving parts there at this time, but I would think that Wall would be their top priority. They need a point guard. If X waits too long and Stephenson takes the scolly at KU, X is in limbo. I'm sure that there are plenty of schools that will take him, but are they schools that he wants to attend. Of course, he could just stay at Memphis. But staying at Memphis could end up being the worst of all the decisions. Coaching situation in the air, players bugging out, and a serious question mark to make the NCAA next year, not to mention playing in a below average conference, Memphis is probably not the place to get TV time and increase your draft stock. That is why I think we will hear a decistion that X is going to be at KU by Tuesday.

kupark 11 years, 1 month ago

Things are moving too fast. Yesterday Henry family said that X won't be playing at Memphis and now he is considering it because CJ doesn't want to sit out. He was also going to visit Kentucky and now his desire after the McD game was to play for Kansas!

It's X or nothing now. If X doesn't come, Lance is too upset to come to KU. Either we win big or loose big.

Duane Peschka 11 years, 1 month ago

Stephenson waited to long to commit. He has no one to blame but himself. Had he committed to KU before last week, this would not be an issue now. X should commit to his school of choice now. There is no need to wait and continue with the drama. Both he and Lance are prima donas. Neither one of them is above the KU program. C.J. would have to sit out a year if he transfers to KU and he has stated that he wants to play this coming BBall year-09-10. Therefore unless X stays at Memphis(which he has said he won't) they will not play for the same school. So enough delays. Pick a school for both Lance and X and lets get on with it.

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago



RyanHawk 11 years, 1 month ago

I think CJ should come to KU sit out a year and when Sherron leaves he could challenge for a starting guard spot and X should just tell his brother that if he comes to KU that he will stay 2 years and that they could both start and play together in 2010-11. There is plenty of supposed one and done's that stay 2 or 3 years in school.

d_prowess 11 years, 1 month ago

totally agree, kufankam.
It's not like Henry has been sitting around for the past month or two thinking, "Hmmm, what if my coach was to leave Memphis and I had to go somewhere else?" Let the kid breathe for a day or two (I imagine the McDonald's event is not really a good place to do some soul searching!) and make up his mind. Lance on the other hand did seem to have a lot of time to choose, but who knows what the situation is there. We know some outfits (ESPNU) like to promote announcements and such, so maybe the delay was more pressure to promote than Lance wanting to wait. Who knows at this point... but I will admit it has me on this site more over the last couple days!

TexasHawk44 11 years, 1 month ago

There are some of the most negative people around on this board. Maybe he doesn't commit to us. Who knows? But would rather hear Carl Henry saying that X wants to go to Kentucky? Jesus, you want the final scene to play out right in the middle of the dramatic second act. Let the plot unfold.

kcmostwanted 11 years, 1 month ago

KUfanKam... I also agree w/ you. CJ probably had a lot more influence in X's Memphis decision than most of us would like. I remember in HS when my brother talked me into playing soccer...even though my first love was Football. I bet CJ made the decision extra hard for X... especially if X was only supposed to be in college for a year.

Aligned 11 years, 1 month ago

I think they should both just stay at Memphis. If you're only going to play college ball for a year, does it really matter where it is?

CrodieBroyle 11 years, 1 month ago

He seems like a great kid, I'd love to see him in a jayhawk jersey next year

TexasHawk44 11 years, 1 month ago

Aligned: It matter to Syracuse. Remember that game? A kid named Carmelo who only played one year defeated the Kansas Jayhawks -- all on the back of a one and done kid. Are you serious or just being dense?

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago


that is the exact same thing i thought about a recruit named brandon rush (sarcasm)...

funny how he stayed for three years and led us to a nat'l championship.

Self4Prez 11 years, 1 month ago

Aligned: See TexasHawk44's comment. Get a clue guy.

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago


we may just be wasting our time. some of these people are impossible. they act, think and talk like this is all happening on a playstation game. seriously... lol. these comments are keeping my work day very amusing, ya know!

Lin Rahardja 11 years, 1 month ago

I can't believe my eyes when I see the title of this article. He is the "third" scoring threat our team sorely missed this past season. Hope this is for real.

X will make any team better instantly, especially KU. Go hawks!!!

trader 11 years, 1 month ago

I just read this article...and some of ya had great comments giving me good insight in to how this is all going to come down. I just hope that KU gets some quality young men and I am quite sure that HCBS takes that into consideration when he offers a scholarship.

Guess I better just drink a few beverages and enjoy the Final Four. Lets see...Roy wore a Jayhawk last year so I just might get excited for his team.

hydrohawk 11 years, 1 month ago

X comming to Lawrence has been inevitable since the moment Lance delayed his commitment. Self dosnt gamble and he dosent mislead people. The staff knew we had X as soon as Calipari left and Stephenson was told look else where. (sorry TDUB, Lance didnt snooze, KU sent let him go) Self would have never risked loosing them both. It has just taken a while to finalize because of NCAA red tape and CJ THIS HAS BEEN VERY OBVIOUS FROM JUMP!

jhawkpb23 11 years, 1 month ago

That would be SO huge. Talk about a stacked group of guards (especially if Sherron stays). I can smell another championship...that's all there is to it.

Aligned 11 years, 1 month ago


Yes, I remember the National Championship game. And as a matter of fact, I've seen almost every game for the past twenty-five years.

Carmelo didn't defeat the Jayhawks in that game, the Jayhawks defeated the Jayhawks. The only reason we lost was because we missed eighteen freethrows. You don't win National Championships when you do that. Carmelo had very little to do with us losing that game.

eastTXjayhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

when you read a few posts and get aggrivated, just think, "wow, i could be vince the shamwow guy", and everything will be better. i'm afraid i'm going to have to leave y'all to fight this out the rest of the weekend, i'm off to TMS for the races...I'll check in whenever possible to see if the turkey sammich is still up for grabs. enjoy your weekend folks.

Steve Brown 11 years, 1 month ago

"smell another championship" they are so very hard to get, you need all the planets aligned. Look at Pitt and Louisville good talent not in the final four dance.

We will continue to get great players, use Coach and staff to teach team work and fundamentals, play TOUGH defense and take our shots at more banners. In meantime ENJOY the ride, from early season to late season enjoy EVERY GAME they are so very special.

Chris Corley 11 years, 1 month ago

But he had a lot to do with them getting there.

See the Syracuse/Texas semifinal.

eastTXjayhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

oh, one last thing...when the Women's NIT bracket came out live on CBS, then was followed up by several shows on ESPN, did anyone seriously look at that bracket and say, "I think we could win this thing!"??


hope many of you can go fill up the stands as we attempt to bring another banner to AFH.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 1 month ago

I talked to my brother who knows some of the veteran Jayhawks { no such thing as an ex-Jayhawk unless you get kicked out}. My feeling matched what he told me.....Xavier has always wanted to go to KU, but this kid put his desire on hold to please his brother and allow the family to stay together.

Now, going to Memphis to play for Calipari and be with your brother was not exactly chopped was a viable choice. I think the term " prima donna" , however, would be the last term I would use to describe this young man.

Also, Lance, in spite of flashes of his immaturity, has spoken from the heart about learning to be a better ball player and a better man at KU. I think everybody, out of frustration including myself, have been hard on these two kids and their families. Putting basketball aside, as a life experience, KU provides a tremendous upside.

Xavier has seen this first hand...Lance has not. For both their sakes I wish they could both come here.

Aligned 11 years, 1 month ago


Thanks for a lucid and well-written post.

I would just add that a scholarship to play basketball at KU is a precious thing and should be coveted. Some recruits recognize this fact and some don't. The two recruits at hand have been jerking KU's chain for far too long. It's time to move on and recruit other players who know the value of what they're being offered and know that they truely want to be here. As Danny Manning so aptly said: no one is bigger than the program.

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago


You obviously didn't understand Oakville's post. I think Oakville would agree that Henry has not jerked KU around in anyway but simply chose to go to memphis to please family. Do you really think taking some time to meet with his family equal to not understanding what a scholly to KU means? Seriously?!

P.S. I agree with your statement that no one is bigger than the program. However, i don't think taking time to make a decision means someone thinks they are bigger than the program. Darrell Arthur was going to commit to BAYLOR, that's right Baylor, until the night before he committed. Do you think Darrell is above the program. I know Manning doesn't.

Aligned 11 years, 1 month ago

Let me get this straight...

You think you need to intrepret someone else's post to me?

Mike Crosbie 11 years, 1 month ago

What about Lance, someone asked. well, lance said if X and Sherron are both here next year, he doesn't see a place for him....I think he's waiting on Sherrons decision.."should I stay or should I go" If Sherron leaves I think Lance will come with X, if Sherron stays, Lance has said (jokingly I hope) he might consider KSU or MU if we had both X and Sherron.

Spring football game anyone????

Theutus 11 years, 1 month ago

Everything I have seen (in interviews etc) has supported the fact that Xavier is a down to earth kid who really just wants to do right by his family.

He wants to win, and he seems like a great kid. Why people think he's a pre-madonna just for considering all his options and discussing it with his family is beyond me.

He's doing whats best for him, not you. I have nothing but respect for that.

100 11 years, 1 month ago


That is exactly what's going on.

Nice comments from Carl -- Carl Henry, one of the most fun to watch players to ever put on a Kansas jersey. You just knew when he was flying down the court on the dribble he was going to pull up on a dime, rise high into the rafters and sink a 15 footer.

Just about every time. We owe a couple of those Big 8 championships to him.

Rock Chalk Henrys...

(one more thing -- I saw an article where CJ was thinking there is an NCAA loophole for him to play next year at another University).

Since he had agreed to come to KU, why not bring him too?

live4h2o 11 years, 1 month ago

Hey HCBS, Proper response: "X, go F yourself, we already have Lance and don't need you. We play second fiddle to no one."

Scott Smetana 11 years, 1 month ago

Hey all, I just FedEx'd a letter of consent to Xavier... so we should be good.

TexasHawk44 11 years, 1 month ago

kufankam: You are right. These posts do keep things entertaining. I just thought/hoped that the collective IQ and maturity level of KU fans was a little higher...

100 11 years, 1 month ago


Are you a Missouri fan?

Aligned 11 years, 1 month ago

Collective I.Q.? Most of the contributors here can scarcely assembly a recognizable sentence.

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago


i just found it funny that you followed up your admiration of oakville's post (a post that spoke very highly of Xavier's character) with your post in which you call into question henry's recognition of what it means to recieve a scholarship offer from KU? oakville seemed to me to be attempting to downplay the criticism of Xavier being selfish (or in your words "jerking KU's chain"). you complimented him for his thoughts and then contradicted those very thoughts. i was just amused that's all.

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years, 1 month ago

Good night. What is it with these Henry brothers? It's not like they're conjoined twins, crap they're not even identical twins (that distinction goes to the Morris'). Do they go to the bathroom together as well?

Brian Powell 11 years, 1 month ago

Not picking sides in this match of wits, but this is pretty funny:

"Most of the contributors here can scarcely assembly a recognizable sentence."


Gil Ek 11 years, 1 month ago

I think it will be the "X" coming to Lawrence. Either player will help us long term. But I believe that after bootcamp, Coach Self's practices, neither of them will be getting big minutes right away, or play good enoug D to play enough to be One and Done. And they will also mature quick enough to know that playing for Self will make them better and better every year they stay. They will fall in love with Mt. Oread and hang around longer. Especially with the success this team is going to have next year.

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago


are you laughing because the notion is true or because it should read "assemble" instead of "assembly"?

AaronHawk19 11 years, 1 month ago


X is one and done. You are nuts if you think that the number 1 to 3 high school player/number 1 shooting guard is not going to start and get significant minutes. X would not even have competition for the spot. Brady? Mario Little? Ha!!! If X comes here, injury aside, he is only a one year visitor.

hydrohawk 11 years, 1 month ago

eku, He will have to work harder than he ever has but X will start next year for Kansas. Physically he is already a man and he is known for being a maniac gym rat with a great work ethic. Whether or not he stays in the phog for more than a year is uncertain but while Self has him, he will be on the court.

AaronHawk19 11 years, 1 month ago


Umm...did you watch the national title game? Gerry Macnamera had the half of his life. He hit 5 of his 6 threes in the first half and typical of a Roy team, poor rotation on the perimeter left him wide open again and again. Billy Edilen also played well in the game and yes free throws played a huge role. Collison and Langford combined to go 8/20. Hinrich being guarded by Edilen and Pace if I remember correctly going 6/20 from the field did not help. Bottom line Melo only was 7/16 for 20 points and 10 boards. The team scored 81 points and three other players finished in double figures and Warrick ended our comeback hopes with the signature block. It was far from all Melo.

kufankam 11 years, 1 month ago


does cuse win the nat'l title if carmelo was not on that team? those other guys flourished because of the match-up nightmare melo presented. you are right, it wasn't all melo, but boy i'll bet cuse was glad they had him... he definately was a major, major reason they won the title...

rawkhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

This is good news. Come join the Jayhawk family, Xavier! Your dad (and perhaps brother?) will be joining you in KU glory. I think there is some feeling that a National Championship is within reach next year. There is some possibility of keeping Aldrich, Collins; improving the returning players; welcoming recruits such as Henry; and trusting coach-of-the-year Self to return the title back to Kansas. Why wait 20 years when it can be 2 years?

AaronHawk19 11 years, 1 month ago


I agree completely. Furthermore, he did win them other games, they would have lost without him. I was merely stating that on title night other players stepped up. If Collins and Aldrich stay, I will take a one and done and a title in a heartbeat!!!

Tony Bandle 11 years, 1 month ago

Aligned and kufancam..I think we all can agree that this whole process has been frustrating and that any of these recruits would benefit from time at KU.

As far as the comment about the quality of the postings, I find that though I don't always agree with them, Jaybate, 100, drgnslyr, Kushaw, LAjayhawk, KUPROUD, bobbyfissure, just to name a fraction of the posters providing innovative, thought-provoking and very often, hilarious posts ranging from KU basketball to quantum physics, do just the opposite and make this site far more unique than most posting sites around the country.

Heck, compared to Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Duke, Kentucky, etc. our site is like a regular Mensa Convention!!!

Bottom line is that Crimson and Blue are our favorite colors, no matter where we live our state bird is the Jayhawk and when the Rock Chalk Song starts, we're the only ones in the country smiling. [Best line of the year...a KU opponent said simply, "you don't want them singing that damn song!!]

Lin Rahardja 11 years, 1 month ago


chicagoeddie 11 years, 1 month ago

it took me 5 minutes to scroll down to here! hahahah~



Jaminrawk 11 years, 1 month ago

He can keep his family together. If CJ doesn't come, he can watch in the stands with their parents as X cuts down a piece of the net when the Hawks win the 2009-2010 NCAA Championship. Heck he might be able to watch it from closer than that provided the NCAA cooperates with the appeal.

CaramelMacchMan 11 years, 1 month ago


he doesn't have to wait.. he can play next year.

Mike Johns 11 years, 1 month ago

I believe that CJ sat out this year. I have heard of the NCAA granting a transfer withouth the penalty of waiting a year in some situation like this in the past... any thoughts

and_one 11 years, 1 month ago

newbie here - just found the blog - you guys are phat (no pun on f'ball). Grew up on west coast - PAC-10 fan, wife is KU grad, she has converted me - big time!!! I even now have an autographed pic of Dean Smith playing in a KU uni... okay to join in?

100 11 years, 1 month ago


Today you have earned your national championship trophy.

Nice posting.

Now go down to Putnam City & find the X man.

I can see the KU marketing already...

X-man tees -- five year olds will be wearing these by the thousands. Will make Super K shirts a distant memory.

X might like this type of popularity so much, heck, he might even stay a SECOND year to enjoy the Fieldhouse crazies!

Heck, he might even get a chance to play in that second year with his brother, "the best walk on in the history of college basketball".

It's actually pretty interesting... If X plays his cards right, he and his brother actually could play together AND wina National Championship together in 2011...

And his parents would be in Jayhawk heaven, for 2 of the best years of their lives...

There's no place like Lawrence -- I can't wait for X to formally shake Danny's hand after he signs his scholarship...



Just maybe...


jaybate 11 years, 1 month ago

How would you like to be CJ Henry now?

Talk about bein' "Stuck Inside of Memphis with the Inverted Mobile Blues Again."

Aw, c'mon, I know you know 'bout my debutante/ Yo' debutante just knows what you need/ I know what you want...

CJ, sit out a year, and come to KU. Start making some right decisions. The Yankee organization has always been psychotic. Memphis was a one man show. The organization and coaching and educational quality matter. They are more important than a year of hoops. KU has what you need.

Forget what your brother is going to do, too.

Come to KU, or anywhere with a good coach and a good program that wants you for yourself. Get out of Memphis quick.

TexasHawk44 11 years, 1 month ago

Ummm, AARON: Yeah I watched the game. I was there in person. Point is that Syracuse does not win the championship that year against KU without Mello. Reason: they would not have been in that game without him. They would have been eliminated in the tourney before ever playing KU. Point is that any idiot on here that thinks that we should not have the ESPN number #1 rate high school player on our team because he is one and done is an IDIOT. End of story. I mean totally idiotic. Everybody said the same thing about Rush. He happened to stay 2 years because of his knee. You going to tell me he didn't help us with the title run? I mean really, what kind of morons are on this site?

Dillon Davis 11 years, 1 month ago

C.J's probably going to try for an appeal from the NCAA so he can come to KU without having to sit out a year. But if he can't i would expect the Henry brothers to split up. But if C.J. was able to get out of his LOI as quick as Xavier, you can bet they would've already announced their intentions to play for KU. My guess is that's the only thing they're waiting on right now.

TexasHawk44 11 years, 1 month ago

speaking of idiots: Aligned, if you are not an idiot then you are instead a moron. Either way, it does not bode well for you. Shame is that you are KU fan. Or are you? You cannot be a grad, surely...

LondonPhog 11 years, 1 month ago

i think landing xavier would be a home run for KU, so i guess getting both xavier and CJ for only one scholarship between the two of them would have to qualify as a walk-off grand slam or something. i watched a few videos of xavier talking to reporters before the mcdonalds game and i was really impressed--he seemed extremely mature, grounded, and well-spoken, especially for a high school senior who just had the rug pulled out from under him by calipari. i'm sure the whole calipari to UK thing must have been pretty disorientating and surreal for him, but hopefully he'll take the attitude that "sometimes things happen for a reason" and, in a year, hopefully he won't be able to imagine having gone anywhere other than KU.

as for some of the negative comments above, i'm sure (or at least hope) all that would fall away extremely quickly if xavier decides to announce for KU. it strikes me as rather weird and misguided to be angry with a young man who apparently just really wanted to play with his brother, but in any event i would hope that even those who originally felt spurned (or whatever) would, nonetheless, celebrate the return of a prodigal son.

personally, i think we KU fans should try to leave all the hubris and the sense of entitlement behind (let's leave that to the UK fans), and just be thrilled and thankful for the fantastic job coach self and his staff have done for KU so far. if things fall right, i think we could be scary good next season. it's an exciting time to be a jayhawk. i, for one, am just trying to enjoy the ride...

and_one 11 years, 1 month ago

Let's change this up a bit - thoughts on Aldrich leaving? Rivals has him a 9 pick, but nobody else has him that high. 1st round probably, but if he stay at KU another year, he's a top ten for sure and a lot more $$$$. He really needs another year of Manning - and pray for no injury...

and_one 11 years, 1 month ago

X may be waiting for Collins to declare for the draft - you all know that he wants to be "the man", but Self can play both very effectively

meremy 11 years, 1 month ago


Check you facts, Rush was at KU for 3 years.

and_one 11 years, 1 month ago

meremy (anonymous) says...


Check you facts, Rush was at KU for 3 years.

Only because he got hurt in the off season, had to prove he was worth NBA $$, and he did ....

nobodylikesmizzou 11 years, 1 month ago


In case you check these again, HCBS is Head Coach Bill Self

100 11 years, 1 month ago

CJ, we want you.

Whether the appeal goes through or not, it's still the Yankees who are paying your tuition from what I understand.

There is no place like Lawrence.


Be a student with us....

Win a championship with us in 2011...

Your family is as Jayhawk as they come...

We need you here...

Whether you sit out or not...

Rock Chalk CJ...

jayhawkerCO 11 years, 1 month ago

I wonder if he'll fall in love with KU and decide to be more than just a one-and-done.

and_one 11 years, 1 month ago

jayhawkerCO (anonymous) says...

I wonder if he'll fall in love with KU and decide to be more than just a one-and-done.

Fall in love ??????? It's about the NBA $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, only an injury will keep him college - but that's okay. College is about preparing one for a job, why should athletics be any different?

jaybate 11 years, 1 month ago


You seem to view yourself as a person of noteworthy I.Q. able frequently to assemble a recognizable sentence.

My hat is off to you, sir.

But I have to ask: why is it persons that master the basics of writing think persons that do not must be stupid?

Writing is a medium for expressing thinking, not for thinking. One can be a perfectly sound thinker and write dreadfully. And one can write eloquently without an intelligent thought in one's head.

While it is easier and more pleasant to read persons that write lucidly, it is my experience on this board that good writers have about as many dumb ideas as bad writers do.

And along the same line, some of the smartest persons I have met in my career have been inarticulate in speech and awkward in writing. One has to work harder to understand them, of course, but one is unwise to ignore the insights of an awkward writer, or speaker.

Writing well makes one's thoughts much more accessible to others, than writing poorly does; that is true not doubt.

But often, it seems, writing well just makes a dumb idea more accessible to others, than writing poorly does.

For example, when you write elegantly about poor writing being ubiquitous and betraying a lot of low I.Q. persons, it makes the mistaken assumption you hold glaringly apparent.

Some of the brightest insights I have read here about KU basketball have come from those least eloquent among us. Certainly their insights would have been easier to grasp and received more recognition had they been elegantly composed. But the sound insight was there, nonetheless.

I guess what I am trying to say is: a) a dumb idea is a dumb idea, regardless of whether it is expressed elegantly, or awkwardly; and b) I don't see a particularly high correlation between fine writing about basketball and fine thinking about same.

jmonley 11 years, 1 month ago

Xavier, come to KU and you'll go to the final four. Dont believe me, just look below at my bracket and you'll see that I get the final four picks a year in advance :) Sign that LOA and next year my picks will look like this:

Points: 100 Final picks: KU/ KU/ KU /KU

You wont get an ironclad guarantee like that from Coach Cal I assure you.

jayhawkerCO 11 years, 1 month ago

Is anybody worried that Releford might transfer? There was talk earlier this year that he wasn't happy w/ his playing time and now with, potentially, all this talent for next year, i'm not sure he'll see any time at all.

100 11 years, 1 month ago

Xavier, CJ, Carl...

Three incredible Jayhawks, two waiting to be hatched on...


Speaking of cohesive writing...

Where's the Final 4 next year?

Scott Wood 11 years, 1 month ago

Does anyone have an account with Rivals. I just went there and there is a Breaking news flash about the Henry brothers, but I can not read it. Just wondering if something came out tonight??

J15Hawker 11 years, 1 month ago

smdub213 ya i do but its just mostly what this article says, that xavier mite be kansas bound.

jaybate 11 years, 1 month ago


Having taught briefly at the graduate level at University of Wisconsin-Madison while in graduate school quite some time ago now, let me say that I was never so disillusioned as reading and grading essay tests of those that are supposed to be among America's brightest. The writing was awful. This experience was the genesis of my insight that I.Q. and good writing do not go hand in hand. These students of mine were often drastically smarter than I was and yet many wrote, as if they were addle-brained. My professor and mentor at the time grew so disgusted with the awful writing, that he personally hired a retired junior high English teacher he had had when a boy, and required all first year graduate students to attend what he called her one hour a week remedial writing classes. The only way out of these weekly undressings by this school marm was to learn to write well enough that one could compose a theme in her class under her observation (my old professor understood graduate school cheating better than any other person I ever met) that she would approve as indicating minimum proficiency. The grad students called it Miss G's English boot camp.

Each graduate student was required to gain her approval prior to graduating with either a masters, or a Ph.d. My professor/mentor was the chairman of our department and he attended the first orientation class she held each semester. He told the new graduate students that he had given Miss G total authority to fail them out of the program for their writing. He told the students she was to whip everyone into shape, because he was sick and tired of reading incoherent essay tests. He told her to treat everyone like a bunch of children until they could write as adults. All the academic hot shots rolled their eyes and thought it was just some kind of half serious joke. But you have never seen fear overwhelm great young minds the way it did these graduate students, once two class periods had been experienced. I was fortunate. I had been taught to write at KU by one or two upper level teachers, who took me under their wings, and I had been writing in my work for five years before going to graduate school. But most of the grad students had been in sciences, or math, or computer science undergrad and so had never had to learn to write. Most escaped her tongue lashings after 3-6 months. But there were several, some of the brightest quantitative minds, in fact, that took over a year before they got up to speed.

jaybate 11 years, 1 month ago

The beautiful thing about this process was that every one of these academic hotshots that came into our elite little program, guys who could write computer code in their sleep and read the topologies of statistical software output as if it were their first language, eventually came to love this old English teacher and sing her praises more loudly than they did the greatest minds on the actual faculty in this department. They had all secretly hated (and felt inferior about) being lousy writers, at least as much as English lit persons secretly hated (and felt inferior about) being lousy at math. They all felt enormously empowered once they learned to write. We were the last department in our school that gave primarily essay tests and imposed essay exposition on quantitative subject matter. It was a bitch to pass these tests. It nearly eliminated cheating. It was a bitch to grade them. It was the best educational experience of my life to take her class, struggle through the essay testing process of the regular curriculum, and then teach the graduate students one of the actual graduate level courses and read and grade student essay exams for the terms I did it. It was amazing to see how fast students could go from being barely coherent writers to being proficient writers, when their pursuit of a masters, or a Ph.d., hung in the balance of learning to write. Frankly, it made me believe almost anything was possible in education.

Teach your students to write. The American academy and the American business world depend on good writing to make the great thinking that is sometimes done transparent enough to be recognized and seized upon.

I have seen the best minds of a generation, starving, hysterical, unable to write.

It made me want to howl!

kansaspike 11 years, 1 month ago

This from the from

Meanwhile — and this is why I offer no apology to the few Kansas fans harboring ill feelings toward Williams — the word on the streets of Detroit among college coaches is that Bill Self and the Kansas program are about to be the biggest winners in the Billy Gillispie-John Calipari shake-up.

It feels as if Calipari’s move to Kentucky has reopened the recruiting of every kid in the top 25, and if you believe the gossip in Detroit, Bill Self could land as many as three of the big-time prospects.

Yes, three additional prospects, not just Xavier Henry,’s No. 3 player and No. 1 shooting guard. Of course you know that Henry was supposed to go to Memphis and play for Calipari. Henry, from Oklahoma City, has an out in his letter of intent, and everyone believes he is now headed to Kansas.

Well, I had a coach swear to me early Friday morning over drinks at the Canadian Ballet that Lance Stephenson would join Henry at Kansas. Yes, Stephenson and Henry play the same position. Yes, Stephenson,’s No. 9 player and No. 2 big guard, delayed committing to Kansas once it became obvious Henry might join the Jayhawks.

OK, here’s the kicker. Daniel Orton,’s No. 22 player and a Kentucky-Gillispie recruit, is allegedly considering asking Kentucky for a release and signing with the Jayhawks. Orton is a 6-10 post player.


Kaw Pickinton 11 years, 1 month ago

I had a dream everything was going to happen just like this the night after I heard they were both going to Memphis.... If they do come I'm moving to Vegas.

Omari Miller 11 years, 1 month ago

<p> has their father saying that the Henry brothers will wait to see who Memphis hires so they can see if they can play together next year.

Justin Diederich 11 years, 1 month ago

Who cares X is coming to KU we will dominate and win our second national title in three years.

actorman 11 years, 1 month ago

and_one, welcome to the board.

Great posts from kufancam and LondonPhog. It is astounding to me how judgmental people are about the most important decision of a young kid's life. Contrary to what so many idiots apparently seem to think, recruits do not have a moral imperative to commit to KU within 24 hours of being recruited.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get X. Carl Henry has always been one of my favorite KU players. I was in Manhattan in '84 when he hit a corner jumper with 2 seconds left to beat the Mildcats--the win that started the "Streak"--and I'll always remember how great that felt. CH was so much fun to watch, and it seems only natural that his son would continue the Henry family tradition (including X's mother as well). But whatever happens, I wish X the best. And I join kufancam in asking these judgmental pr**ks to provide the slightest evidence as to X being a prima donna.

Gil Ek 11 years, 1 month ago

Something must be brewing with the accountants. I see Roger M. already offering up Brady's scholarship. Is there a transfer we don't know about? Does Orton come and play a year without a scholarship? Getting these three players might be too volatile to handle, like nitroglicerine. "Team Nitro" National Champs '10 '11 '12. Yikes. Coming to look for a house in Lawrence. The best of KU Basketball might be right before our eyes. All-Time Wins (As of today) = 1. UK 1988 2. UNC 1982 3. KU 1970 (39. Muck Fizzu 1453) -517 from KU

utahjayhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

and_one, again welcome. I don't post much but lurk often to get everyone's perspective. My only request would be to have you burn your Dean Smith pic ;) To my knowledge, he's never respected his roots and shown allegiance to KU (other than recommending Roy in '88 to come to KU). I believe he and Dick Baddour were a significant distraction in '03, which in turn, took our collective focus off of 'Cuse and partially kept us from our 5th national title at that time. For that, he will never be forgiven.

Am I missing something on the Xavier situation -- if he's so hell-bent on coming to KU, why doesn't he give that impression in the slightest bit? I've seen a couple of interviews with him now since the Cal exodus, and he seems the least positive on KU. CJ will either stay at Memphis if he loses the appeal or will transfer to KU (supposedly)..........why do either of these decisions affect what Xavier will do, IF he's so stoked on KU? Something doesn't quite add up. I do agree though with others that we need to cut all of these kids slack -- it's their lives going forward not ours.

Greg Lux 11 years, 1 month ago

Let's see now .. with everyone coming, thinking about coming, rumored to be coming, already here and if everyone how is here stays. We can have the Big 13 with KU North and KU South teams. Then we can play each other in the Big 13 Tournament final. This is Great ... More Jayhawks.. But on the serious side.. I have said many times I don't think Cole or Sherron are leaving. If thats true and with the posibilities of 3 or 4 additional signees where are we going to get all the room + scholerships for all of these players? If, and I believe they will , Cole and Sherron stay and we get AtoZ others then who is transfering? Someone will have too if they want to play more then warmup time. The numbers are growing something has to give sadly.

Rock Chalk

shoedee 11 years, 1 month ago

We just need to sit tight and be patient on Xavier. My guess is that CJ is looking into whether the NCAA will allow him to play next year at KU. CJ had a medical red-shirt last year and did not play at Memphis, he is a walk-on, ... so will the NCAA let him play at KU the one year his brother plans to be in school?

Also does anybody know if we red-shirt a kid or two (Releford, Quintrell) if their red-shirts still count against the 13 scholarship count? If Morningstar's dad pays his way and we sign Xavier, then we are 1 scholarship over the limit. If we free up two spots by "red-shirts" then we could potentially sign Lance and Xavier. In regards to Orton, didn't Self call Orton and say we were no longer recruiting him after we signed Thomas Robinson? Then we also signed another big in Withey, ... so even if Orton wanted to play here, ... is there a spot?

frompekka2sasha 11 years, 1 month ago

Redshirt players that are on scholarship must remain on scholarship. A scholarship has to either be given up or that player must leave to free it up. There is no slick way to get around this particular rule. Any coach can chase off scholarship players but I hope Self doesn't reduce to that type of questionable behavior. Simply put- I think it's very unethical.

Self does have one potential weapon that can be used and that is being completely honest with certain players about lack of playing time. I would assume that a talented guy like Releford would choose to go elsewhere if he wasn't ever going to play. I'm using Releford as a hypothetical case and in no way am intending that he should transfer. He committed his life to KU and he deserves to stay over any potential recruit(s).

I know we are all salivating over the possibility of landing all of these studs but we shold take care of our own first and foremost.

Robert Brock 11 years, 1 month ago

I'll believe this when I see it, as others have said. It looks like we have a great chance, but we also believed that when we were originally recruiting him -- Carl made some interesting comments back then as well, suggesting KU lead for X, and it did not turn out so well in the end. I would really like to get Henry over Stephensen, though, but at this point either is a huge luxury.

Shoedee, red-Shirts do count against the scholarship count, as they are still scholarship athletes. We do not have room for Orton either -- how are we going to find two scholarships all of a sudden if no one transfers or goes pro. We are too loaded at the bigs anyways; the Orton deal is not going to happen. He wants to play immediately and if Cousins follows Calipari to UK, and he will probably want to go elsewhere, but it won't be KU.

kerbyd 11 years, 1 month ago

Shoedee, After all the bombastic rhetoric, (and there has been plenty) you hit the nail on the head. Where are all the schollies going to come from? Why is it so important for CJ to play here when as a walkon he will only play in mop up situations anyway? Can't he just come and practice with his bro while he sits out? Will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Steve Brown 11 years, 1 month ago

My fav Carl Henry memory was the Big 8 post season tourney in Kemper, don't know what year, maybe 81/83 or so.....a last second shot, they knew Carl was our hottest hand so they double teamed him the ball was fed to wide open Kellogg in the corner, for the shot, as I yelled "no not Kellogg" I wanted Henry to shoot it but he was covered...nothing but net, we beat the sooners ( I think) w/ Tisdale to win the tourney...after Billy team had spanked us in AFH that year.... CH had a nice jump shot and I can still see him hanging in the air, perfect position, on road games we could hear Max F. call the shots "swish, Henry scores again."\

If the brothers come to us, great, we welcome them, if not, we wish them they are FAMILY. Crimson & Blue:

shoedee 11 years, 1 month ago

OK, thanks for the clarification on red-shirts and scholarships. I think frompekka2sasha has a good point, that Self is an ethical guy and KU commits need to be honored ... still if Self is forthright honest with a player or two about how little playing time he is going to get with incoming recruits, it could work out that of his own free will he chooses to go elsewhere.

I appreciate every KU commit but I think most will agree the keys to a national championship run in 2010 is Collins and Cole staying and an athletic, scoring wing joining the team. I've got questions about Stephenson's work ethic and attitude, ... Henry seems to have the tools and the right mind-set for KU basketball. I think Self can work with Stephenson but I like the family X comes from ... his parents seem like Blake Griffin's parents, involved. Plus Carl Henry's years were on the front end of when I started following KU basketball as a kid ... Kelly Knight anyone?

OK ... so likely we will get one more signee ... X or Lance. The tricky part will be finding the 1 extra scholarship spot. Someone would have to leave. Also, this all assumes that Rog Morningstar is truly OK with paying his son's way. I know this is what all the posts have said, ... but in a rough economy, ... already having your son's way paid, ... when push comes to shove, ... will he really do it? If he doesn't and we sign our wing, then we are now looking for 2 scholarship spots.

ParisHawk 11 years, 1 month ago

Just a word about squeezing out current scholarship players.

Some of you seem to be saying that a player might transfer if a new star took his minutes, thus freeing up a scholarship for said new star. But that is called "circular reasoning". Think about it: if the current player stays, there is no scholarship for the new star, so he won't come, so the current player keeps his minutes.

I agree with others who hope current commitments and players will be respected.

On the Brady Morningstar issue, I know nothing about his family's finances and I don't want to know, but if his family happens to be well off then they may have given more to KU athletics than what they are saving from Brady's scholarship. So giving it up might just be another donation in disguise. Nevertheless, Brady has a scholarship and he has given more than anyone expected in return. I hope no one asks him to give it up. It's just not right.

phogallen007 11 years, 1 month ago

Just wondering. . . . If Collins and Aldrich both stay, which I hope they do, who is giving up their scholarship(s) to make room for Xavier and/or Lance Stephenson? Might we have a couple players on the team seeking transfers??

Eric Williams 11 years, 1 month ago

Balancing out the scholarships:

Currently we have 14 scholarship players (including Johnson and Robinson coming in) with only 13 spots.

X, Lance, or Orton (who we DON'T need if Cole stays) would make 15.

Brady has said he would relinquish his scholarship, so we're back down to 14.

Potential ways to open up spots: Cole to the NBA Sherron to the NBA Releford transfers (he is currently 4th on the depth chart for wing behind Mario, Brady and Tyrel) Thomas transfer (also currently 4th, possibly 5th, behind Cole, Morris', and Withey)

My gut feeling says that Thomas is gone. I don't get that feeling from Releford since he is from the KC area.

We don't need Orton right now, and if he asked for a release I'm not sure Self would go after him unless he knew Cole was leaving. Orton would be our 6th big man (if Thomas does not transfer).

Bottom line is Self knows something that we all don't. He wouldn't be pursuing X and Lance if he was not sure that a 2nd scholarship spot was going to open up. Self said himself he would not ask someone to leave the program, but if a player has informed him of transferring then he has the green light to recruit.

100 11 years, 1 month ago


CU wouldn't be even close to a mop up guy. He was signed on as a scholarship player for us before he went to the Yankees. That was back when he was 18.

He is 22 or so now and he is really good.

He will be as good as many of our starters. Except he walks on.


Because he played pro baseball with the Yankees.

So the Yankees are paying his tuition, not KU...

Kind of ironic as Phog was famous for taking care of one of the greatest Yankees of all time with his osteopathic therapy, Micky Mantle.

Now it looks like there's a chance Phog's long lost grandson, Bill Self, will help coach another great Yankee, CJ Henry...

Robert Brock 11 years, 1 month ago

Self's recruiting philosophy has always been to utilize all scholarships and over-sign and work it out later rather than use caution year to year like Roy seemed to do at KU. Both philosophies can present problems in the long run. It seemed like a bit of a stretch to sign seven guys last year and bring Appleton and Thomas into already loaded backcourts and frontcourts.

Never underestimate coaches sitting down with a kid and pushing them out, as unethical as it seems -- that happens regularly in college ball, and has already happened at UK with Calipari -- we as fans are naive about things like that. Anyways, this is going to work itself out and hopefully works out well for all parties involved.

tstanlick1909 11 years, 1 month ago

The moral of the story is this:

In Bill Self we trust

This guy had everyone on his back after he lost two first round tournament games in consecutive seasons

And then what happened..Elite Eight loss to UCLA, Nat Champs over Memphis, Sweet 16 with a team that everyone wrote off

As i question all of this recruiting chaos, all i need to remind myself is that we have the coach of the year taking care of us

NewtonJayhawker 11 years, 1 month ago

Boys.....S**t or get off the pot!!! You would only be so lucky to come to KU!!!

Larry Smith 11 years, 1 month ago

Didn't Alabama have this situation in football last year? More plyers/recruits than available scholarships. After the initial questions, the issue just seemed to go away.

X will sign with KU.

100 11 years, 1 month ago

Re Calipari: Let's keep in mind, the same team KU beat by 25, beat Memphis by 20 to begin this craziness.

Ralster, I think you have a valid point. Especially after recruits (not this year, but in a year or two) begin to see the falacy of teaching a galaxy of dribbling sequences to beat a "team" defense.

In short he'll finally have to play real competition -- in real arenas... All year.

Against fans who probably think as little of him as we do (was that $30,000 per player the NCAA is looking into with recruits at Memphis?)

After he "stops"" pulling in top 10 talent, the dominoes will fall in a very ugly way in Lexington...

I agree too in the desperation by the UK fan base -- it ended up helping us (it looks like), but nothing wreaks of a town scared of losing their all time victory battle than what they did to...


Make no mistake, UK thought they bought more than Gillespie...

Looks like the AP coach of the year might (legally) get much of what Lexington thought they had "purchased"...

Even more interesting -- if any of those recruits go to UK, it looks like the NCAA will finally begin to pay attention to the used car salesman named Cal...

Whether he gets caught or not is still not known -- but he'll have to tread ever more carefully now with the NCAA now that he's put such a big target on his head...

FlaHawk 11 years, 1 month ago

I'm not going to waste time speculating on the Henry boys, until Memphis names a new coach. They would be stupid to jump ship before meeting new coach. No players or recuits t Memphis will go anywhere until the Tigres have a new coach.

Everyone is getting all worked up over nothing at this point. I suspect Memphis will have a new coach with 7-14 days.

Anyone heard any rumors about Calipari;s replacement?

Go Hawks!

Dale Kroening 11 years, 1 month ago

FlaHawk If its true that X has started the paperwork to be released from his LOI with Memphis, I find it highly unlikely that he'd turn around and sign another one. And the recruit Cousins has already said he for sure will not be at Memphis next season.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 1 month ago

I just wonder who Memphis could hire. Apparently Scott Drew pulled his name out. When the coach at Baylor has spurned you, what's left? I guess Reggie Theus is unemployed. He might be the best case scenario for Memphis.

I do kind of find talking about this refreshing compared to when the Memphis trolls, who were coming on here a few months ago were talking about how great their program is and how they were going to be around for a long time so get use to it.

Max Ledom 11 years, 1 month ago

Dear Bentleytiger,


What do ya got on that ya jackass

emillasap 11 years, 1 month ago

Did it ever occur to anyone that Marcus Morris will play the three next year with robinson coming in?

jaybate 11 years, 1 month ago


Yes, soon after the MSU loss, I considered Self might choose to go big at the three next year with Marcus, were Aldrich to remain and Withey and Robinson to come aboard.

Self proved with Brandon Rush that teams with a big 3 have a huge edge.

Ratso Izzo has taken the idea another step. He has shown that you do not have to have a tall 3 who is a star to have a huge edge. He has shown that in the age of violence, you can go committee at the 3 with two brawny guys 6'7" to 6'8" and over power most teams, also. But the committee of brawny 3s has to be able to defend extremely well, they have to rebound well, they have be able to get back in defensive transition very fast, and they have to be able to shoot the trey at about 38% efficiency, and take about 2/3 the number of treys that Brady Morningstar took this year.

Self won it all with the big three last year.

Ratso Izzo is likely to win it all with the big three this year, but even if he loses, he has shown you can get to the finals with a committee of big 3s that are not stars.

People could look at what Self did with Rush and say, yeah, but Rush is one of those players that only comes along once in awhile.

Izzo's accomplishment this year is different.

People look at what Izzo has done and say, yeah, anyone can recruit a committee of muscular 3s in that size range who are not stars and limit their treys.

Tom Izzo has proven this year that if you can go big at the three position and be two deep there, and if they can be part of an entire team that can really get back in transition in a hurry, an +11 rebounding margin, superior bench scoring (from wearing teams down with three bigs on the floor at all times) and a trip to the national finals is your reward. Self does not use his 6'8" 3s for dribble drives and getting to the rim. They have to be muscular defenders, tough rebounders and able to shoot the three just a little. They are basically blue collar Brandon Rushes without Brandon's star power. Brandon was the prototype. MSU's 3s this year are the mass production models.

Self's been a pragmatist and a quick study when it comes to picking up on new tactics. Self proved how powerful a team with a big three could be with Brandon. I believe there is a significant chance he will embrace Izzo's approach. There is nothing like getting beat when you have the same number of stars, maybe even better stars, to teach a coach that he's got to embrace the new wrinkles with the lesser players employed by the coach that beat him.

jaybate 11 years, 1 month ago

Post Script on Marcus at the 3:

When Marcus was a recruit he was talked about as a 3.

He shot the trey at 40% this year, before Self decided to phase that part of his game out of the team scheme from December on.

Two things might prevent Marcus from playing the three.

  1. He has proven to be foul prone at the three, largely because of not very quick feet and insufficient strength to handle big, strong, and active 4s. But he has matured a lot this past year and will do so again as a soph. And he was, relative to his high school career, playing out of position at the 4. Maybe he could defend better at the three, were he not being asked to handle monsters every night.

  2. He has not proven to be a strong rebounder.

Izzo's big 3's have to rebound 6-8 per game to give the team the +11 rebounding edge.

Izzo's big threes also have to defend well. But Izzo makes it a lot easier for these big 3s to defend well, because he plays so much zone.

Self opting for so much zone seems about as probable as a Rabbi opting for a roast pig luau on the Sabbath.

But Bill Self has to go to bed at night and dream of Ratso Izzo's +11 on rebounding.

UncleMiltyN 11 years, 1 month ago

Jaybate...good comments as usual. Compendious posts they are not, but I enjoyed them anyway. I read quickly.

We can't lose sight of the fact that our level of success next year depends more on Cole and Sherron coming back than anything else. If one of these recruits can come in and be the third head, great. There is a chance that their defensive effort will be so poor that HCBS gives them limited minutes. I don't think it will, but it could certainly happen.

Don't forget that Rush felt everybody had misled him about his readiness for the NBA, especially on defense, after he had been through his first few months of practice. He may not have ever become as aggressive on offense as we would have liked, but he certainly did respond to the coaches on the other end of the court.

If everybody comes back, and Withey is as good as advertised, we want a top notch one-and done shooting guard to compete for a NC next year. If he sticks around longer...great.

Who will fill the most holes right away? Xavier Henry hands down.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 1 month ago

I've been had!!!

I waited up last night to see if LJW actually does post anything at midnight, as they say, and lo and behold..NO POSTS!!!! Then I realized, all the posts were, justifiably so, about the Women's effort last night and this season.

Since I fear some of you guys don't even bother to open them, for your benefit, the Lady Jayhawks lost in the finals but had a great season!!

You see, as a gender and a species, women are better than men. Sure there have been some great men and some horrible women, but, in general, women are better than men...kind of like the law of gravity..indefutable. I ought to know, I am the oldest of five brothers, went to an all-boys Catholic school, spent five years in a Men's Scholarship Hall at KU and have been married three times!!

If men had their way, prime time programming would be naked women, playing football to the sound of hard rock music. [Please don't tell Fox Network about this suggestion!!}

The reason for this post???....I am going nuts reading about will he or won't he, here or there, now or later...when, why, how. etc, etc....

Thank you all for your patience...I feel better.

Grace Greene 11 years, 1 month ago

What kind of post was that? Next time stay on topic, the article is about Henry's desire to attend K.U.. Of course all the posts will reflect the articles topic, and not womens basketball. I suppose if your concern is more for whether or not womens basketball is giving as much attention then men's then a post like that should be put in editorial form.

emillasap 11 years, 1 month ago


I believe Marcus' defensive strength will be at the three in the long run as he showed marked improvement sliding his feet toward the end of the year. I did predict Marcus at the three predicated on the assumption that Cole will be back. As far as rebounding goes, With Cole and Robinson (assuming he is the rebounder he is touted to be) along with Withey and Kieff roaming the post area, I believe Marcus could get 5-6 rbs per. That would be quite sufficient.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this "best case scenario" depth chart for next year(In order of pt by position):

1/2 (in Self's system same thing most of the time): Collins, Taylor, Morningstar, Johnson, Reed, Appleton(possible transfer IMO)

3 (This position is STACKED, match up problem for EVERY team KU would face): Henry, Marcus, Little, Releford, Teahan(lol), Morningstar(in case of emergency)

4 (Maybe the weakest position on the floor but more than sufficient): Kieff, Robinson, Thomas(possible transfer IMO)

Side note at the 4: Marcus and Little can shift to this spot when appropriate or necessary.

5: Cole, Withey(Just a big body that can adequately steal 10-15 min for Cole)

One word: Scary.

My Favorite line up Ironically has Marcus at the 4: Collins, Taylor, Henry, Marcus, Cole

The Possible lineups with this group are a pleasure to ponder. I hope this group comes together. Self could play any style, anytime, anywhere with these guys. Bring on all comers!

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

Re: whitlock... absolute nonsense. a confabulation as realistic as kstate winning it all next year. a nonsense propaganda "shock" article written only to get people stirring about the endless possibilities of calicrappy's mix up.

With regards to the scholarship situation and people transfering. I believe it will depend on a players loyalties to the KU program and what their goal is. If a scholarship player leaves in hopes of playing more minutes, they will likely move to a team with less talent and have less team success as a result. If they stay at KU they will perhaps sit more than wanted for a year or two but will develop their skills. Incoming talent surely understands that by signing with a successful program they incur the possible of new and more talented recruits taking their minutes.

I always think back to Darnell Jackson. Great attitude, great work ethic and patient; he is now in the NBA making a living after earning his bachelor's degree.

YOUNG HAWKS! don't bail, work harder, get stronger, raise to the top, endeavor to perserver!!!!. It's an excellent opportunity to develop. Look at Cole this year compared to last. Mcdonalds all american that played a HUGE 8 minutes (or so) a game his freshman season. I am sure he holds last years ncaa championship team with high regards although he wasn't the star of the team.

Eric Williams 11 years, 1 month ago

My depth chart.

1: Collins, Taylor, Johnson, CJ Henry (would be higher if allowed to play, if not he will get significant minutes in a year - plus X might stay a year to play with his brother ala Blake Griffin)

2: Johnson, Morningstar, Reed, Taylor

3: Henry (if signed), Little (could be the starter at beginning of season), Robinson. I don't see Marcus as a 3 because his dribble drive game is a little weak and his brother Kieff has a better jumpshot. If I had to pick a 4th it would be Markieff.

4: Marcus, Withey, Robinson, Markieff, Little

5: Aldrich, Withey, Morris Twins

With the quickness of Robinson, Little and Henry, I just don't see Marcus Morris getting significant minutes at the 3 spot. Plus, in order for me to enjoy watching him play, he needs to stop acting like a punk every time he gets a foul called on him.

Dale Kroening 11 years, 1 month ago

Dude there's no way Robinson plays the 3. I'd maybe put Releford (PLEASE DONT TRANSFER TRAVIS!) behind X and Little with Marcus being the 4th option at the 3. Robinson is solid but he doesnt have the handles to play the 3, it may come later in his career, but right now he's better suited for the 4 or 5.

emillasap 11 years, 1 month ago

A short rebuttal to jhawk613,

I bet my right arm Robinson will never play the 3.

emillasap 11 years, 1 month ago

One amendment to my depth chart,

I made a slight error in placing X at the 3 spot I guess. I suppose He is technically a "shooting guard". If he has the handles to play in the system this way then my new and improved line up.

Collins, X, Marcus, Kieff(Unless Robinson is a real beast), Cole.

jaybate 11 years, 1 month ago

This is how next year stacks up if XHenry signs.

Collins/Tyrel/Appleton Taylor/Tyrel/Elijah Henry, Morningstar/Little Marcus/Withey/Robinson Cole/Kieff

If Collins and Aldrich return, and Henry signs, Self is very likely to stay with what worked this past year albeit with the injection of Henry at the 2, or 3.

Elijah Johnson and Thomas Robinson are likely to be minor contributors. Neither one was a Mickey D. Neither one was first or second team Parade All American high school. They just aren't good enough to come in and take big minutes from Sweet Sixteen grade upper classmen. Elijah is a great athlete, but that is not the same as being a proven D1 defender who can shoot 40 percent from three and make few mistakes (e.g. Brady Morningstar).

ku_jayhawk09 11 years, 1 month ago

When will X make a the announcement of where he is gonna play? Hopefully Monday i can't wait any longer. haha

Eric Williams 11 years, 1 month ago

Fair enough regarding the Robinson slot in the depth chart.

But IF X does sign, Marcus will see many more valuable minutes at the 4, that I will be my right arm on.

Self has spent his entire Freshman year honing the low-post skills. He may have had the 3 spot instinct in high school, but not having played that position this season, I'm pretty sure Self won't want to break him in at the 3 and theoretically waste a year of low-post preparation.

Starting 5: Collins, Taylor, Henry, Marcus, Cole

Bench G: Little, Johnson, Morningstar, Reed/Releford Bench F: (in any order) Robinson, Kieff, Withey

It is possible that Taylor and Little switch, with Henry sliding to the 2 (a terrifying match-up for any team).

emillasap 11 years, 1 month ago

I wish Releford could stay on the court but that will only happen if he magically learns how to shoot.

Eric Williams 11 years, 1 month ago

When I see Releford play, he reminds me of Bryant Nash.

He has the raw talent and size but seems to be over-excited when he's in the game. He needs to calm down and let the game come naturally and he could contribute greatly next year.

My hopes for next year is that Morningstar and Reed only play 10-15 min. a game. I am always scared when those two are controlling the ball, turnovers plus poor judgement on some passes. However in a back-up role, they can supply some quality minutes to lets the starters rest.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 1 month ago

Not that logic or fairplay is a NCAA constant but wouldn't a student athlete who was on injured reserve for an entire season and did not play in one minute of one game at least be allowed the opportunity to appeal the current "standard" rule.

Something tells me that if this was the ACC or the Big East, CJ would be trying on his new team's uniform right now and X would be completing the transfer papers.

Something also tells me Ratso Rizzo will have the Goon Squad out tomorrow night and the refs will be looking the other way. Don't be surprised if MSU has a 30th NC anniversary celebration tomorow.

Larry Smith 11 years, 1 month ago

Robinson is good enough to get major minutes right away. The kid is solid. He will contribute from the get go.

Dale Kroening 11 years, 1 month ago

Yeah I could see Robinson starting at the 4 over Whithey and the twins. I know it doesnt mean much, but He's considered a 5 star athlete while the twins and Whithey were considered 4 star athletes. Also sporting news predicts Robinson will start at the 4 and Johnson will be in the backcourt with Taylor and Collins. This is the lineup they predict as long as Cole and Sherron stay with no X or Stephenson:

1-PG Sherron Collins, SR -- 18.8 PPG, 5.0 APG, 1.1 SPG 2-SG Tyshawn Taylor, SO -- 9.7 PPG, 3.0 APG, 1.1 SPG 2-SG Elijah Johnson, FR -- No. 27 25 recruit 4-PF Thomas Robinson, FR -- No. 18 20 recruit 5-C Cole Aldrich, JR -- 14.9 PPG, 11.1 RPG, 2.7 BPG

The bench:

2-G Brady Morningstar, JR -- 6.5 PPG, 2.6 APG, 1.2 SPG 2-G Tyrel Reed, JR -- 6.5 PPG, 1.1 APG, 1.9 RPG 3-G Mario Little, SR -- 4.7 PPG 3-G Travis Releford, SO -- 2.7 PPG, 1.4 RPG 4-F Marcus Morris, SO -- 7.5 PPG, 4.7 RPG, 1.1 APG 4-F Markieff Morris, SO -- 4.6 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 0.7 BPG 5-C Jeff Whithey, FR -- No. 36 34

Eric Williams 11 years, 1 month ago

If the 2009-10 team is finalized today the only change I would make is at the 4.

Marcus starts, Robinson is 6th man or 1st big off bench. Not to say that can't change, but Marcus understands Self's offense and would be much more comfortable and able to teach Robinson the system.

If X or Lance signs then Johnson would become the 1st G/SF off the bench.

And if CJ Henry is somehow able to transfer and play w/o waiting then he could be 1st or 2nd guard off bench. If CJ decides to transfer and sit out a year he will probably be a starter in 10-11 season.

Plus if CJ has to sit out, it might be incentive for X to return for a Soph. season to play with his brother.

Jfanallways 11 years, 1 month ago

no love for withey? i would love to see . . . Taylor at PG, because he can drive to the hole and break down the d. But his 3 ball is not as strong.

Collins/Henry SG, they both can drain the three on the kick out from taylor or take it to the rim

Cole/Withey PF, to post up smaller defenders and gobble up rebounds and withey already has a half year in the system over robinson and im still not sold on the twins.

This lineup would mask taylors outside shooting which really isnt that bad but not as good as collins or henry. With collins on one side of the court and henry on the other, no team could focus on any one man. So if you put a wing and a post on each player, that puts taylor in a one on one situation gotta love that. With withey and cole waiting down low they either get the easy feed when the double comes out to henry/collins or the easy dump from taylor while hes one on one. this lineup would be a nighmare for a man to man, and with X/taylor/collins they could light up a zone then not to be long winded on d you have 3 super quick guards and if you do shake one you can bet a seven foot monster is waiting for you with the other ready to come help and im aware cole is a C i just listed him as PF

Joel Hood 11 years, 1 month ago

I have no inside knowledge, just a gut feeling - don't expect great things from Withey next year. It will be his first season and almost all "freshmen" need time to develop - especially tall, skinny, bigs. Robinson & Johnson will also take time and the Morris twins now have experience and a years worth of real strength training - they will get a lot of PT next year. Although HCBS said that he would never run off a kid on scholly - would anyone be shocked if Quintrell transferred??

Eric Williams 11 years, 1 month ago

joel, i mentioned the Quintrell thing a while ago, but I totally agree.

As it stands we have 14 scholly players w/o X or Lance (15 with them). If we sign X or Lance then Brady would relinquish his schol.

But we still have a dilemma.

IMO, the 4/5 depth chart goes as follows.

Cole, Marcus, Robinson, Markieff, Withey, Thomas (I don't see how Quintrell will stay as the #6 on the depth chart). I would expect Bill to encourage him to transfer and possible help him find a good program. I don't think Bill would kick him out without helping him find another home, HCBS doesn't seem like that kind of coach.

But I expect Thomas to transfer. Releford, some have said might, but he has a better chance of finding playing time at a 2/3 position.

mjhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

This is not good sign if you are a jayhawk fan. I guess what comes around goes around (Chalmers, Manning). I really wanted us to get X, but I guess we go back to Lance?

Posted: April 6, 2009 Mike DeCourcy Sporting News

The University of Memphis is taking the most daring leap of any college program in this spring coach-hunting season, hiring former assistant coach Josh Pastner to take over as Tigers head coach.

Pastner, 31, worked under Lute Olson following his graduation from Arizona, where he was a walk-on player for the Wildcats' 1997 championship team.

Pastner was a sort of coaching prodigy who began his own scouting service in his mid-teens and began working out his Arizona teammates while in college. He worked for Olson until the 2008-09 season, when he joined Memphis coach John Calipari as an assistant coach.

According to the source, Pastner would hire former Kansas player Carl Henry as the program's director of operations, which would keep signed recruit Xavier Henry, Carl's son, in the program. Xavier Henry, a 6-6 wing, is a McDonald's All-American and top-five prospect in the class of 2009.

Pastner's presence also might help keep other players on the roster, such as wing Wesley Witherspoon, who expressed concern last week after Calipari left to take the Kentucky job.

Kyle Helmer 11 years, 1 month ago

I figured this was all too good to be true. Now we have also pissed off Lance so we will lose him too. I have no idea why Bill is having such a tough time getting one of these top 10 guys to commit, but he just can't seem to do it this year. It looks like Wall will go to Duke or maybe UNC now that Roy called him because he gets whoever he wants now. Oh well, now we REALLY need Sherron and Cole to come back. Great to see the Henry's have such high regard for their alma mater. What a joke!!!!!!!!

canuckhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

Sporting News article claiming that Carl Henry is going to be hired on as staff at Memphis to keep Xavier and C.J. around. Nothing will surprise me at this point. Nothing.

rockchalkmillhouse25 11 years, 1 month ago

If Carl Henry takes that job he is a joke!! Why would you do that to your alma mater??? Now it seems we may not get Lance because of this debacle. I know KU has hired players fathers.....but im pretty sure the fathers weren't screwing their alma maters in the process. What a frickn mess!!

Eric Williams 11 years, 1 month ago

If Carl Henry does take the job, then he's been jerking KU around for a long time, or simply using us to further his families gains (which Universities do to players all the time).

Put simply though, Cousins is gone from Memphis, Wall will not sign with Memphis, so even if the Henry brothers stay in Memphis they are NOT a National Title contender. If that doesn't matter to this family then please DON'T come to Kansas.

However, if you would like a chance at a ring, then forget Memphis and come where you have a chance.

This whole sucks when we're so close to getting a recruit, but we hired Mario's dad to get him, and plenty of schools have done the same. K State with Beasley comes to mind.

TexasHawk44 11 years, 1 month ago

That is how we got Manning. Don't sweat it. Give this family a break and let them do what any of us would do. Take care of our own.

TexasHawk44 11 years, 1 month ago

I don't like it as a KU fan but it is pretty smart by Memphis to keep Henry. What goes around comes around...We have done the same thing..see Chalmers, happens all the time. Hopefully we will still get Stephenson if this happens. He is still a top 10 player in case everyone got amnesia

mjhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

I don't understand why the ljworld/KU sports still has an article posted that has the headline "Henry wants to go to KU, father says." C'mon Gary update your information, we KU Fans want to see the latest and expect to see the most up to date information when we click on your site. If the report is bogus tell us that, if the report is true how can it not be consider news that's worthy of being reported? I posted the article yesterday and then a comment asking why kusports has not reported the Memphis vacancy has been filled. I even called the newsroom and spoke with someone in the sports department at about 12:30 in the morning and asked why an article hasn't been written. I was told "this is the first we've heard of it." Mike DeCourcy is a good writer so I believe the majority of information he puts out there. I also think there has been a lack of reporting this Memphis development on a national stage, so I don't think kusports is the only news outlet lacking current information.

Andrew Moore 11 years, 1 month ago

We did not hire Ronnie Chalmers to get Mario Chalmers. Mario was committed to Kansas long before the job was even open. When the job became open, Ronnie probably put his name in the hat. But it was not a package deal.

However, Ed Manning was hired by Larry Brown to get Danny. But whoever said Larry Brown was an ethical coach? Larry Brown was as slick as Coach Cal. However, Bill Self is not like Larry Brown.

This is a mess for Memphis. They have a green coach (similar to K-State/Beasley thing) that may have a hard time maintaining success once the big time recruits move on to the NBA. It may be easy to recruit for Lute Olsen and John Calipari, but its not so simple when its you the kids have to trust. Its easier to call for a big shot coach's program than for your mid-major program.

mjhawk 11 years, 1 month ago

afmoore: One of the sorry things about this situation is that X had already signed and his brother, CJ, is already on the team so one could argue that what we did in the Chalmers situation is slightly similar. I don't really know what to make with the Memphis situation, if the Henry brothers stay I could really see them both spending two years there (not one). If that happens, and if at least one other recruit joins them, they could again be a force for at least two years. If they can ride the Henrys to two successful years I could see the program continue to reload and excell year after year. I still hold out hope that all this Carl Henry talk is just a bad dream I'm having and I'll wake up and learn UNC didn't just win the nat title AGAIN, my brackets didn't just bomb with UCONN loosing to MSU and my newly added winter girth will have never existed! Man, that would be ponderous, really ponderous.

Andrew Moore 11 years, 1 month ago

Although there would be comparisons with X already being signed at memphis, I think they can be discarded because they were in the process of seeking a release from the school prior to the hiring of Pastner. In this case, I think X really already left Memphis even though technically he was still signed. They were in a position where they would lose him if they didn't hire his father. The Chalmers case was much different. Chalmers' commitment was not dependent on the employment of his father, whereas X's is.

I think it is ridiculous that Carl would even consider taking this job. He will be stabbing his alma mater in the back big time. It would be one thing if he hadn't have spoken with the LJWorld and 1320 klwn radio, saying that X wanted to sign with Kansas as soon as he was released from his LOI with Memphis. Because he said this, I think taking the job would make him very unpopular in Lawrence - and honestly -unwelcome. This would be no big deal if he AND his wife didn't play here!

USAF_J_Hawk 11 years, 1 month ago

New information/rumor, Carl Henry has accepted job at Memphis as Director of Basketball Operations. Wow, nice move from Pastner is this is true, definately not good for us though.

TexasHawk44 11 years, 1 month ago

To say that Ronnie Chalmers "put his name in the hat" is ridiculous. I am not saying that KU did anything wrong with Chalmers. But you think Bill Self was randomly looking for a high school coach from Alaska to fill a role on his staff? Come on, let's be real here.

As for X staying for more than one year: I doubt it. He is listed as high as the #5 draft pick in the 2010 NBA draft. If he was planning on staying 2 years, the playing time with CJ would not be as big of an issue. It would still be an issue, granted, because CJ really wants to play and he is also already 22 years old. Who knows what will happen in the future, but all signs point to X being a legit one year player in college.

I don't like the idea of Carl taking the job at Memphis -- if there even is one -- who knows? I mean, ESPN was reporting that a source said that X had committed to KU a few days ago...Until he gets out of his current LOI and the "no contact" period ends, and until he puts his name of a new LOI (or honors his current one with Memphis), none of this speculation makes a bit of difference. In the end, however, Carl is not stabbing KU in the "back big time" as "afmoore06" so inaccurately puts it. Carl has always said it was possible both boys would play at Memphis. It all depended on the coaching hire and CJ's ability to get an exception from the NCAA. He has never said that X was COMING TO KU. Repeat: He has NEVER said that. He has only said that X wants to come to KU but has to see how everything unfolds before making a decision. I guess, Carl getting offered a job at Memphis (if that in fact happens) would be a part of how things unfold.

This is only my opinion -- and I am sure many of you will shred it, as I shred other's that I disagree with -- but I am still hopeful that we will land X or Lance and have a strong wing to add to our team.

If Cole returns (which I think could go either way) and if Collins comes back (which I think is more likely) and we pick up either of these kids, we will be VERY strong next year. Even if neither of them come, we will still be strong.

Remember that Robinson, Johnson and Whithey are not exactly chopped liver. And Taylor and the twins should be much improved next season.

Instead of crying, bitching and moaning about X and Carl and CJ and their grandma and their Junior High coach, and the lady who drove their bus to school when they were 10 years old... we should celebrate a terrific basketball program and University.

Think positive for once. Please someone on this board see the glass half full.

RockChalk1982 11 years, 1 month ago

Blake is going pro... I sure hope Cole stays one more year to improve his "back to the basket" moves, well everything on that end of the court! Either way he has done great things at KU from where he started. Maybe the Henry's and everyone else will see that too!

USAF_J_Hawk 11 years, 1 month ago

Regardless how you put it, If Carl signs with Memphis he sold out our university. He is smart enough to know that if Memphis didn't need to keep his sons commited to their school he wouldn't have even been considered for this position. So you either stick to the Blue and Crimson or you're out. I know I'm being partial to our school but seriously, who would think that staying at Memphis with a trial coach is a better fit for his kids than his own alma mater, that, by the way is going after it's 2nd championship in 3 yrs and produces NBA caliber talent. Rock Chalk!

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