Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prep star delays decision

Stephenson to wait; Henry now available

Kansas recruit Lance Stephenson looks to the student section as they chant his name Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009 during his visit to Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas recruit Lance Stephenson looks to the student section as they chant his name Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009 during his visit to Allen Fieldhouse.


Recruit Lance Stephenson delays college decision

Lance Stephenson didn't make his college decision known on Tuesday.

Lance Stephenson, who had planned on revealing his college choice at the start of Tuesday’s McDonald’s All-America game Media Day session, instead put his decision on hold.

“It is a tough decision because this is my life,” Stephenson, a 6-foot-5 guard from Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Lincoln High, said in informing media he was still struggling to choose between Kansas University, St. John’s and Maryland.

“It’s just hard for me and my family to make a decision and I am just going to wait it out,” added Stephenson, who said he’d talk to his father and hopefully have a decision, “soon.”

Meanwhile, the departure of Memphis coach John Calipari to Kentucky makes former KU target Xavier Henry a prime KU target once again. Xavier, a 6-foot-6 guard from Putnam City (Okla.) High, signed with Memphis over KU partly because his brother, C.J., joined the Tigers’ program as a freshman walk-on this season.

Xavier signed a written agreement with Memphis that agreed to let him out of his letter-of-intent if Calipari left for another school.

“It reopens my recruitment to anybody and everybody,” Xavier said at McDonald’s Media Day. “I’ll take a whole new evaluation of everything and anybody and try to make another good decision on where I go,” added Xavier, who said, “yes,” when asked if KU would be on his new list.

Henry said he has three campus visits available if he wishes to take visits. ESPN and others believe the Jayhawks are the favorite to land Henry and brother, C.J., whose college tuition is paid for by the New York Yankees. C.J. signed a pro contract out of high school after orally committing to play hoops at Kansas.

Carl Henry, father of C.J. and Xavier, told that Xavier could end up at KU or Kentucky, but would not attend Memphis.

“If he wants to go to Kentucky, it’s fine,” Carl said. “If he wants to go to Kansas, it’s fine. They (C.J. and Xavier) would not go to Memphis, no. C.J. was kind of in shock that (Calipari) left,” Carl added.

Xavier will play in tonight’s McDonald’s game, then discuss recruiting with his mom and dad.

“It’s definitely disappointing. I prepared my family for all of us to go there,” Xavier Henry said of Memphis. “This is another bump in the road. I’ve been through them before.”


• One or both?: It’s believed KU would not have room for both Henry and Stephenson. Adding Henry or Stephenson would put KU at 15 scholarships, two over the limit of 13. Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins have not yet announced if they are returning for another season or heading to the NBA.

Stephenson, who said he would definitely not play overseas next year, said Collins and Aldrich possibly returning would have no effect on his decision to attend KU.

“They are great players and they are one of the reasons why I want to go to Kansas,” Stephenson said.

• Case hired at SE Missouri State: Former KU guard Jeremy Case has landed a job as a full-time assistant coach at Southeast Missouri State University. He’ll be working for first-year head coach Dickey Nutt (former head coach at Arkansas State), who was hired by the Ohio Valley Conference school on March 12.

Case worked as graduate student manager this past season on Bill Self’s KU staff. He played in 94 games in his KU career from 2004-08.

“I’m really happy for Jeremy,” Self said. “It was great for Mike last year getting a position at Gardner-Webb,” Self added of former KU guard Michael Lee, who worked one year as a KU grad assistant before landing a full-time assistant coaching job.

“It’s a great opportunity for Jeremy to get on the road recruiting. At age 24, to be out recruiting, he’s ahead of the curve. I’ll really miss him. We’ll all miss him,” Self added, “but for his personal development, this is something he needs to do.”

Case said both Self and Barry Hinson of the KU staff told him of the job opening.

“I think it’s a chance of a lifetime to get out at this age and be recruiting,” Case said. “Coach Self has been great to me. I’ll miss him, all the players and coaches. As much as I love Lawrence, it’s time for me to spread my wings. I’ve been spoiled being here. I know the fans here are the best in the country.”


Alex Wishart 11 years ago

this kid is legit! Rus Rob should give him a call and let him know KU is the perfect school for a kid from the NYC.

RyanHawk 11 years ago

According to the announcement is postponed.

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

I saw the same headline at Scout, but I'm not a member so I couldn't read further. He was recruited, at least initially by both UK and Memphis, so he might be waiting to see how Calipari to UK shakes out - maybe he'll want to take a visit.

goshenjhawk 11 years ago

You've got to be kidding me. Another delay? Can't the kid just make up his mind already?

mojayhawk 11 years ago

Just notice this morning on that all of a sudden, Cole is a #9 lottery pick. Sherron second round #48. Things could be shakin' up in the recruiting universe. I still think Cole needs another year to grow physically and work on his game, but who could blame him if the dollars are there!

And, Calipari moving will make a lots of kids heads spin. Should be interesting.

thjhawk 11 years ago

I live in Tennessee, much discussion around these parts about Calipari, etc. It was mentioned this morning that all the recruits who signed with Memphis have an out with their letter of intent if Calipari leaves Memphis. Xavier Henry anyone?

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Yeah, I also heard he was going to make his decision at 11:00 am this morning. We will see. Did anyone see "Born Ready" on MTV2 last night. Pretty cool stuff. Here is a bunch of episodes all in one. Most have seen episode 1, but here are the rest of the episodes.

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Demarcus Cousins didn't sign with Memphis. He only gave a verbal committment. He will most likely leave if Calipari leaves. As for the rest of them, who knows. Calipari has made his recruits look a little foolish. So much for trusting Calipari. I wonder how the Henry family feels.

Aligned 11 years ago

No kidding mojay. This is shaping up to be a very interesting situation. I can assure you the Stephenson's delay is due to Calipari's anticipated move, as Kentucky originally recruited him. I think there are some unbelievable last minute recruiting opportunities here for KU, but I don't know if they'll be able to take advantage of them due to their scholarship situation. I'm wishing now that Bill wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to use them all last year.

Aligned 11 years ago

Make no mistake about it, the KU coaching staff is scrambling as we speak to take maximum advantage of any possible benefit that arises from the Calipari move.

As for Cole, he'd be crazy not to go if he truly is a top ten lottery pick. You have to go while your stock is high, and it doesn't get much higher than that.

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

It's a little late in the game for us to try and grab some of these guys. Besides, Henry would need a release from his letter, which Memphis would likely not grant until they had a new coach in place to talk to him. It's Stephenson or nothing for us. Wall would probably follow Cal, too.

When I first heard these rumors Sunday, I thought it was kind of funny that Memphis was going to lose out on some of these guys after beating their chests about how much talent they'd signed. But then I started thinking long term...if we thought we lost alot of recruits to Cal while he was at Memphis - imagine how many we'll could lose to him at a fellow tradition rich school with a fanatical following (arguably more so). Say what you will about his tactics, but he coaches a style of play that players love. He'd get serious consideration from just about anyone he wanted.

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

It's a little late in the game for us to try and grab some of these guys. Besides, Henry would need a release from his letter, which Memphis would likely not grant until they had a new coach in place to talk to him. It's Stephenson or nothing for us. Wall would probably follow Cal, too.

When I first heard these rumors Sunday, I thought it was kind of funny that Memphis was going to lose out on some of these guys after beating their chests about how much talent they'd signed. But then I started thinking long term...if we thought we lost alot of recruits to Cal while he was at Memphis - imagine how many we could lose to him at a fellow tradition rich school with a fanatical following (arguably more so). Say what you will about his tactics, but he coaches a style of play that players love. He'd get serious consideration from just about anyone he wanted.

Aligned 11 years ago

Agreed. Calipari will get more than his share at Kentucky. At this point, I'm worried that Stephenson might be the first one we lose to him there.

Aligned 11 years ago

Let's not forget though, Bill Self is very good at taking advantage of last minute recruiting opportunities. I recall a few other five-star recruits that came in just before the bell.

Aligned 11 years ago

This just showed up on Zag's:

Amazingly, this Lance Stephenson Saga still isn’t over and apparently won’t end at the McDonald’s All-American Game.

Lance Stephenson Sr. called the McDonald’s PR people Monday night and told them his son wasn’t yet ready to announce his college decision. The 6-foot-5 Stephenson was expected to announce for Kansas today at media day.

“Following [Monday night's] POWERADE Jam Fest, the McDonald’s All-American Games staff learned that Lance Stephenson will not make his college decision at media day, Tuesday, March 31 at 11:45 a.m. or during the game on Wednesday, April 1 at the BankUnited Center in Miami,” the statement read.

Stephenson will still be at media day to answer questions, however.

Who knows what this means? Maybe Lance had a last-second change of heart and is now considering Maryland or St. John’s? Maybe the John Calipari to Kentucky move has something to do with it?

Stay tuned.

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

Someone suggested at Zags that Stephenson may be waiting to see what happens with Collins and Aldrich - if they leave, he may look elsewehere. If they stay for another year, he'll likely come to KU. Makes sense - if he's truly planning on being one and done, then he needs to go to a squad with a legit chance at a deep run next year. We are that team with those guys coming back, but we're still a year away of they bolt.

1865Hawk 11 years ago

Lance is delaying the decision so that more people talk about him. He's not going to college.

Aligned 11 years ago

And his change of heart with regard to announcing today just happened to coincide with the Calipari to Kentucky story? I don't know about that.

I did check the Kentucky roster and found they had only one Senior on the team this year, so they may not have a lot of room either. I can recall there have been instances in the past where scholarships were withdrawn from current players upon the arrival of a new head coach. Could that be a possibility here? How does that work?

Jonathan Allison 11 years ago

sounds to me like he could be working on a contract to play overseas.

Scott Smetana 11 years ago

Whatever the reason.. this doesn't sound good.
I hope Calipari takes the Kentucky job... more reason to dislike the Wildcats after they dumbed Gillespie. In my opinion, they just made a huge mistake and downgrade of a coach?? Do they really think Calipari can have such shady recruiting at Kentucky? Also, maybe Anderson at Mizzery will then take the Memphis spot.

JayViking 11 years ago

Sounds like some people on here were counting their chickens before they hatched :o

quigley 11 years ago

Would be a bad move for Cal. It's hard to keep up that 30 win season gig when you move out of Conf. USA. It is going to be a real eye opener if he moves. Come take a gig in the Big XII Cal! See how many wins you get when your not playing East Carolina and Rice all the time.

RockChalkJacob 11 years ago

I just read on rivals, that Henry has a release clause if Calapari leaves and Carl Henry says he would imagine his sons leaving if Cal left, sounds Like Lance will go toUK oor overseas, and X will come to Lawrence where he was going to be originally.

Jason Roberts 11 years ago

I agree with Chicago_JHawk - he's waiting to find out of Aldrich and Collins are coming back. This coupled with Calipari's wooing to Kentucky is more than enough of a reason for Lance Finance to delay his decision. However, the possibility of him possibly working out a contract to play overseas is a distinct possibility, too.

It's unfortunate that his delay is only prolonging an unnecessary height to his meteoric popularity. Once the decision is made he can concentrate on finishing high school and prepare for his year or so in college. But for now he'll settle for being almost as popular as President Obama.

This could also work in the Jayhawks' favor if John Wall decides to spurn Memphis for K.U. Such a scenario would work only if Aldrich stays and Collins goes pro.

Scott Smetana 11 years ago

Wow, all the fun possibilities if Calipari takes the UK job. Go Rich Kentucky Alums!!

Brak 11 years ago

shockjay - Unfortunately it will probably be the other way around and Aldrich will probably go pro and Collins will stay another year, and that is solely based on their draft prospects. Aldrich is a guarenteed first round pick and whether he is ready or not if the money is there he will probably go(especially considering how bad off his parents are), while Collins is projected a late 2nd round pick so he would benefit staying another year.

Plus Wall is already leaning towards Duke so I don't think this Calipari situation will even affect him. So if Cole leaves we will probably lose Stephenson as well, seeing as we don't have much of a chance next year for a championship run without Cole even if Collins stays.

63Jayhawk 11 years ago

Here's the deal! Calipari to Kentucky! Anderson to Georgia or Memphis! Gillispie to Missouri!

Jason Roberts 11 years ago

Agreed - Mike Anderson becomes the next Bruce Weber as he slides into the 2nd best job (as Webter bolted for Illinois after Self landed at K.U.). If Calipari says "no" Anderson will be the next likely choice.

As for Gillipsie to Missouri, no offense, but does it look like I care?

Cameron Schienebeck 11 years ago

What a lot of people are forgetting is that Memphis has turned into one and done U. These kids are going there based on the fact that they can start right away and if things work out they are out of there. Just like John Wall saying he will more than likely go to Memphis if Evans leaves for the NBA. I was glad we didn't get Henry. Look him up on YouTube. His style and the fact that he will more than likely be one and done are reasons he is not a good fit for a program like KU. With all that said I would still question the legality of Calapari's recruiting. Why would these star athletes choose Memphis over schools like KU or UNC and pass up playing against other legitamit schools?

K_Easthouse 11 years ago

It's crazy how many dominoes are getting ready to fall over this Calipari situation. I don't know how Cole and Sherron's situation plays out, but to me, I see most of Calipari's recruits running away as fast as they can, and not all of them would follow him to Kentucky. Given the recruitment wars between KU and Memphis in recent years, this could be a boon in terms of who we pick up, what decisions Lance will make, and so forth.

Oh how I love the drama that preseason has begotten already for KU.

RockChalk26 11 years ago

Lance if you are reading this, "You have got to be crazy not to come to Kansas. This is what basketball is all about. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!"

jchief40 11 years ago

I think that if Calipari goes to the UK you can pretty much bank on Xavier Henry coming to KU. I think Lance is delaying the decision only because of the UK job opening. Not because Lance would go to UK but because KU might pick up a guy like Henry and maybe another. That Wall would follow Cal to Kentucky is pure speculation. Wall hasn't said anything yet. Henry has said that he loved KU but sided with Memphis only because he wanted to play with his brother and have his family at all the games. To me that means that if Cal leaves him and his brother go to KU. Who knows whether Wall is seriously interested in KU at this point. I still think we have a great chance to get Lance as well. People saying that Lance will play overseas have obviously not been paying attention to the Stephensons and Lance's comments. The only other place Lance would end up would be St. John's or Maryland. I don't think any of this delay in Lance's choice has anything to do with watching for Cole. Everyone knows we have Jeff Withey coming in and big time rebounder Thomas Robinson. We have the big men people. Cole leaving as hard as that would be to take would allow us to pick up that extra top recruit this year. We already have a great team next year with Johnson, Robinson, Withey and Collins returning. We only need one of Stephenson, Wall, or Henry to make a title run next season. We may get one of them + 1. This is a good situation not a negative one.

kucourtsider 11 years ago

As soon as I read his decision would be delayed, my first thought was Kentucky. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if he ended up at UK with Calipari's move.

jchief40 11 years ago

kucourtsider - what are you basing your opinion off of?? If Lance would be considering going to UK with Cal then he obviously would have been considering Memphis all along. ... and he hasn't. So why are you people saying that? Quit posting that crap when you have no information to back up your opinion.

irish2255 11 years ago

I starting to get real tired of this kid. Now it seems like he really is just looking for more press. Starting to slide into the Bryce Brown category.

craigers 11 years ago

If Lance chose UK, even with Cal it wouldn't mean they had a chance at a national championship his one year in college. We should be just fine and have a great shot at winning next year. All the other big names this year are losing players too. The field will be even and will all know who has the best coach in the game....KU!!!!

jchief40 11 years ago

OK one mentioned scenario floated around was after picking up Lance meant that we needed two players to give up scholarships (Morningstar, Reed). If Cole leaves that means if we get two recruits the same situation has to play out. There may be other options none of us has considered. As was said at zagsblog these things always have a way of playing out.

swjhawk 11 years ago

I have serious doubts about Mr. Stephenson's willingness to play KU ball. It reads like he needs to be the "show" (and only for one season) wherever he goes. It's still a team game and it still says "Kansas" on the jerseys. If the Henry boys play anything like their dad did, c'mon down.

Brian Skelly 11 years ago

 The idea that this guy is waiting to see what Cole and Sherron do in regards to the NBA is legit.    So is the fact this is just a PR stunt.     So is the fact that he could be holding out for an European Contract.

 The reality is,  it doesnt really matter.    This kid and his PR machine are soaking this for all he can.   I've got no real problem with that unless he shows up here and ends up being a selfish jerk.   Which the more and more I read and see I worry about.

 There is no denying his game though.    He seems to me to be a "LeBron Jr." type guy.    Okay handle, Okay Jumper,   great body for driving a dunking.    I'd think he'd thrive as our 2/3 if Sherron and/or Cole stays.

 The Calipari to UK train is clearly altering lots of things.   That should be no surprise.    Anyone remember Roy to UNC a few years ago.    Different dominoes and shoes are still going to drop,  its just the nature of the beast.

 We'll be okay with the team we have now for next year.    Question is,  is this kid (or even Xavier Henry) going to be a part of it?   Or neither.    Or neither AND neither Cole or Sherron???

jcepp 11 years ago

No way KU ends up with Xavier Henry. He's the one big name Memphis recruit who has actually signed. Unless Memphis releases him, he'd have to sit a year and he clearly thinks he's a one and done.

Who else thinks it's funny that while Cal is sleeping on the KY job, Anderson is getting a shot at joining the SEC?

After getting run by Mizz, Cal can't be sleeping all that well.

jhawk23 11 years ago

Everyone please relax, and stop bashing the kid. He's probably delaying his decision at the request of Coach Self, so that Cole and Sherron can have the time to explore their NBA options, and possibly also so maybe someone on the team explores his transfer options.

We need to open two schol's for Lance. The Morningstar sacrifice (dad paying for tuition if the team needs to open one up) is well-known. I wonder why people think the same about Reed (because he's white that means his parents have a ton of money? that's some b.s.).

At the end of the day, we need the Morningstar sacrifice AND a transfer or NBA (by Cole or Sherron) if we are going to sign Lance. So doesn't it make sense that Lance would give HCBS the courtesy of a few days to sort things out? You never know; there even could be a surprise transfer scenario (see Padgett, Downs, Galindo, Giddens) where Cole and Sherron both stay, and Lance also signs.

jchief40 11 years ago

swjhawk yes the Henry boys would be a most welcome addition. However, Lance has said he wants to be surrounded by talented players and make a run at a championship. If we was telling the truth that would explain why Kansas was the front-runner from all of the 'sources'. If Lance wanted to be "The Show" then he would have already committed to St. John's at the Garden. I gathered that Lance's dad would like to see him outside of NY - at least until he's in the money. Self and Manning is a big factor based on Lance's comments as well. He wants somebody to push him and make him a better player. He wants to get in better shape and I think our strength coach is one of the best in the biz. All signs pointed to Lance coming here but I just think this delay is how the Cal move may impact previous recruits' decisions such as Henry at his current leader KU. If we get Henry maybe Lance goes with Maryland...

Michael Ales 11 years ago

I PREDICT: Cole and Sherron both stay for another year. They both love KU, they both know another year will up their status in the NBA Draft. Both have said they will talk to Coach Self about their decision. Cole Aldrich- Self has said, "Why be a 1st round pick when you can come back and be a #1 Pick. Sherron Collins: If you truely want to take care of that 2027 KU Recruit then don't settle for a second round contract. I don't know how tall his Mama is but Coach Self ought to offer him a scholarship, that's the trend now. This one-and-done thing is over rated. It's classy guys like Cole and Sherron that make it. Come back please and make it happen, somebody's got to come through with the consistent outside shot.

jchief40 11 years ago

jcepp is not paying attention. Henry's Dad has already said Memphis would let his sons out of their commitments. Most colleges will grant the wishes of the player. In the end, the schools wants players that actually WANT to play for them! Imagine that!! haha... right, jcepp?

Jonathan Allison 11 years ago

losing Lance and getting the Henry's would be awesome. That is by far the ideal scenario. It's 2 for 1, and CJ Henry counts as a walk-on because the Yankees are paying his way.

newyorkjayhawk 11 years ago

Does anybody know how redshirts count toward scholarship limitations? When Brady redshirted last year, did his scholarship count toward our 13 count limit?

If redshirts do not count against our head count limit, i'd assume the likes of QT and Releford consider such action.

Anybody know the answer to that?

RockChalkJacob 11 years ago

No matter what happens we are this KU. With that said I read Henry Sr. said that X would know by thursday what he will do, now does that mean he'll know where he is goingf to school I dont knwo but if it does its KU. 2 days isn't enough time for a visit anywhere, and his bro can come to his original decision without us paying for him. Lance proabably heard something floating around about X to KU at practice and doesn't want to play with a guard equally as good as he is.

Aligned 11 years ago

jchief40, you're the one who isn't paying attention. We're already one scholarship over the limit even without Stephenson, and we're two over the limit if/when he signs.

jchief40 11 years ago

"and CJ Henry counts as a walk-on because the Yankees are paying his way."

Oooh great point!

jchief40 11 years ago

Aligned go back and read my posts. You are stupid because I said the exact same thing you are saying. With Lance we are 15/13. That's why I said Morningstar and another would have to (generously) give up their scholarships. If Cole were to leave we should have to have the same scenario play out if we got another recruit in addition. So it looks like you need to pay better attention.

jchief40 11 years ago

Then again somebody could transfer, go to the NBA unexpectedly (Collins), or lose both their legs due to a virus. You just never know. I think KU will find a way to get the best recruits should they choose to commit. Titles mean big paydays for all.

irish2255 11 years ago

Apparently jchief40 is the only person allowed to have an opinion on this matter. Gimme a break. I suppose you get all your info from Self.

jchief40 11 years ago

OK forgive me irish2255 - it's just that I have been following this for some time and I just get a little annoyed when people say things like Lance going to UK, Lance going to the other UK, Lance putting off the decision for no other reason then to garner more press. Sorry man.

jchief40 11 years ago

The best comment today was plasticJHawk's who said that Xavier and CJ Henry to KU would be the best option because we'd only have to find one scholarship for those two since the Yankees are paying CJ's tuition and would be considered a walk-on. Hey I'm on board. Henry or Lance - we'll be Final Four candidates either way. But having both Xavier and CJ is about the only thing better than getting Lance. Rock Chalk.

jchief40 11 years ago

“We came because of the style of basketball and the way the coach coaches,” said Carl Henry in a phone interview. “I haven’t talked to my sons. Knowing them, they would probably want to leave.”

He added: “We already signed and coach has to give us a release. He said he would give us a release.”

Jason Roberts 11 years ago

Interesting theory. CJ and Xavier instead of Lance would work out better. I also agree with jhawk23's assessment of the possibility of transfers as I think that Appleton and/or Thomas would be likely candidates due to lack of playing time.

Aligned 11 years ago

Prediction: Calipari accepts Memphis’ offer to match Kentucky’s and the recruiting issues are moot.

kennethst 11 years ago

JBate....where are you? Can you offer any insight on this?

I don't think this is a good sign and I'm guessing he will play some place other than KU. I don't believe there is any other reason.

Matt Gonzo 11 years ago

If Cal leaves Memphis for Kentucky and then Memphis releases the LOI's signed by those kids.......wouldn't those same kids just go to Kentucky if they truly signed to play with coach Cal? Why would we think the Henry's would turn around and come to KU if they truly want to play for Calipari? Is there a rule that prevents these kids from following the coach? Just curious.

hawks_2010 11 years ago

I read somewhere that when Xavier Henry sign his letter of intent that it was in there that if the coach left that he would be able to get out.

MarshallLaw2010 11 years ago

Love Lance Stephenson. Would love to get him.

REALLY sick of all this delaying. Is he really gonna consider going to Kentucky if Coach Cal goes? Their scholarship situation is out of control. If brings his recruits now and Meeks and Patterson decide to stay, they'll have about 17 scholarship players for 13 spots.


100 11 years ago

Cole is around to many good people to make a big mistake (jumping too early).

He loves being a Jayhawk, just like Danny did.

He'll develop himself, not ride an NBA losers bench for a year, & win another NCAA championship with KU next year...

And then, in 2010, be the #1 pick in the draft...

Robert Parrish (ex Celtic) was interviewed yesterday -- he said the "one thing a potential NBA player can do to limit their NBA career potential is to leave college before you've mastered your game."

Because, he says, NBA coaches don't have time to "teach you the game. You're treated like a commodity. You are supposed to have that already. So where do you become a master? In college."

He gave a good example. Michael Jordan.

He said without the mastering of the game in college under a great coach, he would have never been the NBA all star he turned out to be.

Aligned 11 years ago

Kentucky is maxed out on scholarships too. They only had one senior this year, and they have four recruits lined up for '09. Granted, some may ask to be released, some are walk-ons and possibly some could red-shirt, but they still don't have a lot of room.

InfiniteJ 11 years ago

I'd be happy if KU just kept the team they have right now plus the two recruits they have already signed. I could care less what Stephenson and Henry does as long as Cole and Sherron stay another year.

keith horinek 11 years ago

Anybody read yesterday's post? LJW reported that if everybody stayed, KU would have 13 scholarships to give to 15 players. Simple as that and I beleive redshirt scholarship players do count towards the total. I agree with camron08 that Memphis has turned into a one and done U, but nobody here seems to agree with me on that. Coach Calipari won't ever get respect untill he wins in a "big 6" conference, go back to yesterday's Mike and Mike conversation on ESPN, they say the same thing, he needs to go to UK for his career and respect. As for who goes where, player wise, who knows, all the talk here won't change anything. Let's wait untill it happens and see where the dominos fall. I happen to think we will be ok with who we currently have. Even if Cole leaves, we still have Danny Manning and that's all we need, right? (doesn't he have one more year of eligibility?) Just kidding, but Danny can coach whoever comes in. Where do you think Cole learned his skills after his freshman year? Just a few thoughts.

vinceb 11 years ago

Schools usually stipulate that a player released from LOI cannot follow the coach.

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

jhawk23 - I think the suggestions that Reed could pay his own way are because he's from KS and qualifies for in-state tuition, not because he's white.

lv_jhwk 11 years ago

All the speculation on here has been entertaining, to say the least. I think we can all agree that there will be quite the sequence of events to occur if Calipari does in fact take the UK job.

Fwiw, a reporter from the Memphis newspaper stated on Dan Patrick this morning that all the current Memphis signees (including Henry) were given a letter from the university when they signed that would release them if Calipari left. If so, the question simply becomes two letters (K and U) for Henry, just in which order.

KULA 11 years ago

It'd be great to get LS, but I'm not losing any sleep over it. If CA & SC come back, we're preseason #1. If not, we still win 20+ games and go to the tournament because of Bill Self. Kansas Basketball has been great for a hundred years and will continue to be great for another hundred years. It doesn't depend on any one player(especially a one & done). LS should be honored that Kansas is pursuing him.

Aligned 11 years ago

Well, it's official now. He just announced he's leaving for UK. Let the recruiting spectacle begin!

JayhawkPhil64 11 years ago

Lots of interesting chatter here, some really insightfull, some really stupid, sometimes from the same poster. But overall fascinating to watch the speculation.. I don't know the relative merits of Stephenson over Henry but if it comes to a choice, I'd rather have Henry. I hope I am right that Self already knows which of the current players is either going pro, giving up his scholarship or transferring. Not sure why they are being so quiet about it though.

I hadn't thought of the Gillispie angle--thanks to whoever brought it up. It definitely would be interesting if Cal went to Kentucky, Anderson took his place at Memphis, and Gillispie took his place at Missouri. That chain of dominoes is not probable but it certainly is possible

Jason Roberts 11 years ago

Agree with KULA. You from the Los Angeles area? I'm in Santa Monica.

ohjayhawk 11 years ago

"Does anybody know how redshirts count toward scholarship limitations? When Brady redshirted last year, did his scholarship count toward our 13 count limit?"

Redshirts count toward the scholarship limits. So, Brady's scholarship did count toward the total last year. Unfortunately, that's not a solution.

IlikeKUabuttton 11 years ago

I would hope that QT transfers and either Appleton transfers too or Roger Morningstar follows through and pays for Brady's school, then we can sign Xavier Henry, and NOT Lance. CJ could walk on with his baseball money? He didn't play this year for Memphis so I don't know if he would have to sit out? Talent is talent but Lance seems to have character issues and seems like he has a little too high of an ego. But so did B-Rush... If Sherron leaves, we add "the Iceman" John Wall. If Cole leaves, we still have the twins, Robinson and Withey in Jan. to develop. All in all, looks like we'll end up with either Henry, Wall or Stephenson. Can't really complain.

Aligned 11 years ago

We don't operate that way at KU. Once players decide to become Jayhawks, they're Jayhawks. No one will be asked to transfer and no will be expected to transfer. We'll play with the players we have and still win most games.

KULA 11 years ago

shockjay, yes. We're you at El Guapo last weekend?

4jhawks4ku 11 years ago

Next years lineup:

5: Aldrich, Withey, Mk Morris 4: Robinson, M Morris, Mk Morris, Thomas 3: Henry, Little, Releford 2: Stephenson, Reed, Morningstar 1: Collins, Taylor, Johnson, Appleton

The backups to the one and dones spend a year learning and improving.

Jason Roberts 11 years ago

Lance is definitely waiting to find out what happens to Calipari. Can you imagine a KU team with two sets of brothers (Morris and Henry)?

KULA - No, I wasn't at El Guapo last weekend. I work in Santa Monica but live in the SF Valley.

truefan 11 years ago

Ok first off it is messed up to sit there and wish that a player will transfer just so we can get a different recruit. We have no idea what kinds of players Quintrell Thomas or Appleton will develope into and it would be dumb to let them go when they have so much potential with the great coaching staff here at KU to develope them. Second, the rumor with Reed giving his scholarship up arose from the fact that he is the only player that qualifies for in-state tuition other than Morningstar. It has nothing to do with him being white or being perceived as rich so why don't we calm down on the racial talk Jhawk23. And last but not least, let's not bash on this kid for delaying his decision as it is the biggest decision he has made so far in his young life and it will likely affect him for the rest of his hopefully long life and career in the NBA. I'd love to see Lance in a KU jersey, but if it isn't best for him then I'll have to just be disappointed and deal with it.

Jason Roberts 11 years ago

WREG-TV in Memphis:

John Calipari Has Made His Decision

Staff Writer

12:25 PM CDT, March 31, 2009 (Memphis 3/31/2009) News Channel 3 has learned from a source very close to the situation that U of M coach John Calipari is leaving to be the new coach at the University of Kentucky.

Right now, Calipari is at his home meeting with members of his staff explaining the decision.

IlikeKUabuttton 11 years ago

Fun to dream, but unfortunately that is 16 scholarship players

Aligned 11 years ago

News Flash: It has just been reported that Billy Gillispie has agreed to become the next head coach at Memphis.

KULA 11 years ago

Shockjay, sorry we missed you. If you haven't been, check it out next yr. We had about 200 KU alum there,

Andrew Moore 11 years ago

I think you guys are getting way ahead of yourselves...

There is no way we will get both X and Stephenson. There is a chance we may bet ONE of them. I don't understand how you guys are so high on X and down on Lance. They are pretty much the same type of player. Don't forget that X chose Memphis over Kansas. I consider a top-notch recruit who goes to Memphis a selfish player. They just want to win win win games against silly competition and then bolt to the NBA. Cal lets the guys play in a way that maximizes their statistics - improving their draft stock. It is similar to the Morris twins, except they opted out for different reasons. They wanted to play for Self, they didn't get pushed by circumstance. I think that Lance would be a better recruit.

We would be his no.1. Whereas we are X's no.2.

speculating a possible line up for next season: 1 Collins, Taylor, Reed 2 Morningstar, Johnson, Reed 3 Recruit (X or Lance), Little, Releford 4 Mc Morris, Mk Morris, Robinson 5 Aldrich, Withey

Morningstar starts because of defense, experience and smarts. I'm expecting the Morris twins to improve their skill-set over the offseason.

kufankam 11 years ago

thank you truefan... it's nice to see some common sense.

people - if we started shoving people out the door, don't you all think recruits would think twice about showing up?! natural attrition, competion and a master like self will figure it all out. as said before, add the two recruits we have right now with collins, aldrich and co... that is a great team right there. people need to trust that self will take care of it!

Andrew Moore 11 years ago

I'm almost expecting either aldrich or collins to leave early. I would take their return over any recruit. But the simple truth in the age of 1 and dones is that we won't know for quite some time how the team will look next season.

Collins and Aldrich will most likely both declare and not hire agents. Self has to prepare for the worse case scenario, just in case they both bolt. I wouldn't be shocked if a surprise transfer happened, but I definitely don't see one coming as of now.

jchief40 11 years ago

Getting both Henry brothers would be 15 scholarships. CJ would be a walk-on.

kufankam 11 years ago


xavier went to memphis to be with CJ. anyone who has seen him play, knows that he is far from selfish. he plays very much within the flow of the team's offense. i think they will both be great if either of them came to KU. i have seen both lance and xavier play and thier games are similar but xavier is far less selfish. i am not trying to say that lance could not be great, he would just need to come in and be humbled by coach self. however, X comes in already being a very, very coachable kid. anyone that has seen him play often and in person would agree.

IlikeKUabuttton 11 years ago

Just saying Quintrell Thomas is going to be buried at the bottom of a pool of depth. I could see him choosing to transfer somewhere where he would see the hardwood and I wouldn't be sad.

siukufan1 11 years ago

I think the majority of these posts are dumbfounded with no factual evidence!! Come on Lance is a kid who is trying to make the best decision for himself. Maybe just maybe like every KU fan in America Lance knows about the scholarship situation so maybe before he announces his decision he wants to make sure a scholarship is open. X has nothing to due with it because if that was the case then Lance would have just commited and then there would have been no room for X. Its simple Lance is given himself time to make the correct decision without ruining any chance of going to another school. However, there will be atleast one transfer this offseason with the talent coming in and my money is on either Travis or Q. I think with the talent KU has Q would be better off at another school where there is room for him to succeed, with Marcus, Markeiff, Jeff, Cole?, and Thomas coming in he will never see that playing time. Travis however I see being a stud his Jr. year once he develops his jump shot and uses his length to be a stingy defender...he reminds me too much of B. Rush.

Could u image this lineup next year: PG: Sherron SG: Lance SF: Brady.....just because he's the best defender!! PF: Cole C: Marcus B: Mario, Tyshawn, Robinson, Johnson, Reed, Markieff, Jeff, Travis, and Tyrone

Too me this will be by far the most talented and deepest team in the country next year if everyone comes back!!

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

Forget this flake. I can't believe everyone is wasting their time talking about this.

kupark 11 years ago

It's not easy to win a championship and KU winning it is, of course, not a given even if Collins and Cole return. Lance must be thinking at least he gets a traditional-rich school like Kentucky, which is also closer to NYC, even if there is little chance of winning a championship. Honestly, a player who plans to be one and done shouldn't be taken too seriously for his stated wish to win a championship.

Lance also won't have to carry the burden of resurrecting a program (St. Johns) or play for a school whose coach is hated by the school's AD (Maryland).

That's why I think Lance to UK makes a lot of sense. In any case, if we're to believe internet rumors, delaying the decision definitely doesn't sound good for Kansas.

jchawkfan 11 years ago

Ok here is the entire scenario. Lance and Xavier play the same position 2&3. So they obviously don't want to play on the same team. I am going to say that both players wanted to play for Coach Cal, and why not seems that every kid wants to play for him. Anyway if I remeber right at one time Xavier was going to wait till April to make his decision. Knowing that Lance wanted to play for Cal to, he knew if he waited to make his decision till later Lance might commit to Mem. and he would loose the option of playing with his brother. So Xavier calls the press conference and commits to Mem. That means Lance must look else where. Lance comes out a couple of weeks ago and says that he knows where he is going but wants to wait to make it public. Now Coach Cal decides to make a coaching change to UK. And all of a sudden a new door opens for Lance to play for Cal. So Lance delays his decision.

Most likely this is about as far from truth as possible, but just thought I would throw this scenario out there. And I don't know the details of what UK has to offer. Maybe they don't even have room for Lance but maybe thats what he is waiting on.

I do know one thing, I am fine with the players we have now and the ones we have signed. And I can't wait till next year to see the progress of our young fellas (as Collins would say).

100 11 years ago

This just in:

John Calipari has signed a 35 million dollar contract at the University of Kentucky...

Minutes later, after being called a scumbag by a local Memphis kid wearing a UK hat, he quit his job as the headcoach of the University of Kentucky, saying,

"a few minutes ago I reached the pinnacle of my career...

It will only go down from here."

A minute ago laughter could be heard from a local Wells Fargo...

Which was hard to hear because...

It was nearly drowned out from a grinning, dark haired man's laughter

Who was moving his possessions out of a large house in Lexington...

It is now further being reported that John Calipari has booked a one way ticket to Arizona...

Although he will not engage in coaching in this beautiful state (not that he ever did anyway),

He, according to insiders, "loves the idea of retiring in a state with a bunch of other criminals... Plus, the young hot 17 year old Arizona boys aren't bad either," he whispered.

This also just in... John Calipari just flushed the toilet...

Apparently his cell phone went down with the rest of his intestines...

This reporter is wondering what he might be hiding on that cell phone?

Perhaps there could be a few (like 7 years worth, amplified by three EXTREMELY illegal days worth) of phone calls this happy new retiree is trying to cover up?

Doesn't it seem odd, a man in Memphis said this morning, that John is driving "the entire city" before making a decision?

"What's up with that?" he said. "does he not have a phone at his house?"

Well, probably not a phone he should be using for the types of calls he was making...

IS THE NCAA BLIND????????????????

Calipari just signed a 35 million dollar deal, sends UK into a deeper probation they've ever been on, and John drifts away into the sunset...

And Gillespie... More on him after we help him move...

JayhawkDynasty 11 years ago

It's pretty amazing how the possibility of Calipari gives 3 schools a giant recruiting mess. It would be nice for KU to land one of the three big guys here (Stevenson, Wall, or Henry) but in my opinion, I'd take Cole and Sherron with Marcus, Tyshawn (insert 5th here) over any of those three any day. I think our shot at making a big run with come with building off this years experience, not throwing a one and done into the mix.

JayhawkDynasty 11 years ago

I just realized how incoherent my last post was (talking while typing) It should say:

It's pretty amazing how the possibility of Calapari leaving Memphis gives 3 schools (KU, Memphis, Kentucky) a giant recruiting mess. It would be nice for KU to land one of the three big guys here (Stevenson, Wall, or Henry) but in my opinion, I'd take Cole and Sherron with Marcus, Tyshawn and (insert 5th here) over any of those 3 any day. I think our shot at making a big run next season will come with building off this years experience and not throwing a one and done into the mix. Just look at how far this young squad came this year!


Ryan Sullivan 11 years ago

You know this delay is Callipari-related. Lance could go to the high profile school (UK) like he wants to and get to be THE guy there. At KU he would have to share the spotlight and the scoring (I think Aldrich and Collins are both coming back).

We'll have a scholarship available for another kid - no question about it. Whether someone gives up their scholarship or if someone redshirts, we'll get another kid.

What a domino effect this could create. So apparently Zavier has some written agreement that lets him out of his committment, which is great cause I like him better anyway, but I've never heard of any recruit ever not getting out of his committment if the head coach bails. I think there's going to be 3 or 4 guys back on the market.

Zavier - this is a sign from God.

jayhawkgl 11 years ago

Couple additional points here: (1) As I understand it, UK does not have a whole ton scholarships remaining either. So, a Cal+UK have the same scholarship logjam issues the KU has today. (2) Talk about a traffic jam at one position...Jodie Meeks is the incumbent 2/3 player on that team. If he stays (and I haven't heard anything about him leaving), then both Lance and Xavier wouldn't be the premier player on the team.

Ultimately, I think Cal lands Cousins and Wall for sure. KU gets Lance or Xavier for sure...just not sure which at this point.

not_important 11 years ago

As far as Kentucky's scholarship situation, here is what Andy Katz wrote on his blog on "Kentucky had some funny math even before the flirtation with John Calipari. The Wildcats had one scholarship open but signed three players under Billy Gillispie, meaning there had to be attrition either through the NBA draft, transfers or scholarships not being renewed. Whoever is the new coach is likely going to have roster-upheaval privileges. Remember, scholarships are technically renewable every season."

As far as the Henry brothers, I believe CJ would still have to sit out a year even though he didn't play this year for Memphis. He was still enrolled and part of the basketball program there. It would be interesting to see if CJ would want to come if he had to sit out a year because he'd be a 24 year old sophomore and not start playing until November of 2010 which would make it three years since he decided to go to school to play basketball. As many people have mentioned, the scholarship wouldn't be a problem which is a nice bonus.

jaybate 11 years ago


First, I was sort of wrong on Cal. I posted yesterday I thought he'd probably stay and bargain up his salary, unless UK broke the bank. They probably broke the bank and so he decided to jump.

But there is another issue driving his move that I did not consider yesterday.

Basically, he's got a chance to not only bring Henry and the other Memphis recruits, but he's got a chance to bring Stephenson and Wall and Demarcus. too.

My hunch is: Stephenson is not coming to KU now. He's going to UK. And Henry is not coming to KU, he's going to UK. Probably Wall, too. Gillispie had some solid recruits coming to UK. You patch those together with what Cal can bring from Memphis and you've got an instant Sweet 16 or Elite 8 team. And the SEC is down, so it will be almost as easy to win there with this kind of talent as in Conference USA.

Now the interesting play for KU would seem to be bringing Gillispie and his UK recruits with him back to KU; that seems like where KU can make some hay. If I recall, Gillispie found a big 3 that could fit in very nicely.

From Stephenson's POV, it shakes out like this: latest draft info has Cole in the lottery and so almost certain to go. It also has Sherron at 48 and so almost certain to stay. Stephenson is thinking if he comes to KU, there is no proven post man, there is a PG he has to share with, a chance he may be asked to play the 3, and, frankly, not as much raw talent as on Cal's incoming UK recruits (Cal's Memphis gang plus Gillispie's 4), so Lance has almost got to go to UK. Lance plays the 1, which is his natural position, and Henry plays the 2, his natural position, Demarcus man's the 4 or 5, and Cal can easily fill the other positions with the rest that is coming.

This is an exciting shake-up. KU's stability is bound to create some opps for grabbing another recruit or two, but I don't think it is going to be any of the big three of Henry, Stephenson or Wall. All signs point to the Stephenson and Henry going to UK now. Wall remains the wild card. He has to go to one of the Cadillac programs, but now KU and UK have PGs, so he's got to head elsewhere. My guess would be one of the Final Four teams this year.

Jaminrawk 11 years ago

Kansas is bigger than one-and-dones. Would it be nice to land Stephenson or possibly Henry? Of course. But, if they don't come, KU still has a very talented group coming back. Taylor is gonna be a star. The Morris twins will develop (most big men take a year or two to get comfortable) and we have another 7-footer in Withey coming with a full year of the weight room and Self's intense practices. Add to that the best rebounding and shot blocking, elite recruit, in Thomas Robinson and an athletic freak, combo-guard in Elijah Johnson and KU is already better than most. On top of it all, we have Bill Self as coach. You cannot ever overestimate the impact a great coach has on a team. If Stepehenson is smart he wouldn't even give it a second thought to come to KU. Same with Henry. In a way, this might be a rare second chance to make the right choice for him and his brother.

RckChalkJeff 11 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

jayhawkboogeyman 11 years ago

The problem with all this speculation is that Stephenson hasn't been considering Memphis/Calipari throughout his process, so why would he suddenly to decide to play for Cal now just because he moves to UK? Also, it seems reasonable that Xavier Henry might defect to KU, but his brother is already at Memphis, so he would take a year of ineligibility to come to KU. We should be thinking about developing Releford into the scorer he has the ability to be, getting the Morrises stronger, and building the kids we have now as a team. Forget these one-and-done hot shots, it is all about them. We don't need their attitudes here anyway.

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out with Lance, Memphis recruits, and our scholly situation.Personally I think Cole and Sherron come back, HCBS has tells Lance he doesnt have a scholly for him(or maybe he's already told him?), and Brady pays his own way for a season to provide Whithey with a scholly.

NH_JHawk 11 years ago

I'm just glad all this talk about coaching changes doesn't involve KU for once! This time last year I was sweating bullets thinking it might become a reality that Self would bolt for T. Boone. Regardless what happens with recruiting, KU will still have a great team with the potential to make a deep tourney run next year. Having said that, we'd be crazy to not want X, CJ, or LS play for KU.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago

Do you posters not READ

Lance said Europe is not an option, so all of the posts about that are off base.

X has a deal to be let out of his letter of intent, so the statements about memphis not letting him out are also off base.

READ PEOPLE, it is just that simple.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


I know you love to post, but you sound like a complete moron with your Stephenson, X, Wall, and Cousins to UK post.

Stephenson has NEVER CONSIDERED PLAYING FOR CAL AT ANY POINT!!!!!!!! HE WAS NEVER OFFERED A SCHOLARSHIP TO PLAY AT MEMPHIS, MEMPHIS WAS NEVER ON HIS LIST. Furthermore, he is not going to compete with X for playing time if X went there. Not to mention this second team AA named Jodie Meeks, that is leaning toward coming back to UK.

X probably would not go to UK if Meeks stays. Especially considering it was the family environment of Memphis and the living situation and his brother that had him going there.

Also there is the fact that UK already has 5 signees, so no he cannot bring all of those players in by NCAA rule, if any of the UK players want to stay (which they probably will).

Lance is not a natural point by any stretch of the imagination. Are you serious? Have you ever even watched the kid play. He needs a facilitating point like Sherron, he is not a decision maker, he is a scorer.

I am sick of sitting back and reading your incredibly ignorant posts, it is time to start calling you out!!!!

YOU ARE A JOKE SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jchawkfan 11 years ago


I think they added the last part of the arcticle later after alot of this stuff was posted.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago

I personally NEVER WANTED Stephenson. Hopefully Cal jumps and X comes to Kansas. X has significantly less character issues, is a legacy, and would be playing closer to home. Let's hope Meeks stays at UK, Lance heads to St. Johns, and X comes to Kansas.

jchief40 11 years ago

JAYBATE!! Dude I love your posts but your "UK is getting every top player under the sun" nonsense is baffling given somebody with your intelligence and analytical prowess. Where are they gonna put all those players??? LOL - that post was absolutely forgettable.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

I can't see Xavier following Cal to UK, especially after saying that Memphis was his pick because he wanted to play with his brother, so to speak. Maybe he'll end up back here where he should have been in the first place.

The fallout from Cal leaving is interesting. It's amazing how one guy can command such influence over all of these young players.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

I appreciate all the hypothetical posts, the conjectures, the possibilites, the scenarios galore. Let me add my take


Sherron and Cole stay OADs come one transfers....Withey, Robinson and Johnson join the 9th youngest Div 1 team that was a league titlest and a shot away from the Elite eight. A team with a third string All-American, a lottery pick big man, a battle-hardened squad with a 5 star transfer and two top frosh.

Throw in the Coach of the Year, HCBS and, in my mind, a future coach of the year in MR.Manning and thank you cards, I'll play what I got.!!!!!!!

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

I still think he's waiting to see what Aldrich and Collins are leaning towards doing. The only reason UK keeps getting mentioned as a possible destination is they were on his radar very early on. It's all speculation, of course, but maybe he's just not sure he wants to come to Kansas. He's born and raised in NYC...maybe he's afraid of the culture difference.

I must say, I get a kick out of checking here every hour or so and reading comments from people who clearly didn't read any of the earlier comments or earlier versions of the article.

jchief40 11 years ago

ahahahahaha... mmm ahaha. Jaybate. Lance as a natural 1??.. LMAO

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

No matter how all this shakes out. It would be better for Aldrich to return. That will make the biggest difference in next season. I hope that we pick up Stepheson or Henry simply because we really need a wing player that can create their own shot. That hurt us this year. Collins was the only player on the team that could truly create his own offense. Either way, KU will continue to be one of the top teams in the country. And when all is said and done, I would rather have Bill Self over Johnny Calapari any day. I would take him over Roy Williams too. We are blessed. We have an incredible coach, team, and University.

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

Oh and for Jaybate: Stephenson is not a point. Do you even know anything about this kid?

Rian Ankerholz 11 years ago

Shockjay: KULA beat me to asking you whether you lived at Santa Monica. When we were at Venice Beach last week, we saw a proud Jayhawk flag in a window at the beach! RCJH from the four corners of the globe!

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

Why is Cal going to UK anyway? He is such an east coast guy, talk about not being a good fit. He'll win for a while but he'll get sick of the Bluegrass state soon enough, just like Memphis is wearing thin on him.

lv_jhwk 11 years ago

Reportedly, in leaving, Calipari has agreed not to make any scholarship offers to any current Memphis players or recruits. If true, then that really makes things interesting!!

Max Ledom 11 years ago

Stupidmichael -

Your name fits your comments.

Keckadek 11 years ago

If wanting a one and done player is wrong then i dont wanna be right. KU will always be a great school with a great basketball program so lets throw in a little flash to spice things up.

Whose with me?

mbmerriman 11 years ago you know im one of your biggest fans but UK only has one slot remaining. They have four players leaving and three new ones coming in. They already have Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson coming back for their last season so they just dont have the room.They will need some kids to transfer or let some kids out of their commitments to even have room for Cousins and X let alone stephenson. And if they do let people out one of them would be Daniel Orton who was considering Kansas at one point so that is another thing to keep an eye on.

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

Why on earth would Henry and Stephenson and Meeks be on the same team at the same time? That makes little sense. X and Lance are both one and done. Even if UK had 5 openings, I really doubt that they would both go to UK.

Craig Colgin 11 years ago

All of this speculation is very intriguing, and it will be very interesting to see how this all shakes out! That being said, I see absolutely no reason to be foolishly optimistic about any of these situations or foolishly pesimistic about them either. This is Jayhawk basketball baby!!!! We have always persevered, and we will continue to perservere. With, or without any of these recruits, and whether CA and SC return or go on. RCJH!!!!

JayhawkPhil64 11 years ago

OakvillJayhawk, I hope you are right. That is my preference also-- not just because these guys are one and doners(actually I don't mind filling in a spot with these kind of guys if there is a scholarship open) but more because I don't want to see any of our current guys go. Having said that, I know we could really use a wing player like Henry or Stephenson.
and Mbmerriman, you are correct in your general statement but I might add one caution. I don't know much about the character of Stephenson or Henry but I do know about Orton. If you ever saw him in an AAU game you would know he looks like big trouble and not the kind of guy we want at KU.

Craig Lang 11 years ago

For the record, currently has neither Cole nor Sherron going in 2009. It has Cole as the No. 5 overall pick in 2010, and has Sherron as a late first-round pick the same year.

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

lalawguy: you are right about draftxpress but another nba mock draft site has him as number 9 in 2009 and Collins at 48 as of this morning.

mbmerriman 11 years ago

drgnslayr: technically micah downs

Joseph Kuebel 11 years ago

Where is everyone getting that Lance would EVER consider UK? That is the most ridiculous thing I've heard this year. First off Memphis wasn't on his list, neither was UK, combine that with the fact UK doesn't even have a scholarship to give Lance, AND may be in the running for X still is redundancy of idiocracy.

Bottom Line: Lance goes to Maryland, St. Johns, or KU (and is waiting to see if X transfers here first)

Reasoning for this is X was deciding on Memphis or KU all along, and deliberated his decision many times. There was no discussion of UK. And furthermore X did not go to Memphis just because of Calipari, he went because his brother was already there.

Bottom Line: X goes to KU, or stays with his original decision of Memphis (he in no way will consider UK) Furthermore X wants to go to Memphis to be in the running for a title, which now significantly decreases with the leaving of Calipari. X will not go to UK due to UK not have a scholarship to give.

Next comes to a wildcard being Wall, Wall either follows his high school coach and goes to Baylor, follows Calipari and goes to UK or he decides on his backup decision of KU. My feeling is he goes with his Baylor.

It shakes down like this: X goes to KU, Lance (who doesn't get to be the star at KU) goes to Maryland or St. John's, and Wall goes to Baylor (to also be the star of the show).

So, If X doesn't choose KU, we get Lance.

Bottom Line: KU smacks it out of the park. KU gets X or Lance and possibly Wall.

Worst Case scenario: We get X, or Lance Best Case scenario : We get X or Lance + Wall

Joseph Kuebel 11 years ago

Being from Chicago and regarding the Violations and scandals of Calipari:

Word on the street rumors regarding the recruitment of Derrick Rose is he gave both D Rose and his brother 2 300s' fully decked out to the specifications of whatever they both wanted.

Furthermore, the cheater (Calipari) also has been rumored to offer all his players a summer internship program of $40,000...40K for 1 summer of work...Don't believe it? Look at what all of Memphis' players are driving around in. 40 K for a summer internship is how these players in such a scandalous program drive around in what they do. Unless you are Derrick Rose and are given fully decked out 300S along with your brother.

Way to go Kentucky, you signed a grade A scandal. Way to bring down your program anymore.

It really will be only a matter of time before this cheaters actions get surfaced. How else would anyone in their right mind go to Memphis over UNC/Duke/UCLA? Give me a break, this guy is SCUM.

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

Memphis Commercial-Appeal is posting that Cal is officially gone to Uk. No surprise. Press conference in Lexington tomorrow. X. Henry is quoted as saying, "this opens the recruiting process to anyone and everyone."

Joseph Kuebel 11 years ago

Being from Chicago and regarding the Violations and scandals of Calipari:

Word on the street rumors regarding the recruitment of Derrick Rose is he gave both D Rose and his brother 2 300s' fully decked out to the specifications of whatever they both wanted.

Furthermore, the cheater (Calipari) also has been rumored to offer all his players a summer internship program of $40,000...40K for 1 summer of work...Don't believe it? Look at what all of Memphis' players are driving around in. 40 K for a summer internship is how these players in such a scandalous program drive around in what they do. Unless you are Derrick Rose and are given fully decked out 300S along with your brother.

Way to go Kentucky, you signed a grade A scandal. Way to bring down your program anymore.

It really will be only a matter of time before this cheaters actions get surfaced. How else would anyone in their right mind go to Memphis over UNC/Duke/UCLA? Give me a break, this guy is SCUM.

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

CaliHawk33: No doubt about it that Cal is greasy. I too have a friend in Chicago who told the same story. I guess it is technically hearsay but I have heard enough people talk about Cal to believe the hearsay. Smoke usually originates with fire.

I think Stephenson postponed his announcement to see if Xavier is going to transfer to KU. While this might be wishful thinking, it may be true. Kid has a massive ego from what I read. Who knows. All this is conjecture. Whatever happens we will put a strong team on the floor next year and kick the crap out of Mizzou...

kufankam 11 years ago


i agree with most of your posts but i would caution anyone to just ride of a player who is hyped as a "one and done"... just because that is what they are said to be, doesn't always mean that is what they will end up being.


rush, julian, darrell

some that are touted as one and done turn into great guys for the program and now self can point to recruits and say, "see, brandon rush came here for a couple of yrs and now he is averaging 21 pts in his last six starts for the pacers..." that would be appealling to me (if i were an elite bball prospect, which i am not)

i agree we want good character guys, but lets not forget that we have had several players that have come and not stayed 4 yrs that have sustained our winning tradition. don't get me wrong, i want em all for 4 but that is just not the way it is these days...

some players that have been great faces for the program who have jumped early:

peirce gooden julian rush arthur chalmers

InfiniteJ 11 years ago

When the hell did Stephenson become a PG???? He's a SF in college and a SG in the NBA.

BelieveInSelf 11 years ago

If Lance is so worried about X then why didn't he just commit to Kansas? The scholarship would be gone, and there wouldn't be any room for X anyway.

jaybate 11 years ago


Wow, I hope you are right. I really don't know UK's roster and scholie situation. I just read Gillispie had 4 recruits coming and I figured UK could juggle scholies the way KU will likely juggle them this coming season (i.e., some guys will give up scholies, some parents will pay some, some financial need scholies will be gotten, some players might transfer, etc.).

My sincere hope is that KU doesn't let this stuff rock the boat much. Stephenson has always been an "if." Wall seemed to disappear from KU radar. I am okay with all of it. I'd like to land one, but if Cole departs, then next year is not our year either for a stacked deck.

I am among those who would be perfectly happy for this past year's team to come back in tact and try again with another year's experience. I think the Twins and Taylor will improve sharply. I am almost alone on this, but I think Morningstar is going to develop in to a serious scorer next year, if Stephenson does not show.

The more I think about it, the more sense it makes for Calipari to jump to UK. He's worked his butt off at places like UMass and Memphis and he deserves a shot at the big time just like Self did.

Frankly, its good to have a KU guy at UK for the second time.

The big mistake in all this is UK dumping Gillispie after only two years. Gillispie could have really made them a good program the right way. Now they are starting over from scratch, even it will be with really good players.

Michael Bratisax 11 years ago

Enough already. The fact that this guy is incapable of making the off court decision makes me wonder if she is capable of the on court decisions. Personally, I think that Stephenson is the better fit for Kansas. Better than Xavier, Walls and whoever. This is a tough kid but to continued indecision is wearing thin. Come to Kansas and win a national championship.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago

810 sports in KC played an interview this afternoon with X. He said that he feels betrayed by Cal, feels very close to Self, would be close to home, and has no interest at all in the Oklahoma schools. He said he was going to talk things over with his family, but it sounded like he wants to come here.

As for C.J. does anyone know the rules on non-scholarship players transfering? Do they have to sit out? We could take C.J. as a walk on. It sounded like C.J. did not want to stay at Memphis with Cal gone.

jaybate 11 years ago


You comment with more experience, and so more authority, on the players view point than most of us here. So...

Why might Orton want to come to KU, rather than play with apparently one of the most popular coaches in the country presently?

When I look at this, I see UK players going, ooh, wow, hot, we've got Calipari now. This should be really fun. Gillispie was never a media darling and a player magnet in the way Calipari seems to be. I would love it if Orton, or other UK players jumped ship to play Okie Ball at KU, but it would seem to me they would have to have the incentive of Gillispie being here, since it is Gillispie they chose in the first place.

Give us your assessment of how these existing UK players are likely to think about what is happening.

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

Its official. Cals going to UK. The Memphis fans are on ESPN saying Henry was released from his LOI today also. Anyone else heard that?

jaybate 11 years ago


Believe nothing that any of the actors in this drama say to the press. Watch what happens. Words mean nothing right now. Cal will say he will make no offers to Memphis players to manage his PR image. The fact is Henry and others have exit clauses in their letters, so he doesn't have to offer them anything. They can just say, I'm exiting the LOI and I'd like to play at UK instead. Will you take me? Cal says yes. That way Cal is covered and so are the players.

I hope the X Man feels betrayed, but I kind of doubt it. You know the discussion had to have come up one time or another. What will happen if you jump, Coach Cal? Cal smiled and said it would only occur if it were one of the Top 5 programs, and, he would add, we're putting an exit clause in your LOI, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

What betrayal is there? Cal got a better job out of the blue. Henry did this to Self. He got a better fit and bailed on Self for Calipari. This is what everyone does.

X's quote seems to point to the beginning of bargaining for Xman. UK admin and alums have to feel the need to help him by him complaining. They have to be lead into hiring Henry's parents.

Some existing players will leave UK.

Some existing players will stay.

Some Cal recruits will follow. Some won't.

Some Gillispie recruits will come. Some won't.

That's all you can say right now.

Oh, there is one more thing. Self did not bring any Illini players with him. And I don't recall him bringing any recruits.

Oh, there's always one more thing. Another big factor is what coach will Memphis land? Who are Cal's assistants? What if Memphis hired Larry Brown? :-)

Lots of possibilities here.

cpatcheak1 11 years ago

Hey did anyone look at the and watch what Xavier said about the coaching changes..if Calpari leaves Memphis, that he will check in to going to kansas and his brother might follow, so if we lose Lance Stephenson to someone else we might have a shot at Xavier check out the video and see what you guys think.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


You don't get it at all. You are one clueless SOB.

Henry feels betrayed b/c Memphis was sold to him as a family. A place where him and his brother could live together in this cool mansion, a place where he felt at home with the other players. A place where he could play in an NBA arena and START. Did you listen to his interview? He said Lawrence is a place where his family could move next year, that he feels part of the Jayhawk family. Kansas was always in his top 2 and this could change things. That is what X said, not me. Don't just come on here and b.s. like you know what you are talking about.

That is not UK. Jodie Meeks as a senior is going to be the wing. C.J. and X have never had UK on their radar.

Memphis is not hiring Larry Brown and guess what he they did, that does not effect X - he wants to play for someone who he has a relationship with, you can tell my the way he spoke about his entire recruitment process. Memphis wants Anderson, Cal wants them to his ex assistant at UTEP.

Cal is taking is staff with him.

Just keep your mouth shut, Mr. Lance can play his natural position at the point. lol

Your days of spouting nonsense are over, there is a new sheriff in town to call you out!

AaronHawk19 11 years ago

Watch the interview with X. He seemed really excited about the PLAYERS at Memphis, the ones coming in and the ones that were already there. Cousins is now opening up his whole process again. Alabama with Grant is on his radar. Patrick Patterson is at UK. If Cousins goes to Alabama or K-State (he mentions playing with Judge) than who does X have to connect with at UK? Not all of the recruits and players that he is excited about playing with.

Once again, Lawrence is a place where is family could move next year. Bottom Line.

stravinsky 11 years ago

I don't really understand why everyone thinks the delay is coach cal related. From everything I've read in the interviews, it sounds more like Steph is waiting to see if Aldrich or Sherron leave because he wants to play with those guys. You know how he's said he wants to win a championship? I think he knows as well as anyone that a quality big man and a good point guard are pretty important for that.

Having the possibility of Henry makes this situation seem even better for KU, in my eyes. I'd hope that both Henry and Stephenson are interested in title winning and one of them gets an itchy trigger finger, fearing a lack of space due to the other one jumping to Kansas first. I'd take either.

I think that's probably wishful thinking though. But I think the idea of being 'the man' is overemphasized. Its not like the draft scouts only look at someones points per game. I'd imagine that there are guys scoring and boarding a lot less than Hansbrough who are going to be drafted much higher than him. I mean, he's been through four years of college and won a POY. You tell a team nothing other than that its a four year college athlete who won a POY his junior year and I think they would assume this kid'll be fantastic. But he's not rated that high on the draft boards, because of that whole thing called 'upside.' I'd hope steph and x both realize that no matter where they go, as long as they have a decent year, they're probably going to be draft picks.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

Great clip on X ... he's coming to KU. Lance, we have room for you, too. Both great players. Collins is turning pro, Aldrch staying. Lineup: 1 - Taylor; 2 - Lance; 3 Xavier; 4 Marcus; 5 Aldrich. Run, baby, run.

Scott Wood 11 years ago

No one is going to be going to Memphis. I actually just read where they are going to have only 4 scholarship players left when the dust settles. To me is sounds like X wants to go to KU, but the key question is will HCBS take him and say no to Lance. I find it hard to believe that we could get both. As far as the brother he was not on scholarship so he can quit there whenever and go wherever. I tihnk Wall is going to go to Duke.

It is going to be real intersting to see what all happens. I do think Cousins will end up going to KY.

I think Lance delayed because he wants to know what Collins and Cole are going to do.

newyorkjayhawk 11 years ago

in my humble opinion, i'd probably take xavier henry over anybody else still available or potentially available due to Callipari's departure. My reasoning isn't because of his ranking as much as the probability of him staying for more than one year. Analysts and media members have speculated or plainly quoted specific athletes as "one-and-done" kids. Xavier Henry is "speculated" rather than quoted, and though it's still likely he'll be a candidate to leave early, I'd take my chances with him, rather than Stephenson or Wall.

however, in defense of the other talents I just listed, Kansas would be benefited by any of those talents choosing Crimson and Blue.

We desperately need another scoring option since Mario Little hasn't really shown much, the Morris twins are inconsistent in filling up the stat sheets, and to have that guy be our point guard proves to be a bad idea. Memphis' Evans couldn't lead them past Missouri. Davidson moving Curry to the point couldn't even bring them out of their mid major conference. Tons of other examples, but the point is that though Wall is a total package and complete phenom, he'd be spending too much energy at the point to give us the serious push we'd need for the final four. Tyshawn Taylor taking the point instead might be better. Stephenson seems to treat basketball as a job, rather than a game, which just takes away from team chemistry. I'm sure his attitude could be turned around, but I do believe Henry wouldn't need the same attention and maturation project. Meanwhile, Henry can be that scoring option Kansas needs, without needing to guard the best player on the other team or take the ball down the court. Anyway, if we got one more recruit that's why I'd pick Henry.

I am, however, very happy with the team even if we lose Aldrich and Collins and don't pick up any more recruits. EJ and TR will be terrific freshmen, and I'm hearing that JW will be a pretty good post player -- with instruction from Manning he might be special. Add that to Morris twins after a year of maturation, Mario Little without a year of injury rehab, Tyshawn Taylor without the freshmen mistakes, Brady and Tyrel after finally getting their feet wet... QT has reminded people of D Jackson, and if that's true, i'm pretty excited to see what he becomes. With Markief and Robinson ruling the boards and Taylor and Morningstar driving the perimeter defense... as a Jayhawk fan, i'm incredibly fascinated with what we have.

kvskubball 11 years ago

Fun comments guys and gals (If any)....

I think the most likely thing to happen out of all of this is that some of UK's current scholarship players will get run off. That occasionally happens when a coaching change occurs, but will definitely happen with PaperClip involved. UK's scholarship problems are as drastic as KU's, they have one to give and signed 3, before PaperClip comes trying to bring some of his players. He will try to hold onto Gillespie's recruits because they are solid. Cousins hasn't signed an LOI so he can go where he pleases, probably follows Cal. People who know say that X has a stipulation in his LOI that he is free to leave if Cal isn't the coach at Memphis. Those things are pretty much fact.

Speculation is that 1) All other Memphis recruits have an 'out' in their LOI. I think that would be highly unusual, but possible. So, other than Cousins, and perhaps the undecided Wall, PaperClip might not get any other Memphis players to follow him. This may be what people are saying when they say PaperClip agreed to not take any Memphis recruits (None that have given an LOI that doesn't include an 'out') 2) PaperClip has agreed not to take ANY Memphis recruits, I think this is highly unlikely, but see above.

Now for my speculation: Collins comes back. I HOPE Cole comes back, though I think he may go pro. I think if he comes back he would be very likely one of the top 3 picks in next years draft, and his leg would have time to heal and he get's stonger. He played well against MSU, but was pushed around a bit by Suton. X or Stephenson comes to KU. I don't think there's any way we get both. Wall goes to UK. They need a PG, he gets a higher profile school than Memphis or Baylor.

Then we need two scholarships for Withey and whoever else we get, probably X.

Who says you don't get a second chance to come home??? The Phog should definitely be home to more than one Henry, two or three would do!

Again, it is fun and boy has the whole recruiting picture been scrambled. It may sort itself out just the way it was, but I doubt it.

And finally, if I'm totally wrong...I think Coach can and will do what is best for KU.

As always, Rock the Chalk!

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

I love the saga that is resulting from all of this! It may be evil of me, but I am enjoying seeing some of these primadonna recruits twist in the wind like they made us do for so long.

Orton is not a factor, KU picked Robinson over him so he went with his number two - UK.

eastTXjayhawk 11 years ago

so much speculation, i'll just have to wait and see what happens...

here's a question, when was the last time the women were playing later than the men?

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

Can anybody name more than 2 current NBA players that Calipari coached at Memphis? I'll even give you D. Rose who only played one year for Cal. Now, ask yourself why the list is so short. Then ask yourself why players continue to want to play for Cal with his "reputation" and "connections" within the NBA being such a hype for him. There has got to be more to the myth that players want to play for him to get to the NBA. Maybe the posts that spoke about players getting cars and summer jobs for 40K weren't so far-fetched. Maybe the truth is not the golden ticket to the NBA. Rather, just perks that they could rely on regardless if they ever played past their college days. If this means that Cal was personally writing a check for cars, etc., he should be discovered eventually. If his cronies and school boosters are behind those things, he should be held accountable and pay like others who have been discovered in the past. Watch out UK, he's sliding into Lexington on a greasy trail.

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

Is just me, but I think its hilarious that there were Memphis fans coming to this site and thumping their chests about their recruiting class and now theyve lost their coach and most likely a majority of their recruits. I just wish we had scholarships. If nobody goes pro we are still 1 over with Whithey. Would love to see Lance or X for sure though. Im sure HCBS has a plan. RCJH!!!!!!!!!

Aligned 11 years ago

Screw them. I'd a whole lot rather have kids who want to be here and also who know the significance of playing for KU. Not one of the Memphis commits fit that description.

Brett Glover 11 years ago

Here's what should happen:

Cole and Sherron will stay

We get Stephenson, Wall and Henry

Cal soon decides that UK isn't good enough for him and decides to go to Kansas for an Ass. coaching job with Self.

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

mizzousucks89 (anonymous) says... Here's what should happen:

"Cole and Sherron will stay

We get Stephenson, Wall and Henry".

Dude we are over 1 scholly now with Whithey. Where would we get 3 more?

kvskubball 11 years ago

Also, about the possible recruiting violations by PaperClip....

None of the national media are saying anything about the violations that occurred at UMass. I know Cal wasn't found to be involved, but he was the coach and UMass did have to vacate their NCAA wins...

When you're a coach at a mid-tier school like UMass, and Memphis, it's not much of a splash to go after the coach for recruiting violations, but the ante just went seriously up. If there has been some outside the lines deals between PaperClip and recruits, even through a third party (Like what happened at UMass, where I believe he got someone to take the fall for him, or he at least knew something was going on, which the NCAA has now instituted a new level of accountability, called Coaching Control, or some such name, which says that the Coach is required to implement a climate of following the NCAA guidelines, which means that if a mess occurs, he's somewhat responsible.) Yes, I believe that UK just made a deal with El Diablo and could find that it is going to get toasty!

kvskubball 11 years ago

drgnslyr... Also, Gary Parrish of CBS is from Memphis so he probably has pretty good contacts in the city and the U. So I believe that if he says it's done, then it is. Unless PaperClip does a Billy Donovan...

Brett Glover 11 years ago

In case you guys didn't see it I was joking haha. But cap10 is right about the scholarship deally.

Alex Berger 11 years ago

cap... he was obviously kidding. I hope that Cole stays. I am 99% sure that Collins is staying because his draft stock isn't too high right now. If Cole stays, we keep Collins, and get either Stephenson or X (my preference is X) then we are going to be a sick team with the other returners and recruits. If C.J Henry, Xavier's brother, is a walk-on does that mean he can transfer wherever he wants and play immediately or does he have to wait a year like scholarship players? And does his red shirt affect that?

Scott Lippoldt 11 years ago

Hey, Bentley--how's your day goin'? :-) Haven't heard from you on here lately... hmmm!

InfiniteJ 11 years ago

Darrin Hancock tranfered to Creighton from KU, but I don't think he even played one game for them, I think he just enrolled there and soon dropped out.....before he went to KU he played at GCCC, so he wasn't really a "one-and-done", but Stephenson, Henry, and Wall will matter where they sign.

InfiniteJ 11 years ago

I don't think Wall, Stephenson, or Henry are coming to KU and as long as Aldrich and Collins stick around, I'm fine with that.

hydrohawk 11 years ago

Xavier is going to be a Jayhawk, book it. Relax and think about it for a second. The ONLY reason Lance didnt commit today was because KU's coaches told him that they were getting Henry whom they targeted earlier and as a higher priority. Its pretty simple. End of story.

Brett Glover 11 years ago

So does anyone know of a good coverege site besides this one and espn? I'm getting kind of anxious haha

InfiniteJ 11 years ago

There sure are an ass-load of fair-weather recruiting experts posting today. Almost everything is pure speculation and we are all eating it up like it's going out of style.

Brett Glover 11 years ago

But it's so EXCITING InfiniteJ!! hahaha

Scott Wood 11 years ago

That's because all there is as of know is speculation. The only thing that is for sure is that Henry and Cousins will NOT be playing at Memphis. Other than that nothing is for certain. However I think by the end of this week some things will begin to shake out.

100 11 years ago

Rock Chalk Jeff,

I'm glad you're calling me out.

However, douchebag that I am, I don't think I'm alone on this Calipari giving 17 year olds empty (or not empty, $40,000) promises thing.

I have suspicion the NCAA is getting ready to sink their ugly head into the 31 million dollar man...

Rock Chalk Jeff,

Keep up the good spirit.

hydrohawk 11 years ago

You dont have to be a recruiting expert to put the pieces together here. Cal left Memphis and Xavier said he is leaving as well. If he were going anywhere but Kansas Self would know and would have let Stevenson commit today.

Scott Wood 11 years ago

This is some intersting info I found at

He has to be feeling pretty smart about putting in the clause to his Letter of Intent allowing him to nullify his commitment to Memphis in the event of Coach Cal leaving, and the word here is that he’ll be headed to Kansas if that indeed happens. That’s likely the reason why Lance Stephenson has elected to put off his announcement to commit to KU until all that plays out,

yates33333 11 years ago

Jaybate says: "Believe nothing that any of the actors in this drama say to the press. Watch what happens. Words mean nothing right now."


Lance Hobson 11 years ago

The fallout from this will be bigger than Watergate.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

Everyone..Please listen to me..NOTHING is going to change!!! If they wanted to be at Kansas, they would be at Kansas. All this talk, all this posturing, all this bs is just what is..BS!!!

I will be more than thrilled if proved wrong by X and CJ showing up at Allen Fieldhouse but, I'm sorry...I am a skeptic. Heck, I even half think Lance held up his announcement because he knew he would be third page news in the wake of Coach Cal's Drama today.

I am not buying any of this "speculation" from anyone. And if we play the guys we got and who are coming....we are going to be very, very, very tough.

PS I have to admit, though, this is swirling of possibilites for KU is almost better than sex. Note, I said almost.....I'm pumped but I'm not Crazy!!!!

hydrohawk 11 years ago

Considering the schools and recruits involved it has to be the biggest shake up in modern day recruiting. Maybe the craziest aspect of it all is that it is happening durring the Mcdonalds All Amercian game. All of the players involved are sitting in a hotel together watching this mess unfold. It must be a a circus for them in Miami

Brett Glover 11 years ago

I agree Strike, it's getting pretty crazy

eastTXjayhawk 11 years ago

if X wants to come to KU, why can't he just pay for his one year here (there)? his brother has plenty of coin.....

eastTXjayhawk 11 years ago

Hmmm, Memphis gets a $200k buyout...that'll buy back 5 recruits wink

KUSmurf 11 years ago

I would not be surprised at all if Henry decided to come to KU and Stephenson went to St. Johns. I would actually prefer that. Not a huge fan of Stephenson's "attitude" problems.

Either way, the scholarships will work themselves out. They always do (not always in the best way, but it will work out).

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

100- Being the voice of reality and logic that you seem to be, why do you think that UK would not be lucid enough to see the man for the man and not the myth? If the NCAA were to investigate and uncover the skeletons in Cal's closet, wouldn't it be total devistation for the university and create an unprecedented scenario where a contract is terminated at a new school for violations committed at another school? I can't imagine that it would be very difficult to assemble a book of violations to rival the stimulus package document that would not only reveal violations of NCAA rules, but possible violations that could be breaches of local, state and possibly federal laws. Cars and summer jobs are probably the tip of the iceberg. Classic Calipari to solicit input from Joe B. Hall and Rick Pitino as well as Larry Brown and others regarding his dilema of the decision to go to UK. I say all of that is part of the smoke and mirrors of his nature to create the perception of legitimacy while only feeding his ego and the need to promote himself as teh gift to college basketball. Interesting that he didn't want to ask UK to wait until the Final Four was over to go through this process. He couldn't beat Missouri in the tournament but he's worthy of more press by TV, radio and print media than the eventual winner of this year's Final Four? I don't get it!

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

Interesting comment from a Memphis fan today....."At this point Bobby Knight needs to be considered for the Memphis job". Hmmmmm.

jaybate 11 years ago


Well, you've given new meaning to the word pitiful.

jaybate 11 years ago


Knight came immediately to mind to me, but then I rejected him as a prospect, because I could not imagine any of the Memphis players, or the Calipari recruits, wanting to play for a verbally abusive, head-slapper who got booted at Indiana, couldn't turn TTech around, and abandoned the kids he recruited to the arm pit of the earth, while the season was still on. You know he'd do the same thing again. He'd hire one of his sons as assistant, then jump ship back to the booth. Knight would take the job in a minute, if offered. But Memphis officials can't be that stupid. Can they?

The guy that would be a really great fit for Memphis would be Frank Martin and his talent man Dalonte. Martin and Dalonte could bring some talent in to replace what was lost. He actually does a good job coaching. Very tough customer, too. He would be able to win pretty big right away in Conference USA until Dalonte started dragging the players into the digitized bordello that Memphis calls an athletic dorm and got them back to Calipari numbers. And Martin is no stranger to following in the wake of controversy.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

100 - enjoyed your post.

This is a great time of the year with specualtion and excitement but if any of you KU basketball players actually read this crap, ignore it.. or laugh at it.

My choice goes to the recruit who wants to live and breath crimson and blue, who wants to love Lawrence and enjoy thier time in Lawrence.

These recruits that act like prima donas kill me. Those that believe Stephenson's choice will really affect his NBA career or lack there of - I don't think so. If he's that good, he would be noticed anywhere he plays. He appears to be getting plenty of "notice" as it is. He is putting so much energy into it, it will take a good amount of time to get over the decision making process. That is if he is happy with his decision.

With all the jockying that will occur this week with recruiting, I bet he will wish upon an earlier decision.

I'm happy to have all the players in the line up and hope none feel compelled to leave with any new recruits coming in.

kvskubball 11 years ago

Andy Katz was asked about X following Cal to UK. His response was that it is just as likely that X would go to KU, as that was his second choice to Memphis.

And I agree with the earlier comments that it's super to be done with Memphis trolls coming on this site and saying how great their recruiting class is, and letting their fragile egos hang out because we beat them last year, although they still think they 'gave it away'...ha ha.

kvskubball 11 years ago

Wow, and I thought the recruiting season was going to be boring because we were in a scholarship straightjacket! It's interesting and the Spring signing period isn't even here yet.

Dillon Davis 11 years ago

I just want to have one of them by the end of the week. Hopefully lance will have announced by then and xavier will have decided what he wants to do, and cole and sherron have decided their futures.

and fyi to everyone, most people dont read posts that are 30 lines long. Just saying.

jaybate 11 years ago


Yours is one of the sanest assessments of the bunch, but...

Cole is probably gone, if he's an 8 in the lottery.

And that kind of jumbles up your picks in the paint.

KU's team could be very good next year, maybe even special as Self suggested, but Self may have to move away from the three combo guard approach of the last two years and try to go big at the three a la MSU.

I just don't know if you can go small at the 3 anymore in the age violent ball, no matter how good your combo guard three is.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

How on earth did Cole go from unnoticed two weeks ago to an 8 or 9 pick? Amazing to me. Correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't seen him projected at all this year until this week.

mbmerriman 11 years ago

id say he has been noticed...he is 7 foot tall anyone that tall will get drafted...anyone that tall who plays for KU, Duke, UNC, ect..., will get drafted high. but youre right that triple doube didnt hurt his status either

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


Last time I checked B Rush logged close to 30 minutes a game during the title year. Was that not going "big" at the 3. Why do you think Self has tried to get X, Lance, Dominick, Michael Snear? He wants to put size on the wing, this year Little didn't pan out, neither did Releford and thus Brady was the only option.

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago

jaybate- Since the Memphis faithful have convened and were foolish enough to counter the UK offer, the carrot could be seen as being dangled. Surely there are coaches out there who haven't been actively pursued and or weren't pursuing greener pastures that would love to ink a deal for even half of the offer made to Cal. I wouldn't be surprised to see some A-10, Pac-10 or even bottom half ACC coaches being mentioned in the next 48 hours. I agree about Boby Knight being the wrong fit at Memphis. But, prior to Cal coming to Memphis in 2000, there really hadn't been a coach that could run with the pack since Gene Bartow back in the 70's. The program needs to be overhauled and should leave CUSA for the challenge that Louisville, Cincinatti and Marquette have experienced since moving on. Would Pitino have considered Louisville had they stayed in CUSA?

Local news here in Memphis is covering this story like when Elvis died!

mbmerriman 11 years ago

youre right aaron hawk, a tall athletic wing is the only piece missing assuming that Cole and Sherron stay

CRIMSONnBLUE 11 years ago

A lot depends on Collins and Aldrich. Both want to come back. With Withey in the mix now being able to give Aldrich a few minutes rest and Calipari going to Kentucky it seems to me we will get either Xavier Henry or Lance Stephenson. Lance was already leaning toward Kansas and I think he only stalled because Xavier might transfer. He said outright that he will go wherever he has the best shot at a championship. That would be KU. I don't think either TR or EJ will play much even though they are both talented. There is no doubt in my mind Wall will end up at Duke. With or without any of these recruits I think we make it to the final four next year. The twins should be able to stay out of foul trouble if they continue their progress. Taylor is going to be phenomenal. Hopefully Little shows a little more grit.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago

Concerning Cole, whether Cole would be a top ten pick remains to be seen. How many centers will go in the top 10? Hill and Thabeet are both projected to go before Cole. Other teams might consider more polished post players at the power forward as opposed to Cole. Cole could go anywhere from 8 or 9 to 15. I think Cole realizes that next year he could be the number 1 center off the board, meaning top 5. The money difference would justify an extra year of school and he does not seem like the type of kid eager to go out and buy flashy things. Cole is almost guaranteed that his stock will not drop by coming back and understands he has several areas of improvement. Cole has even stated in recent days that he might stay two more years, which while extremely doubtful shows that he is aware that he needs improvement.

mbmerriman 11 years ago

i agree...but centers who can rebound and block shots at an NBA level at age 20 dont just fall of trees...if he is in the lottery he will make bank...and his family seems to be have some economic issues which is unfortunate. But i think the twins, robinson, and withey can step us

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

Hey CRIMSONnBLUE you may be right about Johnson more than anything because of our guard depth, but I totally disagree about Robinson. Mark this down, as soon as he hits campus he will be no lower than 3 on the bigmen depth chart. He's more physical than any big we have on the roster and rebounds like Blair from Pitt. And I hate to say it but yes he will surpass both the twins on the depth chart.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago

TR is much better than Markeif Morris, if he works hard in practice and commits (which based on scouting seems likely), he will log minutes.

As for EJ, his athleticism will find its way onto the court, we lacked that this year and it is simply something you cannot teach.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

Cole's highest projection I've seen is 9, then 15 and many sites don't have him projected at all. I also agree his stock will raise by staying. He is now getting the recognition he needs and with off season work - the sky's the limit.

kumax77 11 years ago

All this speculation is pretty fun, but as mentioned earlier... I wouldn't put much stock in the rumors being reported. Looks like cal going to UK is a done deal, but beyond that... there are just too many variables to be sure of anything. These are still kids (well, and maybe a few of their handlers) jockeying for position. The smart money says... ignore the hype and enjoy watching the cards start falling in the next several days to two weeks. It will be an interesting ride. I still think HCBS will get what we need to keep us uber- competitive!

mbmerriman 11 years ago

ive heard nothing but great things about thomas robinson

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


If the issue is money, the decision will probably be made through cost-benefit analysis. If the benefits of staying the extra year outweigh the costs, than he stays. If his family has to rack up debt over the next year, I believe they would do so if the payoff is vastly superior.

Andrew Moore 11 years ago

I think Self's original plan for this past season was to have Little start at the 3 instead of Brady. That obviously didn't work out due to injury, but what I'm getting at is that Self prefers a 6-5 to 6-7 athletic guard at the three more so than a shooter. Rush was a freak example because he was so great on defense and then could really shoot it and drive it on the offensive end. The ideal player for the 3 would be guys like Chris Douglas-Roberts and Brandon Rush. These are tall multi-dimensional guys that can shoot it. I think both Stephenson and X fit that bill. Perhaps not so much in the shooting aspect, but definitely projected to be similar impact players at the SF position.

I agree, it looks like Aldrich may go because his status is so high. But I've got a hunch that he'd be chilling on the bench much like Julian Wright did, watching his Hawks tear through the big 12 on sportscenter... Aldrich loves KU, but the money may be too much.
I've got a hunch that both collins and aldrich test the waters. One will probably hear information about "how they are top 10!!!" and then leave, only to be disappointed on draft day (D. Arthur). Its terrible watchin these guys leave too soon only to be terribly disappointed. Arthur hasn't performed well this season in the NBA, I have to think another year would've helped that man out a lot. And it wouldve made him much more money. (if he could've cracked the lotto) I hope Aldrich can learn from Arthur and Wright and not go too soon. We will land either X or Lance, but not both. Self is a slick recruiter, and I'm sure he has a back-up plan of sorts to handle the scholly issues.

mbmerriman 11 years ago

first domino just fell...tyreke is gone

100 11 years ago

Aldrich is too much of a smart kid to sit on an NBA bench a year.

The best learning for a big man, basketballwise, according to Robert Parrish, comes from solid college coaches.

Luckilly, Aldrich (if projected as a 9 now) will only move up next year, and make his NBA career (and game ) that much better, working with the best in the biz...

Danny Manning

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

Interesting. Watch the clip with Stephenson's dad. He's says this is the 1st he's heard about not having a scholarship for his son.

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

KU not having a scholly for his son that is.

Matt1958 11 years ago

Lance is starting to remind me of Bryce Brown. To commit, not to commit, I hope he realizes we're KANSAS. We won't be held hostage by any recruit. If he wants to come, great, if not, fine. In a way, I hate to see us become a haven for one and dones.

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Wow! Wow! Wow! I can't believe Calipari took the UK job. I've always respected Calipari, but he's lost all respect from my viewpoint with him taking this UK job. He is basically gutting the University of Memphis clean. It really is Sad. To add insult to injury, he's going to take all of those recruits to UK. I know, UK only has 1 scholarship available, but like the situation Self is presented, "It will all work out in the End". I don't think much changes with the recruiting from an overall aspect. I think Cousins and Henry follow Calipari to UK and somehow Calipari will make room for Wall to attend UK as well.

I know some people are being hard on Stephenson for postponing yet again, but it makes sense. Why not wait just a few days longer to see what happens with Calipari. I still think Lance comes to KU. The only thing that is crazy is that UK becomes an instant contender. Think about this for a second.

UK already has Meeks and Patterson UK signed a top recruit in Daniel Orton UK will most likely get Cousins UK will have a very good shot with Henry and Wall.

That is an even better recruiting class than he had at Memphis. Sick, just Sick!!!!

As for Henry, I know some people thought he might now come to Kansas, but I think there is no way he's coming to Kansas. He already shunned KU once, and he doesn't want to go down that road. Pretty crazy stuff, but here are a couple of things I learned from this whole Kentucky situation.

1) I hate Kentucky even more than I already did 2) Billy G got a complete raw deal 3) I lost all respect for John Calipari 4) Calipari is going to leave Memphis in Foreclosure 5) Kentucky is going to be an instant Contender 6) Lance Stephenson is going to be a Jayhawk

indyhawk 11 years ago

I think it would be great for us to get the Henry brothers -- X was already considering KU -- we take him over Lance and next thing you know we get his brother too! This is a two for one because x's brother already has his school paid for by the Yankees! I say it is a first come first serve

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

It's a helluva lot more fun to be watching the coaching carousel as something of an outsider (unlike in 2000 or 2003 w/ Roy to UNC rumors - or last year to a lesser extent). Not nearly as nerve-wracking.

The recruit situation will be fun to watch. Like most have said above, my guess is we wind up with Stephenson, sooner than later. He can't expect to wait until Collins or Aldrich decide, because they'll likely both declare and not hire an agent right away. It could be June before we know for sure one way or another. I think X goes to UK, or stays at Memphis with his brother depending on who they hire. Cousins to UK, Wall to Duke or NC St. I think UK gets better right away, but I don't think they get everyone (they don't need everyone). The cupboard won't be completely bare at Memphis, either. Of course, we're all just speculating.

cap10d - I think the video of Lance Sr claiming not to know about the scholarship situation was based on how the question was phrased - the interviewer said there was no scholly available right now. I'm sure Coach told them all along that a scholarship is available (which it will be, one way or the other).

Chicago_JHawk 11 years ago

So much for yesterday's rumor that Calipari wouldn't openly go after his Memphis recruits to follow him to UK...Zagsblog quotes Carl Henry as saying Calipari asked CJ and X to go with him! What a POS.

Jaminrawk 11 years ago

I'm not gonna get my hopes up. It seems like KU has been the "other school" for all of these guys. I would love to have either Stephenson or Henry, but Calipari is a slick as they come and he will do everything in his power to bring as many of those recruits with him. At least Roy Williams said he wasn't gonna recruit anyone from KU to go with him to UNC. Calipari doesn't have that kind of tact.

rxjayhawk 11 years ago

We don't want Stephenson. I heard a scout on a sports talk radio show say that he has a lot of issues. He said during his time with the under 18 Men's USA basketball team Stephenson had several incidents where he got on his teammates. One he remembered where Stephenson threw a pass to a teammate who was cutting. The pass was not a good one and the cutter couldn't get to it. Stephenson the proceeded to roll his eyes and exchange words with the other player. The scout said things like this happened well over a dozen times and it would be a challenge for Self to turn his attitude around. Now I bet self could do it, by why waste the energy when you could get someone like Henry who is known as a better shooter and all around athlete and he doesn' have those issues like Stephenson. I'm praying we get both the Henry's so we don't have a lot of drama with team chemistry.

I have always thought of Calapari as a dirty recruiter. Hopefully X sees now that he can't be trusted and becomes a Jayhawk. We definitely want him over Stephenson.

jaybate 11 years ago

After much ado, in my humble opinion...

Calipari is just moving his semi-pro team from Memphis to Lexington and giving them some new uniforms and a few new teammates.

Basically, KU's situation is unchanged but for Stephenson backing out. Calipari's migration to Lexington causes him to wonder if there might be a spot for him on a possible UK dream team of Stephenson, Henry, Orton, Cousins, and the two top starters on UK plus Gillispie's recruits. Can't blame the kid for looking.

While everyone is pondering Henry at KU again, which I think now believe is a zero possibility, the person to watch is Bill Self. It is usually during these periods of chaos, when everyone is focused one way, that Bill pulls a rabbit out of the hat from somewhere else. He most definitely wants one more player. I keep hoping he's going to find a match-up advantage three somewhere--a guy 6'7" or so. Of course, he might still back into that by landing another big, so he can move Marcus back to the 3.

Jaminrawk 11 years ago

rxjayhawk - I undertand your take, but I think Lance has become a better man today than he was even a year ago. If you go on youtube and watch his legendary game vs. OJ Mayo, you will see how Mayo humbled him pretty quick. He's from NY and a legend in the biggest city in the US. He carries the mantle of Marbury and Telfair. NY is filled with haters that bring up every missed shot, every loss, every misstep. He is a typical NY b-ball player. They all have some swagger. I think the fact he actually would want to play for a demanding coach like Bill Self and wants to win a championship speaks volumes about where his head is at. Let's not bury him when people thought Brandon Rush was a "problem" guy too.

Theutus 11 years ago

I think all of the proverbial "rabbits" are already on the table... There aren't any sleepers left, and in any case we're going to go after a top guy because we only have 1 slot to give.....

I would honestly like to get the Henry brothers (2 for 1), because there is something to be said about bringing in two brothers... Even the twins seem to have a 6th sense when it comes to knowing where each other are at on the court... The Henry's would be one hell of an addition.

That being said, I am not so sure Xavier even wants to come to Kansas. It always seemed to me that the only reason he even said Kansas was one of his "top" picks was to appease his dad. I will cross my fingers regardless, and hope he chooses the hawks though.

brooksmd 11 years ago

LOL, found this comment on Zagsblog:

“If Calipari has any class …” Where you been, bro? Class? The man that brought you the UMass School of Cash and Jewelry … Rocky Nets Horror Show … Memphis School of Pre-Draft Loitering … Kentucky fans are getting just what they deserve — a dung beetle, someone who’ll feel at home out behind the stalls at Churchill Downs in the manure piles with the AAU handlers and leeches.

Obviously this guy is not a Calipari fan. I doubt John will want to show his face in Memphis after the gutting he will do to that program. It's one thing to leave a program like Roy "what's his face", but to leave and take the heart of the program with you and leave it in shambles is lower than whale doodie. I would imagine there are some Memphis boosters that are having a hard time with their Wheaties this morning.

kc_wildfire 11 years ago

Could someone help with some clarification on the Xavier / C.J. Henry situation.

Since C.J. was at Memphis, but not on scholarship, would he still have to sit out a year for transferring? Or does that only pertain to athletes on scholarship?

If Xavier truly wants to play with his brother, which was a reason he gave for picking Memphis originally, and if X is hoping to be a "one-and-doner", and assuming C.J. would have to sit a year due to transfer rules, would it be enough for X just having C.J. on campus and practicing to lure them to KU? Or Kentucky for that matter, since the transfer rule would still be in play if it applies to non-scholarship athletes.

If the transfer rule doesn't apply (or if just having his brother on campus with him is enough) then I think there is a good chance of them coming to KU. I read an article today where X said he has a real good relationship with Coach Self and likes the style they play. So if that quote was current then that leads me to think that his decision was ultimately based on playing with C.J. and that KU was even or maybe even higher on his list than Memphis if that factor were thrown out.

Just one more of the endless questions and possibilties given the recent events.

JayJayPG 11 years ago

Anything is possible, but I am finding it hard to believe the "everyone is going to follow Cal to UK" speculation. We are talking about a boatload of "one and done" caliber players all going to the same team that already has two talented upperclassmen in Meeks/Patterson. Assuming they stay, this doesn't leave much room for "me" players looking to dominate for one year and then bolt for the NBA. Not to mention that this isn't C-USA (not that the SEC is a powerhouse conference by any means). They won't exactly be steamrolling over every team they play (making them all look like superstars). Unless these recruits actually have an interest in staying for more than one (maybe two) year(s) and actually developing their games, I just don't see this happening. Thoughts? I'm open to differing opinions :)

Steve Brown 11 years ago

I had pleasure of watching Carl Henry play, I wish his boys well wherever they play. We should stand by our current players, if some want to transfer to get more playing time somewhere else that is up to them, yet we should not move anyone off the island. I trust coach in this regard. We have had plenty of kids move into meaningful roles after staying in reserve a few years & that will happen with these as well, TRUST IT. How do you value a one and done compared to some great 4 yr. players. Would any of you trade a team of 4-5 year veterans playing as a TEAM over a group of freshman one and done kids? In today's environment, you need a balance... some veterans and some one and dones.. like Rush. Arthur especially if their one becomes 'two'. I miss Darnell and Russ Rob....hope Sasha is doing well wherever he is now.. how many years did we get out of these guys.. 12. OUT

tstanlick1909 11 years ago

I have been watching all these events shake out over the last couple of days

My opinion of how things shake out is..

Xavier and most likely his brother will come to KU..Self wants a matchup problem at the 3 position and neither Little or Morningstar sufficed when playing in marquee games

Self wants Henry or Stephenson, but to the optimists: there is no way we get both X and Lance are very similar players, and I think neither of them wants to play on the same team as the other

One of these guys will go to Kentucky, seeing as that is the hottest place to be right now, and they will have a lineup loaded with raw talent and a couple of leaders.. The other, whether it be Stephenson or Henry, I think will come to Kansas

Stephenson is obviously big on Kansas, in his quotes he says his delay is not impacted by Calipari, so he is still deciding between KU, SJU, Maryland

Henry is also a Kansas man, remember that his decision was a two-team race between Memphis and Kansas, and with one eliminated, I think KU is a possibility, obviously along with Kentucky

As long as we get one of these two, we are top 3 preseason next year with the return of Aldrich and Collins, which in my opinion, will both be returning.

And as for Calipari, I hate him, he is pretty slick and can land some big time recruits, but he cannot coach, boasting about a thirty something game win streak while playing in the CUSA is embarassing, and his tournament this year was dreadful..a close win over Cal ST, and he got ran by Missouri

Collins Taylor Henry/Stephenson Mc Morris Aldrich

You must be kidding me

Steve Brown 11 years ago

UCONN Has recruiting trouble over too many phone contacts and using 'agents' to recruit...wait until you get the full Memphis story and see their probation....they may join SMU football for some needed time out.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


Where do you come up with your b.s. STEPHENSON IS IN NO WAY CONSIDERING UK.

Cal was never on his radar, he was not on Cal's rad over the last year and a half. He stated again yesterday it was KU, St. Johns, or Maryland. Those are the three. UK probably does not even have room for more than two of the Memphis recruits.

Stephenson is not a point, I don't understand why you are confused. Meeks, Stephenson, and X will not be the three guard lineup and neither Stephenson nor X are looking to be a 6th man.

Get a clue!!!

d_prowess 11 years ago

I think there is a possibility that you could get these one-and-done players to buy into sharing the ball like KU did last year because a championship would serve them just as well when entering the draft next year. If that can be sold to them (and Cal could do it), I can see them all going to UK.
But I wonder how well it would all play out. It would be a crazy young team (is Meeks going to the NBA?) and seems that despite all of the talent, could get tripped up a few times, and easily so in the tournament. We succeeded with this style last year, but we had seniors and juniors as part of the formula. UK wouldn't have that to the level we did.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


Where do you come up with your b.s. STEPHENSON IS IN NO WAY CONSIDERING UK.

Cal was never on his radar, he was not on Cal's rad over the last year and a half. He stated again yesterday it was KU, St. Johns, or Maryland. Those are the three. UK probably does not even have room for more than two of the Memphis recruits.

Whatever happened to Cal is just leveraging a new deal with Memphis? You were wrong on that, just like you wrong on KU not being able to win the title last year, just as you are wrong about Stephenson being a natural point, ect.

You are officially done.

Stephenson is not a point, I don't understand why you are confused. Meeks, Stephenson, and X will not be the three guard lineup and neither Stephenson nor X are looking to be a 6th man.

Get a clue!!!

Whatever happened to Cal is just trying to leve

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


Where do you come up with your b.s. STEPHENSON IS IN NO WAY CONSIDERING UK.

Cal was never on his radar, he was not on Cal's rad over the last year and a half. He stated again yesterday it was KU, St. Johns, or Maryland. Those are the three. UK probably does not even have room for more than two of the Memphis recruits.

Whatever happened to Cal is just leveraging a new deal with Memphis? You were wrong on that, just like you wrong on KU not being able to win the title last year, just as you are wrong about Stephenson being a natural point, ect.

You are officially done.

Stephenson is not a point, I don't understand why you are confused. Meeks, Stephenson, and X will not be the three guard lineup and neither Stephenson nor X are looking to be a 6th man.

Get a clue!!!

Whatever happened to Cal is just trying to leverage a deal with memphis? You were wrong about that, just as you were wrong about KU not being able to win it all last year, just as you were wrong about Stephenson being a natural point (lol).

You are done.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


Marcus back to the three. Do you even pay attention to our system. Marcus does not have the tool set right now to play the three. He does not have the range, his dribble is too high, and he is not a good enough passer. Not to mention he does not have the lateral foot speed to stay in front of most 3s.

Who are you? Could you be anymore clueless?

rawkhawk 11 years ago

It's entertaining to read the endless speculation. My main hope rests on the fact that Bill Self is a great coach, recruiter, and works well with the players. Head to head, it was Self's team that beat Calipari's in the title game. I trust Self will successfully navigate the complicated waters ahead by working with Sherron and Cole with their decisions, working with any potential transfers or schollie-to-walk-on players, getting recruits, and improving players in the off-season. Overall, I'm glad that Self's the coach of Kansas, and I'm guessing many of us KU fans will be pleased with the shakeout of all this in the next few weeks. and, in a way, i'm kinda looking forward to the old KU-UK rivalry. I hope we beat 'em again 150-95.

d_prowess 11 years ago

I think this ESPN story is relevant since it involves Cole and his prospect for the NBA draft this year. If this info is true, maybe we have that open scholarship after all...

goshenjhawk 11 years ago

Aaronhawk19 -- Jaybate may be confused, but you are definitely obsessed... with him. Chill out dude, your meds should be arriving anytime.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


I got sick of reading his b.s. and was hoping calling him out for a day or two, could put an end to his nonsense.

Sorry, I should have not used so much board space.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago


Closing in on 300 posts with absolutely no mention of the Final Four or any other game. You have to give Calamari credit...he sure can make news. To summarize the previous posts:

1] Memphis is screwed. 2] U of K will eventually pay a dear price for this move. 3] Lance will come to KU......or not. 4] X will come to KU with CJ....or not. 5] Coach Cal has more money than the Vatican. 6] KU still has the better coach and, more importantly, the better man. 7] Aaronhawk 19 won't be sending Jaybate a Christmas card this year. 8] KU will be damn good no matter who stays, comes or leaves. 9] The CUSA title race for next year just got a lot closer. 10] Pitino just met his match in the "put me in the spotlight" category.

Bonus comment...who honestly thought the Lady Hawks would still be playing while the men weren't. Great job by Bonnies Babes!!!!!

Hawkin8r 11 years ago

I wonder what the details are for X's LOI when the coach leaves. I keep hearing he had provisions to be released, but were there restrictions on the release? Everyone seems to assume the committed Memphis players can go wherever they want but it rarely happens that way (for committed players).

I looked this up yesterday (sorry, lost the link) and by NCAA rule the school that receives a standard LOI has full latitude on giving a release (yes, normally they can hold them hostage if they want). If the school decides to give a release, they ALSO can set conditions on the no following the coach that left.

If X had provisions to allow him to be released from the LOI as part of the original LOI agreement, then I wonder if Memphis has any ability to limit his release?

Most schools will put a restriction in the release from the LOI that restricts the player from following the coach. If they were unrestricted, It would set a painful standard where coaches would command the highest salary and have the best recruits following them around the country as the moved around. Theoretically, the coach is supposed to recruit to a SCHOOL and not to themselves but of course we know the coach is a HUGE factor regardless. Restricting the LOI release gives a tiny bit of sanity to that and forces some level of rebuilding when a coach leaves.

It would be amazingly stupid for Memphis to allow unconditional releases. I guess we'll find out soon if they allow it at all.

goshenjhawk 11 years ago

Oakville you have summed it up beautifully. I'm still smiling:) Whatever happens -- always and forever -- Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

I also have to clear some air with the Lance Stephenson saga from above. Lance Stephenson took a visit to Memphis. If you remember earlier in the year, during the early signing period, Stephenson took a visit to Memphis and later that week was when Xavier Henry signed with Memphis. X was going to wait until this spring to sign until it looked like Lance Stephenson was going to sign with Memphis. Basically, what it boils down to, the year of 2009 has been Calipari and Memphis for recruits to ponder. I'm not saying Bill Self is playing second fiddle to anyone, but at least this year because of shear numbers and unknowns (Aldrich and Collins), Self had to play second fiddle in the recruiting war of 2009. Self doesn't play second fiddle to anyone, but the situation at Kansas (With all of our young kids and upcoming recruits) caused Self to be very particular about who he wanted to bring into Kansas. It's not bad to wait and see what unravels, but at one point Lance Stephenson was seriously considering Memphis. X and Lance are the #1 and #2 SG/SF in this year's class. Getting one of them is all that matters to me. Lance Stephenson caused X to sign in the early signing period. Good thing he put that clause in his letter of intent.

jhokfan 11 years ago

I don't understand why these kids labor over their decision about what school to attend. Their intention is to bolt for the NBA after one season. It's not like they are investing in their educational future or deciding on a career path.

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Cousins did not sign anything-He verbally committed which means jack squat, but he will most likely follow Calipari wherever he goes unless Calipari at the last minute gives that 1 UK scholarship to John Wall. Everybody knows that UK needs a dynamic Point guard. UK already has 6'10 Daniel Orton (Top 15 recruit that Gillespie signed) coming in next year and Meeks and Patterson as staples of the program. If I were Calipari, I would cut loose Cousins and sign Wall. He'll probably end up with both somehow.

X-Henry signed LOI, but had a clause that stated that if Calipari leaves, X could be released and attend any other school. Again, UK only has 1 schoarship to offer between Cousins, Wall, and Henry.

CJ Henry is a bona fied walk-on in thanks to the New York Yankees paying his tuition. He will end up going wherever his brother goes.

John Wall-Most likely was going to sign with Memphis, but he's obviously in limbo right now with Calipari because UK has 1 scholarship.

The recruiting saga has definitely gotten "Hot" again so watching the McDonald's game tonight will actually be somewhat interesting. I still hope Lance comes to KU. Stephenson is the prefect project for Self.

kupark 11 years ago

I remember reading during the season about in-state players playing for the basketball team and how they "understand" what is at stake better than others. Bill Self said something like they're quite valuable or important for the team.

Now, it all makes sense. Having in-state guys means that walking on for them is not as big a financial burden as it's for out of state guys. It is easier to "suggest" to them to walk on, knowing that the financial burden won't be exuberant for them. Could it be that Bill Self had invisioned this logjam and wanted in-state guys on the team instead of slightly better but out of state guys? Possible, I think.

CReynolds57 11 years ago

If the only reason that Stephenson has waited to commit is because he fears Henry possibly committing to KU, then we should end that speculation. KU should rescind its scholarship offer to Henry and let Stephenson commit. I would hate to lose both recruits because we are waiting around for someone who has already committed elsewhere. I know there is that family connection, but it wasn't strong enough to get Henry here in the first place.
We keep talking about Stephenson committing, well we need to commit as well.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago


My understanding was the Stephenson was always a plan B for Cal. The closer Cal got to getting X the farther away from Stephenson they went. Same went for Stephenson's interest in them.

Bottom line is X and Lance will not be playing together.

I also heard today that Orton and X do not get along at all. They are AAU teammates and cannot stand each other. If Orton stays at UK, X will not even consider it.

mbmerriman 11 years ago


AaronHawk19 11 years ago


If X is a chance at all, we should not settle for Stephenson.

Stephenson is an average athlete, that overpowers at the high school level in a way he will not be able to in college. He is a cry baby who always blames his teammates and the refs. There is a video online of him throwing a ball in a guys face after being fouled on the playground.

He is not KU quality, his character issues are just too much if X is even a 50-50.

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Aaronhawk: Completely agree, but it seemed like people were saying above that he (Lance) wasn't ever considering Memphis and Calipari and that isn't true. I think Calipari was using Lance to help ensure that X would sign with Memphis. Even if Lance was Plan B, that Plan B is not a bad option to have. Same might have been said for KU, but either way KU wins in this situation as long as Lance signs. I've never liked the McDonald's All-American game, but for the first time in a long time, I will be watching intently on all the match-ups. Should be interesting.

KULA 11 years ago

OMG!!! I just heard Bill Self is talking to Arizona! WTF?!!!

eastTXjayhawk 11 years ago

eastTXjayhawk (anonymous) says... so much speculation, i'll just have to wait and see what happens...

here's a question, when was the last time the women were playing later than the men?

March 31, 2009 at 7:28 p.m. ( permalink | suggest removal )

ETJ would like royalties on the bonus comment from Oakville ;-)

kvskubball 11 years ago

kushaw, etal,

FYI, a little clarification on the UK recruiting scenario. Before Billy G was fired, he offered 3 scholarships, even though he only had one to give. So, with PaperClip going to UK, they don't still have a scholarship, they are still 2 scholarships short unless two players leave, even without considering any players that Clip might want to bring.

I know that once a player signs his LOI, he is bound to the school, unless the school releases him, or if the LOI has language which allows it.

My question is about looking at the other side of the equation... If a school makes and offer that is accepted...that is a LOI is signed, can the school, or in this case, the new coach, change his mind and say, sorry, so long? Billy G offered three scholarships and as far as I know, received LOI's from all three, two of which were very highly regarded, and the third of which went to a 3 star PG from Texas.

The two highly regarded recruits are Mr. Orton, rated by Rivals as the #22 player in his class, and Mr. Hood, rated #32. Now Orton is from OKC and Hood is from Kentucky.

Now, if Patterson and Meeks return, then UK is still 2 over the limit, unless someone else moves. Possible scenarios are for PaperClip to let Orton know that he isn't wanted and the same goes for the 3 star Texas PG. If these things happen (and those two decide to go elsewhere), then UK will be right on the scholarship limit. So, more movement is necessary for Clip to bring any Memphis recruits with him. I think he really wants to bring Cousins, and would love to have Wall, because UK really needs a PG.

Now UK has had three good recruiting classes in a row, and it's only a matter of time before that pays dividends. Next year, their scholarship players look like this: 5 Seniors - Porter, Galloway(Juco), Harris, Meeks (#39), and Stevenson (#63) 3 Juniors - Patterson(#17), Stewart (#149), and Harrelson (Juco as a soph) 2 Sophs - Liggins (#28) and Miller (#42 & KY) 3 Frosh - the aforementioned incoming trio, #22, #32 & KY, and unrated

So it is interesting to consider how Clip will make cap room...moving Seniors, or Kentuckians is bad form, and moving talented players that have played at UK would be somewhat idiotic, which further limits Cal's possible moves.

If he's able to release 2 of Billy G's recruits, I think he would release Orton (If he can get Cousins to follow him) and the Texas PG (If he can get Wall to go to UK).

But he stills needs two scholarships to do that. I know that technically scholarships are renewable each year, so Cal would definitely be able to run off two of UK's current players. So I think he would release Harrelson, and probably Stewart, which aren't Kentuckians and are the probable lowest rated players.

So it is bound to be a little smelly and an unsettled brew to start off in LexLutherville, er, I mean Lexington, of course.

jaybate 11 years ago


Well, there you go again--redefining pitiful.

At this exponential rate, you're going to reach gigapitiful within the week.

Tell me you'll stop before you reach terafloppitiful. ;-)

kvskubball 11 years ago

All of which means that it would be difficult for PaperClip to bring 3 Memphis recruits with him, even if 2 of Billy G's recruits are made to disappear!

It's going to be a little interesting!

Tony Bandle 11 years ago


Straight from Lawrence Kansas. It appears CJ and the Henrys are hopping mad that they got blindsided by Slick. CJ you see, has to sit out a year before he can play unless special dispensation is delivered from the NCAA.

The only way he would get to play with his brother is to have both stay at Memphis which, right now, is the last thing the family wants to do. The other way is to have Xavier play TWO years at KU. HMMMMMMM. very interesting.

Take it for what it's worth!!!!

CaramelMacchMan 11 years ago


You just got April 1st izeeee....

jahawkdave 11 years ago

Does Self really want Lance? Look at all the negatives in his evaluation:

January, 2009: Stephenson does not have outstanding quickness and athleticism, therefore he has to rely on attempting to overpower smaller guards. He has a tendency to over-dribble at times and brings his team's offense to a halt when he goes into selfish-mode and hunts down shots. Stephenson wants to get into the mid-range, where he can pull-up for jumpers, or get all the way to the bucket for lay-ins. He has the strength to take contact and finish at the rim when he gets into the paint. Stephenson has a tendency to get out of control at times and gets frustrated and will lose his cool when defenders pressure him. He has to become a much better shooter from the perimeter and almost shoots a set-shot from 3-point range and usually comes up short from distance due to his lack of lift. However, once he gets it rolling, he can score bucket after bucket by creating his own shot off the dribble. Stephenson needs to do a much better job of using his strength on the defensive end.

Scout inc.

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

AaronHawk19: I agree with you that X is a better fit for KU and probably a better player overall. I also agree that Stephenson comes with some baggage, but to call him an "average athlete" is ridiculous.

Exactly what is your definition of an "average athlete"? Is Collins an "average athlete". Stephenson is a scorer. To call a top 10 high school prospect average is pretty lame. He may not be as athletic as say, Julian Wright, but average, he is not. Unless you only consider people like Kobe and and LeBron above average. Watch the video.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

Wouldn't it be just friggin great if Kentucky tapped old Coach Calamari on the shoulder and said....APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

Some of you on here are idiots. I know what ESPN said. Morningstar is an "average" athlete. There is a difference between not be "outstanding" at something and being "average".

It is so funny how most of you were drooling over Stephenson until Henry came back into the picture. I agree the Henry is a better choice. No doubt. But either one of these guys is light years ahead of Morningstar or Little. No offense to either of them, especialy Brady. He probably gets more out of his ability than any other Jayhawk, but he cannot create his own offense in any way, shape, or fashion.

Character issues aside: KU would be happy to have either X or Lance in uniform next season. Do you really think Self would offer a kid he didn't think he could handle? I think he learned something from the CJ/Downs recruiting...

Mike Crosbie 11 years ago

drgnslayer: Hancock if you recall correctly, it wasn't exactly his choice. He proved he was ready for the NBA by getting caught with pot (nothing wrong with pot) and he was more or less kicked off the team, so I wouldn't really call him a one and done, as that term refers to someone who only intends on playing one year as opposed to someone who was forced into it.

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

KULA: Born at night, right? But last night? LOL

jahawkdave 11 years ago

TH44 Sure Self wants Lance, just seems there are a lot of negative opinions regarding his game, and attitude. Is he better than BM or TR? no doubt, Would he be a great addition to KU and improve the team, most likely. Is he coachable and fit the BS style and team chemistry? Who knows

Most of us would be happy with X or Lance, but I think many comments are pointing out X is a better fit. Lance is definately much better than an avg. player, he was an outstanding H.S. player, will that translate into being an outstanding D1 player, thats the part I'm not sold on. I think he will end up being good, but I think we all agree X will most likely be the better D1 player of the 2.

Overpowering people will get you by on the HS level, I think Lance is more than that, but I'm not sure how much more. I would prefer outstanding quickness and athleticism. I'll be happy if Lance signs, I just hope we get 1 of the 2.

FairgroveJayhawk 11 years ago

I have a feeling we will all be saying, "Damn it's good to be a Jayhawk" in a couple of days. I feel there will be a recruit or two saying the same thing. Life is stable in Lawrence, no jerry springer... i mean calipari nonsense.

InfiniteJ 11 years ago

Chad Ford wrote the following on

"Cole Aldrich, C, So., Kansas Aldrich followed up his impressive early-round performances with a strong 17-point, 13-rebound, 4-assist, 4-block game in a losing effort versus Michigan State. Over the course of the past month, he's been the most productive big man in college basketball."

"With so few big men in the draft, a few NBA executives I spoke with this week had Aldrich ranked as a Top 10 pick. While he could really use another year at Kansas to polish his low-post game, he'd take a risk by going back. Once you start cracking the Top 10, you have to think long and hard about the NBA. From what I'm hearing, the chances are pretty high that he declares for the draft and, at the very least, tests the waters."

I too, think Aldrich is Audi 5000, G.

KULA 11 years ago

No, seriously guys--Arizona asked permission to talk to Bill Self! check this out:

eastTXjayhawk 11 years ago

Arizona = Tim foolin'!

and how about those lady jayhawks?

tis4tim 11 years ago

Nothing new to add here. Just wanted to make it an even 300 posts. As you were.

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